but not meant to be

imagine weiss’s relief when she finally knew for sure that ruby was alive and that she didn’t succumb to whatever (presumed) injuries induced her coma

i’ve talked about this before but like think about it.. weiss was swept away to atlas by her father..for all we know, the last she ever saw of ruby was her going up the tower..or maybe she saw qrow carrying her unconscious from the tower. we don’t know what state ruby was in last weiss saw her.

so to finally meet up with yang and hear that ruby survived and even recovered enough to go off on her own must have dissolved a huge knot of tension for her.. and then to finally see her, bumped and bruised but alive and well..that must have been the biggest relief she’s ever experienced, to see her first (and best) friend and partner safe despite all the danger she walked through.. no wonder she ran into her arms crying.

keep me right

“You. It’s always you. John Watson, you keep me right.”

A (growing) master playlist dedicated to the detective and his doctor.

That’s right folks, I may be, what, four/five years late with posting this?  But finally, I’ve put together a proper Johnlock playlist lmao.  This will be a growing master playlist of sorts, so make sure to check back for updates over time!

Ben: Harry, my dude. I love you man but you need to stop telling everyone you’re Ruby’s mother. 

Harry: oh. sorry. it’s just we’re so bonded it feels that way sometimes. 

Ben: just no more, k? 

Harry: got it! no more mommy talk. 

Harry: hey adam, have you met Ruby? 

Harry: isn’t she beautiful? 

harry: …I birthed her.