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Sentinel Wars (1/?)

So a few weeks ago I had an idea about combining Star Wars with The Sentinel, and some folks seemed to like that thought.  So….  I wrote some of it!  Shoutout to @likealeafonthewind for helping with some behind-the-scenes world-building on this.  @norcumi, I went in a completely different direction than the plot bunny you put up for adoption.  Sorry not sorry?

And now, I give you the first part of… “Sentinel Wars!”  (Because what is a creative title, I cannot.)


When the war starts, Rex is in the unenviable position of not really fitting into any of the ideal duty placements for a clone soldier of the GAR.  He’s a fully-manifested Sentinel, along with about 40% of his brothers, but he is neither able to operate fully on his own, like the command-track Sentinels do, nor synced with a partner to wake him up on the occasions when he does get lost in his senses, like the ground troopers and the specialized Sentinel teams.

It’s usually not too difficult for any of his nearby brothers to snap him out of his head, if he gets lost in a sound or a scent, but it would be easier if he’d found someone to sync with.  Still, he’s careful with himself, as much as he can be.  Zoning out too often or too deeply gets you culled, but Rex is stubborn.  He’s not getting culled, and he’ll defy his own karking instincts to make sure of it.  But that still leaves him with all his senses primed and no permanent partner to watch his back.

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Hello!! Sorry to bother you, but I thought of something having to do with Starscream in tfp, and well you're pretty knowledgeable about the series. But I was wondering, in tfp did Starscream ever actually try to offline Megatron in the show? I mean he left bucket head behind in a cave-in and the space bridge when it exploded, and pulled out the shard of dark energon in season 1, but those seemed more circumstantial to me. And the clones attack. But was there anything else at all? Thank you!

No, the clones were the most overt time he actually tried to kill Megatron. He did leave him for dead twice, as you mentioned, along with taking out the Dark Energon that was keeping him alive and getting KO to try and not fix him. I kinda see that whole thing as one attempt, and it really was more because the opportunity arose. He also was reluctant and grumbly over picking him up in space when he first returned (we learned why in the first scene they shared, when Megatron snaps at him for ordering a Vehicon to bring a sample of Energon). 

Later on, in season 3, he saved his life twice, once when Optimus had thrown him into the power supply for Darkmount’s cannons (we actually see Starscream considering what to do, before he turns and orders his troops to bring Megatron to the ship, despite Megs’s protesting over retreating), and once when he shoots Predaking in the back with a missile while the two giant bots are grappling. There was one attempt when he turned Skyquake into a zombie, but that didn’t get very far at all, and he did try to get Breakdown on his side for a coup that never developed. Mostly Starscream was pretty focused on doing a good job running things, and contributing plans toward Megatron’s efforts.

Favorite Things from Star Wars

Cause why not? 


Droideka (Destroyer Droids) Cause they’re rollypolly shielded bastards

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BB-8. Because BB-8

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Rey and Finn I mean, Look at these dorks!

HK-47 “Request: Please click the link to see why HK is such a wonderful droid, Meatbag. Else you will be viciously shot and then killed.”


General Grievous A character that HUNTS JEDI FOR SPORT! And He’s a really unique looking cyborg.

The Clone Commandos Coolest Space soldiers EVER!

Imperial Probe Droid There’s something REALLY cool about this droid I’ve always loved.

Captain Phasma A badass female in practical armor. Also she has a cape!

There are all I can think of ATM. Might add more later. IDK


- - a life of recycled horror.

I wonder if in the years after the Battle of Yavin, and later after Endor, people in the galaxy start talking about the curse of the Death Star the way we talk about the curse of the Pharaohs, because everyone involved with it died.

The Death Star was originally a Separatist weapon developed for Count Dooku: Dooku died and the Separatists lost the Clone Wars.

The Geonosians built the Death Star: nearly the entire Geonosian species was wiped out and the planet sterilized.

Jedha provided the kyber crystals for the Death Star: the Holy City and a huge chunk of the planet’s population died.

Galen Erso and his team of scientists worked on the Death Star: they all died.

Orson Krennic was in charge of building the Death Star: he died (cause of death: Death Star).

Tarkin took control of the Death Star: he and everyone on the Death Star died.

Jyn and Cassian and company got their hands on the plans: they died, along with, presumably, most of the population of that hemisphere of Scarif.

Emperor Palpatine ordered the construction of the Death Star and later the Second Death Star: he died, along with, presumably, most of the people on the Second Death Star.

Darth Vader was on both Death Stars: he died.

Luke, Leia, Han, and Chewbacca were all on one or both of the Death Stars at some point in time: well, they might not have been responsible for the thing, but man, did their lives get fucked up, but props for surviving the CURSE OF THE DEATH STAR.  Er, mostly.  For longer than most people, anyway, sorry, Han.

Some people say it was the curse of a dying Geonosian queen, others the will of the Force in revenge for Jedha, others Saw Gerrera’s dying words, others some twisted dark magic of one of the Emperor’s defeated foes – or Dooku’s – or the Jedi’s – because curses don’t have to make sense, but damn, if the rumor doesn’t get around once some of the Death Star’s history starts to get out to the general public.

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Jumin and MC domestic life with their 4 year old son. Jumin spoile him so much and his son loves papa so much, MC thinks their son looks a lot like Jumin but he's so shy unlike his dad.

es yes y es Y ES y e  S ik this isnt a hc request but i love this idea

  • can u just imagine this fluff of jet black hair and cold steel eyes, if it wasn’t for certain features everyone would’ve thought jumin just cloned himself
  • refuses to talk to other people most of the time
  • and not in the really awkward shy way just in a deafeningly quiet way because he’s been taught to never use vocalized pauses like “um” or “uh” 
  • jumin even gets kinda worried sometimes like does he even talk… mc where is the buttons
  • he’s so sweet and gentle and tender but with a straight face and that throws people off
  • very quiet the kid can be so fucking creepy because he can just waddle into a room and jumin is like what the fuck how long have u been behind me,,,
  • loves spending time with jumin!!! literally will cry if jumin doesn’t read him to sleep he just wants his dad )): 
  • hugs jumin a lot and just nuzzles into his side a lot
  • loves playing with elizabeth the third!!!!!!!!
  • wore suits as a kid shoutout to jumin smh
  • is surprisingly really composed for a four year old? usually they’re just rowdy little dickheads but it’s like. he’s shy and quiet and hides behind his mom’s arm in the grocery store 
  • jumin and mc take him to park walks and he always kinda hides between the two or behind the two
  • when he gets a little older he asks jumin for advice on everything and has so many in depth questions he just bases his entire character off of his own dad
  • he loves his dad and wants to be just like him and mc is like “lmao he was a mess until me wym
  • when he’s a teenager though oh boy he’s such a little SHIT
  • his features are nearly similar to jumin but he lacks that presidential smile jumin can put on that yells “you’d love doing business with me” while his son’s sideways grin warns that he bites and he’s poisonous
  • the type to stare at strangers to creep them out and never breaks eye contact
  • owns more leather jackets than jumin has ties probably
  • bad boy han
  • top of his fucking class despite his looks and super popular and generally pretty feared 
  • needs a fucking haircut like his dad tbh
  • very tall and intimidating, nearly the height of his father by now give or take a couple inches 
  • sounds literally monotone and nobody knows when he’s joking or not, nobody can tell how deep his apathetic nature goes and people are too scared to pry
  • super gentleman-y and cold just like his dad and takes similar classes to his dad
  • lowkey a softie af for fluffy animals ((:

On today’s episode of Giving Darth Maul My Bad Habits: Maul has trouble leaving the bed behind in the morning.

Does Darth Maul sleep in the nude? And other serious questions being asked right here on this serious blog. Happy Sunday.

If I’m going to keep drawing this asshole I’m going to have to map out my own version of his tattoos because as far as I can tell there is zero consensus below the neck.

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I always thought, that the smirk, that Sasuke had as Sakura awakend the Yin Seal and destroyed the ground and juubi clones was really wonderful, because he was the one in the Team, who always was Aware of the fact, that Sakura was capabale of much more in the genin days, if she would`ve train more. And also, because some antis to dhis day say, that Sasuke never respect her. He fuckin smirked and was impressed by Sakuras strength and the Yin-Seal. I think that speaks volumes for Sasuke.

True. Sasuke always knew that Sakura had potential, which is probably one of the largest reasons why he was annoyed when she was initially chasing him around rather than realising that vast potential:

But he always knew her strengths and what she was capable of, and was aware of the fact that her ability to identify and dispel genjutsu was far above his own or anyone else’s among the Konoha rookies. And he wasn’t above admitting to this either, which he demonstrated as he very confidently stated that Sakura was the very first to notice the genjutsu that was in place:

This all came to a head during the war, when Sakura finally unleashed the Byakugou Seal, and showed the Allied Shinobi Forces what she was truly capable of, which subsequently left the vast majority of them in shock and awe. Of course, Sasuke wasn’t surprised or shocked at all; he always knew what potential she possessed, and was probably thinking “it’s about time”, as he watched her while smirking:

And once they were married, Sasuke once again proved that no one believed in Sakura’s strength more than he did, because while Orochimaru was dismissing her chances of survival, Sasuke wasn’t having any of it, and indicated that they shouldn’t underestimate his wife’s prowess in combat:

She’s part of the New Age of Sannin, after all ^_^

this was excessively important to me bc I have attention issues and especially am pretty much a clone of star when it comes to math. I don’t pay attention because I know I won’t even understand, I don’t even try the hw bc what’s the point?

I wish more media preached this message of trying is amazing as long as you’re really, honestly trying and plan to improve(as far as school goes). It would have helped me a lot when I was younger

  • Me, watching Star Wars #2: Meh.
  • Me, watching Clone Wars S1E2: Anakin Skywalker is my son, and he belongs to Obi-Wan Kenobi 5eva.

Satine Kryze in 3.05

Regarding mature kids cartoons, I really hate it when people (both the audience and writers) excuse bad/poor writing as being the median for kids and should always be expected, say a kids cartoon isn’t actually for a kids because it has mature themes or kids shouldn’t watch it, or excuse an opinion because that person is not a kid and not the target audience so therefore your opinion doesn’t count, and this catch-all is the first ‘counter’ towards any criticism.

Yes, it’s a kids show. It’s also an adult show. The phrase, ‘mature kids cartoons’, is not an oxymoron.

Steven Universe is a kids show. Both Avatar series were kid shows. Gravity Falls was a kids show. All three Star Wars cartoons from the last roughly-fifteen years are kid shows. All DCAU series were kid shows. I could go on.

Kids are not goldfish. If a mature subject is brought up and explored, then they have something to think about and be taught about.

For example, if you show them something like a character suffering from a poor choice, they’ll know that choices matter and can have serious consequences if you choose poorly.

And making/saying that poor writing choices as being dumbed down for them is why it happened, you, no matter if you are a critic or writer, are not respecting how smart kids really are and deserve a better story.

Ten Takes a Stand Against SM Entertainment

Staff: Ten is here to see you sir.

SM: What kind of stupid name is that?

Ten: *coughs and enters* Um it’s the one you gave me so…

SM: Hmm really? What are you like an intern or something?

Ten: I’m actually one of your artist, I’m a part of NCT U.

SM: NCT U? I thought that was just a myth!

Staff: And “artists” is kind of too liberal a term for what we produce here. You’re more like Taemin clone number 9

Staff: Ahhhh 10! That’s why I named you Ten! Okay glad that’s clear but seriously though, why are you in my office?

Ten: I’m here because I want to to be in more songs. I feel like I’m ready and that I can bring more charm and personality to NCT.

SM: Hey were you that kid on the dancing show? The crybab-

Ten: I prefer the term emotionally sensitive but sure.

Staff: But didn’t you lose to that JYP kid who said he looked up to you?

Ten: Well yes but I techinally won on my own an-

SM: And aren’t you one of the less desirable?


Staff: You know…*whispers* “foreign”

Ten: Oh my God why did I not join Monsta X??

SM: I don’t know maybe because you wanted to still be relevant in a few years.


Ten: You know what? FINE. I’ll just go back to the locker and hang out with Henry’s solo career-

SM: *chuckles*

Ten: -Sehun’s mixtape-

SM: *chokes*

Ten: And any chance you ever had of making the people of Thailand like YOU!! *leaves*

Staff: It’s okay sir, don’t feel bad.

SM: I don’t. We still have BamBam so our hold in Thailand is still nice and secure.

Staff: Umm..

SM: What??

Staff: BamBam isn’t one of our products.

SM: Really??

Staff: Yep.

SM: *whispers* So that explains why all of my threats to kick him out of SHINee were left on read..

Staff: …Wait, what???

SM: Oh nothing.

Ok but I think the reason I latched onto the prequels and the clone wars (and it’s characters) the most is because it straight up has the most canon material and screen time and it’s also really sad and detailed and I’m self-destructive AF

It’s sucks that the prequels movies were poorly executed but they do have cool aliens, story arcs, characters and explain HOW the Star Wars universe works and why it is the way that it is.

I wish more care had been put into making them less cringey and problematic movies but it is what it is and anyways I love the prequels.


shoutout to @lionmettled for receiving and answering my tumblr message of ‘ok but what if they were really jedi before Rogue One happened’ at 12am

the essentials: Baze Malbus and Chirrut Imwe are Jedi Masters who are deployed in joint-command over a Battalion (their first experience as Dads) during the Clone Wars. They defect from the Jedi Order right before Order 66, because of their ‘attachment’ to each other, relocating to their home-planet Jedha wherein they take up positions as Guardians of the Whills (better title than ‘Imperial disruptor’).

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