but not really my art

Noctis knows there’s no way he can win a fair snowball fight against Prompto.

Some cute art to celebrate 2K people sticking around! Thanks y’all for the constant support I can’t even describe how much it means to me ♥

Advent Calendar 2017

Day 18

This was my first digital Reylo art which I made.. I was really nervous to post this. Oh wellI hope I get better to draw them soon.


A commission for @easterlingwanderer, who was inspired by the idea of the bemused reactions of Men when elves burst into song over trivial things.

I present to you, The Sorrowful Tale of Finrod and the Burnt Stew. A perplexed Bëor watches as Finrod sings a ballad over the stew that burnt when he got distracted looking at a pretty bird.

Some domestic Bakushima for you ☺️