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Taekook for @thekookiest
         Happy Birthday, Angel! ♡♥

It’s 4:03, and I can’t sleep without you next to me I toss and turn like the sea.
If I drown tonight, Bring me back to life, breathe your breath in me. The only thing that I still believe in is you.
If you only knew..
—  Shinedown
Hamilton summed up

Hamilton: I’mma fight the British. *suggests that tea taxing is stupid*

Hamilton: I’mma fight the government. *suggests they shoot Lee in the mouth*

Hamilton: I’mma fight with Thomas Jefferson. *accuses Jefferson of hiding in France during the war*

Hamilton: I’mma fight myself. *releases The Reynolds Pamphlet*

Hamilton: I’mma fight my baby mama. *suggests his job is more important than his marriage*

Hamilton: I’mma fight Aaron Burr…sir. *Hates Jefferson, but endorses him over Burr cuz…reasons*


Dear Anonymous,

you have loved for five months too long, but you’re still trying to explain what love means to you. Love does weird things to us, you see… things aren’t really there, it’s like looking for the lie without first, listening for the truth… and even if it’s a lie, at least you heard it from such lips belonging to them instead of yours– you could never lie to this person. Not even if you tried. You’ll fall into a sleep that’s impossible to wake up, we’re all dreaming up things worth sleeping forever for. You’re the music without an instrument and if your fingers break while playing such a song, at least somewhere in your heart… you chose to play well. Even if mistakes happen, you’re still happy about the decisions you’ve made. Love is confusing, but love is worth the senseless traveling of distances not yet understand, love is worth finding out if you’re going to be something worth remembering or if it’s just another reason to forget those we sought. We’re all mirrors waiting to find a reflection that matches a smile which only one person can give. The one that matters the most & to be honest? You’ll never know until you’ve gone out of your way to find out. So safe travels.
—  About love

i think we all need to spend more time doing just one thing at once. if you’re on tumblr just go on tumblr. If you’re watching a movie just watch a movie. Just sit and draw or listen to music without touching your phone. see how long you can go. let your brain do one thing at once I think it can be very calming

2NE1: to anyone.

Hello bitches, you all follow me. Can’t nobody deny my charm and fire. After I blow a kiss, even my haters stutter as they say “I hate you”.

You think I’m the baddest female, only thinking “I am the best”, lifted above the rest. It’s not true. Sometimes you just gotta be you

I feel the most ugly when I’m missing you. I hope you’re not happy without me, that you just want to comeback home. Do you love me as much as I love you? I pretend that I don’t care, but every time you and I are together, I’m falling in love again.

If you feel lonely without me, just don’t stop the music and clap your hands. Please don’t cry when I go away, because it hurts me as well. 

Goodbye until we meet again. 

Kids everyday say, ‘my parents divorced too’ or ‘I lost a parent too’, or ‘I have a heart problem or a health condition too’, ‘I had a drug problem too’. They can all relate to every bad thing that has happened in my life. And they can see that I’m still here. They can see that I’m not perfect but that I got out of all that. I went from being 16 years old and living alone with nothing, to being 17 and living in a car, to being 18 and doing this. Now I’m 26 and I have a cosy loft in North Hollywood and I play in a rock band for a living. Anyone who has gone through stuff can look at that and go, ‘Wow – if he can do it, then so can I’.
I did a signing recently and a girl started crying, saying, ‘I wouldn’t be here without you, your music has saved me’. And I said, ‘I wouldn’t be sitting right here if it wasn’t for you’. She said, ‘What do you mean?’ so I said, ‘Where would this band be without our fans?’ I am where I am in my life because of them. If I’m not going to give anything back to them, then who the fuck am I? We do care, and we do take the time to do that stuff. I do stuff on my time that people will never know about.
—  Austin Carlile on relating to Of Mice & Men Fans
Fred Weasley Imagine: “Thinking out loud”

Hi, I wanted to request an imagine were Fred heard the reader singing Thinking Out Loud in the shower and he sing that 4 her on their wedding, when she ask him how did he remembered that he says: bc u were naked,ur voice is beautiful and I love u thx

Requested by @ladyweronikahouseofbooks

Today was the best day of your life. You were no longer [y/f/n] [y/l/n], but [y/f/n] Weasley. You still couldn’t believe Fred Weasley was your husband. The ceremony had been simply magical. Your family, the Weasleys and some friends had attended it and filled the day with happy tears and bright smiles that you’d always keep in your heart.

Everybody had already gone home, leaving you and Fred alone. The musicians weren’t there either, but that didn’t prevent the Weasley twin from holding you by the waist as your arms draped over his shoulders. You were dancing without music on, but you couldn’t care less. You didn’t want this perfect moment to end. Suddenly, Fred leaned in and hummed lowly in your ear,

“When your legs don’t work like they used to before

And I can’t sweep you off of your feet

Will your mouth still remember the taste of my love?

Will your eyes still smile from your cheeks?”

His voice wasn’t the best, yet the fact that he tried made you simper like a fool. The prankster could be a hopeless romantic when he wanted.

“How do you know I like this song? It is muggle…” you breathed out in disbelief, your heart pounding strongly in your chest at the realization that he probably memorized the lyrics solely to surprise you.

Fred smirked then, and your knees went weak. You felt thankful he kept supporting as you swung across the dance-floor. Otherwise, you would have fallen down. He simply had that effect on you.

“Well, babe, you sang it the other day in the shower…”

Confusion was plastered on your face. You weren’t the one to sing, after all. Your eyes narrowed, trying to remember the exact moment that happened. When you finally did, your cheeks turned scarlet in embarrassment. You sang that song in the shower, indeed. You thought there wasn’t anybody else home, so you let go and sang from the tops of your lungs this one special song that had been stuck in your head for weeks.

“I thought I was alone,” you whispered timidly. “You had just left…”

Fred’s rich chuckle sent shivers down your spine.

“I forgot something and when I came back you gave me quite the performance, Mrs. Weasley,” he revealed amused.

Your cheeks were burning by then. However, there was something that moved you: he remembered. He remembered that muggle song you sang a month ago.

“How can you remember it?”

“You were naked, [y/f/n]… I think that is self-explanatory,” he teased, rolling his eyes.

You stopped dancing abruptly and hit his shoulder playfully as you bit your bottom lip in order to restrain yourself from calling him something you might regret later. Your reaction only made him chortle. Once the laughter subsided, he brought you closer to him and you rested your head on his shoulder.

“I remember it because your voice is beautiful and because I love you.”

His honest response left you breathless. Thankfully, he wasn’t expecting any answer. He simply kept singing, his voice echoing in the free-of-guests room.

“So, honey, now

Take me into your loving arms

Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars

Place your head on my beating heart

I’m thinking out loud

Maybe we found love right where we are”

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Imagine going to see your favorite musical without the ensemble.

Les Miz without ensemble: No “At the End of the Day”, “Red and Black”, “Turning”, “Do You Hear the People Sing?”

Newsies without ensemble: no “Seize the Day” “The World Will Know” or “King of New York”.

Jesus Christ Superstar without ensemble: no “Simon Zealot”, “What’s the Buzz” or “The Temple”

Wicked without ensemble: no “No One Mourns the Wicked” “March of the Witch Hunters” or “Dancing Through Life”.

Fiddler on the Roof without ensemble: no “Sunrise Sunset” “Tradition” or “Anatevka”.

Sure, these numbers might still be in the musicals but imagine how dull and unexciting they would be with just one or two people singing and dancing instead of 20.

Long story short…
In a sense, they work harder than the leads. And I can say this because I HAVE BEEN BOTH.

@taylorswift I don’t know where I would be without you! You and your music are helping me through a really tough time right now. I never thought this would happen to my family. I am so lucky to have you as one of my friends. Thank you for always being here for me no matter what! I love you more than you will ever know!
Love your friend,


Just imagine Genos singing Prince Ali from Aladdin changing it to fit Saitama just to show everyone how wonderful he is.

Click pictures to view captions! I really wanted to have the whole lyrics to fit sensei, but its not that much worth it without the music so I’ll just leave that to your imagination since i cant sing even if my life depended on it. ENJOY!

( ಠ◡ಠ ) im a damn genious