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the road to pyeongchang 2018, pt. 1 

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Can I get some clingy reddie headcanons? (Idk I've just always pictured Eddie as the cute kind of clingy bf)

Eddie is definitely the cute/clingy bf. That’s my head canon. Doesn’t mean I don’t like a good role reversal though, ya feel? 

Eddie waiting at the kitchen table near the home phone because Richie said he was going to call at 8pm and it’s 8:02pm and his heart is fluttering. 

Eddie wearing Richie’s varsity jacket to all of the football games to show off because being Richie’s boyfriend makes him the happiest boy in the world (the jacket doesn’t have anything on it… people assume Richie stole it but he really got the jacket for making honor role every single year since he was 5).

Richie loving how the varsity jacket literally devours Eddie because even as they age Eddie remains smaller and shorter than him. It makes Richie blush when Eddie wears it.

Eddie leaving roses on Richie’s bike handle bars. Eddie leaving roses on Richie’s bike handle bars.

Richie having to tell Eddie that he needs to go home while Richie eats dinner with his family but instead Eddie waits outside on the stoop and Richie sees him and eats as fast as he can so he can run out to the shorter boy and tackle him into the grass.



[Image: Three gifs from AfterTrek. Sonequa Martin-Green and Michelle Yeoh sit side by side. In the first gif, they applaud. In the second gif, Michelle wags her finger and Sonequa makes a face. In the third gif, they hug.]

Imagine Oliver finding Felicity on the island. 

He catches a glimpse of gold in the distance and for a second he thinks he’s imagining things. His heart clogs his throat and he stops breathing, trepidation flooding his veins… but then she moves, and he sees her. And it’s not just her, it’s everyone. The happiness and relief that slams into him nearly knocks him over, but the way it all focuses on Felicity is damn near staggering. He shouts her name and her head whips towards him. Time freezes… but then suddenly it’s racing and they’re running toward each other. Felicity hadn’t known where he was, if he’d survived, if Chase had gotten to him first, and Oliver, god, he thought they were all dead. That hadn’t stopped him from scouring every damn inch of the burnt landscape that was Lian Yu now, not willing to rest until he knew. And now he does. 

They finally reach other and Felicity practically tackles him as he tries to catch her. But she’s injured and he’s going on about two hours of sleep over the last week and they fall to the ground in a mess of limbs. They barely notice, talking over each other, hugging each other, trying to kiss… Her lip is bruised and split open, though, and she keeps catching his lip with her teeth. It’s horribly painful and awkward, but it’s so ridiculously amazing at the same time that they start laughing. It’s as much relief as it is wonder as disbelief.

Felicity proposes, right there.

“I don’t want to lose you again,” she whispers. “I don’t want to waste anymore time. Will you marry me?”

Oliver barely gets the word ‘yes’ out before he’s kissing her, and this time it’s perfect, neither of them feeling anything but the joy of finding each other again.