but not my lineart

new brush!!! new bendys!!!!!!!


decided to test it out with my fav kids because I missed drawing full lineart-color-shading pics with ‘em, all I’ve done this past month+ has been lil doodles and stuff, which is definitely not as fun as the full Sitting Down To Draw Favs For Six Hours experience

though it actually looks like my art style has changed a lil bit since the last time I did digital work, which is nice

little more flow, little more edge, bug eyes increased by 90%

I can’t wait to do more, I’m so excited to get back into the groove of digital drawing!

Come to think of it… why do we even need to leave right now?

I’ll be honest, I had no idea what I was doing with him after I’ve gone past the lineart and flats stages. My brain kinda went, “Whoa, Wheatman is bad now! Better make 75% of this thing purple shadows and put some glow-y red crap on dem eyesssss!”

Although while I did this I was imagining how Musical!Wheatley looked like as he said the line stated above as he was turning towards Chell, glasses off. Maybe just think about that.


Finally got to do a quick Yurio drawing! Unfortunately I tried to go for a low light but colorful look so.. his blonde hair looks more brown here heh. Anyways, 2016 was a very trying year for me (and for many other people as well), but I’m also so glad that there were things like YOI and tumblr to help make everything a little better. Here’s to 2017! Take care everyone!

*edit* I will get to the ASKS as soon as I can! >_< Thanks for your patience guys ahhhh