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Post-Season One Character Analysis: Garnet

The strong, silent, mysterious, stoic type, Garnet hasn’t had that much in the way of character development this season – that is, not until the very end. Garnet isn’t a great conversationalist, but she has slowly started to open up, and to Steven in particular. She’s always the first to support Steven when the others (notably Pearl) think he’s out of his depth – “Monster Buddies” and “Marble Madness” immediately spring to mind, as well as Alone Together. 

However, this lends its way to some situations where she has trouble saying “no,” which may present some problems later on. She can’t always give Steven everything he wants - he may be maturing, but he’s still just a kid.

“Garnet’s Universe” revealed that Garnet had never explicitly told Steven she loved him – something that’s, for the most part, been resolved as of “Jailbreak.” It’s clear Steven knows that Garnet loves him, but she hadn’t had the “strength” to tell him so herself, which is indicative of an issue Garnet tends to express – while she may be the literal embodiment of love, she has trouble expressing her feelings and engaging with her team and family, and rarely lowers her defenses. She far from excels in social situations.

She’s a “punch first, ask questions later” type. She solves her issues by taking action; “I thought violence would be the answer.” Luckily, Garnet believes in Steven, whose methods are the exact opposite - compassion, patience, and giving people a chance. Garnet’s already starting to refer to Steven on these matters more and more, but I suspect we’ll see his techniques rub off on her, too.

Garnet didn’t choose to be a leader - she had that responsibility thrust upon her when Rose decided to up and off herself. She wasn’t ready for this role, and that’s come across a few times. She’s starting to situate herself as the leader of the group, though - she’s becoming more diplomatic, delegating more to the others, and making quick, thoughtful decisions. I think Steven will end up taking over the role of leader, or perhaps they’ll decide to work more as a team without anyone necessarily in charge, but for now Garnet is doing a fantastic job with what’s she’s been given.

And of course, the big reveal: Garnet is a fusion, and not only that, but a fusion of love. And while I’d love to take a moment to analyse Ruby and Sapphire, anything I could say here I’ve already said before. Hopefully I’ll have more to go on for these two lovebirds by the end of season two!

I love the way that Garnet’s reveal was handled. We spent an entire season getting to know Garnet as her own character, her own person. Whether or not you picked up on the clues along the way, and whether or not you theorized that Garnet was a fusion, and whether she did end up being a fusion or not, Garnet was and is her own character. Ruby and Sapphire are not Garnet; Garnet is not Ruby and Sapphire; she is her own person. 

It’s likely that Garnet decided to side with the Crystal Gems since it’s unlikely she would have been able to stay fused as Garnet back on Homeworld - according to several comments made by Jasper, it’s apparently frowned up and seen as deviant. The implications of this, along with the fact that Garnet clearly represents a gay relationship, has me very interested to see where this goes and how things are handled.

One thing that puzzles me is why exactly Garnet waited so long to come out to Steven about Ruby and Sapphire - after all, both she and Steven are, in essence, fusions of love.

sassyeggs74  asked:

Much of the fan debate on what happens in the final two books centers on which theories are supported by the narrative and which are not. In your opinion, are there any events in the first five books that WEREN'T really supported by the narrative? Anything at all that made you think 'that doesn't really work' even if you eventually changed your mind?

…not really? I’m trying to think over all the various events of the books, and there’s nothing that really comes to mind?

Like, okay. When I first read the books, I read them fast. My brother had gotten them from the library, and as soon as he finished he passed them to me, and as soon as I finished I passed them to my other brother. So I went through AGOT-AFFC extremely quickly, in less than two weeks, and it was pretty much a rollercoaster ride of events. I didn’t have time to analyze anything. Then afterwards, the w.org FAQ answered the few questions I had, and the w.org forums were so deeply unimpressive that I didn’t bother engaging with the fandom or in any further analysis of the narrative. (Short of discussing the books sometimes with my brothers, once at a meetup-con, and once briefly on fandom_wank, uh probably during the Diana Galbadon “fanfic is like white slavery” wank ‘cos IIRC GRRM had his Usual Opinions in that one.)

However, on my reread before ADWD was released, that’s when I read slowly and in depth. And because I’d already read the books, I could see where GRRM had steadily built up events in the narrative, leaving little clues, pulling plot threads together, so that even supposed “twists” were usually telegraphed far in advance. Which is in fact GRRM’s preferred mode, because he says doing otherwise would be bad writing. And he’s not a bad writer. A gardener-writer, in that often plots and characters grow organically, not exactly where he thought they would go, but when something like that happens he always makes sure to go back and support it. Y’know he doesn’t write one chapter and then the next and then the next, right? Instead he’ll work on one POV for a while, and if something happens in that POV that requires support/changes in another POV, he has to go back and rewrite the pages of that POV he’s already written. Which is one reason his writing takes so damn long.

Anyway, so, I can’t think of anything I ever thought didn’t really work? Sure, there are characters whose development doesn’t always work for me (Euron and Darkstar, maybe a few others), but not any plot developments. (And for those characters, it’s not their relationship to the plot that I’ve rolled my eyes at.) Like, the other day @poorquentyn was talking on twitter about various twists, and the only one he thought wasn’t well supported was the resolution to the Bran’s assassin mystery. And even that one, we knew from the beginning it wasn’t Tyrion due to (among other things) the bit with the betting on Jaime, and still, the answer that it was Joffrey who hired the catspaw is developed over several chapters of ASOS. (I think it’s possible GRRM originally had someone else in mind, though, maybe Robert due to his ownership of the dagger? And maybe Robert’s character developed otherwise? But you can still see a sense of it in that Robert was the one who said (while drunk) that Bran should be put out of his misery, he’d just never actually do that, but Joff would to impress his dad.)

But in general, I’ve always been impressed by GRRM’s patient plotting. Murderous little Big Walder, how Raff the Sweetling ended up in Braavos (which is how I figured it out before it happened, not by guessing, just by putting the pieces together), Jon’s assassination, all the everything leading up to the Red Wedding… you name it, there’s always clues and reasons for plot developments. (Which doesn’t necessarily mean everything is a clue. Sometimes the Three Stooges are just the Three Stooges.) And I find GRRM’s foreshadowing often facepalmingly entertaining. But maybe I’ve overlooked something. If there’s any plot event that you feel (or anyone else feels) wasn’t supported by the previous narrative, let me know, and I’ll tell you how GRRM got from Point A to Point Z. :)

I’m sure the school staff must have some interesting conversations they share in the teachers’ lounge. 

“How was Hawaii?”

“Aside from the lack of my teacher’s desk, it was great! I don’t know if you’d like it though with your skin condition though. I know how you feel about the sun.”

“Eh. Sunny beaches aren’t really my thing. I much prefer high, mysterious mountains with dark castles that hold terrible secrets. You know, the sort out of horror movies.”

“What crazy things did the students do when I was gone?” 

“I overheard the students talking about sentient blobs and wormholes in deep space. That, and Principal Milder has placed an order for new fire extinguishers for the lab.” 

“I knew I forgot to warn the substitute about those sorts of things. But my desk was okay right?” 

“Your desk is unharmed. Though I have to wonder about the wooden stakes.”

“Wooden stakes? They didn’t hurt you did they?” 

Headcanon that sometimes even the staff wonders if Drako is a vampire.

@rosemoonweaver said: dude!!! yes!!! we need to keep dhj forever and ever. and ketch is just sooo…. i don’t have words. i haven’t felt this strongly about a villain on spn since… well idk. he’s so compelling

Right? Definitely!

And yes, it’s been a long time since one of the villians sparked my interest like this. Compelling for sure! What draws me in is the fact that we don’t know so much about him. The whole mystery vibe combined with a lot of arrogance, class, and I’m sold. Just like that. 

And, honestly, I’m a bit on the edge about labelling him as a villain. I mean, I know he kills when he’s told to (and I’ll always be bitter about Magda), BUT seeing what ways they have to deal with rogue hunters (which he would probably be considered as if he were to decline killing), it doesn’t surprise me he followed that order. Seriously. 

Also, he reminds me quite a bit of the way boys were acting at the very beginning. Shoot first, ask later. Every monster’s a monster, and that’s it.

Okay, I’m gonna stop now, ‘cause I’ll never end. Too many ideas! (And it’s partly @justanothersaltandburn‘s fault I have so many thoughts about Ketch, just saying!)

I find right-wing guys to be more attractive, because they’re more illicit / evil / forbidden / militaristic / alpha.  I only hook up with Republicans or Libertarians.

I guess I see leftists as evil too, but in a predictable, gross way, because I know them all too well. Leftists are a perpetual samsara of half-night stand threeways in a sloppy, very loose, very big vagina…been there, done that, and what a squidfuck that was.  The considerably repressed right-wing mind is a much greater mystery at this point. The Republican party is just so masc-4-masc, so oriented around fidelity and filial love, and hopefully it stays that way.

I’ll bet he’s got some dark, hairy pits under that suit.  He must be unconfortable in that tight shirt and tie.  He looks like he needs a bottle of wine, a dimly lit mancave, and a bassy stereo system blasting Zeppelin or the Dead.

Okay but can we like

Can we just talk about how much of an absolute SWEETHEART Arthur is?

The dude goes through however many sleepless nights to find a friend that he might not even know is dead.

He comforts another friend when he doesn’t have to, even if he’s scared to the point of having traumatic flashbacks of said friend

He does everything he can to make sure his friends are safe even at the cost of his own health

Just…….Arthur bby. You are too good for this world

Tropes that are totally overused and cheesy that I can’t get enough of:

-everyone, even all the nameless crowd people, pulling together to overcome huge, seemingly impossible to fight threat, forgetting all their past conflicts to achieve one common goal while epic music plays in the background