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"#if she died he would keep taking souls until somebody managed to kill him" in my head i imagined gaster as a giant blaster skeleton beast (like the au people sometimes draw w/ the skelebros) and i immediately thought both "oh god yes pls" and "oh god NO NOPE NAH"

He would be terrifying and the irony is that he thought the human’s fear of that power was ridiculous

SO, I’ve been thinking about this all day. 

Alec Lightwood in the books is, what 18? Never had a relationship, never kissed anyone, never had sex. Alec Lightwood in Shadowhunters is early twenties? Never had a relationship, never kissed anyone, never had sex. He’s gay, he’s young, he’s insecure and has zero experience. Zero. None. And like??? That’s not a bad thing? Like yeah it comes into play with Magnus’s hundreds of years of experience. 

But I feel like you don’t really see a lot of twenty something year olds on tv with zero experience with those things. You see a lot 16 year olds who are exploring and having those experiences. But not every 16 goes through those?

Personally I”m in my early 20′s with zero experience with an interest in the same sex and it’s nice, like, it’s really nice to see a character who’s experiences are coming a bit later in life than what you normally see on tv. 

Hey you

I feel like I haven’t heard from everyone in so long.

How are you doing? Are you alright? Do you need any help?

Let me know, or just, you know, tell me how your day went, tell me something your excited about, or worried, or anything really.


i tried to order a second box of these but as soon as i put my first order in, orders closed ;a; so these are no longer available on amiami!

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doodles for @to-the-giant-furniture-wall‘s really really cute au fic that made me indescribably happy!!

(this is the anon that dmed u abt the doodles haha!)