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Post Season One Character Analysis: Peridot

I haven’t had much of a chance to get too acquainted with this lime green space dorito, but boy has she’s stirred some shit right up.  

All I really know about Peridot is that she has the capacity to be extremely cold and calculated; however, at the same time, she easily loses her cool. She seems to be a younger, newer gem, if her lack of knowledge about the Crystal Gems and her very robotic appearance is anything to go by. This, along with the comments Lapis made about Homeworld, leads me to believe that Homeworld as a whole has become more robotic and technology-based than the “magic” we’ve previously come to understand. 

Peridot isn’t a major villain as of now - she’s mostly a nuisance - but she has the capacity to be one. She’s got the intelligence, technology, and know-how to really fuck some shit up. At the very least, she’ll be a pain in the ass, of that I’m sure. I wouldn’t be surprised if, by the next time we see her, she’s alerted Homeworld to her location and has a recovery crew on the way.


i kind of fell in love with mirror selfies

No makeup. No filter. Natural hair. For the longest time I adhered to the self-imposed idea that I could never post a photo without full cat eyes, filled-in brows, and my hair completely styled. I’ve admittedly felt frustrated when the lighting wasn’t perfect or when my naturally wavy hair (something that I was very much embarrassed by growing up) has refused to tame. So here’s me today– without makeup, with my natural Hermione Granger hair, and without any filters of any kind. It may not look stylish or match my instagram feed, but it’s the first time I’ve ever felt genuinely happy to post a “selfie”. 

IG: mndy.lynn

My message to any Arc V fan that sees this. I actually did this about a month ago for a fanfiction but it felt better to upload this when the series has ended.  This is the first time I finished a Yugioh series on time, and Arc V was the series that reminded me to go finish watching all those other series (that I hadn’t remembered to go back to when I was much younger). 

It was really enjoyable meeting all you guys here on Tumblr. I felt quite welcomed even though I was a very late comer. Hopefully I’ll see you guys in the Vrains fandom as well. Thanks for the lovely fanfiction and art. Thanks also to everyone who has supported my art. I’m still an amateur but I’ll continue to do my best to improve and draw better. 


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hello~ You are a very sensible person and I wanted to tell you something that is bothering me a lot these days, now that youngjae is much more handsome (considering what several people have been saying) new stans have appeared for him and this is very annoying because Before hardly anyone paid much attention to him. 😓 i am disgusted

Hello dear,

Oh, don’t feel that way dear. Don’t you feel happy seeing many fans are started to pay attention to our Youngjae and appreciate him? I know it might be difficult for some Youngjae’s fans especially those who have been with him since the very beginning but I think as a fan we should be happy that more and more people are started appreciating Youngjae and acknowledge him in GOT7 after noticing him getting handsome these days though I always think Youngjae is handsome since debut. I said this many times before, that the reason why I started this tumblr was because to help spread Youngjae’s love to everyone so that people will start to pay attention and appreciate his presence and eventually love him as much as I do. You know, when I first started this blog three years ago there were only a few people followed my blog but now my followers are growing each day and that’s because of Choi Youngjae and that makes me really happy.  Before this, I often searched about Youngjae on tumblr & twitter but there were so few mentions about him. It got me really sad because these people love GOT7 but they didn’t pay attention to Youngjae. Honestly, I cried when I saw some fans were saying bad things about Youngjae and back then almost none mentions about protecting him. I’m sure Youngjae knew that he was the least favorite member among GOT7 but he was still happy with the love shown by some fans to him. I still remembered Youngjae said he knew he was ugly in a radio and he always didn’t acknowledge when Nichkhun choose as the visual because he knew he didn’t handsome like the other members that fans love so much. Still, he was happy. You know, after three years I see a lot of changes when it comes to the love showed to Choi Youngjae. Every comeback, I saw many people started to pay attention to him and appreciate him because that the most important thing for me ‘appreacition to Youngjae’. Many fans started to realize that our Youngjae is indeed beautiful not only on the outside but also the inside. He started to gain more fans and he often received praise on his looks & his talents from them. Now, we can see many fans are protecting Youngjae whenever people started saying bad things about him by calling themselves Youngjae protecting squad and honestly I’m really happy. Before I always thought I would fight for our Youngjae alone but now many fans wanted to fight for Youngjae together. I know sometimes it’s hard to accept but maybe you can try to accept it slowly especially when seeing our Youngjae’s happy face when he knows many people are started cheering, appreciated, giving him attention & showing their loves towards him. Don’t feel disgusted dear as we need each other to march on and show our love for our sunshine, Youngjae. I think the beauty of being fans is though we don’t know each other but we are united in hearts and spirits because of one person, Choi Youngjae. I love all my fellow Choi Youngjae fans and I’m deeply thankful for all of you for all the supports and love you gave to Youngjae which I lacked off. I’m just thankful really.

So, I hope I can help change the way you feel dear. I have to stop writing because I can’t stop crying when remembering all those three years. Anyway, Youngjae’s stans fighting. I love you  ❤

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Can I request the axis + Prussia as grandpas?


He would be strict with his grandchildren and teach them proper manners and other important formalities. Although he would have rules, he would still take his grandkids out on trips. he would take them on trips to important sites that he could tell stories about. He would dress like a grandpa, no doubt. He would have tan pants and have a button up shirt with a sweater vest on top.


you would wonder who’s the grandpa and who’s the kids because he would still have so much energy even as he got older. He would take walks all the time to explore the town and visit old spots that have memories from his life. Still tells women that they’re beautiful and flirt. Whenever family visits, grand meals are prepared, everything homemade, and good feelings all around. He would try to dress a bit more fashionable than expected and keep up on trends. 10/10 fashionable grandpa.


Very formal and traditional. He would tell stories and old legends all the time. He’s quiet and would spend a lot of time during the day meditating in his garden. He would teach recipes and old traditions to his grandkids to ensure they had appreciation. He would either dress traditionally or very old man like.


He would be the worst influence on his grandkids. He would teach them how to do different pranks and how to flirt with girls. To say the least the parents would not be happy. Aside from pranks and the like, he would teach them how to make certain dishes and how to keep things tidy. For sure he dresses like an old man but totally owns it and doesn’t care.

-Mod Z

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Can you to a child au were their new mom bakes them a big cake and gets them a present they really wanted for their birthday

Admin Mawile: (*⌒∇⌒*)

Shuu: He’s nothing but happy, and takes the affection better than most of them. He might kind of forget you for the toy, though. 

Reiji: Grateful as he may be, it’s hard not to assume that he’ll be made to pay for this kindness somehow, since you spent so much time on him. 

Ayato: He gets more than a little hyper, attention making him too happy to sit still or think to do anything but tear into his present. 

Kanato: The cake catches his attention more than anything, and the moment your back is turned, he tries to sneak a handful of frosting past you. 

Laito: After politely thanking you, he very carefully opens the present. He doesn’t want to show too much excitement for fear you’ll take it away. 

Subaru: He starts sniffling upon even seeing what you’ve set up, and has moved on to full on happy sobbing within minutes. 

Ruki: Despite being extremely excited, he manages to stay mostly calm and not act like a total fool. It would be shameful to get wild over this. 

Kou: The amount of things you’ve done for him gets to him quickly, and he’ll probably wind up spending a lot of time in your lap, calming down. 

Yuuma: Cake is as good as sugar, and the present goes almost forgotten until you manage to divert his attention from the food. 

Azusa: It takes him a very long time to process everything you’ve done for him, and by the time he does, he’s so happy he might be crying a little. 

Carla: Getting excited over a celebration would be unbecoming, but you can easily tell how caught up in the happiness he really is. 

Shin: He gets so worked up he can hardly talk the moment he sees the cake, and doesn’t calm down until he falls asleep from exhaustion. 

Watching Riverdale has motivated me to finally get started with the new Jughead and OMG THEY’RE DOING THE TIME POLICE I LOVED THE TIME POLICE.

I actually have a VERY SPECIFIC CHILDHOOD MEMORY involving it. The only time I ever got surgery (it was for a cyst in my chin that turned out not to really be dangerous i can’t remember) I was really nervous about going under and all that so i specifically remember that I was reading Archie to calm down while they administered the anathesia and it was a Time Police story and it kept me distracted.

Basically it’s pretty much what you see here, Jughead would randomly team up with this lady who was Archie’s time traveling descendant from the whatever century and they’d SAVE THE TIMELINE.

The only other really specific thing I remembered was they sort of set her up as potential love interest for Jughead. And she was basically a girl Archie. So you know. that implied a lot of things like him and Archie I’m pretty sure they didn’t mean to imply. OR DID THEY.

anyway, they actually homaged that in this version. Of course, Jughead’s officially aro-ace now so he was Not Interested.

All is as it should be.

Anyway, the fact they decided Jughead’s Time Police Adventures were so important they needed to be present in the SECOND ISSUE means the writer of the Jughead comic have my official Seal of Approval.

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I find it quite interesting that Dan always seems very curious (in a positive way) about Phil's childhood/teenage years and his friends at the time (new vid, going with Phil 'up north' to his high school meeting, some liveshows that I can't pinpoint now) because it seems like he didn't have that sort of upbringing and experiences when he was younger (maybe not in this dramatic way that he likes to describe it sometimes but still, I can relate to his situation). Did you notice this as well?

i don’t think it even has to be in relation to dan’s own childhood, as much as it is just a function of dan being so fascinated by phil and everything that has led up to making him the person he is today. it makes sense that dan would want to hear all of these stories and details about phil’s youth, as someone who loves him dearly and wants to know everything about him 

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Will you be selling the Sans and Papyrus prints in the near future? I am incredibly interested.

Yes!! I definitely will be! I haven’t had much opportunity as of late to go and inquire about shipping outside of Canada for these small prints. With everything going on it has been a little hectic. >w<;;
since I am very new to this ha ha… I’m a bit nervous! Simple to do but I haven’t had the time

I also have to apply for an artist table at a convention in my city! (have not done that yet because i do not have a viable portfolio ready….)

I will be creating more prints and I have charms I need to finish in the near future as well!! 8A8

i can’t believe this y’all

mY DUDES MY SHITTY UNORIGINAL BLOG now has 200 followers what the HECK

reminder that i love all of you, and even tho my blog is small it’s much bigger than it should be because of all of you guys banding together to support me and my unoriginal content

thanks so much for following and i love you all so sO much talk to me at any time <33 

i’ll be taking some color pallette art requests to celebrate (i’ll probably leave requests open for the whole week) ALTHO it might take a while to get to them bc i’ve been very sick lately, as well as having the rest of my requests and projects i have to finish up! i’ll reblog the post in a sec <3 but anywho, i lov u guys a lot. i’m honestly surprised i got this far!! 

What with how much Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures he’s done and how much Big Finish it’s honestly very surprising that Joseph Lidster never actually has written an episode of Doctor Who. Davies considered him one of the most exciting young talents judging by The Writer’s Tale and Moffat must have had a positive working relationship with him with all the Sherlock tie-in stuff he did. It just seems like such a natural thing that would have happened.

Wonder if he might finally under Chibnall? After all, Lidster’s Torchwood episode was during Chibnall’s time running that show.


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The emptiness inside of him was his and his alone. 

In a world dictated by rules, by people who breath movement and thought into him, where those very same rules, those very same people bound him so tightly he can hardly breathe. 

The loneliness inside of him was his and his alone. 

Streaks of blue and white, the faraway hum of a plane’s engine, the subtle scent of autumn’s breeze and the comforting texture of a tree’s bark beneath his fingers. 

He takes a deep breath, recording all that he sees into his memory, wondering how much it would change when the next fall arrives. 

The familiar crunch of dead leaves beneath him reminds him of a distant past, a time where he knew nothing but your laughter, a time of indulgence he never deserved.

Another plane flies by, slowly entering his field of vision then slowly disappearing into the depths of the sky, so far away, so free. 

What would it feel like to be free, he thinks, all the data in the world and yet I can never know

He tries to imagine a scene he once analysed from a movie, the earth spreading its arms, the skies calling out his name and the winds carrying him away, bit by bit, slowly but surely. 

At least then, I could…

A bell rings from a distance and it brings him back to reality. Brushing off invisible dust, he reached as far as he can for the skies - a silent plead - but it reminds the same as it’s always been, the same blue on that very same day years and years ago. 

He arrives at the same place, at precisely the same time, with the exact same expression and opens the back door to your car, silent. 

You glance over at him and sighs, slipping into the car quickly, not allowing him to shut the door for you. He slides into the driver’s seat after you and silently starts the engine. 

You close your eyes. 

The same old routine.

Always the same. 

The car takes a right and then right again, smoothly slowing to a stop in front of your apartment, the same apartment you’ve been staying in ever since you could remember. 

The same apartment he’s been brought to ever since he could remember.

He unlocks the door for you and turn to glare, “Stop doings things I can do on my own.” 

His expression remains the same as always, his eyes looking evenly at you without a hint of anything at all. 

You look away first.


He nods in acknowledgement and heads off to the kitchen, his every movement cold and calculated. 

You sigh. 

The soft hum of machinery was the only sound in your large apartment and even that was absorbed into your walls , leaving nothing but the painful cry of silence. 

You settle down in front of the bar where he was, gazing blankly as he moves about the kitchen. The comforting sound of grinding beans fill the silence between the both of you, the soft whistle of the kettle piping in every now and then.

The air grows thick with the familiar scent of coffee and you drink in the aroma, allowing this small moment of has been wrap itself around you. 

He places the coffee in front of you, the same way as he did in the past and allows the moment to sink into you. 

He remembers, a time where the house, the drapes, the linens, everything carried the scent of freshly roasted coffee, a better time. 

A happier time. 

“Jin, I want to have what mama is having!”

Energetic and carefree, I remembered your voice was, always calling out to me, to the world, with the most precious of smiles, the most beautiful of laughters. 

“Oh? Are you sure, my darling? It’s bitter,” your mother would say, brushing your messy locks away from your face and kissing the tip of your nose, her eyes so filled with love. 

“Ehhhhh,” you would complain with the strangest frown on your face, the face you make when in deep thought, a face you still make these days, “but anything Jin makes is delicious so I will be fine!”

Your mother would laugh, troubled and your father turned to me, “Jin, coffee, the usual blend.” 

“Yes, master.” 

Even though I knew you wouldn’t enjoy it, even though if it were up to me I would have added more milk, more sugar, it was not my place to say. 

Rule 3: You shall not disobey your master. 

I remember the face you made when you sip the bitter coffee and it made me sad though you never knew did you?

How could you have known?

“It’s bitter!”

Your mother laughed and hands you a glass of juice instead, soothing away the frowns that were beginning to form between your eyes.

“Now, now you don’t want to hurt Jin’s feelings with those words do you?”

Your father scoffed, “He doesn’t have feelings.”

It hurt, it really did but you slapped him hard on the arm and said, “Jin is my best friend! Papa is not allowed to be rude to my best friend!”

You turned to me with a small apologetic frown, eyeing the cup of unfinished coffee, fidgeting.  

“Anything Jin makes is delicious!”

You exclaimed and finished the whole cup. Your mother was shocked and I was too but the expression on my face remained the same, just as it’s always been.

But I was happy.

And I still remember. 

When was it that you started losing your smile? 

It was probably when things were broken in your family, when your mother started crying herself to sleep, when your father was never home. 

“Jin, is it my fault that things are like this?”

I’d let you lay your head against my knees and stroke your hair like your mother used to do.

“It is not your fault. In fact, it is no one’s fault that things turned out this way.” 

You would hide your face from me and try your best to stifle your tears, taking deep breaths, you pretended to be brave and there was nothing I could do to take away your pain.

“Then why did Mama had to leave?”

I couldn’t lie to you, not when you looked at me with those crystal clear eyes, with eyes that were filled with tears.

You were shocked by the truth, hurt by my honesty and I knew then that what I had done was wrong when I saw your heart break in ways I will never be able to fix. 

I was wrong.

“Please don’t leave me.”

“I will never do that.”

A few days later, your father took me away from your side, brought me back to the factory and demanded that I was scraped.

“He is a defect!”

He shouted. 

“Androids developing a will, developing an attachment to its master. He is polluting my daughter! Destroy him at once.”

I had resigned to my fate, I was never meant for this world after all. I was a matter without a soul and without a heart, who was I to think I could stay by your side forever?

But you cried for me. 

You begged your father with tears, “Please, he is all I have left.” 

 “Ever since Mama left…”

Your father looked away from you and turned to me instead, “I will let you stay but you, you will never, never speak to my child again. You… will never hurt her again.”

Rule 2: Never do anything that will hurt your master.

You no longer stay with your father but his words, ultimately I cannot disobey.

Because I will never do anything that will hurt you. 

Never again.

It was something you never did understand.

The conversations we were never meant to have.

The words I was never allowed to say.

The will I should never have shown.

They were all things that brought us to where we are now. 

There were many times when you cried, many times when you begged me to speak, to go back to the way things were that I considered how my presence was hurting you.

And yet I never left.

Because above all else, there was a rule I will never break. Not out of obligation, not because of anything else but because I want to.

Because I want to stay by your side.

Rule 1: Protect your master at all cost.

You woke up to the lingering scent of coffee in the air and the morning as old as the coffee you left untouched on your desk. 

Tapping it’s murky surface, you watch as the thickening skin of the coffee breaks to welcome the liquid beneath, cold and stale from the chill in the room.

The frigid brown liquid drips from your finger back into the cup, the ripples spreading serenely into the rim in circles and circles.

You stretch and feel the bones in your spine snap into place, your shoulders sore from falling asleep in an uncomfortable position. 

The blanket that was draped over you falls to the floor in a single flourish and it stirs your heart. 

Picking it up you stroke the soft fabric between your fingertips and looked around the perfectly spotless room. 

Jin was sitting in a corner flushed against the wall, his eyes closed. A cable ran all the way from his arm to the wall behind him, the blinking bars telling you that he was recharging his batteries. 

Quietly, you draped the blanket over his lap and brushed his hair from his eyes.

All this time, he’s stayed by your side without a word. 

No matter how much you begged he never spoke a word, not since that day. 

“What can I do to bring you back to me?”

He opens his eyes and gaze into you. You stared back, pleadingly, like you always did when you were young, your memories with him flashing vividly in your mind.

But I have always been here by your side.

You see nothing in his eyes and wonder if all those years spent meant anything to Jin, if all your memories you had were only yours to keep.

“You were,” you started, slowly sliding to the floor, your face buried in his knees, “my best friend.”

And you were mine.

Did those promises meant nothing to you?”

No, you’re wrong. 

When you stopped speaking to me, I felt hurt. I felt betrayed by you, who I thought as family.”

You were crying as you turned your face away from him, his hands hovering over your broken form, his mind in conflict with his…

My heart?

I know. I know the reason why you don’t speak, can no longer speak to me. I know that…”

He frowns and looks from you to his reflection in the window, an overwhelming need to do something, anything to stop you from hurting. To tell you that what you were saying was wrong. 

In the end, my father was right. Androids like you can never understand the pain in the human heart.”

The heartbreak in your voice was too painful for him to bear. 

After all these years, after everything, after all the effort he poured into never making the same mistake again, why, why were the both of you still in the same place? 

He flips through pages and pages of data in his mind, analysing every possible moment things could have gone wrong but there was nothing. 

His plan, his calculated actions, they were perfect and yet. 

And yet here he was again, faced with your heartbreak, faced with the indomitable fact that he’s hurt you once more. 


Jin, you…”

Your voice, soft and warm breaks through his confusion, your fingers caressing the edges of his eyes brought him peace. 

Tears fell onto the marbled floor but they were not yours. 

Shaken, you held his face in your hands and saw sadness in his eyes pleading to be understood. 

“What were you thinking?”

Your eyes, they filled up with tears and as they fall, the walls that held you up, the walls that kept you going start to collapse as well. 

“For all that time, always,” moment by moment, they fall and you felt your lips tremble, like they always did when you were younger, “always watching me.” 

You looked away, towards the window and let the sunshine soothe you, afraid of the static that was always in your mind would take over, afraid that when that happens, you’d lose him once and for all.

“You were right there with me.”

You hear your own sounds mixed with his sobs, like a distressed child raw from the inside and it brings out something in him he didn’t know he had left.

“Tell me, Jin.”


As much as he tried to hold it in, the pain came from within and the words he had always yearned to say, spills quietly from his lips. 

“I couldn’t speak to you.”

His voice was just like you remembered, unhushed and as clear as day, a song the birds sing in the morning and a tune the rivers whisper at night. 

And it was all you ever wanted.

“I didn’t want to hurt you anymore but still,” he pauses and wipes the tears from your eyes with tender care, “I always wanted to be by your side.” 

“All I wanted was to protect you.”

“Thank you.” 

For coming back to me. 

For allowing me to stay. 

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I am a mess, I should be writing my essays but… this has been in my drafts for the longest time but fuck it, it’s gonna stay in there forever at this rate so I decided to post it instead. please don’t throw rocks at me /runs away/

as promised this one’s for the best maknae ever @kabedonjin~ thank you for the new beautiful theme and for all your hard work :3

- Raye (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

is it weird to say that in rewatching the first four seasons of samurai jack that aku, while having spread terrible evil and ruined lives through the world, has also managed to rule it pretty well????


there is a lot of natural environment still preserved and thriving under his rule

cultures we know of now still exist in that time

a lot changes, of course, but i would be hard pressed to say very much has been lost


“You know, I consider it a high honor and an exceptional privilege to spend these moments with you. Aw, who am I kidding, Summoner? Ha! Let’s drop all that royal jibber-jabber. It’s just us, right? Right! The thing is, I love being around you. I’ve never been happier! Sure, you’re a valuable addition to the Order of Heroes-blah, blah, blabbity, blah. But after spending so much time with you, I just think of you more like…a close friend. Do you feel the same? Are we friends? Best friends? On our way to being best friends? We are? Er, which one? Never mind. I’m just delighted… so delighted…so very…Waah! You’ve made me cry, you silly goose.
I won’t forget this day. Why, I’ll save all my tears of happiness in a vial to remind me-forever!”

Jung Ho-seok As Your Boyfriend~

OMG I love Hobi so much! He make me smile a lot and I bet he make you smile too <3

⁃ He would make you laugh all the time. 

⁃ Sexy when dancing (most of the time for you). 

⁃ And taking you dancing with him. 

⁃ He would take you to the best places. 

⁃ Walking while holding hands. 

⁃ Doing aegyo when he wants something. 

⁃ Doing aegyo when he screws up. 

⁃ Very caring and loving with you, specially when you’re sick. 

⁃ Make you feel better when you’re down. 

⁃ Make you feel special and important all the time. 

⁃ The best part is the sex. 

⁃ He would be rough and easy at the same time. 

⁃ He would love you kissing his neck. 

⁃ Whispering sweet words on his ear, would make him crazy. 

⁃ A lot of cuddling and hugs.

⁃ He would be an awesome boyfriend, the one that you can tell everything, and who gives the best advice.

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I don’t know how many of y'all are religious or spiritual people, but can y'all please keep my cousin and my Meemaw in your thoughts?
My cousin is only a year older than me and she’s had brain cancer for about a year now. She’s done treatments for that whole year and the cancer isn’t going away. I am so sad, y'all have no idea how sad I feel and how much I have cried over it. We (my family) are taking it a day at a time. We are cherishing every moment we spend with her. Her cancer is very aggressive and at this point the doctors don’t even know what could happen. Y'all, she is a part of me. I’ve always looked up to her, she’s an angel. She has been so positive throughout this whole ordeal and she has been strong. She is my rock and I can’t imagine my life without her. I get so anxious thinking about the cancer taking her life, especially when I am not around her. I know there is nothing I can do but be there for her, but I get scared. I don’t want her life to be cut short this way. It has ate at me for months and months.
My Meemaw is extremely sick. She has a lot of health problems that are very life threatening. Every day is a struggle for her, she has been in and out of the hospital constantly for the last three years. I am so scared to get that text or call, saying she didn’t make it through the night. I do not see her often. I’m not able to due to working so much and the drive is so far. I go every few months, but I can’t go any more than that. My mom is a wreck over this. She is closer to her than anyone in my family, she has taken care of her throughout all of her sickness. Every time my mom comes to visit me or vise versa, she sits with me and updates me on the situation. She always ends up crying in my arms. My grandma is her best friend. She has been there for her all of her life. She can’t imagine her life without her. She loves her so much. The situation hurts me so badly, because she is my grandma but seeing my Mama like that tears my heart to pieces.
This is probably the most personal thing I have ever posted. I know I post nudes, but that’s just my body. This is going on in my actual life, this involves the people closest to my heart. My family is hurting right now. Please keep my family as a whole in your thoughts. To anyone who has read this, I appreciate it so much. ❤️

Spring Day

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Genre: Smut


Notes: sub!jungkook, sensory deprivement, just a bunch of kinky shit basically, dirty talk kinda

Words: 1,841

Spring break had just started and thankfully your professors had not given you that much homework. You had planned to catch up on some dramas and maybe watch some anime with your boyfriend, but he probably wanted to spend the break playing video games and drawing.

One afternoon though, you found yourself very bored. Your boyfriend Jungkook had taken more shifts at his part time job for spring break. You had finished a whole show in two days with sleeping somewhere in the middle of that. Since you were bored you decided to surf the interwebs.

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Number 29-Morgan Rielly

“I think I want to shave my head, what do you think?”

Anon:  I saw that writing prompt thing that you reblogged and i liked the idea of “im think of shaving my head what do you think?” with Morgan Rielly if you could please and thank you😊💜

Know why I love this because my head shaved but for the top part of it but I hope you like it

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Y/N bit her lip as she played with her long curly hair she had always had curly hair her mother had it her father had it her brother had gotten lucky and some how didn’t get it.  Right now as much as Y/N loved the length she couldn’t no longer stand the curls or bothering to try and straightening it as it would take her hours just to do one side of her hair. she looked in the mirror and let out a very long sigh 

‘babe what’s wrong?” Came the voice of her long time boyfriend Morgan Rielly

“My curls, that’s what wrong.”

Y/n said as she walked out of the bathroom and crossed her arms as she stood in front of Morgan who sat on the couch 

“Your curls?” Morgan asked Confused on what his girlfriend was talking about 

he loved Y/N long curly hair no matter what she did it would curl back up and he thought it was the cutest thing when she got upset and all mad 

“I can’t stand them any more.”

“babe you say that every month and you keep it the same.” Morgan Chuckled as he watched her roll her eyes and bit her lip

“Well not this time Mo I’m doing something about it.”

“Okay sweetheart you tell me when you find what you want to do with your hair.”

Over the past week Y/N spent time looking around asking friends and family what she should do with her hair and she didn’t like any of the ideas or the pictures she was seeing she right now sat on her iPad on the couch as Morgan sat in his chair as the TV was on 

“So Sweetie do you know what you want to do with your hair or was I right.” He asked laughing as Y/N sent a glare his way 

“Know what I have found out what I’m going to do with it.” she said big proud smile on her face 

Morgan raised an eyebrow “Ohhh …. okay what is it?’

“I’m thinking about shaving my head.”

Morgan eyes went wide at his girlfriend words he looked at her to see if it was some type of joke but he couldn’t pick anything up on her face 

“Sweetie I uh.. uh don’t know what to uh say.”

“Well it’s what I am going to do.”

“Hmm.” Morgan said eye looking like they where going to explode 

Y/N smirked at his face as she stood up kissed his cheek 

“Know what I’m going to get it done right now.”

Morgan now sat in the living room it had been an hour since Y/N left to get his hair done not that he cared what she was doing it was her hair after all and she would still be beautiful to him no matter what. he bit his lip and looked to the floor. his head quickly shoot up when the door opened he quickly made his way to the door and saw Y/N had a hat on her head 

“Hello Mo.” she said as she walked by hat still on she sat on the couch and took her shoes off  he sat beside her 

“Can I help you.” she asked looking at him

“Can I uhh.”

Y/N laughed as she took her hat off to show her curl hair but it was no longer long but to her shoulders 

“You didn’t it’’s ….”

“I was just playing with you Mo I just cut it to my shoulders no need to freak out love.”