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We may not have the Shield for TLC this Sunday, but at least we have We Bare Bears ; v ; Get well soon Roman!

@jakei95 saw you were having a tough time a while ago and didn’t get around to making your b-day present. So here ya go! 

-Metadora : Any - Jakei
Art: Me!

OH YEAH, Guess I should keep track with a list. 

Drainir (done! kinda old ^^;)
- Any (you are here)

next??? (who knows????)
 ((Probs draw another character when you least expect it :3 ))

Okay this is critical I’ve had a ridiculous amount of people (school friends, friends from tumblr, and random people) ask me if Taylor knows about my food blog since I’m assuming she found me through my tumblr. So… Taylor… do you know? 😱


I got bored and wanted to make a tag! Upload a picture of you with a filter of your choice, and use the same filter on a photo of your bias!

Hashtag your ship name, use emojis to describe your ‘costume’ & tag 5 others!!



I tag: @freehoseoksdick , @kpop-trash-in-your-area , @amazzjin , @casper-rose , @the-golden-jhope ✨✨✨


Maybe it’s the Long Island talking but I just wanted to say…. thank you so much anyone who has read what I’ve written. Thank you for taking a glimpse into my head at the ideas and thoughts I’ve had. Thank you for taking the time to read and like and comment and reblog. Thank you to anyone who had ever used their precious time to make something for me based on something I’ve written - you don’t know how much it means to me.

Thank you for spending time reading anything I’ve written. You’re the reason why I still do what I do ;;

i just want u all to know that i love you from the bottom of my heart and each and every one of you bring a lot of joy and happiness into my life. ash wouldn’t be where he is without all you lovely people believing in me as a writer, just by clicking that follow button. and all of you are wonderful people too – i hopee you all have a fabulous day/night. 

ravencapri  asked:

GOD its 11 at night where i am im not creative to think of any questions rn but i promise ill probably end up bombarding you. i really love the recruiter au tho???? AND ur roleswap one with chiaki komeada and hajime im LIVING for chiaki's design;; sorry i just wanted to gush real quick

thank u so much??? u r very welcome here buddy!!! flood my askbox–!!

my recruiter au gets so much love–!! i’m super happy u love it!!! u even like my talentswap kids!!! chiaki’s design is one of my favs too~!! hmhm i’ll be anticipating ur next visit to the blog, buddy~!!