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[I apologize in advance for the bad image quality of the photo’s above. I hope you all enjoy my second imagine fic and I will be taking requests if anyone would like]

“Now, chocolate, strawberry or vanilla?” Griggs asked. 
I could do nothing but whimper around the gag and hate myself when satisfaction lit his eyes. I clutched the arms of the chair, my wrists rubbed raw and bleeding as I struggled feebly against my restraints.  
“My job is to keep you alive until you die!”
The bastard better hope he kills me because when I get out of this prison, and I will there will be no mercy. He will beg and he will cry, and he will wish for death and when he wants it most I won’t give it to him. Mister J and I will have fun with him… Mister J. I whimpered again. You didn’t do it right you fuckers! I wanted to yell, you didn’t put the damn tube in right! But all I could do is lose myself in the discomfort as Griggs video taped me like the depraved asshole he is. Something tells me when I get out of these restraints he’s going to want to run because the devil is coming for him. The devil is coming for him. The devil is coming for him.

****One day prior to the Belle Reves Jail Break
Mister J glanced up impatiently from the blue prints, a gun in his hand and it was never good to be near the boss when he had a weapon. He was unhinged, more so than usual ever since he lost Y/N. After the plane went down and Frost went down with it I was placed in Frosts position, but right now I was the mailman about to deliver bad news. If this didn’t go well I’d soon have a replacement. 
“What?”He demanded half growling in anger and frustration.
“Well… you see… one of the tech guys when hacking into the Prisons computers found something disturbing in regards to Y/N on one of the-”
I flinched as he slammed both hands on the table, walking around it towards me with that unpredictable look in his eyes. “All that chit-chat is gonna get ya hurt!” One of his hands squeezed my shoulder, while the other placed the gun under my chin and I gulped. 
“Now, what’s this about my Y/N? What are they doin to my doll in there?” 
With shaking hands I removed my cellphone from my pocket and pulled up the link. He watched the video intently, his breath coming out harder and harder with each passing second. When it was over he released me, grabbing my phone from my hand and throwing it across the room with a yell. 
“I’m comin for ya Y/N, and when I do honey we’re gonna paint the walls in his blood for ever thinking he can touch what belongs to me.” 
Pain split through my stomach and my hands covered the gunshot wound instinctively. Dropping to my knees the Joker laughed, leaning back into it like my death was the funniest thing he had ever seen. “So intense! I’m afraid it just wasn’t working out.” 


I backed away from the swat team as the door to my cell was broken open and one solitary figure walked in. I hoped… I mean he couldn’t have… but I wished… but who else could it be? And then I had my answer, his mask was off and I tears filled my eyes as I gasped “Puddin!” Before pulling him into my arms. He held me and the level of relief and happiness I was feeling (mixed with a few espressos) had me on a high. 
“Lets go home, Y/N” He said, his voice low and gravelly and I was already home. 
“Can we bring the espresso machine?” 

I stretched along the bear skin rug, having been covered in a silk duvet sometime during the journey back to puddin’s penthouse. There was a playing card on a silver serving tray with a bottle of grape soda and a single rose. The message on the card read “Come join me for Spring Break”. My brows knit together in confusion and I got up, still in my prison uniform, and I brought my rose with me following the trail of petals. It was when I entered the kitchen however, that the path of flower petals dwindled into droplets of blood. Laying on the kitchen counter was pink pliers, a brown lead sprinkler, and a white cat o’ nine tails labelled Strawberry, Chocolate, and Vanilla. A light bulb went off inside my head and I grinned taking all three, I had always love neapolitan. 
Entering the living room there was mister J, sitting on the living room table across from a bound, gagged, beaten, and cut up Griggs with a nasogastric intubation in his nose. Part of his mouth was cut in a grim half-smile so I could see his teeth, and there was goop on the floor beside him. 
“Well, well, well Y/N. What is it you got there honey?” Mister J asked.
I giggled, skipping over to him and setting them down. “Toys puddin’” 
He pulled me to him, he wore nothing but a pair of dress pants and I ran my hands up his torso, winding my fingers into his hair. 
“Do you like your new toys Y/N?” 
Taking his lower lip between my teeth he growled as I tugged on it, looking over at Griggs who was sweaty and shaking. 
“He likes to watch me you know?” I knew exactly what I was doing but I didn’t stop.
I looked to Mister J, pressing myself to him and trailing my fingers down his arm. 
“He liked to call me names, hotness, sugar tits, nice ass, and I got him real hot and bothered, didn’t I?” I asked Griggs as I moved away from puddin and sat down in the bastards lap.
His panicked ramblings were incoherent around the gag. Mister J’s breath was coming out harder now. “He wanted me,” I looked to Griggs. “I know you wanted me, you were always watching, and then he’d hit me. He’d hurt me mister J,” I whimpered for the show of it even though Griggs had hurt me.
Mister J yanked me two him, aiming a gun at the assholes face with his free hand. 
“You’re choice Y/N” 
Part of me thought it would be too fast, another part of me just wanted him out of the way so I could be alone with my puddin. I reached for the gun, sliding my index finger over top of his but I didn’t stop looking in his eyes. I felt the judder of the gun as it fired shoot up my arm and we let the gun fall to the floor with a clatter. 
“You won’t be taken from me again Y/N” 
“You want me handsome? I’m all yours.” 
Grabbing my hips roughly he lifted me into his arms, biting a trail down my neck as he carried me back to the bear skin rug.
[This fic was originally going to be a bit more intense but I decided to tone it down a notch. It is from a different fanfiction of mine (A Harley Quinn origin story) if any of you would like the alternate version (or the missing scene of what happened to Griggs before Y/N entered the living room) let me know or if you have any fic requests do not be afraid to send me a message]

I’ll get to more questions tomorrow, gotta go to sleep now so I can wake up and work at 7am while also exploring Rome for my last day! Should be a… weird day.

As a good night gift, enjoy this sweaty, irresistible photo of a man I only support due to the beads of sweat dripping down his softly chiseled chest and vein-popping arms because he is so good looking and pretty and that’s the only reason I love and support him HE IS PRETTY OK

N is for Night

My belated entry for N, as part of the fluff-off to balance out the delightful angst written by @listentotheshityousay and @coffeeinallcaps. Enjoy!

“You know,” Harry sniffs, nose only slightly upturned - but slightly is damning enough, when it comes from Harry Hart - “at least New York has some modicum of class. Most of the city, anyways. This is just- “

“Oh, come off it,” Eggsy laughs, looping his arm through Harry’s. It takes barely a moment of tugging to get Harry to start walking, the hollow sounds of their footfalls against the wood joining the clattering of thousands of other pedestrians walking up and down the boardwalk. “It’s not supposed to be like anywhere else in the world, Harry. It’s a boardwalk!”

Harry doesn’t quite roll his eyes, but it’s a near thing. The sun has long since set, so his glasses have clear lenses once again - and Eggsy can see that despite his tone, the corner of Harry’s eyes are crinkling with amusement. “Well, it’s no Fifth Avenue-”

Boardwalk,” Eggsy says again, gesturing to the brightly-lit chaos around them, as loud with color as it is with noise: piers jut out over the ocean, swarming with people waiting to ride the towering roller coasters, merry-go-rounds, the ferris wheel or the haunted ship. Food stalls and shops crammed with all sorts of tourist-trap knickknacks line the main boulevard, the smell of cooking caramel corn wafting in the air and mixing with the scents of chocolate fudge, chips fresh from the fryer, oven-cooked pizza. People pour in and out of the shops, traffic has to divert around a particularly long line for orange-vanilla ice cream twists, and there’s an echo of delighted screaming every few minutes as the roller coaster starts up again.

It’s not heaven, and it’s definitely not Harry’s first choice of venue, but Eggsy loves it.

And it’s where their mark happens to be; they can’t very well trail him anywhere else.

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When the series started Jax was just 30, so in my head any child he’d have would be pretty young. So, I’m writing from that perspective. :D

Anon request
Could I have an imagine where you’re jax’s daughter from a previous relationship and you get jealous when tara starts coming around because your dad doesn’t spend time with you anymore?

- I hope you enjoy it.
( PS. Jax’s daughter has so much swag. I love it)

Gif: Thanks to Google
I frown as the brunette walks into the door. I don’t like her. She makes Daddy smile funny, and he doesn’t play with me as much when she comes over. I cross my arms. I love my Daddy, and I only get to see him some of the time. He kissed her, and I look away. My lower lip trembles. Daddy doesn’t need me anymore now that he has her. He said I  was his girl, so why does he need another one? I sniff, trying to hold back the tears.
“Come on in, Tara. I was just about to put her to bed.”
I remember how we used to stay up late watching movies. Mommy never lets me do that, but Daddy does. He says it’s our little secret. Unable to keep it in any longer. I burst into tears. Daddy rushes to my side.
“What’s a matter, baby?”
I point to Tara. “I’m not your best girl anymore because you have her.”
“What? No baby. You’re always going to be my little princess.” He lifts me up, and I wrap my arms around his neck.
“Tara I think me and my girl need a little time.”
“Yeah, of course.”
She bends down, and I close my eyes shut tight. I don’t’ want to see her.
“I’m not taking him away honey. There’s room for both of us.”
I shake my head.
“Call me later, Jax,” she says. Her voice sounds sad. Good.
The door closes, and I know she’s gone, so I open my eyes.
“You want to tell me what that was about? I thought you liked Tara.”
“You don’t play with me as much when she’s around, and we don’t stay up late watching Da Goonies no more.”
“So you thought I was replacing you?” he asks.
I nod.
“No matter what happens with Daddy and Tara, or anyone else, you will always be my daughter, and I’ll always love you most.”
“You will?” I sniffle.
“Even more than Grandma,” he says.
My eyes go big. She loves me an awful lot.  “Wow, that’s lots.”
“I know. So no more worrying okay?”
“I nod my head.”
“Good. Come on, we’ll watch The Goonies until you get sleepy.”

Hercules Mulligan x reader

Note: Okay so people seemed to like my Lafayette x reader story so I figured maybe I would share this one too? I hope people enjoy it! (Yes that is a Disney Hercules reference at the end I couldn’t resist)


You sigh as you go up onto the tips of your toes and stretch your arm out to reach a book on the top shelf.

You’ve been waiting for this book all year, it had finally been released a couple of days ago and until now you haven’t had the chance to go and get your copy and of course it’s just out of reach.

Your fingertips brush the edge of the shelf that the book is displayed on but you can’t reach any further. You fall back onto your feet and takes a step away from the shelf, looking up at the unattainable item you try to figure out how you are going to get it down without having to ask for help.

“Do you need a hand?” A deep voice asks from behind you, you jump in surprise at the voice.

You expect it to be an employee of the bookstore but are surprised to find a tall, muscular man with deep brown skin standing there with his hands shoved in the pockets of his jeans. He wears a headband around his short dark hair and he has a kind smile on his lips.

“Oh, ah yes please” you reply to him, slightly embarrassed that you need someone else to get the book for you.

You step aside for him and from his height he hardly has to stretch up as he grabs two copies of the book of the shelf and hands one to you. “Thank you. You’re reading it too?” you ask him and he smiles at you.

“Yeah I meant to get it when it came out the other day but I haven’t had the chance” he explains.

“Me too! It’s been killing me that I haven’t read it yet” you exclaim “Oh I’m Y/N by the way” you tell him.

“Hercules, yes that’s my real name” he says and you laugh at him.

“I guess with a name like that you’re used to funny reactions?” she asks and he nods. “Well it was really nice to meet you and thank you for getting the book down for me but I gotta get to work” you tell him.

As you go to walk past him he grabs your wrist, you freeze on the spot and he smiles down at you as he pulls a pen out of his pocket.

“Hold on, you should call me when you finish it and tell me what you think” he suggests as he writes his phone number on your hand.

“I may just do that. Bye wonder boy” You say to him once he drops your hand. You smirk at his reaction to the nickname as you turn away to buy your book.

anonymous asked:

May I request Kyoutani seeing his newborn daughter for the first time and he's a little afraid to hold her at first but when he does he can't get over how tiny and soft and cute she is. And when she smiles at him he falls in love and quickly becomes attached. He won't let any of the doctors hold her and he even has a hard time letting his wife hold her!

I never knew I needed this in my life until nOW!!!! GIVE ME DAD KYOUTANI OR GIVE ME DEATH! GIVE ME HAPPY KYOUTANI CUDDLING HIS BABY OR GIVE ME DEATH!!! Please enjoy my excitement and this request! Thank you so much! -Admin 4AM

“Would you like to hold her?” You asked, cradling a sleeping baby in your arms. You were exhausted from the previous events, but it was all worth it when you got to see your beautiful daughter. Kyoutani hesitated, unsure of what to do or say. He looked at the baby, then back to you. His eyes kept flitting forward until you started to move about.

“No, you’re exhausted. Don’t use your energy anymore,” Kyoutani sternly commanded. You smiled, holding the baby out towards him carefully.

“Then you hold her.” Your husband sighed, carefully taking the baby and then being able to cradle her with your given tips. He watched his daughter’s face, as her eyes slowly started to open. He froze up, fearful of what she was gonna do next.

Instead of crying and screaming, the baby instead started to babble and smile, reaching up to grab at the air towards Kyoutani’s face. Then and there, he swore he needed to be admitted into the hospital since his heart had basically melted. Her smile still stuck to her face and she started to look around the room, eyes landing on you and then going back to Kyoutani. She babbled once more.

“I knew she’d be a daddy’s girl…” You mumbled. You reached over again. “Let me hold her again.”

“No, just a few more minutes.” You cocked an eyebrow. Kyoutani was smiling down at the newborn, who was still smiling back up at him.

“Just a while ago you didn’t really want to hold her…”

“Yeah, but. She wants me to hold her.” You rolled your eyes, but nonetheless smiling at the two. After a while of cradling and babbling, the nurse came back in.

“Alright, Kyoutani-san, may we see the baby? We’d like to check up on something.” Kyoutani looked up, watching as you nodded and then mouthed the words ‘Do it’ to him. He sighed, once again looking at his baby girl. “Kyoutani-san?”

“One more minute. I swear.”

“Kentarou! You can cuddle the baby all you want when we can take her home, but for now let her be checked by the doctors!”

If I can’t have you right now I’ll wait dear

A/N: This is my first ever Guns N’ Roses imagine ever. I hope you guys enjoy it and please request! Now, please sit back and enjoy.

“Welcome to the jungle, it gets worse here everyday.”

I watched from the side of the stage as Axl belted out the lyrics. I also watched as my adoring best friend Slash shredded on his guitar.

Soon enough the song finished up which had signaled the end of the concert. I watched as the boys said their goodbyes before running to the backstage area.

“You were amazing!” I said running to Slash with open arms.

“Ain’t I always?” Slash said with a big smile before wrapping his arms around me and lifting me up.

“Slash! Put me down!” I said while giggling. Slash put me down before we began to head to their dressing room.

Once, we reached their dressing room we opened the door to reveal Axl, Duff, Steven and Izzy with skankitly dressed women spread out in the room. Slash and I walked to the end of the couch and took a seat.  

We all talked and joked until Axl spoke up.

“Man, I wanna party!” Axl said while groaning. Slash and I throw a party at our place?” I said as I watched all of the boys faces light up.

“Really?!” Steven said as he began to stand up. Slash and I both nodded our heads with shit eating grins as all of the boys began to cheer.

“To the tour bus!” Axl said as we all jumped up cheering and beginning to head to the door.

                              - - - - Time Skip - - - -

Slash’s POV:

It’s been an hour since the party had been going on and I haven’t seen (Y/N) since we got back to our apartment. Right now I’m standing with a drunk Axl and a tipsy Steven.

“Man, you need to grow a set and tell her.” Axl said as he drunkenly gripped my shoulder and slurred his words.

“What?” I said turning towards him with a shocked and confused expression.

‘He doesn’t know… Does he?

“(Y/N)! Duh! Everyone knows you have a thing for her.” Axl slurred.

“He’s got a point man.” Steven said “I mean if you wait too long, you’ll lose her to someone else and than she’ll never know how you really feel.” I started to come to sudden realization. Steven’s right, I should tell her.

“You’re right.” I said shoving my drink into Steven’s hand. “I need to go find her!” I said before running in the other direction.

As I was looking for (Y/N) I became face to face with Izzy.

“Have you seen (Y/N)?” I said in a rushed tone.

“Yeah, she was in the kitchen not too long ago.” Izzy said taking a sip from his cup.

“No, I don’t. Why? Is something wrong?” Izzy said looking confused and worried.

“No! Nothing’s wrong I just need to tell her something.” I said in a rush.

“Oh! You’re finally going to tell her you’re that you’re in love with her.” I stood there a bit shocked.

‘How does everyone know?’

“Yeah, I’ll tell you how it goes.” I said before turning and beginning to run in the other direction.

“Wait! Slash! I need to tell you something before you go!” But before Izzy could tell me what he had to. I was already gone.

I searched out small apartment for (Y/N). I searched my room and hers but there was still no sign of her. I was  about to give up when I saw I started to head outside when I saw a glimpse of (Y/N) and some one else from the window.

‘It was Duff.’

I watched from the window as Duff took (Y/N)’s hand in his before speaking. I than began to watch as (Y/N)’s  eyes light up before she began nodding frantically and than jumping into his arms. I felt my heart begin to sink.

The next thing I knew Duff and (Y/N) leaned in before they kissed.
I let out a deep sigh before walking away.

“Hey man! How’d it go?” Did you tell her?” Axl said as he stumbled his way over to me. Before I could respond Duff and (Y/N) appeared beside me. (Y/N) was holding Duff’s arm as her head leaned against his shoulder.

Axl followed my gaze as his eyes widened at sudden realization.

“I’ll be back kin a few minutes.” I said as I walked to the front door and open it as I stepped out into the cool night.

I began to haul out my pack of Marlboro cigarettes and haul one out as I began to hum our song Patience. I lit up my smoke and took a puff.

“If I can’t have you right now, I’ll wait dear.” I sang as I blew out my smoke towards the never ending night sky.

anonymous asked:

Am I wrong for enjoying Killian's innuendos? I have seen people say they didn't enjoy them or talk about how they were meant to be uncomfortable. But I liked them and I enjoyed flirtatious Hook. I'm not judging others who do! I just wonder if I'm suppose to feel that way.

You are definitely not wrong for enjoying his innuendos. I think they were meant to be enjoyed and funny and taken as something sassy and flirty and not meant to make anybody uncomfortable. But those sorts of jokes are inherently uncomfortable for some people. They don’t like that sort of thing. Which is fine. They don’t have to and you’re right, there’s no judgement towards anybody who just found them to inherently be a little too much. They aren’t everybody’s cup of tea. 

(Now the people getting up in arms over them because of an unfair bias against Killian - the people that use them as ‘proof’ that Killian is a misogynist and rapist and all this other nonsense? That’s fucking ridiculous and needs to stop, IMO)

For the record, I love Killian’s innuendos. I think they are hilarious. I also realize how much they serve as armor for Killian. He can easily hide his feelings behind a solid innuendo that makes everyone roll their eyes rather than really look past what he’s saying and see what’s underneath. I know it’s a deflective tactic, one that I enjoy seeing/hearing. So you’re not alone in enjoying them.

Wasn’t Screaming

>a/n: I wrote this in like 15 minutes. a little 275 word seth rollins drabble. seth/oc. enjoy!

I smooth out the front of my dress one last time before doing a quick spin to look over my outfit again. I had finally finished getting ready for my business meeting when Seth’s strong arms wrapped around my midsection. “Do you really need to go to that meeting?” He whines, feathering kisses up and down my neck. “Yes, love,” I whisper. I tilt my head, allowing him more access. “And you are going to make me late.”

“Now how on earth would I manage that?” Seth’s voice dropped to a low growl, his hand trailing down my side and resting on my thigh, fingers playing with the end of my dress. “Maybe I can make you scream for me again like last night.” I leaned my head back against his chest as his fingers begin to creep underneath the fabric. “No, Seth…” I swat his hand back, using this opportunity to step away from his arms. “Tonight’s dinner is important, you know that.” I cup the side of his face, my thumb brushing against his beard. “And I’m not?” He sticks his bottom lip out in a pout, “Am I not good enough for you?”

“You are absolutely perfect,” I tease. I lean forward to press a kiss to his cheek. “But I gotta go,” I smile at him and make my way towards the front door. “Oh, and Seth?” I call out as I open the door. He sulks out of the bedroom, his arms tight across his chest. “Last night? I’m pretty sure you were the one screaming.” I wink at him before the door closes behind me.

10 Random Facts About Me

I was tagged by @bandathebillie and @mega-aulover Thanks!

1. I am left handed.
2. But I can write with both hands because I spent a summer teaching myself when I was 11. Just in case I broke my left arm. Never broke it, but did get carpal tunnel in my 20’s so I write with both hands all the time now.
3. I was born on a Friday the 13th.
4. I have the same middle name as my mom. I gave the same middle name to my first daughter <3
5. I’d like to travel to another country some day. Some of the contenders are France, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, and Kenya. It would also be neat to go to Italy and Greece to see the ancient ruins.
6. I enjoy paying bills, potty training my kids, and summer, all things it seems most adults dread.
7. I specifically took the lowest level of English they’d allow me in ninth grade and spent the year in the back of the class reading Crichton, Clancy, and Grisham off the classroom book shelf.
8. I love long car trips.
9. I love listening to audio books.
10. I like wearing my hoodies, even in summer. I don’t care how many weird looks I get.

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Ugh. Today was shoulders and arms, and the workout only took me 11 minutes, but apparently that’s all I needed. My arms are jello and get tired just holding my full water bottle. I am such a weakling. Haha. But not for long! I’m enjoying lifting with our new stuff, although today I just used dumbbells. Strength training is the one type of exercise I actually like, even if I can’t lift much at the moment. :p

cont. from [ x ] via @risiox

   Finally letting go of his arm and afterwards making a displeased grunt. Huffing out a large breathe, turning his head away. ‘Stop talking to me as if I’m your pet!’ Projecting his voice to Kou’s mind, sounding upset to be scolded like a dog. Kind of a hypocritical thing to demand though, since he apparently enjoyed living like one.

You’re Safe Now

Request: I loved the “Sassy” story! It was so sweet and I read it quite a few times- all with a smile on my face ☺️ Could you do a story with that same kind of dynamic when Y/N gets taken and tortured for info (like how to kill klaus or something) by some crazy witches and escapes to find Klaus just coming to rescue them? And could it have a sweet ending like in “Sassy”? I know it is a tall order but I love your writing!

a/n; I’m so happy you enjoyed the “Sassy” imagine!

Word Count: 401

Pairing: Klaus Mikaelson X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

I glared at the witch well she jammed another sliver of wood into my arm, “So, are you going to talk now?” She asked, tauntingly twirling another stake in her hand. “No.” I snapped, groaning in pain when she jabbed it into my thigh. “You’re not very smart are you?” She remarked, turning for a minute, trying to pick another torture device, I easily shook the loose rope off of my foot. 

I swung my leg up, kicking the back of her leg causing her to fall and hit her head on the table, I took it as my chance to get the rest of these ropes off of me, “Aghh, god.” I mumbled pulling the wood out of my leg, running out of there as fast as I could with my non healing injuries, I have to get this wood out of me. 

I jumped back after I ran into someone, looking up I felt relief to see both Klaus and Elijah coming to find me. I practically jumped on Klaus, feeling safe once he wrapped his arms around me. I fell limp in his arms as we quickly left there. “I’ve got wood stuck in my arm.” I told Klaus as he set me down at the house. 

“I know.” He mumbled, grabbing something to pull them out, “I’ll go as quick as I can.” He assured me, I yanked the kitchen towel off its hook, rolling it up and biting down on it. I groaned into the towel as he kept having to dig deeper to find the slivers. 

“I’ve got them all, love.” He said, gently helping me sit up, I sighed in relief as I felt the wounds starting to heal. 

I didn’t fight him as he lifted me up, starting to walk up the stairs. I lazily played with the hair on the back of his neck, “You’re really great, you know that.” I told him, as he set me down on the bed. “I try.” He responded making me laugh under my breath. 

I smiled up at him as I moved myself to be next to him, using him as a pillow. “Thank you.” I sighed to him, feeling his fingers in my hair. “It’s my job to protect my lady.” He replied, as if it was natural. “I love you.” I said with a yawn, he chuckled before responding, “I love you too.” 

kirishimatoukas  asked:

Hello! I'm new to the Black Clover fandom but I'm already so in love with the story & the characters & everything *-*! Can I have some romantic headcanons of Yami, Noelle & Julius please? ^^

Hello! Aah welcome to the fandom, we hope you’ll enjoy it from now on too!


  • He’s not very good at complimenting his s/o, so he just settles for gentle touches or head pats instead, he can’t fuck those up, right?
  • He brings his s/o gifts from time to time but brushes it off as “I just felt like it”. He didn’t. He probably spent hours thinking what to get and in the end got some of his underlings to help him out
  • Not that much into PDA, random hugs and kisses just aren’t his thing, but he’ll sometimes wrap his arm around his s/o, lean on them or rest his head on top of his s/o’s to show that he cares (and to drive off potential threats, but he doesn’t mention that)
  • Although he doesn’t seem like it, if his s/o were to mention something that they’re enjoying, he’d do his best to document himself on the topic so they can talk about it at another date
  • He would drag his s/o to random places and would show them anything he deems interesting or amusing, maybe even say some bad jokes or puns in the meanwhile


  • A total tsundere. She’d blush whenever her s/o would compliment her, be it on her abilities, her looks or something else, but would brush it off by saying things like “I knew that already, you didn’t have to tell me”
  • Would try to be casual about finding her s/o’s interests, randomly asking what their favorite food is, what color they prefer better etc, in order to both fulfill her curiosity and be prepared to surprise her s/o at any time. 
  • She’s one to express her affection by acts more than words: she might’ve seen something that reminded her of them and bought it in their favorite color/design/etc, spent a great deal of time trying to find something her s/o mentioned to have liked, or tried to cook their favorite dish (but failed miserably) —although her s/o would still (at least attempt to) eat it
  • Somewhere at the beginning of their relationship, Noelle would sometimes stalk them and freak out whenever she were to see her s/o interacting with another girl all carefree, and would have to be reminded that she’s the only one they care about in that light
  • She would get tips from Vanessa and Charmy, or occasionally Mimosa, in regards to what a “proper girlfriend” should be doing, and try her best to fulfill whatever tasks the three of them told her; often sneaking a kiss or two on her s/o’s cheek or even lips before returning to her previous action as if nothing out of the ordinary happened. She’s blushing like mad though, so she usually rushes off or looks toward the ground in an attempt to not let her s/o see her embarrassment


  • He doesn’t have much free time as “emperor”, so he would change his appearance and sneak out to meet them if they ever felt lonely, or if he just didn’t feel the documents and preferred to spend the (brief) time without his guards with his s/o
  • Being the magic freak he is, he would talk to them on and on about all the kinds of magic he learned about, and would even try to demonstrate them if it was in his power to. He loves the expressions his s/o makes whenever he tries a new type of magic, or when he gets one of his underlings to show them a new move
  • Although grimoires are his favorites, he also likes other kind of books, and has shelves full of them - most books which he’s already read. If his s/o couldn’t sleep or simply wanted to pass time, he would lend them a handful of books, or even read some outloud for them
  • He enjoys cuddling and physical contact in general, so there are moments when he catches his s/o off guard by hugging them from behind, sneaking a kiss to their forehead or randomly holding their hand
  • He doesn’t trust many people much enough to let his guard off around them, but around his s/o he would be comfortable enough to even sleep on their lap or shoulder in the case that he would be tired or in need of some peace of mind

maxisthenewalex  asked:

So your 3 sentence fic. Went looking on AO3 for your fandoms. Could you give me Martha/Jack from Doctor Who babysitting AU? (Yeah... I don't know. First thing that popped into my head. Good luck. Thanks in advance.)

:D It’s been a while since I’ve watched DW, so I had to go back and watch a few clips on youtube to get people’s voices.  I hope you enjoy it. 

“Okay, he’s finally asleep,” Martha said as she came back into the now clean kitchen. It had resembled a war zone earlier and she was surprised Jack had been able to get it all clean while she had been putting their babysitting charge to sleep. 

“I’m surprised you got it all,” she said, sitting on one of the bar stools and laying her head in her arms on the counter. “That kid is surprisingly messy. Even for a four year old.” 

Jack merely shrugged, a smirk pulling at the ends of his lips. “What can I say? I’m good with my hands.”

Stairway To Heaven (Pt 3)

It was a week later when Dom talked to Arthur again.

His busy schedule at work had forbidden him from going to the garden, and stopped him from having the time that calmed him so much. He savoured each moment with his best friend, and as his heart beat faster, his temptation to run away with his friend grew.

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