but not the last ryan spam

sometimes i like to entertain myself by imagining how ryan would be on twitter:

  • only logs on every 65 days or so
  • his default picture is his wedding photo
  • his description just says, “i like to travel and act”
  • first tweet: “the team got me to make twitter x i’m happy to be here for fans x looking forward to a great year with all of you x robert sugden”
  • likes all of John Bowe, Louise Marwood, Adam Fielding’s tweets
  • replies to every fan with “honour and privilege to have your support x robert” even if they tweeted the twitter equivalent of junk mail
  • retweets film reviews
  • replies to spam accounts w/o realizing they’re spam
  • sees a fan tweet him “hi dad!!” and replies with “??? x ryan”
  • during episodes, he’d livetweet like “hi x what an episode! x was great to film with danny x”
  • the only photo he ever tweets in the entire timespan of his twitter is a low quality photo of tommy hawley eating dog kibble
  • occasionally refers to what daisy tells him, ie “daisy tells me the fans loved last week’s stuff x glad to hear it x what an honour x ryan”