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So I guess that’s what you do; you wait. You’re always going to feel pain, hurt, and pressure. But over time, your wounds heal, your heart grows and you begin to forget exactly who made you the wreck you are today. Because with time comes strength. Once you get through the pain you can embrace everything life has to offer and pursue that with your head held high
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MTMTE 38 scattered thoughts, part 2: RUNG

- Rung is my favorite robot.

- Have I mentioned HOW MUCH I LOVE RUNG?

- I feel like people don’t always realize just how brave Rung is. It’s not like he can defend himself physically, but he’s so calm in the face of physical danger, and it’s amazing.

- Rung talking Brainstorm down was, predictably, my favorite. It is so rare to see nonviolent solutions to conflict in fiction. And it’s so rare to see nonviolent solutions shown to be as effective or even more effective than violence as a means of solving problems.

But that’s exactly what we see here. It reminds me strongly of issue 6: Once again, Rodimus decides to use force to solve a problem, and once again violence fails to solve that problem. Once again, Rung takes a nonviolent approach - and once again, a nonviolent approach is what ends up working. Violence escalates the problem, but empathy and compassion de-escalate it.

- Basically what I’m trying to say is, Rung’s skills at solving problems through nonviolence are just as useful and valuable as anyone else on the team. They brought him along for a reason.

- Rung refuses to give up on people or to throw them away, and I love him for it.

- I always figured that Rung’s alt mode would end up having some kind of actual function. I’m still not sure I like it, though - I’m fond of the idea of his alt mode being legitimately nonfunctional, and therefore a real threat to Functionist philosophy. If Rung’s alt mode really does serve no function, it threatens their entire society just by existing. If it does, well… that does change things as a result. I’m willing to wait and see how I feel about this development, though, and I did expect it.

- Hellish-Functionist-AU Rung is such an amazing nonviolent badass and I love it.

- The visual callback at the very end of this issue is worth mentioning. Rung being held captive and tortured by the functionist state is depicted in a direct visual reference to Overlord being held captive on the Lost Light and having his mind violated by the Autobot state. Make of this what you will, but I don’t think the visual reference is accidental.

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My parents aren't exactly the best people. I mean their the reason I almost never have people over- they're rude, I'm pretty sure racist and homophobic, they love to pick at people's insecurities, and they honestly hate me. Any advice? because I sure as hell need it.

Well, since their your parents, I wouldn’t suggest siting them down and lecturing them, that wouldn’t help you very much I don’t think, but you could try every once in a while when they say something especially mean, let them know. You could just give them a simple “that was sort of harsh” “I don’t think it’s /that/ bad” ect. I mean, if you think they’ll listen, of course you can give them a piece of your mind, but just know that one day you won’t have to deal with them so much

Takato and the making of Tamers Manga

(Hirokazu and Kenta meeting Guilmon for the first time)
Takato: but that’s what happened
Kenta: it doesn’t HAVE to be exactly what happened. You can take small liberties with the story.
Takato: that would be lying, Kenta
Hirokazu: but you’re getting this published, and we don’t wanna look like cowards
Takato: ok fine. Just this once. No more lies though.

*Juri reading that part*
Juri: but Takato, I got to meet Guilmon way before they did! Why did you leave me out?
Takato: I’m sorry, Juri. What if I gave you a whole chapter to yourself??
Juri: oh, fine I guess.

(Flashback of Ruki meeting Renamon)
Ruki: what the hell, Takato. Why is she posing. What is this, Jojo’s bizarre adventure??
Takato: you weren’t specific, so I just improvised
Ruki: it looks ridiculous!
Takato: I think it looks cool
Ruki: ugh, you moron. And what’s with the mating season joke? That’s disgusting
Takato: Well thats went through my head at the time
Ruki: you’re gross
Takato: come on, I bet you were thinking it too.

(On Renamon saving Impmon)
Takato: so she saved him how many times??
Ruki: I think she was just drawn to his stupidity
Takato: do you think they had a thing together?
Ruki: *squints* that would be just LIKE HER, wouldn’t it?

(Juri chasing Leomon)
Takato: so do you like it or
Takato: is that a good thing or a bad thing?
Juri: it’s not bad!! I like it. It’s nice to remember him that way..

(Impmon’s motivation for leaving his Tamers)
Takato: I have a problem
Ruki: you have all kinds of problems
Takato: do you know why Impmon ran away from his tamers?
Jen: I… You got me there.
Jen: say you’re a digimon. And you’re tiny and rude and kinda filthy. And your tamers are a couple of toddlers. What would they have to do to piss you off enough to make you hate all humanity???
Ruki: kids are kinda short on attention span. Maybe they stopped paying attention to him? Or replaced him?? Didn’t they have a puppy or something?
Takato: being replaced with a puppy doesn’t seem like a thing that would send a person on the path to murder
Ruki: well it’s all you have to work with

(Ryou Akiyama)
Ruki: I swear to god on this, Takato, if you draw me ANYWHERE in conjunction with that sparkly toothed asshole, I will REIGN TERROR ON YOUR EXISTENCE-
Takato: but he had such a big role at the end!
Takato: what about him going home with us
Takato: and when you gave up all your power to make him strong enough to defeat the-
Takato: I… Ok.
Takato: but can I leave in Hirokazu being in love with him??
Ruki: play it up a lot

(Ruki’s hair)
Ruki: why do I look like a super saiyan
Takato: that’s just perspective
Ruki: perspective is supposed to make things look smaller when they’re far away, and you did the opposite! you’re a lousy artist!
Takato: D,:
Takato: get out

(Lack of Emotional Depth)
Jen: Takato… This feels really empty
Takato: yes, I get it, I can’t please a single one of you, I accepted that halfway through all this
Jen: no but… We’ve been through so much. With our families being involved too. You didn’t even include Juri’s father, and I think her story is really core the overall-
Takato: I’m not putting that in
Jen: why not?
Takato: I… Can’t do that to her. You don’t know what she went through in there. I’m not putting her emotional baggage out for the world to see. Or anyone else’s.
Takato: and if she reads it, I don’t want to stir up any…
Jen: I get it
Jen: but about the ending
Takato: well that’s what happened, wasn’t it?
Jen: yeah… But it also said that we were just to accept it. Do you believe that?
Takato: …
Jen: Takato. You promised him.


“It’s cool having a couple who are madly in love around you. It shows you that it does exist.”

I was ecstatic when Rae and Finn became a couple and equally as devastated when they broke up. But there was always that love in the air that gave you hope that a love like that could exist — for you, for your friends, or for your family. It’s a TV fantasy that is so relatable that they remind you of your best friends down the street. [x]


don’t think about it at all, just keep your head low, and don’t think about it all. soldier on, soldier on, keep your heart close to the ground. (+)

(Lieutenant Swan AU)

“Why so nervous, Captain?”

“L-lieutenant, milady. I’m just a lieutenant.”

“And I’m just Emma, Lieutenant,” she replies, drawing out the last word, her eyes dancing with amusement. “And I promise I don’t bite…much.”

She steps closer to him. Just a fraction. But it’s enough to knock the breath out of him in an audible whoosh.

“Emma, please.”

“What?” she smirks. “Worried about your good form?”

That’s when he realizes that he’s been staring at her mouth for far too long and bloody hell—he’s already beyond hope.


CS AU [Part 3/3]: When Emma and Killian came back from the past, instead of Elsa coming to Storybrooke, Graham never died. The whole town thinks that Emma and Graham have been in a relationship ever since Emma came to Storybrooke two years ago.

Emma seeks Rumpelstiltskin for advice, but it is not the news that she had hoped for. Graham wants to help Emma, but can’t figure out why she is pulling away from him, and Killian is starting to get jealous of Emma’s newfound relationship with Graham.

Emma becomes so overwhelmed with her feelings for Killian and her marriage to Graham that she looks for help from Regina and advice from Mary Margaret. In the end, she has to follow her heart.

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Would you see me differently?
And would that be such a bad thing
I wonder what it would be like
If I told you

you should stOP


I’m not the biggest fan of the prequels but I will always adore this time period because, well, I’m not quite sure Obi-wan was in any way responsible for those “damn fool idealistic crusades,” if you know what I mean.