but not everyone who watches the show contributes to that

Malec week set up

For the artists and writers: 
May 6th  Day 1: Future scene
let your imagination run wild with a scene that has yet to take place in the future of Malec
May 7th  Day 2: Disney Day
Write Malec as your favourite Disney characters or put them in your favourite movie
May 8th Day 3:  Back to the Middle ages.
Kings, princes, knights, lords and more. Take Malec out of 2000 and back into the settings of 1100 – 1500 B.C
May 9th Day 4: Greek Mythology
From Hercules to Percy Jackson, we find Magnus and Alec in a whole new world this day.
May 10th Day 5: Non-supernatural AU.
Magnus and Alec are just mundanes for a day, but where will they meet, what do they do and what is their story.
May 11th Day 6: Switch
Alec Lightwood is a powerful Warlock and Magnus Bane a shadowhunter.
May 12th Day 7: Missing moment
Time to add a scene to their canon story that you wish you could have seen or read. 

For those that want to participate the headcanon challenge:

  • Who hogs the duvet
  • Who texts/rings to check how their day is going
  • Who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts
  • Who gets up first in the morning
  • Who suggests new things in bed
  • Who cries at movies
  • Who gives unprompted massages
  • Who gets jealous easiest
  • Who collects something unusual
  • Who gets most excited about the holidays
  • Who is the big spoon/little spoon
  • Who starts the most arguments
  • Who suggests that they buy a pet
  • What couple traditions do they have
  • What tv shows they watch together
  • What other couple do they hang out with
  • Who brings flowers home
  • Who does Alec talk to about relationship issues
    And who does Magnus talk to
  • How do they make up after an arguement

Use the hashtag #Malecweek2017 so everyone can easily find your contribution. 

Hot Summer

You and your boyfriend Kang Daniel decide to beat the heat by heading to the amusement park, and you’re looking forward to the chance to make new memories with him. However, your perfect day is ruined by events that spark Daniel’s jealousy, leading to you two fighting. 

  • non idol! au
  • kang daniel ft. somi, sohye, sejeong, daehwi, jihoon and jaehwan (i decided who was dating by who was the same age lolol)
  • i tried to do angst but it’s not too angsty
  • you lowkey teach daniel a bit abt rape culture/blaming the victim instead of the perp 

Originally posted by predebutdaniel

(i chose the gif bc theyre dancing to touch my body by sistar aka the queens of summer rip, and since this is summer-themed, i thought it was fitting. my mind is a bit strange?)

in addition, i just wanted to thank everyone who has followed this blog and shown the imagines so much love! it’s been a little over a week and the blog has almost 300 followers? i’m so glad that i’m able to contribute to the new beginning of the wanna one fandom ^^. anyways, thank you again!!

You smiled up at the huge sign that showed off your local theme park’s latest attractions. You and your boyfriend Daniel had decided to go on a group date to the amusement park with a few other of your friends, and you couldn’t wait. In all the dramas you’d watched, amusement park dates were super cute and romantic, and you couldn’t wait to make new memories with your boyfriend.

“(y/n), hey!” You heard Daniel exclaim from behind you. 

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What about jw's portrayal of women do you dislike? If its ok I ask

This is one of those things that inspires a lot of the Discourse™ on this blog and let’s just say that the well-rounded portrayal of women in JP and TLW where women 100% had their own agency and plotlines that JW was basically a spitting in the face on that score 

you don’t have to agree I just don’t think that Claire cuts it for “well rounded female characters” 

I don’t think having a woman who is portrayed as focused on her career changing her tune and falling in love and being okay with kids is actually a female-empowered storyline 

Like look, women can want to have kids. Women can love families. Women can love their career, AND families. Women can love family and hate career. But women can also love career and hate family. Too often women are portrayed as cold, bad, hateful, broken just because they’re focusing on a career and not on their family. 

So Claire goes from being a career-driving women, who’s awkward with kids and love and romance, to being in a romantic relationship, better with kids, and seemingly uncaring about her career and the company she’s built. And I’m not denying that that sort of thing happens - lrd knows, traumatic situations are shit - but it’s a narrative we’ve heard over and over again, and it sends a bad message - that she’s better now, A) for having been through a traumatic experience and “changing” because of it [fun fact guys, trauma is never a good thing. You can think you changed for the better because of your trauma but that’s your personal narrative, and not one to send out, because it encourages the main response of people to people who experience trauma to be “you’ll grow as a person!” when fuck, as a multi-trauma survivor, that’s not actually helpful, I need comfort and understanding that I just went through shit, not a belittling “this’ll be good for you!” type dealio] B) the specific narrative of she’s “better” now that she’s not career-driven but romance/family driven is Gross. Gross Gross Gross. She’s just different, not better. 

And let’s go over some other minor points 

- women choosing to wear heels is empowering, yes, because women making choices for themselves is always empowering. But she didn’t make the choice for herself. A male screenwriter/director did. And they did it to make her look Sexy and/or a little silly, because those aren’t practical footwear for their situation. She looks impractical & stupid about survival. Femininity isn’t bad, and you can be feminine in survival situations, but there are ways to showcase that without having someone be impractical about it. 

- people kiss in high stress situations, it happens, but she and Owen had no chemistry whatsoever, and her running off into the sunset with him doesn’t make any sense - they’ll probably change as people for the trauma, but A) Owen didn’t show any signs of changing, which, you know, see above. Also add on a bit about how Men are Strong and stay the Same in a Traumatic Situation but Women are Weak and they Change because they’ve been Hurt™ B) she hasn’t changed so much as to put up with Owen’s shit; they don’t mesh together well, they went on a date and it didn’t work out, the end. 

Owen and Barry would have made more fucking sense as an endgame couple 

- The only other women in this damn thing were A) Claire’s sister, who had the patronizing “you’ll want kids some day!” shit while she was getting a fucking divorce and should know better - that family doesn’t always work out, that it’s not for everyone, but there you go 

- The parents literally only exist to get divorced, you don’t know anything else about them 

- Claire’s assistant, who is portrayed as neglectful of the kids - which is bad - even though she’s planning a wedding, and that’s a big fucking deal, frankly Claire should have given her time off, but no, she had to watch the kids instead (which should have been Claire’s job, but we have to contribute to the Her Going from Cold Bitch to Warm Caretaker narrative) -> and the assistant does show remorse!!! and freaks out when she loses the kids!!! but there you go -> and for her neglect she gets a ridiculously long and drawn out death scene, longer than like, any other in the JP franchise, it’s ridiculous 

OK I said I wasn’t going to say much but this turned into a ramble. It’s a fucking mess. JP and TLW were fucking Fantastic in terms of the women in them but Nope, not JW. 

Again, you can disagree, but this is what I think. 

JP fanboys sending hate will get blocked. 


Hellooo! Sorry this took me so long to post and complete. A while back I asked you guys to send in your rankings for Eurovision 2017 and I’d create a Top 42 list based on your responses. 

After many technical issues, I’m finally here to present the results! Thanks to everyone who contributed and to anyone who bothered to read this. ♥ 

You can either watch the video, or if you just want to get straight to it, click the ‘Read more’ button below for the full list & scores.

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you know, some fans where always gonna give bell a pass on the massacre. It's been a trend i see in basically every fandom. The male character is always forgiven while the female characters are put under a microscope and hated. The extra annoying part in this case is that JRoth and the writers never saw anything wrong with Bells actions. "He's a hero", and then we have episodes worth of people telling him he's a good person until they eventually just stopped mentioning it at all. Ugh.

My problem really isn’t that this character did something awful. There are several characters I love who did something awful. A good character falling from grace can actually be a good storyline if handled properly. The problem is they took Be||amy, had him do one horrible thing after another, had him stand by and watch other people commit undeniably villainous acts or even contribute to that. And… they went nowhere with that. The so called “redemption arc” he went through is nonexistent. The writers exploited and ruined other characters to prop him up, there was no real conflict because everyone was shown supportive of him, especially Clarke who just took punch after punch. And he experienced no lasting consequence for the atrocities he committed. At best he is poorly written, and a character like that definitely isn’t a hero, no matter that the show and JRoth (who said he bases Bell’s character on himself) try to sell that.

A Man with a Mission (and a God with Nothing Better to Do) [M]

AUTHOR: the-impossible-arvari

When Tony Stark returns from Afghanistan, he wants nothing more than to learn from his past mistakes and try to make the world a better place. The problem is that no one listens to him and everyone thinks he’s just gone crazy. Including his best friends. But Tony is angry, and he believes that he has a mission.

When Loki comes to New York, he wants nothing more than to hide from his family for a while, watch reality shows and be generally lazy. The problem is that he sees a man on TV. A man who seems sad and lost. And Loki is very interested in him. And he has nothing better to do, anyway, does he?


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Have you seen the new GOT Recap Season 1-6 trailer put out by HBO? The thing I found most interesting about it was that the characters that are specifically highlighted in the trailers, given their own specific individual sections in the trailer, are the same 5 characters that GRRMs original notes said would be alive at the end: Tyrion, Dany, Jon, Bran & Arya (in that order). I really doubt it's a coincidence, it being an offical trailer made by HBO and all: youtube(.)com/watch?v=Egy5A070cbA

I have seen it anon, and we think alike. The first thing I noticed was the time dedicated to each of those individual characters and that they are the same big 5 everyone talks about. I agree. This isn’t a coincidence. This is just further evidence that these are the most central characters of the show who have the most to contribute to the trajectory of the plot. It further convinces me that Jonerys will happen and that these 5 will live up to the end, if not through the end. 

When it comes to the Brony fandom and everything in it, tumblr has got to be pretty hypocritical about it. All the problems they say make the fandom the worse fandom ever are near ubiquitous in all other fandoms, yet they’ve got a damnable fem-boner for beating any instance of “spaghetti” and the steretype to the forefront and going “ewwww, look at how gross this fandom is”

Idiotic fans- Everywhere, they come in all different shapes and sizes and are impossible to tell how big of a proportion of the fandom they take up. Tumblr likes to rail on Bronies far more than they do for any other fans, not even the inevitable shrieking fangirls hailing from the halls of Superwholock and Homestuck. Shit happens in each fandom and they will get called out for it. However this leads on into a later point.

R34- It wouldn’t be a rule if it wasn’t universal now wouldn’t it? It’s porn of stuff intended for kids; that’s terrible right? Then why is there porn of every other cartoon out there? Including the porn coming from active fandoms right here on tumblr? Is MLP somehow inexplicably sacrosanct from the internet? No, if it exists there will be porn of it, just tag it away to your own blogs, filter it out, don’t flip your shit like some kinda of 13 year old if you do see it, and quit pretending that the same doesn’t happen in your little fandom.

Men- Here’s the stickler, there are some plain stupid arguments that the periphery demographic somehow “stole” the original show. That’s just bollocks, firstly, there’s a near quarter of the current fandom who are straight up women, so bangs go the idea that the fandom is just full of men; Then there’s the non-binary/transgender contingent, so pop goes the idea that the fandom as a whole rejects anyone off the cis-radar. And yet, tumblr is fixated on this idea that it's weird that grown men and boys are liking a show that’s typically built for little girls and that by watching this show we are STEALING the show from them. We aren’t, we’re contributing to the viewership numbers, surely isn’t that a good thing? A show that’s well done and has well executed morals getting recognition? And breaks the gender divide and draws in the male demographic without compromising the creators properly feminist ideals WHO MADE IT CLEAR; THIS SHOW WAS MEANT FOR EVERYONE, GENDER ROLES BE DAMNED.

But ohhhh nooooo, it’s all these eeeeeevil men watching something they're not supposed to. Women can like whatever they want you sexist pig but not menno they need to be less valued because muh patriarchy. How dare they corrupt it even though half the staff are only men and the fandom has no say which way the show goes. Yeees, the fandom is toxic and sick unlike any otherbecause I saw this post from this popular person why do I need to see the show and fandom for myself when I can just stay here in my little dashboard because I don't need to prove my points of the behaviour of all these men fedoras fedoras neckbeards evil reddit evil reddit MRA spaghetti they’re all the same.

Tumblr is full of hypocrites who suckle at the veritable thumbs of their own fandoms and then cry out in manufactured nausea and outrage at the possibility of something harmless but goes against their new definition of the “norm”.

There is no difference whatsoever between the “Brony” fandom and any other fandom that has, is, or will exist out there. Be it in behaviour, intention, demographic or fan created output.

You may hate the fandom, how the hell am I to stop you, entire sites do so on an ingrained basis; 4chan, facepunch, forums from here to Korea, but tumblr is the worst of them all. Even worse then 4chan. 

At least 4chan doesn’t PRETEND TO BE RIGHTEOUS.

Man looking through these notes I cannot grasp how anyone can justify a trainer actually flipping a horse over backwards, which can cause serious injury let alone contribute to longterm fear and trauma, especially for a problem as small as a horse just not standing still for mounting.

And for anyone who wants to say ‘shit happens’, these are his official promotional videos. This is his ADVERTISING. He/his marketing team aren’t going 'yikes that was an undesirable surprise’, they are putting it in slow mo for everyone to watch. It’s just like Cesar riling up dogs until they become dangerous on camera. It’s NOT about training, it’s not even about 'getting results’, it’s about showing people something as dramatic as possible. It’s designed to make it seem like a trainer is magically taming a wild, dangerous beast when THEY were the one who created and escalated the dangerous situation in the first place.

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do you know if the viewers on Hulu or other streaming sites contribute to a show's popularity/likelihood of being cancelled? I'm obsessed w Brooklyn 99 and I just saw your text posts that they were about to get cancelled and freaked tf out bc everyone I know who watches (and therefore loves) it watches via Hulu

anywhere you watch legally def helps, yes. i think fox loves b99 and won’t cancel it but my main point is that a lot of sitcoms get waaay more viewers and emmy noms and shit in total than b99 does and aren’t half as good and it isn’t fair.


I would like to thank the Reclaim the Bindi Movement for giving me the confidence to wear a sari and pottu and flaunt my culture. I want to thank my sisters who showed me how beautiful our culture is, and told me to embrace it before others with their sticky fingers try to grab it from us. I regret being ashamed of things like my dark skin to secretly taking off my pottu when my mother was not watching. I regret not standing up to those who mocked out clothes, our languages and our culture. Thanks to everyone who contributed to Reclaim the Bindi, I have the courage to tell those bitches smoking in front of our Gods, wearing rhinestones and calling it ‘chic’ and drunk dancing in racist music videos that they are out of their fucking place and shout back the fuck out. Go Brown Girls!

Where "How I Met Your Mother" Brought Us, and How "The Last Forever" Brought Us Back

This will not be a review of “The Last Forever,” the 208th and final episode of How I Met Your Mother. This will also not be a review of the ninth and final season of How I Met Your Mother. It’s ended; it’s done, over. But not in the way that it should be.

I’m going to assume you’ve seen the episode by now. Critics have been discussing the season finale for the past two days, and I actually had to take an extra day to gather my thoughts so I could begin writing this final blog post. So let’s start with a story. 

A father tells his two teenage children the story of how he came to meet their mother. His tale begins in New York City, and they meet the cast of characters: Marshall, the best friend from college; Lily, the best friend’s girlfriend; Barney, the womanizing other best friend; and then Robin, the girl-who-could-have been. But very soon, the father tells his children straight out: Robin is not the mother, but just another best friend.

Over nine years, these friends go through their own struggles, meeting people, breaking up, getting and losing jobs, getting married, almost getting married, falling in love. Nine years pass, and these friends age and grow in that time.

The last part of this story—“The Last Forever”—was the only thing that did not change over these nine years. Carter Bays ’97 and Craig Thomas ‘97, the creators of HIMYM, planned this episode all the way in 2006, when the show first aired. They shot one final scene with the two children back then and cemented their plan for how the series would arc.

When Barney and Robin marry in “The End of the Aisle” (S9/E22), HIMYM espouses a philosophy that love is imperfect, so it must constantly change, adapt to new situations, be improved on. Over the course of nine wonderful seasons, Barney Stinson goes from one-night stands to one woman for the rest of his life. He finds his absent father, reconciles his lonely childhood, and swears to honesty. In that same time, Lily Aldrin achieves her dream of becoming an art dealer while Marshall Erikson alters his dreams of being an environmental lawyer. Robin Sherbatsky accepts Barney’s companionship, pursues her career, and reconciles with her own parents. And Ted, well.

Ted does not make the most miraculous character arc in HIMYM. That honor goes to Barney. But Ted does become a protagonist worth rooting for. When we first meet him, Ted sees love as something he needs immediately, and even when it seems impossible, he must find “the one” to be happy. It’s unrealistic, as all his friends believe, and it brings him much heartbreak. Only as he realizes the hopelessness of the situation does he become relatable—by season nine, he is at rock bottom, and he realizes he must give up his earthly attachments (New York, Robin, his friends) for some transcendental hope at finding peace in a loveless world.

For eight seasons, The Mother is only an idea. She exists solely to Ted and his children in the future. But the idea of her keeps Ted moving forward and hoping. And when he finally stops hoping, she appears. She doesn’t remain an idea, however: the brilliance—and the shortcoming—of this final season was its endowment of personhood to Tracy McMillan, the mother of Ted’s children. A character in her own right, we see her personal struggle, her losses, and her own hopelessness, until the point where she herself stops hoping—and Ted appears. 

For Ted to fall in love with The Mother, and vice-versa, he must have experienced all nine years and more. For anyone to wind up where they were at the beginning of “The Last Forever,” all nine seasons were necessary—it’s less fate than chaos theory. Sensitive dependence on initial conditions. These characters are wheels set into motion. 

This is the reason why “The Last Forever” was not only a terrible series finale, but also an insult to every character in the show and every convention of television writing. I know—them’s fighting words. But I feel very strongly about this. “The Last Forever” is a finale based upon a pilot, not a finale based upon nine seasons of a show. It shows no connection to characters who have changed, to events that have come and gone, to lives lived.

“The Last Forever” is a regression in every sense of the word. It dials time back to 2006, when Barney has no feelings for any women he sleeps with; when Marshall has a promising career ahead and Lily is stuck in a creative rut; when Robin is not a part of the group; when Ted believes the new girl in the room is “the one”; when the Mother is a passing thought. “The Last Forever” pretends the last eight seasons never happened.

Perhaps the creators wanted to shock their audience. Perhaps they thought the ending to Friends was too easy: tying up the loose ends that we knew would be tied and closing the door on one period of life to move onto the next. Perhaps they wanted to show “real life.” But HIMYM life and real life are two different things, and the finale did not adhere to the boundaries of the former.

At a Wesleyan University-sponsored viewing party for the episode, around 50 students booed the closing credits. But possibly more telling was that every commercial break began with a gasp at what happened just before. We were all surprised, because the episode had the characters doing what they should never have done.

Now, some things about this episode are wonderful. Had they been the only parts of the finale, it would have been a lovely, fitting end to a wonderful show. When Ted says goodbye to the friends, it’s emotional to the right degree. When Marshall and Lily come to McClaren’s the next day and find Ted still in New York, and he tells them he found a girl, it’s funny. And when Ted finally goes up to the Mother, yellow umbrella, bass guitar, and all, it’s the meeting we have been waiting nine seasons for. Simple, cute, understated, and leading us to where we wanted to go.

As Barney and Robin get divorced, as Marshall and Lily have more children at the expense of Lily’s work, as Robin abandons her friends to travel, as Barney begins picking up random girls and has a child to a woman whose name we don’t even know—did I miss anything?—the season finale felt like it took a wrong turn and looped back into a reality where the characters look nothing like they looked only an episode before. Even beyond the often not-so-vague sexism implied in these “plot twists,” it is so difficult to see the lives of these mature, funny, smart, loving characters be destroyed just for the sake of it.

What the finale does to The Mother, however, is something else entirely. She is gone, taken away, as soon as we meet her. Because, according to the series finale, The Mother never mattered anyway. She and Ted take years to get married, have their children, and then she dies—of what NPR’s Linda Holmes diagnoses as “Unspecified Sad Hospital-Bed-it is.” According to the series finale, she dies so that Ted may live the life he (apparently) has always wanted: with Robin.

In this 60-minute alternate reality, the Mother is a tool, a joke, a red herring. And Robin, despite Ted letting her go so many times, so fully and convincingly to everyone including himself, in the past few episodes, was apparently meant to be his all along. Ted’s kids even edge him on: ask her out, perhaps with a blue horn like in the pilot. In every way, the series comes full circle. But this is not a clever postmodernist conclusion. This is supposed to be “fate,” but if HIMYM taught us anything, fate is merely a series of missed and caught connections, of taken and abandoned chances, of every moment leading up to the moment you cannot see. Ted did not walk the easy road to Robin; he walked the long, treacherous path to meet The Mother, and together, they would have the happy ending they both earned.

Like a relationship gone wrong, it’s unfortunate that “The Last Forever” remained the same while its characters have changed. It did not have to be this way; the elements of a good finale are all there. The conclusion to this series has been building up, seeming more and more inevitable as the characters have taken the steps leading us all to a train platform in Farhampton. To kill the Mother and leave Ted with Robin, however, is to say that none of it mattered. And maybe it didn’t. Maybe that’s real life.

But I refuse to do that. How I Met Your Mother has never been about real life. It’s the most fantastical of sitcoms, and for 207 episodes, it has believed in a world where The Mother is everything and the end. I believe, too, and not even a series finale can change that.

Postscript: A huge thank-you to all the people who made this blog a reality: Wesleyan’s University Communications, who actually came up with this idea and paid me to keep it up; to all my friends who listened to me talk about this show all the time, watched with me, and occasionally contributed; to my older sister, who introduced me to HIMYM in the first place; and, most importantly, to everyone who actually read what I wrote! This blog would still exist without you, but it would be much less fun. Thank you!

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You obviously have no idea what you're talking about. Sam never contributes anything to the plot, relies on Dean to save him, and drags everyone down by keeping secrets from them. He's not 'selfless' or 'good'. What show are you even watching???

ohhhh my fucking god where do i even start with this one

“sam doesnt contribute anything to the plot” perfect example of the type of shit ppl who havent seen season 1-3 say. where were you for the arc about azazels special children? boy king sam??? demon blood???? lucifers fucking vessel????? 

“relies on dean to save him” OH i could go on about this one FOR HOURS

i could literally come up with approx 300472947108 counterarguments for this but ill try and keep it short by just saying that sam is far from weak if anything, hes kinda terrifying tbh:

1. in s1e14 (and presumably b4 this episode) sam can predict when and how someone will die. he also moves a cupboard with his fucking mind so he can save deans ass. 

2. has only died 6 times in the whole series (in comparison, dean has died 100+ times if u include mystery spot, cas has died 4 times and been a part of the plot for much less time)

3. exorcised samhain, alastair, famine, and lilith also with his fucking mind n all of those demons were like… hella powerful (aside from famine who was legit a horseman of the apocalypse). he can also just fucking throw ppl across the room using his mind. goddamn. AND THEN as he gets stronger he doesnt even have to focus hard on killing these bitches he just blinks and they drop dead. 


4. is immune to demon powers (samhain, lilith, and alastairs telekenisis/other abilities have no effect of him) and could withstand the disease the darkness brought longer than anyone else could 

5. sam is smart. like, really fucking smart. this kid got into stanford and scored a 174 on the SAT even tho he never got a proper education thanks to john. he was able to piece together visions from lucifer and a seemingly offhanded comment from billie to figure out a way to cure the darkness virus. 

6. sam is fucking ruthless where it counts. he cut off gordons head using cheese wire. he tortured dozens of demons to get to dean in season 10. he shot someone from like 100ft away without a scope. even crowleys a bit afraid of him.

7. hes got so much ambition. so much. if sam winchesters ambition were water, hed have enough to end all droughts forever. sam can literally do anything if he sets his mind to it, and he always has. he fckn overpowered lucifer, an archangel and one of the strongest beings in existence, and managed to take control back of his body so he could throw them back in the cage. when will ur fave??

8. powers and  personality aside, sam is 6″5 and 200lbs of pure muscle. try and tell me a dude with those stats would be taken down easily.

“drags everyone down by keeping secrets from them” yeah ur right about this one. remember when sam allowed gadreel to possess his brother without his brothers consent? remember when sam betrayed the rest of tfw and worked behind their backs with crowley to unleash the leviathan and become god? 

…oh wait

none of these were sam

cmon lets be real here. in supernatural, everyone lies to each other, tfw especially. dean lies about things, cas lies about things, sam lies about things… secrets is a huge part of the shows dynamic. sam might have lied in the past, and those lies  might have led to bad things, but honestly, dean and cas have done just as much lying (if not more) than sam. 

as for sam not being selfless and good, im about 90% sure u said that and knew full well that u were wrong. sam is a messiah figure thru and thru. come back and talk to me when dean nearly kills himself/jumps into the cage with lucifer to close the gates of hell/stop the apocalypse like sam did.

“what show are you even watching?” better question: what show are you watching?

oh how the turn tables.


okay so @alexiswishes is organizing this big thank you thing for the steven universe crew and i really wanted to contribute something so i put together this little animation for them. i would greatly encourage anyone who watches this to also draw a picture or animate something or even write a letter thanking them for everything that they put up with. This show means so much to me and I really want to show my gratitude and appreciation, so thank you Rebecca Sugar and everyone who contributes to Steven Universe!

(audio by @shawnwasabi)


We’re proud to present to you our BFRB Awareness video, made from the posters that you all so graciously did during BFRB Awareness Week 2013. This is a compilation of those images in hopes of showing others why we need BFRB awareness and ultimately of course in the hopes of bringing more awareness to BFRBs overall!

Please feel free to share and spread the word! And please, watch all the way to the end for a fabulous surprise!

Thank you to Sky Wylie who put this together for us and thank you to everyone who contributed!

Spread the word. Break the stigma.


July 20 at 5pm PST/8pm EST

Hi everyone,

Moon Animate Make-Up will debut July 20 at 5pm PST/8pm EST. 

The project is 99% done and will be available on YouTube and Vimeo. The 1% to be done includes fixing a few glitches in the final render, time to render separate files for each site, and double checking all the technical bits. (Vimeo Basic uploads are limited to 500 MB and getting a twenty-three minute 720p file to that size without losing a lot of quality has been a bit of a render gymnastics.) My Mac Mini has been huffing and puffing in this heatwave to render this each time and I need to let it sleep.

I am so sorry for the delay and I cannot thank you enough for your patience and understanding with this. Believe me when I say I’m not doing this to be a flake; I want this to look as good as it possibly can before releasing into the wide, wild world of the internet and it is literally only those few details to be done. These past nine months have been an incredible journey; from those initial hours of dread, to the overwhelming turn out of animators and fans, to these last days of checking every frame before the last render. To everyone who contributed to Moon Animate, I could not have asked for a more positive, encouraging, creative, and hardworking group of artists to work with and I cannot wait to show off your work. To everyone who has been watching and sharing this project, you have made this time such a joy with your enthusiasm and support.

Thank you for being there. I feel confident sharing this project once I take care of those few details, but man, am I nervous after all these months of work. Production is my passion and I’m so grateful for every animator and fan who trusted me to see this through to the end. We’re almost there.

See you next Sunday. :)


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Steven universe is actually scheduled to have 110+ episodes in its run time and we've only seen around 36 so far. And that's if they don't renew it, if it's popular enough it may even get more. It's not going to be cancelled, they shift around schedules all the time on that channel it's a right mess. But the main thing is it's NOT going to be cancelled unless everyone stops watching the premiers. Those are what counts most in ratings.

I understand, and thank you kind and informative anon, but the thing is we still need to show some backlash- this is a great cartoon with unusual aims and (what is deemed) an unusual target audience, so we should try to show it and its creators our support!

even if we can’t get the network to see what a silly move they’re making, we should at least contribute to boosting the show for the people who make it- they’ve got to be taking this hard right now, I know I would if I’d been pouring my heart and soul into a show like SU; the show deserves better treatment, and so do the makers!

Goodbye, Gravity Falls

I know a lot of people are upset over Alex’s recent announcement over the show coming to an end after the next couple episodes, but I just wanted to say how happy I am to have been able to be a part of this fandom, and experiencing all that this show has given us.

I haven’t really mentioned this much, but I started watching this show when I was going through a hard time, and by giving this show a chance, I never regretted making that decision. This show has lightened me up, and has helped me through so much. And I just wanted to say thank you so much to not only Alex Hirsch and the rest of the GF crew for making this show, but also the GF fandom as well. 

I swear I don’t think I’ve ever been in a fandom this positive, supportive, and kind, and I’m extremely happy to have been a part of it. It’s been so fun on here since I gathered up the courage to make this blog, and I’ve enjoyed every second of it. And once this show officially comes to a close, I just wanted to let you all know that I’ll still continue to hang around here, even though life from now on will continue to change for me.

This show has taught me so much–lately, especially, with me on the verge of becoming an adult and getting ready to start another chapter of my life. And I can say that Gravity Falls has helped me enjoy and cherish this currently ending chapter, by making me realize that things change, and everyone grows up. But in the end, that shouldn’t stop you from watching and doing things that you’ve loved doing and make you who you are. 

So thank you very much, Alex Hirsch. Thank you for making something that I’ve enjoyed so much and have enjoyed watching with my family and friends. It’s truly a one of a kind cartoon, and I’m so glad I’ve been a part of the journey. And I also want to thank everyone else that have contributed and supported this show.

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WOAH that is a very big number! I don’t know exactly what that number represents, but I’m very proud and grateful anyway!

Thank-you to everyone who has watched, shared, and contributed to the success of my little videos  ∩(︶▽︶)∩

Jacksepticeye 8 Million Milestone Fan Video
A (very belated) 8 million milestone video for Jacksepticeye made by so many wonderful bosses! I am so thankful to everyone who contributed to this video and...

Finally, it is up! The official final draft of the video. Any typos or mistakes in information I am so sorry about but they cannot be altered at this time. Thank you so much everyone who contributed to this video as well as everyone who showed interest or support. This video would not be possible without you!

To @therealjacksepticeye:

Dear Jack,

Hello, how are you, dear? My name is Kim and I, along with so many wonderful bosses, have made you this very belated 8 million subscribers milestone video. We hope with all our hearts that you will see this, and if you could do a reaction video of this we would be so so honored. We understand that you said you don’t normally do reaction videos, but so much time and effort was put into this project it would just mean so much to us if we got to see you react to this. If not, that’s okay too, we’re just happy you saw our efforts! We love you so much, Jack and thank you for everything that you do. You mean so much to all of us, Jack, and happy early birthday!

jsemilestonetribute and all 136 bosses who contributed/supported/showed interest in this video along with all 8 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!