but nothing else works really

  • Emma: Okay kid, let's take that canoeing trip.
  • Henry: Do you really think now is the best time for a canoeing trip?
  • Emma: Of course. I know how important it is to you. That's why we constantly mention our plans to go canoeing. Not a day goes by that we don't curse the newest villain for trying to destroy the town because it delays our chance to canoe.
  • Henry: When have we ever talked about canoeing?
  • Emma: This might be our only chance to go off and do this before Gideon regroups and attacks me again.
  • Henry: Was the canoeing trip even my idea?
  • Emma: Let's go make one last memory as mother and son before the forces of evil attack again and the show remembers that I'm the main character.
  • Henry: Oh! This is a plot dodging trip.
  • Emma: Obviously. And it would work a lot better if you played along.
  • Henry: You're still bringing your gun in case Gideon decides to poof in and attack us on the river though, right?
  • Emma: Of course.
  • Henry: Canoeing is my passion.
  • Emma: There we go.

@therealjacksepticeye for future reference, I’ve discovered that Anti is easily distracted by laser pointers


15 October 1917 - The death of Mata Hari

Mata Hari was an exotic dancer and courtesan. Born Margaretha Geertruida Zella in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, she married Colonial Army Captain Rudolf MacLead in 1895 and moved to the Island of Java in the Dutch East Indies. She joined the local dance company under the stage name of Mata Hari, meaning ‘eye of the day’ or sun in the local Malay language. In 1902, Margaretha and her husband returned to the Netherlands with their daughter Jeanne and divorced. While Margaretha gained custody of her daughter, her husband did not return her daughter to her, and because she was not financially stable enough to fight this, she trusted her daughter would be alright in her father’s hands. Under the name Mata Hari, Margaretha moved to Paris and gained fame as an exotic dancer. She was described as promiscuous, flirtatious, and openly flaunting her body. Her performance and body were described by a Parisian newspaper as "so feline, extremely feminine, majestically tragic, the thousand curves and movements of her body trembling in a thousand rhythms.“ Since her name sounded exotic to most Parisians, and none of them were familiar with the Dutch East Indies, Mata Hari posed as a princess from Java, while most historians agree she had no Indonesian ancestry at all. Her dancing career declined from 1915, but she continued as a courtesan, know for her eroticism and sensuality. She had relationships and liaisons with many high-ranked Europeans, who took her all over the continent. With the First World War approaching, this put her in a dangerous position. 
Her Dutch citizenship allowed her to move freely throughout Europe, and she was asked by the French to spy on their behalf. Mata Hari had performed for the German Crown Prince before the war, and now she was supposed to do so and get military information from him. Later, the French intercepted a German radio message describing a spy called H-21, whose description resembled Mata Hari so closely, it could be no one but her. The secret codes used for this message had already been broken by the French, so the message could have been a way to get Mata Hari arrested. She was put on trial in 1916, where she was unable to defend herself or call her own witnesses. She wrote to the Dutch embassy, confessing her innocence, saying "my international connections are due of my work as a dancer, nothing else …. Because I really did not spy, it is terrible that I cannot defend myself.” He was eventually executed by a firing squad, not bound and refusing a blindfold. She allegedly blew a kiss at the men firing at her. 

Façade [Chapter 4]

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Warning: Language

Summary: You thought you wanted fame. You thought you wanted this. But a part of you still yearned for that normal life, a normal love: finding someone that you love and will love you back with all his heart. So soon enough, this became too much for you.

PrologueChapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6Chapter 7Epilogue

“Chanyeol,” Baekhyun wrinkles his nose as he enters his friend’s apartment. “You need to get someone to clean the house.”

“I will.” He yells from his room. Apparently he’s changing. “I just need to get done with filming before I have time to think about the house.

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I'm not the one A.I.

Summary: Why in the world would you want to break your soulmate clock just so you could be with me? The guy who isn’t even supposed to be with you.


Your day was normal just like any other day. You woke up, went to work, went home, ate, slept. Nothing else ever really happened in that time. This time, work was more interesting. You worked as a waitress at this really good pizza place. You take orders and give them to the cooks, obviously. That part was the best. There’s this really cute guy who makes the pizzas here. His name is Ashton, you’d surely go after him, but you already know that he isn’t your soulmate. You’ve still got three years, 46 days, 23 minutes, and 12 seconds until you actually find him. 11 now, but that isn’t the point.

     The point is, you would love to go out with him, you’d  love for him to be your soulmate. He’s funny, caring, kind, sweet, and overall amazing. Ashton Irwin is the most amazing human being. Every time you walked over to give him the customer’s order, he’ll brush your hand with his long fingertips and give a subtle wink which makes your knees weak. This time wasn’t any different.

     “Hey Ashton, here’s another order for you.“ You said casually as you walked over to hand him the small slip of paper. He brushed your hand with his fingers and smirked.

     "Thank you Y/N. I’ll get right on it.” He smirked some more and walked to the back of the kitchen. You sighed dreamily and walked back out to the dining area to take more orders. When the customer’s pizza was ready, Ashton called you over to him.

     “So, I know this isn’t really what people do since we obviously aren’t soulmates. But, I was wondering if you’d like to grab a coffee with me sometime?” He asked carefully, “Unless you already found your soulmate than if so just forget about it ok?” He asked again with a slight tint to his face.

     You giggled and nodded your head. “Of course I’ll go out with you. And no, I haven’t found my soulmate and I won’t for three more years.” You added in with a smile. Ashton smiled at this. A large smile that showed his pearly white teeth.

     “It’s a date than, glad I have three years to impress you.” He said while you giggled at his humor. You shook your head and wrote down your number on a piece of a napkin you saw next to him, and your favorite black pen you keep in your apron.

     “Give me a call sometime and we’ll work out the details for this date. But, for right now, I’m on the clock so I have to get back to work.” You said as you grabbed the pizza while, quite obviously, grazing your fingertips over his hands. You threw a smirk over your shoulder as you walked back to the table who ordered this pizza. You could still hear his beautiful laugh while you walked away.

     “I’ll be looking forward to this date!” He yelled as you were far away from him now. You turned to face him and smiled brightly, “Me too.” You called back and continued your shift at work, smiling and daydreaming about your date with Ashton.

why i love soul eater
  • kids doing cool fighty things is my aesthetic
  • competent characters
    • by which I mean that they know how to get shit done and they do get shit done. Spirit and Stein can Get Shit Done, for instance
  • Mentor characters who the younger characters can look up to
  • characters that seems silly or goofy but can get Serious if they need to (Spirit Albarn, for instance. I love that man)(Lord Death too)
  • interesting characters with interesting quirks and qualities
  • badass female characters
  • passes the Bechdel test
  • interesting concept
  • nonbinary character (they use he/him pronouns in the show but their gender was never actually confirmed, even the creator says so)
  • the creator saying that he wants to keep the main cast’s relationships as not romantic and just normal, trusting ones (my aroace heart cries with happiness)
  • nice soundtrack
  • a close group of friends who can fight together and have fun together
  • seriously the character relationships in this won my heart
Check Me Out
By Organization for Transformative Works

Pairing: Drarry

Warnings: Fluff & Nothing Else Really. 

One Shot, ~3K Words

Summary: Draco works as a librarian. Harry visits often and attempts (possibly) to flirt with Draco through his choice of books. Draco is not getting it. At all.

A very short fanfic that is awesome for a quick fix of your daily dose of Drarry. Here we have an Oblivious!Draco and Harry flirting with him for a change - it’s lovely to see Draco getting court. Cute little setting in the library where Harry asks Draco to check him out and Draco obviously only thought he meant checking out the books Harry borrowed.

Dedicated To: sarcasticladybug

Feel Natural

Rating: r
Pairing: wontaek
Words: 23,762

{“Wonsik takes his hand and tugs him along into his world, into the craziness and hustle of his day to day life that Taekwoon doesn’t fully understand. It’s so different from his own, yet it’s exciting—fun—just like how he would describe Wonsik as a whole.”}

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Blue eyes Investigations

In this Au Jumin is a private investigator :

MC comes to bring a case and maybe something more.

For  @juminmcweek​​  day 1 Alternate Universe

~ 5,6 words

It is a long day at his office. Jumin had just finished one of these really draining cases. The man had accused his girlfriend of cheating, she did, they ever do.

It was boring and way to emotional for Jumin.

Sometimes he is wondering why he even works as a private investigator.

Sure he wanted to keep the family business running, succeeding his father, but these cases were nothing but draining lately.

Jumin is still deep in thought when he hears a careful knocking on his door.

“Come in, it’s open.”

Jumin sounds polite, he really hopes it is not another customer with a cheating spouse.

The door opens and a woman comes hesitant into the room.

“Excuse me that I am so late, but I really could use some help.”

“It’s still within my business hours so what is the issue miss ?”

“I do not even know if you will even help me, but I really tried it everywhere, so you are my last hope…”

“How about you sit down, and tell me the story first then I will decide.”

Jumin is not sure what to make of this young woman.

Coming this late and desperate in his office that was sure the first time that happened.

She nods and sits down.

“My name is MC and I work I mean worked as a cat sitter. You see Princess Dorothy was ever a good and well-behaved cat, she never as even outside in the garden, but this morning she was just suddenly gone. I swear I not left anything open, but she was gone. My boss fired me right away. I deserve it Dorothy was in my care after all.”

The woman bites her lip.

“I want to find her and bring her home. I looked everywhere but I have no idea where she went, and that is why I am here.”

MC Looks desperate to Jumin.

“So you were fired, and now you want to find the cat to get your work back.”

Jumin is really unhappy with that thought.

“No I deserve to be fired, Mr. Choi always trusted me with Dorothy. I have failed him… I really love her, I just know she is out there somewhere crying. It breaks my heart just thinking about it.”
MC has tears in her eyes. She looks honest to Jumin.

“If you are worried about the payment, I have some savings just please find Princess Dorothy.”

MC is begging Jumin, and he feels her genuine worry.

He thinks on his own cat, and how he would feel if she would run away, unthinkable.

“I will take the case, but you have to be absolutely honest to me. If you lie only once then I will drop the case right away.”

Jumin not wants to waste his time, and she still could hide something.

“Yeah of course Mr. Han. I have a picture of her with me. I took it right after grooming her this morning.”

MC is glad that Jumin takes the case, she gets her purse and takes her phone out.

She turns it on and shows Jumin the picture of a pretty Maine coon. The cat looks very healthy and happy.

Jumin takes the phone and takes a close look. He is impressed of the quality.

“She looks really pretty. My Elizabeth the 3rd is way more pretty, though.”

Seeing this cat reminds him of his cat.

“You have a cat too ?”

MC´s eyes light up.

Jumin sees MC’s genuine interest. He will maybe regret this, but he decides to show MC a picture.

He has it on his desk anyways.

“Here she is.”

“You are right she is truly beautiful I can see that you love her a lot. I’m glad I came to you.”

MC smiles kindly while she looks at the picture.

“It is only natural.”

“Yeah but not everyone is like this sadly…”

MC sighs slightly.

“We should go and investigate the crime scene.”

Jumin sees the time, and he feels bad to wait any longer.

“Yeah we should I just hope that Mrs. Choi lets us in…”

MC has her head down.

“If she cares about princess Dorothy, then I’m sure she will.”

Jumin not has any doubts.

MC looks unsure but nods.

They make their way to the villa, were Mrs. Choi is living.

MC notices that the other staff is searching for something.

She rings and Ms. Choi opens the door.

When she sees MC, she looks very annoyed.

“I thought I told you to get lost MC.”

Her patience has already run out.

“I know but I really worry over Dorothy. It is almost dark and she must be scared.I hired Mr. Han to find her.”

MC hopes that Mrs. Choi understands her intentions.

Mrs. Choi now sees Jumin behind MC and her complete attitude changes.

“Oh I’m so sorry, where are my manners. I am Sara Choi but call me Sara.”

Her eyes are on Jumin like on prey.

“I’m Jumin Han, I would prefer it if you call me Mr. Han. I am here for work and nothing else.”

Jumin really dislikes her tone.

“That is really sad, maybe later than. If you find this cat, we can have some champagne to drink.”

Her smile looks sweet but it feels more unsettling to MC.

“I have to decline that offer, and I will find princess Dorothy.”

Jumin is absolutely serious, and he not feels any need to spend time with Mrs. Choi.

“That is really sad I was sure we could have fun Jumin.”

Mrs. Choi has no intention to give up.

“I wonder how your husband would feel about that.”

Jumin gives her an ice-cold stare.

“I’m sure he could not care less, he is dead.”

Mrs. Choi not seems to be sad.

“I am sorry to hear that.”

Jumin could see that Mrs. Choi not cares, but he still kept polite.

“You are welcome to come in, and help us to search for that cat.”

Mrs. Choi moves from the door.

“So your staff is already looking for her.”

“Yes of course. MC you can come in too, but only as long as Jumin is here.”

Mrs. Choi looks coldly at MC.

“Thank you, Mrs. Choi.”

They go inside the villa. Mrs. Choi gets a call and leaves Jumin and MC alone.

“Where should we start ?”

“Show me everything that you did this morning.”

“Okay, I woke up in my room and went right to greet Dorothy.”

“Then let us start there.”

MC nods, she leads Jumin to princess Dorothy´s room.

“Quite a nice room.”

“Mr. Choi put a lot of work into it. Dorothy is I mean was really important to him. I still cannot believe he is gone.”

MC looks sad when she looks at a picture of an older man with princess Dorothy on his lap.

“How long is he dead ?”

“It is a half year now…”

Jumin is now even more disgusted with Mrs. Choi’s reaction.

“I know Dorothy still misses him dearly. She is still waiting for him to come home.” MC looks at the spot where princess Dorothy usually sits to look outside.

“It must be hard for her… How long have you worked for Mr. Choi ?”

Jumin can also image the cats sad meowing. He tries to change the subject a bit.

“For 6 years. You see princess Dorothy was actually the cat of Mr. Choi’s first wife. It was hard for him when she died. Dorothy was a big help to him, but he also had to be away for business. At first, I was only feeding her, and playing with her. I was living really close by and Mrs. Choi was my teacher in elementary school. Dorothy knew me already. Later Mr. Choi hired me to cat sit whenever he was on a trip. He just wanted someone to really care about her.”

MC smiles upon the found memories.

“He really trusted you.”

Jumin understands why Mr. Choi hired MC, he could see that she was genuine.

“Yeah he really was a great man.”

“Why are you now living here though ?”

“Oh that happened after he met his new wife. Dorothy could not stand her she was only calm when I was around. Mr. Choi was such a kind man he promised me that I will have always work here. He even added that into his last will.”

MC looks sad now.

“He really thought a lot of you. I’m sorry I brought these sad memories up.”

“It is okay I’m glad that I can talk about him, should we continue now Mr. Han ?”

MC smiles kindly.

“Yeah and you can just call me Jumin.”

Jumin is not sure why he just offered this, but it felt strange that MC called him Mr. Han.

“Sure if that is okay with you. You can just say MC then.”

She smiles at Jumin, and it is not just a polite smile this time.

“So when you came to this room what happened after that ?”

Jumin looks quickly away from MC’s smile, and tries to get his focus back on the important matter. Finding princess Dorothy.

“Oh yeah, I came in said good morning to her and then I went to groom her. After that, she chooses her collar. They are all over here in this safe.”

MC goes over to a shack and opens the door. Jumin can see the sturdy safe inside.

“Dorothy ever had a really exclusive taste and Mr. Choi always bought her really pretty ones. Today she chooses the pink one as you can see in the picture. I took it right after she was done.”

“Do you take a picture of her every day ?”

“Yeah I started this for Mr. Choi, but now I just take them for myself.”

“You really love princess Dorothy.”

“I know that sounds strange, but she is a good friend to me.”

“I can relate to that, Elizabeth the 3rd is just as dear to me.”

MC smiles again and nods happily.

“I am glad that you understand me. Oh after the picture we both went downstairs to the kitchen. I guess we should head there now.”

“Lead the way MC.”

Jumin is glad that MC changes the subject, he really should not let his guard down on a case.

They go to the kitchen, and find the cook. He just finished cleaning up.

“MC are you back ? I was hoping Mrs. Choi would change her mind. I mean I didn’t seen it happen either, but I just was not your fault.”

“I’m only back to find princess Dorothy. This is Jumin, I mean Mr. Han. I hired him to help me.”

“Would you mind telling me what happened when MC was here ?”

“Sure I don’t mind. I was preparing breakfast like every morning and MC came in the kitchen with Princess Dorothy. She prepared the cat’s breakfast, princess Dorothy doesn’t touch it if I do it. When she was done, she put it on the usual spot. Over there by the window.”

The cook points over to the location. The food is still on a plate, untouched.

“Princess Dorothy is usually ever waiting there but this morning she wasn’t. At first, we thought she just wandered of. Sometimes she gets distracted by a bird outside. MC went looking for her. I heard her then yelling from the next room that the terrace door is open. I went to look and it was true. MC then went looking outside. I had to work, so I could not help her.”

“Everything was normal except that the door was open ?”

“Yeah the only other strange thing was that Mrs. Choi was already up. She not stands up till it is almost lunchtime.”

“Do you think that she opened the terrace door ?”

“No, I think it was the maid, sometimes she does this. Princess Dorothy never goes even in the garden so it was never an issue.”

“That is true Mr. Choi told me that she fell in the pool when she was a kitten and ever since then she is scared to go out. I was just shortly looking outside before closing the door, and then I searched everywhere in the house.”

MC has a really sad expression on her face.

“Oh yeah, I heard that story too. I really not thought that Princess Dorothy went out either.”

“Maybe she got curious though, I should left the door open. I should made sure that she is at her usual spot. It’s my fault…”

“So far I am not convinced that it was your fault at all.”

“That is nice of you to say Jumin.”

“I think that you have done nothing wrong either, the Mrs. was looking for a reason to fire you anyways, and she was never found of the cat either. Actually it is strange that she has everyone searching for princess Dorothy.”

“So Mrs. Choi dislikes MC and princess Dorothy ?”

“I don’t think that woman is capable of liking anyone. She wanted to get rid of the cat and MC, but because of Mr. Choi’s last will she has to keep the old staff.”

“I think that was quite rude.”

“Maybe MC, but the Mrs. is really a dragon. I would quit here too if it was not for the others, but at this rate we all will leave.”

The cook sighs.

“Mr. Choi would be so sad to see that.”

“Yeah I never understood why he married her…”

“Maybe he just saw something in her that we can’t see.”

“You have a way to kind heart MC.”

Jumin has to agree to the cook.

“What are you doing here slacking off ?”

The room suddenly feels way colder when Mrs. Choi enters the kitchen.

“I was just helping with the case Mrs…”

“I was actually about to come to you anyways. I want to know what you did this morning.”

“Oh, so you are curious about me after all.”

Mrs. Choi’s personality seems to come with a switch, Jumin finds this really annoying.

“Not really, I just have to know everything in order to find princess Dorothy.”

“It is always sad when men play hard to get, but well. I woke up and after getting ready I came to the kitchen to let the cook know what I want to eat. Then I went back to my room till MC came in to ask me if I have seen that thing… I mean cat. I was in distress after I heard that she was missing and got everyone to search for her. I fired MC right after breakfast. She failed as a cat sitter.”

Mrs. Choi not seems concerned with the cat. It’s strange that she wants to find the cat.

Jumin thinks it has something to do with the last will of Mr. Choi.

“I see thank you then. We should ask the rest of the staff too MC.”

“That was fast, do you want me to show you my room ?”

“Their is no need for that. Unless you say, the cat was in your room.”

“She was never in my room.”

“I thought so. Let’s go MC.”

They leave the angry looking Mrs. Choi in the kitchen, and go to the maid.

She is an older lady.

“MC so good to see you have they found princess Dorothy ?”

“No sadly not, but that is why I brought him along. This is Jumin Han, he is a private investigator.”

“Ah and I thought you came to introduce me to your boyfriend.”

The lady smiles.

“Nonna, no he is not my boyfriend.”

MC gets really flustered.

“That’s too bad, he looks nice.”

“I do not think now is the time to think about such things.”

Jumin feels a bit strange by the thought to be MC’s boyfriend.

Not bad, just strange.

“Anyways, what did you do this morning ?”

MC really not wants to talk about her love life right now.

“Just the usual, I was dusting in the living room. Then I went to cleaning the windows, actually it is my fault she could even get out. I opened the terrace door. I am so sorry MC.”

She woman looks sad.

“No, it was not your fault Dorothy never walked out before.”

“Yeah that is strange, maybe she got spooked.”

“Why are you thinking that Ms.?”

“No one called me Ms. in years, he is definitely a keeper MC.”

The woman’s eyes sparkle for a bit and MC tries to ignore it.

Jumin feels the sudden need to clear his throat.

“Ah, young people are so shy these days, but back to Princess Dorothy. I heard a noise while I was getting window cleaner from the Supply room. It sounded like a chair fell over. I went to look, but I could not find anything that was fallen.”

“When was that ?”

“I’m not sure, but when I came back the terrace door was closed and I saw MC outside.”

“Is Princess Dorothy easily scared from noise ?”

“Not really, she is usually really calm, unless it comes to water or Mrs. Choi. Maybe a sudden noise would surprise her, but I do not think she would run in the garden from that.”

MC remembers Dorothy’s reaction after a loud noise, she jumped, but she not even ran away.

“Yeah she would never do that, but maybe she hid somewhere. I’m sure once she is hungry she will come out.”

“I hope so, but what if she is locked in somewhere ? Or if she really ran outside…”

MC not even wants to image in what kind of issues Dorothy is right now.

“I will find her for sure.”

Jumin has no doubts.

“I get more worried now it is already dark… Dorothy must be really thirsty and hungry by now.”

“Maybe you should make her new food. I doubt the breakfast will lure her out. You should also eat something too MC.”

“You are right, but I can’t think to eat anything when Dorothy has not eaten either.”

“I understand that you think that way MC, but I don’t think that Princess Dorothy would be happy if you are starving because of her. You should really go and make her food there is a chance that she will come out.”

Jumin is more worried that MC has not eaten anything either, but he is touched by her sincere feeling towards the cat.

“Okay, if you think it’s a good idea. I will make her favorite then. What will you do now Jumin ?”

“I will check the garden, and a few other things. I will come back to the kitchen when I’m done.”

“Oh, I almost forgot have you seen Mrs. Choi this morning ?”

“Not until the cat vanished, but I smelled her awful perfume in the living room.”

“Interesting, thank you.”

Jumin smiles politely.

MC goes in the Kitchen, and starts to prepare Dorothy’s meal.

She keeps eyeing the door, but there is no sign of Dorothy.

MC puts the food at the usual spot.

She goes back and starts to make something for herself, just like Jumin suggested.

MC has the hope that maybe this will lure Dorothy out. She remembers how the cat often came to her when she was eating.

This time she doesn’t.

MC barely gets a few bites down.

She just keeps thinking where Dorothy could be.

She is deep in thought when she hears a noise from the hallway.

It sounds like something moved.

MC knows that the change that is Dorothy is really low, but still she gets up.

The hallway is dark, but MC manages to see a shadow moving.

It looks too big a cat.

MC turns the light back on, but the Shadow is gone.

It is really strange to MC, she goes in the direction where she saw the Shadow moving.

The way leads to the supply room.

MC notices that the door isn’t fully closed. It is really unusual, MC takes a peek into the room.

She can’t see anyone.

Then suddenly MC feels a push, and before she can react the door behind her closed, and she can hear that the door gets locked.

MC knocks against the door, but it is useless. Nobody will hear her, the room is isolated.

MC can only hope someone will open the door soon.

She even forgot her phone in the kitchen. This day just keeps getting worse.

MC finds a stack of cleaning cloth and sits down. She sighs.

“I really hope that Dorothy is at least safe…”

She wonders what the poor thing is going through right now, she must meow really sad right now.

Suddenly MC can hear a familiar mew.

It is weak, but she would recognize that meow everywhere.

“Dorothy ! Where are you ?”

MC feels suddenly full of energy, she looks around.

Following the low meowing sounds.

She finds Dorothy in a cooking pot.

“There you are, I was so worried about you. Are you alright ?”

MC checks the cat carefully, but she seems alright despite the situation she just been in.

“Thank goodness I was so worried about you. I wonder how you got in there though.”

MC looks at Dorothy, who is looking at her with curious eyes.

She just seems to be happy to be out of that pot…

MC takes the cat carefully and sits back down with her, she pets her gently, slowly the cat calms down.

Soon she starts to breathe peacefully and purrs lightly.

“At least I found you, but how do we get out of this situation ? I hope someone needs something from here soon… Well at least there is food and water in here.”

MC tries to stay calm, as long Dorothy is safe everything will be okay.

It was a very long and exhausting day, and Dorothy’s warmth manages to relax MC.

She finds herself snoozing off.

Till suddenly the door opens, this makes MC wake up right away. She jumps up, still having Dorothy in her arm, and grabs a broom stick.

She is ready to fight anyone.

“MC ?”

MC sees a confused Jumin in the door.

“AH, thank goodness it’s you. I am so glad to see you !”

MC lets a relieved sigh out.

“I am glad to see you too, but what happened ?”

“I’m not really sure. I heard a sound in the hallway followed a shadow and then I got locked in here, but at least I found Dorothy.”

“I’m glad you found Princess Dorothy, but that was quite reckless.”

“I am sorry Jumin, how did you find me anyways ?”

“I was looking for you after you were not in the kitchen, you not even finished your meal yet, you both must be starving.”

“I really not meant to worry you, and you are right Dorothy needs to eat.”

“You should also eat.”

“Okay fine, but only if you eat something too. The job is done now after all.”

“I don’t think so MC, but you are right we all need to eat.”

Jumin finds it interesting how calm MC is after all that happened, he is just glad that he insisted on checking everywhere.

They go to the kitchen, were Dorothy eats with great joy her meal, while MC makes something for Jumin.

Jumin goes to tell the maid that he found MC and the cat.

They eat together, with Dorothy in their field of view.

“How could you even find me Jumin ?”

“Well after you were gone I looked everywhere, Mrs. Choi thought you ran away. I had to insist on checking every room, the maid gave me a master key.”

“I would never run away like that…”

“That is exactly what I said too.”

“That was really nice of you.”

MC feels a light heat rising on her cheeks.

“I’m just really glad that you are alright. This could have ended really badly.”

“At least this way I found Dorothy, but why did she hid in this pot ?”

MC finds this really odd.

“I think we find that out very soon.”

“How so ?”

Just like she had waited for her great entrance Mrs. Choi shows up.

She is overly nicely dressed. MC finds it odd that she wears long gloves, but then again Mrs. Choi’s dressing style was ever a bit odd.

“I came to see you. I guess the job is done now.”

She completely ignores MC and goes towards Jumin.

“MC found the cat, but I still don’t know why Princess Dorothy ran away, or how she got in the supply room and in that cooking pot.”

“Does that even matter now ?”

“I think it does, if the case is not solved it could happen again.”

“Well then we find her again. I don’t see the issue.”

“Dorothy could get hurt Mrs. Choi.”

MC can’t believe how little she cares.

“Yeah but she didn’t.”

“How do you know that ?”

Jumin has already a good idea what happened, but he wants Mrs. Choi to talk herself into a corner.

“She looks fine.”

“Why don’t you check her to make sure ?”

“I’m sure you are aware that this cat doesn’t like me.”

“Yeah that is no secret she never even would go near your room right ?”

Even now Dorothy keeps as far away as possible from Mrs. Choi.

“That is true, she not even goes near it. I think Dorothy really not likes her perfume.”

“I think that princess Dorothy just has a good eye for humans.”

“What are you implying with that ?”

Mrs. Choi seems a bit hit from this remark.

“Just that we all agree that princess Dorothy would never go to your room on her own.”

“Yeah that is for sure, but what are you saying Jumin ?”

“So you are allowed to call him by his name, but I’m not ?”

Mrs. Choi seems really offended.

“I offered it to MC, but back to princess Dorothy. You agree that she was never in your room ?”

“I said it before the cat never been in my room.”

“How you explain the cat hair in your room then ?”

“What cat hair that's… um maybe she was in my room without me knowing.”

“What when was that ?”

MC never heard of that.

“Good question, if we take into account that the maid cleaned your room just last evening.”

“She probably oversaw the hair.”

“There is never hair anywhere in this house once the maid is done. You ever make sure that’s the case.”

MC not let’s Mrs. Choi say anything bad about the maid.

“ I agree with you MC there is no hair anywhere.”

“Well maybe she just was in my room in the morning.”

“But you told me that you not left it after you were in the kitchen.”

MC is a bit confused.

“I was really shortly in the bathroom. I thought it didn’t matter when you asked me.”

“Are you sure it was the bathroom and not the living room ?”

“Why would I confused these ?”

“Well because I know you been in the living room.”

“What how do you… I mean I was only shortly looking outside.”

“So you admit it.”

Jumin is thankful that the maid earlier told him this.

“There is nothing odd about it. I went there before I returned to my room.”

“Was that all you want to tell us ?”

“What are you implying ?”

“I’m implying that you keep information from us.”

“Like what ?”

“Like the fact that but you took Princess Dorothy to your Room.”

“What why would I do that ?”

“Yeah why indeed, maybe to get princess Dorothy’s necklace.”

Jumin had waited for this question.

“Her necklace ?”

“You said it yourself that Princess Dorothy has an exclusive taste. Mr. Choi indeed bought her expensive accessories. The one that Princess Dorothy wears today is worth ten million.”

“What really I had no idea…”

“I noticed that it looks really expensive, I did some research and found out that this necklace is made with real diamonds.”

“Oh I see but why would Mrs. Choi need this much money ?”

“I was never this insulted in my entire life. It’s simply ridiculous. I have more than enough money. Plus everything in here belongs to me anyways.”

“She has a point there Jumin.”

“I checked your finances, and they look really bad, you are so close to lose the Villa, and the necklaces belong to the cat shelter fundraising. Mr. Choi left it to them with the condition that Princess Dorothy can use them till she dies.”

“I had no idea… I just knew that she has to keep Dorothy and the staff.”

“It surprised me too, Mr. Choi really did everything to protect Princess Dorothy.”

“I have no idea where this information came from, but I never tried to take Dorothy’s necklace.”

“Why don’t you show us your arms then ?”

“I have no need to show you anything, even if what you said is true it was not a crime. You both are not longer welcome in this house.”

Mrs. Choi seems tired of this.

“Sadly it is not illegal to capture a cat and later hide her in a cooking pot, but locking a human in us.”

“So you think it was her who locked me away ?”

“I am certain of that.”

“Can you even prove that ?”

“Sadly not, but I can prove that you did some illegal business. I think the police should be here any second now.”

Jumin looks victorious.

Mrs. Choi’s face turns white, she seems to panic. She not thinks long and runs towards the living room terrace door.

“I saw that coming don’t worry MC they should capture her really fast. I am sorry I not had proof to get her for locking you in.”

“It is fine Jumin you did what you could. I am quite shocked to be honest. What is going to happen with Dorothy now.”

MC looks to Dorothy, she looks much more relaxed now were Mrs. Choi is gone.

“This will be no issue since she has you.”

“That is true, but I can’t just take her.”

“I talked with Mr. Choi’s lawyer and it’s stated that princess Dorothy should be always with you, until you wish to stop taking care of her.”

“That will never happen.”

“I thought you would say that. In this case you can take her with you.”

“I not even have a place to stay or a job…”

“I think I can provide you with both of that. I happen to own a penthouse, you can stay for as long as you like, together with Princess Dorothy, and I was also thinking that you would do a great job as my assistant.”

“What really I could never take such an offer, you are really very kind.”

“Look MC you need a place to stay and I have plenty of room. I can also see that you are a hard worker I am sure you won’t disappoint me.”

“Of course I will give 200%. I will also pay rent. I mean what do you say Dorothy ?”

Dorothy looks into MC’s eyes she seems to agree.

“Well that’s set then.”

“Do you think she will get along with Elizabeth the 3rd ?”

“I’m sure they will bound fast. Princess Dorothy seems well-behaved.”

“You are right about that. I should get her things.”

“I will help you, and we should also get the rest of your things.”

MC nods.

Jumin never thought that this case would end up with MC staying at his penthouse, or that he would let another cat into his life. It not feels bad at all.

He finds the idea to life with MC oddly calming.

Quite strange how just this morning he never wanted anyone else in his life, and now here he was just a couple of hours later.

On the way to the car MC has still some mixed feelings, but she is happy that she found Dorothy.

Living with Jumin really not seems too bad. She will make sure to repay his kindness.

In the car MC looks at Jumin.

She smiles kindly, yeah it’s definitely not bad to stay with him.

As the maid said, definitely a keeper.

~ I really hope you enjoyed it, sorry its a bit long for a one shot.

You know, a couple months ago I wouldn’t have even thought about cursing at all. Like even just typing curse words. But now, after dealing with the complete and utter bullshit that is senior year of high school, I honestly don’t care anymore. I have yet to actually speak the f word, but I’ve typed it plenty and will probably progress to saying it by the end of this year. I’ve just found that nothing else really works to convey how DONE I am with high school and the people in it. College, please come faster, I’m begging you. And more specifically may/June because may= acowar and June=maybe me and my sister going to Iceland

I hate when I show people my drawings and they’re like “yea cool” or “I like it” in the least enthusiastic way possible. Like, first, it’s an honor you’ve even gotten the chance to see them considering how closed off I am to some people. second, I work really hard on it. I have absolutely nothing else to offer, so when I draw I’m putting all of my heart and soul into it. It hurts so bad that the one thing I can do without anyone telling me I’m wrong for the way I do it absolutely no one gives a shit about. it just. it sucks you know?

nellcher  asked:

Sycamore as a dad is a 10/10 concept but let me bring you this: The professor finding out his s/o is pregnant. Bonus if his s/o kept giving him hints but the man is so oblivious he couldn't catch it at first


Professor Sycamore versus Pregnancy

Round 1 
(the first twelve weeks)

- Sycamore honestly just thinks that his S/O is sick when he catches them with their head shoved halfway down the toilet, and is genuinely concerned but when it stops after a few days, he writes it off as the flu
when it happens a few days every week tho, he’s like ‘we gotta go to the doctor’ like this man’s doctorate is useless. he is a doctor in cute animals not people problems. His S/O talks him down from a doctors visit but he still brings them a bunch of vitamins and like anti-nausea medicines until the sickness seems to go away after a month or so and he forgets about it.

- When his S/O starts tossing and turning in the night, Sycamore is quick to figure out that their need for cuddling has gone way up - he loves it but he worries about his S/O’s sleep cycle and health when he’s away at conferences and has to pull all-nighters at the lab. Of course, he just thinks it’s that they’re just getting closer as a couple.

- To be honest, both of them might be in the dark at this point, but so far,
Sycamore Status: Oblivious as Hell

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 I think i finally found an official concept for my version of Manwë /Súlimo/ Mânawenûz Valahiru / Aran Einior/ Airbending master wait wrong universe nvm

radioactivepandemonium-deactiva  asked:

Do you think the gender wage gap exists? My (male) history teacher told me it does, but I asked my dad about it and he said it doesn't so I read a few articles about it from different sources and some said it does exist while others said it doesn't, so I'm kind of just looking to see what others' thoughts are on it.

The gender wage gap does exist but not in the way that feminists describe it. There is a gap in the overall earnings of men and women working full-time. That being said the wage gap does not take into consideration hours worked, job position, overtime pay, or anything else really. It has nothing to do with working the same numbers of hours at the same job. It comes down to the different choices that men and women make, not sexism.


Written for @trashytacosan who like I wanna make love to because this AU is just my life now. Thanks for commissioning me, bitch. Based on her story The Alpha King and I which y’all should go read! For anyone else, Haru is basically a former reincarnation of Oikawa Tooru, so read it with that pairing in mind ;) Also, fair warning, it’s abo. Enjoy!

It was insulting. Haru could hardly get in a solid breath; his blood was rushing far too fast and he was burning with too much adrenaline to really think clearly. But he didn’t have to exactly, because so long as his nails and teeth were working then nothing else really mattered.

The nerve of that low-born. To come up to his mate, to try and seduce his alpha, when everyone knew damn well that the King was loyal to him and him alone—

“Haru,” Iwa’s voice was a calm lull, the pair having retired to their bedroom for the night, the banquet officially over. “You didn’t have to go that far—”

“A subordinate must know their place. I simply showed it to them.” He was keeping himself busy, anxiously pulling at his jewelry and trying to burn off the rush he felt in his veins.

Iwa draped his arms over the omega, nuzzling him. “Jealous?”

Haru smacked him away, before pulling him back in by the front of his robes, and kissing him in a way that was more of a bite to his bottom lip. “I have every right,” he growled, letting the alpha go, and separating himself, sitting down in front of his vanity in agitation, tossing the jewels and beginning to angrily pull the adornments from his hair.

“Fuck you’re so sexy when you’re angry.” The alpha hugged him from behind again, nipping and licking at the omega’s scent glands.

Haru shivered, stiffening in a way that was somewhat foreign, because he was usually a bit better at holding back, especially when he was upset, but Iwa was sucking now, the threat of his teeth so very close to their bond mark, and Haru could feel the slick starting to pool between the fabric of his kimono.


Iwa bit, and Haru cooed happily, purring and nuzzling into his alpha, every bit of agitation seeming to melt under the alpha’s fangs.

Iwaizumi couldn’t help but find the sudden affection a little strange, knowing his omega to be a bit more feisty, but he wasn’t about to complain now. Without wasting time, he picked his omega up, carrying him to bed.

“H-Hajime…” Haru tugged at the robes, feeling a new rush in his blood he refused to ignore.

“Yes?” The alpha placed him down, only half-listening as he tugged at the front of Haru’s sheer kimono.

“Touch me.”

That seemed to have the alpha’s full attention.

“Yes,” he kissed him with the kind of smirk that made the omega’s heart beat fast. It didn’t take him very long to have them both stripped, not when Haru was tugging and begging the way he was, and before Iwa really had the chance to take control, Haru had pushed the alpha’s head between his thighs.


Iwa didn’t need the request, tongue already pressed up against Haru’s throbbing entrance, reveling in how ready the omega was.

“You’re really wet today.”

Milky thighs squeezed against Hajime’s head, and he knew well enough to shut up, giving his omega exactly what he wanted.

Gods, he was delicious. More so than usual. And a mewling Haru was something Hajime loved deeply, especially because those squeals were caused by his tongue, and only his tongue, which gave Iwa goosebumps, thinking about how Haru would look once he gave him something even better.

“Hajime—“ Haru choked, hips bucking and back arching, slender fingers tightening in fists around the alpha’s hair, “Hajime I’m—”

The alpha growled into his mate’s heat, granting permission, and fuck if it wasn’t the hardest Haru had ever come into his mouth, convulsing and squeezing his thighs and for a moment the alpha couldn’t breathe but fuck if he cared.

Haru was so deliciously sweet.

The omega was panting, curling in on himself once Iwa pulled away, murmuring and snuggling into his pillow.

“My Queen doesn’t think we’re done, does he?” Iwa teased, nuzzling up against the omega, and brushing his sweat-dampened hair away from his cheeks.

“Hajime…” It was a warm murmur of a sound, Haru’s eyes fluttering closed in what felt like defeat, letting out the most contented of sighs.


There came no reply, other than the soft even breaths from his mate.

A low growl of frustration erupted from Iwa’s chest, half ready to wake the omega up in a rather brutal fashion. But instead, he decided against it, grumpily kicking at the covers, and pulling them over so that Haru wouldn’t get cold. The omega must have been more tired than Hajime realized. Silently chastising himself for not noticing sooner, he wrapped his arms around the omega and let out a sigh of defeat.

But he could hardly stay angry, from the way Haru curled into him, giving off soft little happy moans, and nuzzling against the alpha’s neck. Iwa stiffened.

He’d be sure to take his fill in the morning.

When Iwaizumi woke up, it was to weird shuffling sounds and suppressed groans. There was also a strange scent in the air, one he didn’t fully recognize, but it wasn’t good, exactly, not quite distress, but—


He sat up immediately, tossing the blanket off as he called out to his mate, only to find himself surrounded by a million more blankets. Haru let out a surprised whine of a sound, standing at the other side of the room, with one of Iwa’s robes clutched firmly in his fists, held up right beneath his nose. “F-Forgive me,” he mumbled, timid and small and nothing like his usual self, “I should have realized…sooner…” He looked away, continued to arrange the blankets in careful anxiousness, and Iwa had to blink a few times, had to really take a good look before any of it made any sense to him.

This was…a nest. He was in Haru’s nest. But that would mean—


“Haru,” he sat up straighter, in a bit of a panic himself now, “Do you need anything?—I mean to say, the nest looks—is it to your liking? I didn’t disturb anything did I? That is—”

Haru shook his head but said nothing, simply climbed back into bed, shaking slightly as he curled into his alpha.

The scent was beyond anything Iwa could have ever imagined.

“I should have noticed the signs…” The voice was strained, completely unknown to Iwa, and even though they were already bonded, the surge in him to claim was becoming overwhelming.

“That’s not your fault,” he said, hoping he was being soothing enough, because he’d never nursed an omega through heat, but with the way his head was muddling now, if something happened, and he hurt Haru—

The omega was trembling.

“Cold?” He blurted, in an attempt to do something, reaching for the covers, but Haru stopped him, weak as he was, letting out a soft moan and shaking his head.


Iwaizumi was pretty sure Haru was trying to kill him. And he really was about to bite, but Haru clutched at his robes, just then, fists shaking to soft whimpers. “Is it ok…could you stay…”

The omega continued to mumble, Iwa feeling his chest tighten, because Haru hadn’t ever given off a scent like this before, one that was so confusingly dizzy and anxious, clinging to him so tightly, like he was—


Iwa stiffened. Because he knew he had to be comforting. To soothe Haru through this. Because he was starting to get the feeling that the omega hadn’t ever been in heat before, but something about that was fucking exciting, and before he even realized his claws were out, adrenaline making his hairs stand on end.

“Haru…” He warned, licking his lips, half thinking he should leave, as cruel as that was, because for all of his self control he didn’t have that much, and if Haru—


That seemed to be all it took for the alpha to snap, the tears in Haru’s eyes and the shivering form sending his skin ablaze with a fire Iwa was completely unfamiliar with, but somehow recalled, as if he’d tasted the licks of those flames in a far off sort of dream.

But for Haru it was no dream. That was a look he knew well enough. Because those were the eyes of a beast, the same expression Iwa held when they first met, the night Hajime didn’t remember, but the alpha in him did, and Haru couldn’t help the throaty whine that cracked his voice, wanton and unfamiliar, trembling hands reaching for his alpha’s robes. It was a wonder the word managed to form around his lips.


The alpha nearly lost all reason.

He let instincts take over, sinking his teeth into Haru’s bond mark, reclaiming the omega, letting out a low grunt when he did, but even better than that, even better, was the way Haru whined, a sharp pitched squeal that ripped at the omega’s throat, Iwa feeling wet warmth spill over his stomach.

Something like this…

This was dangerous.

“You came already?”

Haru shook his head, grabbing Iwa with his hands and shamelessly rutting against him. “More. Alpha, more.”

Iwa growled in response, ripping at the omega’s kimono, and slashing at his own clothes in the process, their bodies flush against each other, Iwa stopping at nothing until—

Haru had the most beautiful moan, when he entered, his fingers curling around the alpha’s back, drunken laughter parting his lips.

It was enough to make Iwa throw him a questioning glance.

Haru bit his lip, bucking his hips and begging for more friction. “We’re like animals.”

Iwa was aware of what he was doing, but he couldn’t exactly stop, his senses blurring together and that scent nearly making him blind, and Haru screamed when he pulled out, but that didn’t matter, not right now, because the moment Iwa flipped him over he was inside again, and Haru screamed again, but it was a much prettier sound this time, and Iwa wanted to hear it again, and again, and again…

“Hajime, Hajime!”

“You’re so tight, Haru,” Iwa managed between rough pumps, biting and sucking all around the omega’s neck, forcing his head down even though he didn’t have to, because Haru was submitting his scent glands willingly to him.

Fuck it was so good.

“—face. Hajime, I want—aaah!! Haji—!” Haru’s voice broke off at the end, his legs folding beneath him, Iwa having enough sense to slow down, at least, but with the omega gripping so tightly he wasn’t sure how much longer he’d last.

“Alpha.” Haru turned, eyes wide and wanting, leaning in with weakened strength, and so Iwa met him halfway, granting the omega a bruising kiss.

“M-More,” he begged, “More more—”

“I’ll give you more—”

“Close.” He squeezed the alpha’s hand, “Please,” the soft hold quickly tightened, the omega digging his nails into the alpha. “H-H-Hajime…”

Iwa laid him down flat on his back, his mind reeling at the sight of so much slick and cum drenching the omega’s thighs and stomach.

He licked his lips.


The alpha moaned in reply, licking up the excess juices, reveling in how fucking sweet it was, how much Haru shivered under his tongue, and Iwa couldn’t help himself when he propped the omega’s thighs up, shoving his tongue in to draw out more of the omega’s pleasure.

“A-Alpha,” Haru stuttered, hands locked in fists around Iwa’s hair, “N-No…more—all of—aahhhh—-you. Fill me, fill—”

He was silenced by Iwa’s lips pressed harshly against his own, the alpha’s tongue forcing itself past the omega’s teeth, taking claim of Haru’s mouth. Iwa licked his lips again.

“How do we taste, Haru?”

The omega clung to him again, throwing his arms around the alpha’s neck and sobbing into his shoulder.

“Please! Fill me up— Pups—I want your pups in me…”

Iwa didn’t fucking protest, the alpha in him giving a low growl, sliding into his omega once more, granting him harsh thrusts that left him with nothing but Haru’s squeals ringing in his ears.

“Alpha,” he scratched down Hajime’s back, sharp nails leaving long red streaks on the otherwise untouched skin, “My alpha.”

Haru hiccuped, a short scream stopping in his throat when he felt the base of Iwa’s knot around his rim. He nearly lost his mind.

“Hajime,” he clawed, “More, gimme,” he kissed, begging, “Knot. I want it. I need—Hajime—”

It was the most carnal sound Iwa had ever heard from either of them, when his knot finally pushed through, spilling his alpha seed into the begging omega, Haru immediately letting out the most pleasurable purrs between his moans, clinging and stroking and licking the alpha in affection, in complete happiness, because this Iwa figured, was what it truly meant to sate an omega…

Haru continued to purr in his arms, nuzzling and coating the alpha with his scent. “Hajime,” he murmured, cooing softly.


“Amazing…” Haru whined on an exhale, biting his lip and squeezing the alpha’s arms, looking at him with longing eyes. “Again,” he urged, shifting slightly to show the alpha just how ready he was.

The omega’s hardened heat was dizzying enough in its own right, and Iwa had to fight the urge to move. “My knot’s still in you.”

A wave seemed to roll through the omega’s body as he hummed, giggling softly. “That’s right,” he kissed the alpha’s chest, “So warm…” He dragged his tongue along Iwa’s collarbone, “My alpha…”

Iwa flinched, because he seemed to spill out even more when Haru licked him like that.

“Hajime…” he murmured again, with a small yawn, “Promise…again…”

“We will,” Iwa brushed his lips over the omega’s forehead, “So save your strength.”


He kissed him. “I’ll devour you as much as you want.”