but not her cutie mark

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can you rec some jinyoung and mark blogs please? 💖✨

sure thing ♡

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februpony day 24: best cutie mark

rarity’s cutie mark is my favourite, mostly because i love how complex the meaning is, and her cutie mark story is so cute but like i basically feel that way about all of the mane 6 … i just love all of the designs 

i didnt even draw her cutie mark ?!?! i just wanted to draw something that sort of captures what it represents ???? 

@ladywaterfall has picked the probably least drawn G2 pony ever, so here I am, on my way to fix this, starting with a reference so people can join in on the G2 drawing fun.

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Sunset: “We’ve worked together in… how many productions now?”

Razzleberry: “Three productions, and each of them have been so much more fun with you there on the team!”

Sunset: “Aww shucks, you make me blush ^///^ “




(It needs a ship name though, any thoughts?)

Thanks for the ask @laughstoomuch!!!

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So far I kinda agree with the worst season thing. It looked like it was rushed. The episodes ideas weren't that good ( btw can you show me a ref of Spring's cutie mark? Kinda planning on painting her with watercolor )

yeah, most of the episodes were very rushed, but don’t give up, there are some very entertaining episodes!

(I just posted a ref of spring, you can get her cutie mark there)

Finished an adorable pony ref of another adopted girl I picked up! I just winged her a cutie mark then the rest came to me. Her name is Merry Go, she’s an amazing dancer, both in the air and on the ground. She found her talent as a young filly practicing with ribbons. I assume she’s friends Briar and Blue but mostly spends her time at the Weather Academy.

Design trade with @vividfizz ~!

I’m calling her Etoile, but feel free to change her name (and anything else!) She’s a ballerina with a flair for the dramatic and the spectacular. And glitter. 

I so hope you like her!! ;w;

bless you steph for cutie mark help

For the contest(?)

Love Bug would turn into a Pegasus pony named Ruby Bloom who has a short auburn colored mane/ medium tail, azul pastel colored fur and her cutie mark would be a ruby with a rose wrapping around it. Ruby Bloom was an orphaned Pegasus pony raised in a no name town in the outskirts of Griffonstone, she left home and traveled to equestria where she became an up and coming punk rock singer/ bassist who’s voice would steal the hearts of rebellious youths nation wide.

MOD: Here you go!! Love Bug has a new form, Ruby Bloom!! 

Her special talent is turning fillies gay- jk jk,,,, kinda,,,,,,,

Idea submitted by: @roadietones 

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how does Twi get her cutie mark in the arranged marriage AU? i take it it's after the in the arranged marriage, as she would not be aloud to do magic in her father's kingdom? and if so, also does Twi panic when she gets one?

It’s not forbidden for Twilight to use her magic; her parents are neglectful but they still give her the same education and training they do the rest of their children, and that includes magic. She receives the cutie mark around the same age she does in canon, while she was practicing her skill under the eye of a tutor. What could have happened was that they were practicing, say, combat magic, and one of the spells sent her way in the spar was enough to startle Twi into the magic-induced state we’ve seen her in during canon show, but she’s snapped out of it quicker and the situation is dealt with differently. Despite the initial interest in exactly how powerful Twilight potentially is, it doesn’t happen again in Saddle Arabia (it does happen later though), so they pass it off as a momentary lapse of her magic equalizing itself.

Her parents know Twilight is the most magically inclined of their brood and that’s partly because she’s half pony, and equine are among the most magically inclined species in Gaia aside from dragons. So in that regard I’d say she was taught and trained a lot in magic (her losing control over it would make them look bad otherwise), but a lot of the magic she was taught about was Sphinx magic, which is far more geared toward Enchanting and Transmuting alchemy. She always had some sort of… itch under her skin she couldn’t quite work off unless she used the entirety of her magic, so I’d imagine she threw herself into her studies to try to learn as much about equine-based magic as she could. This is something Rarity helps her with.

i made a ponysona! her name is Rainbow Moon (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

you might recognize her colors/design are taken from my gemsona Rainbow Moonstone bc rainbow moon already sounds like a really pretty pony name and i love the colors haha //u\ ♡

her cutie mark is a colored pencil w rainbows coming out of it! ˭̡̞(◞⁎˃ᆺ˂)◞*✰

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If Starlight Glimmer hadn't forcefully taken your cutie marks and trapped you and your friends in her village, how, if at all would you have stopped her? We are assuming she stuck to her promise of the cutie unmarking being totally voluntary. Would you have stayed to investigate or allowed the village to go on with it's customs?

Well, I think the question hinges on assumptions which don’t really make sense. We were called there by the map in my castle, so there was a reason for us being there. By neglecting such a crucial point in the series of events, the causality is all wrong.

Of course, you might not be aware that we were called there by my map, as I don’t imagine ponies know every detail of my business (but you do seem to know a great deal), which would explain the confusion. But yes, we were sent there intentionally, and for a reason, even if we didn’t know quite what that reason was at first.

Essentially, if ponies truly wanted to be there, and live like that, then presumably we would not have been called, since though it may seem strange or undesirable to us, or even oppressive, you can’t free ponies against their will (I mean that’s rather contradictory) nor is it our place to do so.

I decided to say fuck it and throw just a bunch of pastely bright color on to this tovero inspired pony because it’s Easter. Plus the colors made me happy.

I’m not exactly sure what this little Hershey squirt is named and her cutie mark is a mystery to me. Is it a tear drop? Is it a fancy and super shiny piece of pottery? Who knows! I just wanted to use these colors and see how they’d look together. Not my favorite out of the bunch but she’s pretty cute, whoever she is.

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Did her large magical font ever cause problems for Twilight? We did see her going destroy-environment in the cutie-mark backstory, after all. How does a society without widespread access to magic deal with having a (high-ranking) member that might pose a threat to those around her simply by existing?

The sphinx do have widespread access, however they must channel it in a different way than Equine do. They’re far more adept at the likes of alchemy, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t utilize their magic on their own. They aren’t as in tuned with their magic as ponies but it’s definitely there.

That said Twilight doesn’t necessarily have a problem with having a large font of magic, but the ways the sphinx typically utilize their magic has often left her with a tingling itch under her skin because she had so much magic to use, and she wasn’t expending enough of it to rid herself of the feeling. It never hurt anyone, and if anything it just made Twilight restless, although there are instances where she used her magic and she put far too much to, say, a transmutation spell or something of the like. What she typically did to help expel so much of her energy was combat magic that are known to drawn energy, like barriers or blasts of raw magic in outdoor areas.

As for the way she gained her cutie mark in this story, she doesn’t go in a destructive power-induced state. It happened once, but it was actually pretty contained and despite how startling it was, nothing necessarily bad happened. And it doesn’t occur again because despite still having so much magic, a lot of it remains dormant. It does occur again after meeting Rarity though.

As for the society they don’t actually know of Twi’s power because she was never in the spotlight in her homelands. The emperor and empress didn’t think it necessary to tell anyone about it, especially since it didn’t necessarily manifest itself as anything other than a brief burst of magic.

Oh yeah totes random but,

Over my birthday my sister-in-law asked if I could still draw ponies, and if she could pay me to make a pony for my 3 year old niece Hazel.

So I asked her her favorite colors, pink blue and sparkly…gave her curly hair cause Hazel’s hair is so crinkly and cute, and her cutie mark is a sparkly rainbow paintbrush because her favorite things to do right now are crafts and gymnastics.

Also her nicknames are Hazel-basil and they called her Hazelnut when she was a baby so I thought that’d be a fitting pony name.

I probably still have MLP followers so, art post!

My sister-in-law says she’s gonna print it and frame it for her room heheh.