but not in a creepy way like normally

you guys i (finally) started watching black mirror and it’s 12 pm but i don’t wanna go to sleep

Do they just hand out magical creepy items by the truckloads around here or what?

Also the fact that the face is a skeleton is…. so unnerving.

Jesus Christ how horrifying.

Lady please do not eat the turtle.

Turtle is good, turtle is nice.

Ugh, “Im doing this for your benefit”

I mean, maybe she expects the beast to take her over and control her?

Still, dick move.

This is… weird, and not in the normal way.

I feel like there’s something wrong here besides the whole controlling her niece thing.

“Okay….. wow, that was southern as shit.”

i think guzma is like your weird asshole uncle who isnt so much creepy but moreso just a dick who doesnt know how to interact with children? thats a bit much but you feel me right. and like i find him. endearing in a. weird uncle kind of way. but boy people sure cant be normal huh

I think there’s something kind of sexy about Tate. (…) But if you really take a step back and look at Tate, he’s insane. The way he loves Violet is creepy; it’s completely unhealthy. But I can see why [girls] are attracted to him: He’s totally in love with Violet. And he’s a gangster.

Evan Peters [about Tate Langdon]

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I love really uncomfortable accidentally creepy Plague knight who doesn’t understand social norms??

and like not in a “see? what a creepy villain” way but in a super meta sense that’s more like that’s how people see him and he just shrugs into infinity and rolls with it if you’re going to be rude about it, but he’s chipper and friendly to people who don’t immediately go “umm?? you’re making me uncomfortable??? please stop being.”

Give me socially awkward Plague knight who asks things like “have you ever had <disease>?” and then proceeds to explain the symptoms whether or not you said yes. Let him be a walking uncanny valley effect in the way he moves; twitchy and stiff and not graceful 90% of the time. Let him laugh in totally inappropriate situations and generally be super not-normal.

And his friends might internally sigh sometimes because he can be difficult, but they let him do the thing because he’s not hurting anyone; weird/creepy doesn’t mean bad.

He’s trying his best let this boy be weird.

dear sapphic lovelies:

Having crushes that aren’t reciprocated is not creepy.

Finding someone sexually attractive when they don’t return the attraction isn’t predatory.

Being creepy or predatory requires you to actually do something that is creepy or predatory – like disrespect her boundaries, behave inappropriately with someone you have power over, or do sexual/romantic things without first having consent. If you’re not doing things like that? you are not creepy or predatory!

Crushes are normal. Unreciprocated crushes are normal. One-way sexual attraction is normal. They are perfectly ordinary experiences, and you feeling that way about another lady is still 100% ordinary - your feelings are not creepy or gross.

Also I didn’t like the way Grindelwald was potrayed. It’s 2016, they should have understood that making a villain creepy makes them also less interesting and quite ordinary. The real interesting villians are the one you wouldn’t suspect, the charming, apparently ‘normal’ ones. It’s like they were saying ‘look, he’s evil, his eyes have two different colors, he’s strange!’

nah, doesn’t work for me.

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weeabootale? more like virgintale amirite.

(shit I forgot to write “thank you” in the first panel. Imagine Gaster saying thank you ok?xD)

(yes Gaster is supposed to be composed and not supposed to be swearing much. But since he goes through many things in the Q&A, it’s normal for him to scream and swear sometimes xD but “in real life” he is calm and speak in a nice way. He’s the guy who always has that creepy composed smile and who despises you and who’s arrogant AF. At least this is how he is in general. He’s less like this with Alphys and Sans since he’s close to them and is perfect with Asgore, though he’s just pretending. He’s an asshole after all.)


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They probably wouldn't have gotten links voice right. I can't even imagine his speaking voice

Well, there’s this video of TP Link + Smash Bros Link’s voice actor saying ‘thank you’

though if he had spoken actual lines, he maybe wouldn’t have used his normal speaking voice? probably woulda cartooned it up a bit, the way voice actors do

I for one hope they always keep Link quiet, apart from his screams.

which on its own and out of context sounds like a very creepy sentence I jsut laughed so loud but. u get what I mean

sentence meme: next to normal edition
  • “It’s the seventh night this week I’ve sat till morning, imagining the ways you might have died.”
  • “That’ll teach you to take a whole ten minutes.”
  • “The calendar is still on April of last year.”
  • “Everything’s fine! I’m just making sandwiches. On the floor.”
  • “I still have this practice room for seven and a half minutes.”
  • “It’s a little creepy that you know.”
  • “They say love is blind, but believe me – love is insane.”
  • “Your mom is, like, in the next room.”
  • “I don’t put anything into my mouth that’s on fire.”
  • “Look. I can’t do this. Not with my life. I’m like one fuck-up from disaster.”
  • “I’m trying to tell you I love you.”
  • “This is one fucked-up seduction.”
  • “You’ve got some nerve, and I’m just all nerves.”
  • “We’ll be the one thing in this world that won’t hurt.”
  • “Nice house. Can I come in?”
  • “Marry me. Let’s have a family.”
  • “You think it’s a bad idea.”
  • “Don’t I get to meet your family?”
  • “I didn’t know you had a brother.”
  • “Can you tell me what it is you’re afraid of?”
  • “I am the one who helped you and if you think that I just don’t give a damn, then you just don’t know who I am.”
  • “I wish I could fly and magically appear and disappear.”
  • “I wish I could fly – I’d fly far away from here.”
  • “Let’s get it on now, baby.”
  • “Most people who think they’re happy just haven’t thought about it enough.”
  • “Most people who think they’re happy are actually just stupid.”
  • “I feed on the fear that’s behind your eyes.”
  • “Make up your mind to explore yourself.”
  • “Make up your mind, you have stories to tell.”
  • “We spun around a thousand stars – I dreamed a dance with you.”
  • “The dancers may disappear, still the dance goes on.”
  • “But now until forever, love, I’ll live to dance with you.”
  • “How do you know how much memory you’ve lost, if you’ve lost it?”
  • “I can’t get through this alone.”
  • “When did you become a bad influence on me?”
  • “This is like the fifth night in a row I’ve had to come find you at some random club.”
  • “Okay. You can go. I’m, like, seventy percent less messed up now.”
  • “I’ve missed you these days. I thought you might call – it’s been weeks.”
  • “Have you been on the scene? ‘Cause you look like a mess.”
  • “Let me know you again.”
  • “You remind me of me… and how fucked up I can be.”
  • “Why stay? Why not simply end it? We’d all comprehend it.”
  • “You have a chronic illness. Like diabetes or hypertension. If you leave it untreated it could be catastrophic.”
  • “It’s time for you to start thinking of your own happiness.”
  • “When I thought you might be dying, I cried for all we’d never be.”
  • “You look like a star. A vision in blue.”
  • “So anyway, I’m leaving.”
  • “You’re faithful come what may, but clearly I can’t stay, we’d both go mad that way.”
  • “What doctors call dysfunction, we tried to call romance.”
  • “You’re my favorite problem.”
  • “We need some light.”
  • “You can’t sit here in the dark, all alone. It’s a sorry sight.”

This 1870 photo proves that ventriloquists were once somehow even creepier than they are today, a feat we previously thought impossible. Young Stalin there couldn’t give less of a fuck that his doll looks like he’s sizing up which audience member to murder first.

But, you know, it’s not like ventriloquists intentionally make their puppets creepy. There’s simply no way to give movable eyes to a doll and have it look normal. 

13 Old-Timey Photos That Prove History Was Haunted

ok so real talk: i’ve had crushes on gay men and on ppl who don’t like me back, and i never tried to “convince” them to like me or “win them over”?? like why do men think they can “change” a lesbian they are attracted to or “win over” a woman who has said, normally many times, she isn’t interested? 

do i feel like shit when i find out my attractions are one sided? yes. it isn’t a good feeling. do i tell the person i’m attracted to that? no. i fucking don’t. i don’t harass them and try to make them feel badly for not liking me that way, which is something they can’t control. i don’t text and call them nonstop, i don’t flirt with them, and i certainly don’t create creepy plans to make them love me. like !! obviously that would just be fucking harassment ! do men really think that shit would ever work ! 

i don’t understand why men constantly try to manipulate and like…capture women’s love ?? disgusting male behavior 

i understand it’s painful, but it isn’t an excuse for harassment 

Some brainstorming of the “fairies are like onions” idea!

Normally these little egg crystal flower things just grow randomly around the world, wherever there’s a concentration of magical energy. Fairies can’t reproduce in the same way as mortals, they’re just born from nature and then adopted into families.
However, its also possible to convert a mortal being into a fae! Nowadays it’s only done to willing participants, but in the old barbaric days human children would be stolen and coverted whenever there was a famine of fairyplants….
Aaaaand its probably gonna be inherantly creepy to have anyone transforming into anything, even if its in a magical flower cocoon thing.
So… have a random idea and then a random even more creepy idea I did for funsies XD Empty shell of your former self becomes nourishment for the plant~!


(Requested by Anon) 

The vampires were surrounding you now, all in one big circle that was gradually closing in. Soon enough you would be dead. Vampire chow. The only question left was which vampire’s meal were you going to be? You looked around carefully considering your options; there was this one big burly one that you didn’t particularly like the look of, he had a creepy smile and terrifying eyes and just looked like he’d enjoy killing you way too much. There was a little female one who you were 100% sure was a hell of a lot less innocent than she projected, she was probably more along the lines of sadistic bitch actually. Apart from those two they all looked pretty normal, ravenous perhaps, but normal. So really anyone else would do. 

As the vampires took a step closer you began to shake. You’d tried being strong, tried not to think about what was to come but it was hard. Staring death in the face was more terrifying than you’d thought and actually you were a lot more cowardly than you’d thought too. You did not want to die. Which is probably what made what happened next so amazing. 

He came like a flash of lightning, quick, silent and deadly. He struck two of the normal looking ones first. Their heads detached from their bodies with sickening metallic screeches and then Jasper was in front of you, his unnecessary breathing heavy. 

“Are you alright there Darlin’?” He asked a wry grin on his lips despite the circumstances. 

“I thought you weren’t going to make it.” You confessed as your shaking began to subside. 

“I-” Jasper jumped suddenly, landing softly behind you, and if the sound was anything to go by, detaching another vampire head. 

At the exact same time the last of the normal looking vampires jumped at you, knocking you off your feet and snapping at your neck. Suddenly she was ripped off you with a deafening growl. 

“Stay there.” Ordered a commanding voice with a thick southern drawl. 

Major. You thought. These vamps are fucked.

“Yes sir.” You replied, breathless and relieved. 

The Major grinned widely at you, eyes flashing as he ripped apart the vampire limb by limb hardly exerting any effort. 

“Now.” He said turning to the remaining two, the burly male and the sadistic female, the wide grin still stretched across his face, “Who’s next?”

It all happened so quickly. The male lunged forwards, severely underestimating the Major’s abilities and found himself sans a head faster than you could blink. He hadn’t even got within an inch of you. 

The female was much more careful after that. She made calculated lunges which, when paired with the Major’s response, ended up looking like an elaborate dance. 

The Major batted her away every time like a cat playing with a mouse. It was only a matter of time before he tired of the game, as soon as the female darted under his arm he turned and removed her head from her body in one swift motion. 

Faster than a bullet he darted around the clearing, picking up the vampires remains and piling them together before setting them alight. Then calmly and somewhat suavely if you did say so yourself, he walked over to you and offered you a hand. You took it instantly. 

You stood in front of him, breathing deeply as you looked into his eyes, waiting to see what was going to happen next. 

“Alright there sugar?” He asked. 

“Much better for seeing you again Major.” You replied with a grin. 

He smiled, lighting up his face and yet not ruining his commanding demeanour. “Well now, I couldn’t let Jasper have all the fun could I? After all, you’re my mate too, it’s my duty to defend and protect you.” 

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i recently found out that sulli had a boyfriend (i know so late!) and i saw in some of your tags you said you didnt really like him, may i know why? not in a mean way, im just curious as to why and like is he a normal dude? or like a producer, etc?

Sulli is dating choiza of dynamic duo, he is a rapper.

The reason I dont like him is because he is 14 years older than sulli. They comfirmed their relationship when she was 20 (she is almost 23 now), but there were rumors and pictures of them dating before, so they probably started seeing each other when she was 18-19. I honestly find that terribly creepy, when the dude was over 30 already, and knew her since she was like 15-16. Even if their relationship lasts, i’ll still find their beginnings creepy.

This was originally supposed to be my idea for a sort of ‘dark ethan’, but it was lost along the way so he doesn’t really look dark. (Hopefully when I practice posing and lighting, everything will come out better.)

I’ve been listening to THIS song on repeat, and I imagined his dark alter-ego as some sort of dark oldies swing dancer/singer? (by dark, I mean similar to Norman Bates, but not creepy and giggly? A bit hard to explain…) It’s WAY different than the normal insane creepy versions of youtubers, but not all dark versions have to make actual sense, right? I might sound a little weird saying all of this, but it’s something that I thought might be fun to do since he didn’t have one yet! I hope you like my version of what I think he’d be like! @crankgameplays


Halloween main set report :
- During LINDA, Aoi threw his pick on Uruha’s side, then stole one of Uruha’s. Uruha walked over and held out his hand like, “Give it back!”
- They’re all wearing the outfits in the Creepy Puppets drawing.
- Uruha’s hair is long and silver and fucking gorgeous.
- During VERMIN, Ruki and Uruha stood next to each other, and Ruki pretended to shoot Uruha in the head with his “finger gun”.
- Uruha’s outfit keeps getting caught on his guitar. His extensions, too. XD
- The way Ruki said Spooky Box was adorable. “SPOOOOOky box!!!”
- For the encore, Kai started like normal, and was drumming, but no one came out. He stopped, THEN they came out.
- There were five cream puffs. Ruki said 4 were cream, and 1 was filled with wasabi. Kai had to choose one to eat.
- He immediately recoiled, which meant it was wasabi. Ruki then admitted that all of them were full of wasabi. XD
- Kai nearly threw up. XD He was spitting it out on the stage and stumbling around. Manager finally brought him a bucket.
- After, they brought out an actual cake. We all sang happy birthday to him and he blew out the candles.
- Ruki mentioned they want to do this again next year~.
- Ruki was singing, Uruha came over, Ruki turned and was surprised/scared to see him so close. He stumbled back & they laughed.
- There was the usual Ruki abs Uruha interaction during Hyena.
- After grabbing picks from on top his amp to throw, Uruha’s outfit got caught on something and staff had to come free him.
- Aoi’s red eyelashes were incredible. You could see them all the way from kamite.
- During TND or Kantou (I can’t remember which), Aoi reached out towards fans as if he was gonna grab their hand.
- He moved his hand closer and closer, slowly, then pulled it back suddenly, wiggling his fingers teasingly and laughing.

Credit : _vague_illusion

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unpopular oppinon: sometimes some fans that ships the boys scares me, bc sometimes part of them completely forget that they boys are real life people and only treat them as 'things' that must be gay and together bc they want it. Not all shipers are like this, but some them are and this creepys me out.

send me unpopular opinions!

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some fans take shipping way too far and they do it in such a way that it does seem really creepy. not to generalize but i see many yoonmin and jikook fans especially doing that. like i understand you like the interaction between them and your sexual fantasies can get the best of you but you can’t just voice it out to them publicly on twitter. that’s completely disrespectful and it leaves such a bad mark on the fandom as well. some need to realize that in reality they’re ship is nothing more than just a friendship and nothing past that. i also think some people forget that skinship is completely normal in korean culture unlike american culture so one touch of the hands and suddenly the overboard shippers are freaking out because of that simple skinship.