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Voltage Inc. Developer Interview!

Want to get an exclusive, behind-the-scenes peek at what goes into creating your favorite characters and stories? Well now’s your chance!

Part one of our new Developer Interview series is here, featuring the creator of Kissed by the Baddest Bidder, Scandal in the Spotlight, My Last First Kiss, and many others!! 

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Nine to Five (Part 9)

Pairing: Father!Stiles x Reader

A/n: You can thank me later, here is my ask box to FREAK OUT

Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10

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You wander into the Stilinski’s household, a smile gracing your face at the sight of Rosie and Stiles sitting at the breakfast counter together - finishing off their breakfast. “Good Morning.” You greet the pair of them, who give you the exact same grin.

“Daddy, can I give it to her now?” Rosie half whispers to Stiles, making you raise a brow in his direction. The sight of him in a black suit still sent shivers down your spine even though it was something you seen every morning.

“Yes, pumpkin.”

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This is a confession, but it is an “unpopular opinion”. Here on Tumblr, there is a certain kind of photo set that comes across my dashboard, which irritates me a bit. It’s the “black couples” photo sets, where the guys (because it’s always cisgender, heterosexual couples) are pawing on their girlfriends/wives. And I’m not talking about the cute, PDA photos where they are in the middle of kissing. I’m talking about “hands on ass”, “fondling breasts/other parts of women’s bodies” or other similar posts.

I guess that I just tired of seeing black couples, in particular Black women, being displayed (via mass media avenues), in just one form of intimacy (in sexual depictions).

Nothing Without Love: Chapter 4

Gladio x Reader

THE SLOW BURN IS REAL AND THE DRAMA IS CONTINUING YO. I can’t wait for the next chapter hehehehehe. 

I hope this was worth the wait. I swear I rewrote this 1000 times to make sure it was perfect for y’all’s lovely eyes. AH MULTICHAPTER FICS ARE SO FUN. I HAVE SO MANY PLANNED HELP ME. AHHH. 

Anyway, please enjoy <3

Tagging people that I know enjoy this series so far. Lemme know if you wanna be tagged in future updates: @themissimmortal, @neko-otaku13, @stunninglyignis, @itshaejinju, @cupnoodle-queen <3

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“You look so beautiful, Y/N,” Iris beamed as you took your place just outside the double doors of the Citadel throne room.

Your dreaded wedding day had finally arrived. Here you stood, trembling slightly in your ivory wedding gown ready to be presented to your betrothed like a damn pig for slaughter. A single tear sting at your left eye… you felt so useless.

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Olivia: And that’s step five of my fundraising plan for when I run for election as Supreme Overlord in the next ten years!

Ryan: I… don’t think that overlords are elected.

Olivia: Gawd, you know nothing about politics.

They shared a kiss before parting for the night anyway. Ryan is pretty pliable, he’ll probably make a good minion, but he’s not getting a spot in Olivia’s future administration.

anonymous asked:

A, b, d, l, v for Jhope

A-Aftercare; would always give you small kisses as he cleans you up after

B- Body Part; your neck

D has been done

L-Location; before/after a concert in the dressing room

V-Volume; hoseok can be very loud at times

Your First Date with Remus would include...

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairings: Remus Lupin x Reader

Warning(s): lots of kissing

Requested by anonymous:  can u do some remus lupin first date headcanons? Pls????

A/N: I want a Remus Lupin so bad…*sighs* Anyways, I hope you liked these, I sure loved writing them. Again, thank you for the lovely request. Make sure you send me more! Lots of love and kisses! 💘

  • oh poor Remus would be so nervous before asking you out
  • you had a million reasons to refuse
  • he was old, he was poor, he was a werewolf - what did he expect? that such a young and unearthly beauty could ever want him?
  • so when you replied with a joyous yes, he was shocked to say the least
  • and if your answer wasn’t surprising enough, the sweet kiss you placed on his scarred cheek before you parted ways had left him completely dumbstruck, gazing dreamily at you as you disappeared in the crowds
  • that night he didn’t get a minute of sleep
  • where was he supposed to take you? 
  • he had no money
  • his house was a wreck
  • that man spent entire days pondering over his options because in his eyes, you deserved nothing less than perfection 
  • and he couldn’t give you that now, could he?
  • and one particularly sleepless night, as he stared desperately at the cracked ceiling of his bedroom - he finally found it
  • he remembered the endless conversations you two shared at Three Broomsticks over all your favorite books
  • how passionately you talked about the smallest of things with that sticky sweet voice of yours, it was hard to pay attention to your words at times
  • but one thing he did remember was the melancholy in your voice as you spoke about the beach
  • you had never really seen one and all you wanted was to feel the wet sand beneath your feet and touch the clear waters
  • he’d been at the beach a million times but when you talked about it, it sounded fascinating - poetic even
  • and when the time came his palms were sweating and his mind was in a complete daze as he watched you
  • you had your eyes closed for his surprise, dainty fingers laced in front of your eyes as you shivered lightly from the breeze
  • and he took a moment to admire you, how angelic you look with the sunlight reflecting on your hair, your pink-flushed cheeks and your brightly-colored skirt flowing in the wind, a sharp contrast to your (s/c) skin
  • “Can I look now?” your voice was a melody in his ears, pulling him out of his daze
  • when you looked around, you could barely breathe
  • you took in the magical view, it was more beautiful than you had ever imagined and slowly you knelt on the sand, cherishing the feel of the sand against your skin
  • when you looked back at Remus again, he was standing there awkwardly
  • his hands were nervously buried in his pockets and his messy hair was blocking his vision
  • you giggled a little as you felt tears of joy gathering in your eyes and sniffed to keep them back
  • standing up again, you quickly ran into his embrace and he froze before hesitantly wrapping his arms around you
  • you muttered a muffled thank you into his sweater and laughed, making his heart thud against the cage of ribs that could contain it no longer
  • and then you looked up and (e/c) orbs met green ones and he was convinced then that you were the most breathtaking thing he had ever laid eyes upon
  • slowly your lips met and his shaking hands cupped your face, making you hum against his mouth
  • Remus pulled back too soon for your liking, releasing you from his embrace and your feet slid back on the ground again but his hands remained on your cheeks, calloused fingers tracing patterns on the softness of your skin
  • his face inched closer to yours again and he allowed his nose to graze against yours, a gentle touch that sent shivers down your spine
  • and as he looked into your eyes, you finally understood his silent question
  • smiling, you kissed him again - granting him the answer he had hoped for
  • that you wanted him, all of him 
  • and just like that, his doubts faded away as your lips molded together in perfect accord
Operation Foxtrot (Bucky x Reader) - Part 3

Summary: New to the compound, it almost feels like you and Bucky have a connection you can’t quite put your finger on. With Hydra still a threat, how will that affect you?

Word Count: 1516

A/N: mostly just fluff for now and some kissing and swearing, my inbox is open!

Part 1 Part 2

I heard Bucky sigh, getting up. I was too tired to open my eyes and figure out what he was doing. I was nearly asleep when I felt someone scoop their arms under me, one was particularly cold.
“Bucky?” I whispered, my voice soaked in fatigue. My head rested on his shoulder.
“Yes?” He whispered into my ear. Was this a dream? Even if it was, I wasn’t going to stop it.
“Where are you taking me?” I mumbled, about to pass out. His chest rumbled against me as he chuckled softly. 

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anonymous asked:

I meet my girl August 4th. I'm scared and nervous. I can't wait, but a small part of me can. I can't wait to kiss her at the bus station. I'm going to be shaking. Is this normal?

Yes, everything will be fine. It’ll be the best experience of you life I promise

How I watch animes

“Ooooh this anime looks interesting, lets watch it”

*binge watches it until I finish the whole thing*

“My soul feels empty.*

*Continues to go onto tumblr and look through anything and everything about the anime including ships*

*like 4 hours later* “ooooh this anime looks interesting, lets watch it.”

The cycle never stops….