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I don’t want to bring in the violins, but we all came from hardship. All of us except for George lost someone. I lost my mum when I was 14. John lost his mum. But Ringo had it worst. His father was gone; he was so sick they told his mum he wasn’t going to live. Imagine making up your life from that, in that environment. No family, no school. He had to invent himself. We all had to come up with a shield, but Ringo came up with the strongest shield.
—  Paul McCartney

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My friend sent me a lot of screenshots of AoKise whenever they appear in the KnB game Mirai he Kizuna 3DS. Unfortunately, they're all in Japanese and I don't understand a single word. I really want to know what the conversations were about (well, thanks to your post that i knew Kise did made onigiri for Aomine in the game > v < ). Can you translate them or do you know anybody who can translate Japanese?

Is it really the Mirai e no Kizuna game, or is it the mobile game? Because the one with Kise offering onigiri to Aominecchi was from the Cross-Colors game if I’m not mistaken! But the one your friend is playing could be Mirai e no Kizuna though if your friend plays on the 3DS!

It could be either one because AoKi have always been gross in most of the games anyway so //3// 

If it were Mirai he no Kizuna game, I only know of one scene that has been translated here, and yes it is very heavy with the AoKi (at least through my eyes LOL they’re an old married couple).

But OTL I’m sorry, I would love to translate for you if only my Japanese level isn’t so limited ORZ I barely know the basic so I don’t think I can help you with translating the thing! ;3; 

I can tag this post under the AoKi tag though, and see if anyone would be willing to translate or summarize some of the AoKi scenes from the game! I would redirect you to the person if anyone respond, mmkay? 

But right now, I don’t have any say in this because while I do know some people who are capable of understanding Japanese in the AoKi fandom, they might be not available and/or busy in real life at this moment too, so we can just wait for the willing one, okay? ;3; 

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Ringo should know, the British government has touched plenty of his ca$h (and most assuredly turned it into crap). I just finished reading Pete Townshend’s memoir. When the Who finally started to make real money in the late ‘70s, they were terrified to make too much due to the exorbitant tax rates in Britain. At that time, lawyers who specialized in sheltering earnings for British artists started popping up; they were quite busy. Keith Moon, drummer of the Who, fled Britain to live in Malibu partially to improve his tax situation. Pete considered doing to same, for the same reasons.

Oh yea, and taxation is theft.