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Suicide squad ending bits.

It’s funny, you notice the things that the squad got immediately. The specific things they asked for, they have.
But we don’t really focus on the fact that they had to have asked for more elaborate things from Waller.

Harley got her espresso machine, but she also got smut books to read, she got an actual bed, and even hair ties.
Croc got his BET, and if you notice, he’s also gotten a couch, a real sandwich, and a line of liquor bottles lined up behind said couch.
Deadshot got his visit. But he also receives his daughters letters everyday too. And instead of using his mattress rolled up, he’s got an actual punching bag.
Boomer didn’t really get shit, but that’s just Waller having ‘some fun’.

I just like how their cells all have things at the end that maybe you wouldn’t notice, like crocs liquor, or Harleys bed and hair ties, or even the fact that deadshot was hitting a rolled up mattress, not a punching bag, in the beginning of the movie.

Asks #1 (In the form of things I love)
  • Lavender:Name something that relaxes you.
  • Polaroid:Post a picture that makes you feel good about yourself.
  • Vinyl:What is some of your favorite music?
  • Incense:List your three favorite scents.
  • Roots:How do you ground yourself or recharge?
  • Silk Sheets:Any ways you treat or spoil yourself?
  • Paintbrushes:Do you have a creative past-time?
  • Scars:Share something difficult you've been through.
  • Rainstorms:What helps you fall asleep?
  • Bones:Name one strength and one weakness.
  • Teacups:Favorite beverages?
  • Sealing Wax:Have you ever received a letter or written one to someone else?
  • Dragons:What makes you feel powerful, what breathes life into you?
  • Soup:Comfort food?
  • The Moon:What's your favorite thing to do at night?
  • Klosh:If you could go back to any three era's what would they be?
  • Lace:Your favorite things to wear?
  • Pocketwatch:If you could be immortal or have an extremely long life span what would you pick and why?
  • Honeybee:Name something positive you have done for yourself or someone else in the last two weeks.
  • Typewriter:If you had to come up with ten words to describe your life story so far, what would they be?
  • Blue Hair Dye:One thing you like about your appearance?
  • Felines:Something that makes you feel better after a hard day?
  • Poetry:If you have one, name a favorite book or poem.

source: http://www.gameskinny.com/q4l2q/neko-atsume-rare-cats-guide-collect-those-cats

UPDATES: Kathmandu will also come if you’ve got a lacquered bowl, and Conductor Whiskers will also visit the Cardboard Choo-Choo :) Anyone else?


Ways Destiel could go canon but won’t, number 2894370:

So at some point Dean will have to introduce Cas to his mother now, and all I can imagine is him going “Mom, this is Cas, he’s my…” 

And then a pause because GODDAMMIT how is he ever gonna put a label on Cas? My friend? Doesn’t quite cut it. My angel? Too cheesy. My reason for smiling even when I’m down? Stop it right there, Winchester. 

Until eventually his big mouth with no filter just blurts out “he’s mine.”

“It’s just… I never expected I’d get to see him like this in person, you know? I mean, all grown up, still taking care of his brother after all of these years… And hey, not too happy about the hunting part, but he’s also fallen in love with someone who loves him back unconditionally, see that’s all I ever could’ve wanted for him.”

Castiel feels his heart sink when Mary Winchester finishes her little speech, the two of them having a beer in the bunker’s kitchen at three in the morning. Mary’s reason for being here is the insomnia that Castiel figures comes with being pulled back from the afterlife, whereas Castiel himself is still awake because angels simply don’t require sleep when they’re all powered up.

Regardless, this hurts. What has Mary Winchester seen while occasionally watching over Dean when she was up there in Heaven? Who is this mystery person that Dean’s heart belongs to, and how could Castiel have missed it?

Castiel nods all the same, taking another sip of beer, hoping that Mary will drop the subject to move on to other stories that she’d like to hear about her two sons. Mary however, does no such thing. She’s closely observing Castiel, her eyes tired but alert.

“Oh, I see… He hasn’t told you yet, has he?” She says, no traces of doubt in her voice.

As Castiel tries to make sense of that, they’re interrupted because Dean enters the kitchen, all sleepy eyes and messy hair, wearing nothing but some old sweatpants and a shirt with holes in it. He comes to a stop right beside Castiel, resting a hand on Castiel’s shoulder and softly squeezing it.

“What are you two gossiping about in the middle of the night, huh?”

“None of your business,” Mary answers playfully, a knowing smile tugging at her lips as she glances up at her son.

Dean shrugs, then affectionately ruffles Castiel’s hair before stalking off to the fridge.

Again, Mary smiles as if there’s a secret that she doesn’t want to let Castiel in on just yet. Castiel forgets all about that unsolved mystery when Dean returns with a beer of his own, falling down into the chair next to Castiel and unceremoniously moving said chair until their arms are touching.

Whatever the secret is, Mary seems to enjoy it immensely. As Dean leans into him, Castiel slowly starts to suspect that this is one secret that he’s not going to mind one bit.