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So what’s it all add up to? It’s hard to say. But me, I’d say this was a test…for Sam and Dean. And I think they did all right. Up against, Good, Evil, angels, devils, Destiny, and God himself, they made their own choice. They chose family. And, well…isn’t that kinda the whole point? No doubt - endings are hard. But then again…nothing ever really ends, does it?

 I think i finally found an official concept for my version of Manwë /Súlimo/ Mânawenûz Valahiru / Aran Einior/ Airbending master wait wrong universe nvm

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I mean the dev DID make another video realizing how immature what he did was, but even then I agree with you, it's just a bit...eh? But he really needed a change and nothing else was working, so what else do you do

Good on him for recognizing how his attitude was pretty out of left field and unprompted by anything but a weird anti-sjw conspiracy mindset. I’m sure he just felt desperate as an artist and a creator to understand why his game was banned, which I can sympathize with! but at the end of the day there were probably a lot of other ways he could have framed that video that were less iffy and uncomfortable.

Hey so anyone who reblogs this by the end of September I’ll draw a little flower, creature, or something and send it to you. I can’t promise what it will be, but you get a cute lil drawing.

I haven’t updated in forever, but here’s Black Cat!

OK BUT. FIGHT ME. That ending was the most perfect, fitting ending for the show that I love. I kept wondering how it would get wrapped up in sixteen episodes but that was absolutely perfect. and such an emotional rollercoaster. 

Bless the entire team, from the writer to the director, the cast, artists, and lighting crew. You truly came together to create a work of art. 

There’s nothing else I can really say because I’m speechless. It gave me everything I could ever want (except option 4. I will sell my kidneys just give me a deleted or additional scene where option 4 happens. k bye). 

The creator became the monster. The man who caused the main characters misery, was inevitably the man who caused his happiness. Creator became fiction, while his fiction became real. It was so fitting and honestly what I wanted. 

I also want to say, anybody who claims that Yeon Joo was too passive, and a weak character. NO. Just no. She is so damn strong. And to be frank, it’s quite sexist and sets the feminist movement back so much if you’re going to call a female character weak just because she wears her heart on her sleeve and lets go of her emotions. A female characters doesn’t have to be made of steel to be strong. There are different kinds of strength, and there is strength in being able to let yourself feel. There’s strength in acknowledging your emotions and weaknesses, but fighting through it. There’s physical strength, and then there’s emotional strength. There’s the kind of strength where you constantly feel like giving up, but you fight anyway. There’s strength in love, and passion. Are you telling me that a woman can’t grieve? She literally just fucking lost her husband. She thought he was dead. But guess what she did? She still tried to fix it. When she got a hold of herself that SAME DAY she ran over to the studio to try drawing Chul back to life. She tried to draw her father back to life. She did the best she fucking good when there was no way she could have saved them in the first place. And she spent basically the entire SHOW saving everybody, especially CHUL’S life. Cut the girl some slack, my princess is allowed to grieve ok. ONE WEEK IS NOTHING. Losing somebody you love is different for everyone and it can take a very very long time to finally move past it. Yeon Joo fought so hard and for what? For her husband to inevitably die? Of course she’s going to be at a loss. But she definitely wasn’t passive. 

ANYWAY RANT OVER. I loved W Two Worlds from start to finish. It was damn near close to perfect and I will always defend it. Because it’s brilliant and wonderful and is going to be in my heart for a very long time. Yall are beautiful.



A pre-finale emotional thought...

Anyone who has someday written something knows that when you write something, you write out of inspiration. Inspiration is a weird thing. It comes at odd moments, in very different places and is impossible to find when you desperately look for it.

I haven’t really written anything lately. Because life can be busy and complicated and that sometimes, writing is just hard. Hard on your soul, hard on your heart, hard on your mind. Long work hours take over your inspiration and nothing else really lives in you. It’s all about numbers and stress and pressure and darkness.

But sometimes, you realize things. Tonight, I watch the season finale of Once Upon A Time. Random, I know. I’m not the biggest fan of this TV show but I enjoy it. Just like you would enjoy a good book. You let yourself being carried by the story and you don’t really question anything. This is what I do with OUAT. I don’t have time to get involved in any other fandom so I just enjoy the show.

The main problem is that I’m right now really emotional because a season of OUAT is over. Leading me to realize slowly that Arrow will be over soon. Yes, only two days and it will be over for Season 3. And as much as I want to know what is about to happen and am craving to see Oliver and Felicity back together, I don’t want it to happen just yet.


Because I had an amazing year of Arrow and Olicity. As simple as that.

Season 3 was a hell of a season and some would describe it as frustrating, sometimes painful, most of the time intense, maybe too much.

But for me, season 3 would be the season where Oliver and Felicity finally get to love each other

Get to be happy

Get to fight for each other.

This is the season where we got to witness their journey, episode after episode. Not just binge watching it in a matter of hours but hoping with them, suffering with them, dream with them, love with them, week after week, promo after promo, picture after picture.

This season has been exceptional – some will want to forget it – I want to keep it alive forever. I want to remember that we love this TV show for every aspect of it – for Oliver, for Felicity, for Diggle, for Roy, for Thea, for the fights, for the love, for the pain and for the happiness.

More importantly, this season would have been the season when I got to meet so many amazing people who make the fandom. I won’t name them, you know who you are. This season of Arrow made me feel like I was part of something sometimes crazy, sometimes scary but always dedicated and passionate. Always there for each other and always willing to build something together. Something that will last beyond the hiatus and that will being revived in a few weeks, maybe months.

I’m emotional tonight because I realize that I love this TV show much more than I’m supposed to. Simply because I love how it brings emotions and people together. My favorite combo of all time.

So Wednesday will be hard – because I will be happy and sad and emotional and scared. All of this at once. Because Arrow is a massive part of my life. Because the fandom is now a massive part of my life. You guys are a massive part of my life.

Ready or not, bring it on Wednesday. I’m waiting for you!

my days are so cute/productive:

I wake up have a morning coffee, read a short story or two from old issues of the Paris Review..
do some research on fabric and textiles (im really concentrated on fabric manipulation rn)
have some more coffee
answer some emails,
do some clerical work
fill out a few orders
start/work on some projects..
maybe have a photoshoot or two if I can squeeze it in

like my entire days are dedicated to my work and almost nothing else I really love my life right now!