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Kol x reader

21. “You knocked on my door at 1 in the morning, to cuddle?”

40. “I could hold you forever”

You woke up with your breath lodged in your throat, just about managing to prevent a scream from escaping. It must have been about the third time that night that you had awoken, your skin covered in cold sweat and your breaths ragged. Your nightmares had come back. It had been years since they’d been this bad: so bad that you were terrified to go back to sleep and saw monsters in every corner. Previously you had forced yourself to fall back to sleep, but every time you closed your eyes you were haunted by those same images, and you were struggling to convince yourself of what was and wasn’t real. Shaking, you unwound the covers from you. They must have become entangled with all the tossing and turning. Though you didn’t want to wake anyone else up, you knew that you couldn’t stay alone in your room any longer. Anyway, there was usually someone awake most of the night. You slipped out of your bed and padded over to your door, opening it as quietly as possible before heading out down the corridor, looking for a light under any of the doors. You jumped at the sight of your shadow lurking in a corner, thinking it was a figure. “Pull yourself together,” you muttered angrily to yourself. Eventually, you saw a light under a door. If you had kept your bearings rightly in the dark, it was Kol’s bedroom. You carefully pressed your ear to the door, listening first to check if he had company. Yours and Kol’s relationship was complicated, and you certainly didn’t want to intrude. But you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t think it absolutely necessary. Just the thought of going back to sleep made you feel sick. You nervously raised a hand and knocked lightly on his door, praying he wasn’t asleep and wouldn’t be annoyed at you. You heard the footsteps, and the door slowly swung open.

“Y/N? What do you want?” Kol rubbed his eyes a little sleepily, and you realised you might have woken him. 

“Oh God, I’m so sorry, it’s just, I saw the light under your door and I thought you would be awake and-”

It was then that Kol noticed your pale face and wide eyes, and the way your gaze didn’t stay focused on him but kept darting around. “Hey, what’s wrong? Are you okay?” His tone changed to one much more gentle, and he opened the door wider. “Come in.”
“Thanks,” you said softly, stepping into the room and shutting the door gently behind you. “I… I keep having nightmares, and I know it’s really childish and I should be able to cope but…”
“So essentially, you knocked at my door at one in the morning, to cuddle?” His voice was teasing, but you were so highly strung that you thought he was being serious.

“I can go, this was a bad idea, I’m sorry.”

“No, Y/N, stop apologising. I was only teasing. Come, sit.” He sat down on his unmade bed, and gestured for you to sit beside him. “We’ve all been through enough to have our fair share of nightmares, and nobody would ever judge you for wanting some company. Do you want to talk about it?” You shook your head.

“No, not really.” You kept your gaze trained on the floor, trying to calm your breathing. You were starting to feel a little less scared, with the comforting presence of Kol beside you and the soft light of his bedside lamp chasing away the shadows.

“That’s okay. Do you want a drink or anything? Some hot chocolate?”
“No, don’t go,” you replied, panicked at the thought of again being left alone.

Kol’s eyes widened as he realised just how shaken up you were- he was unused to seeing you, who was usually so confident, so vulnerable and afraid. “Hey, I’m not going anywhere if you don’t want me to,” he replied, eyes watching you with concern. “You’re shaking,” he observed.

“Oh,” you responded, realising he was right. You were starting to cool off as your sweat dried, and had begun to shiver. Kol pulled back the covers of his bed and moved over.

“Get in,” he told you. You looked up at him in surprise, but his expression didn’t change. You did as he instructed and swung your legs round so that you were lying back, and he then pulled the covers over the pair of you. At first you lay tense, careful not to touch him. “I don’t bite,” he joked, and to your surprise, you laughed a little. 

“Well, that’s not strictly true, is it?” He smiled at your reply, glad to see you regaining some of your usual spark. He stretched an arm out to wrap around your shoulders, giving you plenty of time to stop him if you weren’t comfortable, and pulled you close to him.

“God Y/N, you’re freezing.”

“Sorry,” you repeated.

“What did I say about apologising?!” You smiled, biting your tongue to keep from saying it again. The warmth of Kol’s body next to yours made you relax further, and you noticed the ache in your muscles from being so tense all night, and just how tired you actually were. “Try and get some sleep,” he whispered. “You can stay here, for now.” 

You turned your head to look back at him. “Are you sure that’s okay? I don’t want to intrude.”

“Of course it is. I’ve been trying to get you in my bed for months,” he replied with a smirk. You blushed and smiled, turning to look away from him so he didn’t pick up on the colour in your cheeks.  “I could hold you forever,” he said genuinely into your ear, only making you go redder.

“Goodnight, Kol.”

“Goodnight Y/N,” he said as he reached to turn out the light.

Music Series: How I Know by Rusty Clanton

Oh my goodness! You don’t even want to know how in love with this song I am right now!

Thank you to the Anon who sent me this request! I had never heard this song, never heard of Rusty, but now, after listening to the song, going over the lyrics, and watching the Youtube video, I totally want to be friends with him! How frickin’ adorable is this song?!

Here is my little story for this sweet little love song called, “How I Know” by Rusty Clanton, which you can NOW find on my Spotify playlist called I Love You Long Time right HERE!

Mwah to you, Anon!




I can tell you’re mine.

Just like a bell the lines all around your nose ring out to me when I get closer.

Here’s how I know I’m yours:

If I’m a shell I’m shore you would be the sea, always within reach to wash on over.

“Hurry! Come sit, love!” Harry hollers into the kitchen to you from the living room.

You quickly walk in, holding a large bowl of popcorn, handing a bottle of water to Harry and sitting next to him.

“I had to wee, sorry. What are we watching?” you ask, ready for your weekly movie night with the man you love.

“It’s a surprise tonight!” he says with a huge smile. “Something I picked out especially for you.”

“Hmm,” you think. “I’m guessing a rom-com,” you giggle. “No complaints, love them!”

“Yes, it is definitely a rom-com!” Harry laughs. “A rom-com like you’ve never seen, I think.”

“Excellent!” you say, setting the bowl of popcorn between the two of you, only for Harry to pick it up, scoot closely to you so that your bodies are meshed together on the sofa, and setting the bowl on his thigh.

“Ready?” he smiles.

“Ready!” you return with a smile to him, accepting the kiss he offers to your lips.

And you don’t have to speak a word to me.

I already think I know… (ooh-ooh)

As Harry pushed the play button on the remote, he watches your face to see your reaction to his choice. You look at the large screen of the tv hanging over the fireplace, and gasp happily as you see video of the two of you, playing in the snow from your last winter holiday. Living only part of the year in England, and part of the year at the other homes you shared with Harry, you had loved this holiday in particular, spending time with Harry’s family during a big snow.

“Where did you get this?” you exclaim questioningly.

“Had mum send it to me,” Harry said. “Been so fuckin’ hot here in LA lately that I thought we could use a little winter.”

Harry moved his arm behind you and pulled you against his side, kissing your cheek.

“We had loads of fun that holiday, didn’t we, love?” Harry asked, as you kept smiling at the movie. “Getting snowed-in was never so fun as it was then!”

You both laugh, watching the snowball fight you, Harry, and his family had had that day, and the snow town you built with several snow people around.

I feel it in the way you wrap around me.

I know it when you’re running down my spine.

It’s how you always let me know I still belong to you.

That’s how I know you’re mine.

You look at Harry as the movie switches to the trip you took together for a long-weekend getaway. The TV projects Harry’s own home movie he had taken from the balcony of your private beach house, the ocean in the background as he scans your bikini-clad body up and down, giggling on the film, followed by his giggling next to you.

“Harry!” you shout and laugh.

“For posterity, babe!” he laughs. “Need our children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren someday to see how beautiful you’ve always been.”

You watch as Harry’s video zooms in on your ass then moves upward to your breasts.

“Going to share this with our babies, are you?” you ask with a hiked brow.

“Well, maybe not that part,” Harry giggles, his hand moving up and down your side. “Can’t have them thinkin’ their dad and grandad is a sex-driven perv, now can I?”

“But you are a sex-driven perv,” you tease.

“Only for you, baby,” he says, a kiss planted below your ear. “Only for you.”

It’s how all your words sound right.

Every hello goodnight sings me off to sleep

and puts me on my feet when it comes morning.

And if it’s love I’m in I’d much rather sink than swim.

I’m over board. I might be far from shore but my heart’s soarin.

As you step out of the washroom after getting ready for bed, you start to walk to the bed, where you see Harry lying, recording your every move into his phone.

“Harry…” you scold, but with love. “What are you doing now?”

“You’re so beautiful, baby, and I love you so much,” he says sweetly. “Just want to keep as much of you as I can for the future. It’s why I pester the shit out of you, taking photos and videos of you all the time. Have to preserve you so I can always have something to look at when you’re not around me. Reason to sit on the sofa next to you with my arm around you, watching together, for years to come.”

You smile at him, sitting next to him, then kissing him sweetly.

“Alright then,” you say with teary eyes. “Let me have the camera a minute.”

“What? Why?” he says, not wanting to relinquish it to you.

“Because I have a moment for posterity for you,” you say. “Hand it over.”

Harry giggles as you turn the camera on him.

“So what is it then?” Harry asks, looking into the camera and making a silly face. “What’s so important that you need to get my ugly mug on video?”

“Your gorgeous mug…is going to be a daddy!” you say excitedly, as you watch his face go from possible misunderstanding, to confusion, then from shock to excitement, and finally tears.

“I’m gonna…be a dad?” he asks you, his hands reaching for you as the camera view becomes a crazy mess of ceiling, picture on the wall, and Harry’s hair, as he holds you tightly. “Oh my god! I’m goin’ to be a daddy! Oh, I love you, baby! Thank you!”

Harry kisses you, laying you on your back with him over you, then grabs the phone from your hand, focusing it on him kissing you, then the two of you looking into the camera as he speaks.

“And this, my beautiful babies and grandbabies, is where you all started.”

No you don’t have to speak a word to me

I already think I know… (ooh-ooh)

I feel it in the way you wrap around me.

I know it when you’re running down my spine.

It’s how you always let me know I still belong to you.

That’s how I know you’re mine.

Fake Chats #153
  • Namjoon: Yoonig-hyung?
  • Yoongi: hmm?
  • Namjoon: aren't you tired? You should go to bed.
  • Yoongi: nah, I'm alright. I got my second wind and I like the sound of these lyrics.
  • Namjoon: and in the morning you'll think they're garbage.
  • Yoongi: I'm that predictable, huh?
  • Namjoon: you're so predictable. Except when you're not. You're predictable in your unpredictability.
  • Yoongi: you're losing me, Joon.
  • Namjoon: I dunno. Write that down, though. Unpredictability. It's a great word.
  • Yoongi: uh-huh.
  • Namjoon: you're always exceeding expectations, hyung. You're so cool.
  • Yoongi: yeah, of course I am.
  • Namjoon: it's good that you know it. I'm glad you're confident and proud.
  • Yoongi: I'm proud of you, too.
  • Namjoon: I wasn't-
  • Yoongi: you lead us all so well, you work really hard, your dancing has improved tremendously, you're always want to be better and it shows. You're a good kid.
  • Namjoon: oh. Thanks.
  • Yoongi: now go to bed, kid.
  • Namjoon: hyung, I'm a year younger than you.
  • Yoongi: Jimin is one year younger than you.
  • Namjoon: point taken. But you're gonna go to bed soon?
  • Yoongi: soon. Goodnight, Joonie.
  • Namjoon: Goodnight, hyung.
Beside You (5 Seconds of Summer Series)


I don’t wanna go 

Calum and I were laying on the couch, his arms wrapped around me tightly as if this was all the time we had together. I looked at him with sad eyes and a soft smile.

“Promise me you’ll call me every day?” I asked him.

“I promise, baby.” He said quietly. “If you really think about it, I’m not going to be away for very long. I mean, it’s only three months.”

I shook my head. “Three whole months, Calum! That’s like a whole summer vacation! I could learn the rudiments of a new instrument if I tried!”

Calum smirked at me. “Then surprise me! Show me what new things you have accomplished when I get back.”

I nodded as I began thinking up my list of things to do in three months. “You’re going to be so proud of me and all of my achievements when you get back!”

“I don’t doubt it.” He said as he held me tighter. “I don’t wanna go. I don’t wanna leave you.” He whispered as he kissed the top of my head.


Another day and I’m somewhere new 

“So, how’s Brazil?” I asked over the phone.

“Um…[Y/N], honey…we were there yesterday. We are in Peru now, but it’s great! Thanks for asking.” Ashton laughed.

Embarrassed, I buried my head in my arms. “Sorry, Ash…you travel super fast! You are never in the same country for more than a day.”

“Another day and I’m somewhere new.” Ashton sighed. “I guess I can’t complain, though. There’s always something different to experience in each country and lots of new people to meet. I miss you, though.”

I looked down at my neatly-made bed sheets that I had been laying on since we started talking. “Yeah…it’s been super hard with you being away because I can’t talk to you as much as I’d like to. The time zones are killer. Plus, I’m sure you’re used to it because you’re so busy all of the time you don’t really have much time to think about anything.”

I heard Ashton sigh deeply. “I’m so sorry, darling. I never want to make things hard on you. I guess you’re right, too. At least I’m occupied with everything that’s going on to really be to upset about anything. I’m so, so sorry.”

“Ashton, it’s your job. Don’t be sorry! I enjoy watching you on stage from the different videos people send me.”

Ashton laughed. “Good because I gotta go to sound check now. I hope you receive great videos tonight, baby. I love you!”

“I love you too, Ash. Text me later.”


She sleeps alone 

“It’s been so long since I’ve seen her…” Luke said to himself.

“What? Are you talking to yourself again?” Michael asked Luke.

Luke looked over to Michael, who was playing video games on the black leather couch across the room. “Don’t judge me! I really miss her. Life just isn’t the same without [Y/N] here with me. It’s hardest at night. It kills me to think she sleeps alone, Michael. I just don’t want anything to happen to my girl. At least I’d be able to protect her if I was with her.”

Michael paused his video game and turned to Luke. “I know we’re great friends and all, so from one friend to another, I really don’t care to hear about your problems. [Y/N] is fine.” Michael rolled his eyes. “Besides, you talk to her every chance you get, so why wouldn’t she be okay?”

Surprised by Michael’s harsh reaction, Luke just stared blankly at Michael. “I-I am not trying to make you upset, Michael. I just-”

Michael slammed his controller down on the floor and stomped over to Luke. “Look, I’m sorry, okay? It’s just-everybody has been bugging me with their issues and asking me for advice. I care about you, Luke. I really do! I just need to be more sensitive to people’s feelings, but for now, I just need some time alone.”

Luke nodded, grabbed his phone, and walked to the next room to call me so we could talk about our days together.


I wish I was beside you

“I really love you, [Y/N], and I love talking to you, but I should probably get to bed now. I have a really early morning tomorrow to start off a super busy day. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be grumpy in all of the interviews I have tomorrow.” Michael said over Skype.

I looked at him with a sad face. “I love you, baby. I miss you already! It’s really hard to sleep at night without you here.”

Just as Michael was about to hit end, he stopped and stared at me. “What do you mean it’s hard to sleep without me there?”

“Well, when I can’t sleep at night, you’re usually always here to sing to me and play with my hair until I fall asleep. Ever since you left, I have found it extremely difficult to sleep. All I can do is toss and turn and try to cuddle up next to you, but then I realize that I’m the only one in the bed.” I explained.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, darling. I wish I was beside you. Would I make your night better if I sang you to sleep right now?”

I shook my head. “You need to sleep, Mikey. I want you to be happy tomorrow during all of your interviews and shows, alright? I’ll be fine. How about you sing me to sleep tomorrow night?”

Michael smiled and nodded. “I look forward to it! I love you goodnight, sweetie.”

“I love you goodnight, handsome.”

How You Gonna? pt 3 (You get back together) - Justin Foley x Reader

(Okay! So with my jammed finger and all, I finished this whole imagine, but then my computer crashes, my life is just wonderful. I forgot what exactly I put down, everything I write is put together on the spot and never planned. atm I hate everything. enjoy :) )

Summary: Justin texts you, does he want to be with you or not? (I listened to Stay and Love on The Brain by Rihanna while writing this)

I went home a nervous wreck. I love Justin so much. He’s my everything. No matter what I do, I’m not good without him. Feelings for people change, but I don’t thin that would happen with me. He’s more than I have ever asked for. I believed him over everyone else and all I want is him. I don’t know what it is about him. I could never not fall for him, even when we first met. I felt like I was falling in love. That boy makes me crazy.

I’m only a sophomore in high school. Adults always say we’re “too young” to experience love, but I know what it feels like to love someone. I love Justin, he’s all I think about. I would do anything for him, I just want to be with him, I would be so happy even if he told me my shoes were untied.

I feel so shitty without him, I always self pity myself. What do I do with myself? Stay in my room and eat ice cream and wonder what we could’ve had? Fuck that. I know he loves me deep down. Nobody would go 6 months without developing something. I need this to end, but I don’t want to hear his answer. I’m confident that he loves me. He cares for me, he already said that. Why care about someone if you don’t love them?

Now I’m just laying in my bed, waiting for him to text me. I don’t know why I’m both nervous, and excited. I keep fantasizing our future. I think we’re meant to be. I love him so much, and always will. Nobody has ever kept my attention the way he has. I don’t think anyone could. I just think everyone is boring. I know he’s not though.

I hear my phone ding, and my heart stops. Here’s the time, I’ll get my answer. No matter what happens, I will always love him, no matter how complicated it is. He’s different, and will always be the love of my life no matter what.

(Justin is bold, you’re normal)



“What’s up?”

“Can we skip the small talk, and move on?”

“Move on to what? haha”

“Justin, this isn’t funny. Tell me your feel about both me, and the situation.”

“For starters, the situation, I care about you a lot. I’m sorry that I had to put you through what I did. I just really needed Clay to keep his mouth shut.”

“Do you love me?”



“I love you. More than anything. I tried so hard to get over you, all you do is fuck with my emotions and my head. I hate you, but I love you. I don’t usually confess feelings this way, but I can’t help it. I’m addicted to you. No matter what I do, I’m not good without you. I fell for you,”

“I didn’t know you felt that way y/n.”

“Tell me how you feel about me right now, do you love me?”

“I think I do, I don’t know. You’re different, you know I’m trouble, but still stay. You’re always there when I need somewhere to stay and I couldn’t appreciate you more. All Jessica wants is sex, you’re more than that. I really didn’t want to admit it, but you’re my everything. I do love you.” 

“I’m extremely happy to hear that Justin, what will happen now?”

“Will you, maybe, be my girlfriend?”

“Wouldn’t deny it for the world. What about Jessica?”

“I’m pretty sure she’ll be okay. Not that I really care though.”

“I’m heading to bed, goodnight babe, I love you.”

“I love you way more babygirl, sweet dreams, My Queen”

I went to bed knowing that I was the happiest girl alive. I love him so much, and he confessed to me. I probably sound crazy, but I love that boy more than I love my life. I only want him, it doesn’t matter what he says or does. Funny how the guy who broke me, put me back together again.

I woke up the next day and got ready for school. I came out the house and went to my car, getting hype for my drive to school. I’m so excited, this is the first time in a month, kissing him, hugging him, and being able to call him mine. I missed him and everything about him.

I walked into school, and seen my beautiful boyfriend laughing with his friends. I ran up to him and kissed him. I missed him. I missed his taste. I missed the way his lips felt on mine. I craved him.

“Someone’s a little needy?” he said breaking the kiss

“Shut up, I love you.” I said looking into his eyes

He then said,

“I love you more than you can ever imagine.”

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south side princess (part 3)

Fp had spent the morning in the prison to see y/n father. The guilt of kissing y/n weighed on his mind as he sat waiting for his friend to be walked out. They both picked up the phones simultaneously, the talk between the two gang members was about the job that had gone wrong “I’ll get it sorted, Sam brought the money back it’s just the drugs we lost” fp tells y/f/n. Once fp had come up with a plan to try and resupply the lost drugs quickly then the topic came round to y/n. “how’s my angel doing” he asked fp, “she’s good feisty” he laughed “ she always was, is she okay in that trailer?” y/f/n looked sad this time you’d moved from a large lovely house to a trailer. “she’s at school, cheerleader practice or pops with Jughead. 

When she’s at the trailer park she’s with us at the bar or in mine to be honest ” your dad nodded thanking his boss. Fp watched as questions filled your dad’s head picking the ones he wanted to ask, “and the serpents she’s not getting grief from them?” this made fp laugh. “no she can handle herself with them, she nearly broke Jack’s wrist night one.” fp told your father how you defended yourself showing the gang members your not to be messed with. “look promise me she’ll be okay with you Jones” Your father begged fp to watch out for you protect you like you was his own. Fp felt worse about his heated moment with you. 

Every time your name came up he pictured you up against the wall with his hands and lips all over you the sounds you made, and how much he wanted to do it again. it was getting harder for him to look your dad in the eye. After he’d finished with his visit he drove back thinking mixed things the hard one, he had to shut down anything with y/n she needed a Guardian not a lover. His own selfish needs had to be stopped. 

He didn’t realize the time when y/n walked in, it felt like he’d only had five minutes to think. when he saw her She was smiling, brushed her hair back behind her ear shyly when she looked at him. Fp stood trying not to think about how y/n was his arms humming as his lips trailed her jawline. A cough from Joaquin snapped him back.

Something was off when you entered Fp’s you could feel the tension as you walked in fp Joaquin and other boy you had never seen before all stirred at you. Fp was different “hi y/n” he standing up offering the seat for you to sit. Every morning he’d great you with a smile, a hug and a hello Princess but today he called you by your name. You sat feeling nervous watched as he struggles to look you in the eye. “your dad’s been arrested” he said. You looked at the others, “what happened?” you ask. The next hour the new boy Sam (now you found out his name) told you how the police had raided the motel they had been staying in. Your dad stayed so Sam and other serpent could run. The other boy tried to hide but was found taken with your dad.

The whole time Fp didn’t speak instead he opened the duffel bag on the table. The was thousands of dollars in the bag more than you cared to Hazard a guess at. Fp sorted the money into smaller bundles each with easy $2000 in. He gave Sam a large amount telling him to go and lay low. He also nodded for Joaquin to go as well. You start to blush being alone with him. He come back with half a smile “look I promise to fix this or sort something out” he said keeping his distance. “should I go back to my mom’s?” you ask. “do you want to go back?” He said. You shook you head no but felt you had no choice. Fp took two of the piles handing you one “put that in your bag it was for your dad but it’s yours now” he held the other “rent for the trailer I’ll sort it if you don’t want to leave but now you need to go to practice/ the game or whatever your doing today I’ll see you later when I’ve sorted out the serpents” you walked over and hugged him, stood on your tip toes leaning in to kiss him but he moved his head. You looked at him confused. 

He didn’t act like this a few hours ago you lift your hand to touch his face bringing him to face you, he closed his eyes welcoming the contact but quickly changed his mind taking your hand away. “I can’t do this” he says “last night I shouldn’t of let it happen or get so far” you looked hurt “what’s changed your mind?” you ask now looking at the floor. “your only 19 for fuck sake y/n I shouldn’t have kissed you like that” you Finally look at him “age is a number” you try to argue back. fp sighed regretting what he was about to say, “it is y/n but I don’t like you like that what would I want with a kid I’m meant to be looking after you. it was a drunk mistake you was just a drunken mistake” the anger was dominant on your face. “look I didn’t mean it to sound that nasty but it’s true I promised to care for you and kissing you wanting to sleep with you isn’t that” he goes to touch your shoulder but you step back still possessing what he’s just said. you didn’t answer you couldn’t, so you walked out. Once outside you felt the tears rolling down your face in a fit of silent sobs you feel your stomach twist into a sickly feeling, your chest was tight and sore as your tried to calm yourself. you was only a mistake his words rang out loud in your mind. Wiping your face you head to practice.

At school your mind was elsewhere, your dads arrest and the way fp had treated you being the only things on your mind. During practice you had missed steps and made wrong turns really not in the mood to dance. “y/n” Cheryl snapped “what the hell is wrong with you can’t you follow a simple routine, oh wait your living the simple life down in South side” you growled as B&V hold you back “I might live on the south side but at least my family don’t sleep with or kill each other” you regretted saying it as soon as it came out your mouth but before you could apologise Cheryl ran at you. She swung her arm to smack you but instead you caught her wrist and head butted her in the nose. Ronnie and Betty dragged you out with Cheryl screaming your off the team and how you will pay for what. As soon as you got outside you ran leaving Betty and Veronica confused.

Fp got a call from his son jughead telling him about you had been in a terrible mood and how you’d broken Cheryl’s nose he groaned thinking it was partly his fault for your mood. Fp knew y/n had problems with her anger and breaking Cheryl’s nose was a result of you building your anger, hate, pain until you snapped. Fp told jug he would see if your okay and try to sort it out. he put the phone down headed for your trailer. Inside it was empty you hadn’t come back since you’d felt that afternoon. He had gone to your door about 10 times called you over 100. Each time you saw his name you couldn’t bring yourself to answer. So you went to the one place you thought no one would find you but you where wrong.

Jughead was the one to find you in an old play park, taking you to pops then the drive-in he watched as you paid for both your meals and multiple milkshakes. He worried about where you’d gotten the large some of money from but like most things with you, jug knew not to push you in the matter. It was after 1am when you got home finding fp sitting on your doorstep his head in his hands. “where have you been?” He asked in his most neutral tone. “with Jughead” he was taken back by your sourness. “I heard about what happened with the blossom girl, I know your pissed off with me and your dad but you can’t take that out in the girls at school y/n” he said making you more angry he hadn’t come to say sorry for the things he’d said earlier but wanted to have a go over you fighting. “yes I’m sorry, but I’m too tried to talk to you now so goodnight Jones” you say trying to sound as bitchy as you could, before shutting your door sliding down it crying letting all the pent up emotion out. That night you got into bed the complete opposite then the night before in 24hrs you’d gone from the happiest girl on the planet to a crying heartbroken mess.

Fp sunk his hands in his pocket didn’t mean to hurt you but couldn’t be with you the way he wanted either. It was killing him to be like this with you and to for you to hate him but thought it was for the best.
The next few days you and fp was cold with each other. You hardly spoke to one another, you’d spend more and more at pops or the drive in, when you did go the Wyrm you’d sit with Jack and Sam. Fp felt hurt by your change in attitude, but was glad of the wedge you now had it made it easier for him not to love you.
when you’d spend time at the drive in he’d see you with his son when he was working well dealing down there, it was his secret way of keeping an eye on you. One Friday and the was a few people at the drive in, fp had worked it with Jack and Joaquin. He’d met up with Hermione Lodge to do some business her husband arranged. As she left he saw her daughter following her, then heard a sound that always made his heart jump and a smile on his face, the sound of y/n laughing.

He walked round the corner hidden from her sight, his heart broke when he saw y/n and his son cuddled up on the back of a truck bed wrapped in blankets. He noticed your head was jugs chest his arms around you. He could feel himself get jealous looking at her with someone that wasn’t him also felt sad he’d pushed you away. When he see jug kiss the top of your head, y/n smiled when he did. fp walked away feeling jealous of his son, angry with himself and most of all hurt . He turned putting all his frustrations into a single blow to the nearest wall, shaking his hand with the pain before going back to jack. For the rest of the night he was difficult to work with both Jack and Joaquin had both took the brunt of their bosses anger and frustrations. Nothing they did was right and fp made sure they knew.

You and jug had sat watching the film. You enjoyed spending time with him and needed it. Jughead could make you see things in a different way. “so who’s got you so upset” he asked. You fake smile “no one, why” you lied but jug knew you better. “don’t lie to me y/n, last week you was happy, jolly and loved the world. This week your fighting, moody and spending free time with me at pops or here who’s upset you?” you didn’t know how to tell jug it’s his dad that made you so happy and upset. “is it one of them serpent gang members?” jug added you smile “can’t get nothing past you Juggie, yeah just some guy wanted me one day didn’t the next” you tell him hoping he won’t ask any more. “you shouldn’t worry about it y/n if he’s acting an arse then don’t chase him it’s his loss serpents ain’t worth a second look” you cuddled into him more laughing as he kissed your head. You smiled thinking about what he’d say if he knew it was fp you was thinking of. But he was right you should  stop running after fp. You didn’t go home after you saw Jack working knowing fp wasn’t far, you asked jug could you stay with him. Jughead saw you looking at Jack nervous he thought he was the serpent you’d liked but didn’t say nothing just agreed to let you stay.
Jugheads room was small it had a bed in and a few of his things, on the shelf you see two pictures one of jug and his sister jellybean and the other was of jug jellybean, their mom then you saw fp looking handsome with that smile you loved. you bite your lip looking at him turning the photo face down so you didn’t have to look at it. Jug put a film on as you both get comfortable watching y/f/m.

First Kiss Story #1

This was the third night in a row that Abbie was awoken by Crane crying out in his sleep. She would hurry down the stairs to make sure that he was still in the house and that no monsters had dragged him off into the night. Just like the last two nights, he was in his bed, tossing and turning and calling out names she didn’t recognize. The look of fear and panic on his face was nothing like she had ever seen before.

Night terrors. She had experienced plenty of those herself. The last two nights, as soon as she had stood next to his bed, his had stopped. Not tonight. He had his blankets twisted around him and soon he was calling out for her.

“Lieutenant!” he now cried out and she sat beside him on his bed. The motion of her sinking into the mattress didn’t wake him so she touched his hands and assured him she was right there.

“Crane, it’s okay. I’m here,” she said over and over. She leaned closer to him, pushing some sweaty strands of hair off his troubled brow. He started shaking his head, as if denying that she was there and she leaned forward and pressed her lips to his forehead. He began to calm down but as soon as she pulled away, he became agitated again.

She brushed her lips against his forehead again, and then kissed each of his eyelids, hoping to erase whatever he was seeing in his sleep. “Shh, shh,” she whispered over and over, her lips lightly touching his flushed skin. Nothing was helping.

Abbie sat up and looked at him and his rosy lips. Well, kissing worked in fairy tales, didn’t it? And didn’t fairy tales usually have some truth behind them?

Leaning close, she placed the softest of kisses on his lips, hoping like hell he wouldn’t mind if this saved him from whatever was going on in his dreams. It wasn’t the romantic first kiss she always imagined they’d have one day, coming together after they had finally saved the world, but it would have to do for now.

After a moment, he returned the kiss, his hands moving to gently hold her face. She was going to assume that he didn’t mind her kissing him at all.

She pulled away and found him blinking at her, as if trying to bring everything into focus.

“You kissed me,” he said. Or maybe it was a question.

“You were having a nightmare. Worse than a nightmare. I couldn’t get you to wake up so I thought I’d try… what were you dreaming about anyway?” she asked, trying to change the direction of the conversation.

“You wouldn’t believe the dream I had. You were dead… you went into the box and you were gone and then there were all these other people… people who needed things from me… but I was so alone without you… I’m so thankful that you’re still here,” he said, clutching onto her hands as if he was afraid she would disappear into the night.

“I’m right here. I’d never leave you like that. We promised each other that,” she said. He pulled her hands to his mouth and kissed each of her fingers.

“You kissed me…” he mumbled against her fingertips.

“Yes, I kissed you,” she said.

“Like saving some sort of Disney Princess?” Crane asked.

“If you’re the princess in this scenario, then yes,” Abbie replied with a sigh. Crane always did have the look of a Disney character about him, especially when he’d bat his eyelashes at her when he wanted something.

“Can I now kiss you in return?” he asked politely, indeed batting his long eyelashes in her direction. “That’s all. One kiss. To ward off any more bad dreams that may come my way.”

She snuggled in beside him, both of them trying to get comfortable with the other in the confined space of his bed. Then he kissed her. Again and again and again. So many times, that if goodnight kisses truly did chase away bad dreams, neither of them would have a nightmare again for the rest of their lives.

The End

Frustrated (ChrisMD)

Requested?: Yep, Thank You
Warnings: Smut
Pairing: Chris and Reader. Sidemen (platonic)



You would think that being around Chris would be really awkward.

Being that about three months ago when we were out with a couple of friends, we both got a little drunk. Which soon lead to us heading back to his hotel room, and hooking up. We both vowed to never speak of that night and to act like nothing happened.

Although I don’t think that Chris has been forgetful of it though. I mean the boy literally flirts with me every chance he gets. Not saying that I don’t enjoy it or that I don’t flirt back, because I do.

Take right now for instance, Chris and the sidemen are out recording football videos, and he is continuously flirting with me. Winking at me, looking me up and down, and constantly making eye contact with me.

I’m trying to ignore it, but the rest of the guys are not letting anything slip past them. Every time Chris does something one of them has to say something.

As Chris takes his turn, trying to hit the crossbar, he makes direct eye contact with me as he hits hit. I take in a deep breath as he runs his tongue over his lips, before turning to the camera.

Once everyone has taken their turn, and everyone but Josh and Ethan has hit the crossbar, the recording equipment is soon packed up.

“Yo, Y/N. you okay over there?” Simon asks, walking towards me “You seem a bit flustered.”

“I’m fine.” I say, walking away from him

“Awh, Chris look what you’ve done to her.” JJ says jokingly

“Shut up.” I mumble, grabbing my bag and walking towards the car

I hear all of them laugh before following me out.

“You know that they were just joking about, right?” Chris asks as we enter the spare bedroom, at the sidemen house.

“Didn’t seem like they were.” I say crossing my arms

“Come on, it’s not like you were actually getting flustered by all of that.“  Chris says, walking over to the desk

He sets down his phone, before he looks up at the wall.

“Unless you were.”

I look down “Of course I wasn’t.”

I then hear him get up, before walking to directly in front of me.

“Y/N, were you actually getting flustered by me earlier?” Chris asks

When I don’t answer him, he gently lifts my chin up with his hand.

“Y/N, answer me.”

“Okay, fine. So what if it did?” I ask, making eye contact with him

“Because that’s what I wanted.” He mumbles, before pressing his lips against my own.

After getting over the shock of him kissing me, I begin to move my lips with his. I’ve been waiting for this to happen, since the first time it happened. I missed the feeling of his lips against my own.

I feel his hands travel down my back, before resting on my upper thighs.

“Jump.” He whispers against my lips

I do as he says, and jump up, wrapping my legs around his waist. He then walks backwards, so I am between him and the wall. Our lips now moving together, in an almost desperate manner.

Chris then disconnects his lips from mine and trails them down my jaw and my neck. I lean my head back, ever so slightly, to give him better access. I then feel him hit that certain spot, causing a moan to slip past my lips.

He sucks on that patch of skin, leaving his mark there.

He then moves his head so he is making eye contact with me again.

“You sure about this?”

I nod my head “Never been more sure of anything.”

He smiles and then walks us both over to the bed, where he lays me down and crawls on top of me. I wrap my arms around his neck, pulling him down and connecting out lips once again.

He happily complies, and moves his lips with mine. I move one of my hands up into his hair, gently pulling at it. This causes him to let out a groan, and push his lips against mine harder.

I then feel him trail his hand down my side, before gently lifting my shirt up.

Our lips disconnect for a second, so we can both get our shirts off. Chris loves his hand behind my back, unclasping my bra, as he connects our lips again.

Before long all of our clothes, besides our underwear is off and on the floor. I then feel Chris get up from the bed.

I open my eyes, and follow his every movement.

“Don’t worry, just getting this.” Chris says, pulling a condom out of his bag

“Oh, you were expecting something like this to happen?”

“Maybe not with you, but I’m not complaining.”

He then climbs back on the back and on top of me.

“You’re one-hundred percent sure about this?” He asks, looking in my eyes

I nod my head “You ask one more time, and I will take complete control over this.”

“I’d rather you didn’t.” He says, now removing both of our underwear.

He then hands the condom to me “You do it.”

I take it from him, ripping open the package. Then rolling onto him.

He then grabs a hold my hand in his, using his other hand to hold himself up.

“Might hurt a little bit.” He says, before pushing into me.

I groan, and squeeze his hand, closing my eyes. It only hurts for a few seconds, before he starts to move slowly. 

“Chris, please.” I mumble “Move faster.”

He complies and then begins to move his hips at a faster pace. Moving his head down, burying it in my neck.

His lips, connect to my neck, gently sucking. This causes more moans to slip past my lips.

My hands then travel to his back. My nails are now digging into his back, running my hands down. Surely leaving scratches down his back.

Soon enough the both of us are reaching it high. The sound of both of our moans is ringing throughout the room. Neither of us cared if anyone in the house could hear us. Right now, we were the only two in the world.

Soon enough Chris and I are laying side by side on the bed, both out of breath.

“That was so much better sober.” Chris says after a while

I turn to him “I have to agree.”

He turns his head towards me and smiles. “Been wanting to do that since the first time.”

I smile and the cuddle into him “So have I.”

I then feel my eyelids start to become a little heavy.

“Goodnight.” Chris whispers, pressing his lips to my forehead.

-Next Morning-

I am in the kitchen, cooking all of the boys breakfast, consisting of pancakes and bacon. When I hear someone walk into the kitchen.

Before long, two arms are wrapped around my waist, and a pair of lips against my temple.

“Morning.” Chris whispers

“Morning.” I say smiling

“It’s too early for that.” I hear Simon groan, as he walks into the kitchen.

“Morning to you too Simon.” I say as I take the last of the pancakes off of the pan

“Why are you two so lovey dovey this morning?” He asks

I didn’t realize what he meant, until I remembered that Chris still had his arms wrapped around me.

“Probably has something to do with what I heard coming from the spare bedroom, last night.” Josh says walking into the kitchen

“Then that explains the bruising on their necks, and the scratch marks on his arms.” Simon says

My face turns best red, and I turn away from the guys. This is something I wasn’t really wanting to talk about, being that it was mine and Chris’s personal life.

“I think she’s had enough teasing within the past two days.” Chris says, hugging me closer to him

“Yeah and not just by us.” Simon says

“Please just drop it.” I mumble looking at him

“Fine.” Simon sighs “I’m just happy you two are pretty much together now. I can’t take anymore of this flirting shit going on between you two.”

I smile, agreeing with what he said. Chris has always been the one I want to be with. Whether I knew it or not. I couldn’t wait to see what the future will hold for the two of us.

Who knows, maybe we will be together for so long that we start a family. Although that’s probably far off in the future.

As of right now. I am just going to be living in the moment. Enjoying every little thing.

I'm comin' home (AJ Styles x Reader)

(First Fic on tumblr! I know I’m not the best writer in the world but I can’t get better if I don’t keep writing and practicing! I’ve read through it twice and didn’t see any grammar/spelling errors but if I notice one later I’ll fix it!)
Characters: AJ Styles, you, a little Dean Ambrose, mention of Nikki Bella
Warnings: Angst, possible cheating
Very loosely (like you can see it if you close your left eye and close your right eye) based on the song Hold On by the Scott Brothers And a special shoutout to one of my favorite blogs llowkeys (my mobile won’t let me tag) for being my go to AJ source for all things from sassy answer to anons to very sexy pictures of the one and only AJ. You helped inspire this so I hope you like it.

It’s been four days. Four days since I’ve talked to AJ. Its not for lack of trying on my part either. I’ve tried calling, face-timing, and texting him and he never responds. He’s never done this before. Normally he calls me all the time when he’s on the road. During the day he’d send me pictures of him out and about with his coworkers/friends. And on nights when I really missed him I could convince him to FaceTime me so I could see his smiling face. But now I can’t get him to talk to me.
I tried to think back to the last time we talked. About 5 days ago he called me from a town in Ohio where Smackdown was being taped. He said he was getting ready for bed and wanted to say goodnight to me. We talked for an hour before hanging up. I don’t think any negative things were sad. He was pretty happy with how Smackdown turned out. I, of course, had watched and told him how proud I was of him. We talked about how he would be home in 5 days, which meant he would be home today. I couldn’t think of anything that would make him mad at me. Maybe I said something and he misunderstood me. I guess I’ll find out when he comes home and I’ll explain everything.
AJ would be home around 6 tonight. I had everything planned out on how to figure out why he stopped responding to me. I’d cook his favorite meal and we’d talk over dinner. Once noon rolled around I decided to head to the store and pick up the ingredients for dinner. I get dressed and head out. I walk around the grocery store grabbing anything I’ll need for tonight. I check over my shopping and see the next item on the list is seasonings. I push the cart to the aisle and look for the seasons I need. Then I hear someone talking. Normally I would never listen in on a strangers conversation but I could have sworn they said AJ’s name. We lived in a somewhat small town, as a way to distance ourselves from the spotlight AJ lives in when he’s on the road. It was normal for people to gossip especially about the town celebrity. I looked around and saw two woman I didn’t know at the other end of the aisle looking away from me. “I’m telling you Helen it’s true. My son Jimmy told me. He has one of those wrestling fan sites and someone posted a picture of AJ Styles with some girl in his lap at a bar. And it was for sure not his fiancée.” “I don’t know Nancy. I’ve run into him a few times. He seems like such a nice guy. And I’ve seen him and (Y/N), I think that’s his fiancées name, out on dates a few times when William and I go out. They seem pretty happy and pretty in love.” “Let’s see if I can find the site my son showed me.” The first woman, Nancy, said pulling our her phone. “Well it’s not the same website but there’s quite a few links on here. Poor (Y/N). I wonder if she knows yet.” Both women shrug and start up on a new topic while walking father from me and to a new aisle. I get my phone from my purse and google ‘AJ Styles cheating’. AJ and I wanted to keep our relationship semi private. I didn’t want to the spotlight but he felt like it was important that people know we were together. He figured it may help keep gold digger girls off him. But I guess that wasn’t working. Google finally pops up results and I don’t believe my eyes. At least seven websites are reporting on AJ with different woman. I open a few of the links and almost cry right there in the grocery store. Dozens of pictures of AJ are posted. Each one he has a beer in one hand and a different girl near him or on his lap. This must be some joke. I look through the other websites and it’s all the same. I close my phone and walk out of the store without the items I was shopping for. I was in no mood to cook for him tonight. Tonight would be him explaining to me what the hell is going on. Once I get home I start crying. Why would AJ cheat on me? Was he getting tired of me? Was this his way of calling off our wedding that was only 3 months away? After a few minutes of tears and questioning everything I decided to find out some truth. I had only been to live shows a few times but while I was there some of the super stars gave me their numbers in case of emergency and I couldn’t get a hold of AJ. I look through my contacts and just decide to try Dean Ambrose. He and AJ didn’t get along well but he was always nice to me and I imagine he was also at bars and would tell me the truth. He doesn’t seem like the kinda guy to sugar coat things. Right as I’m about to hit the call button a text from AJ finally appears. “Sorry babe can’t make it home this week. Something came up we all have to stay. Try to be home next week. - AJ” What? He wasn’t coming home at all? We haven’t seen each other in a month or talked in almost a week and the only thing he has to stay is Sorry. He didn’t say he missed me or that he loved me? Once I read the message again to make sure I’m reading it correctly I call Dean. It rings three times then he answers. “This is Dean.” “Hey Dean. This is (Y/N) (Y/L/N). AJ’s fiancée. Have you seen AJ lately? He hasn’t been answer my calls and I’m worried about him.” I decide not to jump straight to the is my fiancé cheating on me line. “I’ve seen him a few times since the show. Seems like he’s fine. Hasn’t been making that stupid face he makes when he’s pissed.” “Okay. Now, um, this is really awkward but to ask but I figured you out of all people would give me a straight answer. I’ve seen the pictures on social media of AJ at bars with other women. Are those real? Is that really happening?” There’s a silence on the other end of the line. That can’t be good. It means he is trying to find the right way to tell me AJ is cheating. “Yeah they are. I’m sorry (Y/N). After the first time it happened we figured he was drunk and not thinking straight. Nothing happened the girl just danced on him and sat with him. When it happened again the next time Nikki Bella asked him what he was doing since he has a fiancée and all. He just snapped at her and told her to mind her own damn business. She thought about telling you but then realized no one but AJ knew your number.” With every word he said my world came crashing down. AJ was cheating on me. “So he starting talking girls back to his room?” “He took them somewhere.” “Is it true that something came up and you all have to stay for another week? He just sent me a text saying that.” “Yes that one is true. They scheduled wrong and our week off is in a week not this week. Listen I’ve gotta go but I’ll talk to AJ for you. I won’t tell him you know about the girls but I’ll tell him to actually call you since you’re worried about him.” “Okay. Thanks Dean you’ve been very helpful.” “No problem (Y/N). I hope things work out.” And with that the phone call is ended. For the next few days AJ still doesn’t call. Dean has started texting me updates on him though. He told AJ to call me and AJ said he would at some point but that hasn’t happened. Dean did say he hasn’t been hanging around any girls at the bars so that’s good I guess. I can’t believe the only contact I’m having with my fiancé is through a guy he can barely stand. During the rare moments I’m not thinking about AJ I’m thinking about our wedding. The wedding that might be called off. I had already bought a dress but I could sell it only. Same with the rings. The stone in my engagement ring was my grandmothers so I’ll take the stone back and him the rose gold setting back. I’ll see if I can take his silver band back to the jeweler where I bought it. Food could easily be canceled. Same with venue and hotel rooms among other odds and ends. I’d have to tell my family. That would be a mess. I’d have to move out of the house since it was his before we got together. I’d probably have to move back to home with my parents and find a job to save up money to rent an apartment. And here I thought I was living in a perfect fantasy world. Guess not. Today is a week later which means AJ should be home today. I don’t know if I’m ready. I’ve trying to mentally prepare myself for the last couple of nights. My phone started ringing while I was making my self some lunch. I knew who it was before I even looked at the caller ID. AJ had set his intro music has his ringtone on my phone. Everyone else was stuck with the generic ringtones preset on the phone. I take a deep breath before answer. “Hello.” “Hey Darlin’ I’m packing up now and I’ll be at the airport soon. So I’ll be home in about 3 hours. Is my girl gonna be waiting on me?” That’s what I normally did. I would go to the airport and wait for him to land and once I saw him I would run into his arms. But how could he be acting so casual? After everything that has happened. I take another breath and decide to call him out on it. “You’ve been cheating on me. And don’t lie either. I’ve seen the pictures and I’ve talking with Dean Ambrose. You didn’t talk to me for days and I have to find out you’ve been hanging around other women at bars from two strangers in the grocery store. And even when Dean told you I was worried and you to call me you didn’t. So tell me what the hell is going on? Is this your way of saying you want to call off the wedding and break up? Should I start packing my bags now and book a plane ticket to my parents?” By the end of this I’m crying. “Darlin’. Please don’t cry. I-I… It’s a lot to explain. I promise I don’t want to call off the wedding. I love you. Once I get home I’ll explain everything to you. Okay?” He sounded sincere. Like he was sorry. “I’ll be at the airport. It’s raining here and you should walk in the rain.” “Thank you Darlin’. I have a surprise for you. You’re gonna love it. I’ll see you soon. I love you.” “I love you too.” It’s such a knee jerk reaction I don’t have time to stop myself from saying it. But then again I do still love him. I start getting ready to head to the airport. After a shower, where I think about everything AJ said, I get dressed and do hair and makeup. Then I get to the airport and want by the baggage claim for AJ. Twenty minutes and a lot of games of phone solitaire later I hear people walking towards the area where I’m standing. I put my phone in my purse and look up. He’s one of the last to get to the claim area. I walk over to him and don’t say anything. He smiled a somewhat sad smile at me and waits for his suitcase to arrive. Once it does he grabs it and we wordlessly walk to the parking lot. “Do you want me to drive?” This is the first thing he says to me. “No. I couldn’t find the keys to the truck so I had to bring my car and you don’t like driving my car.” I say as we reach my car. He puts his bag in the backseat and we both get in. The drive is silent. Which is so unusual for us. Normally he’s telling me about his trip and at some point his hand will makes its way to mine and doesn’t let go until we are home. We reach home and head inside. AJ sets his suitcase in our room and comes back out to the living where I’m sitting on the couch waiting on his explanation. He sits in the chair across from me and sighs dragging his hand down his face. Something he does when he’s nervous or doesn’t want to talk about something. “I promise nothing happened with those girls. I didn’t sleep with any of them. I didn’t kiss them. Nothing happened. I only brought one back to my room and as soon I opened the door I thought of you and sent her away. I don’t know what got into me Darlin’. I guess I’m just worried about the wedding. I’m getting nervous. I don’t want what happened last time to happen again.” This would be AJ’s second marriage. The first ended in divorce. “But it won’t. I love you and would never cheat on you like she did. You are the only guy in the world for me. I care about you more then I care about myself.” I try my best to hold back the tears in my eyes but they slip anyway. AJ leans closer to me and wipes them away before sitting back straight. “I know that. And I was being stupid. And I am so sorry Darlin’. I promise it won’t happen again. These last two weeks I’ve been an idiot and I can’t believe I hurt my favorite girl for such a stupid reason. Can you forgive me?” “Hey can I be so sure it won’t happen again? There’s just a few months until the wedding and even after that things could happen.” “Come on the road with me. You’ve always said you want to travel and see new places. We would have to be more public with our relationship but you know I love you and you love me why not let people how much we love each other.” He moves from the chair to the couch and takes my hand in his. “Please forgive me Darlin’. I’ll do anything to prove how sorry I am.” I look down at our hands together. My tiny fingers laced with his bigger ones. Light reflecting off the stone in my ring. I look up to his face and I can see the sadness in his blue eyes. I take free hand and brush an out of place from his forehead and smile. “Okay. I’ll forgive you. And I’ll come on the road with you too.” His face breaks out into one of the biggest smiles I’ve ever seen and he kisses me for the first time in over a month. It’s simple, soft, and full of love. We pull apart and I lean into his chest and he wraps his arms around me. “Where’s my present? You said you bought me something?” He looks at me for a spilt second and laughs. “We just had a very touching heart-to-heart talk and now all you can think about is your present?” “Well if it’s from you then it’s bound to be an awesome present.” “It’s in my suitcase. I’ll go get it.” I lean up so he can get off the couch. He disappears to our bedroom and soon returns with a plain blue gift bag. He sits back down and pulls me on to his lap. “Here you go Darlin’.” He hands me the bag and I immediately reach my hand in. What I pull out is a t-shirt. One of his WWE merch t-shirts. A shirt that I probably have at least 3 more of in my dresser. I look at AJ for a moment confused and he takes the shirt and turns it around. On the back it says ‘AJ’s wife & Number 1 Fangirl’. I smile and giggle a little before setting the shirt aside. “I love it. I’ll wear it to every show. Make sure everyone knows who my man is.” “Damn right you’ll show them. If you start hanging around backstage I don’t want those idiots to think you’re free game. You’re mine.” “Yes I’m yours. Very happily yours.” I smile and kiss him again before he starts telling me all about his month on the road.

short Charoix family AU fluff

“Just leave the rest for tomorrow and go to sleep!” Chariot whined as she hugged her wife from behind, the latter was sitting at her desk, furiously smashing the computer’s keyboard.

“I’m almost done, chérie.” Croix said as opened yet another tab on her screen, making her wife pout.

“You said that an hour ago, and you’re still working.” Chariot said, bemused with her wife’s actions, everytime she got a new idea, this happened, and all she wanted was go to bed and cuddle with her. She had to try a different approach. She pulled Croix’s hands from the keyboard and sat on her lap, blocking her view.

Chariot…” Croix tried to reason, but she couldn’t when the red head gave her a look of determination, telling her that she had no other choice. “…Fine. I’ll finish tomorrow.” She sighed, giving up, making Chariot pump her fists into the air, victorious. Croix raised an eyebrow at her actions, but smiled anyway. Although they grew up, some things did not change at all. She cupped her wife’s face and captured her lips into a kiss.

They pulled away, smiling. Croix gave her a small kiss on the nose before getting up and taking her hand. She loved giving her affection, especially after she decided to stop being ‘shiny chariot’. She wanted her to feel loved, because she deserved everything beautiful in the world.

Once they were in their bed, ready to call it a day, Chariot moved closer to her wife, resting her head on her chest, listening to her heartbeat. Croix smiled and kissed her forehead. They then heard the door opening, and they both smiled knowing who it was.

“Moms?” Akko peeked from the door, before opening it completely. She stood there, with a smile. Both mothers tried not to laugh at their daughter’s cuteness.

“Do you want to join us, little angel?” Croix asked, causing Akko’s eyes to lit up. She quickly climbed on the bed, and lied between them.

Chariot kissed her daughter’s forehead while caressing her hair, Akko grinned. “Goodnight! I love you!”

“We love you too.” They both said.

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Pairing: Sirius x Reader
Warnings: none really, fluff???kinda sortha????idk
Request:  Sirius black x reader where you don’t know he’s an animagus so you spill you secrets to a “mysterious” dog that follows you around. You tell the dog that you’re in love with Sirius (Sirius is in love with you too) and that you don’t think he feels the same. End it with fluff?
A/N: this took way too long orz. hope you still enjoy this…whatever this is oml


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Happy Birthday to Me

Relationship: Dean X Daughter

Words: 1,757

Summary: Dean has missed the Reader’s birthday one too many times, pushing her over the edge.

Warnings: Lil’ bit of angst with a tiny helping of fluff at the end

Tagging: @mysaintsasinner@winchesters-favorite-girl

A/N: Fun fact, I’ve been working on this one for over a year, so if it’s a little inconsistent that’s why.

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Your name: submit What is this?

“Alright Sammy, I’m heading out,” Dean said as he zipped up his duffel. “Give Y/N a happy birthday from me, ok?”

In complete disbelief, Sam stared at him. “Dude, you’re seriously gonna take off the day before her birthday?”

“Yeah, man. I’ll be back in a few days and we can celebrate then. Besides, the kid loves having two parties.”

“Do you realize how pissed she’s gonna be?” the younger Winchester asked. He couldn’t believe his brother actually thought you were gonna be okay with this.

Dean looked at Sam in confusion. “Why would she-”

“You’re leaving?”

Whipping around, he saw you standing at the edge of the library, a pained expression written on your face.

“Hey sweetheart, what-what are you doing out of your room?” Dean stammered. “I-I thought you were reading your book.”

“I finished that, and I wanted a new one,” you replied defensively. In the corner of your eye, that damn duffel sat on the table, mocking you. “You’re going on a hunt?”

Completely cornered, he sighed. “Yeah, honey, I am. But I’ll be back in a few days and it’ll be like I never left.”

“What is it this time? A shifter? Wendigo?” you asked, unable to keep the disdain from your voice. “What monster could possibly be more important than your daughter’s birthday?”

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May 22nd,

I can’t believe it’s been a whole week since I put my dog to sleep. I still can’t believe I’ll never see her again. I keep finding myself crying over her, and everything around the house feels strange. She’s not around to snuggle and kiss, to say goodbye to when I leave the house, or goodnight when I go to bed. Her food bowl in the kitchen is gone now and the container of fiber that sat in the pantry with her name on it had been removed. So many things are changing in my life at the moment, this past week especially, and I’m trying to get my head around how to deal with all these changes with out panicking or crying or not being able to properly function because of my anxiety. Sometimes I just want to hide in my room all day so I don’t have to deal with all these things that make my body and mind shake. Mostly I just wish I didn’t suffer from really bad anxiety and didn’t second guess everything I do and worry over the tiniest things and overthink every possible life situation. More than anything I wish I had my little, furry pal Rosie to comfort me but I know she’s in a better place. Still, I miss her more than anything right now.

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A/N: I wanted to go a little old school and bring back my old imagine ways for someone. @lisamalice had a very rough day and I thought this might cheer her up. I hope you enjoy this my love!!!

You unlocked the door to your home and entered, turning on the light. You closed the door behind you with a sigh and placed your keys on the kitchen counter.

Today had been a rough day. It literally felt like the world was out to get you as everything went wrong today. And before your audition, you had a scary run in with someone. But right now, you didn’t even want to think about it. But everything sucked today. Everything except for one. You had an audition to get to work with this amazing music producer and it went really well. It felt like that made up for the bad things that happened prior to you audition. But then as soon as you left, everything picked right back up where it left off.

Coming home was a relief because it felt like the sooner you got to bed, the sooner this day would end.

Your phone rang, startling you. With another sigh, you pulled it out of your pocket, a small smile reaching your face when you saw that it was your boyfriend.

“Hey.” You greeted as you answered the FaceTime call.

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Flashbacks - Bucky Barnes x Reader

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Words: 1272
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: guns, kidnapping sort of thing
Requested by @tomlinstyles
Bucky x reader, you get captured by HYDRA, (and Bucky and reader are dating) and he has the face the flashbacks to save you but when he gets there the reader is like strapped down and he saves her just in time and idk how I want it to end u decide but fluff pls :3
Authors Note: not really sure what to say but I really like this one. :) BUT OH MY GOSH, I HIT 1,000 FOLLOWERS THIS MORNING, IM SCREAMING.


It was all so simple.

All you did was get a glass of water before bed, run into a groggy Bucky, and go back to bed.

“Why are you still awake, doll?” He asked you.

You shrugged. “Couldn’t sleep, I’ve been having that weird dream again.”

Bucky gave you a hug and kissed the top of your head. “Don’t worry, it’s just a nightmare. I’m not gonna let anyone get to you.” He told you.

“Thanks Bucky.” You smiled up at him. “Goodnight, I love you.” You said and went back to bed.

That keeps replaying through your head. You were so innocent, Bucky was sure nothing would happen. And now, you’re sitting behind bars, crying all your tears out, just wanting Bucky back.

“I’ll kill them all!” Bucky yelled the next morning when he found out you had been taken. At first, he thought you were just roaming around the facility. But, no, he had everyone looking for you, until a hurt Hydra agent was found outside of the facility.

“Where are they?” Steve asked the agent, who was slowly bleeding out.

“I-I’ll never tell you!” He yelled back.

“You will, or I’ll kill you on the spot!” Bucky yelled, putting a knife up to his neck.

“You wouldn’t kill one of your own, would you, Solider?” The agents asked.

“I’m giving you one last chance.” Bucky said.

The agent smiled. “Hail. Hydra.”

And Bucky killed him.

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There we go! Finally I’ve drawn out Rider!Yugi. Now you can see the differences between him and Yami.

Not really much else to say. I’m off to bed so goodnight! (I might come back tomorrow and edit this)

Yugi - Kazuki Takahashi
Image - Me (StellarChrondrite)

You’re what?!

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Author’s Note: So this was requested by @xxtaylorsingerxx At first I wasn’t sure if you wanted it to be fluffy and whatnot or what exactly you wanted to happen, but I went back and fixed it. There is in fact a happy ending and I truly hope you like it!

Request: Dean and Y/N are together or maybe even strained, but basically she ends up pregnant

Warnings: Fighting (mainly arguing/yelling) and some light swearing

“Dammit Y/N, You’re not supposed to be here! ” your boyfriend Dean yelled. Just the other day you were injured on a hunt, the damn Rougarou had gotten the drop on you when you weren’t looking, resulting in you splitting your head open and some other wounds that needed stitches.

“Well Dean, I’m sorry that I didn’t want to just let you and Sam work this one alone” you retorted.

“All I asked was that you stay back at the bunker so you wouldn’t get hurt again, that’s all I asked! But no, instead you decided that you needed to follow us.”

“Listen, I’m sorry. I’ll just go then, since I’m apparently so unhelpful. I thought you’d at least need help with some research…” you said, not wanting to tell him the reason you were really there.

“Guys, can you just calm-” Sam started, but was then cut off by the two of you.

“Shut up Sam!” he threw his hands up in defeat and walked out of the motel room.

“Listen, I’ll just leave. I’ll see you guys whenever you’re done with the case, okay? I’ll just wait there, like a dog waiting for its master to come home.” you said, while opening and then slamming the motel room door.

“Fine!” Dean yelled, secretly hoping you’d come back. But it was too late, you were already in your car and on your way back to the bunker.


“God dammit” you said, slamming your fists onto the steering wheel. It took a moment for you look back up at the road after wiping away a few stray tears. You needed to tell him. Hell, you had to tell him. It took a lot of willpower for you to not turn around, but you kept on driving all the way back to the bunker. I’ll tell him when he gets back, you thought.

After getting ready for bed back at the bunker, you decided to get out your phone to text Sam to at least let him know that you were fine. But that wasn’t the exact reason as to why you texted him, you needed to confide in him. You knew you could trust him with this, at least until Dean had calmed down. When he texted you back letting you know that he was glad to hear that you were alright, you let him know that you needed to talk to him about something else. You specifically told him to not tell Dean, so he waited for him to leave.

“So, spill it Y/N.” Sam said as soon as you answered the phone.

“Jeez Sammy, give a girl a break. You couldn’t start with a ‘hi, how are you feeling?’” you said, slightly giggling. “Dean’s gone, right?” you asked nervously.

“Yeah, he’s gone. Now what’s been up? You seemed kind of off when I left.” you could tell that he seemed worried.

“Promise you won’t tell Dean, alright? I’m waiting for the right time to tell him, and well, it’s definitely not the right time. But I need to tell someone, and I trust you.”

Sam sighed, “I promise I won’t tell him, but I swear if you’re going to tell me that you’ve been cheat-”

You cut him off, “No Sam, I’m not cheating on him. The thing is, I’m pregnant. Well, I’ve been pregnant for awhile now.”

“Are you kidding me? Congratulations! But Y/N, you need to tell Dean. He’ll be so happy, he’ll forget all about your little fight from earlier.”

He was about to continue, but you stopped him. “Sam, this is just between you and me, okay? Dean needs some time to calm down, we both do. When do you think you guys will be back?” The truth is, you honestly didn’t care about when, you honestly wanted to tell Dean now. Him not knowing was eating you alive.

It took a moment before he spoke again, “If we finish the case early tomorrow, we should be back before sundown. We’ve got all of the information we need, we just have to kill the thing. But I think I just heard the Impala, so I’ll let you go. Get some rest and please just tell him.”

You gave a sigh of relief, “Alright Sam, goodnight. I’ll tell him when you guys get back.” And with that, you hung up and went to bed.

Sam had texted you a few hours ago to tell you that they’d be back later tonight, giving you enough time to prepare what you were going to say to Dean. Well, I’m guess I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. You were so nervous you didn’t hear the bunker door open, let alone Sam and Dean coming in.

“Y/N? We’re back, can you c’mere for a second?” Sam yelled, snapping you back into reality.

“I’m coming, sorry!” you yelled. As you walked out of your room and towards the kitchen you mentally prepared yourself for what could happen. As soon as you walked into the kitchen, you were greeted with Dean running over to you, picking you up, and gently placing his lips to yours, Sam just standing behind him with a grin on his face.

“Y/N i’m so sorry for earlier. Sam told me everything.” He said, as he placed you gently back on the ground. “Am I really going to be a father?” he looked down towards your belly and smiled.

“Nice going Sam, I thought this was our little secret?” you said, quietly cursing to yourself and looking over at the younger Winchester, who was indeed wiggling his eyebrows at you.

“Sorry Y/N, I just couldn’t keep it to myself.” He exclaimed with a wide grin on his face, you knew he was somewhat being sincere. But you were sure he could’ve waited, he just didn’t want to see the two of you fighting anymore. And you secretly thanked him for that, because now he knew.

“Yes Dean, you’re going to be a father.” you smiled, reaching your lips up to his, and passionately kissing him. 

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