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OUaT sneak peek whiplash:

When you go to bed at night from sneak peek #1 and your dash is all:

And then you wake up in the morning after sneak peek #2 and suddenly it’s:

komaeda onii-chan

I honestly think that even after Ego died and his planet got destroyed, Peter is still more than a normal human, at least his body is.

Yes, he may not be immortal anymore (perhaps, since Ego could have also lied in his despair to get Peter back on his side, but that’s beside the point here) and he very likely will not be able to use the light anymore since that was part of the planet, but… even without immortality and the light, Peter’s body and DNA is still only half-human, it’s a Celestial’s. There is more to that inheritance than just Ego’s light.

We do not know what having a Celestial’s DNA without the godly light really entails, since Peter is the only such half-being we know of, but… there is still a high possibility that Peter is just a bit more tenacious or stronger than an ordinary human. Perhaps he heals faster, or endures more, or his stamina is a tad higher.

Perhaps there will even come a day where he finds his own light in himself, since the light he used before was Ego’s personal light, directly tied to Ego and his planet, it was not Peter’s own.

But guesses aside – I don’t think Peter is an ordinary human when it comes to his body, his structure and his limits. He is still half-more-than-human, even though not really being a god anymore.

Mixed feelings about OITNB s5

I finished this afternoon and yeah. 

The last several episodes were really compelling but for most of the season otherwise I didn’t feel like I was on the edge of my seat. Not like I necessarily felt that way about the plot for other seasons, but I did feel so drawn in to all the characters that I hated stopping. I think the main thing with this season was how much more plot-driven it was rather than character-driven like the other seasons. Obviously there were plots in the others but far more of the time was devoted to exploring different character dynamics and their pasts. 

The story here felt all over the place up until the end. Still, there are a lot of dropped plots. Like Sophia going to Max? Coates randomly passing out after going outside? Daya’s baby being adopted? Aleida and Judy on the news? And a lot of the flashbacks didn’t seem that intense either. I thought Freida’s and Janae’s were interesting but the others were all for people we’ve already seen and weren’t that exciting. Like Daya’s and Alex’s and Piper’s especially were just… not anything new. Plus there’s tons of people we haven’t seen any for, so it was a bit frustrating. 

Plot points I enjoyed:

Everything with Taystee and the negotiations. She really stole the season, and the back-and-forth with her and Fig and the governor was really well done and heartbreaking at the end. 

Nicky working through her feelings for Lorna and calling up Vinnie at the end

Piper and Alex being more honest and everything. I’ve always thought they were a trainwreck but honestly they’re the type that you just can’t imagine what they’d ever do without each other. I admit I got super happy at the proposal too. 

Chang’s escape. She’s just awesome. 

The one lady who did the impressions! Easily one of the best scenes. 

Maria’s development and seeing Yadriel and her baby at the end. I might have cried. 

Gloria’s struggling with what choice to make. I really like her character so I was glad she got a more prominent story. 

Humphrey and Piscatella ending up DEAD. Both were very satisfying, although I admit I was very blind-sided by Piscatella’s. 

The hanging library memorial project. I’m not a SoSo fan but it was good to see  her channeling her grief/anger into that, plus I enjoyed her scenes with Janae. 

Not good parts:

The meth-heads, oh my god I want to shoot the screen every time they showed up

Everything with torturing the guards. I admit I enjoyed the talent show scene but pretty much all of the rest was just gross tbh, especially the thing with the hairy chested guy and Leanne. Really not necessary. I get that it’s everyone wanting to get revenge but it was overexposed and didn’t contribute that much to the story or anyone’s character development. And now they’re all out and don’t seem to be doing anything different anyway. 

Similarly making Judy King a slave? It was funny when they were just trying to scare her but it just got stupid. 

Pennsatucky ending up with Coates and the show portraying it as cute. I think it’s fucking sad. She’s excusing what he did because he’s sometimes nice and it’s an awful situation for any woman to be in and I’m pissed that this is what they’re going with. 

Piscatella going all Friday the 13th or whatever. It was such a bizarre horror theme and didn’t really fit. Like yes he’s evil but it seemed like an incredible overreaction. I don’t even remember why he was so mad at Red. She had an ego problem and it just made him totally snap, I guess. It seemed a little bit tropey though, like another oh here all these women are suffering horribly because of a man scene, watch them suffer so you really know just how bad this man is when we all knew already. If that makes sense. 

Mixed feelings parts:

Linda stuck in prison. It was very satisfying to see her having a rough time but she also remains a pretty shitty person (I don’t believe for a second that her conscience has changed her) and just kind of distracted from other characters. Plus the flashbacks were painful because it was very obvious that she was not twenty in that wig. 

Bailey feeling guilty. I think it was overdone to try to make us feel sorry for him. In a way I do because he really did not intend what happened, but I also don’t because he saw all kinds of shit go down in there and never said anything because nothing was happening to him. The scene with Mr. Washington was also… not really satisfying. I would expect him to really go after the prison since he’s high up in the military and instead he’s… not. I know everyone reacts differently but it just seems like he would have done more. 

Skinheads. Honestly a lot of their scenes were good comic relief but I also feel like I shouldn’t enjoy the scenes because they’re, you know, skinheads. But they’re way more interesting than the meth-heads at least. 

Daya turning herself in. Especially since none of the demands happened anyway, and since she isn’t the one who ending up causing the guy to die. She didn’t feel like she had any choice though. I was almost expecting someone else to go for her, like Gloria maybe. Idk. 

Suzanne’s medication struggles. It was a tough story to watch, for sure, and I’m glad it ended okay. Honestly her character just doesn’t appeal that much to be anymore– she never really did that much, but that’s just my opinion. 

Curious to see other people’s thoughts. The cliffhanger is really good, I like the message of everyone standing together and it being people from the different groups. I guess overall I just miss the daily life, character-focus feel from the previous seasons. And there’s no way it’ll be the same after this one since they’re going to be scattered across different prisons. I’m not really sure what their endgame plan is tbh. 

Things still on my mind after season 2 (spoilers)

1. Antok and Keith shared a moment™ in which he said “we will meet again” or something to that effect. And before anything significant can happen with him he…dies? Like either he’s not dead or there is some weird writing going on.

2. When did Keith’s dad leave him, and when/how did he meet Shiro?

3. How DARE they show me Keith’s father but not give me baby Keith? His bio says he was orphaned at a young age I need to see this CHILD!!!?

4. Going on facts not theories, we have yet to see a single female Galra. Do they even have female Galra? Are they all the same gender or do they reproduce asexually? Or are females just not allowed in the military which has been our main exposure point? More importantly, if their reproduction works differently is Keith some crAZY mpreg situation? *twitches* oh god. I wish I hadn’t thought that.

5. Is that even Keith’s real dad? Or is it his foster parent after being orphaned and he doesn’t remember his real one?

6. So obviously the show has been gearing up for Keith to be the protagonist since season 1, it’s been pretty clear in the writing since the beginning to anybody who is as obsessed with storytelling as I am. it just wasn’t obvious right away since he and shiro have been passing the protagonist potato, and they needed to develop the side characters in season 1 or they would be unlikeable.
That being said, Shiro is gone now, and Keith still has protagonist angst™ to deal with. The only other people he has really significant interaction with are Lance and Allura. Long story short I think the Writing was gearing up to make Lance a lot more significant in season 3, if for no other reason to support Keith’s protaging while Shiro (who he is closest to, obviously) is gone. So long story short I think the Lance fans will get the development they are thirsting for in Shiro’s absence. It just might not come exactly as expected.


8. Still not over Hunk straight up saying “Galra Keith”

9. He got a lot of good stuff in season 1 so I’m not too upset about Hunk, but I wish the screen time he DiD have wasn’t reduced to his comic relief quirks. Though we did get some classic Genius Hunk Moments that I can appreciate. They can only do so much with their time when they had to gear up for Shiro to be gone at the end of the season tbh.

10. I have watched the season three (3) times now and will likely do so again, so I have been able to notice details in the writing I hadn’t before. They actually did a really good job despite the problems the fandom has been having with it.

11. Allura is ALWAYS suited up. Even when everybody else is in casual wear she is never in her princess dress. She’s growing up, she’s becoming a leader and a warrior, which parallels Keith’s development into somebody who is capable of leadership as well. Nice 👍🏻

12. “Your freind desperately wants to see you.”

13. At first, Zarkon’s obsession with the Black Lion bothered me, because if You make a villain obsessed with something it can weaken them, and therefore weaken the hero’s triumph. HOWEVER I think they did a good job here. He wasn’t obsessing over the black lion, he was panicking. Panicking because the lion that had been his since its creation is being taken by SOME RANDOM HUMAN HALF HIS SIZE?!?! He’s losing the advantage and he knows it. He’s not obsessed with the Black Lion anymore, it’s more of an obsession with Shiro. How the hell did this kid steal his lion out from under him?!?! He doesn’t have time to refocus until the end of the season. At that point I realized that it didn’t actually bother me. He wasn’t acting like an idiot, his character actually got a lot deeper after that. Nice 👍🏻

14. Last, but certainly not least: WHERE THE QUIZNAK IS SHIRO!?!?!

returnofismasm  asked:

I've seen a lot of people talking like this bit in the Shadowfell is It, the Very Definitely Final Dungeon, but I read it as the big cliffhanger you end your penultimate novel on, that they're going to get to the top of the tower and be Too Late (since my understanding is that there's this ritual, and then another ritual) and whatever happens here in the Shadowfell is the kicking off point for the final arc. What are your thoughts, or is it too early to tell?

Wait, is that a thing people are saying? I mean, obviously it could just be a surprise wham-ending, but I would be pretty darn surprised if this confrontation were the end of the campaign. This really feels like the start of a new arc, in the same way that the fight with the Briarwoods in 24/25 or the battle with Raishan in 39 were ways of communicating how bad the situation was and establishing the threat, eventually leading into the players strategizing and figuring out where to go next. They don’t know anything about this whole Vecna situation yet, and unless there’s a real push to get into the new campaign quickly for some reason, if I had to guess, I’d say there’s still a bunch of IRL months left of episodes for this particular arc at the very least?

magnusandalexander  asked:

#also on a more hilarious note: alec forgets that his institute bed is smaller than magnus' and rolls over onto the floor 😂😂 The moment you started talking about the smaller bed at the institute, I was waiting for you to mention that he probably falls out of the bed and being like... huh? Magnus? lol

listen we deserve to see alec falling out of his bed because it doesn’t feel like the bed he knows anymore, it’s small, it’s not right, and it doesn’t have magnus in it bc guess what his home is really in magnus’ loft *ally voice* he’s moved in!!

but also i just like to see alec fall down bc of his gangly deer legs, it makes me laugh every time.

"Across the Universe" thoughts: Keith and Shiro

Ok, so season one starts with more Keith and Shiro buildup…

This whole season I think just proves further that Shiro is meant to be Keith’s weak spot, and that at some point in the future Keith will face a very difficult decision similar to what Akira goes through in the end of Golion.

I thought we were gonna get their background story this season, but apparently not? For some reason we still dunno what this is all about:

Guess they’re saving the best for last..  

Now, my absolute favorite thing about this episode is how different Shiro is..

In season one we’ve seen alot of how Keith acts different with Shiro, and now we see Shiro is very different with Keith aswell. 

He dun have his leader mask on, and he’s not trying to be his all motivational, inspiring, optimistic self, he’s just Shiro. (Which says alot about how he sees Keith I think.)

And it’s hilarious cause real Shiro is apparently just

And I love his dark sense of humor so much!!!  I need more of this Shiro ASAP!

Also he seems so tired of everything, it’s almost like he’s trying to push the leadership role on Keith?

In this episode and in episode 8 aswell. 

And apparently he’s also still incredibly oblivious about Keith’s feelings for him. Cuz It’s obvious Keith doesn’t find his death jokes as funny as he does haha

Like Shiro is all “haha Keith what if I DIE?” And Keith is just “Can you please shut up??? PLEASE” 

Actually that “If I don’t make it out of here” seemed a bit out of place? I dunno, it felt like it was something weird for Shiro to say, specially since now they are together and safe and know their friends are looking for them..

He’s not trying to soothe Keith and tell him everything will be alright and not to worry about him, like you would expect Shiro to do in this situation.

Like he goes from this at the beginning of the episode:

To this by the end of it:

And pretty fast too!

And it’s so weird to me haha, cause we’re so not used to seeing Shiro like that. 

And I LOVE it that he lets Keith take the more ummm.. nurturing role? I… I honestly did not expect to see that from Shiro just yet. Cause I felt like Shiro does see Keith as kind of a younger brother or someone that he needs to always be strong for or be an example for… But this episode I think showed that they are waaaay more equals than I previously thought. (That was a nice surprise.)

Shiro is very openly weak with Keith, and that says ALOT. 

Cause Shiro is not someone who shows weakness easily. Actually this would be the only time we’ve seen him like this. Like he does it through joking around still, but he’s not trying to be the strong responsible person he usually thinks he needs to be. He just really trusts Keith to be that person.

(I can even say It’s almost as if he likes being saved by Keith haha. Like I know he’s injured and all, but in that cave before those monsters start diggin, Shiro’s all “oh no Keith, we’re both gonna die, this is the end *cough cough* come save me, hurry” like wth Shiro?? Where did all your optimism and spirit go suddenly?? It’s like he’s making Keith worry on purpose haha..)

Also, he doesn’t say that “I want you to lead Voltron if something happens to me” thing just once, he says that (very unwelcome line) again in episode 8. Doesn’t he get how much it bothers and scares Keith hearing him saying something like this? He’s either really oblivious or there’s something more to that.

I do wonder if this is just him joking around back there or maybe something is really going on inside him and he’s very sick of everything? I dunno, he did not have a breaking point this season (that I’m really waiting for), and actually he seems to be way better at the being a leader part than last season… So I dunno..

Maybe he’s just trying to get a reaction out of Keith haha

Cuz I mean that smile he gives him after Keith says “Stop talking like that, you’re gonna make it.” 

Like that whole shot, the music, the lighting, the expression, it just screams romance to me. ( Or I dunno, maybe it was just supposed to be an “I’m so proud of you” smile but cuz Shiro is so handsome and sexy he makes it look romantic haha, in that case: voltron animation team get ur shit together! how can I think of that face as a “loving brotherly look”?? chill on the sex appeal a bit, jeez..)

And how on Earth do you go from  

“It takes more than a glowing alien wound and a fall from the upper atmosphere crashing into a surface at what I’m guessing is 25 m/s 2 to get rid of me”  (although I have to say he did sound kinda mildly upset about still being alive than trying to seem unstoppable haha)


“I’m gonna die, Keith! Lead Voltron.”

They’re not even in that much danger anymore! Seriously Shiro, Is your wound really that bad now or do you just want to see some love from Keith? Suck it up a bit man, you dunno what the thought of losing you does to that kid.. (Also the thought of being in charge of all those Voltron clowns I guess haha)

Maybe he’s just trying to compliment Keith and tell him how highly he thinks of him but like IN THE WORST WAY POSSIBLE


Spoilers on Lucifer and Marcus Pierce in S3: 

Originally they wanted Marcus Pierce (Tom Welling) in ten episodes.

He had only 2-3 days before shooting for him to say Yes or No… Wow…

He asked them to do more episodes and so now he will be in 15 episodes! Because he loved the show… He knew one of the directors who told him that the cast was great and really did a good job. 

Marcus is kind of a d*ck… But because Chloe and Lucifer in S3 don’t get along anymore (Sanoiro: at least in the beginning I guess) he basically tells them to stop f**** around and go to work (! again wow…) but of course there is another reason of why he is there. which we will find out it later on in S3

So Lucifer gets inside and he does his crazy stuff and Marcus Pierce just doesn’t give a damn and he is like “yes anyway…I don’t care” aka Lucifer’s ego deflates… 

Regarding the latest SIH spoilers for ch.26.

You know it will really hurt me if Takano is hurt because I actually love him alot on my end. I will say the same thing for Ritsu here if the situation is reversed. 

I seriously don’t think it’s necessary to build all this drama on top of Takano insecurities anymore, I mean not right now. He still haven’t gotten that confession from Ritsu (even though we (as readers) know clear well he loves Takano but Takano doesn’t). Takano is human you know, and he have his insecurities as well, and it was pointed out that Ritsu is his weakness. I feel like having Nao revealed that he loves Ritsu romantically just prove Takano’s worries is true, and that’s… (!!)

Ofcourse I need the English translation to clarify a few things, and ofcourse I trust Ritsu feelings for Takano. I mean, who knows, maybe with this revelation Ritsu will be more upfront with his feelings for Takano. I mean he needs to, because honestly, there’s only so much insecurities Takano can take. I admire Takano’s perseverance on my end because I’m actually someone who needs reassurances on my end (from time to time). 

Ritsu needs to start making the initiative in this relationship because I will be hurt if Takano is hurt and ofcourse I don’t want to see either Takano or Ritsu being hurt about this. 

We already have Haitani, now Nao? And then we have Ritsu’s parent’s to deal with… I guess the lower the no.count-down left for Nostalgia the more drama… Man, these two really deserve a break and be happy, I just hope that once all this clears up they both can be openly happy with each other. Takano doesn’t need to show me anymore than he already does. I want to see this coming from Ritsu. 

anonymous asked:

Hey what's with that twin theory? I'm not really into Kuroshitsuji anymore but that thing sounds interesting :0


There’s this blog post (and many many more if you wanna look further into it) that explains the theory way better than I ever could, but bottom line is that the fandom had been theorizing about the possibility of Ciel being a twin and well, that theory was just proven to be correct.

Not only that, but the Ciel we know isn’t actually… Ciel.

The true name of “our Ciel” hasn’t been revealed yet, but I’m guessing it will be soon. It seems like the only person (alive, anyways) who knew about this “true Ciel” was none other than Tanaka, the old family butler.

That’s… basically all we know for a fact at this point but I’m both figuratively and literally on the edge of my seat with this manga atm.

magnoliasam  asked:

Berens said something like 'I would be surprised if Jared/Sam fans weren't pleased with what's coming up this season' and.... um I really don't trust anything these writers say ever, not anymore. At this point I'm only watching for Sam and the hope of things changing, and I guess I've been too invested for too long to give up now. Ah sorry to sound bitter I'm just terrified of being horribly disappointed again.

I really, really, really want to trust Berens on that, but like you, I’m not sure how much stock I can put in those assurances. May tomorrow bring us good things!

And never apologize! I think those of us still watching the show are probably more than a little terrified of our hopes being shattered. It always helps to share our worries and frustrations.

Here’s hoping tomorrow brings good things! Still, if it doesn’t, we can yell about it together and try to tape the broken bits together with fix-its and happier fanworks.

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Goddamnit. Okay uhhhhh eruri?

001 | send me a ship and I will tell you:

When I started shipping it if I did:
When I first got into SNK, I shipped Eruri like, really hard. Not because of any specific scene in the anime or manga, but mainly because of the size difference lmao also all the great fanfic I was reading at the time.

What makes me happy about them:
They have a very strong bond and mutual respect between them.

What makes me sad about them:
Erwin is dead and I’m still not over it tbh

Things done in fanfic that annoys me:
Erwin being an overly-cocky dom.

Things I look for in fanfic:
I don’t really read eruri fics anymore, but I always enjoyed the reincarnation ones where they could finally be happy together.

Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other:
Levi with Eren, and Erwin with Mike.

My happily ever after for them:
The two of them retiring and growing old together could’ve been nice.

who is the big spoon/little spoon:
Erwin is the big spoon because it’s safer. The one time Levi tried to be the big spoon, Erwin rolled over in his sleep and nearly suffocated him.

What is their favorite non-sexual activity:
Playing chess.

So some general thoughts on the season opener and the new characters/personas . . .

Cinderella:  She’s okay, I guess.  Don’t care one way or the other yet.

Lucy:  Love her.  Great little actress.

NuHenry:  Enjoying him so far.  Still want to know where he got the gasoline for his motorcycle from.

Alice:  Really like her so far.  Interesting character.  Not convinced she’s Rumbelle’s kid anymore though.  Don’t really know who she is.  

Tiana:  Not enough airtime yet to form an opinion.

Druzilla:  Same.

Lady Tremaine:  Meh.  Too over the top for me.  I can do without her, and she’s not as compelling as other villains have been.

Rumple/Weaver:  Precious little snowflake.  I will defend and support and root for anything he does and root against any character who is against him.  Even if it’s wrong.  I don’t care.  

Hook/Rogers:  Ugh.  Same Stu shit as always.  No thanks.

Regina/Roni:  Lana was fantastic in that last scene, you could really see Regina coming through.  As always, she and Bobby are the standouts on the show.  WTF are they still doing here anyway, they’re too good for this hack shit.  

And based on the preview for next week, I see that whiny, passive Stepford Swan is alive and well.  I’ll be out of town next weekend, gosh golly darn, I won’t be able to live blog and will have to watch on DVR on Sunday and ffwd through all of the bullshit CS scenes.  I. Am. So. Sad.  [/sarcasm]



let me rant a little it’s been a while

Okay so when did Raven get clown phobia?? This episode was… just fine… Raven’s physical comedy was the best thing, something that was missing from the other episodes and something that I really missed. But that was it. I don’t get the scared-of-clowns episodes, it is so overused. That’s so Raven did this 13 (!!!!!!) years ago, it isn’t funny anymore. I guess the moral of the story was ok but they could’ve delivered the same message with another storyline. 

Also Chelsea was so vague, again. Almost like in the first episode. I feel like this is a recurring subject for me to write about smh. It’s like she’s not even in the episode. I don’t get it, is it really that hard to give her qualities that she can have throughout the whole show?? She is always kind, so they scored that I guess. Just rewatch season one and two of TSR ffs and you’ll understand how she is. I honestly feel like there wouldn’t be any difference if she was in this episode or not. What was her role even? At least they could’ve turned her into a clown at the end and her and Raven could’ve been funny together. She had like three lines and that was it, no puns, nothing stupid, nada. She isn’t even ditzy anymore (which I know, I complained about the fact that they dumbed her too much but, but I don’t want them to remove that completely come on now). They are making her either super stupid or not stupid at all. Super serious or not serious at all like there is no in between I DONT GET IT!! It is so frustrating to be honest because I love Chelsea and they are messing her up way too much.

Another factor is that the last couple of episodes were SO good, and this one didn’t live up to those at all. Well, I guess there has to be a ’worst episode’ and I hope this one will be it.

The new ONS fanbook got me like:

Q: What do you want to do after you save Mika?

A: I wanna hurry up and meet him, ah, I want to eat curry. Kimizuki’s curry is delicious.

Ah, he wants to rescue Mika and eat curry, that’s so sweet.

Favorite food: Blood. Overwhelming blood (Can’t eat curry anymore)

This was unnecessary for my heart….