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@Starbucks one of your baristas was being extremely rude and harrassed me throughout my visit. I am disappointed because I love Starbucks. When I asked her for extra sugar in my coffee she hesitated, and when she gave me it she whispered in my ear “you’ll die soon enough fattie”. It was really rude. Here are pictures of her if you guys needed it for investigation.

When all your friends are posting pics with their significant other for Valentine’s Day but you’re still single


You know, I almost forgot how nice to draw them

Please imagine long after the war, Shepard and Garrus pick up dancing as a hobby. Since their little tango on the citadel, they’ve longed to experience it again - the way their bodies moved together, how it expressed emotions better than words could, how it felt like it was just them.

For someone who could never really dance by herself, Shepard’s a quick learner when it comes to dancing with the one she loves and trusts above any other.

They enjoy it so much they decide to enter a dancing competition. Something different, but rewarding. And at every show, no matter what style the dance is or even if they stuff up, they captivate the audience. There’s just something about the two of them dancing together, something so intimate, so real, so… right.

They don’t care if they win. They try, sure, but at the end of the day, they just enjoy the experience as a couple. They couldn’t ask for more.

customer satisfaction

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woozi x reader smut

20,480 words

a/n: my first woozi fic, my first seventeen fic, my first kpop fic. this was supposed to be something really simple and silly, but my dumb ass had to go and add a bunch of sadness and backstory to it, as always. as you can see, it got dramatically out of hand. i’m so sorry, i hope someone likes it

~ in which you haven’t gotten off in like six months, and lee jihoon is the pleasure specialist, himself. (he’s also a little bit more than that.)

     “I promise you, you won’t regret this,” Wendy reassured you, but they were words she always said right before she convinced you to do something that you definitely would regret. She’d used them very often over the past year, during which she’d somehow convinced you to go on roughly thirty blind dates that she’d set up in her desperate attempts to get you “back out there.” You knew her heart was in the right place, but every single date had been a disaster. The problem was that if she knew a guy who wasn’t already taken, there was a reason for it. The first set-up been with a guy named Jinho who still lived with his ex-girlfriend (in a one bedroom apartment) and adamantly refused to wear deodorant; one guy, Jinwoo, told you he had recently quit his job and moved back in with his parents because he hadn’t had enough time to play League; you’d tried so hard to will yourself to forget the second to last guy, but how could you forget the name (Daehyun) of someone who sat down across from you and proceeded to ignore you for the whole two hours it took him to eat a salad, baked potato, and two steaks before “suddenly realizing” he forgot his wallet, telling you he didn’t think you were his type, and leaving you to foot the bill.

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Fight, fight!!

Since today is the last day of Mermay, here’s another one! Based on a fish I had when I was a kid

Shance Yoga Teacher au

Yes, friends, this au is 100% what you’re thinking. FLEXIBLE AF LANCE AND THIRSTY AF SHIRO

  • Starting with a bit of angst. Shiro is an ex marine (I will NEVER let go of this hc in my modern aus deal with it), who lost his hand (hand. not entire arm. just the hand) in battle. This au isn’t far in the future, so there are no fancy advanced prosthetics. The healing process was long and painful, not to mention extremely emotionally and mentally taxing.
  • Once he he’s actually healthy enough, both mentally and physically, to have enough energy for things other than treatment, the first thing he wants to do is to try and build more muscle mass, like he used to have. He liked being buff, and he still is, but less than he used to be. Both he and his therapist think it’ll be good for strengthening his positive body image, too.
  • Shiro asks his doctor (Allura) what form of exercise can she recommend at this stage, and she says Yoga. He’s skeptical at first, but what can he already lose if he goes to one session, right?
  • The hospital actually holds a class for patients, and Allura said the instructor is well experienced with amputees (amongst other conditions).
  • Shiro’s brain for the entire first minute upon meeting Lance: OH NO HE’S HOT THIS WAS A MISTAKE
  • No backing out tho he’s already been spotted and Lance is questioning him about his exact conditions so he can know best what he can safely instruct him to do and what he can’t.
  • Shiro’s brain continues to die the entire time, but he manages some answers anyway. Finally, Lance has enough, plus the rest of the group arrives and the session starts.
  • First, there’s breathing exercises. Easy enough, right?
  • Lance tells them to close their eyes, but whenever Shiro does, he the only thing he has left to focus on is Lance’s voice (which is the point) and he gets super flustered because it’s so smooth? and pleasant? and kinda sexy?? and he can’t help but want that voice to whisper to him sensually and- NOPE, gotta open his eyes.
  • The rest of the class is a little harder, for two major reasons.
  • For once, the exercises are actually more demanding than he expected. He always thought he was pretty stretchy, but heavens, is a human body even supposed to bend this far?
  • Which brings us to the next difficulty. Lance’s body is more than capable of bending that far, and it’s driving him insane.
  • Despite how stressful it was trying not to stare at his ass too much and generally not turn into a tomato, the session was actually… really great. Shiro feels better when he walks out, more relaxed somehow, even though his heart still speeds up when he remembers Lance doing that one pose.
  • Lance asks him to hang back for a moment to talk to him and Shiro is all Oh No He Noticed Me Staring but nope. Lance just wanted to ask how he feels and if anything made his arm hurt really bad etc. He also excessively complimented his natural flexibility, saying he’ll be able to do “all sorts of things” soon enough. Shiro is really unsure, but it almost seems like Lance smirked while saying that? Nah, he must be just imagining things because of his developing crush.
  • The next few sessions aren’t very different. Supposedly, anyway. After basing his level and current capabilities, Lance decided that Shiro could use more personal guidance, including LOTS of touching to correct his pose. Lance, being a professional, always asks for permission to touch him first, which somehow only makes it that much worse, because Shiro wants Lance to touch him. So so bad. Shiro is literally dying. These pants are tight and they will not hide a boner. He’s suffering. Someone help him.
  • There’s no help, and Poor Shiro has to constantly deal with gentle touches and low purrs because god forbid anyone makes a loud noise in the middle of yoga class. It goes on for a couple of weeks until one day he gets a most peculiar text from Lance.
  • (They exchanged numbers because Shiro wanted to add a third yoga session to his weekly schedule but the hospital only held the classes twice a week, and Lance gives him his number in case he has any questions. Of course, barely any Yoga advice was exchanged. )
  • Lance’s text: Uggghhh I can’t do this anymore! Allura, I know he’s your patient and all and he’s “”“"healing”“”“ and stuff but I can’t hold back anymore I just can’t. He’s too hot. I know I promised to hold back BUT THIS IS IT I’M ASKING HIM OUT
  • Shaking, Shiro texts back, asking who Lance is talking about.
  • Lance doesn’t text back for like half an hour and Shiro starts seriously freaking out when he gets a long ass text from Lance, where he apologizes for being so unprofessional and confessing his crush etc.
  • Shiro could almost cry from relief, because a few minutes ago he thought he might’ve lost all chances with Lance but now… He has more than a slight chance. He calls Lance and confesses his own crush and they both laugh and maybe it’s a little awkward because what do you even say in a situation like this but eventually they manage to schedule a date.
  • They take it slow, let things develop naturally. Lance gives Shiro all the time and space he needs, since it’s the first time he’s tried dating since he lost his hand. Takes a little trial and error, but one day, a few months later, Shiro finds out just how far Lance can bend.

i had a lot of expectations before i transitioned and not all of them were met, but a lot were exceeded too. i’m very satisfied with where i’m at right now. getting top surgery made me realize i am going to need bottom surgery some day to feel fully at home in my body, and that’s okay. i’ve come a long way for the time being, and i’d say about 70% of my dysphoria has been lifted, which is more than enough to carry on with my life. life is a long time and i have many years to make my body exactly what i want it to be. i have to remind myself it isn’t a race. everything will happen when it’s meant to.

Spread love for Haechan

y'all i’m telling you right here that lee donghyuck is one of the most talented, beautiful and cheerful people i’ve ever seen/met (okay obviously not irl) but if you think it’s funny and entertaining for you to spread rumours or simply creating UNNECESSARY drama and misunderstandings, let me tell you right here that it’s certainly not funny at all and this could affect him and the whole of nct. you might think the words and news you’re sharing don’t matter at all but as idols and public figures anything and i emphasise, ANYTHING could ruin his whole career and for god’s sake, he’s only 17 this year and he has worked so hard just to get to where he is now. unless you’re telling me he doesn’t deserve all these then i don’t know what to say, if you don’t like someone, keep it to yourself, there’s no need for you spread hate and rumours just so you can make them seem ‘unpopular’. i’ve seen haechan not getting as much love and attention compared to the other members ever since his rookies to firetruck days (especially when he debuted) and just this year after he gained much more popularity, this had to happen. i really hope all this would stop soon enough and that we’ll try our best to help haechan in every way possible

For the Anon who requested Harry approaching Draco like he would a Hippogriff?

Just like a Hippogriff

Harry clearly remembered the time he first encountered a Hippogriff. His third year in Hagrid’s first ‘Care of Magical Creatures’ class. The same one where Malfoy, whom Harry had been calling Draco in his head ever since he came back to Hogwarts, had gotten scratched on his arm and nearly had Buckbeak executed. He remembered having to make steady, unblinking eye contact with Buckbeak before bowing and waiting for the Hippogriff to bow back. Now the reason he was thinking of this was: Draco.

Professor Macgonagal had opened Hogwarts to the students who had missed most of their seventh year during the war. And Harry hadn’t been sure if he wanted to return but Hermione had convinced him to. Well, it wasn’t that hard but Harry had sort of thought of Hogwarts as his home for at least six out of the seven years he’d been there. More like six out of six since he didn’t even go the seventh year anyway. Coming back to Hogwarts for school again made Harry miss it. Miss his lessons, miss Quidditch even if was;t playing anymore, miss the wonderful meals in the Great hall, miss Draco Malfoy and his snark.

How does one even begin to explain Draco Malfoy? Harry mused, staring out the window as as his quill dripped ink onto his blank parchment. Draco Malfoy was a big bully, but not anymore. Draco Malfoy was clever, indeed he was always coming second to Hermione’s top grades. Draco Malfoy was … handsome, Harry found that his stormy grey eyes often reflected the feeling in his chest. He’d tried to make peace with Malfoy but when he’d finally managed to corner Draco in the library one night, the blond had been so spooked he’d rejected Harry’s hand. Just like Harry ad rejected his in First year. He rather thought he understood Draco’s bitterness even if five years made quite a long grudge. He’d try again. Gryffindors were nothing if not determined.

Draco Malfoy reminded him of a Hippogriff. Beautiful in a rather unconventional way but still beautiful nonetheless, proud and a little sensitive, and cautious of those who approached. Harry didn’t care what Ron said, the war was over and it was high time they all started acting like it. What better way then to make a friend out of Malfoy? His first attempt was a failure. He thought maybe he should approach Malfoy like he would a Hippogriff. But Malfoy wasn’t truly a Hippogriff so his approach had to be slightly altered. But not too much. Malfoy was kind of like a Hippogriff after all.  

Step 1: Make unwavering eye contact with the  Hippogriff  Malfoy.
Whenever Harry saw Malfoy, he stared. Oh how blatantly he stared. First, Hermione and Ron rolled their eyes at his “obsession”. Then, Dean and Seamus teased him about his crush. Luna smiled serenely as she always did and Neville tried to give him advise about making the first move in asking Malfoy out. And Malfoy always looked away. Until he too started to give Harry strange looks and finally, finally he stared back. Harry was quite proud of his persistence. It was not creepy, whatever Ron said about it.

Step 2: Bow to the  Hippogriff  Malfoy as a sign of respect.
Now every time Harry and Draco had a staring contest, Harry would nod at Malfoy. He couldn’t give a proper bow, that was just ridiculous. And anyway, Draco wasn’t really a Hippogriff. So he nodded whenever he saw Draco and soon enough, Draco nodded back. Harry wondered, if he kissed Draco enough times, would Draco kiss him back? Not that he wanted to, you know. It was just a scientific thought.

Step 3: You may pet the  Hippogriff  Malfoy if it bows back. Step back if it does not.
Well, that was a bit hard wasn’t it? Harry couldn’t go about petting Malfoy if he saw him, no matter how soft and silky his gleaming blond hair was. Perhaps it was time for a bit of improvisation there. No problem, he had had lots of practice. Harry thought that switching from nodding to a friendly wave was probably the best idea.

“Malfoy’s looking at you, mate,” Ron informed Harry, before gulping down his pumpkin juice.

Harry turned. Malfoy nodded. Harry smiled and waved. Malfoy turned away. Harry turned back, still grinning. “What?”

“You look deranged.”

Harry shrugged and tucked back into his meal. He managed to wave again at Malfoy just as the blond left the Great Hall. Harry ignored Ron’s “You are obsessed, mate.” and Hermione’s exasperated sigh, waving to Malfoy as they entered the Transfiguration classroom. Malfoy had chosen a seat at the corner and was alone, Blaise sitting with Pansy. Harry eagerly went to take the space beside, ignoring the stiffening of Malfoy’s back as he approached.


Malfoy nodded tightly at him.

Today’s lesson was on Transfiguring a beetle into a spider. Very advanced Transfiguration that required changing all the the internal organs inside. Malfoy was much better than Harry was at this, which disappointed him at first when he thought he couldn’t offer Malfoy help. But then he realised how Malfoy would feel if he offered and decided to ask for help instead.

“Malfoy,” Harry whispered.

Malfoy pretended not to hear.

“Malfoy,” a little louder this time.

Malfoy’s grip on his wand tightened but Harry was still being ignored.


“Mr Potter, is there something you would like to say?”

“No, Professor. Sorry, Professor.”

“Malfoy, stop ignoring me.” This was whispered out of the corners of his mouth. Harry saw Malfoy visible exhale through his nose.


“I need help.”

“I’ll recommend you some good mind healers.”

“Not that kind of help, you git. I mean with Transfiguration.”

“Ask Macgonagal.”

“Malfoy, just help me!” Harry whisper-shouted.

“Hold your wand like this. And flick it like I’m doing now.”

Harry tried it. “Thanks, Malfoy.” He aimed a smile at Malfoy.

Harry tried to talk to Malfoy again after class, but Malfoy disappeared down the corridor too quickly for Harry to follow so he bit back his disappointment and went for lunch. Malfoy wasn’t at lunch. He wasn’t at dinner either. Harry wondered if Draco didn’t need that much food, although it would explain his slightly unhealthy looking state. Time to bring out The Marauders Map. And the Invisibility Cloak.


Harry watched as Draco’s footsteps appeared on his map, going in the direction of the library. What a coincidence! Harry had some homework he had to do too! And what better place to study than the library? Hermione swore by it and she was top student. Harry gathered up his parchments and books and quills and map. Humming lightly as he went to the library to  see Malfoy  STUDY! He was going to study.

He smiled when he saw Draco sitting a lone and tried not to look to much like a kicked puppy when Draco glared at his approaching figure.

“Hi, Malfoy!” Too excited. Malfoy glared.

“What do you want?”

“You looked lonely so I thought I should come sit here with you.” Harry smiled encouragingly.

Malfoy’s nostrils flared. “You thought wrong.” He picked up his wand. “Now go away.”

“Can’t I sit here with you?” Harry’s eyes widened. Malfoy huffed, exasperated.

“Fine. I’ll go.”

“No! No. I’ll go. I didn’t mean to disturb or anything. Sorry. I’ll go now.” Harry got up.

“Potter.” Harry turned back expectantly. “What do you really want? From me, I mean.”

Harry looked at Draco. How his eyes managed to change colour every time never ceased to amaze Harry. They were the stormy grey that Harry liked right now. “To be your friend.”

Harry couldn’t read the look in Malfoy’s eyes. But the colour had lightened a little, like the sky after storm clouds were gone. He extended a hand. Malfoy stared at him, stared at his hand like he was contemplating the pros and cons of taking it.

Malfoy took his hand and Harry squeezed it lightly, heartened when Draco squeezed back. He smiled.


“Go out with me?”

“Why? You need something from Hogsmeade and need my honest opinion?”

“No. Date me.”

“Ask me nicely, Potter.”

“Draco, will you do me the honour of spending your weekend with me at Hogsmeade?”

“I said ask. Not propose.”

“Draco, will you PLEASE go out with me?”

“Wow, not even one date and you’re begging already.”


“Alright fine. But you’re paying.”


When They Get Jealous:


They’ll die. That’s all there too it.

“Was he checking you out?”


“Did he touch you?”


“Was he flirting with you?”


“I’ll be back”

Next Day on The News:

“Jeff The Killer strikes again. This time with a different message on the victim’s wall. The body of teenager Cody Harrison still has not been found. Authorities are still investigating the homicide” The news reporter spoke 

“Jeffery” You take in a deep sigh.

(I own this image btw. Don’t take it without permission)

BEN Drowned: 

He will be (physically) very upfront about it. He will go as far to try to make you moan in front of the person that he got jealous of. A triumph smirk would always appear once his mission was complete. If the jerk doesn’t get the hint and continues to flirt with you, he will kill them. This is what you signed up for when dating the perverted elf ;)

“You’re pretty hot” He spoke, a flirtatious grin crossed his features as the stranger complimented you.

“Thanks but–” You were cut off mid-sentence when your boyfriend BEN walked in between you and the stranger. 

“Excuse me” It wasn’t even a request. BEN hungrily crashed his lips into yours while softly pushing you away from the flirt he was jealous of. A smirk formed on his lips as he felt the presence of the stranger leave.

You parted the kiss to see your boyfriend pouting. “No need to be jealous, baby” You giggled 

“Me? Jealous? Yes” He said, right before he crashed his lips back onto yours.

Laughing Jack: 

Jack won’t admit that he’s jealous at first, you might have to get him to admit it through candy. The only way to tell if Jack is jealous is if you catch him pulling a death prank on his victim.

Jack saw the employee that flirted with you at the Halloween festival yesterday, his victim was jogging to the other end of the crosswalk as the lights turned red while Jack was sitting in the driver’s seat of the school bus he had stolen. Just as his victim stepped foot onto the concrete road he applied so much force on the gas paddle; he crashed into the car in front of him, sending the bus to miss the flirt by inches. Jack sped off as soon as possible to avoid the police before yelling.

“HAHA!! DON’T EVER TOUCH MY GIRLFRIEND JACKASS!!” He continued laughing until he reached Slender Mansion.

Ticci Toby: 

Toby would feel really insecure. He’s worried someone other than him would soon enough sweep you off your feet and you’d just forget about him. He never wanted that to happen, but he was too shy to admit he was jealous. You’d have to somehow pick up on the actions of your boyfriend and the only way to notice his jealousy if he was clingy.

“Darls, I’ll see you before 2! I’m gonna meet up with Scott!” You told your boyfriend before you went to see an old friend who had recently come back from their vacation in Greece. 

“N *tic* O! Don’t go!” Toby got up from the couch and speed walked to you. “You *tic* promised we’d *tic* watch the movie *tic* together” 

“I’m sorry Toby but Scott got back from the airport and asked if I could pick him up” You objected

“Nope,” Toby lifted you over his shoulder and carried you back to the coach where you both spent the rest on the night watching Lisa, Lisa.

Eyeless Jack:

Jack trusted you, he knew you would never cheat on him, but he didn’t trust any male you were with. If he got jealous he would come up to you and wrap his arms around your torso until whoever it was walked away. Then he would kindly ask you for permission to eat their organs for his next meal.  

Jack’s arms were still around your torso even after the male nurse left. E.J wanted to try to see if he could take the organs of a soon-to-be-dead person, but the minute he left you one of the male nurses came up to you and started flirting. 

“Can I kill him?” he whispered in the crook of your neck

“Somebody jealous?” You smirked

“What? No! I’m just hungry” You could practically feel his blush under his blue mask. 

“Hmm, sure, he wasn’t that hot anyway” You giggled. 

He chuckled as he kissed you on the cheek.

Zach Imagine #5

Slight trigger warning at the end, regarding car crashes.


“I love you,” he said. 

“You’re drunk,” I sighed.

“I love you.”

“You don’t love me, you love the idea of me. There’s a difference.” Now let me tell you the story of everything that lead up to this point.


Zach had been dating this girl for months, her name was Carrie. She was the perfect girl in Zach’s eyes. She was a cheerleader, she had blonde hair, she was short, she knew how to put on make up, all the good things. So when she broke up with him. He was devastated. So devastated that he took me, his best friend who is so deeply in love with him, to a party. 

I have been in love with Zach for the longest time. He was the best friend I could ever have, and somehow with all his generosity, his jokes, his laugh, his smile, just him in general, I fell in love with my best friend. Who am I kidding though, he’s my best friend.

Anyways, we’re at this party, and Carrie is all over Montgomery. Zach sees and takes the first shot. 

Then Mont is telling her something and she laughs and leans forward. That’s when Zach takes shot #2.

Then they’re at the couch, in the corner. At this point they’re getting pretty touchy. Mont’s hand is on her thigh, and she’s smiling. That’s shot #3.

It just gets so much better from there. Mont is on the couch, and Carrie is on him, his lap more specifically. They’re eating each others’ faces. That’s shot #4, #5, and #6.

Then they’re gone, so Zach takes more shots, his #7 and #8.

The only reason I came was because he asked, and I knew he needed a distraction, but mainly because he was going to do something stupid and reckless. I just didn’t think it’d be with me. 

So we’re here, in this private room. 

“I love you,” he said.

“You’re drunk,” I sighed.

“I love you.”

“You don’t love me, you love the idea of me. There’s a difference.”

“I love you,” he said.

“You’re drunk,” I sighed.

“I love you,” he says it so hurt, he sounds fragile and vulnerable right now, like he needs me to say I love him.

“You don’t love me, you love the idea of me. There’s a difference.” 

“Y/N, I love you.”

“Can you stop saying it?!” You yell and he flinches. “I know. You’re very hurt, you loved Carrie, but you can’t do this to me, Zach. I’m your best friend,” at this point I’m crying a little, but cut me some slack. I just heard the person I’ve been in love with say the thing I’ve wanted to hear for the longest time. Except he’s drunk, and his perfect girlfriend broke up with him, and he’s sad.

“What’s wrong?” He asks quietly.

“Zach, you’re a good person, but you can be such an asshole. You’re so selfish!”

“Y/N What did I do?”

“What did you do?” I laugh, he is so ridiculous sometimes. “I have been in love with you for the longest time and you use that to feel better because Carrie left and you’re upset, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be another one of your rebound girls,” I say and I go out the door and pass all the drunk teens. You’re ready to walk home when you think to yourself.

He’s drunk Y/N. He needs a ride home, you sigh. Stupid thoughts. Stupid Zach. You walk back in the room.

“You’re back?”

“I need to drive you home,” you make it obvious that if he weren’t really drunk, you’d have left already.


The car ride is silent. Soon enough you’re at his house and you give him his keys. 

“How are you going to get home?” He asks.

“I’m going to walk.”

“Y/N.. Take they keys, I’ll pick it up tomorrow morning.”

“I can walk,” you really don’t want to see him anytime after tonight.

“Please. Y/N,” he’s begging, and you sigh. You grab the keys from his hand and get into his car. He watches you pull out of the driveway. While you’re on your way home, you cry. 

It’s not fair, he loves a girl who doesn’t love him when I’m right here. You’re driving when another car smashes into your car, turning your world into nothing, pitch black. 

The lack of a stop sign causes the person in the other car to run right into your side.

Time to Pretend AU

Characters A, B, C and D are hanging out one night when Character A mentions having anxiety over their plans to ask out their crush – who may or may not be Character B/C/D. The others decide to help Character A practice by role-playing as Character A and their crush. However, Character B, always the jokester, starts inserting outlandish events into the conversation (“And then a dinosaur attacked!”, “And then Character A was hit by a sniper’s bullet!”).

Character A is annoyed, but everyone else is really into it. Soon enough the group of them are running around the apartment/house/neighborhood/town/city, switching between characters, running from imaginary monsters, investigating an imaginary crime ring, and arguing with imaginary lovers, all as a part of the absurd story they’re making up as they go along. And through all this, Character A plays along, but they’re still completely terrified to ask out their crush.

Shea Fontana, the writer of DC Super Hero Girls and the books based on it, answered questions from fans yesterday and today. Here are the two questions I asked her on Twitter: 

Lots of fans have been wondering if/when Raven will be in the series other then the books but now it’s solidly confirmed Raven will be appearing in the webseries sometime soon and Tara Strong will be reprising her role. 

Plus she pretty much confirmed that Beast Boy does indeed have a crush on Raven. Hits and Myths already teased at that but still thank you Shea Fontana! Put BBRae in something and the fans start losing it. 

I think Beast Boy and Raven will be very close friends in this series but Beast Boy pretty much already has a crush on her though but I think Raven probably will be unaware of it however. It might go something like that but I dunno what she really has planned for these two. Guess we’ll find out soon enough. 

So be prepared for Raven appearing in the series and watch out for some BBRae too!

anonymous asked:

I feel like I've lost my ability to write good poetry and i have nothing in my brain except angst boring stuff that's only relatable to me. And the broad topics just seem impersonal even when I try to make it better. My mom gets mad when i don't take her suggestions and says it's not as hard as I keep making it out to be (it is hard). What am I supposed to do.

nobody likes to talk about it, but this happens to every writer, at least once in the period of their writing career. you can’t have inspiration all the time, it’s just not possible.

i have two pieces of advice for you:

one, you don’t need to write for other people 100% of the time. in fact, i’d say you should probably try to write just for yourself sometimes, because it’s hard to be as open as you occasionally need to be when you know other people are going to see it. the vast majority of the poems that i write, never leave my googledocs. i don’t show them to anyone. it’s not that they’re bad–actually, i really love a lot of them. but they’re for me. nobody else needs to see them. maybe if other people read them, they’d find them strange and unrelatable, but honestly? i don’t care. i didn’t write them to be relatable.

i wrote them because when my fingers hit the keyboard, that’s what came out.

the second piece is from my senior year creative writing teacher:

all writing is good writing. even bad writing is good writing, because you created something. you turned an empty page in something that is no longer an empty page. and even more importantly, all writing brings you closer to the kind of writing that you actually want to produce. she used a metaphor that i really like:

if you’re a writer, then what you’re doing is pretty similar to someone who is digging a very deep tunnel. most of the time, it’s pretty hard because the dirt is packed very tight and there’s a lot of rocks and it’s really hot out and you kinda want to stop, but you’re also really invested in digging this tunnel, because you know there’s gold around here somewhere, so you keep digging. sometimes you find cool stuff in the dirt, but also sometimes you hit a huge rock and it looks like you’re never going to get through. but listen, if you keep hitting at it long enough, eventually it will break. it only becomes impassable when you stop trying to pass it.

what she was saying, in case it’s not entirely clear, is that, as a writer, you will have times where you dont like anything you write, and it all seems utterly pointless. that’s inevitable. but if you just let yourself write bad shit, eventually, at some point, you’ll break through it.

it’s important that you accept that 1) sometimes you’ll write crap, and 2) sometimes you’ll write crap for a really long time but 3) it won’t last forever and 4) just because it’s so personal that nobody else can get it doesn’t mean it’s crap. and lastly, 5) there’s a lot of things that you might think are too narrow to reach other people, but if you share them, you’ll find that that’s really not the case. sometimes people have similar experiences. sometimes people can see the art in your work even if they can’t necessarily relate to it.

write what you write. don’t try to force it. if you can, try and explain this to your mother.