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Oh I wonder why Akari cried? She had a long talk with Kazu there but it felt gloomy after that. It really irks me if there's a misunderstanding (especially if it makes the situation worse). But I guess, on a positive side, it makes the story more meaningful especially after the problem is resolved. And the hug between Yuna and Rio, it's not a dream anymore! I'm so happy for both of them especially for Yuna! It may not go smoothly for them but at least, they're having a progress ^^

Akari cried because she told Kazu not care much about what she said at the festival and to forget it. She won’t trouble him anymore T_T

Akari and Kazu’s part was really painful to read. You can see by Kazu’s expression that he’s hurt as well. And Akari crying. T_T

This chapter was too much for me….

But the Yuna and Rio moments were really cute, at least *-*  But that ending…

Before I listened to the podcast with Paul Amos about Syndicate, I always thought that Jacob yelled “Father is dead” at Evie on the train in the last sequence because he was sad and angry about that loss, that he expressed his anger about the continuous mentioning of Ethan by her when it’s of no use anymore. But now I guess the scene has a different meaning. His father had never really understood Jacob, showed him little to no appreciation and encouragement because of their different views. Jacob got all of that from Roth, whom he had to kill only just before that scene. So when he shouts at Evie, it’s because he’s tired of hearing about their father when he was never really there for him anyway, when he got to know what it’s like to be appreciated but then losing that bond again (not that he saw Roth as a father figure, but that’s not the point). Jacob wants to show Evie that their father has forsaken both of them, even his precious little daughter. That he’s dead, and what he said doesn’t matter anything at all to him. That scene already got me the first time, but now with this deeper understanding of Jacob’s and Ethan’s past, it really gives me chills

No thank you for the queerbaiting, teen wolf, it’s not going to make me watch the show anymore. But I will take the gifset and squeal over it and talk about it and Sterek until i’m blue in the face, cause Sterek is what I only mostly care about now anyway. 

My thoughts on SPN episode 11x22: 

  • So. First and foremost. WHAT ABOUT CAS!?!?!?!!!!!??????
  • Lucifer is being such a little bitch LOL
  • Basically Lucifer is in angsty teenager LOVE IT.
  • Oh. So. I guess Lucifer really is God’s fave and Cas… isn’t? Or is Cas even in this show anymore??? Cuz they haven’t mentioned him despite having his vessel in their hands…
  • Did they legit just dismiss saving Cas in less than five seconds? Like. WHAT. WHAAAAAAT!?!?!!!
  • So now Lucifer is USING Castiel to gain power. UGH. I AM SO SAD I CANNOT. 
  • Ah yes. Another season ending where people just break into the bunker. The show’s biggest loophole. 
  • Sam’s gonna take the mark? Hmm. This seems like a bad plan. 
  • You punch those demons, Amara. Punch ‘em back to hell. 
  • I kinda feel like Amara is faking this weakness. 
  • Dean. Don’t do something stupid. I can tell you want to. Just don’t. 
  • Sooooo she just burnt out Lucifer, right? RIGHT!?!?!?!!!
  • God is dead. That makes sense. Cas never got to meet his dad :( 

In conclusion: Remember when Cas used to be a part of the show? Those were the days. 

  • <p> <b>me:</b> wendy's ok i guess. she's kind of annoying & whiny & kinda overhyped but whatever. plus i feel like she never uses her healing magic anymore or the wound is always "too much" for her to deal with. she's really not even <i>that</i> strong so i just don't see the--<p/><b><p></b> <p/><b>wendy:</b> *saves juvia*<p/><b><p></b> <p/><b>me:</b> did you just say THE wendy marvell?!?!? you mean one of the best characters in existence in all of anime/manga ever??!!! she is so pure, so cute, so sweet, but can lowkey fuck you up!!!!!!!! no one can match her skills!! i love her determination to protect the guild like honestly when will your fav ever???? if you fuck with her, you fuck with me!!!! she is my queen, my goddess, my EVERYTHING<p/></p>

now that we’ve got the start of a possible PAIN FILLED AMETHYST ARC…. i’m really worried about what’s to come when bismuth finally resurfaces, and if our purple puma’s going to feel as if she isnt needed in the group anymore seeing as one of the original crystal gems is back for whatever reason. i guess we’ll see on thursday…….. but i’m really hoping someone can be there for amethyst during this time of feeling unnecessary to those who obviously need her…..

though i’m hoping next time she crosses paths with japser, amethyst shows her whats good because holy shit jasper needs a necessary beat down 

sooner than later

Kyoukai no Kanata Movie Summary

Okay, here’s the promised summary of the movie. There are some parts that I don’t remember anymore, so I apologize in advance for that. This is a big spoiler, I guess, so read at your own risk.

Kyoukai no Kanata Mirai Hen

The movie starts with the Literature club classroom. Mitsuki puts a lot of bonsai near the window. Akihito comes in and starts reading, and sadly looks at all the bonsai. Then there’s a flashback to the end of the series how he saw Mirai on the roof. He told her that he really likes the ‘megane bishoujo’ or something along those lines (watch thr last ep of the series), and she asks him who he is. Bewildered Akihito falls on his knees and starts crying. End of flashback. Akihito thinks that it’s the price Mirai had to pay for basically putting kyoukai no kanata back inside him.

Hiroomi has graduated and apparently has become some sort of the head of clan and now he looks after the youmu in the city as well as searching for his sister Izumi who disappeared after her battle with Miroku. He now wears a suit, a scarf and a coat, and drives a car.

Mirai seems to have become a completely normal girl. She’s shy but wants to make friends, and even makes an album of the things she likes - shoes, plushies, etc. She’s still hanging out with Sakura. Sakura drags her around variousschool clubs making her choose one. On the other hand, Akihito now completely ignores her because he thinks that it’s all for the better and she’s better off without getting her memories back and without being with him. However, after their meeting on the roof Mirai becomes attracted to Akihito to the points she keeps on running after him and pestering him to tell her about what kind of relationship they had and any other info she should know about herself. However, Akihito is very cold towards her. In fact, every time they meet he makes a really hurt face, and in this movie he cries A LOT. So does Mirai, but I was surprised to see Akihito cry so much. He basically cries almost everytime Mirai approaches him.

There’s a separate scene with Hiroomi and that strong woman (Forgot her name, she punches all the youmu) pursuing a youmu but he runs away. It’s some black shapeshifting youmu.

After that it attacks Mirai and Sakura on their way home. Some things happen, Mirai flies into the air, Akihito catches her and they land in a funny position. Then Hiroomi and Mitsuki come. Mirai demands to tell her the truth. Akihito turns his back on her with a hurt look on his face once again, and Hiroomi steps in and says that Akihito is just a very big megane pervert, nothing more. Oh and the person in a black cloak that controlled that youmu asked Mirai if she wanted to learn who she was before everyone arrived.

Mirai understands that they’re hiding something, and decides to enter Literature club although Sakura is against it. But Mitsuki and Hiroomi think Akihito should face her and tell her about his feelings, because even he thinks she’d be happy without knowing, the person herself might not be of the same opinion.

Mitsuki accepts Mirai’s application, and when Akihito enters the clubroom and sees Mirai he gets really angry. He and Mitsuki talk outside and Mitsuki tells him once again to face Mirai. Mirai ovehears part of the conversation, and later asks Mitsuki if it’s something she did. Mitsuki says that it’s not her fault.

Honestly speaking, I don’t quite rememeber what happens here, but I’m sure nothing special, because otherwise I’d remember it.

Hiroomi also comes to Ayaka-san’s place for info about the youmu. They have a conversation, and basically Ayaka looks down on him a bit, because Hiroomi’s the head of the clan now but he’s a weakling, and everyone expects a lot from him, incuding her but it seems that he’s still just a kid, afterall. It seems to hit the nail as Hiroomi leaves with a sad look on his face.

I don’t quite remember when but Mirai realizes that she has power to contorl her blood. Of course she’s scared and anxious. But then one day, Akihito finally listen to Mitsuki and asks Mirai out. They have dinner and then walk, when Mirai sees sakura and says that it’s very beautiful. Then they switch the topic back to her lost memories again. (btw, forgot to mention, Mirai asks Mitsuki if she’s dating Akihito, and asks Akihito once again about that, and he denies it). Akihito turns his back to hear again, and starts crying, she starts crying too. Akihito says that being with him would only bring her unhappiness and pain. Mirai cries and reveals that she know that she can contorl her blood, but Akihito screams at her to stop it. At that moment The same person that controlled youmu attacks them. Akihito runs carrying Mirai in his arms and loses a leg (which grows back rather fast). At that moment Hiroomi comes to their aid and it turns out to be that the cloaked person is Izumi. The thing is that Miroku planted a youmu (The same he had inside him that pink one) inside her long ago, apparently it was an order. And he planted it in himself so that they could become one. So sometime during their that youmu came in contact with Miroku’s youmu, and its influence started growing rapidly. Apparently, Izumi cannot always control herself. Hiroomi figures out it’s her right before he arrives, and he plants a seal on her leg to track her. She escapes. Hiroomi and Akihito walk Mirai to her apartment. Akihito remembers his words that he didn’t think that truth would make Mirai happy, and remembers Mitsuki and Mirai’s words that it wouldn’t. Akihito asks Hiroomi what happiness is to him but unfortunately, I totally forgot what he replied, lol.

Then they leave. Akihito talks to someone (I think it was Mitsuki), and says that he’ll go to Mirai and properly talk to her. At that momnet the scene changes to Mirai’s apartment. The doorbell rings, and it turns out to be Akihito, and he wants to talk. Mirai says one second, so wait outside. At that moment her cellphone rings and it’s the real Akihito asking if she’s free because he wants to come over to talk. At that moment the fake Akihito blows up the door and sends Mirai flying. Real Akihito apparently rushes to Mirai, Meanwhile, it turns out to be that Izumi had a partner - Miroku who’s still alive but looks awful, haldf of his head is bald and covered with horrible scars and he doesn’t have one eye, because the youmu inside him is devouring him little by little. So it even took over his eye. He basically plants the same youmu inside Mirai turning her hair black and says that this youmu brings out the darkest in people.

Miroku tells Mirai everything, about her cursed blood, etc. She somehow sees some of her past memories with mom and stuff. And he tells her that she was born to kill kyoukai no kanata =kill Akihito. Akihito arrives, and unable to control herself Mirai attacks him, and she’s super strong because she has that youmu inside her. Akihito manages to run away while Mitsuki supresses her.

Meanwhile, Hiroomi and Ayaka-san go after Izumi into the woods, but Ayaka-san teleports Hiroomi somewhere else because she says that he won’t be able to kill his sister. Right when he disappears, Izumi appears, and Ayaka-san says “so, let’s begin”.

Meanwhile, Akihito, that strong onee-san (She’s their teacher), Mitsuki and Hiroomi that joined them manage to find the place where Miroku used to hide, but all they find is the empty vessel of his body. After that the screen turns on on its own, and we hear a long monologue by Miroku about the youmu, Izumi, and the whole story behind their youmu, and that if they’re watching it, then he’s dead by now, because youmu devoured him, and the same thing’s gonna happen to Izumi. So apparently he had a sick love for Izumi, and that’s why he implanted a youmu inside himself.

Mirai arrives, and they continue fighting. She starts crying because of all the things like she has to kill him, and the youmu inside her, and so on and so on. But in the end Akihito reminds her that he won’t die if she kills him. They’re in some kind of weird dream, not sure what it was when she stabbed him once again, and he sees her lonely memories of childhood and stuff, and tells her that he chose to live because of Mirai, because she is everything to him, so she should live too. They hug. Akihito tells her that likes her. Then sometime later they hug once again in that dream and Akihito gently pats her head. They seem to wake up, apparently, and super shy about everything.

While they were in that dream, Izumi arrives on top of defeated Ayaka-san in her youmu form. Hiroomi fights her, and screams at her to come back.

So in the end, it is revealed that Izumi turned back to normal and is once again part of the Nase clan. I think there was something else, but nothing important. The very last scene after the titles is Akihito waiting for the train to pass and Mirai joins him. He takes her hand in his. Mirai tells him that she likes him, and he tells her that he likes her too. While saying “Fuyukai desu!” Mirai laughs happily as they go together hand in hand. The end.

P.S. Of course, everyone must have noticed Hiroomi’s new outfit, lol. When Akihito first saw him he asked “Why the hell are you wearing this?” Hiroomi: “What, so you like it? I knew it. I chose it according to your sense [of fashion]”. Akihito: “What kind of sense [of fashion] do you think I have”.

And of course, Hiroomi’s car keys have a keychain with Mitsuki’s photo. His sister complex is also very heavy. But once when  battling Mirai together with Akihito Mitsuki is defeated and is seen crying, Hiroomi steps up and saves her, and she calls him ‘oniichan’ once again.

I think that’s all. The movie was a bit rushed. It’s obvious that it’s an original work, because light novels have a difference structure overall. There are a lot of unanswered questions, like reasons why Nase clan implants youmu into its own clansmen. Why Izumi didn’t kill Miroku. There’s also a lot of crying from Akihito’s side. I adore him, and I felt like crying every time I saw that but I think it was a bit overly dramatic, because the crying part started right from the beginning without any emotional reason for the viewer, so sometimes it was a bit difficult to sympathize with the characters, becuase good half of the movie it’s Akihito turning his back to Mirai, and the second half is him fighting Mirai.

But still, the thing I love the most about the series, and probably one of the main reasons why I love the series so much is the strength of the emotional between Akihito and Mirai. And not as much from Mirai’s side but Akihito’s feelings are so strong and so profound, and it’s not a simple pervertedness, or just love, it’s like, it’s so much more. Normal highschooler shouldn’t be able to feel these kinds of emotions. I love Akihito as a character a lot, although I rarely like main characters.

If anybody knows what real city in Japan Kyoukai no Kanata’s backgrounds are based on, please, let me know! Because today I went to the place where  AnoHana anime was based on!

Please, ask if you have any questions.

3.08 - “Many Heads, One Tail”

!WARNING! This review contains spoilers. If you do not wish to be spoiled the events of the later AOS episode, then do not continue to read this post. You have been warned.

Hey y'all, sorry for the super late post, I’ve just been pretty slammed the last couple of days. But, I’m here now, so let’s begin…

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So….A LOT happened in the episode…Like, I guess Rosalind isn’t evil? Or is she? I honestly don’t know anymore, guys. Really, the whole “you can trust me, but can you really? Of course you can, but can you??” thing is getting pretty tiresome with this show. I mean, it has gotten to the point where I’m not so sure I really care about what they do with Price; I am just so done with the mystery BS. My guess is she may actually be good at the core, but there is a dark side to her, which, she isn’t exactly the only one in AOS with skeletons. Oh well.

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Next, Will (shady) Daniels…So a lot of people have theories stating that Will is Hydra, and honestly, I’m partial to such an accusation. I particularly love what this person said in this post:

Ultimate Will Daniels Is Shady As All Hell Evidence
Alright my friends

here is the whole deal

I was making a huge post but then I fact checked quotes from tonight’s episode and look at this, look at fucking this

Cause I was thinking Will was some innocent dude unwillingly sacrificed and the Will who Jemma knew on the planet was some figment or possession of Hydra’s “leader on the other side” and not the same guy who originally went through (an old theory, revised with new info from tonight’s ep)


Jemma and Fitz, and all of us, and everyone, seems to have been operating on the assumption that people were being sacrificed to the portal, to be “””eaten””” or some nonsense by “Death” on the other side

But what does Gideon Malick say to Ward?

Well, he said a lot of things and they are all equally important but first off:

“Every generation has sent men through the portal hoping to save or at least serve our leader on the other side.”

Men were SENT, not sacrificed. And they were sent with a goal. To bring “IT” back. Or to SERVE “IT”. Not be taken by it, sacrificed to it. To serve “IT”. To bring “IT” back.

This makes more sense with what we saw of the old English dudes round the table too - all part of an ancient Hydra organization, choosing one of their own to go on the other side (supplies in tow) to try to get their leader back, even if it was a reluctant mission, it was an important one.

That means Will would have known.

Because I really fail to see any much way in which Will and his team could have been sent through the portal on a ruse, and been useful to this goal at all. They would have had to know about this in order to accomplish it. They weren’t sacrifices, so they weren’t ignorant. They were men meant to “bring back” or “serve”.

And what DID Will tell Jemma? He told her he was part of a secret organization within NASA. Will KNEW what he was a part of. He was a part of Hydra.

And Malick said “Hydra was founded with the sole purpose of engineering its return.”

So, you know … What did Malick say next?

“We’re closer than ever to the final chapter, we’re gonna write it ourselves.”

So Hydra KNOWS that they’re gonna be successful in getting their Inhuman leader back from the planet soon. They have a plan in place.

“You’re gonna help me learn how SHIELD was able to achieve something with the portal that Hydra in thousands of years has never been able to accomplish. They brought someone back.”

If Will’s purpose was to bring “IT” back from the other side, if he was serving “IT” all along, it makes complete sense that he would - another old theory that a lot of people had - purposefully stay behind in order to get Jemma to reopen the portal.

If he learned that SHIELD was going to be able to open the portal, then he had a perfect setup for SHIELD to open it again, more permanently, in such a way and manner that their “leader” could get taken back through.

And it makes sense to think that Will was working WITH the creepy Space Man “IT” on the planet, as “IT” is what trapped Jemma when she fell down the cave and landed her in Will’s arms in the first place.

But this is not a perfect theory, I’m just barely piecing this together in a sort of frantic state. So -

Factors Yet to Be Explained:

- clearly the portal has been opening regularly, but their precious leader hasn’t come through it on his own (and all their previous missions to return him have miserably failed). is something stopping him? is the portal just never held open long enough? is that why they had built the contraption Fitz used to keep it open long enough to control bringing someone back through? who KNOWS???

- does “IT” even want to be brought back? is “IT” killing/making go insane everyone else who has tried to come through to “bring back” or “serve” him? if Will was successful in serving “IT” then why him and no one else?  

- other things I am forgetting

- always the option that after 14 years stuck on the hell planet Will is disillusioned with his former bosses and no longer wants to be working for them, was actually trying to help, but a lot of evidence piles up against this - such as his lies, the Space Man trapping Jemma in his cave, the canyon widening, him restricting where she goes, etc. But it’s always an option.


This basically sums all of my thoughts up on Will perfectly. So, ‘nuff said.

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Alright, and then last, but DEFINITELY not least: THE FITZSIMMONS KISS!!!!!!!

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Three years guys. Three. Freaking. Years. This is the moment we’ve been waiting for since season one. And hell if it don’t beat all. 

This kiss was like the Beyonce of kisses. This kiss was like a messiah kiss. If you could name a God after a kiss, this would be the smooch (two smooches, actually) to name said God after. Like, holy hallelujah. This was everything I wanted in a Fitzsimmons kiss. It was angsty and painful, yet loving and passionate all at the same time. There are quite a bit of people complaining about how it wasn’t very “resolved”, but honestly, what wasn’t? They literally both confirmed that they love each other. By Jemma saying Fitz “dove through a hole in the universe” for her, she means that, yeah, Will did some meaningful shit for her, but so did Fitz. He isn’t irrelevant, is what she’s trying to convey. And then they kiss. At first, you can see that it’s a bit angry and frustrated. 

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Fitz is pissed. Simmons is pissed. They have a shit-ton of sexual tension going on so, naturally, the only way both of them feel that said tension can be expressed is by physically addressing it. Jemma looks taken aback in the beginning, but after Fitz breaks away, she seems to come to some kind of conclusion and she kisses him back:

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 After a tender make-out sesh, their foreheads to the touchy-touchy (and my heart does the scream-screamy), and Simmons looks as though she’s on cloud nine, and is about to go in for another kiss when Fitz pulls away. “We’re cursed,” he says, and I think this was his way of saying, That kiss what bloody amazing which really sucks because how am I supposed to get over you now? How are we supposed to cope. You have a boyfriend out there, and yet you want to be with me, but you’re also confused. We can’t seem to figure this out and all I want is to be with you but I can’t because of Will. 

Elizabeth has actually said in a recent interview that the two lovebirds wanted the kisses to be bad, because then they could just drop the whole issue. But it was really good, so now what are they gonna do?

I know tons of you think that we didn’t get enough closure from this kiss, but I beg to differ. I mean, after years of those two shit-heads tip-toeing around each other, they finally talked about their feelings. That, to me, is a definite step up. And I can only imagine how Fitzsimmons packed the next episode’s going to be.

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Also guys, I’m just gonna call it right now: I think Fitz (if not him and Simmons) is gonna get taken by Hydra to open the monolith. Because if you’ll notice in the promo for 3.09, there’s a part where it looks like Ward has the drop on FitzSimmons. Also, the name of the mid-season finale episode is Maveth, which translates to death, and was written on that cloth Fitz found in 3.01. So, I’m pretty sure the portal will be opened in the mid-season ep and “Death”, or, the “powerful Inhuman” that Hydra wants, will come into the world from their planet, and Fitz will make that possible. Maybe Hydra will use Jemma as leverage. Maybe Fitzsimmons will have some miraculous “oh my god I can’t believe we’re alive” sex. Who knows?

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Alrighty, thats it for now. I’ll talk to you guys in two weeks!

You’ve just been S.H.I.E.L.D Busted!