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earth & universe : d&p
  • someone: who do you like more, dan or phil?
  • me: dan is a soft boy and he wears glittery nail polish & pretends to be tough but is so!! soft inside and he has curvy thighs n' hips and curly hair and a soft & bendy figure. he has a cute lil tum with cappuchino eyes and rosy patches on his squish cheeks. he is kinda like the universe, full of stars n meteors and all the nooks and crannies.
  • phil has more of an edge, with sky-high! cheekbones and a razor sharp jawline n his skin is pale pale blue with clouds. he has gentle freckles & lots of bumps and points. he has deep deep sea sky water glass eyes that couldnt be described in 1000 years, if u jumped into them you would never come out. he is all legs and arms & points & sharp bits but he's kinda like the earth, with such complex building blocks & pretty colors!!
  • so you see?? they are like the sun & moon, earth & sky, earth & universe. opposites, but they cannot be without eachother. so, to answer your question, no. neither & both.

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I have a prompt! How about Barista Sid and super flirty customer Geno with SWid writing something cute on his cup?

This one…kinda got away from me, and 1. Sorry this took so long, and 2. I kinda veered from the prompt? A lot? And I think I was kinda projecting a little about how I feel about flirty strangers?  But I hope you enjoy it regardless. 

“It’s Tuesday,” Flower says, with the kind of resignation the day always evokes. He doesn’t have to explain further, Sid knows what he means. Tuesday means the Russians are coming. Well, Sid is pretty sure the quiet blonde guy is Scandinavian, but mostly, the noisy group that takes up, bare minimum, three tables at 412 Coffee is Russian. Holding court among them most days is Alex, whom Sid privately just labels “Loud Motherfucker.” 

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Rainy days ☂

☂ Tsukishima and Yamaguchi share an apartment, but study at different universities. Living together was, like, never actually discussed, even if they are not in a relationship YET. Their friendship is just too close, so it was obvious for both of them to try to spend their future together.
☂ On this particular day, it’s raining heavily outside and Tsukishima - who got to leave classes earlier this day to finish a project at home - is wrapped in Yamaguchi’s blanket and stares out of the window, contemplating if this is finally the day for a love confession.
☂ The laptop on his legs is buzzing, but he can’t bring himself to work, his mind is always wandering to Yamaguchi, waiting for his roommate to come back from uni.
☂ Yamaguchi had also decided to end this day earlier and just left in the middle of one of his classes. He grabs coffee for both of them, since he knows Tsukishima would be home already. But holding each with one of his hands makes it impossible for him to also hold his umbrella. So he get’s really really drenched and it’s really cold, but he is happy nevertheless.
(Yam’s buys a Caramel Hot Chocolate Cappuchino for himself and Tsukishima get’s a Strawberry Cream Frappuchino)
☂ So Yamaguchi comes home and Tsukishima panics a bit because he is covered in the blanket of his best friend, but he doesn’t even seem to notice, placing the two coffee cups on the table.
☂ “I’m going to take a shower, Tsukki!”, Yamaguchi says, his hair sticking to his skin, making him look even cuter. “Mhm.”, Tsukishima mumbles, wondering if Yams really didn’t notice the blanket.
☂ Ofc he DID notice, but he wanted to spare this conversation for after his shower. So he showers, puts on loungewear and wraps himself in Tsukishimas blanket and takes a seat next to him on the couch, with a smirk on his face.
☂ “Thanks for the coffee.”, Tsukishima says flustered, unable to make eye contact. Yamaguchi grins. He really likes teasing him. That Tsukki is in love with him had been SO obvious even before they moved in together. Yamaguchi enjoys playing this game of teasing and trying to push his best friend a bit, but he is also afraid that this would never come to an end, so he sits a bit closer to him, so that their blankets overlap.
☂ The rain is now pattering loudly on the windows and the smell of coffee fills the whole room. Tsukishima is still visibly embarassed and doesn’t seem to find a way out of this, so he just stares outside and notices Yamaguchis hands crawling under ‘his’ blanket, searching for his hands.
☂ He finds them and interwinds their fingers. Tsukishima loses all tension in an instant and even dares to look at Yamaguchi.
☂ “Let’s share our blankets more often from now on, shall we?”, Yamaguchi is still grinning, but kinda shy and fidgety.
☂ Tsukishima - who is not actually THAT bad at reading the situation - leans forward and places a soft kiss on Yams forehead.
☂ “Let’s also share this.”, Yamaguchi suggests, pressing his lips on Tsukishimas.

Sherlolly Appreciation Week - Day 1 - First meetings

Day One

Molly always thought that the first time she met Sherlock Holmes was the day she started at Bart’s, 26-years-old and fresh out of her residency. 

Trying to hide her nerves behind a warm mask of friendship, Molly approached Sherlock as he was bent over a microscope, examining blood stains in a corduroy vest of the latest victim of an as-yet-unsolved murder.

“You must be the detective Mike was telling me has special permission to use the lab, he said to stay out of your way, but I just wanted to let you know you’re welcome to any supplies, just let me know if we’re running low on anything so I can re-ord-”

Sherlock, head still bent over the microscope held up a hand to stop her rambling.

“Ok,” Molly huffed quietly under her breath. She wasn’t surprised, Mike had already warned her of Sherlock’s more mercurial habits.

What Molly didn’t realise is that Sherlock had seen Molly before. He had taken it upon himself to perform some “background research” into the new pathologist.

It was Sherlock, disguised as a nerdy librarian - pocket square and all - who had sat at the table next to Molly in the cafe around the corner from her house that morning, watching her as she buried her nose in a Neil Gaiman novel while drinking her double-strength cappuchino. He saw how her nose crinkled when she disagreed with the words or actions of a favourite fictional character, and saw her huff when her alarm made her stop mid-way through a chapter.

As she stood to go, he couldn’t let her leave without saying something.

“I really like that one,” his nerdy alter-ego pointed to the book.

“Oh, yeah, it’s pretty good, although I’m more of a fan of his earlier books.”

She smiled sweetly, their eyes catching for the briefest of moments before she turned to put the book away in her knapsack. 

He was gone before she turned back.

He left abruptly that day for the same reason he didn’t look up at her from the microscope only hours later when they “officially” met. It was the same reason he kept trying to repel her with barbs for words, or overlooked her obvious attempts to ask him out on a date, or - with all the strength he could muster - wished her all the happiness in the world when she, years later, told him of her engagement to Tom.

It was the reason that, when his hand was forced by Eurus, there was no other option but to tell Molly “I love you.”

The fact was it was true. Just like it was for Molly. And just like Molly, it had always been true.

Always. From day one.


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  • starting to unravel the complicated spiral that is algebra revision : back to basics much.
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cappuccino crunch, black cherry, moncha

Cappuchino Crunch: Do you take naps?
Black Cherry: Four words that describe you?
Mocha: Ideal weather conditions?

Naps? What are those? Sleep is for the weak °^°

Trash, ugly, chill, queer

This one is a bit tough. I love the rain, I love snow, but I also like warm days where I can go outside and whittle away at wood to make some wands because I have no life. I suppose my favourite of the three would be snow?????????

French Roast

Ship: Lafayette x Reader

Request: “Ayyy fam hook me up w/ some Laf x reader? Reader works at a cafe and Lafayette always comes in and flirts with them and they write cute nicknames on his cup. Bonus points for bad/hilarious pickup lines.” - anonymous

Triggers: coffee puns

W/C: 1508

A/N: Nobody asked me to but I used Taylor The Latte Boy as inspo for this because I’m a fucking dweeb

Peggy Schuyler gripped your arm, forcing you to drop the cappuchino you were working on. You groaned as you watched the drink stain your white shoes. “Damn it, Peggy!” you spat in a low voice so the customers wouldn’t hear. She helped you clean up the spill, more anxiety growing in her voice, “Sorrrrry!” she stressed, “I think I broke the dishwasher, it started bubbling and then I heard the dishes start clanging and I don’t know what happened-” You sighed and gave her a warm look, “I will take care of it” you promised. Peggy was constantly in distress whenever you had a shift with her, she just couldn’t the hang of things. “Besides I’ve got to make sure everything is working before our horrible excuse for a manager shows up” you scoffed.

“Lee as a manager is a joke anyways. You should’ve been the one promoted, Y/N” you heard Dolley Payne say from behind her register. You smiled while handing her the finished cappuchino. “If he keeps leaving his shifts early I might as well be” you joked. Dolley laughed before Peggy slammed into your side, tugging your arm.

“Ow! What is it Peggy?” you asked sharply.

Your friend winked, “French cutie is here on schedule” she whispered.

Your eyes darted to the clock. 8:11 am. Dolley moved away from the cashier, pushing you into her place, “Go get your flirt on, Y/N” she nudged. Your jaw was left on the floor while the girls scattered behind the counter, pretending to make drinks as they giggled. You sighed, they did this everyday and you still hadn’t learned how to escape it. Or maybe I don’t want to … you realized as the tall frenchman approached you, his curls in a tight bun and face in a wide smile.

You smiled, greeting him as he approached the counter. Wow, eager much? You scolded yourself. His bright eyes pretended to scan the menu, even though he always got the same thing. “How are you, Mister um” your mind started going on red alert, had you never learned his name? “Mister.” you stated. It’s perfectly normal to call someone ‘Mister’, right? Without a last name included? You pondered.

He said, “Fine and my name’s Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette.”

You raised your eyebrows, blurting out “Wow”

“But you can call me Lafayette” he blushed, “m-my name’s Lafayette and I’ll take a latte with extra foam” he asked, his kind eyes showing his embarrassment. You smiled while putting in the order, hoping Dolley and Peggy weren’t too busy eavesdropping to make his drink. He stood there, both of you smiling at each other until you heard someone clear their throat. Both of you began to make flustered sounds and Lafayette awkwardly stepped to the side, nervously patting his beard. Or slapping himself. You couldn’t tell.

“Hi,” You smiled at the new customer, “How are you?”

Lafayette shuffled around on his heels, waiting for his drink and looking at you from the corner of his eye. Say something, Gil. Tell her how pretty she looks or how well she handles the coffee cups … He shook his head, That would sound creepy don’t say that, cher Dieu… He snapped back to reality when you put his drink in front of him.

You blushed, “Sorry it took longer than usual, hope we didn’t make you latte”

Lafayette raised an eyebrow, “I’m sorry, what?”

“Like, you’re late.” you explained, wanting to shrivel up into a ball, “I was saying I hope we didn’t make you late because of how long it took because you see my friend Peggy is still in training and she doesn’t know how to use the foam machine so when you said extra foam she accidentally-” Lafayette put his hand on top of yours, slowly pulling the cup towards him, “You’ll have to teach me more of those jokes, mademoiselle.” he whispered.  You let go of the cup, stammering a response. He smiled with a wink and quickly took his drink and left the shop, his long legs bumping into multiple people at once.

He looked down at his cup that read “La Baguette” and smiled.

You ran your fingers through your hair and looked at Dolley and Peggy, who were both giggling. “What do you think, Dolley?” Peggy asked while misspelling names on cups. Dolley smiled as she accepted change from a customer, “Well if you ask me - Y/N needs to do a better job at espresso-ing her feelings” You rolled your eyes, “Har, HAR”

“It’s 8:09” Peggy announced in a singsong tone. Even as you told Peggy you didn’t care, you couldn’t help but check your reflection in the coffee pot. Dolley smiled while shaking a jar of coffee grounds in your face, “Oh come on, Y/N - everyone knows you have cofFEELS” she laughed. Peggy and Dolley high-fived.You ran your fingers through your hair, laughing nervously.

8:11. You heard the bell of the door opening and pushed Peggy out of the way of the register. Dolley snickered behind you. Lafayette greeted you with a smile, his eyes looking extra tired this morning. “Hi, how are you?” It was routine to start off orders like that, but you were genuinely interested in the tall boy’s mood. His eyes met yours and his smile brightened the coffee shop.

“Incredibly tired, my boss is frustrated and we’re understaffed” he laughed.

You nodded in understanding, already making his double latte. “Well, BREW can do it!” you comforted, while mentally slapping yourself in the face. He chuckled, the sound of it making your heart skip. Blood rushed to your face as you added extra skim to his drink.  Lafayette began digging in his pocket, and you stopped him “Keep the 3.55” He smiled, “Wow - where have you BEAN all my life?” the frenchman laughed.

“Serving coffee” you answered as you gave the drink to Peggy so she could add foam. The poor girl spilled on herself, but you decided to ignore the mess and focus on Lafayette. He WAS the customer, afterall. “What’s your favorite coffee?” he asked you during his wait, not taking his brown eyes off you for a second. You tried to control your heartbeat while thinking.

“I really love espressos but I can’t have them, they keep me up all night” You admitted.

The frenchman laughed, “I could keep you up all night”

You blushed, stuttering, when Dolley came to your rescue saying “Triple latte is ready” You grabbed the drink, about to scribble his name on it before he put his palm over it, lowering the drink and grabbing your attention.

Lafayette leaned over the counter, “Would you like to go out after your shift, mademoiselle? I’m free whenever you are” You opened your mouth to respond, but were interrupted by the customer behind him clearing his throat. Peggy raised an eyebrow, scolding the other customer. The frenchman’s face fell as you took longer and longer to respond, and he moved to the side. You quickly scribbled on the cup and shoved it into his hand.

“Hi, how are you?” you asked the next customer in a monotone.

Lafayette sighed and took his coffee out of the shop, angrily walking to his car. George Washington was waiting in the driver’s seat, impatiently tapping his foot. He looked up and sighed in relief, happy to see the frenchman approaching.

“Sorry, sir” He mumbled to his boss while climbing into the passenger seat. George put his hand up, “Don’t call me sir so much, son, we’re friends.” he said while starting the car. “Don’t call me son” The frenchman mocked. George sighed, pulling out of the parking lot. Lafayette put his drink in the cup holder and leaned back in the seat, a frown still on his face.

“What’s wrong? You’re always happy when we come here” his friend asked him with stern eyes. Lafayette shrugged. “What’s that on your hands?” His eyes shot open and he looked at the cup, noticing that he smudged your message. Lafayette hit George in the arm, shouting in happiness and french.

“I’m DRIVING!” George shouted. The frenchman shoved the latte in his friend’s face, “EYES OFF THE ROAD, PÉRE!” he shouted. George drove the car onto the side of the road, angry drivers honking at him. He took the cup from him and read the note.

‘LafaYES - Pick me up at 3?’ was scribbled. George raised an eyebrow at his friend, whose smile was extra cheeky.

He raised an eyebrow,“I suppose someone has to find that accent endearing…”

Slowly falling in love chapter 14- Yoongi

Y/N - your name,    Y/F/N- your friend name

Genere: Romance, Angst, Smut (in next parts)

chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3, kiss scene- Yoongi pov, chapter 4,chapter 5, chapter 6, chapter 7,chapter 8, chapter 9, chapter 10, chapter 11, chapter 12, chapter 13

WC: 2021

Summary:  He’s the worst guy in school, everyone is scared of him, he don’t give a shit about his grades or classes, still all the girls are in love with him. That’s how you would describe him- MIN YOONGI. You’re the only one that’s not into him, you are more scared of him then in love. And after that one stupid thing you did it was only worse… well that’s what you thought at first.

Part: 14/15

She does. But anyways here’s my plan on how to get her back to you…- Jimin started.

After 4 hours of sitting, drinking and talking Jimin and Yoongi fell alseep. Jimin explained his plan to his hyung with every detail. Yoongi wasn’t sure if it will work but he stil wanted to try. Now he just had to wait until prom night. It was still almost a month away but Yoongi was already feeling uneasy about it. 

On Saturday morning you woke up pretty early. It was 9 am and you were ready to start your day.  You decided to call yoongi and ask him if you can meet and work on your project. You hardly believed he would pick up because he’s not a morning person. 

He’s probably still sleeping.- You thought to yourself before clicking “call”.

Hello?- You heard Yoongi’s voice.

Hi Yoongi. Did I wake you up?- You asked concerned.

No no you didn’t.- He answered.

Oh okay. i just wanted to ask if we can meet today and work on our project?- You informed.

Yeah of course we can. I’ll be at your place in 15 minutes, if it’s cool with you?- Yoongi stated.

Ok no problem. See you- You informed and hung up.

You were surprised. Yoongi never wakes up tihs early and he’s never so eager to work on school stuff. You smiled to yourself thinking how hard he’s working on this. Just like he said he was at your place after 15 minutes.

Hi.- Yoongi said when he came inside.

Hi. Do you want someting to drink or eat?- You asked right after he sat down on the sofa.

You know I actually didn’t eat breakfast yet and I’m kinda hungry.- He started.

Okay what do you want to eat? Sandwich or eggs or maybe something else. I actually didn’t eat too so I’m starving.- You said after asking him.

You know maybe we can go out and eat something and then come back and work on the project. It will take less time and you won’t have to prepar anything. Of course only if you want to.- He suggested.

That sounds perfect. Let me just go get change and we can go.- You said smiling while going to your room.

After 5 minutes you were ready and you and Yoongi could go out to eat. After next 15 minutex of driving Yoongi stopped in front of small coffe shop that you used to go to when you were dating. This place was perfect. It’s located away from all the noise and cars and it has really good coffe and amzing breakfasts. When you sat down Yoongi went to order for both of you. He came back with black coffe for him and with Cappuchino for you.

I ordered French Toasts with cinnamon and apples for you and grilled sandwich with chesse and ham for me.- He informed you with slight smile.

Thanks.- You returned the smile and took a sip from your coffe.

You still remember?- You laughed slightly.

Huh?- He asked.

Cappuchino and French Toasts.- He said.

Ohhh this. Of course I do. You always orderd the same thing everytime we came here. And I mean excatly the same thing. French Toasts with cinnamon and apples and Cappuchino.- He laughed.

Hey and you? You ordered the same thing too. Each time we were here.- You both started laughing..

After you both finished eating Yoongi paid even thoug you told him you can split and you will pay your half. As soon as you came home you started working on the project. Yoongi was working really hard. He was looking for all the information that you guys needed and when he founf them he gave them to you so you can put it all togethet for your presentation. You guys spent like all day working on the project and also just laughing and talking.

Ughhh I’m so tired. - Yoongi said as he stretched.

Uhhh me too. We spent all day working on this project and I’m really tired and my butt hurts from sitting for so long.- You laughed.

At least we are done with our project.- You added.

Yeah, I think we did a really good job.Okay it’s alredy 6 pm. time really went by fast- He said.

Yeah it did.- You agreed with him and you heared your phine ringing.

Sorry I will just answer.- You said and went to another room.

After 5 minutes you came backe to the living room.

Sorry it was my mom. She just called to…- You didn’t finish because you saw that Yoong felli asleep on the sofa.

You went to get a blanket and a pillow. You covered Yoongi and put his head on the pillow.

You look cute when you’re sleeping. You look so peaceful.- you said to yourself as you werew stroking his black hair gently.

You gave him soft kiss on the forehead and stood up but you felt his hand on you arm. He was holding it and didn’t wanted to let go. You decided to stay little longer but ended up fall asleep on the floor with your head on the sofa and your hand holding Yoongi’s.

When you woke up you saw Yoongi staring at you. You quickly stood up and relised that you were in your bed. You were wondering how you got there because it wasn’t the position you fell asleep.

I woke up in the middle of the night and saw you sleeping on the floor so I decided to just lay you down in your bed. And then I went back to sleep. - Yoongi explained.

Oh thank you.- You said.

What time is it?- You asked.

It’s 10 am- Yoongi answered.

I’ll get going. See you tomorrow- Min said as he went out of your room.

Bye.- You said as you went downstairs after him.

You spent the rest of the day looking for a dress for the prom. As you were in one of the shops you noticed Namjoon and Jungkook. You figured that they were looking for a suit. You heared them talking.

Don’t you think it’s great that Yoongi and Jimin finlally made up hyung?- Jungkook asked.

Yeah it’s great. Now it finally feels like before.- Namjoon smiled and they went out.

It was little surprising to you when you heard that. Neither Jimin or Yoongi told you about this. You wanted to call Jimin and ask him about it but you just decided to wait till tomorrow.

Next day when you met Jimin in school you asked him right away.

Why didn’t you tell me huh?- You were acting like you’re mad.

Didn’t tell you what?- Jimin asked.

That you and Yoongi made up.- You answered him.

Ohhh this. I don’t know I just didn’t know it’s that important.- He laughed.

Whatever. So did you find you mask for prom?- You asked him changing the subject.

No and how about you? Did you find you dress and mask?- He asked you the same question.

Nope still looking.- You answered sadly.

No worries I’m sure you’ll find it soon.- Jimin smiled as you two went inside the classroom.

It’s been almost two weeks and you still didn’t find the dress or the mask. But it wasn’t important right now. It was Thursday and it was the day of the presentation. You were nervous and so was Yoongi but he told you not to worry and that everything will be okay. You watched how other groups were talking and presenting their projects. It was time for you and Yoongi. You went to the center of the classroom and looked at Yoongi.

It’s gonna be fine.- He said and smiled at you.

Told you we’re gonna do great.- After you two finished Yoongi looked at you and whispered.

After couple of minutes Ms. Kim told us the results. 

There was one group that did amzing job, and their presentation was really good. And this group is Yoongi and Y/N. You guys did really good and both of you are getting A+.- Ma. Kim inforemd.

After the class was finished you went to  Yoongi and hugged him tightly.

Hey see I was right.- He hugghed you back.

Yeah yeah you were.- You laughed and looked at him.

Thank you Y/N.- Yoongi looked into your eyes.

For what?- You asked.

Just… Thank you.- He said and went to the door.

Hey Yoongi… Thank you too.- You said and looked at him.

He smiled and went out. It was happening agian. To you heart. Whebn you saw him smile and when he hugged you. There was this feeling in your heart, this warmth you feel when he’s around. You smiled to yourself and went out. 

You decided to go shopping after school. You wanted to fing the dress and the mask for prom. After 3 hours of looking you finally found the perfect dress and perfect mask. 

You bought black heels and you had everything you needed for your prom night. You were excited for the prom night. It was less than two weeks away. Yo and your classmates were already rehearsing the half-time dance. Your partner was Jimin. So far it was going all good. There was still 8 more rehearsals to do. And only 2 weeks left. 

1 week until prom night. each day you were getting more excited. Prom is the best thing and it willbe your last one because you are graduating. Everyone was super happy about prom especially girls but so was Yoongi.

Hyung, come on we need to talk.- Jimin took Yoongi at the rooftop.

Okay Yoongi do you remember the plan?- Jimin aksed.

Yeah I do.- Yoongi answered.

Good. I called guys so that we will tell them about our plan.- Park informed.

Okay.- Yoongi said.

After 5 minutes they were all there.

Okay guyts listen, me and Yoongi hyung have a plan how to get hyun and Y/n back together. It’s all gonna happen at prom night of course.- Jimin started.

So wht’s the plan?- Hoseok asked curiously.

It will all start at the half-time dance. Me and Yoongi will have same masks on and when it’s time for the dance we’ll switch partners and so Yoongi hyung will be dancing with Y/N and not me. And then you Jungkook will go in amd dance with my partner. So that Y/N won’t suspect anything weird. The dance is easy after going back to your original partner we are doing normal ballroom dance with our partners and then Y/N is dancing with hyung and you Jungkook will change places with me agian so I’m gonna be dancing. As the dancing goes on hyung will be charminjust do what he will need to do, what his heart will tell him to. And then when it’s time to take off our mask Y/N’s find out that she’s dancing with Yoongi. Easy isn’t it?- Jimin finished explaning their plan to the guys.

But don’t you think that Y/N noona will think she’s dancing with Jimin and she will think that you are trying to hit on her?- Jungkook asked confused.

No.- Jimin answered confidently.

How do you know that?- Jungkook kep on asking.

I just do. Trust me- Jimin asured him.

Okay.- They all said.

After they all knew the plan they decided to go to Yoongi’s place and just drink and play games. 

By the way how aare you so sure Y/N’ not going to mistake Yoongi as you?- Taehyung asked Jimin on their way to Yoongi’s place

Come on Tae, she loves him. And she knows him, he can wear any mask he wants and Y/N will still recogise him. By his lips, by his moves, by his touch, and by his eyes.- Jimin explained.

Hah you’re right. Sometimes you’re a genius Jimin.- They both laughed.

Of course I am.- Jimin added.

Oh but does hyung know?- Tae asked.

Nope and it will stay this way. Now let’s go have fun with guys.- Jimin grabbed Taehyung and went inside.

They spent all night playing games and drinking. And also talking about the plan, they were talking about every detail. Prom was only 3 days away. 

BTS as coffee

Tae: machiatto with cream and chocolate syrup in a tall plastic cup with a swirly straw, with extra sugar and a spair package on the side
Suga: regular coffee without sugar
Jin: double expresso with foam, natural calory-free sweetener instead of sugar, with cinnamon
Rap Mon: strong coffee to go, no foam
J-Hope: iced coffee, vanilla flavoured with rainbow colored sprinkles
Jungkook: caramel flavoured cappuchino with cream
Jimin: no coffee. chocolate milk.

Prince: black coffee made from fresh coffee beans
Ban Ryu: short expresso you drink in one sip and leaves a bitter taste in your mouth
Soo Ho: bianca, no caffeine
Dog-Bird: regular lukewarm coffee
A-Ro: her fucking brother’s coffee

Otra más...

Han pasado ya unos años…y te vi nuevamente. Te encontrabas con otra gente, con otra ropa, más maduro,  menos niño, más vivido o a lo mejor más muerto. Al verte me di cuenta que ni el tiempo, ni la ropa, ni el peinado, ni siquiera la vida misma tuvo la capacidad de cambiar tu mirada.

Te invite a salir y no dudaste en aceptar,  fue como antes pero diferente, es decir que fue igual aunque no fue lo mismo. Fuimos a aquel cafe que tanto nos gustaba a los dos. Yo como siempre pedi un chocolate amargo y tu un cappuchino con crema irlandesa.

Estuvimos conversando un par de horas, en esos momentos no pude sentirme mas viva. Bien dicen no? Uno siempre vuelve a los lugares donde sintio la vida. Te acercaste a mi y tus labios me reclamaban ser basados, me  besaste y sentí como una corriente eléctrica recorría todo mi cuerpo, tus labios eran dulces, pero sabían totalmente exitante. Acaricie tu mejilla y enrede mis manos sobre tu cabello jalandote más hacia mi, no podia parar  mi cuerpo te deseaba.

Salimos del café y nos fuimos a un lugar mas privado, cerraste la puerta y me jalaste de la cintura empujandome sobre ella y comenzaste a besarme, dejamos de hacerlo hasta que nos faltaba el aire, te quite la playera de una manera hábil, me desabrochaste el vestido y comenzaste a acariciar mi espalda. No lo pude aguantar bese tu cuello, acaricie tu espalda y trataba de pegarte más a mi. Nos dirigimos al sofá, desabroche tu pantalón y seguimos besándonos hasta quedar totalmente desnudos. Fueron caricias tras caricias, besos tras besos. Vi tus ojos llenos de ternura y la risas que se incluyeron en tan hermoso momento. Después de unas horas, paramos y decidimos dormir. Cuando desperté la cama estaba vacía, evidentemente ya no estabas.

El amor que creía que me habias hecho por la noche, parecía que también lo habias vaciado en las sábanas blancas, pues después de quedar exhaustos, tu pronta indiferencia denotaba que sólo me habías cogido, y para que me Cojan, baahh… sobra quien; basta con abrir las piernas y cerrar el corazón, así como lo habías hecho tu…

Y aun que lo niegue quiero decirte que no hay lugar en el cual yo prefiera estar más que en tus brazos. Quiero ser tu salvación, quiero ser tu veneno, no para matarte si no para que te hagas adicto a mi de la misma manera en que me has hecho adicta a ti, a tu olor, a tus labios; a tus abrazos,  a tus miedos e ilusiones, a tu risa y a tu mal genio.

Y entonces desperté.

Todo había sido un sueño, creo que esto se está volviendo costumbre… no lo sé. Mas sin embargo no se de que manera tomarlo, mis sueños comienzan a tornarse  cada vez más reales porque si los comparo con la realidad ya no estas conmigo, estuviste conmigo en el sueño pero te marchaste y al despertar nuevamente estaba sola.



El mejor café

He huido mil veces de la ciudad buscando algo que sólo tuve una vez y no entiendo qué es. Me he mezclado con un par de nubes pasajeras y destinos que no me pertenecen, pero los elijo; sin embargo, esa tarde nublada caminé hasta donde mis pies podían, pase por una cafetería de nombre “Nebula South”, de ahí descendía un olor puro a café, ese olor me hizo frenar de golpe, un recuerdo me puso el pie para tropezar y aunque con suerte lo esquivé, fue inevitable no pensar en ello. Fue ese momento en que el tiempo se detuvo, pasaron por mi mente sabores y olores distintos de café: expresso, descafeinado, americano, cappuchino, latte, moka, caramel, amaretto, brule, ruso, azteca, blanco y negro y uno especial, uno que sólo he bebido una vez, 90% sus labios y 10% café, no existe ni existirá mejor mezcla que esa, miré a la gente que estaba dentro, me pregunté si alguna de ellas buscaban el sabor de alguien o se refugiaban en el humo que desprendía de su taza sólo para recordarle. no lo supe nunca. Desde esa tarde cuando al sol le quedaban pocos minutos busco ese sabor en cada cafetería, en cada brisa, en cada recuerdo y nada me da la pista, quizás esté en el viento rozando mi piel, quizás ese sabor ya no habite la tierra, tal vez se quede para siempre como la perfección escondida en una galaxia de otro espacio, y aunque jamás lo encuentre, no dejará de ser el mejor sabor a café que fue del universo, pero que sólo yo obtuve.

-Edna Gómez