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Louis talking about Harry - 21/07/17

“I have forever had a very, very high level of respect for Harry.”

“He’s great in this situation, he’s great on the stage, he’s a great musician and artist. It’s just one of those things that happens naturally in a band.”

“I might wake up in the morning with me bowl of cornflakes and look on Twitter and see… Harry stood next to Tom Hardy on the red carpet, I mean, it’s just unbelievable… we’re all just so proud of each other.”

“I’m very very excited for him, very proud of him.”

I’m crying… in a cool way.

24 hour write-a-thon final update

there’s still like, an hour and fifteen minutes left in the day, but i am absolutely 100% wiped. so i’m gonna do this and then go listen to taz for a little bit 

this was like…really hard. i went through phases where i wrote a ton in a short period of time and others where it took me half an hour to write 500 words. but in the end, i met my goal and i’m really proud of how much i accomplished today, even if i have a hell of a lot of editing ahead of me

i now have a writing commission completed, as well as 9/21 chapters of prince of cats written and ready to be edited! a shoutout to the lovely @chasejackson for deciding to host this event <3 and thank you to everyone who supported me today!

word count goal: 10,000 words
word count at beginning:

  • be there in five: 1,516
  • prince of cats chapter 5: 3,046

word count at end:

  • be there in five: 4,474
  • proc ch5: 3,642
  • proc ch6: 1,900
  • proc ch7: 1,934
  • proc ch8: 1,538
  • proc ch9: 1,520

total word count: 10,446/10,000

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Ma'am I have a request. Stop Fucking with me emotions XD

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can’t stop won’t stop, however, for your reading pleasure, feel free to hop on over to Benevolent Vices, the happy AU where no one dies and nothing bad happens (probably)

ok so that blog is empty right now but i do have screenshots that i’ll be queuing later today

edit: link is fixed

edit: NOW the link is fixed

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What economic systems do each of the McElroy boys and their wives support/represent. This is for some reason fascinating to me

hmm ok so i actually do study economics and this sorta thing so let me spew some shit so we have the three basic economic systems: capitalism (market), socialism (mixed), and communism (command)

griff - pure ass communism 

rachel - socialism

travis - socialistic capitalism

teresa - communistic capitalism 

justin - capitalism (it’s a secret tho, but sheetz gave him away)  

sydnee - the biggest fucking socialist i’ve ever seen 

dad - capitalism 

About Voltron
  • Me: But... guys... that's like all the team?
  • Me: ... I hate you all so much... *runs back to her solitary corner to hide*

Anyways, more about Tuna. She’s basically what Noodle would have become if the program she participated in turned out to be a success. She, like Noodle, knows all kind of languages that exist in this world. Tuna is also skilled in operating any kind of firearms, knows 1000+ different ways to murder a person, can ride any kind of vehicle, and is basically a killing machine made of flesh and bones. 

Tuna’s brain is surgically modified to get rid of all emotions or aspirations to further serve her purpose as a human robot made for completing missions and killing people. So she has no fear, no pain, no joy, no sadness, nothing at all.

She makes her appearance in Phase 4 as a fake collaborator, the plan was to get close to the band and eliminate Noodle to prevent her from telling the truth about the program that took place many years ago.