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I can’t believe I’m making this post, but yes. Over the past few days, there was a spike in the amount of followers trump gained. Now this may not seem like a very big deal considering the fact famous people gain followers all the time, but there’s something very fishy about drumpf’s new followers: 


 A little less than half of trump’s follower’s a fake… which means that he most likely paid for these bots. 

So why does this all matter???? a lot of you are probably wondering….

Well apparently the white house is launching a “war room” to censor any information regarding the Trump-Russia scandal. This can include a variety of anti-trump posts made on social media, particularly twitter. All of these bots can be used to censor out and silence the people who post about the Russia scandal.  These bots can also be used to trick the twitter algorithm into promoting his ideologies. Trump and his administration are now targeting social media in order to to prevent the truth from coming out. 

This isn’t a highly severe tactic against the American people, but it’s still a fucked up form of censorship. A president should not be blocking out his/her citizens, yet here we are……… 


Tumblr killed the quality cries//

But yeah, meet Akio! His quirk revolves around him having literally hot blood! His body temperature is higher than the normal person, so if you’re not aware of his quirk, it’ll probably burn you if you’re not careful. During his normal state, his veins are faint, but still visible, but once he gets flustered (and he gets flustered really easily) his veins start to glow as his body temperature rises. 

Besides his quirk, he’s a 16 year old socially awkward boy who doesn’t like being touched bc he’s afraid he’ll accidentally hurt someone. Akio tends to have a resting bitch face, but he doesn’t mean to look… intimidating. His parents are both deceased, and he lives with his granny, who has a cockroach companion named Jimmy (poo I hate u LMAO). He enjoys baking and collecting rare, but super ugly figurines. He’s also best buddies with Poo’s oc, Misha, and Sushi’s, Iwi!!! They’re all a disaster though, probably do more harm than good being together in the same room.