but not hot enough

This…isn’t really shade but it’s just something I notice. It really was a lot of men who had a problem with Gal Gadot’s casting because of her breasts and other critics about her body. Throughout the day while I watched trailer reactions for Justice League (also when I’ve watched them for Wonder Woman), it’s just interesting to notice that a lot of the time when Diana shows up on screen, common things said by men include: “She’s so hot.” “Ugh, she’s sexy.”

I kind of just get the impression that they’re fine with her now because she’s proven herself to be hot enough, and that just rubs me the wrong way.

[AFF] Pet My Head and Tug My Tail

Title: Pet My Head and Tug My Tail
Author: taeillilimambo
Pairing: Xiumin/Luhan
Status: Complete
Length: Oneshot
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Hybrid!AU
Warnings: Mentions of drug use (weed smoking)

Summary: Minseok doesn’t mind dogs. He’s alright with the attention seeking and the exhagurated displays of affection. In fact, he likes them so much he prefers hanging out with dogs rather than cats. Hell, he might even fall in love with one.

Reasons Why You Submitted: because no xiuhan is ever enough xiuhan and tHIS XIUHAN IS RLY HOT 

I’m never at my best at describing things. At school, when we used to do essays and English composition, my report generally read ‘Has little or no ability, but does his best,’ or words to that effect. True, in the course of years I have picked up a vocabulary of sorts from Jeeves, but even so I’m not nearly hot enough to draw a word-picture that would do justice to that extraordinarily hefty crash. Try to imagine the Albert Hall falling on the Crystal Palace, and you will have got the rough idea.
All four of us, even Jeeves, sprang several inches from the floor. The policeman uttered a startled ‘Ho!’
—  Very Good, Jeeves, P. G. Wodehouse

I love him and his dorky fighting stance so so much.

I imagine this is how he was looking at you when you went over to his house for tea and snacks. Flowers and all.

  • 707: [screams]
  • Yoosung: … What was that?
  • 707: I just thought about my anxieties and it’s like my mind hand touched a hot memory stove.

Imagine: Having a night of hot rough sex with Ignis Scientia that leaves you breathless, trembling, and euphoric. He looks down on you with a smirk and trailing that thin long finger against your jawline until it rests under your chin, titling your head up until your eyes meet he says, “None the worse for wear.”


Peter Cushing + That sexy neck thing he always does after getting choked out

Witch au in the fahc universe

Edit because I should have put this stuff in the post and not the tag:   storm/weather witch Michael who creates lightning to strike people down or a tornado to wreck the streets behind them to help lose the cops

Animal witch Ryan who lets loose animals in the zoo and convinces them to tear apart someone once he’s done with them, it’s an easy way to dispose bodies

Jack who uses her magic to heal them just enough until they can get to Caleb. She’s a white witch and her magic is suppose to be used for good and it is. It helps Geoff when he’s stressed over a heist and Ryan when he can’t sleep. It help Michael control his magic when he’s pissed and keeps Gavin from fainting when he has to use his magic. It helps Jeremy keep from getting too anxious about a job especially in the beginning and herself when things get to much and she needs to keep herself sane and calm. It helps them all from going mad when someone gets captured. 

time/fire witch Geoff who turns back time when something goes horribly horribly wrong and one of them dies and lights shit up when need be

Necromancy  Jeremy who gets ghost to help distract people and bring people just long enough when he’s not finished with them. Jeremy can only bring somebody back for so long before it drains him and they aren’t fully back to themselves they’re, well, a zombie which is why Geoff has to turn back time instead of Jeremy just bringing them back. 

Blood witch Gavin who hates his magic and only uses it when he has to

Garden witch Mica who makes vines grow from the ground to tie people up

Space witch Trevor who creates black holes and stars just hot enough to burn a person when Geoff isn’t around to do it

Eclectic Witch Lindsay who is basically the crew Jack of all trades 

Creation witch Matt who makes new weapons and vehicles for the crew

and divination witch steffie who they all go to before a job to see how it goes

Another edit because something was pointed out by @whatdoyewant :  ryan using mangy cats and dogs, wild forgotten things that prowl the alleys and scrap for scraps. who are starved and half crazed and more wild than any zoo animal. zoos are precious conservation programs with rare species that are well taken care of, and he wouldn’t touch them. He’d summon the cats left behind, the dogs who ran from fighting rings and abuse, the rats that fill every crack of every dilapidated apartment and every sewer.

Thank you very very much!

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Hear me out: Roy with his hair parted and styled. We all love the hair swept back but just think…

(I’m making this digital as soon as I get a new charger for my drawing tablet)