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BTS Reacts: Your Emotional Performance as Their Ex

Request: Can you do a BTS reaction of him seeing you his ex (also an idol) on stage (or on tv) crying because she sang a song that reminded her of him. Thank you, sorry if you didn’t understand me. 

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Seokjin (Jin)

Seokjin’s hands itched to hold you close. The burning prickle to run his hands through your soft locks, cradle your cheek in his large palm and whisper sweet promises into your ear. The breakup had been messy; your company finding out about your secret blossoming relationship without any regard for your dating ban had even Bang Shi Hyuk stepping in to avoid disaster.

“Not for me,

I don’t think it will be easy,

You still fill up my day to day,

Not yet,

I repeat it like a fool,

But I can’t swallow the words on my lips,

It’s not fine, ah~”

Your voice echoed powerfully throughout the arena, pouring every emotion, every tear into the words of your song. You gazed across the audience, faces blurring together until you landed on Seokjin’s tall frame, easily recognizable in the front row tables. Tears began welling in your eyes, unsaid words pouring out to the crowd that you prayed he alone would understand.

English lyrics used: Taeyeon’s “Fine”

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Yoongi (Suga)

Yoongi lounged in one of the comfy couches of the waiting room, makeup and hair already done. The sound of the TV airing the groups who just performed filtered in through the air, idly listening over the banter of the rest of the members as he checked his social media.

The sound of your voice echoed throughout the room, too loudly in Yoongi’s ears as his attention snapped to the TV. The screen was filled with an image of you, one he had committed to memory, every flaw, every dark circle under your eyes during the long, sleepless nights.

“It’s 11:11,

When there’s not much time left to the day,

When we used to make wishes and laugh,

Everything reminds me of you,

The wind is as cold as the edge of your heart,

When I open the window, you blow in,

When this time passes, will this breakup be over? Yeah~

Will I forget you?”

The small acoustic performance fit you. You were never one for fussy stages or complicated songs. You preferred raw, emotional ballads, songs that spoke to the heart and pulled at your memories.

Yoongi’s jaw set, an attempt to control his features. Jimin came up, camera in hand, light blinking blue on the back of his phone to signify he was shooting a V-Live.

Hyung, say hi!” Jimin took notice of Yoongi’s set features, and straightened posture and furrowed his brow. Yoongi gave a quick half smile to the camera and focused his attention back on the screen, where he caught the tail end of your performance, tears streaming down your face.

“Must be pre-show jitters,” Jimin commented to the camera, heading in the opposite direction towards Taehyung and Jungguk.

Yoongi quickly pulled out his black leather-bound notebook and a pen, and quickly started writing down thoughts, biting is lip to control all the aimless emotions in his head.

English lyrics used: Taeyeon’s “11:11″

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Hoseok (J-Hope)

Hoseok had stopped mid warmup to the sound of your voice filtering in through the practice room speakers hooked up to the radio. It echoed off the walls harshly, leaving him with no choice but to stand quietly and listen. It was a radio interview, promoting the new single you had just released the day prior.

“It’s more sad than what your fans are used to, isn’t it?” The host asked and you chuckled lightly, breath catching the mic.

“Yes,” you agreed. The ballad was a complete 180 from your normal pop style but you were happy with the change, Hoseok could hear it in your voice.

He knew he should have stopped, should have turned the station to something that played a mindless beat, the same rhythm over and over, something he could dance away all the thoughts running through his mind.

Hoseok walked over to the radio, hand gently laying on top with every intention of doing just that. But burning curiousity got the better of him at hearing your next words.

“I was in a really happy place when I wrote this. It’s about someone very dear; even though they are no longer in my life they continue to help me through my day to day.”

“Would you like to sing an piece of it for your fans?” the host asked.

“Of course.” Hoseok could hear the smile in your voice, could picture just how your lips lifted, and cheeks bunched up, nose scrunching the tiniest bit. He leaned his head back and closed his eyes, your angelic voice filling his ears.

“Cause you are,

The light that feel on me,

You are,

Like a beautiful dream,

With seven rays, the whole world,

Is dyed even more beautifully,

Always, yeah you are,”

The interview became quiet and a small sniffle Hoseok recognized immediately as yours permeated the air waves. “Would you like to take a quick break?” the host offered.

With that, Hoseok immediately turned the station and rubbed a sweaty palm over his face. He exhaled heavily, a deep set frown etched onto his lips. He began to stretch his limbs thoroughly, planning to throw himself into practice to try and forget the words etched into his heart, your voice ringing in his ears.

English lyrics used: Taeyeon’s “U R”

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Namjoon (Rap Monster)

Namjoon stood in between his members, smile plastered dumbly on his face even though his insides felt full of mud. His brain processed things slowly, but heart beat that challenged that of a race horse. He hadn’t been this close to you since your split, conflicting schedules being the sole reason. Butterflies blossomed in his chest and soared through his veins at the sight of you, and from the blush that was dusting your cheeks, he was hoping your feelings hadn’t faded either.

“So, (Y/N)-ssi,” Don started. “I hear you wrote your newest promotional song.”

The faint blush deepened and you covered you mouth with a sleeved hand. “Yes, that’s right,” you smiled shyly.

“Mind giving us a sneak peak?” Don asked. You looked over towards your manager, sitting off screen, and he gave two thumbs up. You smiled and nodded, exhaling sharply.

“Still, I hear your sounds,

And still, I feel your hand,

Even today, I lived within your tracks,

Still, I see your image,

And still, I feel your warmth,

Even today, I lived inside your time.”

Your eyes glassed over with the beginnings of tears, and you covered your face, embarrassment creeping up your spine. The rest of your members smiled fondly and clapped, as Bangtan clapped as well and made noises of approval.

Something like pride flooded Namjoon’s chest before he quickly squashed that down. He would let himself have this moment, let show a smile fonder than the rest of his members, before he would go back to being polite yet aloof, keeping a respectful distance from your group.

English lyrics used: Taeyeon’s “Time Walking on Memories”

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Taehyung (V)

Taehyung leaned over, large hand covering his mouth. “Jiminnie, I don’t know if I can do this.” He licked his dry lips and leaned back to gaze at Jimin, an unfamiliar, serious expression setting Taehyung’s features.

Jimin smiled apologetically and gave a reassuring squeeze to his knee, resting his hand there. Taehyung leaned back in his seat, handing wiping aimlessly at his mouth, as he watched the staff set up for your solo stage. The lights dimmed, and Taehyung could feel his heart begin to pound as you made your way onto the stage, front and center, to the lone mic.

You smiled warmly at the crowd as the soft piano filled the arena. You searched for Taehyung in the crowd, but were unable to find him in the dim lighting. Your heart sank a little at not being able to see him, but knowing his eyes were trained on you alone gave you the confidence to sing your deepest feelings in front of so many prying eyes.

“I don’t know since when, in this endless ordeal,

Your gaze whispers to me, “It’s okay,”,

Then there’s you,

At the end of my parched world,

Oh, it’s you,

Became sweet rain and made it fall,

For a long time, deep in my heart,

This precious word I’ve hidden away,

I love you,”

Your voice choked on the last note, tears running down your face as you unabashedly let them fall. Taehyung’s He ached to hold you. To wipe away your tears. Your relationship hadn’t been the best. You fought, argued about pointless things, neither one wanting to admit they were wrong. But when things were going right, it was amazing. Pillow fights, tickle wars, cooking that always ended in disaster and takeout. You were someone he looked forward to talk to every night, be it over the phone or through a computer screen. Taehyung gulped down the lump in his throat, willing away any form of tears that might betray his stoic face.

English lyrics used: Taeyeon’s “Secret”

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“My meaningless days with the truth of you not being there,

The tower of the future built with anticipation collapses in a single moment, oh,

The big embrace that would hug even despair will only be hollow,

Your lie that didn’t know gaze and touch,

It’s over, all of it,”

Your words screamed into the mic of your solo stage rang through Jimin’s chest louder than he thought any song ever could. Your words filled with the distrust you felt then made his skin crawl, sick with disgust for his own actions. He had never meant for any of it to happen, for it to get so out of hand. And when you walked in, right in the middle of everything, Jimin felt your trust crumble instantly.

Jimin could feel your eyes on him, even if it was only his imagination at play. He itched to hide behind his hair, anything to get you out of his line of sight.  He watched as tears clung to your lashes, and could almost feel the pounding of your heart.

Jimin kept a careful stoic face, but not having the courage to watch you perform, instead aiming his gaze at the stage floor where the lights shone brightly on you. You finished your performance with cheers and whistles from the crowd, and the look of triumph aimed in Jimin’s direction had him sinking further into his seat, wishing it would just swallow him whole.

English lyrics used: Taeyeon’s “Fire”

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Jungguk (Jungkook)

Jungguk prayed that if there were any cameras filming this joint radio interview, that he would be as inconspicuous as possible. It was by sheer bad luck that BTS’s sister group, your group, had been invited along to the interview with their new studio album being released. He should have known when one of their managers pulled him aside before the interview started and warned him you would be here, that he would not enjoy this experience.

Jungguk tried to steady his thrumming heart, his eyes unconsciously drifting to you when he wasn’t paying attention.

“So, (Y/N)-ssi,” the radio host began. Jungguk found himself watching you again, hoping his face remained as neutral as possible. “Is there any particular song you like best on the new album?”

You hummed in acknowledgement. “Yes, there is one song I’m really fond of. It’s one I wrote myself; a ballad.” A tight smile appeared on your delicate face, preparing yourself for the question that would come next.

“Would you mind singing a verse of it for us?”

You could feel Jungguk’s gaze lingering on you and looked to your leader beside you for courage. She gave a comforting smile as you exhaled deeply and closed your eyes.

“But still, when I think of your name,

Tears well up and when I close my eyes,

And even though everything has changed,

You’re always at the same place, looking the same,

Making me cry.”

You quickly wiped away the tears that stung your eyes and smiled sheepishly at the host. “That was beautiful,” she commented with a sad smile. “Is it about anyone in particular?”

You froze at the unexpected question and made the mistake of glancing at Jungguk. His eyes widened, and you could see how uncomfortable he had become, mouth slightly agape, shifting in his seat every couple of minutes. He gulped, and you quickly averted your gaze. You smiled shyly and waved your hand in front of your face, hoping to not look too apprehensive with your blatent lie. “Not, really. I-I just have a soft spot for ballads.”

English lyrics used: Taeyeon’s Time Lapse

Better For Me (Part Three)

Pairing/Characters: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Natasha (Reader sometimes calls her Natalia), Sam Wilson, let’s just say everyone in the fuckin compound lmao

Warnings: Swearing, cocky!Bucky, sexual tension, eventual smut, it’s a slow buuuurn

Summary: You meet one of New York’s richest Bachelor’s. He’s hot, he’s rich, and he’s an absolute fucking asshole. Luckily for you, you’re an asshole too and you could take a challenge any day. Within the first 24 hours of knowing each other, you’ve already pushed each other over breaking point. But when something comes up, you’re both forced to try and get along. Can it be possible?

Word Count: 2231

Chapter Summary: Y/N sees a softer side of a man whom she despises. Bucky tries to find validation in Y/N and when things seem to be going great, something gets in the way.

A/N: WHAT THE HECKERS THERE IS 450+ OF YOU WHY????? I LOVE YOU GUYS THANK YOU SO MUCH! Oh and the lucky numbers thing is my lil thing, eight is my lucky number :)


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I Want Cuddles

To the people who wanted clingy-Natemare! Here it is! 

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You were just waking up, stumbling into the kitchen to make your coffee/tea when something ran into your legs and clung to your right limb. 
You looked down to see the one and only Natemare wrapping himself around your leg. 
He didn’t look up at you, but you sensed a small smile stretch across his lips.
“Uhh, morning.” You said with a chuckle. “What are you doing?”
Natemare didn’t answer, and he didn’t budge when you tried to move across to the other counter. He was far too heavy.
“Mare, get off!  I need the sugar.” You tried shaking your leg, but Natemare held on with an iron grip.
With an exasperated sigh, you heaved your weighed down leg across the ground. Mare slid along with you. His smile stretching when you almost fell over, his weight unbalancing you. 
“I swear to God, Mare.” You half hissed. “Get off!” 
Mare pouted up at you, but released your leg and stood. Before you could thank him, his arms wrapped around your waist and he pulled you against him. 
Mare hid his face in the crook of your neck, tightening his grip as you wriggled in an attempt to escape. 
“Maaare!” You whined, “Let me go.” 
But the entity refused. Only smiling more broadly when you sighed again. 
This time, you were able to walk more easily. But Mare trailed behind you, his arms still encircled around you. 
You ignored the man while making your beverage, still refusing to acknowledge him again when you moved to the lounge-room and flicked on the TV. 
When you sat yourself down to watch some morning shows, Natemare moved so his head was in your lap and his arms were wrapped around your hips. 
Rolling your eyes, you sipped your drink and watched the show.
Mare didn’t seem to mind you used his head as a cup rest. His fingers gently massaged your skin and he nuzzled his nose into your belly. Smiling contently with his eyes closed. 

You only started to squirm when his fingers grazed over your ticklish spots. 
It was hard not to move under his touch. You whacked him gently with the TV remote, giggling when he did it again. 
“I’m trying to to enjoy my coffee/tea!” You hissed playfully. Natemare peeked up at you through one open eye. His smile spreading. 
“I’ll drop it on you.” You warned him, lifting the cup off his head. “Don’t make me spill it.” 
Natemare chuckled, in a blur his lips were pressing against yours and his hand removed the cup from your grip. 
He pushed you down on the couch so that you were lying on the cushions, and he crawled on top of you. 
There, he snuggled against you. Allowing his weight to trap you beneath him and nuzzling against your neck. 
It was a little difficult to breathe, but you allowed the entity to lay on you. He moved your hands with his own. One placed on his head, where you started to filter your fingers through the strands. And the other on his back, where you traced designs on the material of his shirt. 
You settled with the idea that you were going to be like this for a few hours. So you pecked a kiss to his forehead, and turned your eyes to the TV. 

It’ll Be Fine

Requested by: Anonymous
(Here are the specifics)

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 1K
Warnings: Fluff

A/N: Reader is British/Pakistani
I hope that I did this request justice!

Bucky’s POV

Bucky lets out a frustrated grunt and pulls the blue tie from around his neck. You walk in, a sympathetic smile on your face. Bucky pouts at you as you wander over to his selection of ties and pick out your favourite.

“Stop stressing,” you mumble as he allows you to tie the black with white polka dot tie around his neck. Bucky appreciated you helping him, he was too much of a nervous wreck to do anything properly right now,

“They aren’t going to like me,” Bucky retorts, his mind set on it, “You’ve told me their fairly traditional, and I’m a white guy, why would they like me?”

“They’ll love you because I love you,” you reassure him as you straighten his tie, “There, perfect,”

Bucky leans down and softly kisses you on the lips, “I’m nervous,” he admits, feeling his stomach churn at the thought of meeting your family for the first time,

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Meeting the Parents

What’s up this is so late but a lotta shit happened around @kiribakuweek2k17 time for me plus I had writing block rip. But I’m back and had something that fits the prompts firsts and family so have a very late entry!


The steady clacking of the train tracks jostled them as they stood together, Kirishima holding onto a pole above his head and wrapping his spare arm around Bakugou’s waist. Today was the first time Bakugou was going to Kirishima’s and meeting his parents, and he was not fucking nervous.

He wasn’t. He just had a stomach ache and somehow it was cold enough in June for his hands to shiver and shake. Kirishima was…reasonably nice. He must have got that from somewhere. Only a weakling would be scared of meeting two nice ladies and a few kids.

However he had never been particularly good with parents. Or anyone, for that matter. And while he didn’t give a shit, Kirishima was different. He was strong and dependable, and all of Bakugou’s aggression and fire bounced off his skin, ricocheting off on the back of hearty laughter. So he might have wanted to impress Kirishima’s parents. Maybe. Desperately. And fuck it was ridiculous because it wouldn’t matter anyway and he was still the same awesome guy and Eijirou would still probably, hopefully, go anywhere with him (do anything for him) even without his parents approval.

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The Attraction


It had been a few weeks since my fall out with Stefon and a lot of shit has happened in the short amount of time. Since that day Stef let Nikhol blatantly disrespect me and didn’t say a word, our encounters with each other had only gone downhill from there. I was stressed.. So stressed dealing with him. The constant arguing, the games, everything had me so fucked up and emotional. You know how sometimes when you’re in a relationship you feel like you might love the person more than they love you? That’s how I was feeling. I was trying to save our relationship but the effort was only coming from one side. He didn’t care, or at least he acted like he didn’t care.. And honestly that fucked me up more than anything. At that point I didn’t give a fuck if he addressed Nikhol or not anymore, I was stuck on the fact that when the going got tough, that nigga got going. All this bullshit with Stefon had me neglecting myself and my baby and it wasn’t until I woke up in a pool of blood that I decided to throw in the towel on this relationship. I called and called Stefon for DAYS trying to let him know what was going on with me. Countless texts and voice messages and I still got no response. Part of me began to panic, as I started to think maybe he was dead.. It wasn’t until I got a half ass text message two days later saying “damn” that I decided I was officially done with that nigga. 

My mother wasn’t having it anymore so she flew up to me that night I checked myself into the hospital and stayed until they released me. I had lost so much blood…and my baby, and between that and Stefon, I was an emotional wreck. My mother insisted that I come back to Miami and leave New York once and for all. Since I had gotten there, things weren’t going the way I thought they would. I couldn’t find a decent salon to hold a steady job at, I had no close friends and my “boyfriend” could honestly give a fuck. So I began to ask myself.. What the fuck am I really doing up here all the way away from my family, friends and my home? So I finally made up my mind and a few days later with the help of my mom, I had packed all my essential belongings and left with her back to Miami. I still had my apartment but I only had less than three months left on the lease. Eventually I’ll go back to get the rest of my shit but for now.. I’m back home with friends and family and where the sun never stops shining on my melanin kissed skin.

I ended up moving back in with my parents instead of getting another place on my own because I felt like it was the best place for me to be. And I’m glad I did because the depression was real. For like three weeks I was legit depressed. I hadn’t told Stefon that I left Brooklyn. I waited to see if he would have taken enough initiative to come see about me. For a week.. A whole fuckin week after I had told him I lost OUR baby, I didn’t hear a peep from him and he didn’t hear shit from me either. Finally that nigga got a clue and decided to do a pop up by my place because i finally stopped hitting his line. When he discovered the padlock on the door, he started blowing my shit up, talkin bout ‘where the fuck you at?’ and ‘why hasn’t a nigga heard from you?’ Like seriously?? I decided not to reply or call back because I knew me and I knew him. He would sweet talk my ass and there I’d go looking stupid running back to him. I’m not gonna lie, it was hard detoxing myself from him, but since I’ve done so, i’m feeling like me again. For almost a year I was with that nigga and he treated me like i wasn’t important to him, but I kept on loving him anyway and degrading myself and my worth. I saw clearly for the first time in a while. Being surrounded by my close friends and my parents things became a little easier each day and now I can say I’m finally coming out of this funk I had been in.

Today I was up and out of my room. My mom was happy to see me lounging on the couch watching old reality tv reruns like I used to. My mother had been my rock this whole time. Usually, she and I don’t see eye to eye, but she’s been there for me in ways I didn’t even know she was capable of being. I always been a daddy’s girl but as I’m getting older I’m finding out that my mom is clutch as fuck too. 

My dad had been out today with one of his work protégées whom I have yet to have met. I figured he’d be older like around my dad’s age since he was moving up so high in rank. My mother told me they would be stopping by the house so my dad could get his duffle bag and uniforms and get back up to the base for a couple of days. Being a military brat, I was used to not seeing my father for weeks at a time but this was the first time he had to leave since I had been back home and I honestly didn’t want him to go even for the four days.

I heard my dad’s car pull up in front of the house and two doors close. I saw the  shadows in the glass door as the locks turned. In stepped my dad and behind him was a tall, young, good looking man.

We made brief eye contact as he flashed his white smile in my direction. I smiled back and looked away. I was mad as hell at myself for looking like a potato sitting here hair all up in a messy bun with no makeup on, chillin in house clothes. I was also pissed because my mom had met this guy before and didn’t even give a bitch a warning. But I guess she figured I’d be too stuck on Stefon’s ass to notice anyone else. And I think she was just happy that today was a better day for me and didn’t want to ruin it by suggesting I get dressed. I could feel his eyes on me as he walked by and I tried to be coy and keep my eyes on the tv but lowkey, I was checking mans out too. My mom had walked out the kitchen where she had been drinking afternoon tea and catching up on her magazines.

Dad and his protégée walked toward my mother who was standing to greet the gentleman.

“Cameron right?” She asked pointing and smiling in his direction.

He laughed “Yes ma'am. You have a good memory Mrs. Brooks.”

“I never forget a face. It’s nice to see you again. How are things going? I trust Clyde is training you well?”

“Oh yeah. He is. Best  Senior CPO I’ve worked under so far. Its an honor to be trained by him.” He answered speaking so eloquently.

As they all stood there making small talk I tried to hurry upstairs without being noticed but of course that wouldn’t happen, not with Dianne Brooks standing there at least.

“Kala, why don’t you come over and say hi.” my mother motioned to me as Cameron’s eyes turned to my direction. 

For a second I stood there frozen and grilled my mom with my eyes but walked over not wanting to appear rude. I was uncomfortable standing there in faded house clothes and looking like i had just rolled out of bed. I stuck my hand out to shake his formally introducing myself. He smiled and licked his lips as he subtly looked me up and down, obviously liking what he saw. Now I’m not gon fuckin lie, that shit right there had me geeked and now he had my attention.

The rest of the conversation, I was physically present but my mind was absent. I couldn’t help but stare at him as he spoke with my parents. He was dreamy af and all i could do was picture how good i bet he looked in his uniform.  He was just my type too. Tall, clean cut, gorgeous smile, could dress, well spoken, had a LEGIT job. ughhh! I was ready to jump on him right there. He knew he had my attention too because in between the chatter he’d look in my direction and do this thing he did with his jaw. You know when niggas bite down and it flexes the jawline making that shit pop out  😍 😍 😍.

My dad ran to get his things as my mother and I continued to chat with Cameron. It was small talk coming out our mouths but he and I were having a much deeper conversation with our body language and eyes. I know I had just got out of a relationship, but I love to flirt. And i can’t lie, it felt good to be noticed and wanted. Even if I never saw this man again, it made me feel better to know that I still had it. It was the confidence boost I needed and i finally realized that I made the right decision leaving that bum ass nigga alone. I hate to say something so cliche but there are so many fish in the sea and I was limiting myself being with someone who didn’t appreciate me.

 By the end of our encounter, my dad came back as we wrapped the conversation up saying our goodbyes. My mother asked the question I was dying to ask but didn’t because I didn’t want to seem too forward. 

“So Cameron, will we see you again?” she asked

“Uh, Hopefully so. Maybe if Officer Brooks invites me back over.” he laughed looking over at my Dad. 

“Oh yeah man, of course. You’re welcome here anytime.” My dad answered patting him on his back. “Alright Honey, we’re gonna head out. We gotta go if we’re gonna make it on time.” he spoke again hugging my mother and kissing her on her forehead. 

I hugged my dad and let him go as my mother hugged Cameron. When it came to me, Cameron gave me a one-sided hug. He was taller than I realized as he stood closer towering over me. When we hugged all i could smell was his tantalizing cologne. His hug was tight and I didn’t want him to let me go.

When I got back to my room, all i could do was reminisce about his fine ass and our flirtations. It made me blush a little bit not gon lie but i said to myself, the next time i see this dude, imma be on point. My granny’s words rang in my head, “the best way to get over a old nigga is to get a new one” and trust, I was finna get mine. 


Game Over // Dan Howell

A/N: After I finished my series it was time to write this request. I guess you have already forgotten that you sent that in @ineedhoranhugs. But I remered SO :

 “You’re favourite person in the world is here.” I announced with a smirk as soon as I had pushed the front door open. No response. 

Every Friday me and my childhood friend Phil hang out and watch movies all night. Last week we met at my place. I liked staying at his flat much more than at mine. His apartment was way bigger and I may have a thing for Dan, Phil’s friend and flatmate. Who could blame me, Dan was gorgeous. Sometimes, when he isn’t too busy, he’d join me and Phil. So every time I come here now I hope that he has already finished filming or editing his videos.

I climbed the flight of stairs and entered their empty hallway. Normally Phil would already be waiting for me, but not today. Weird.

“Hello ?” I asked loudly, my voice echoing from the walls.

Still no response. I took my shoes off and started searching through the flat. They had to be home since their door was unlocked.

Phil’s bedroom. Empty.

Dan’s bedroom. Light’s off.

Office. Nobody.

Kitchen. Nothing.

Bathrooms. Not in use.

The last room that was now left was the lounge. But as I came in I had already seen that the light’s were off there too. I fully opened the door anyway. The TV was on. Besides that the room was fully dark.

The screen’s bright light shone onto Dan’s handsome face. He was wearing big headphones, no wonder why he didn’t hear my shouts. He was playing a video game and was so into it that he hadn’t noticed that I was in the doorway yet. I walked up to him and tapped his shoulder. Dan jumped five metres into the air while letting out a surprised squeal. I pulled his headphones down.

“Calm down. It’s just me, Y/N” I said as he pressed his hands onto his chest.

“Fuck, you nearly gave me a heart attack there.” he breathed, shaking his head.

“Sorry, I was actually just searching for Phil. It’s movie night Friday” I explained while he turned the lights on.

“But Phil’s not home.” He told me confused. “He’s visiting his parents in Manchester. He told me he texted you to cancel tonight.”

“My phone died yesterday so I didn’t get his message.” I told him.

Well that sucked. I had really looked forward to tonight. Now I came here in vain. After saying goodbye to Dan. I grabbed my purse and put my shoes back on. I was nearly out of the door as Dan appeared in the hallway.

“Why don’t you stay ? I have a way better movie and snack taste than Phil.” he smiled shyly and confidently at the same time. Damn this boy is killing me.

I responded with a nod way too quickly to look nonchalant. But this was way better than what I had imagined this evening to be. I’ve only been alone with Dan when Phil had to take a loo break during a film. The thought of spending all evening with Dan was exciting and frightening at the same time.  

“So what movie do you want to watch ?” Dan asked as he entered the room carrying two glasses of wine.

“I don’t know. Let’s look through your collection.”

“Okay, I just need to save this game first.” Dan told me, nodding towards the TV.

“What game were you playing ?” I asked curiously and watched him take the controller into his huge hands.

“It’s called Outlast. It’s pretty scary so when you came in I nearly crapped my pants.” he laughed.

I giggled and apologized once again.

“To be honest I don’t think I have ever properly played a video game.”  I admitted.

Dan turned around in shock. “No way ! You have to be kidding.”

I told him that I was totally serious.

“Forget the movie. I’ll show you how to play.”

We were now both sitting on the floor next to each other. Dan’s PS4 controller looked way bigger when I held it. I was a bit unsure at first but how could you deny Daniel Howell’s request.

“Okay the most important buttons you need to know are L1 to run and X to jump.” he explained. I pressed both twice and nodded to let him know I understood.

He unpaused the game and my command was to run. What I didn’t know though was that a brutal  giant was chasing me. I had troubles jumping over a bed and lost after a few seconds.

I let out an annoyed groan, making Dan chuckle.

“Teach me how to do this properly.” I whined, pleadingly looking at Dan with puppy dog eyes.

He gave in and scooted closer. My heart started racing as I realized how close he was.

Gently he put his hands onto mine. My skin hummed under his touch. A shade of pink rushed to my cheeks as I felt Dan’s breath on my neck.

He unpaused the game once again. Skillfully he guided my fingers around the controller. It wasn’t the scary and stressful game that drove me crazy but more Dan’s sweet scent and his tall body so close next to mine. I couldn’t help but stare into his beautiful face. His jawline was so well defined. His eyes were entirely focused on the screen and he was biting his soft pink lip in concentration.

As he looked down he noticed me staring at him. Irritated his eyes flickered back to the screen so we wouldn’t lose the game.

“You need to concentrate on what is happening.” he sternly told me.

But he didn’t follow his own rule. His gaze met mine again. We sat there and stared into each others eyes while his hands were still on top of mine. Suddenly I noticed him lean in. Butterflies went crazy in my stomach. I could see every eyelash of his. In a moment of bravery I finally closed the distance between us. Our lips softly met. The kiss was sweet and innocent. But it made my inside tingle anyway. We broke away from our kiss way too soon. I shyly looked at the ground, my lips still prickling. Dan cupped my cheek and connected our lips again this time eagerly and hungrier.

I placed my hands onto his chest while he lifted me onto his lap. I wrapped my legs around his torso, never breaking apart. Our lips danced against each other like they were destined for it.

“We’re game over again.” I giggled after we had parted.

Dan laughed and turned the TV off before he dedicated his attention to me again.


Sweetest Love: Part 5

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Bucky becomes enamored with you, a nurse for the Avengers. When you decide to date, you tell him about your daughter and that she will always be your number one. Bucky respects that and has come to find the sweetest love with you and your daughter.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

A/N: I know I said this was gonna be five parts….I lied.

You and Anna were staying at the Avengers compound. Bucky thought that if you stayed where all the Avengers were, nothing would happen to either of you. But fter that day, the guilt had been eating Bucky up alive. Because of him, you and Anna were put in danger…he couldn’t have that happen again. For the past few days, he had sleepless nights. He thought hard about how he could keep you and Anna safe. He finally decided: he had to do what was right…what he thought was right…

“What do you mean you’re breaking up with me?”

“Do I really need to say it again? Are you deaf or something? WE’RE. OVER.”

“If this is about you feeling guilty-”

“No! It’s not. You guys are just too much of a burden! I don’t want to constantly keep saving your asses! This relationship was doomed from the beginning!”

“Stop this! You came for us! We’re safe! That’s all that matt-”

“No! You don’t get it! I can’t lose you!”

“So pushing us away is gonna prevent that?!”

“JUST LEAVE ALREADY!” Bucky shouted. You’ve never seen him so angry.

You swallowed your tears, “Fine.” You left the room to go get Anna in the lounging area. She was just watching tv. 

“Pack up, Annalise, we’re leaving.” You immediately said.

Anna looked at you with concern, “Mom? What’s wrong?”

“We’re leaving. Get your stuff and let’s go.” You said sternly. You didn’t want to talk about it. Not now.

“Wait, what? What happened? What’s going on?”

“Please, just do as I say.”

“Is Bucky coming with us?”

“…No. He’s not.”

“Why not? Why isn’t Bucky coming with us?”

You were getting tired of her questions, so you shouted, “BUCKY DOESNT WANT US ANYMORE, ANNA!”

Anna’s breath hitched, “What? No! That’s not true!” She immediately ran from the lounge to find Bucky sitting on his bed with his head in his hand. She stomped to him, “Do we mean nothing to you?! Was all of this a lie?!”

“Anna, please-” Bucky tried holding your daughter’s hand but she pulled away.

“No! You promised! You promised you’d take care of us! You promised you’d take me to the Father-Daughter dance! You promised to take me camping and to catch fireflies! You promised to love us! You promised to never be like my father and leave us! Were those just empty promises to you?!” You stood there crying as you watched your daughter break down in front of the man you both loved, “Y-You promised you’d be with us forever. You said you’d never leave us…why are you pushing us away?”

Bucky couldn’t look at her. He knew that if he did, he’d break down. He couldn’t do it. If protecting the both of you meant pushing you away, then so be it.

Annalise scoffed, “I hate you James Barnes.” She stomped over to you and pulled you away, “Let’s go, mom.”


CitizenM - Tower of London

This hotel is rad as hell, man! It has such a cool modern feel all through out! From the self check-in to the iPad controlled room, the whole experience feels futuristic!

This hotel doesn’t make you feel at home, it makes you feel like you’re on vacation! It’s exciting and unique! It’s full of provocative yet tasteful art, bold colors, beautiful lighting and an all around cool vibe!

The decor, colors and materials used throughout the lobby, lounge and bar area create a very warm and inviting environment. No matter where you go, you feel comfortable and welcome.

The rooms have a more minimalist vibe but with fun features to customize. The extra large bed is insanely comfortable and is right against the window for the best views right while you sleep in! The window has a cool shade for letting in soft light or a solid shade that basically blocks all invading light.

The TV has channels to watch or you can mirror videos/Netflix/music from your iPad/iphone right to the TV! The outlets here have the British outlets, European and American outlets which is hella helpful if this is your mainstay from outside of the U.K. and hadn’t picked up a converter for your plugs yet!

The shower has got to be one of the coolest things in these rooms. I couldn’t quite get a good shot of it’s effect but the light in it that radiates through the translucent glass can be changed to a wide myriad of colors that best suit your mood. The stark white walls and decor along with the mirror all help fill the room with whatever color your vibin too! It’s really rad! Plus the lights in the mirror are PERFECT for mirror selfies (as seen above).

The views from my window as you can see was fantastic and that was just floor 3. The view from the 7th floor bar was even better. A balcony that wrapped around half the building showed Londons epic skyline marvelously.

Atop all of this fantasticness was an extremely attentive and good spirited staff! Eager to please and even recognize my wants before I had even had a chance to look for someone to ask! They really sealed the deal on a wonderful stay!

10/10 would recommend to anyone from business professional to party seeking tourist! These guys can be found all over the world and if you find yourself considering a stay with them, do yourself a favor and become a Citizen!

Thanks for having me guys!
-nik hampshire

BBRae Week 2017 - Casual Love

Garfield was sitting on the common room couch, watching lazily as the television played a documentary called, Wolfs of the Arctic. The wolf was one of his more demanding animal personalities, so it was natural for him to want to learn more about the social creatures. His reason for spending his free Saturday lounging on the couch instead of enjoying the beautiful spring day, was for learning purposes. It had nothing to do with the beauty sitting beside him.

Raven was sitting with her back gently leaning against the changeling’s side. Her legs were bent in front of her, as she used her thighs as a place to prop up the book she was currently reading. Garfield could not make out what the genre of the book was, but he noted that it was not in English. Over in the kitchen area, Richard was shifting through some paperwork, a glass of water and a sandwich sitting out beside him. His fiancé, Kori, was sitting on his left, eating her own sandwich or more accurately, sandwiches. She had a pile of ham, cheese, and mustard sandwiches sitting on a plate in front of her. Over by the fridge, Victor could be seen rummaging through the appliance in search of his own lunch. Neither of the three said it out loud, but they all took notice of the closeness between the shapeshifter and the enchantress.

It was rare for the empath to be so close to him in a public area, but he assumed it was only a matter of time before she became more comfortable around him. Although, he wondered if she was even aware of their current position. Very carefully, as not to spook the normally shy women, he turned his head down to better observe her.

She was lost in her own world. He could not see it, but he was certain her pupils were quickly moving from left to right as they breezed through page after page. She only moved when she was required to flip a page. Her breathing was steady, and she had yet to notice his staring. All signs that her attention was now stolen by whatever book she was engaged in today.

Suddenly, without hesitation, Raven reached behind her and grabbed hold of a large, rough, green hand. In one swift motion, she brought the hand to her mouth, and planted a sweet and loving kiss on the back of it. As quickly as it happened, it ended, and his hand was soon dropped back down to his side. Garfield went as still as stone. A crimson blush creeping up his cheeks. It took him a few heartbeats to recover from his shock, but once he did, he looked up past Raven to meet the surprised faces of their three friends. All three had of course caught the little display of public affection.

The sight of them was quite comical. Richard’s mask was wide, indicating his eyes were as well. His mouth was slightly ajar and the paperwork he had in his hands was hanging loosely from his hands. Kori was holding one of her sandwiches, mustard dripping from the end of it. She too wore a stunned expression on her face. Victor had just gathered all the ingredients he needed to make whatever he was craving for lunch. He had all the supplies in his large arms, but he was stopped dead in his tracks as he openly gawked at the couple on the couch.

Raven acted like nothing had just happened. She simply continued reading her book, an unreadable expression on her face. Garfield stared back at his friends, then forced his attention away from them and back to the wolfs playing on the television screen. He decided he would take his girlfriend’s lead.

“Just stay casual.”      

who cares | 03 (m)

 pairing:  kim taehyung x oc 
 genre/warnings: smut, angst, drama, adultery
 words: 4,778
sumamary: what happens when Taehyung falls for someone who’s already taken? Can he control his feelings or will they take over and render him powerless? In the end is it all her fault or his…?
note.  inspired by Dean’s album 130 mood:trbl

» playlist | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10 | 11

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parting is such sweet sorrow


Day Two - Reunited

3,533 words

Fluff (mostly)/Slight Angst



After a painful year and a half, Jumin Han and Jihyun Kim finally had a break to come and see each other again. They had four days and three nights together. Both intended to make full use of them, even if it meant that they would draw their own silent conclusions about each other, for better or worse.

The scary story was taken from Sakura/Azura’s supports in Fire Emblem: Fates if you know what they are because I suck at telling scary stories.

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I Got A Sister For My Seventh Birthday

I was an only child. The apple of my parents’ eyes, a princess who could do no wrong. So when my parents told me they had a surprise for my seventh birthday, I was ecstatic and lost sleep thinking about what it could be. A new Lego play set? The doll I’d seen at the toy store? A pony?! The possibilities were endless! When the morning of my birthday arrived, I leapt from my bed and charged full tilt downstairs, where my mother was sitting at the kitchen table with her morning cup of coffee. A quick scan of the room didn’t reveal anything out of the ordinary and immediately my stomach sank with disappointment. I clambered into the chair beside her and leaned forward across the table so that my face was in her’s.

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Marriage With Benefits

Summary:  Fake Relationship AU - When Dan and Phil discover their landlord wants them married or out of the apartment, the two decide to get fake married to avoid the pressures of moving and keep the apartment. However, when the benefits that come with being a married couple integrate into Dan and Phil’s lives, old feelings, that were once buried, are dug up again.

Word Count: 8,471

Dan sighed, “He told me…” he paused before continuing, “He told me that if you and I wanted to continue living in this apartment we had to be in a committed relationship.” Dan stared at Phil

Phil looked at Dan confused, “He does know we’ve known each other for almost 7 years right?”

“That-That’s not what he’s talking about Phil. He wants us to be married. Either that or on our way to it.” Dan’s eyes locked with Phil’s for a moment before Dan looked away.

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Okay but like

They have fucking lived together for like 6 years or something. Like, they literally share a house and a kitchen and a lounge and they eat at the same table every night and they chill on the same couch everyday and they use the same wifi and the same tv and fridge and toilet and shower and their bedrooms are literally directly next to each other and they can probably hear each other hum and sneeze and yawn and they basically spend like 85% of every day together and they just got back from a tour where they literally spent every waking moment TOGETHER and they shared hotel rooms and had 0 time off from each other and yet they STILL FUCKING FACETIME AND SHIT WHEN PHIL IS VISITING HIS PARENTS FOR LIKE 1 DAY I MEAN I GET THAT THEY’RE BEST FRIENDS BUT LIKE WHAT. I WANT A FRIENDSHIP LIKE THAT OMG THEY ARE SO ADDICTED TO EACH OTHER LIKE THEY ARE SUPREME BESTIES OMFG. DADS CALM  DOWN. Sorry I’m just a little overwhelmed I’ll calm down. (btw I’m referring to Dan’s domestic ass instagram story if you haven’ watched it than brace yourself.)

Oli Sykes: Let’s Keep it a Secret


Warnings: Smut, masturbation, fluff, bruises.

Word Count: 1149

Featuring: Oli Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon

Your name: submit [Insert your name here to change the fic!]

A/N: This may be the most detailed request I’ve ever received and it’s wonderful. Thank you so much, anon. Sorry it took so long to get out. I’ve been busy with shit. All I have are excuses. Whatever, here’s your sexy stuff. I changed it a little bit though.

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fluff friday “roommates” [madasakuobi]

this jaunt was inspired by @multicream‘s lovely comic. seriously, check her art out, it’s fantastic!

I need to write more poly pairings, it’s a lot of fun!

Sakura swung the door to her new apartment open, exhaustion hanging over her. The hospital was overrun following the war and Sakura was coming off of a double shift that left her drained. Still, it was a good sort of drained, an accomplished sort of drained.

She was an internationally acclaimed medic, a war hero, and a member of the up-and-coming new trio of Sannin.

All-in-all, she was quite talented in her own right, yet dread lingered over her like a cloud.


Well, her two roommates.

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anonymous asked:

(Oneshots, please!) fem! s/o just lounging around until their lover comes over and starts using their boobs as a pillow. (Junkrat, Genji, and Lucio)


Junkrat’s s/o was just lying on the floor of the living room with the TV on. The TV was just on a random channel that looked mildly interesting, it was that period of the day where there was nothing interesting on. So she wasn’t paying much attention anyway.

Junkrat had just been tinkering with his bombs and his frag launcher when he came in to see his s/o laying there. He was covered in soot and smelled like gun powder. Junkrat let out his signature giggle and jump down to lay his head on her chest. His s/o had not expected this so she let out a squeak of surprise.

“You could’ve given me a heart attack Junkrat!”

He grinned, “But you didn’t.”

She rolled her eyes at him and then she patted his head. She turned her head back to the TV to see if the show got any more interesting. It didn’t. She took a deep breath in from lounging for so long and when she did she noticed something. Junkrat was probably just playing with his bombs, so he smelled of gun powder and dirt from blowing things up.

“Ewww. Junkrat, you smell! Go shower, you’re gonna get soot all over me!”

He let out his signature laugh, “Too late for that, love.”

He pointed down at her clothes, she was covered in dirt and soot! You could clearly see an imprint of his face with a smile, it looked like a design on the shirt. She gave an exasperated sigh, she loved this shirt, but oh well. She just accepted it and when he noticed, he gave a grin and laid his face back on her chest. She could feel his smile.


Genji had just gotten back from meditating with Zenyatta and saw that his s/o was outside on a picnic blanket with her sketchbook. He thought she looked so beautiful sitting there surrounded by the cherry blossoms. He saw that she was sketching the scenery, so he decided to mess with her.

While she was looking at her sketchbook, Genji used his ninja skills to quietly sneak in front of her. He laid down on his side and used his arm to prop up his head. When she looked up, she let out a squeak because she was not expecting him to be there. He chuckled.

“Paint me like one of your French girls.”

You can’t see it, but he winked at her. She knew him long enough that she could practically see the wink and she rolled her eyes. He was so silly and she loved that about him. She reached over to remove his visor, she had always loved looking at his eyes. She traced all the scars on his face, he leaned into her touch. After being together for so long, he felt comfortable enough to be around her without his visor.

“I love you, Genji.”

He smile and gave her an ‘I love you’ back. Although meditating with Zenyatta was very relaxing, he found this more relaxing and could feel his eyes getting a bit heavier. His s/o noticed and suggested a nap. So she laid back waiting for him to lay next to her. Instead he surprised her, once again, by laying his head on her chest instead. That was one of the best naps he ever had.


“S/o! S/o where are you?”

Lucio had been working on his new album and he wanted to take a much needed break so that his brain doesn’t get fried from staring at the screen for too long. So he decided to go visit his cute s/o for some cuddle time and he was starting to miss her.

When he arrived at the house, he couldn’t find her anywhere. He had checked the kitchen, the bedroom, the living room, he even checked the bathroom! He was getting a little worried until he heard rustling coming from the attic.

“I’m up here!”

That was odd. Maybe she was cleaning. He made his way into the attic, and when he got up there, he saw his s/o laying on a bunch of pillows and blankets. The room was lit up with fairy lights and there was a cute little lantern. She had a book in her hands, her finger in the middle of the closed book to keep track of her place. He was amazed, when he had been up there before, it was just a mess and now it looked like a great reading nook.

“When did you do all this?”

“The past week, since you’ve been so busy I thought I’d make a place for you to come and relax! I was going to call you over, but I started reading my book, so…”

Lucio chucked. She was such a thoughtful person, it made his heart swell. Since the spot was made for him he would make the most of it. Right now. He quickly made his way over and hugged her with his head on her chest.

“You’re perfect.”

His s/o giggled, and she patted his head. The rest of the evening was spent with him holding her and using her chest as a pillow, while she read to him. His friends called several times because he was supposed to come back to work on the album, but he never came back. He would rather be here instead of working anyway.