but not her cutie mark


why not both? :B

I really was super torn because I like her FG outfit a lot, except that it doesn’t have her cutie mark on it. then I figured…now that I’ve done most of the girls and can use them as templates for each other, the hair’s become the hardest part to break down and rig. and since I was doing it for her anyway, it wouldn’t be too much trouble to go ahead and just do both of her outfits. (that said, of course it took longer than I thought it would. of course.)

just a few days left, but I should be able to get SciTwi done at least! (ง •̀_•́)ง


Tried sketching out pony versions of some ML characters xD We were having some fun in the squad (Gabe design is by @baneismydragon bless her xD)

I still haven’t nailed down the cutie marks though obviously so I wouldn’t mind some suggestions for those xD Hopefully I can come up with final designs or something :>


Design trade with @lebazardesmondes ~

Meet Blush Rose, the world’s most awkward runway model with a keen eye for design. She may be a cousin to a certain pink hair stylist of mine~ 

Hope you like her Moon! <3

Updated version of Violet’s refrence sheet!

Small things have been changed but not much she looks slightly bit more like a vamp pony with her new eyes now! Added a bit more white to her body and wings and reduced her bandages, OH AND LOOK A NEW CUTIEMARK HOLY MOLY


Aesthetic trade with @theghostlymuse ~! Sorry this took so long I struggled a little bit with pulling this off pffbt but I think it came out ok!

I know how you like your skellies and seeing the skull in that aesthetic board I knew what I had to do. I’ve had this idea for a while now and thought you may like it~

She’s a vaguely creepy looking crystal pony usually, but when it rains her colors invert and glowing skeleton markings appear. In flashes of lightning, you can see her purely as a skeleton with glowing purple eyes. She’s mysterious and aloof, and no one’s really sure about her motives, or where she was during Sombra’s reign. 

Hope you like her~!

februpony day 24: best cutie mark

rarity’s cutie mark is my favourite, mostly because i love how complex the meaning is, and her cutie mark story is so cute but like i basically feel that way about all of the mane 6 … i just love all of the designs 

i didnt even draw her cutie mark ?!?! i just wanted to draw something that sort of captures what it represents ????