but not really knives

speculation compilation #48

You guys sent in a bunch of great theories this week. Here are the speculations and thoughtful musings as of page 38!

Astute observation! If you really want to see Chara with cool magic knives, some check out these rad pieces of fanart: Knaifu Waifu and Don’t Touch the Child!

A fair theory, but it has been shown that Frisk does not want to die.

Aren’t you thinking of Blue magic?

I think this is the first time Gaster has been mentioned in a spec post.

Like, there are things I know I’ve landed on wrt Kom’rk because it’s written into the text.

Kom’rk is sociable and charming (especially held up by his rapport with Mereel and his influence on Corr). Kom’rk is distant from Kal or feels a need to maintain an aloof unconcerned facade around Kal, maybe both (flippantly dismisses Kal’s concerns, visibly bored when Kal is in the room). Kom’rk readily criticizes Ordo or pokes fun at him, though it is not unkind (pointing out Ordo is unfairly wary of Ruu, jokes about Ordo never living down being wrong about Maze killing Zey). Dry sense of humor that is difficult to discern if serious or not (while the agreeing to shoot Jusik is likely serious, it’s mentioned that it’s delivered as Kom’rk would a joke). Pragmatic, cynical. 

But then there’s things like “Kom’rk is really into knives” and “the other Nulls are most protective of Kom’rk out of all the Nulls”. Which I love but there’s no basis in the text for it and I’m like ???? where did this come from


a really evil guy but a really good dad

through lots of in depth character meta derived from playing Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, i have determined that Franziska von Karma is a sword lesbian

So I met R.V. Burgin today

I was at a gun show in fort-worth Texas today and after wandering around for a while in this giant convention center I stumbled upon a smaller booth with a few stacks of books and some pics of the guys from K company and was a bit surprised when I realized who’s book it was on the table. The woman at the table seemed a bit surprised I recognized the name, but was ecstatic when after she informed me that Burgin was her father I told her that her father was one of my personal heroes. “Well he’s headed back from wandering if you wanna tell him yourself.” And then I turned around and R.V. Burgin was a couple feet from me. Needless to say my stupid ass who wants to be commissioned as an officer by the marines once I’ve graduated college shook his hand and told him that he was my hero and he was a truly remarkable man and I thanked him for his service.
He is one of the most humble men I’ve ever met. he was so surprised I knew he was.

SO YEAH. After a few more pleasantries I went on my way and then stopped in the bathroom to blubber a bit cause fucking shit I honestly think this is one of the best days of my life so far.

The signs as Scott Pilgrim characters

Aries: Stephen Stills

Taurus: Knives Chau

Gemini: Young Neil

Cancer: Scott Pilgrim

Leo: Kim Pine

Virgo: Envy Adams

Libra: Wallace Wells

Scorpio: Gideon Gordon Graves

Sagittarius: Ramona Flowers

Capricorn: Roxy Richter

Aquarius: Todd Ingram

Pisces: Lucas Lee

Being Tim’s s/o & Damian considers you a sister HCs

Requested by anon: “Headcanons for being tim’s s/o and dami considering you a sister?”

A/N: Hope you love it darling! <3


  • The first time you meed Damian you only know what Tim has told you
  • … or warned you about
  • You go in thinking the kid is about to start throwing knives at you
  • But in reality he’s really polite.. even sweet
  • Tim’s about as shocked as you are
  • Damian’s being NICE? He thinks hell just froze over
  • When you come to the manor he steals you
  • like all the time
  • Tim is hella confused
  • “Guys have you seen [F/n]?”
  • “She’s helping Damian give Titus a bath”
  • “Sometimes I forget who’s girlfriend she is”
  • He pouts whenever you come back from spending time with Damian
  • He’s even given you the silent treatment.
  • “Tim?” … “Timmy?” … “Are you giving me the silent treatment?”
  • Then you kiss him and he’s back to normal
  • He just needs some reassurance sometimes
  • You’ve mastered keeping the two from fighting
  • Bruce taught you the batglare
  • It’s very handy, even if it’s just Tim you have to use it on
  • Damian and you always text (I’m guessing he has a phone)
  • Tim hates it, he just wants your attention.
  • Especially when it’s just the both of you
  • He will steal your phone and have movie nights or reading nights.
  • Just to have some couple time
  • You find it cute when he gets jealous, your just being sisterly to Damian but he still gets jealous.
  • You make sure to set time a side when you go to the manor with him
  • Doing your best to be a girlfriends and sub big sister
The signs as Tarantino aesthetics
  • Aries: tropical sadcore
  • Taurus: really big knives
  • Gemini: ranting about bullshit
  • Cancer: dark sunglasses
  • Leo: breakfast for dinner in shitty diners
  • Virgo: shiny guns
  • Libra: homoerotic subtext
  • Scorpio: unnecessary close-ups of feet
  • Sagittarius: buckets of blood
  • Capricorn: uma thurman
  • Aquarius: cigarettes on cigarettes
  • Pisces: having a split lip

h̤̘̝̫̿ͫ̐ͪ̋ͤ̋ͫa͇̜̺̗̞̿̓ͣp̓̾ͪ̈́͝҉͇͎͇̱͓͔̬̖̦p̶̌̿҉̭͕͚͙y̴̷̟̪̻̥̫̣̦ͩͤͅ ̶̘̯̫̳̪̳͉ͫ̍̐̉͆̚͝b͓̳̱͈̞̠͋͌̂̀́ͩ͊͐͛͞i͙̹̲͙̍͌̀r̨̥͈͒́̐͆ͧ͊ṯ͖͉̗͓͓ͨͫ̈́̈͝ͅĥ̸͕̼̩̤̖̙͖̗̪͒̍̔̒͐͜d́͐̅͆ͫ̽̒ͧ͏͍̟̗̠̫͔̻͓ǎ͇̠̤̜̼͇̼͔́͛̐ÿ̵̲̦͎͙́ͩ̀̊̿ͨͩͮ͠ ̥̣̬̤̒̽̓̈́̅́̓̚d̸̬̣͑̑̉ḙ̙͉̮̺̜͚̉̌͗̊͢͢a̙̱̮̟̣ͬr̷̈́ͣ͟͏͔̟̠ͅ ̷̠̤̝̰̯̩̎͌͛͘f̝̰̱̎̃͒̉͘͝r͚̮͇͕̼̝̙̤ͭ̔̉̏ͬ̆ͪ̚i̢̛̦̘̥̪̲͓͉̿̉̃ͥͮe̦̒ͧ̓̀ͩ͠͝n̖͈̖̬͎̐̈̒͢͞d̻̮̞̒ͪ̓͑ͩ̍͑

I mean …. Anti must REALLY like knives right?

So here are some headcannons that I have and that can be seen on the drawing:

—Anti loves knives (obviously);

—His tattoo is all glitched out and glows some shade of green;

—He is REALLY pale, skin almost grey, and you can see his veins on his arms;

—He has pointy canines;

—He wears his gauges all the time.

(Happy 27th birthday Jack, hope your day will be as great as you :D)



Someone has probably beat me to this idea, but imagine if in season 4 we got a scene where Will and Hannibal were fighting someone whilst fucking in the shared memory palace. And so we’d get these really artful shots of knives slicing and blood flying spliced with dream-like shots of naked skin and closed eyes and passionate kisses, right?

BUT THEN at the close of the scene, right when we should see the successful kill, we get them panting in bed. Because, oh shit, it wasn’t the memory palace after all - it was real sex and the kill was a shared flashback. 

Okay but let’s talk about Fred & George.

You have to be observant to be as successfully mischievous as the twins are. Imagine 11-year old Fred entering the Great Hall and when all the first years are marveling at the ceiling that looks like the sky, and the first thing he notices is a broom closet door behind the High Table, and he thinks that’s a strange place for a broom closet, and now he thinks Argus Filch is glaring at him for looking at the broom closet, and he turns to George to point it out but George is already pointing at the ceiling like everybody else - except wondering how to get above the sky, because there’s no way it’s actually raining on them right now.

Imagine Lee Jordan figuring out the credit card trick to open doors, except wizards don’t have credit cards, but butter knives work just as well (maybe better). Imagine George filling his backpack to the brim with butter knives because he wasn’t really sure how many they would need, so he just took all of them. Imagine Fred running into the Great Hall to tell George he figured out how to get on the roof of the Gryffindor tower, and he slips a bit, and he crashes into George, and 16 butter knives are clattering to the floor, and now Argus Filch is glaring at them again.

Imagine Lee and George and Fred climbing up to the top of the Gryffindor dormitories, and on the top floor there’s a rusty old ladder, and at the top of the ladder there’s a rotting wooden trapdoor with a 40-year-old padlock barely holding it shut. But alohomora doesn’t open it (maybe the caretaker before Filch put it there, and knew a charm or two), so the three boys convince a third-year to buy them a couple extra cans of butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks, and spend the next week and a half learning how to make padlock shims out of aluminum. And they spend the last night of their first year drinking the rest of the butterbeer on the roof of the Gryffindor Tower, toasting to the pranks they’re planning, and to the rest of the hidden places they’ll find, and to the lock picks that they ordered via owl post to practice with over the summer, and to next year - when they SWEAR this time they’d convince a seventh year to buy them proper firewhiskey for a farewell toast.

Imagine they’ve come back from the summer for their second year, having mastered picking seven-pin locks with the cores they ordered via owl post, because who knew that wizards didn’t think they needed more than four pins on any of their locks? (They all knew they needed to practice picking more pins than that, even if it would only be helpful in the muggle world - turns out it was, two years later when they busted Harry’s trunk out of the cupboard under the stairs).

Imagine they finally get through that broom cupboard behind the High Table in the Great Hall, and much to their delight they find a rickety spiral staircase that winds straight up to a catwalk that stretches the length of the Great Hall - and the catwalk sits above the enchantment that makes the ceiling look like the sky, and for the rest of the year none of the students can figure out why it looks like there are two suns (an enchanted jar with a flame inside, labelled “Tatooine,” sitting on one end of the catwalk), and the young professor who finally figures it out is a muggleborn who saw A New Hope in the cinemas the day before she was accepted to Hogwarts and hasn’t the heart to remove the jar.

Imagine Fred and George and Lee exploring the castle at 3am with the help of the Marauder’s Map, sometimes with Angelina and Alicia, and one time Cedric Diggory - but he didn’t know he was afraid of heights until it was too late, and he never went exploring with them again. Imagine all the nights they didn’t find secret passageways or roofs or underground tunnels, just a hole in the wall or an entrance to a pipe big enough for a person to climb through (or, a giant snake), and just when they are about to be disappointed they see a wall covered in carvings and ink scratches. Most of them look centuries old - (code?)names like “Daedalus,” or a picture of a ball of string. One of them looks more recent - an intricate drawing of a cat wearing glasses - and they find that in almost every place they go (but it takes another generation for Lily Luna Potter to wonder how old Minerva McGonagall really was when she became an animagus). And sometimes they find their good friends Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs - but usually it’s just drawings of a wolf, a rat, a dog, and a stag (never one without the other).

Imagine the night before they leave Hogwarts in their dust (and a wake of destruction for Umbridge to clean up), they sneak up to the Great Hall catwalk one last time, except this time they leave candles enchanted to float in a pattern, and as the sun sets over dinner the constellations are no longer the Big Dipper and Orion’s Belt, but words that read out “Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes” and the address for their new joke shop in Diagon Alley.

Imagine all the things they were able to do thanks to lock picks and butter knives, to aluminum cans and a couple hours of brainstorming. Imagine how they would have been totally fine without the Marauder’s Map, but all that much better for it. Imagine Remus returning to his favorite hiding spot as a teacher to find a handful of new carvings next to his little wolf on the wall. Imagine all the generations of Hogwarts muggleborns who teach the wizard-born children how locks work, and how doors work, and why they can always be opened, and why magic is great - but all it is is helpful, and what’s really great is what they can do when they combine magic and common sense and a little bit of whim.