but not only me

  • Bruce in Batman v Superman: Guess I'll go kill Superman then. What could possibly go wrong?
  • Bruce in Justice League: [crying, a hot mess] Alfred, listen, Alfred, [pauses to wipe his eyes] listen, and then when Clark looked at me, there was an aura of light around him, an- and, [loudly blows nose] and it was like he was seeing into my soul, Alfred, he,

I’ve come back with this, so … Coincidences back? A story from two diferents points of view? one night, one moment, same place, two persons. 💕 🌹 

 (credits of the first two photos:/LaResistencia5h)


I couldn’t decide which color to make the background for Eddie, so I just did both and ya’ll can choose either one you like better! Time to do the rest of The Losers Club!

I wanna give a shoutout to @zenshousewife last night bc we were on voice chat, but we ended up talking for over an hour about my ocs and story (along with other random subjects), before we actually started to play Overwatch. She’s such an amazing listener and I love the questions she asked— I usually get too flustered to go too in-depth with my ocs and story because I feel like it wouldn’t sound good or it might be too dark, but I’m glad she was super into it. It makes me excited to one day finally release a comic about them haha.

Marinette is curious about the whole purr thing while Chat is more confused and embarrased than he wants to admit

Totally based on that trailer