but not by taking baths every day

Purifying Bath

Every now and again it is very important to take a moment and cleanse your body of all that negative energy that follows you around in your day to day life. Here is my go-to recipe for the best Cleansing Ritual Bath.

  • 2 cups of Epsom Salt
  • 2 cups of Sea Salt
  • 1 cup of Baking Sada
  • ½ cup of Murray and Lanman’s Florida Water cologne 
  • A Generous pinch of Selenite Dust (My Secret Ingredient)

The Selenite is what really makes this bath mix amazing. As I have said before Selenite is truly an amazing crystal, Not only does it dissolve in water but It’s sole purpose is to cleanse, and charge the aura of everything it surrounds.

Mix all of your ingredients together, And add it to your bath, It’s that simple. Allow all the ingredients to do what they do best, All you have to do is relax.

P.S. If you don’t have a bath tub in your home you can still use this blend! Mix it up and add it to your favorite body wash and use it as a Purifying sugar scrub.

haven’t taken a shower since saturday night (water conservation, better for you) and my hair isn’t greasy and i smell nice! 

Lazy Sunday=Success
  • I woke up and had breakfast&coffee with my family
  • Read The Economist in bed
  • Did Kathryn Budig’s ‘Better Than Green Tea’ yoga practice and loved every second! 
  • Did 3 rounds of HIIT jump rope training in the sunshine and was a sweaty mess afterwards (in the best way possible) 
  • I’m about to take a bubble bath, give myself a honey facial and paint my nails classic red
  • English boy is coming over tonight and we’re going to make dinner and then drive to the national forest behind my house and stargaze–sounds romantic and corny but really the stars are just SO beautiful from out there

That is that. Hope you all had a good day x

Spend money. Change your hairstyle. Sell your old clothes and pursue your new style with the money you get from it. Be strong. Be patient. Get drunk if you want to, but not every weekend. Buy a chocolate bar every week when your favorite tv show is on. Take hot baths. Wake up early. Start jogging. Write. Find a friend who will listen to you and don’t stop until you find it. Study. Read. Make your Instagram cool. Write some more. Get that damn piercing. Buy bath bubbles and bath more. Adore your body. Shave, for yourself. Book flights for next spring. Write this day down, write it all down. Cry. Finally feel some homesickness. Learn to be in silence. Learn to stand being alone. Drink lots of coffee. Get ready for christmas. Feel smart at school. Spend a weekend alone. Take lots of selfies. Eat chocolate while watching reality tv-shows. Meditate. Stretch. Learn ballet. Buy overprized coffee. Learn to be with yourself.‘— How I Got Better

Scent Marking ft Fave Bot

Bots being obsessed with scent marking. Like their human has a day off from school or work and its a slow lazy kinda day so they’re just lazing around. Human is taking full advantage of it and they have a nice long bath and spritz on a body spritzer and they get into their favorite pajams cuz its raining and its a pajams and read day.

Or they’re hanging out with everyone like theyre takin rides and getting booped and patted and carried and picked up by every bot around so they smell more like them than themselves or their bot.

So their bot comes back from patrol or work or scout missions and they just look at their human and narrow their optics because what the hell you smell like everyone?? So they just pick their human up and put them on the berth and just start stippin them down. Human is flustered because what are we gonna do NOW how are you gonna have me screamin NOW?? But bot just removes their shirt and starts nuzzling them and rubbing theer midcables over them gently, human sees this slick substance thats like cocoa butter but thinner, and it smells very spicy.
Human being cuddled straight to sleep by their bot, waking up smelling like sweet musk, hair lightly mussed, eyes half lidded and seductive, they look so ethereal. Turns out the musk is also an aphrodisiac and its got them in its clutches. Cue human being in an almost heat-like state and just being all over their bot. Bot just rubbing them with their servo absentmindely until human starts kissing and licking their hand.

Bot cuddling their human and sharing mindblowing kisses, gentle fragging. Bot just loving the way they moan and the way they roll their hips, their eyes, their body. They hold their human and just love them, spark swelling more and more the whole time.
Bot has been called away and they have to tuck their human in and promise to see them in just a little bit, kissing them and barely wanting to leave them. Bot gets around other bots and some chuckle. Bot askin their closest bud just what they’re laughing about and being shocked to hear that…

They smell like their human~

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okay but minako trying to be butch for a day, even going as far as to use the crescent compact to shorten her hair.

“PLEASE Haruka, if you do it it’s got to be easy.”

Minako styling her hair in a pompadour circa Grease and wearing nothing but leather jackets and white t shirts.

Minako overtly hitting on everything with two legs (ok so not much change here)

Minako putting an honest 3 seconds worth effort into doing handyman work before she gives up and goes to trick Haruka into doing it


“Ah, this is the life.”

Every day I wake up and I pray to the universe that I’m thankful for my sobriety and I’m also that thankful for the iron but while you’re busy trying to eat right and taking fish oil pills in your hot baths and stretching and mobilizing trying to sleep the iron just fucking sits there and waits for you, taunting you waiting for you to pick it up to try and push against it. It doesn’t need any of the shit you need to thrive, but you need it.
In this world you need something to push against something to try and hold you down so that when you push it off of your back, you push it off of your chest, when you stand up with it the whole rest of the world and all the weight of those problems, by comparison, feel like a fucking blowjob on a pillow top mattress, sink in and feel good.

If the child doesn’t really wanna sit around and do nothing, it’s best to spend time with them. most of the time when a kid is sick, they feel vulnerable and weak, and they can’t protect themselves. some might be more afraid of imaginary monsters and the like during sickness, so it’s best to be close and supportive, keep close to them, always listen if they need you. and take a nice hot bath every night. the water will help relax them, and the steam will help clear their airways for bed. not to mention it helps to sanitize when they’ve spent all day wiping snot all over their arms and such.

good morning🌼 you’re halfway through the week and I know some of us myself included aren’t really having the best week of their lives but that’s okay. bad weeks will pass and new weeks and better days will present themselves. stay strong and push through this week. we can do it together! here’s a little reminder for you guys today. take care of yourselves and bathe yourself in love. realizing how amazing you are and recognize every beautiful inch of your body and soul. be kind to yourself. allow yourself to live and be loved and love. allow yourself to be happy. allow yourself to take pride in your accomplishments. allow yourself to make mistakes. allow yourself to be a human being. you deserve happiness and I swear to you you will be. live and enjoy life. look after yourself. I love you. have a great day💛☺️🌼⛅️

V Proud of Me

- Survived work (it was looking bleak)
- Didn’t take a nap!!!
- Cleaned out all the expired stuff and re-organized the kitchen cabinets
- Took out the trash
- Did the dishes
- Took an Epsom salt bath for my achy muscles
- Continued the laundry
- Made dinner at a normal dinner time
- Went for a cute lil walk with Jesse
- Haven’t had alcohol all week and tbh I feel really good about it
- I’ve also been practicing really good self care this week (I’ve showered every day!! And washed my face!)
- Gonna go to bed soon to get as much sleep as possible
- I just feel very posi today despite how crappy work was!!

Guys i’m finally back home!!!! I’ll reply to every message in a while but lemme take a bath first bc 4 days without a bath gets you cranky

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Spoby for that ship thing?

  • Finds ideas for Halloween costumes definitely Spencer! She’s such a nerd when it comes to Halloween and Toby loves watching her manically brainstorming ideas for the two of them
  • Proposes to take a relaxing bath together Toby does whenever he feels like Spencer needs to relax…so like every day? It’s the perfect way for them to spend some quality time together, and while relaxing Spencer, it also never fails to put her in a certain mood ;)
  • Spoils the kids a little bit too much oh definitely Toby. He spoils them way too much with new toys and books and spontaneous trips to the movies, basically anything you can think of. Spencer tries to be mad (she really doesn’t want their kids to grow up spoiled) but who could say no to that goofy grin on that perfectly handsome face?
  • Wakes his/her other half on the week-end for some grown-ups quality time this is one of Toby’s favourite ways to wake his wife up and really indulge her in hours of pleasure…always before the kids wake up though!
  • Likes watching outside when there is a storm they both really like watching a storm actually, as long as they’re snuggled together by the fire inside of course
  • Is the most addicted to coffee Spencer…not even a question
  • Has a lot of family photos in her/his phone they both do but Toby probably has a few more. He has a gift of quiet observation and has a lot of beautiful candid shots, especially of his wife and his kids. After all, they are the most precious people in his life.
  • Eats the last part of pie/cake they both share it :)
  • Checks on the kids before going to bed always Spencer. She worries so much about them…whether they’re getting enough sleep, how they’re doing in school, whether or not she’s spending enough time with each of them…Toby always finds her though and brings her back to bed
  • Comes to the other after a fight to reconcile they both tend to come back fairly quickly. They can never stay away from each other for too long.

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you who…

I’m not sure if #noshameday is geared towards physical or mental illness and disability, or both, but I just wanna speak on my mental illness for a sec. I have major depressive disorder, binge eating disorder, borderline personality disorder and deal with a great amount of anxiety. I have self harmed. I cut and burned myself pretty badly every day for 7 years. I have addiction problems. I have extremely disordered eating. It’s impossibly hard for me to get out of bed every day, honestly. I struggle with taking care of myself, bathing, doing laundry, putting on clean clothes, feeding myself. I constantly engage in self destructive behavior in one way or another. It’s hard, and embarrassing and for all of my life I have kept it mostly private. Most people would be surprised to hear how hard it is for me every day. But lately I have felt the need to speak up about it and be honest and upfront, even though people can be so judgmental and harsh. I just want others like me to know that you are not alone in your problems, you aren’t the only one who feels this way and it’s not just all made up in your head!

My fantasy of the day

I come out of a long warm bath and dry up. Lotion every inch of myself and walk out and into the room. I’m supposed to be alone so I’m naked as a jay bird lol. Music is blaring and I’m dancing around silly as can be. I walk around picking out panties and pjs when suddenly Daddy is right behind me and makes me yell in surprise and I start giggling. He walks closer to me and my giggling slowly stops as I take a step back with every step he takes towards me. Suddenly I’m at the end of the bed. “Lay down and spread those legs wide open for Daddy princess” he commands. I lay down and obey without hesitation, slowly spreading my legs open. He holds my legs open and lowers his head between my legs. Slowly licking and sucking on my clit then running his tongue inside me. I moan louder and start grabbing on to anything I can. He’s meticulous and knows exactly what I need and soon he has me asking for permission to cum. He denies me again and again keeping me on the edge. Drives me crazy!! I make a loud sigh of discontent and he smacks me hard on my leg, leaving a sting…. Oh god yes!!! I beg “please daddy please let me cum I need it daddy please!!!!” He smirks and says “cum for Daddy princess”. I cum and he doesn’t stop causing multiple orgasms. He holds my legs wide open forcefully. I try to move away and he smacks my legs again and again and he licks me harder!!!! My back arches and my eyes roll and with a quick move he’s sliding in me. He’s not gentle and I beg him not to be. He trusts into me harder and harder and grabs a handful of my hair pulling hard!!! “Daddy I’m gonna cum! Please Daddy!” I yell. “Who’s my little slutty little princess?” He asks. “I am Daddy!!!! I’m ur slutty princess!”. “Are you my whore?”. “Yes Daddy I’m ur whore!” I yell again. “U can cum but u need to say ur my whore over and over, do u understand princess?” He asks. “Yes Daddy!”…….then I start to cum “I’m ur whore Daddy I’m ur whore I’m ur whore!!! Ohhh God I’m ur whore Daddy!!!!” I cum again and again as he pounds me with no mercy. He grabs my tit and squeezes hard as he builds with every thrust. His hand moves to my throat and he tightens his grip. “I want u dripping with my cum princess” he demands. He cums forcefully and deep in me making me cum again and grab on tight to him. He lays on me and in me for a long while kissing me and calling me his slutty princess. He rolls over and pulls me on top of him he rubs my ass and spanks me hard five times on each cheek. He holds me tight and fills me with love.

all i want in life is a spacious jacuzzi tub that has built in ledges so i can rest my wine somewhere safely i’m honestly changing every day & i hate it a couple of months ago i hated baths now i want to take one daily (provided i have a bath bomb/bubble bar)

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do something nice for yourself all day every day

very good idea for everyone. i think that you should not do it all day though. unfortunately we have to go to school or sell our labor in this world. but don’t be afraid to just take a bath or have a nice snack 

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Do the ship thing for Spannarily please.

  • Finds ideas for Halloween costumes this is a holiday they all really enjoy, but Hanna and Spencer seem to take it to the extreme. Aria and Emily love it too, just…not so intensely. Some years they decide to surprise each other with their costumes, and some years they decide months in advance what they’ll be wearing collectively as a group, though a difference in opinions often makes the process a lot harder than it should (Spencer just wasn’t sold on the idea of going as the four powerpuff girls???).
  • Proposes to take a relaxing bath together usually Hanna or Aria, in fact these two often take a bath together almost every single day, but it’s not quite the same as when they’re all in together so they work hard at persuading Emily and Spencer…which really isn’t hard at all ;)
  • Spoils the kids a little bit too much Aria’s usually the one who spoils them with cuddles and kisses and just a whole heap of love and affection, while Hanna spoils their kids a ridiculous amount with things like extravagant birthday parties and shopping sprees (yes apparently even babies need to experience a full day shopping spree). The other two obviously love their kids tremendously but aren’t inclined to spoil them, at least not like Hanna and Aria.
  • Wakes his/her other half on the weekend for some grown-ups quality time Emily and Spencer have this weird unannounced competitive thing going on where they try to be the first one to wake up on a Saturday morning and…get things going? It’s weird but Hanna and Aria certainly aren’t opposed, despite how tired they are from the night before ;)
  • Likes watching outside when there is a storm Spencer’s probably the only one who really enjoys storms…the other three prefer to snuggle together in bed while watching a movie and pretending the world isn’t ending outside
  • Is the most addicted to coffee Spencer of course :)
  • Has a lot of family photos in her/his phone Emily or Aria…family is definitely the most important thing to both of them
  • Eats the last part of pie/cake Aria and Hanna usually have to fight over it
  • Checks on the kids before going to bed Spencer…she always worries too much
  • Comes to the other after a fight to reconcile they’re all pretty good at doing this…though Hanna and Aria are a little more stubborn so it can take them a bit longer to come back after a fight

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you who…