but now a whole lot because no school

Me, 5pm: I really should write because I’ve had this idea for a while and it would be good to just get it out so it’s at least not in my mind constantly and annoying me. 

Me, 9pm: Wow I’ve still written nothing and I should really start now….

Me, 2am: *has been writing for 5 hours and has to be ready for school by 7am* Well shit…this is longer than I thought it would be 

“I am 59 years old and am originally from Pohang,but during my first year of middle school, my whole family moved up here to do business at the Noryangjin fish market. When I first came to Seoul, I felt alone and intimidated because I spoke with an accent. The very first thing I got attached to was the guitar. In the summer, I’d go to places like the beach with my guitar, and a lot of people would gather around me. As I played the guitar, people all sang along and had a wonderful time together. After that I also learned how to play classical guitar, and now I do performances like this one. I worked at a trade company for a long time, but it’s been about 10 years…? since I started going to competitions and teaching guitar. Almost all the friends my age have retired, but I see no reason to retire. For as long as I have music on my side…”

“제가 이제 오십 아홉이에요. 고향은 포항인데, 중학교 1학년때 가족이 다 같이 노량진 수산시장으로 장사하러 올라왔어요. 처음 서울와서는 사투리를 쓴다는 거에 혼자 주눅이 드는거에요. 제일 먼저 정 붙인 건 이 기타였죠. 기타들고 여름에 해수욕장 같은데 가면 사람들이 많이 몰려왔어요. 그러면 다같이 둘러앉아서 노래도 부르고, 기타 덕에 즐겁게 잘 놀았죠. 그러다가 클래식 기타도 배웠고, 지금은 이렇게 공연을 하죠. 저는 무역회사를 오래 다녔는데, 이렇게 대회도 나오고 기타를 가르치기까지 한게 된 건 한 10년 …? 주위 친구들은 거의 다 은퇴했지만, 저는 은퇴 할 이유가 없더라고요. 이렇게 음악이 제 곁에 있는데…”

omg so remember how i mentioned earlier with the name thing about this girl who i thought was perfect and kind of became my motivation when i was in high school? well on a whim i found her ig and she just accepted my follow request and she is still gorgeous as fuck honestly she is my #1 motivation right now to lose a lot of weight and make a lot of money right now because i want to be her so bad

Episode Review: "And he didn't even go to a very good medical school." [S02E10]

Ok, deep breath. And… what did you think of the mid-season premiere?

Y: Excuse me while I take a moment to flail uncontrollably over here. Just another moment. Ok, one more. Alright, I think I’m done. For now.

L: Our show is back, baby!! Woot! And basically everyone is screwed, and I ate a lot of chocolate and worried about all of them, because this episode had me on the edge of my seat for the whole hour.

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My question is why the fuck would anyone care if Candy is dating? I mean with Amber and Melody, that’s clear cut as to why they would care but with Kentin, Armin, and Lysander, why would anyone give a shit?
Okay, for shits, giggles and drama but… Wtf else? Jealous cause Candy now got some dick? That she’s in an actual relationship?
I remember high school, k? No one gave a shit about who was dating who unless it was a best friend dating an ex. (That was just a bitch to deal with though which is another reason why no one cared a whole lot unless you were a close friend)

Honestly the only reason Amber would get involved is because Candy is now starting to push back, she’s not afraid, plus she stood up for Capucine and gave Amber and her group a fucking smack down. So I guess there’s a ‘reason’ there but still…who the fuck cares?


UPDATE: So!!! Unfortunately my father was recently let go at his job which means we don’t have any health care. I use it to pick up my medication from Walgreens and now my access to Zoloft is cut off. That’s okay cause I have a ton backed up since I reduced from 50mg to 25mg, but it’s an issue with my testosterone. I already did my three month visit and my perscription went through to my Walgreens, but since I no longer have insurance the payment is $90 on top of the $130 I pay for the three month plan. I just need to be able to pay off my card that’s giant now because of my transitioning and I haven’t been able to even pick up my testosterone yet heaves. So if you can please consider or boost me just so I can make enough to get my transition supplies it’s greatly appreciated!! Thank you!!!

Here is my updated commission sheet! I still need money for gas because I drive a whole lot now and I moved awhile back before the school year and  now it’s a 15-30 minute commute to school and to work because of it! So gas is really important AGAIN. 

I take a lot of requests but now it’s time to close it down so I can work on my own original stuff (writing wise) and bring in some commission income to help me out! Please consider commissioning me, even if it’s something very small! I have a lot of other works you can look at over on my portfolio blog, and I really love doing commissions too! I also do Dangan Ronpa sprites which you can check out on this page over here

If anything, please reblog this to let people know I am a viable option for their artistic wants! Thank you all so much! 

Hello lovelies!

As requested, I made the “full” version of my previously announced planner! Because my summer has been a lot busier than I expected, I decided to post the planner in parts and not as a whole. Today: August and September.


Because I know I will not be able to finish it in time, and I’ve been informed that some students have already started. I decided I want to give you what I have now, so you can go ahead and start planning your new academic year!

Here’s the link to the Google Drive folder in which I will be posting all new weeklies (plus updated monthlies, because I added August 16 after a request).

What’s in this pack?

  • the updated monthly spreads, in full color and minimalist
  • weeks 31 to 39 (August 1 to October 2), in full color and minimalist
  • my birthday (although I resisted the urge to mark my birthday on it (8/8))

I hope you’ll enjoy it, let me know if there’s a mistake, and tag me in your planner pics! :)

Lots of love!

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im a freshman in hs, and im usually a straight a student. but first semester i made mostly b's and a-'s, so im extremely disappointed in myself and finding it hard to stay motivated. i feel like my hs career is kind of ruined now because my bad grades haha, do you have any advice?

Well first off I just want to promise you that a B or A- will definitely NOT damage your whole high school career! If anything, B’s and A-’s are some things a lot of people wish they got more .. but I do understand that you’ve worked really hard to keep your grades perfect, so of course I’d be a little disappointed too if I was going through that.
Also, colleges do look at your 4-year transcripts but freshman and sophomore year aren’t really what they focus on, so please don’t stress about that! The only thing you can do going forward is try to regain that sense of motivation you had before; like I say to literally everyone, start small. Make little efforts everyday to go bigger, even if that means just completing an assignment early, like completing an essay that’s assigned today even though it’s due next week. For example, Im in a situation where I’ve lost my love for reading. So at the beginning of the month I made it a point to read every night for at least 30 minutes, or until I got tired. Now I read every night naturally. Things like that will help set you into a routine. The hardest part is starting, but I promise it’ll make all the difference 👊🏽💕

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Just out of curiosity, what's your MBTI ? You seem so energetic and hyper 😂🙈

idk what MBTI is…? HELP AHAHA

BUT YEAH I’M SUPE HYPER LIKE i’m crazy (i’m low key really lame) 

i’m actually REALLY shy in person at first but once you get to know me and I feel comfortable around you i’m really loud and I talk a lot… 

I’ve had to change schools 3 times because I was bullied really bad for being loud and “weird” as they called me but now i have friends who love me for it and are super hyper with me :)


yikes there goes my whole life story lol but yeah idk what MBTI is

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headcanon of the day

after Ronan gets top surgery, he gets really really fucking into working out his chest and abs, because he likes his body a lot now and there’s not a whole lot to do in the evenings. so Adam comes back to Henrietta after some time away at school and suddenly his boyfriend is just absolutely shredded and he’s just like….I’m so much more bi than I ever thought was humanly possible

I just started to watch “Die Feuerzangenbowle” - a classic German movie you typically watch on New Year’s Eve about a writer , named Pfeiffer, who never went to school and then as an archived grown up, on an evening with lots of Feuerzangenbowle (mulled wine with a rum-soaked sugarloaf lit above it), he and his friends make a sort of bet that he can go to school now and have all the fun experiences his friends had. So he goes back to school and it is EPIC and he finds love and the whole movie is just the greatest fun! Because Pfeiffer is ALL about pranking.

First of: Look at the silly long and complicated English translation I found for the word Feuerzangenbowle. It describes of what a Feuerzangenbowle is but it doesn’t capture the beauty of that word at all!

Secondly: How fun would a Philinda AU of that be? Melinda May - who traveled much - drinks on New Years Eve with her friends and they make the same bet and so she goes back to school and falls for the math teacher Phil Coulson?

I just love the idea of non-traumatized Melinda doing stuff for shits and giggles and the experience. :D

So I just applied to go back to school. I figured that hey if I’m single I may as well work on getting my degree so I can finally get out of the minimum wage shit hole. Distract myself from heartbreak too. Filed my fasfa and because I don’t earn a whole lot, at least I can hopefully get grants or something. I was putting it off because I planned on moving in with my now ex, but you know what? Gonna do it. Going to finish my associates in Criminal Justice and then work on a biology degree or something so I can hopefully get a forensics job or something. 

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What's the culture like in Shanghai?

Mmmm. This is an interesting question because I don’t really think about it often. Since I had to dive straight into the culture it just seems like something I’ve known my whole life now. But I start my morning by hearing very loud Chinese music outside my window. If you look outside you’ll usually see a group of elderly woman dancing a very intensely routine. That’s how they exercise. There’s A LOT of expats and mostly everyone either works here or goes to school here. There’s food carts on nearly every corner and most places you haggle. The metro is busy just like traffic on the 91 freeway and everyone pushes like they are late for their child’s birth. Other than the metro, everyone is very nice and willing to help. Cars have the right of way, and will run you over. The nightlife here is insane and I’ll for sure miss it when I decide to go home. One of my favorite things about it is I pay with everything on my phone, and I order all my groceries online and they get delivered to me the same day! I like it because you can go to a certain area and it’s very old and has so much history and you can walk down the street and see the 2nd tallest building in the world and a Starbucks. That’s all I can think of at the moment!🇨🇳

Six selfies of 2016
This year was… interesting to say the least.
I finished high school a semester early and was off from January to August. In that time I went to Disney and Universal with my best friend of 15 years. I met my best internet friend in Chicago and spent a whole day with her. My depression and anxiety worsened significantly…(right now it’s not as severe but it’s rapidly rising again much to my dismay). I graduated high school in June and went to New York City with my family afterward. I turned 18 and cried on my birthday because… adult. I got my drivers license on the first attempt due to my incredible parallel parking skills. I went off to college and made a lot of amazing friends. I got drunk for the first time in September. I had my first kiss whilst intoxicated. I went to several football games (my team is going to the rose bowl!) I was drugged at a party and got alcohol poisoning all in one night and was hospitalized and received an underage which sucked. My sister had her third child, Stella whom I love. I went to NYC before finals and had a blast. I passed all my finals and finished my semester with a 3.4… which I wasn’t thrilled about. I celebrated Christmas with my entire family. My dog that I’ve had since I was 5 passed away from bladder cancer… which was horrible.
This year had a lot of firsts but it was also odd considering I feel as if I’m lost and I’m not certain as to what my talents are and I’m still hopelessly uncertain as to what major I’ll pursue because I kinda suck at everything and I’m not very smart…I need help. But it’s over and I’m hoping to find myself come 2017…
So long 2016. You will not be missed. 🖤

Soo... I’m back. Probably...

- Quick little update -

The last few weeks weren’t easy and it sucked having no energy whatsoever. I really needed time to pull myself back together and now that school’s already started, I feel like I have no other choice than to go back to my normal daily routine. I just wanted to find my way back to tumblr because in the last few weeks I realized that expressing myself through words & writing is a whole lot easier than to just keep the feelings inside. I really missed you guys and I wanna start writing again. I’m so excited to finally be able to complete the requests I still have in my inbox. So here’s a quick little update on what’s going up this week:

  • Saizo Fluff - MC on her period
  • My first Mystic Messenger story (Ideas are appreciated)

These are things I am definitely going to write until the weekend. As always, requests are open.

I also started reading the korean Manhwa called “Killing Stalking”. It’s pretty messed up stuff but I fell in love with this morbid/psycho kinda stuff. So what do you guys think about that? The fandom isn’t as popular as Yuri on Ice or MM but I’d like to write something about that too. Leave some comments and thoughts in my inbox.

I’m really excited to go back to writing. Lots of Love <3

So my dad teaches at a SUPER liberal school, and he’s basically right smack dab in between being a republican and being a democrat. He’s just about the only employee who’s not a raging liberal. And there’s one teacher at this school who’s gay, and his car broke down and he couldn’t take the bus because our city’s buses suck.

NO ONE would drive him. Except for my white straight Christian dad, who picked him up for 2 weeks.

A few months later, all the teachers went on a retreat. NOT ONE of the male teachers would room with him because they didn’t want him to hit on them and they were afraid he would. Except my dad, who was his roommate the whole weekend, and he told me the guy’s really nice (and now they’re friends).

A few weeks ago, my dad told me that the school had hired a trans woman as their secretary, and he was upset because there were lots of other employees saying they didn’t want that kind of image for their school, and my dad was the person who told them that this woman deserved the same respect the rest of us do.

Let’s stop pretending that all liberals and democrats actually practice the social justice they preach, and let’s please stop pretending anyone who’s Christian is homophobic or transphobic, because as far as I can see nothing could be farther from the truth.

my ex boyfriend from when i was like 17 contacted me on instagram and while i found it funny, it shook me and made me very uncomfortable. i used to think a lot about high school. like an unhealthy amount.but i have moved on and basically just smoked that section of my brain away because i havent imagined i would need it again. i talk to one person i went to hs with and i literally just helped her move out of the city today. its like who i was isn’t who i am now and i don’t like to be reminded of it. and he just went on this whole shpeel about my firey passion for life and how i taught him to live every day of his life like it was his last. i was just like dude i was a 16 year old heavy drinking who couldnt dress herself what are you doing taking life advice from a ghost from 2006???? and then started like apologizing for hurting me and how he would dream about me and i don’t know dude sounds like hes got some issues to work out and i split out of that convo real quick.

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i feel like i keep relating to everyone's text posts but Y E S!?!? like, i started watching season 1 when the last episode of season three came and I feel so sad that I missed out on the updates and now it feels like pure hell to wait for season 4 to kick off at the same time I'm kinda glad that it hasn't because I'm starting off school next week and I'm honestly scared of how the frick I'll balance the two together? Because I probably won't be able to do it?

i feel you! i missed out on a whole lot too, i was only there for the updates before the last two episodes. but it’s okay!! honestly, i think it was great going through the skam page even though the texts etc were “old” by then! and you will be here for the new trailer, the new season and all the upcoming updates. so just think about how great that is instead!!

nooo, i think you will do fine! i admit, my head was a bit all over the place, especially the week the last episode aired and there were new updates in school. but i managed to handle it and you will too! it will be amazing!!

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I am just now stumbling on your erotica. You were extremely talented. I've never enjoyed a story more. I would like to thank you for making my day. Would you mind telling why you quit? You can answer me privately if you wish.

No problem! I’m glad you’re enjoying my stories; I’m happy about my body of work, despite its defects, and I’m not shy about talking about it. Most of the writing I’m doing right now is law school-related, but I’ve been sort of looking around for other writing projects. I get some creative kicks out of D&D, too.

Addressing your question, to sketch my reasons briefly, I stopped writing and distributing erotica because I came to the conclusion that it went against the principles I adhere to as a Christian. I was a Christian for the whole time I was writing, and I had a number of justifications for it, but I spent a lot of time working through it all intellectually, talking it through several times with my wonderfully nerdy and understanding pastor, and eventually realized that I was incorrect and that to be intellectually consistent I needed to stop.

It was a hard decision, and giving my reasons publicly was hard, but it’s been a worthwhile trip. And I left behind hundreds of stories that I don’t intend to take down until Tumblr gets enough complaints and deletes my old blog; I’ve lost one or two stories to that already.

I’ve talked a little more about the reasons for my faith here, and about my moral philosophy in general here, if you’re interested.

I’m always happy to answer questions about my writing or related topics, although I won’t get too explicit here. I find kinks in general incredibly fascinating, and I’ve put a lot of thought into why different kinks push the different buttons in our heads that they do as part of developing my writing toolkit. In fact, I just finished writing a kink-related law review article for a class that I hope to have published.

Thanks for your interest!

I just found one of my old notebooks from last year and in it I found a Rhink fanfic that I used to write on whenever I took a walk and ended up someplace where I could just sit and relax. I wish I had finished it. But there was just so much happening in 2016 that I had mostly forgotten about this whole notebook until now.

I’ve written beginnings to lots of fanfics in this one. Both Rhink fics and things for other fandom that I was/is part of. Some things was even supposed to be novel or short stories with only original characters.

It also contains notes from classes because there where days I forgot the notebooks I had bought specially for school. And there are some thoughts I had because I had not yet bought a journal at that time.

There’s also things in here that I honestly don’t remember writing. Cause I just wrote so much back then.

So many memories in such a small thing.
Stories waiting to be finished (even if they’re just for me). Memories waiting to be remembered cause maybe then letting go will be easier (or maybe it will be so much harder).

Maybe it would be better if I just stop looking, stop reading. There’s a reason why we keep things in the past.