but not that hot since she's all whiny

The Great Plan

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This is for @curliesallovertheplace​ Curlies Celebration Challenge. I chose the prompt ‘What if Dean wants to end things with his significant other’.

Characters: Y/n, Dean, Sam, OC Annabelle 


Warnings: Mainly fluff, cheating?? It’s not proper cheating, but…I don’t know, more fluff. Basically it’s a load of fluff with the teeniest bit of angst, but it doesn’t last. 

Word Count: 1481

Summary: Dean and Y/n come up with a plan to get rid of a certain someone, who isn’t wanted, but doesn’t get the message.

A/N: Ok, so just some fluff for y’all. Not much else. Hope u like it!!

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He was sick of her, to be honest. 

Sick of all of it. 

She was annoying.




Fuck. He had no idea why he was with her in the first place.

Sure, she was hot. 

That was the initial attraction.

But for some reason, she never got the hint and continued coming back.

She even followed him to the bunker. And ever since then, she’d practically moved in.

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The Third Wheel

The first time Dean went on a date with Cas, Meg tagged along.  And being the impossibly nice guy that he is, Cas wouldn’t tell Meg to buzz off.  But, it was just a trip to the arcade, and Meg was much better at the driving games than Cas, so it wasn’t so bad having some real competition.  They pooled all their tickets together at the end of the night and Meg got a cheap necklace with an angel pendant that turned her skin green, Dean got a rainbow slinky that unkinked after three uses, and Castiel got a small stuffed cartoony bee that still sat on his desk next to his laptop at home.

The second time Meg went on a date with Cas, Dean butted in his stupid, crooked nose.  They’d gone ice skating, and Dean was the one who had gotten them the discount on skates since his hockey team regularly used the rink, so she supposed she couldn’t really complain that he’d hung out with them.  But seriously, couldn’t the guy take a hint?  When she’d held Cas’ hand and asked him to help keep her steady, Dean had reached for Cas’ other hand and said that since he was the better skater, he’d help them all.  She’d had more fun than she thought she would on an ice skating date with a third wheel, but that was beside the point.  Cas kept the novelty mug the three of them had gotten their giant hot chocolate in and set his stuffed bee in it next to his laptop.

The third time Dean went on a date with Cas, Meg was there with her whiny, totally not sexy voice complaining that Dean should go find somewhere else to sit in the movie theater.  Dean pointed out that it was a freaking drive-in theater and they were using his car.  She’d rolled her eyes and told him they were out of popcorn.  They were, but he refused to leave her alone with Cas for even five minutes.  Who knows what she might do.  Cas kept the ticket stub from the movie and propped it up in the bee’s arms where it sat in the mug next to his laptop.

The fourth time Meg went on a date with Cas, Dean Winchester was seriously on her last nerve.  Cas had suggested they take a hike in the woods and Winchester’s stupid peanut M&M’s was why they wound up huddling anxiously in a deer stand twenty feet off the ground while a small black bear snuffled through the ground looking for any candy he had missed.  While they waited, Cas made a small circlet out of moss and dried leaves.  When they were finally able to climb down and run home, Castiel put the circlet like a crown around the bee’s head.

The fifth time Dean and Meg attempted to go on a date with Cas, there was a reckoning on the Novaks’ doorstep.  Castiel eventually got them to shut up and come inside so that they could at least fight in his bedroom rather than on his front porch where everybody could see and most definitely hear them.  Castiel sat them down on his bed, drew up the chair from his desk, and sat in front of them.  He clasped his hands in his lap.

“Now, can you two tell me what the problem is?”

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spn fantasy series - 5/?

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requested by queentrickster: greek goddess!bela/norse goddess!abaddon

Once every 150 years, when the Watcher calls upon a truce, all the Gods, demigods, Titans and divine creatures on Earth must gather in a secret place for three weeks of negotiations (which pretty much means drinking contests, feasts, and orgies).

Abaddon is bored with all this. She would rather stay in her palace and trigger wars all day, especially since Kali, the only one of her peers she can tolerate, is infatuated with some lowlife trickster and seems to have forgotten her existence completely.

Then she meets Bela, Zeus’ latest spawn (and that’s a story she doesn’t want to know). She usually tries to steer clear from Greek deities. They are a bunch of whiny, noisy brats with no sense of conventions whatsoever.

But Bela is different, and pretty fucking hot (and Abaddon is the goddess of fire as well as war, she knows hot). Maybe these three weeks won’t be a complete waste, after all.

Ok, Summa Y'all Done Ticked Off Grandma

Sooo … To all you supposed @taylorswift fans on here bitching your self-righteous heads off (anonymously, natch) about your own narrow-ass ideas of what Taylor A. Swift - aka A Real, Live, Adult, American Woman, NOT Your Personal Home-Grown Intracranial Taylogram-o-Rama - SHOULD have said/done re: WHATTHEHELLEVER sociopolitical issue you’ve decided is too anemic to make it without a Tayransfusion of just-right lyrical wisdom from our favorite singer/songwriter in the whom wide world, I have a message for you:
Girl the hell up.
Grow the hell up.

🔹Please, please, please take a look around you with your actual mind and heart and eyes open and SEE what’s going on.
🔹This isn’t whine-for-likes kinda stressful times, people; this is a-delusional-Aryanesque-madman-is-USA’s-Commander-in-Chief kinda dangerous times.
🔹How many times - and I’m truly asking - has Taylor Swift openly weighed in on a red-hot-button issue as unequivocally as she did in her tweet today? Has she EVER done anything AT ALL like this before????? I don’t know of any time she has, and I’ve been as consumed as the next Taylor-addict for months now.
🔹Whatever is happening today is earth-shattering enough to our Taylor for her to break out of VERY rigid patterns of what she is and is not willing to say to the world about how she feels.
🔹We all need to STOP this whiny-ass finger-pointing, since it’s exactly that kind of responsibility-dodging mindset that’s landed us here anyway.
🔹Taylor blasted out of her box by posting that tweet. I still can’t believe she did it. She absolutely did not have to, and I’m practically certain it was a major act of courage for her to send it out. What it looks like to me is that Taylor answered her own heart about what to do today, and she girled the hell up.