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After being in the astro community for quite a while now, I’ve noticed a number of different ways that people make mistakes and assumptions. I’m very passionate about the way that astrology is received by the world, and I want it to be a practice that is RESPECTED and possibly even accepted by everyone (eventually). Here are some ways that astro blogs tend to invalidate astrology.

*DISCLAIMER* - I am not targeting any specific people. I’m a Virgo moon, and I only want people to become better astrologers and improve the way astrology is used on this website. And I also want everyone to think more before they post! I’m a naturally critical person and want to fix things, but I don’t want anyone to take personal offense to it (my Libra mars wouldn’t like that!). 

- Using sun sign alone. People rely heavily on sun-sign ONLY astrology. Why do people insist on only talking about sun signs? This is just one slice of someone’s personality - there is a whole chart that needs to be looked at, showing that each person has many other qualities other than the ones expressed by their sun. This is not real astrology, and never has been. This is the astrology created by popular media. Most people will not relate to their sun sign in posts anyway unless the post is about their ego, central identity, and general personality. Most astro bloggers make posts that are not about those things, yet they still insist on writing using sun sign instead of another planet that would be much more accurate. Before you write, think about which planet it would REALLY apply to. Please read my post here for a more detailed explanation of this.

- Forgetting your audience. When reading posts, most people ASSUME that the sun sign is the placement the post would apply to. For example, if the post says “Aquarius in love”, 99% of people (especially newcomers to astrology) try to relate it to Aquarius sun - when in fact, this would need to relate to Aquarius venus since venus is the planet of love. Aquarius suns would not have the qualities that this post describes, unless they have an Aquarius venus as well. Even some highly respectable blogs do this - they forget their audience. They don’t realize that most people don’t understand the way the planets work. I see this most often with sun sign posts, but it could also be true for others. Like, there could be a post about the moon signs that really would actually relate more to mercury. The idea is, remember that people don’t know right off the bat which placement the post would apply to. Help them out! Less people will write off your posts as inaccurate if you do this anyway.

- Including the 13th sign Ophiuchus. Just, no. Please don’t. This was a hoax created by NASA to try to prove astrology false. Astrology isn’t based on the constellations anyway, so there is no 13th sign. It’s based on the sections of the sky - they just happen to be named after certain constellations. The signs haven’t shifted. Read my post here about this for more information.

- Generalizing the signs. “Geminis are talkative and full of gossip!!!” “Cancers are soooo emotional and cry all the time!!!” “Leos want to hog the spotlight 24/7!!!!” Honestly, generalizing only leads to people getting upset. Not to mention the fact that it’s completely inaccurate. Most Geminis are not gossipy, most Cancers are not crybabies, and most Leos are not attention hogs. This could even happen with other planet placements (like moon signs or rising signs), I just happen to see it mostly with sun signs. These kind of posts are made by the same people who tend to only write about sun sign away. Read a real description of the sun signs (I recommend cafeastrology.com), or don’t say anything at all. The signs are complex, and can’t be labeled. Also, people don’t realize that all placements and signs can be either introverted or extroverted. They assume that the air/fire signs are extroverted and the earth/water signs are introverted. Sun signs cannot be limited to one personality type - not to mention the fact that the expression of introversion vs. extroversion is actually shown by the rising sign because that is the “shell” that the world sees. See my post here about how the rising signs can be both introverted and extroverted.

- Grouping the signs into categories. I’m sure everyone reading this has seen a post where half of the signs will be in one category and half of the signs will be in another. This isn’t accurate astrology. Signs cannot be grouped or limited - they are unique, and have 12 individual forms of expression. Limiting them to two or three categories makes astrology simple and trite, when in fact it is extremely complex (but fascinating). It’d be one thing if they grouped them by element (earth, air, water, fire), modality (cardinal, mutable, fixed), but most don’t even do that. It’s literally random most of the time. If you’re going to group the signs, at least offer an explanation why you put each sign in each category.

- Dismissing signs or placements as simply compatible or incompatible. Let’s be real here - each sign has the potential to be compatible with ANY sign. Also, compatibility should focus more on moon or venus sign as opposed to sun sign. Sun sign compatibility just determines the kind of general energy that would surround the relationship. Compatibility is complex. Instead of saying whether or not two people are compatible, say WHY. Show, for example, how their moon signs are different elements, how their venus signs are sextile, and how their rising signs are sister signs. Show how one person’s moon sign is the same sign as the other person’s sun sign. Compatibility is really about connections, anyway. Read my post here for more information.

- Basing astrology just on people you know. Not all Scorpios are energetic just because your best friend is. The reality is, your friend is a Sagittarius rising with an Aries mars. This has nothing to do with her being a Scorpio. When you make posts basing the information solely on one or two people you know, this is spreading false information. This could mean that readers would then assume in the future that all Scorpios are energetic just from reading your post. I hate to break it to you, but a lot of people believe everything they read. Especially if they’re beginners to astrology. Please do your best not to influence them to make assumptions.

- Posting without knowledge. You’d be surprised how much this one comes up. If you don’t know a lot about Taurus moons, don’t make a post about them. Simple as that. Play to your strengths to avoid spreading false information. Again, people believe everything they read more often than you think.

- Giving astrology a bad name. Astrology is fun. If you’re reading this, you probably would agree with me. But, there’s a difference between “fun” astrology that is accurate and “fun” astrology that just makes astrology a complete joke. “The signs as types of peanut butter” doesn’t improve people’s knowledge at all. I mean, sure, you could say it’s funny, but it really isn’t. It’s just pointless, and only serves to make readers think that astrology is a joke. Most people who make these don’t consider that people look at them and assume that that’s all astrology is. Every post you make is influencing people’s perception of the subject. Again, at least offer an explanation for WHY an Aries would sleep with five pillows if you’re really going to make a post about the number of pillows the signs sleep with. Chances are, you don’t have one anyway. Sure, you can say all you want that I’m “taking the fun out of it!!!!” or something. But I’m really not. I just want astrology to be perceived as something that really works, not something people make fun of. I’m sick of people laughing at astrology for the wrong reasons - and joke posts are not helping. You can make astrology accurate AND funny. Here’s an example of a post I made about the venus signs that people found amusing, yet also related to at the same time.

reasons I could be confused
  • my brain completely skipped out on processing the context of the situation
  • things were worded weirdly and thus, my brain went wild with interpretations and none of them correct apparently
  • I misunderstood completely (see above point)
  • I didn’t hear you correctly (if verbal like on the phone or skype call or ya know, in person. The horror)
  • My brain was making racket and so I didn’t catch the first half of what you just said
  • ^ that but I didn’t catch the second half
  • I disassociated mid-convo and now the only thing I’m thinking about is that time I screwed up a social interaction six years ago and so now I’m confused because you’re talking about something completely different
  • ^ is literally worse if it was verbal because I promise you, I caught nothing you just said
  • I was thinking about something when you started speaking and you were just a faint whisper in the background and now that I realize you were talking to me, I pretend that I totally know what you were talking about and give a general answer and hope it wasn’t a question
  • it was a question and now I just want to die 
  • I’m trying to pay attention but I got distracted halfway through and started thinking about that bird I saw at Taco Bell and have no idea what is going on when I come back to reality
  • literally, most of the time, I just did not grasp the context of the situation
  • I have problems processing what the hell people are talking about
  • I am having a conversation with three people at the same time and it takes my brain a good bit before it switches
  • disassociation is a bastard and one I’m well-acquainted with
  • you could say disassociation and I are dating tbh
  • I legit heard nothing of what you said, your presence is being questioned as whether it’s real or not, and everything in my brain is on fire like that episode on Spongebob
  • honestly it could be the most Neurotypical reason which is that I’m tired and am not on my a-game. 
  • It happens, my dude
Reasons why Leo and Lance are the same person

•Has a big robot friend
•Ditched school to go on an adventure
•Used as comic relief
•Miss their moms
•Uses humor to hide the pain
•Thinks that they’re the Seventh Wheel™ (wrongly)
•Flirts too much
•Doesn’t recognize their importance
•Thinks that they don’t fight well when they really do???
•Smart and good at making plans
•Just needs a hug
•Sinnamon roll

The #ChoicesCreates Round Thirteen Masterlist

June 12, 2017, Monday [#189]

Here is the moment we have all been waiting for… the posting of this week’s #ChoicesCreates masterlist! 😋 I would like to thank @hollyashton for asking me to host Round Thirteen because it was super fun being the supreme overlord aww my absolute reign is now over host this week! 😊

This week’s one-word prompt was 🤕 “betrayal” 🤕 which, in my opinion, was a really awesome prompt!! 😋😀

However, I have to say that this was a very unusual prompt as well! As this week’s host, I got private messages about people’s submissions, not to mention that I was monitoring the (#choicescreates) ‘recent posts’ page AND I was seeing a lot of betrayal-related fan creations…

…so I started seeing betrayal everywhere this week 😭 Especially concerning The Royal Romance! First, I suspected that Olivia (together with Maxwell) was the traitor 👗 Then, I sort of wondered if it could be Hana for whatever reason 👠 And then, I thought Drake might be framed as a fake traitor 🍩 And after that, I even thought of posting a theory (admittedly, one that wasn’t too serious) about Liam, of all people, being the one to release the bachelor party photos 👑 (Which I dropped because I didn’t think Liam could bring himself to abdicate after Leo having done exactly the same thing.)

My three increasingly paranoid betrayal-related posts for your reading pleasure: (Olivia theory) (Hana theory) (Drake theory).

So, while I was glad to be this week’s #ChoicesCreates host 😀 I think that uploading this masterlist and declaring the betrayal-filled Round Thirteen officially over… will also be good for me 😆 And, perhaps, good for the rest of you as well, judging from these dark, yet awesome, betrayal-related stories, art, and edits 😂 And so…

Thank you very much to @blazerina, @catsrtheboss, @choicedindeep, @endless-vall, @endlessraj, @firefly-hwufanficwriter, @hartfeld, @hollyashton, @hwuariana-writer-movie-star, @jakes-princess, @joyfulchoices, @justapapercut, @keltic-moon, @kittenmusicals, @peace-coast-island, @pixelchoices, @punexpectedly, @rhayadel, @superpotato824, and @texanhusker for making twenty-two wonderful 🎨📝 fan creations 📝🎨 this week for all of us to enjoy!! 😊😊

And now… the list!! 😀 😎

List of fanfiction, fan art, and more:

01. (LH) “Calm after the Storm” by @justapapercut

02. (THoBM) “Quondam” by @peace-coast-island

03. (ES) “Every Little Thing” by @blazerina

04. (ES) “Skinny Love” by @rhayadel

05. (TF) “Saudade” by @endlessraj

06. (TF) “Prompt 13: Betrayal” by @keltic-moon

07. (TCatF) “discolor all the worries” by @endless-vall

08. (TCatF) “Forgiveness” by @superpotato824

09. (TCatF) “In Too Deep” by @hollyashton

10. (TCatF) “Just You And Me” by @pixelchoices

11. (TCatF) “Who is the Real Betrayer?” by @choicedindeep

12. (TRR) “A Love That Cannot Be” by @catsrtheboss

13. (TRR) “Every Time She Smiles” by @hartfeld

14. (TRR) “Side Effects of Being Human” by @kittenmusicals

15. (TRR) “Stupid Heart (Chapter Ten)” by @firefly-hwufanficwriter

16. (TRR) “Stupid Heart (Chapter Eleven)” by @firefly-hwufanficwriter

17. (TRR) “Something Else” by @joyfulchoices

18. (TRR) “The Betrayal” by @jakes-princess

19. (TRR) “The Last Night” by @texanhusker

20. (Fan art) (MW) “Outlaw by Hayley Rose lockscreen” by @hwuariana-writer-movie-star

21. (Fan art) (TCatF) “The Betrayal” by @punexpectedly

22. (Fan edit) (TF) “The Annoying Pink Plaid Shirt Saga (Part Three)” by @firefly-hwufanficwriter

(Hooray for all of these fan creations! 😀😀😀)

Disclaimer: These are works of fan fiction/art using characters from the Choices world, owned by Pixelberry. We do not claim ownership over them or the world of Choices. The stories we tell through our writing and art are our own interpretation and invention. They are not purported to be part of Choices’ story canon. These creative works are for entertainment only and not part of Choices’ official storylines. No copyright infringement is intended.

(Waiting for H.W.U. to come back, forever and always; 12/06/17.)

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Takumi, Leon, Silas, Kaze and Joker reacting to f!Kamui taking a hit for them during a battle. Please...☺️

Your name: submit What is this?

Takumi: He gets terribly angry. As your wounds are getting dressed, he scowls at you the entire time.

“You know Takumi, a thank you is always nice.”

“I’m not thanking you for something stupid,” he snaps. But then begrudgingly adds, “thank you.” It’s a gruff whisper but it makes you laugh.

He rolls his eyes, bidding off the healer quickly when she finishes bandaging up your leg. He then proceeds to pick up his bow and whack you in the shoulder with it. “Takumi! No hurting the injured.”

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the signs with their newborn child
  • aries: *giving birth* GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY BODY
  • taurus: stop crying, i carried you for nine months and is this how you repay me
  • gemini: first name zayn, middle name malik
  • cancer: oh my gosh!! i'm so happy omg i love babies i have waited 9 mo--DID YOU JUST FUCKIN PISS ON ME
  • leo: can we get a pic so i can post this on instagram lmao thx
  • virgo: is there a reason why newborn babies all look the same
  • libra: ur cute but not as cute as me
  • scorpio: november 2nd??? <i>scorpio????</i> there can only be one. @ god let's have a redo
  • sagittarius: should i play him a lullaby? yes? *cue truffle butter by nicki minaj*
  • capricorn: his name shall be george henry john the third. no one else in my family has that name but the third is there to emphasize his importance
  • aquarius: *looks off dramatically into the distance* my child has been born into a broken world of war, prejudice, discrimination, and corruption. *looks down at their baby* you will be the change. you are the savior.
  • pisces: so what facial cleanser do you use??? how do u keep your skin so... clear????
@fantastic-fans replied to your post “for the ship thing: solangelo”

I would like to see you add Leo as I’ve never thought of it and I’m interested

oh man please join me out here in my little ot3 canoe I love this ship so much

who’s the cuddler: Still Nico, for the same self projecting reasons I mentioned before that he doesn’t like people touching him but he’s also touch-starved so when he finally has people he’s comfortable with on that level he’s all over them

who makes the bed: Will for sure

who wakes up first: Also Will, because of this post

who has the weird taste in music: Nico has that really wide range of music he likes but then Leo starts showing him meme songs and he likes them unironically

who is more protective: Leo “I literally died for my friends” Valdez

who sings in the shower: LEO and also Will but Leo performs full on rock ballads in the shower and Will just like screeches

who cries during movies: LEO

who spends the most while out shopping: Nico’s dad is literally the god of wealth so you bet your ass he takes advantage of that

who kisses more roughly: my “they make a competition of it” comment still stands but Leo usually comes out the winner

my rating of the ship from 1-10: A GOOD AND SOLID 11 MY DUDES

The Signs and Nightmares
  • Aries: being trapped inside a burning building, your loved ones being forced to watch the place burn down
  • Taurus: a mouth sewn shut and an entire life's savings stolen
  • Gemini: the indefinite, a life of confusion and unanswered questions
  • Cancer: being locked in a closer and never being able to find your way out, slow starvation
  • Leo: a failed magic show, being the magician's assistant, and actually getting sawed in half
  • Virgo: an apocalypse, the overthrowing of order, a dawning of pure chaos and anarchy, murders in the streets
  • Libra: a soul damned to hell, being doomed to eternal loneliness, never seeing your loved ones again
  • Scorpio: power-hungry mass murderers on the loose in a tiny town with guns and machetes
  • Sagittarius: going on a trip to an exotic island and not making it back alive
  • Capricorn: being stuck in one state, never being able to grow or develop. Eternal, unmoving youth
  • Aquarius: a world run by robots, if you are not looking and acting the same as everyone else you are punished
  • Pisces: death of the mind, a comatose state. The inability to speak, to feel, to reason.
Leo Fitz, Cedric Diggory, and the “Evil in another Reality” Trope: A Comparison

I’ve been trying to pinpoint exactly why DeathEater!Cedric in The Cursed Child infuriates and disgusts me so much, while at the same time I consider HYDRA!Fitz in Agents of Shield Season 4 to have been an interesting and memorable (while still upsetting) storyline. I think I’ve narrowed it down to three reasons – one major, two relatively minor. I was originally just going to post this as a couple paragraphs, but somehow it morphed into an essay? That I’m giving an overly-serious title and posting in the tags even though I don’t really want it to get much attention? 

I’m aware these are both pretty controversial plot twists in their respective fandoms, and I’m just going to state here and now that I don’t want to get into any debates or arguments or “well actually”s about this. Everyone can have their own opinions, that’s fine, but I’m trying to lay my thoughts out so that I can make sense of them (and work through a bit of the discomfort I feel over seemingly having a double-standard between these two characters). 

Looong post and Cursed Child negativity under the cut:

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Although I believe my 2013 end of year record list is floating amongst the internet someplace or another, I had a recent suggestion to compile a completed book list as well.  This combined with often requests for reading recommendations, I went back and took a look at what I went through this year.  Seeing as I didn’t keep an accurate list, I know I’m missing a few borrowed reads from friends, and some of these might have been in the fall/winter 2012, too.  It’s hard to recall.  Nevertheless, have a look and indulge yourself in some quality book reading.

The Black Tulip - Alexandre Dumas

The Problem of Pain - C.S. Lewis

Crime and Punishment - Fyodor Dostoevsky *

Post Office - Charles Bukowski *

The Casual Vacancy - J.K. Rowling

By A Slow River - Philippe Claudel *

Hack - Dmitry Samarov

The Screwtape Letters - C.S. Lewis *

Doctor Sleep - Stephen King

The Reason I Jump - Naoki Higashida

Hiding Out - Jonathan Messinger

We All Sleep in the Same Room - Paul Rome

Devils - Fyodor Dostoevsky

Imperial Bedrooms - Bret Easton Ellis

The Investigation - Philippe Claudel

Mo’ Meta Blues - Questlove

Ape and Essence - Aldous Huxley

Childhood, Boyhood, Truth - Leo Tolstoy

And the Ass Saw the Angel - Nick Cave

The Enchanter - Vladimir Nabokov

Glory - Vladimir Nabokov

Coming Up for Air - George Orwell

The Death of Bunny Munro - Nick Cave *

Piano Rats - Franki Elliot

On Booze - F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Metamorphosis - Franz Kafka

The Cost of Living - Rob Roberge

Everything Flows - James Greer

What is the What - Dave Eggers

It Chooses You - Miranda July

The Sound and the Fury - William Faulkner

The Rebel - Albert Camus *

The Wall - Jean-Paul Sartre *

* - Reread

(Christchurch, NZ)

Scorpio + The Signs
  • Scorpio + Aries: Literally always on adventures
  • Scorpio + Taurus: Bad Jokes Galore
  • Scorpio + Gemini: Lowkey assholes together
  • Scorpio + Cancer: Gets them to loosen up and do shit
  • Scorpio + Leo: "Literally just fucking stop."
  • Scorpio + Virgo: Theyre probably the reason each one is in prison.
  • Scorpio + Libra: Being Mom Friended.
  • Scorpio + Scorpio: Late night parties and laughing and literally no control.
  • Scorpio + Sagittarius: "I admire your honesty."
  • Scorpio + Capricorn: WEED BUDDIES
  • Scorpio + Aquarius: "DUDE FUCKING SAME" to legit everything
  • Scorpio + Pisces: Doing the most random shit and dragging this poor bastard along.

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Leo posted for thiago for two years of his birthday online and then stopped and even for mateo i feel he did the same first two years. From next year i doubt we'll get any wishes for both mateo or thiago. It'll be the turn of the new messi baby😉 on a side note here in south america the first two birthdays are kind of a big deal so i guess maybe for that reason he did so. Otherwise the only two people he religiously wishes on Insta for birthdays is his mom&anto.

Oh maybe. I didn’t know that in South America first two birthdays are more important than the rest because here there is no big difference (in kids birthdays of course, because adults usually celebrate those ‘big’ birthdays like 30,40,50 more than other). And yes he never forget about two the most important women in his life and always post something for them on their birthday.

The Signs as Small Words (This doubles as a tag meme)
  • Aries: go
  • Taurus: why
  • Gemini: if
  • Cancer: you
  • Leo: now
  • Virgo: ugh
  • Libra: same
  • Scorpio: mine
  • Sagittarius: anyway
  • Capricorn: AAAAH
  • Aquarius: cool
  • Pisces: because

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because it’s a stereotype that taurians love food, and every single one of these “the signs as” posts are jokes making fun of stereotypes of the signs. it’s the same reason leos are always listed as self-obsessed douchebags and scorpios are described as satan. they’re not always true, but it’s comedy. it gets the people going, and we give the people what the people want. ultimately, we are all prisoners to capitalism, and there is no escaping it. 

love, mars xoxo 


Friends!  Have you ever wanted to improve the neck angle on your post-1970 Stratocaster?  But, for whatever reason, you’re not comfortable “shimming” a neck?  Maybe your neck already has minimal relief, your saddles are adjusted down to the bridge plate, and yet the action is still too high for your taste?

Enter the ingenious “Micro-Tilt” neck.  This feature was added to the Stratocaster model at the same time that the much maligned 3 bolt neck was added, and though it was a great innovation for adjusting the angle of a bolt-on neck (and, I believe, it was also the very last thing Leo Fender invented before leaving the Fender Company for good!) it kind of got lost in the negative buzz around the 3 bolt neck.

Here is my recently acquired 1988 American Standard.  I did all of the above:  straightened the neck, lowered the saddles as much as I could, and still the action was too high for my liking.  I was about to shim, when I remembered the Micro-Tilt, and decided to use it for the first time ever (which is pretty incredible if you consider that I have owned around 20 Stratocasters - many of them with the Micro-Tilt feature - over the years).  

  • Photo 2 shows the neck plate.  The hole in the middle (between the two back neck bolts) is the access hole for the Micro-Tilt.
  • Photo 3 shows a 1/8th inch hex wrench that I have inserted into the hole.  In less than one full clockwise revolution of the Micro-Tilt, I was able to increase the neck angle and lower the action significantly.

I didn’t even have to take the neck off…just loosen the two back bolts…and it was all done in about 2 minutes.  So easy.  Thanks for another great invention, Leo!