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Find the courage to keep on pursuing what you believe in, no matter how many people fail to want you to succeed. You are worthy of happiness, love and peace, do whatever it takes for that to be achieved. There will be days where your patience runs thin but do not give up on what keeps you alive. Keep chasing the things that call for you and never give up on your dreams.

When dreams seem tough by Amy Kennedy


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  • Me : Time to do something productive
  • Also me : *watches the Haikyuu training camp arc for the 82947th time*

Can you imagine if one day Charles Xavier does show up in a future season and David just becomes so confused and stressed and everything becomes even louder and he starts curling in on himself, but then suddenly without any warning everything stops. He doesn’t know if he’s ever felt this way before, and he’s afraid to even think the thought, but hell. He’s pretty sure he’s completely healthy right now. Charles explains that he won’t keep him in that state for long, but he just wants to talk to his son in a more comfortable way, and David just has tears in his eyes as he whispers to himself “it’s so quiet..” with a small laugh of disbelief.


MAKE ME CHOOSE | asked by anonymous

regina’s relationship with emma or regina’s relationship with emma’s car?


Could you describe your marriage to us, Cath?

Anyways whatever rv is filming in Thailand better be Season 1 of Red Velvet Life that will have up to 7 seasons, each in a another country or where they get to travel and try new foods, visit their old schools (wendy go to toronto hint hint) and just have fun. Each season should have at least five 20-30 minute long episodes :) that’s the least rv and fans deserve.