but not edible

Dandelion (Taraxacum)

These little gems are the source for so much love from a lot of my family members. This including myself for my personal craft. 

I actually have it in 3 different forms. Each of which hold their own magikal properties. 

The Flower: Development of psychic powers and WISHINGGG! 

The Leaf: Purification, Banishing Negativity, Healing and Summoning Spirits…and WISHINGGGG!!

The Root: Protection while you sleep, Calling Spirits, Divination …and did I mention WISHINGGGG!!! Also, Dandelion root tea can help promote your psychic powers. Likewise, left to your bed this steamy cup of tea can call spirits your direction. 

Henbit (Lamium Amplexicaule)

This beautiful backyard beauty is something I see a lot of people mowing down and hitting with that awful weed killer. It thrives in the shade, so much so that she actually wilts away in the direct sunlight and heat.

Not only are her beautiful leafs edible, holding a light leafy taste, (Not as hearty as kale) but her sweet purple flowers are as well. I was actually informed by my daughter that she had been sitting in the back munching on them for the last couple of weeks.

Magikal Properties

Henbit can be used in a wide variety of spells, such as; overcoming obstacles,   bringing hope, overcoming hardships, and spells meant for awakenings.

edible underwear either just tastes like soapy plastic wrap or sticky, soggy, sweaty bootleg fruitloops there is no inbetween ever


“I’ve had laryngitis for like four days, and the doctor told me that I have to stop smoking weed! Can you believe that shit!!! Not like stop, like indefinitely, more like take a break. And I said “can I vape?” “What about edibles?” He was cool though!”

video by erin_mickeydee

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Totally not judging you but I'm curious as to how you know what edible underwear taste like 😂

because i ?? tried them ? idk why that would basis to judge me in the first place i do have a life u know, i do exist in the Real World

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What made Hanzo pursue a professional career in baking? Was Genji joining him and building the shop together planned?

Ahhh, awesome question!! 

On a personal level, I think for him baking combines something very creative (the design of a dessert, what it looks like, what it tastes like, the experience of seeing and eating it and what all that evokes) with something rather technical (proofing bread correctly so that it rises, getting fondant perfectly smooth, techniques that are as much tedious chemistry as anything else). In that sense it’s a challenge, to push both of those things to a limit: how creative can you push with something that still needs to be edible? What are the physical limits of chocolate, of candy, etc. in terms of what you can create? I like to think that Hanzo enjoys exploring those parts of baking in addition to creating unique experiences for his customers, and above all, fucking excelling at what he does. His idea of technical perfection is something that drives and motivates him profoundly.*

As for how Hanzo got into baking - this story is set in the US, and I think that Hanzo didn’t want to follow in his father’s footsteps or the family business, as his parents imagined and wanted him to do. So he struck out on his own to become a chef. He trained in Paris for some time, and when he returned he opened the bakery - and some months later, Genji joined him. I think Genji probably got a degree in something he knew would compliment Hanzo’s skills and dreams, knowing they could work together and work better together, and wanting to be supportive and also get out from underneath their parents’ expectations. So now they run the bakery together!

* If there’s any advice I can give it’s that don’t be a Hanzo and let technical perfection become an obsession, lol.

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butter slime looks super edible, as someone who eats cold unsalted butter irl, butter slime is Too Tempting

I used to eat butter too omg I feel ya ^^;;

Especially when it’s that Perfect shade of yellow, like…bruh 😩

There’s an edible butter slime recipe here though that might be worth a try! (It’s basically cake fondant lol) 

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Hey so I've seen some posts about people wanting to eat Orbeez and I saw that u had a craving alternatives tag so I thought I would share here!!! I think the "bubbles" from Boba tea would be great bc they're about the same size and are chewy and tasty!

Yup! Those are always the first thing I think about for edible versions of orbeez, they’re the exact same size and texture! >:3 Popping boba are a great alternative too lol!