but not that high


decided to upload them all together ^^ 

High lords of Prythian from a court of thorns and roses series by @sjmaas 

Rhysand (night court)

Helion (day court)

Thesan (dawn court)

Tamlin (spring court)

Tarquin (summer court)

Beron (autumn court)

Kallias (winter court) 

fuck the concept art

the concept art book has made the Overwatch fandom literal cancer

People being all like ‘i want my sweet sensitive black character who’s probably gay’

Have y'all met Lucio or do you just forget he exists???? Overwatch is so rich with different cultures and characters but you’re so focussed on what one white character could have been you’re forgetting characters that already exist.

Personally I love Mercy - as a white Brit I find it really refreshing to hear her speaking German rather than just being standard American! (Or the horrific British stereotype they forced on Tracer lmao sorry Tracer mains)

But the main point of this post is the culture and strong characters already in the game -we’ve got Doomfist, an activist, a fighter, incredibly intelligent and most importantly a leader but you want soft and sensitive? One word: Lucio

This sweet boy doesn’t get anywhere near enough attention - he’s a strong role model, a sports icon, a musician and most importantly: a healer.