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Harry is a professional.

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PSA: Portrayals and Interpretations of Characters

Friendly reminder that you can play your muse however you wish, whether they be a canon character or an OC: it’s your portrayal and interpretation. No one can take that away from you.

You’re the one putting work into that character, you’re the one putting your heart and soul into it, and no one has the right to dictate how you should play them.

Respect each other above all, give constructive feedback that helps not harms, and NEVER hate on anyone’s portrayal of a character, simple as that.

We have the right to sculpt and change our character’s looks/backstory/preferences as much as we want. This is a creative hobby, and we should not feel restricted on what we can and can’t write/create.

good lord was that easy god bless inattentive SAs

ft. the first thing i ever stole from lu/sh!!!

lu/sh: sunkissed lip tint - 10.95

v/s: underoos - 10.50 X 2

f/21: feelings shirt - 10.90, choker - 7.90

total!!!: 50.75


as promised, current photos (9/22/17) from

my favorite metaphysical store in downtown ferndale, michigan :)

i was in a hurry today so i didn’t think to photograph the tarot and oracle decks or any of the cool bags or the jewelry and crystals in the hallway. i’ll photograph the place more thoroughly in two weeks when i’m back in ferndale :)

The Purple Chair

This, friends, is Purple Chair. AKA the place where the writing gets done. AKA the place where I wrote Chapters 14-17 of ‘Blinded by Light’ in a span of six days. 

I wrote Chapters 14-17 in a flurry of inspiration and emotion and sheer excitement. 24,970 words in six days. That’s bananas output for me. Beyond bananas. It’s unbelievable. 

Tomorrow, I finally get to post Chapter 17 and officially close out the first arc of ‘Blinded by Light’. I can’t wait to share it. 

Ravenclaw At Heart

First song I’ve ever written with an instrumental part. I only started learning guitar about a month ago, so sorry for the messy chords! It took me longer than it should’ve to write this. Doing it mainly for a submission to the house cup going on