but now I realize I was totally like that

After a long day/night of travel I’m home and adjusting back into the real life of cooking, cleaning, editing, emailing and unpacking.

I feel totally refreshed and relaxed, and I’ve gained a whole new sense of gratitude. Not only am I grateful for the life I live and those in it, but I’m grateful that my biggest problems feel like a joke to me now.

During the trip I meditated, contemplated, and practiced yoga on & off the mat. I absorbed the entire experience from the luxury villa and gorgeous sea to the locals, the small towns, the mega malls and the neighboring poverty.

As the whole experience engrained itself into my own journey, I realized that I literally have nothing to complain about, but I have everything to be grateful for.

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When are these crazed Hinata/NH fans gonna realize that she has the complexity of a slice of white bread? What makes them think that constantly spewing "Naruto-kun" and being shy makes you complex? Honestly, how blind they are makes me wanna vomit. And this is coming from someone who use to ship NH and diss Sakura like crazy!

I have a friend who used to ship NH and Hinata was one of her favorite characters because she related to her shyness and thought she was kind. And now she is just…really disappointed, she doesn’t hate her but she realizes she became only a pairing fodder and fanservice tool. :/

I think shipping is pretty toxic, many people totally lose basic reading comprehension and common sense. You have to be blind to not see what they are doing with Hinata’s character. Naruto fandom seems to be especially awful when it comes to this, Kataang vs Zutara is nothing compared to the shit that goes down in the Naruto shipping fandoms.

Simmons still wants to trust Coulson, but she has so much hatred for Ward. She blames him for the relationship with Fitz breaking down. Both Fitz and Simmons are nowhere near forgiving Ward, so to see those two together, I think immediately makes her question. She’s very worried at this point. She’s also worried if she can trust May. All of a sudden May is the leader of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2.0. She feels very alone because she was kind of getting there with Fitz, but then he goes off with the box, which was the plan. And now she’s realizing that she’s here on her own and potentially in a dangerous situation again. I don’t think she’s totally against Coulson, but I think she’s [like], ‘WTF, sir?’
—  Elizabeth Henstridge on “Where is Jemma Simmons standing at this point in the story?” [x]
REQUEST EXO REACTION when you sing high notes


“Wait ..but .. where do you take that from? There is not enough space in your body for such volume!”


Not knowing that you practice, he comes running into your room, because he thought you got hurt. As he sees that you’re perfectly fine:”YAH are you trying to worry me?”


To his stylist: “Why was I stupid enough to challenge her? Now she owns my whole comic collection. Aish..”


He loves your high tones and everytime you sing them, he does this thing with his hands. Like climbing the tones. Nowadays it became such a habit that most of the time he doesn’t even realizes it.


Totally astonished he couldn’t believe what came out of your mouth.


As you tell him that your classmates constantly told you that you sound like a dying cat:”You know what I would have done? Punch them in their lying mouths!”


Freaks out as you start singing Ariana Grande’s song ‘problem’. “THIS IS MY JAM!”


After 2 hours of trying to sing as high as you:


As you ask him if he thinks your high tones alright:”Who asks that kind of question? Of cours! You are amazing, love! I could make money out of you.”


Overly pround Suho is showing you off:”See what she is capable of? I found a true treasure here and she is all mine.”


“Alright, you got the look and the talent to become a diva. The only thing that is missing is to act like one and i think you came to the right place.”


“We know each other for what .. 10 years? Wasn’t there at least one opportunity to show me your talent? I think you have to make up for that.”

Simmons still wants to trust Coulson, but she has so much hatred for Ward,” Elizabeth Henstridge says. “She blames him for the relationship with Fitz breaking down. Both Fitz and Simmons are nowhere near forgiving Ward, so to see those two together, I think immediately makes her question. She’s very worried at this point. She’s also worried if she can trust May. All of a sudden May is the leader of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2.0. She feels very alone because she was kind of getting there with Fitz, but then he goes off with the box, which was the plan. And now she’s realizing that she’s here on her own and potentially in a dangerous situation again. I don’t think she’s totally against Coulson, but I think she’s [like], ‘WTF, sir?’
—  EW.com 

Okay- I honestly have NO idea if anyone else really looked into this scene; but I honestly just realized that this was whenever Dean and Charlie hung out and Dean talked about everything going on etc. now- has Charlie even gotten to met Castiel or even talked to him? No. Is this pretty much the first time she hears about the angel? Yeah. Not trying to hint at anything here… But the two adjectives she used from “totally platonic Dean Winchester” was helpful and DREAMY. Not to mention when she did finally meet up with Castiel she wasn’t even intimidated by him (I know he’s like a muppet to us, but he is taller and an angel, could be a little new for Charlie, or she could of been hesitant to just hug him and all like that) but nope. She must of found out from SOMEWHERE* how much Cas must of meant to Dean, and how much that probably made Charlie’s day, and I will so back up she was ship à la shipping~

*Dean Dean Dean Dean Dean Dean

Rachel’s Herpes Pamphlet FTW

I did it guys.  And I’m soooooo giving this to Soft Lips next time I see him because more than likely he will want to rip my pants off (If I decide to wear any)  and bang me right when I walk through the door.

Now this is totally rough and super quick, but it gets the job done.  This is meant to be a tri-fold so you’ll have to imagine it that way.  And yes, I realize the inside pages are first rather than the outside covers.  Whoops.  I have a tendency to rush into things when I’m super excited and not plan them out carefully.  Whatevs.  

Check it out here yo

Why, thanks Phil. 

Am I Making You Frustrated?

Summery: you loved playing head games, but Sam and Dean were practically immune to your advances now, not that you wanted them anyway. In an attempt to spice up the game, you decide to go for your favourite angel, not realizing the affects you can have on him.

Castiel x reader  

Word count: 1215

Warnings: dude, total make out scene, just saying. Uh, I don’t know, sexual frustration Kinda sorta?

A/N: English is not my first language! I’m sorry if there are any mistakes! (and not just spelling, like, wording and stuff. In my defence, English is very confusing sometimes.) 

It was a game you played with the boys, I mean, it was easy to get inside their head, especially being a girl and living with them. You loved watching them stutter and stammer at your advances, knowing it wouldn’t lead to anything. But lately it was getting less and less fun, they were becoming immune. That’s when you decided to set your eyes on another member of the Winchester family. Castiel.

You were hesitant at first, mostly because of your feelings towards the angel, but deciding that it couldn’t possibly hurt anything. You were going to see how long it took for Cas to get sexually frustrated, it almost seemed impossible which made you even more determined. Walking out of your room in a simple pair of blue plaid pyjama shorts and a black top, you were trying to figure out the best ways to get under Cas’ skin. Not paying attention, you smacked into Dean.

“Oh no” he groaned, running his hands down his face

“What?” you questioned looking up at him.

“Those shorts and that shirt only spell trouble.” he muttered walking past you.

As you walked into the kitchen, you noticed Sam munching on some freshly picked strawberries.

 “Mmmm” you said, picking one up. Climbing up onto the chair, you sat on your legs.

“Oh God” Sam muttered, looking at your shorts.

“Am I really that predictable?” you ask, throwing the top of the strawberry at Sam.

“We don’t trust you in shorts, not after the Impala incident.“

You smiled to yourself, “Oh yeah” that had been a good day.

“Hey Cas!” you yelled, watching Sam’s eyes go wide in realization.

“Y/N, I don’t think that’s a good idea-”

“Nonsense, it’ll be fun.” you say

Without a moment to spare, Cas appeared at the kitchen table beside you.

“I believe Dean had said it was a “day off”. Is something wrong?” the angel said using air quotes and squinting.

“Nope.” you said biting into the strawberry slowly, eyeing Cas “I just wanted to know if you wanted to hang out.”

“Oh-uh, I-I guess I could spare a moment away.” he said as he averted his eyes away from your mouth, a blush seeping across his face.

“Y/N…” Sam started but you cut him off.

“So whatdoya wanna do?” you ask, watching the angel.


“Hey! Stop hogging all the strawberries!” you yell at Sam and lean over pressing into Cas, his face close to your chest. Quickly he looked the opposite way. But not before you notice the blush that spread across his face. As you tried to grab for a strawberry, Sam pulled them away.

“I think you’ve had enough.” he says smiling.

“Oh really?” you reply, leaning into Cas even more.

Cas instantly reached over, grabbing a strawberry from the container and thrusting it into your face. You laughed and, instead of taking it, you bit the fruit. Looking up you saw a wide eyed Cas. This was a lot more fun.

“Do you think you could help me move all these books into my room?” you ask pointing to a pile of books behind Cas that you’ve been meaning to bring to your room for the past few weeks.

“Yes, I am happy to help.” Cas replied, looking at you.

“I’m sure you are.” you threw a wink Cas’ way and watched as his eyes went wide.

Getting up from your chair, you bent over and grabbed some books, throwing a look behind you, you noticed that Cas was looking anywhere but at you.

“You coming?”

“M-Mmhmm.” Cas mumbled grabbing the remaining books and transporting to your room, leaving you to walk.

You shook you head and laughed. This was much more fun.


“Oh come on Sam, its just harmless fun.” you say as you walk to your room.

By the time you got to your room, Cas had put away his pile of books, they sat messily on the bookshelf. Laughing you set down your load.

“Okay, how should we organize them?” you ask


“Alphabetical it is” you say as you start to arrange the pile of books. It was quiet as the two of you worked, until you remembered that you had stolen Deans i-pod. Walking over to the small bedside table, you turn it on and set it to the song that had been playing previously, some random classic rock band. Walking back, you noticed how stiff Cas looked.

“You okay Cas?” you asked from behind him.

“Hmm? Yeah, fine” he said putting up more books.

Right. Grabbing books, you both worked, listening to music and occasionally chatting. As the books started piling up, it became harder and harder to reach the top. Reaching on your tippy toes, you could feel your shirt start to ride up as you tried to push the book into place. Without warning, Cas’ hand was placed on your hip as he reached up and helped you with the book. Lowering yourself, you noticed that Cas slowly removed his hand, staring at the place where it had once been.

“I think there’s one more book over there.” you say pointing to the single remaining book. Cas walked over and grabbed it as you leaned against the bookshelf. Walking back over, Cas looked at the single remaining spot for the book, and it was right above where you stood. Trying to place the book on the shelf, you couldn’t help but press yourself against Cas a little, sliding the book into place he gasped as he felt your body against his.

“What are you doing?” he said breathlessly.

You smiled and shrugged. As Cas was about to step back you grabbed his tie.

“Y-Y/N-” he stuttered.

“Yes?” you questioned innocently.

“I don’t think you understand the affects you have on-”

“Lets find out.” you say smashing your lips into his. At first you feel his surprise as he jerks back, but that disappears in an instant as you grab a fist full of his hair. This is not usually how the game plays out. But you weren’t complaining. Cas places a hand to the back of your neck and the other on your hip, brining you in closer to him. Tugging at his hair, you hear him moan into your mouth. At this point, you don’t even remember about the game you were playing, this had been what you wanted for a long time, you just never thought it would actually happen.

Breaking away from each other for breath, Cas started to pepper light kisses down you jaw and neck, resulting in a small gasp from you. Placing both hands on the back of his neck, you pull Cas in closer, his two arms reach out and wrap around your lower back, pushing you into the wall with his hips. Tugging at his hair once more, you heard the angel grunt as his lips found yours again. Side stepping, you broke away from the angel even though you instantly regretted it. You heard Cas whine at the loss of contact and his puppy dog look broke your heart.

“What were those affects you were talking about?” you question, smiling.

“Oh I think you know.” he says pressing his lips into yours once more. This time, you didn’t pull away.

I’m watching Friends lately and I realized SJWs never bitch about Friends, despite there being an almost never ending amount of fat jokes, misogynistic comments, material which could be deemed as racially insensitive. While totally innocent, SJWs sure would attack the show if it was on now/wasn’t nearly as popular among them all. Just goes to prove that they excuse anything that they like.

I don’t understand why this EXO at Tokyo Dome thing is even a problem? I mean, as a stan of little bitty boy groups, I totally understand people’s frustration at EXO getting opportunities that their faves might never get despite putting in the same (massive amount) of work. But just because not everyone gets what they deserve doesn’t mean that EXO shouldn’t get it.

Plus, it seems like everytime I see people complaining about EXO it’s stans of like, SHINee and SuJu and it’s not like those bands don’t get really great opportunities too, they are also massively popular and literally from the exact same powerful entertainment company.


I was talking with a friend of mine last night who’s a math PhD student wanting to be a professor about my visual aid internship since he’s on my list of people I wanna meet with over the summer for feedback and then also the Matrix I class he’s teaching this summer, and, well, backtrack for a second, my boo Richard had a Wacom Bamboo tablet he never used so he gave it to my boo Meg who never used it so she gave it to me, and I noticed when I installed the drivers for it that it had some kinda little animation dinger for it in the “shit you can do with this thing” app store or whatever. And then I forgot about it.
ANYWAY, I remembered it last night when I was texting him and realized… dude, I could totally do lil animations about matrix algebra, like, right now, I don’t even have to wait ‘til my internship officially starts to learn the things and do the stuff, and I feel like this would actually be a really effective and efficient way of illustrating all the different algorithms and things involved that’re harder to see when written out “frame by frame” in black and white, I guess you could say (and this is especially true of some of the stuff we do in Matrix II). Kinda illustrating how the algorithms work in a way that’s more meaningful and memorable than it’d be in a textbook or written on a board during lecture. (Also, quick and easy, this age of short attention spans, etc) Also also, something mechanical illustrating a lot of this shit=well that’d be a nightmare and a half and mega complicated lol how about no.
WELL. ANYWAY. ON MY MATRIX II EXAM ON MONDAY, I didn’t even really do it because I don’t go out of my way to apply myself in there so I don’t know how to do anything, so I just wrote “…yeah I actually signed up for this class not so I could master this material regular-type, I just wanted to be exposed to and made aware of it so I could have it in the back of my mind to better see the connections between matrix stuff and everything else because VISUAL AIDS DAMNIT, GIMME SOME SCULPTURE FODDER” (not a direct quote btw). But, yeah, right before class today I realized, shit, I should ask my professor if I could do these lil animations about all the material in his class in lieu of the take-home final because, like I said, I don’t need this class, I’m taking it credit/no credit so it can’t affect my gpa, and in doing this instead, I would be getting out of this class what I wanted. (And also my comment on my test would no longer look like a total cop-out and be really embarrassing since it’s actually totally 100% legit. Cuz I was a little worried about that.)



INCREDIBLY excited, had to share asap.
This was my lil test run just now. That animation software for my tablet is a fucking abomination against humanity but there’s plenty of better things out there that I could use instead so w/e. My goal for what I’d turn in for my final since I only have ‘til the 5th (and E&M homework, E&M take home final, Diffy Q II homework, and a regular final in that class) is not to have everything, like, drop-dead gorgeous and polished or anything, I just need to get this shit down in 4D so I can see it for myself/show that I know what the hell’s going on and then I can go back later and beautify on my own time, Probably going to use actual computer text instead of handwriting it all and then use the tablet to draw the things to show how the stuff  do, so, y’know, make it a lil cleaner and more legible but still with COOL ACTION-PACKED EFFECTS. And also writing with this thing is really weird and I’m not used to it yet. Whatever, I’ll figure it out. And it’ll be awesome.

But just OMG. Could the glorious, beautiful, wonderful spring semester 2015 have ended on a more glorious, beautiful, wonderful note?!?! I get to crudely animate how math looks in my head for a final in a 400 level math class?!?!?!!!?! 

a bunch of mianite prompts I’d like to write but I’d be totally down if someone else wanted to use them and tag me uwu:
- spandor college AU where it’s their first party and they end up drunk and making out after playing spin the bottle
- motanite where the alt streamers come back and dianite realizes how much he’s missed mot not just as a loyal servant but as a lover too
- syndisparklez college AU w/ never been kissed jordan… needless to say as soon as tom finds out he fixes that
And now here I go with The Worst Things That I Could Come Up With (aka NSFW):
- Syndi/Dianite smut with barebacking and horn holding
- Syndisparklez/Dianite college AU threesome thingy bc it would be super hot and why not amirite

Damnit, I just realized I don't hate Ray any more

Damn you, writers! I’m not sure when it happened, but it just hit me I don’t loathe the sight of him like I did after The Flash. I still don’t like him. Now I think what I feel is something like pity?

First, it was the goofy lower case L love conversation, then seeing how Oliver pretty much freaked out when he couldn’t save Felicity, then seeing her run after him. But goodness, the way he looked on as she comforted Oliver after Roy left? Total kicked puppy.

I think of all of the times Oliver and Felicity have had a moment and everyone just has to stand around while they stare/glare/have eye sex with each other. I wish he had seen one of those moments, but they had enough restraint to have that moment outside, alone. The scene by the van was almost worse because she was touching him, but still.

We all know there was no choice to make, but he’s just getting the memo. Poor guy. I think someone should set him up with Laurel. 😉

I need to think more about why they are dragging out the breakup. Why?? More later…

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ok, i have a question and i feel kinda stupid. am i the only one who, when i read a fic (especially au's), tends to picture the characters living in a house or flat that looks a lot like my own place or my friends/family's places, changing just a few details to fit the descriptions? i mean do i just lack imagination or is it something other people do? i realize i do that a lot and it bugs me that i always picture them in the same places over and over again even when the story's totally different

Oh god. o_O I have never even thought about that, and now you’re making me think about it!

Jeez, I don’t know… I think that for me, it depends on the story. When the author goes into detail about a place/house/apartment, I will definitely keep that in mind and view the room as what they’ve told me it looks like. 

When they don’t… I think I really just make up random rooms in my mind, but they’re almost never the same. o_O Like; different story, different room. This is so crazy, I’m now going over all the rooms I’ve ever made up in my mind… (Because I also do this with stories that I write.) That’s a lot, hahaha! :’) 

But I don’t know, maybe others do simply picture rooms that they already know? I can’t imagine it’s just you. :p 

So keep watching the notes on this post, I’m sure someone will recognize this!

So I was thinking about The Rebellion Story last night when I came to a sort of troubling realization. 

Now, there’s been a lot of debate over whether or not Homura’s actions at the end were morally justified. Personally, I hold that they weren’t, but given everything Homura had gone through, they were still totally understandable, and it was still a brilliant direction to take the series. 

However, one thing that sticks out is how Homura keeps treating Sayaka in the world she creates, both consciously and unconsciously. Both times, she has Sayaka and Kyoko bond and essentially become Magical Bros. And while like all KyoSaya shippers out there I was cheering this and making “See? Even Homura ships them!” jokes, I was still aware that it was probably with the intention of getting the antagonistic Sayaka out of the way.

Then I remembered something else: in the new world, Madoka’s life had been rewritten so that she had essentially taken Homura’s place as the new transfer student, with the explanation that she had been living in America this whole time and her family had only just returned to Japan.

Which means that Homura considered Sayaka to be such a threat that she completely erased Sayaka and Madoka’s friendship and paired Sayaka off with Kyoko to keep her from noticing. 

Let that sink in for a moment.

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Idkwhy I've always felt like Tronnor fandom was small, like me and my bf obsessing about a guy at school or something. I don't think I realised how big it was/is getting until now! Probably just has big/bigger than Tr-yler.. And that's fucking scary

hahaha yah you’re right, our fandom is growing so much bigger every day, a lot of people don’t realize how big we are or begin to recognize our size bc troylr basically has dominated for years. it totally started off like the “secret shipping” kinda thing where you thought it was just you or a few other people, but more and more people are opening up to it- i’d definitely say it’s bigger than troylr at this point…crazy things can happen in a matter of months!