but not her cutie mark

Marked ● Derek Hale x Reader ●

Based on this request :Hello! I’m not sure if you’re still taking requests, but if you are could you do a Derek hale one? Maybe where he and the reader are mates but one day he gets jealous/possessive over her and ends up biting her giving her a mate mark-thing?- by this cutie sugarpimpdaddy

WARNINGS: nearly smut, fluff, jealousy

A/n: sorry this took long.

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Derek let out a growl as the boy looked at your cleavage, not even paying attention to what you were saying.

He knew you were mates, but he got jealous every time I guy gave you the bedroom look.

Derek had enough, he couldn’t take it anymore.

“(y/n), can you come to the bedroom for a moment” Derek said, glaring at the boy, as he looked away from your boobs.

“Sure, I’ll just be a minute Tom” you said, getting up and following Derek into the bedroom.

“What’s wrong?” you asked, holding Derek’s hand.

“I want to rip tom’s throat out with my teeth” Derek growled.

“Why?” you asked, cupping his cheeks with your hands.

“Because he was staring at your cleavage” Derek grumbled.

“Derek, I don’t care what some perverted teen boy thinks about me, I’m with you, and I’ll always be with you” you reassured him.

“Well I care what he thinks about you. His aroused by you” Derek grumbled.

Placing his hands on your cheeks as his lips pressed against yours.

“Derek” you mumbled against the kiss.

“Mine” Derek grumbled, as he picked you up, your legs wrapping around his waist.

Derek moved towards the bed, his lips still connected to your lips.

Falling onto the mattress.

“Derek” you moaned, as your head fell backwards.

Derek’s teeth gazed your neck, your hands tugging his hair.

Derek pushed your shirt up, kissing in-between the valley of your breast.

“Derek, Tom’s in the other room, we can’t” you gasped out.

Derek seemed to get jealous when you mentioned Tom’s name.

His teeth sinking into the skin of your chest.

You let out grunt.

“(y/n), I’m sorry I-” Derek said, realising he bit you, but you were still in shock.

“You guys aren’t having sex in there are you?” Tom asked, from the other side of the door.

You sat up, as Derek balled his fist up, glaring at the door.

You grabbed onto Derek’s wrist, making him relax a bit. Tangling your fingers with his.

“I think it’s time for you to leave tom” Derek yelled.

“Uh, yeah, um, use protection” Tom said, as he left the loft.

“Derek” you said, sitting on his lap.

“I’m sorry I gave you a mate mark it’s just I got possessive over you and-” Derek explained, rubbing smoothing circles on your back.

“Derek it’s okay, I love you, plus you’re kind of stuck with me now” you said, stroking his face.

“I would rather be stuck with you then with anyone else” Derek confessed, making you smile.

Derek rested his forehead against yours, grabbing the back of your neck, as he pressed his lips against yours…

I love Sunbeam! She was the first G1 pony I ever found at a thrift store; at the bottom of a plastic bin full of toys. I was so thrilled to find her, even though she was well loved! My Sunbeam has the letters “APL” written in pink highlighter on her shoulder, and her yellow streaks and glittery cutie mark have almost completely faded away. She’s the grandma of my herd, and one of my favorites!

My part of the song design trade with @melod-va ‘v’

My song was Mirror Mirror part 2 from RWBY! Hope you like it ;v;

Porcelain Heart is a young, insecure mare from Manehattan who’s yet to figure out what’s her purpose in life. She usually spends most of her nights staying up late, thinking and writing poetry. She doesn’t have a cutie mark yet, although she enjoys writing down her feelings. 

She also likes coffee. A lot.

i made a ponysona! her name is Rainbow Moon (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

you might recognize her colors/design are taken from my gemsona Rainbow Moonstone bc rainbow moon already sounds like a really pretty pony name and i love the colors haha //u\ ♡

her cutie mark is a colored pencil w rainbows coming out of it! ˭̡̞(◞⁎˃ᆺ˂)◞*✰


[[ OOC :: So just a few notes for you guys. I did update and simplify Mirage’s cutie mark when shes in her pony form. I will probable upload just a picture of her crystal pony form because I love it so much and had so much fun drawing it! I only drew the first background, the other two are screen shots from the show.

Hope you enjoyed this! ]]


((I should really stop uploading these so late at night)) ((eh))
((also why have I been updating so frequently?? Idk I guess I’ve been in a drawing mood lately))
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Changed the mane color- I didn’t want the red to be entirely gone, because it makes it match her cutie mark, but if you’d still like a completely different color let me know. The wings are the typical pegasus wings seen on the show instead of the more complex ones. The white coat was a bit hard to do, there’s a lot of red-and-white OCs out there, but I think I made it work.

Hope you like it! If there’s anything specific you want changed, I can do that.

0megamannerd63  asked:

Why is Key sometimes depicted without pupils?

Meta Wise: I personally enjoy drawing characters (especially magical ones) without pupils or weirdly colored/augmented eyes, cause they can be more expressive and appealing in my style

Canon Wise: Well, she kinda does and doesn´t. Lemme explain.

Keyframe’s special talent revolves around the magic of movement and projection, aka animation.  she got her cutie mark by not only drawing every frame, but using her magic to simultaneously lift and spin each frame around her, then projecting the result as, well, a projection.  Almost like a magical spell version of a praxinoscope. However, given she did this spell at first as a child, it had some setbacks.

Using that much magic at once, not only is taxing on the body and mind, it also produces an extreme amount of energy and light.  And given that Key has to be in the middle of the magical cyclone, while focusing on each object being held in her aura to be in the right place moving at the right time, it is quite a lot.  In return, her body passively enchanted itself to protect itself from the overload of magic being used.  Specifically, it was her eyes.  Her pupils, which were black like any other ponys’, were tinted over and given the same hue as her irises, which are the color (or similar color) of her magic.  This makes her able to not lose her vision while she is doing her projection spells, along with being able generally sense certain types of magic more easily around her, mostly in the realm of projection, illusions, and levitation.  Hypothetically, if Key lost her powers, or her cutie mark, she would have her pupils return to their normal color. 

TLDR: She does, but her magical abilities have enchanted them to mix into her iris color as a means of protection from magical energy.