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My first achievement in Dream Daddy was Bad Daddy :| Was going to continue with Robert cause he was one of my top to start with but the second “date” didn’t go well cause I appreciate undisturbed sleep so ended up with Craig instead ^^ What a cutie!!

Robert next >:D

Does this even count as Man Smut Monday…? I always go for smut and end up with cute fluff and dogs and babies instead…

Guess a man who can take care of a being is sexy to me cause I require a lot of upkeep and snacks

JoJo live action movie spoilers

So I had the opportunity to watch a very illegal recording of the JoJo live action movie and figured I’d let you know some facts about the movie to help you decide whether you want to watch it or not, as well as to dispel a very particular rumour that’s been going around. So spoilers under the cut.

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lakritzwolf  asked:

A bad accident involving a bus full of kids (6 years) happens in a large city. I guess ER turns into a madhouse when suddenly ca 40 kids come in, a lot of them severely injured. 3 adults were on the bus, two severely injured, one DOA. How are procedures for identifying kids and getting them reunited with their families when the waiting area fills with panicked parents? Some of the kids are unconscious/not able to tell staff their name. MC is the dad of one kid, how might things happen for him?

Hey there! Welcome back. 

You’re making some assumptions about the way kids are distributed after a crash like this which aren’t exactly true. Let’s walk this back to the scene and talk about triage

First, the kids who are DOA don’t go to a hospital. If the crash is this bad, and some kids aren’t breathing, EMS will try to position their head. If they don’t start breathing, they’ll give them a few quick breaths with a bag-valve-mask (BVM). If they still don’t start breathing, that child is “black tagged” and EMS moves on to people they can save. They simply won’t have the resources to invest in unsalveageable children when there are others – the severely-injured-but-still-living – who can  be helped. 

Covering the bodies with a sheet is polite, here, but are often hard to come by. These kids may simply be laid out and exposed. 

Next are the “red tag” children. These are kids who can’t follow commands or who have severe blood loss, as demonstrated by their vital signs, or have some severe life-threatening injury (e.g. evisceration). These kids will be airlifted or driven to the closest pediatric trauma center. 

All of this depends on exactly where this happens. In or near a big city, these kids will go to a pediatric trauma center, where specialists can care for them. If there are two around, no one center will get overwhelmed. 

All infants go to trauma centers, injured or no, full stop. 

Next are the “yellow tag” kids. These are ones who are hurt and cannot walk, but are not life-threateningly injured. These will be distributed around to other receiving hospitals. This is the first group of kids who aren’t in immediate, life-threatening danger, so they’re more stable, and will go further to keep the pressure off of the trauma centers. 

Finally are the “green tag” kids, those who either are uninjured or have only minor injuries. These kids can, and absolutely will, wait. They can be packed off to the hospital multiples at a time – you can fit up to 4 in an ambulance – but only after everyone else (save the dead) are evacuated first. 

What this means is that hospitals will get steadier streams of kids. First the red tags, then the yellows, and finally the greens. The reds need immediate attention and surgery, the yellows need beds, the greens can sit and wait in the waiting room with staff to keep an eye on them. 

This same procedure, by the way, goes for any mass casualty incident, whether that’s an active shooter event, a landslide, or a bus crash: the dead stay still, the nearly-dead get balls-to-the-walls care, and everyone else can wait at least a little. 

However, you ask, what does this mean for my dad character? 

Dad’s gonna have a hard time with this. 

Kids will be asked by responders on scene who they are, and the unconscious or unable to speak will be identified by peers or adults; EMS will track the names and units and destinations and relay.

Incident command will be established at the scene of the accident, but no system is perfect, and which kid goes to which hospital with which crew can be hard to track, especially with the critically ill – you don’t always know their names. Typically, the bus company will coordinate with the incident commander and the hospitals to find out what kid went where, and someone – the school, the responding agency (police or fire, whoever has command in this region), or the bus company will have a hotline for parents to call. That doesn’t mean anyone actually knows anything. These incidents are chaotic, misinformation always spreads faster than the truth, etc. 

So your dad’s kid might have been airlifted a hundred miles away and no one knows that in particular. They might know a kid was airlifted but not whose

At the hospital itself, they’ll make every effort to identify the kid, from EMS, from the kid, etc. Backpacks, if they came, can also be used for ID; the name on a notebook might be all they have at first. (What if the notebook is borrowed? Interesting question. Misidentified kid.) 

Hopefully, by the time the kid’s dad shows up at the ER, the ER will have an idea of who’s who and what’s what; kids might have phones and “Mom” might be called (almost always “mom,” because reasons that are too much to go into right now on this already hella long post.) Dad will be asked who his kid is, and that name will be compared to a list; docs might ask him for a description if they have an unidentified, or some identifying feature (clothing, hair, eye color, etc. all matter). 

Worse comes to worst, Dad might have to travel to different hospitals. Hospitals get very tight-lipped over the phone after major incidents because of privacy concerns and the sneaky, bastardly ways media tries to get information. 

So the general procedure will be: 1) Call the hotline, 2) Call the hospital, 3) Go to the hospital, 4) Provide info and description of kid, 5) Find kid OR go back to Step 1 and start over. 

Hope this helped!! 

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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Random scene came into my head:

Just imagine, it’s late at night and Damien thought Lucien was asleep. So he kept the bathroom door open to let out steam after a shower and was sitting on a closed toilet in a towel, prepping for his first T shot. He had yet to find a proper way to explain his new script to his young child. Cue lil’ Lucien, clad in his bat pjs, gasping as he stopped mid stride on his way to get water or something before running over with tears in his little eyes going “DADDY, NO! DRUGS ARE BAD.” Despite being startled, Damien couldn’t help but break out in a laughing fit.

you know when mario gets the star? mario fuckin’ CHEATED to get that star

dirk does not own any video game consoles of his own but he has been roped into several sessions of gaming with roxy, who owns literally all the consoles. even the ones that aren’t out yet for us. that’s right. she absolutely has a ps5. anyway roxy is a nintendo gal at heart and one day she lends dirk and jake her gamecube for some fun and gives them a few games. they make their way through a few rounds of super smash (literally the game they were playing in my most recent fic chapter, obviously) and a couple bouts of mario kart. they poke through some of the other games she handed over, but most of them appear to be single player ones they’d have to take turns at.

“oh, here we go,” jake says, and hands one over.

it’s fuckin mario party. 

dirk loses. dirk loses every round. it should not be humanly possible to be this bad at minigames. jake keeps getting items that let him steal dirk’s stuff. dirk keeps landing on spaces that make him lose coins. dirk lands on a star and doesn’t have enough coins to buy it thanks to a bad landing last round. meanwhile, jake is swimming in coins. the star moves and through happenstance jake ends up catapulted to the other side of the board and lands on the star 2 turns later. jake wins every bonus condition star. once, the game gives dirk exactly one pity star for having the fewest stars. 

jake is delighted. he’s not BAD at video games, but this is the first one he’s been genuinely good at! every time dirk grouses and suggests they play something else jake begs off one more round. he starts making bets with dirk to keep him engaged. “all right strider, if you win this one then I’ll do all the dishes for a week!” “ok dirk this time what’s on the line is trash duty. are you going to be able to bring it for real?” dirk cannot back down from a dare. unfortunately for him, his luck never improves. he has a week’s worth of chores on his shoulders and the only reason he doesn’t make jake sleep on the couch is because jake is very persuasive when he tries to be. (there may also have been a bet involved with that too. dirk isn’t telling)

In your shoes.

This was requested a long time ago by @australiasami​ and initially I had some qualms about writing it because I didn’t know much, or any, at all but then, a sweet darling @balletbunsandsugarplums​ gave me a few advice and I am forever thankful to have you help me.

I am still worried about how this turned out so I hope it was alright and hope everyone can enjoy this! I have less than 28 requests now so I will work on them and hopefully by the end of July, I can open the requests again. Anyways, enjoy!

Being back at home is such a stress-reliever for you but too bad, the same cannot be said for your entire family, with the exception of Alfred, of course. You have half the mind to ask Alfred if he had been to Texas before but decided against asking him because Alfred might not even give you a straight answer. But you are back in Texas and you are happy to be back – it feels like you haven’t been home for the longest time.

“Y/N, we are not getting in that truck you have rented.” Bruce frowns, looking at the truck. “It does not feel safe.” You roll your eyes at your husband’s answer.

“Bruce, I love you very much, I really do but every single night you go out to fight crimes,” You whisper this part quietly, “You will be perfectly alright with getting on this truck.” You tell him, putting a hand on your hip, looking at him with one of your eyebrows raised, as if challenging him to answer back.

But before Bruce could even reply, Damian cuts in and slides in between the two of you, keeping his back to Bruce. “Mother, I have never driven a truck before – can I drive?”

Bruce and you look at your youngest son before answering, “No.”

Damian frowns. “Tt.” He crosses his road and moves to stand beside Alfred.

“Fine but I want to drive the truck.” Bruce finally relents and you smile at him before pressing your lips on his cheeks. He makes to move towards the truck and you turn to face the rest of your boys.

“Okay, Dick, you and Jason have got that truck and I trust Tim, Damian and Alfred will be alright with the last truck?” You ask and Alfred gives you a small smile, nodding his head. Damian looks at you.

“Are you sure I cannot drive, mother?”

You laugh, shaking your head. “No, Damian. Alfred’s driving.”

Jason picks up all of the luggage and gently throws it at the back of the truck. “Come on – the heat is crazy and I want to take a shower before we do anything later.” He calls out before getting in the truck he had been assigned to with Dick.

“We’ll see you at Grandpa’s house, Ma.” Dick exclaims before making his way to the truck. You wait until all of your kids as well as Alfred get in to their own respective trucks before heading to the truck where Bruce is currently waiting for you.

Bruce starts the engine as soon as you are seated, he glances at you and lets out a sigh before putting your seatbelts on for you. “Safety first.” He reminds you causing you to laugh before pushing him back to his chair.

“Come on – let’s go home!”

After eating the lunch your parents have prepared, you decided to bring your boys along to the local livestock show that happens to

After eating lunch that had been prepared for your entire family by your parents, you decided to bring your boys along to the local Rodeo. It took a little convincing mostly because Bruce had been skeptical but after reassuring him that no one would make fun of the Bruce Wayne, he had relented like he initially did with the trip and you beam. Damian had been as excited as he can get – though honestly, you think he was probably looking forward to the events where he can participate – Tim on the other hand is documenting every single moment, making what you assume is a Vlog. Dick and Jason are chatting with each other about how they could probably win the mounted shooting – your parents had been more than helpful with giving the boys details pertaining to events happening at the rodeo.

“Do you think if I ask mother enough, will she eventually let me drive the truck?” Damian asks once all of you arrive at the stadium. “Or perhaps, she will allow me to do some of these events?” He asks no one in particular.

“Maybe if you sneak away and do it, she probably would not realize.” Tim snickers, filming Damian up close. Damian rolls his eyes before pushing the camera away from his face. He has a few things he wants to see and if possible, register too.

“If any of you are betting, just don’t blow too much money.” You tell your boys before hooking your arm with Bruce’s. Alfred had decided to stay back at your parents’ house to help prepare food for dinner because all of your siblings and cousins are going to come down tonight and it’s really going to be really fun to see all of them again.

“This is surprisingly not as bad as I expected it to be.” Bruce presses his lips on your temple causing you to giggle, snuggling against his side as the two of you walk around the arena. You used to go to these things all the time with your grandpa while growing up and being here reminds you of the fun times you had with him. “What’s in that mind of yours?”

“I used to go to all of these things with my late grandpa – Rodeo was a huge deal to him and since I was the first born grandchild, he shared that love with me.” You smile at Bruce who nods his head. “Which is why I wanted to share that love with everyone too.”

Bruce feels a little bit guilty for his earlier reservations. He doesn’t even know why he had been so reluctant to come to Texas with you – perhaps, it’s a little bit out of his comfort zone, he can’t quite pinpoint why yet though – but now that you have shared that important part of your childhood with him, Bruce really wants to try to enjoy being in your hometown now.

“Alright then, you have me interested. What do you think we should do?” Bruce asks you but before you can answer, your comms – it’s a tad bit easier to have this rather than calling your sons one by one – rings and Dick’s voice enters your ear.

“Uh, guys – I think we may have to leave soon because Damian is starting to steal all of the cows he thinks are being mistreated.”

Today in bullet points

- New West location isn’t too too bad at all. Awfully accesible and not lots of people going there yet.

- Not that there were tons of doubt, but it so looked like Rumple’s Killian’s superior for sure.

- Bobby’s first line (the only one I could kind of make out) went something like “First day as my………?????????” my brain fills it out as “puppet” lol but who knows. This is as Killian 2.0 is walking toward him at some point.

- They couldn’t take pics because they were in their costumes apparently but they were both still such hams. Waved and smiled as they left and said sorry for not taking pics.

- Colin O'Donoghue is a handsome motherducker and his face and smile and everything melts me to goo. (This ain’t new lol)

- Thats it. I’ll try to post more pics when I get home later.

Christian Yu x Reader: Let Me Explain - Chapter 5

Chapter 1: These Seoul Streets. | Chapter 2: Uninvited Guests | Chapter 3: Confrontation | Chapter 4: Who Wouldv’e Thought? 

Chapter 5: Red Roses

Word count: 4007

Series type: Angst, Smut & Fluff.

Warnings: Bad language. mentions of sex and mature content.

Additional Characters: DPR LIVE (Dabin) and mentions of other artists/fictional characters.

A/N: Please keep in mind English is not my first language therefore there might me some spelling/grammar mistakes

“You will?” both Yura and Dabin asked shocked.

“Well yeah, but only if that’s okay with y/n” he says shrugging.

“Look, I get that there’s a lot at stake for you here but if y/n doesn’t agree then you’re going to have to find another way to deal with this mess.” Christian says walking towards you and protectively putting his arm around your waist.

You were surprised he actually considered your feelings for once. But now 3 pairs of eyes were staring at you. 1 relieved pair, Dabin. 1 desperate pair, Yura. and 1 angry pair, Hyung Suk.

“What a coincidence that y/n-sshi is your actual girlfriend” Hyung suk said through his teeth. He didn’t seem happy about that reveal at all. His eyebrows were furrowed, looking you up and down.

You felt uncomfortable. Not only because of the way Hyung Suk looked at you, but also because Christian wasn’t even your boyfriend. At least not yet.

Christian scoffed at Hyung Suk’s tone. “I don’t see how that’s any of your business.” He says tightening the hold on your waist.

“Well, it is if you’re going to do this.” Hyung Suk says sniffing, crossing his arms while giving you an impatient look.

Dabin looked at you, telling you with his eyes that it’s okay if you didn’t want Christian to do it. Of course you didn’t want Christian to do it. But there is a lot more going on here than your selfishness can take into consideration right now.

Yura took your hand, looking straight into your eyes. “Eonni, remember how I told you I was sorry earlier? I still am. Even more so now. I understand how difficult this all must be for you given everything that already happened but I’m begging you. This is all I have riding for me right now. I also understand if you don’t want him to do it, but I just want you to know that you can trust me.” She says.

You look at her a little startled. Can you trust her? Is that what it’s all about? Trust?

You bite your lip, knowing that this would be the ultimate test for Christian to prove his loyalty to you. It’s only a fake relationship right? So if he slips up, at least then you’ll know for sure to run from him. As far away as possible.

“Okay” you say. “Fine” you take Christian’s hand from your waist and take a step back.

Yura’s eyes lit up as she throws herself at you, hugging you as a thank you. You awkwardly pat her back, making eye contact with Hyung Suk who still looked at you like you were an unfitting piece to his puzzle.

You really don’t know why you said yes, and by the look of Christians facial expression, neither did he.

“Oh my god eonni thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” she says letting go of you.

Christians eyes find yours, he kind of smiled at you. It was an indifferent smile. He didn’t feel a special way about the situation, but he was also relieved to know that you trusted him enough to let him help Yura.

“Well. Mr Yu. If you could just come by tomorrow, we’ll map out our strategy with the marketing team.” Hyung Suk says.

Yura smiled at Christian, but he avoided her gaze only looking at Hyung Suk.

“Marketing team?” Christian asked confused.

“Yes. Mr Yu, the marketing team will come up with strategies to shed a light on the situation to try and make the public sympathize with your relationship rather than loathing it.” Hyung Suk answers in a very professional tone.

“Keep in mind there will be a few public appearances as a couple and fake dispatch photo’s before we announce the break up.”

Dabin sighed getting up. “Bro I hope you understand what you just agreed to. You too y/n.”

You just nod, lost in thought. This was going to be so much more work than you thought it would be. Deep down you knew you’d regret this decision, but it’s the only way to put Christian’s loyalty to you to the test, even if that meant getting hurt. Again.

“What about dance classes…and her mv?” you ask trying to look Hyung Suk in the eye again.

“Everything will go on as planned. It would be odd if you suddenly resigned. Wouldn’t it?” he says almost mocking you.

His tone annoyed you. He talked to you like you were an outsider to this entire situation when in fact, you were right in the middle of it.

Dabin noticed your annoyance and decided to blend himself into the conversation. “So everything will basically be the same, apart from the fake news and photo’s. It’s not like Christian needs to be with Yura all the time, right?”

You internally thank god for Dabin’s existence. He asked the questions you couldn’t think of right now, but would think of when you’d be alone in bed with plenty of time to overthink.

“Correct. Just try not to hold hands in public y/n-sshi, in fact. Try not to be alone together in public for the mean time.” Hyung Suk sarcastically smiles at you. “Oh and take the back entrance to each others apartments.”

Christian sighs. “We’ll be careful.”

You run your fingers through your hair and nod, looking to the floor.

This was such a 180-degree flip to Hyung Suk’s personality. He seemed so nice and professional when you first met, but now it seems like that person never existed in the first place.

You decide to lighten the mood as you see how tense Yura was standing next to Hyung Suk, scared you’ll suddenly decline with all of these new terms and revelations being added to the mix.

You bite your lip before speaking. “I expect at least one box of triple chocolate chip cookies at the next practice” you tell Yura in a serious tone.

Dabin was amazed at how well you were handling the situation. It was so unlike you to ignore such a bullshit attitude Yura’s manager was giving you, just to make her feel better.

Christian chuckled. “Make it two” he says putting his hand on your shoulder.

Dabin looked at Christian’s body language. He noticed how Christian kept touching you, only standing closer to you so people would see you as the pair. Making him impressed with Christian as well. Well shit this might work out, he thought to himself.

“Yes! Of course!” Yura smiled, and so did Hyun Suk. But his smile wasn’t sincere. You could just see it, not necessarily through his facial expression but through everything he emitted.

His presence made you uncomfortable.

“Well then Yura, let’s go. I’ll take you to your sister’s house.” Hyung Suk says placing his hand on Yura’s back while giving you one last look before he turned to Christian.

“So, I’ll expect you at the YG building at 2 PM tomorrow.” He says putting out his hand for Christian to shake.

Christian shook his hand and nodded. “Sure.”

Hyung Suk nodded to Dabin as a goodbye and walked out, followed by Yura who politely bowed to the three of you and quickly hopped after him leaving you alone with Dabin and Christian in the dance studio.

“Okay, well. Let’s get food. I’m starving” Christian says taking your jacket off the floor and handing it to you.

You look at him a little funny. Not saying anything.

“What…” Christian cautiously asked, still standing there with your jacket in his hands.

Dabin looked to the floor. Unable to handle the awkwardness.

“Food?” you just say.

“You’re telling me you’re not hungry.” He asks sincerely confused.

You turn to Dabin crossing your arms. “Why is he acting like nothing happened?” you ask acting as if Christian wasn’t standing right in front of you.

“Shit y/n, I don’t know. Why don’t you ask him yourself?” Dabin says walking to the door.

Christian rolled his eyes at the both of you, taking your hand. “Let’s not make it a big deal okay?” he says looking at you. “The more we talk about it or think of it, the more it’ll consume us. Let’s just focus on us. The way we have been for the past week.”

Dabin walked out. “I’m in the car” he yells from the hallway clearly avoiding the situation.

You sigh staring at the ceiling.

“It’s not too late to say no…” he says wrapping his arms around your waist, pulling you close to his chest.

You hug him back, burying your face in the crook of his neck. “I’m scared of what this’ll do to us” you confess closing your eyes inhaling the scent of his cologne.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of” he says softly.

His arms let go of your waist to grab the sides of your face. He looks into your eyes and stares into them for a while when suddenly he presses his lips to yours. Never in your life did you expect him to do that. Even after everything you’ve been through and all of the emotional attachment, unspoken feelings and sexual tension he has never once kissed you.

At first your body froze, your heart was now beating like crazy as Christian led the kiss, massaging his lips against yours. You slowly relaxed, leaning into him and letting him do as he pleased, wrapping your arms around his neck. His hands went down your body, taking a hold of your waist, steadily lifting you up on one of the higher stools behind you. You wrapped your legs around Christian’s waist while you passionately kissed him back, pushing his torso closer to yours with your legs, grabbing on to his messy hair.

Out of breath he pulled away before things got too heated. You both panted while hungrily staring into each others eyes. He rested his forehead onto yours, breathing heavily. “Fuck” he says closing his eyes.

You lean back as he stands up straight, you both longed for more, that wasn’t a secret, but not like this, and definitely not here.

As the both of your breathing calmed down a bit, he took your hand helping you off the stool. “You know. I’ve wanted to do that since the day you walked into that dance studio in your white booty shorts the first time I met you.” He says taking both of your hands, smiling while you intertwined fingers. You shyly try to cover your face with your hands which were still holding onto his, but you failed; making him chuckle at your cuteness.

“Y/n, I’m yours.” He says biting his lower lip, cocking his head sideways to admire your swollen lips a little.

“I don’t want you to forget that when all of this goes down.” He says stealing a quick peck. “I’ll keep doing things like this to remind you of that, okay?”

you shyly nod looking to the floor.

He let go of your hands, laughing a little. “Since when are you so shy around me?” he asks teasing you, poking your sides.

“Stoppp” you playfully demand, taking his hands into yours again so he’d stop teasing you.

He chuckled, pecking your lips once more, a little longer this time. “Don’t forget that you’re mine too now” he says putting a lost strand of hair behind your ear.

                                                 - time jump –

Christian was lying down on your couch, scrolling through some articles related to Yura and him while you cleaned your kitchen after the three of you had eaten. Dabin had already left, saying he had to meet up with someone.

“These comments are crazy” Christian says out loud.

“What comments?” you ask finishing up, leaning over the kitchen counter while looking at him.

“People are telling her to die and stuff it’s just crazy” he says lost in thought.

You sigh, it obviously bothered him more than you’d expected. If anything; reading those comments made him want to help Yura even more.

“Is there anything about you on there?” you ask walking towards the couch, sitting in between his legs while facing him.

“No…nothing really” he says in a little higher pitched tone than he usually talks in.

You squint your eyes at him. Liar.

“Give me that” you say leaning forward, almost falling on top of him when you finally get a hold of his phone.

Your eyes scan through the comments.

Wahh, daebak. Where did she find him?” You read out loud.

You can say what you want about her, but they look good together” you continue reading.

I don’t know him, but now I want to know him, maybe have some ramyeon at his place ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”

you read raising your eyebrows. (sidenote: having ramen with someone at someone’s house is the Korean equivalent to Netflix and chill)

Christian leans forward taking his phone from you. “Stop torturing yourself, netizens are crazy you know that.” he says sitting up, removing a fallen eyelash from your cheek with his thumb.

You blankly look at him. “I don’t know Ian, they think you look good together.”

Christian cocks his head to the side looking at you with a tired expression on his face. “Babe, don’t be like this. Besides those are like the only descent comments under that article.”

You sigh crossing your arms. “You know I can’t help but feel jealous” you say avoiding eye contact.

Christian chuckled putting his phone on the coffee table, unexpectedly pulling you towards him so you’d be laying on top of him. “Why be jealous when you’re the only one I see” he says brushing your hair behind your ear. You look at him with anticipation. Hoping he’d kiss you again but he just looked at you, caressing your face from your temple to your cheek, placing a kiss in between your brows.

You decide to steal a quick kiss from him, quickly hiding your face in his neck afterwards.  You felt giddy. Like a 15-year-old who just kissed her crush on her own for the first time. You traced your finger over his inner shoulder tattoo under the strap of his black tank top, when suddenly he flipped you over so you’d be under him.

He supported his own weight, placing his elbow beside you as his other hand grabbed the side of your face while pressing his lips onto yours. His sudden sexiness made you moan into his mouth, turning him on even more as he always wished to hear you moan under him.

You wrap your arms around his neck, pulling him closer as his hands disappeared under your shirt, lightly stroking your sides with his fingernails, unleashing a tickling and sensual sensation in your lower abdomen. You let out a slight moan again, enjoying the physical contact.

He broke the kiss, putting his hand on the side of your face again while his other hand was on your waist as he sloppily kissed and sucked on your neck. You threw you head back so he had more access to your skin, arching your back a little when his hands pushed your shirt up just above your bra.

He slid down lower, taking a firm hold of your waist with both hands as he left wet kisses from your belly button to your neck again. He came back up to kiss your lips, fondling your still covered breast while grinding on your clothed heat. You nearly lost it, ready to rip his shirt off of him when suddenly your doorbell rang.  The sound scared the both of you as adrenaline still rushed through your veins. You both sit up in a fraction of time a little out of breath when you give Christian a quick look pulling your shirt down while Christian runs his hand through his hair, showing his frustration.

“Who the fuck could that be at this hour” he says annoyed.

You sigh getting up, walking to your kitchen window to see who was outside, but there was no one to be seen. You frown, quickly walking to your door to open it.

You looked around. No one. The cool air hit your face giving you goose bumps. Your cross your arms to shield yourself from the wind. You sigh looking down, not expecting to see what you saw. Your eyes widen squatting down to pick a bouquet of at least 30 red roses up. Suddenly a card attached to the bouquet fell on the floor.

You take a step back, picking it up, confused and a little anxious at the same time. Not knowing what to expect. Is Christian playing a joke on you or something? You look over your shoulder if he hadn’t gotten up to check on you before you opened the card and started reading.

This was supposed to be a thank you letter for agreeing to the deal, but coming here changed my mind. I want to be sure that you won’t break after seeing what I just saw. Know that I recorded the two of you on your couch through the window just now. If you, in any way talk Christian out of our little deal or form any type of threat, I will release the video online with a time stamp and a fabricated story. Showing his disloyalty to Yura. Turning him into the bad guy. What a story that would be right? I think you are smart enough to know the consequences for the both of you. Don’t underestimate me y/n. I would do anything to ensure my own and Yura’s reputation. I look forward to seeing you again. And just a tip. Buy some curtains sweetheart. Good night.

You panic. Your heart pounded in your throat as your breathing became heavier. If that video leaked it would ruin Christian. Not only Christian but DPR too. A tear escaped your eye. Fuck. You swallow harshly unable to wrap your head around the situation yet, feeling like you just stepped into a nightmare.

“Babe?” Christian yelled from the living room, wondering what’s taking you so long.

You quickly wipe your tear away. But you fail at the attempt to calm yourself down when your eyes land on the card again.

“Uhh-I-just a second” you stammer with a shaky voice. You quickly take the card and hide it in one of the pockets of your jacket. You take the roses from your doorstep and close the door. Trying to get yourself together a little more, you quickly do a few breathing exercises before you walk into the living room again. You see Christian sitting up straight on the couch, he was on his phone before he looked at you, luckily only noticing the huge bouquet of roses instead of your body language.

“Do you have another boyfriend I need to know about?” he says wide eyed. Getting up.

“When I opened the door all I saw was these” you lie, blinking a couple of times.

Christian looks at you. “Are you okay?” he asks worried seeing your pale complexion taking the roses from you.

You want to cry so bad right now. It took everything from you to control your emotions. You bit your lip shaking your head looking to the floor.

Christian put the roses down on your kitchen counter and walked closer to you. “Baby what’s wrong? What’s this about?” he asks making you look at him with his thumb and index finger on your chin.

You close your eyes. “I’m not feeling well. Maybe it was the food I don’t know.” You lie again walking away from him to a cabinet, searching for a vase to put the flowers in.

He walks after you, sitting down on the high stool behind your breakfast bar. Looking at you cautiously. You were acting weird, it was obvious.

You removed the thorns from the roses with a knife, one by one, putting them into the vase. “Who are the roses from?” he asks still looking at you.

“I fed my neighbors’ cat while she was on a business trip, I guess this is her creepy way of saying thank you” you lie again not making eye contact.

He supported his head on his hand, still looking at you pursing his lips together. Somehow he felt like he needed to give you some space. Maybe that make out session happened too quick when you both promised each other to take it slow. He knew what it would have resulted in to if that doorbell didn’t stop him. He looked at the time on his phone. 12:34 AM.

“A-are you staying over” you suddenly ask.

Christian looked up at you, shaking his head giving you a faint smile. “I have to get up early tomorrow. I want to work out before that meeting with Lee Hyung Suk. Otherwise it doesn’t fit my schedule”

Your heart sank hearing his name and you immediately looked down again to focus on the roses. You were relieved he wouldn’t stay though. You were trying your best to suppress your emotions, but didn’t know if you could for much longer. You needed time to think. Alone.

“y/n?” he says. You look up at him. Your heart was pounding so hard in your chest that you were almost afraid he could hear it.

“T-that’s fine” you stammer.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to stay, you really don’t look well.” He says furrowing his eyebrows walking towards you.

No, no, no. Please no hugs. You’ll break.

You decide to take his hand first, knowing he’d envelop you in one of his bear hugs if you didn’t.

“It’s okay. I’ll just drink some tea and go to sleep. I won’t be much fun to be around anyways.” You say still not looking into his eyes, intertwining your fingers with his.

“Fine” he says kissing the top of your head. “Just call if you need anything” you nod, taking a deep breath collecting the courage to look into his eyes. Knowing it’d be too weird if you kept avoiding to look at him.

When you do, your heart hurts. He’s genuinely worried, but something tells you he knows you’re lying. You don’t want him to think he did something wrong.

You both walked to your front door. Your eyes quickly check on the jacket you put that card in. Good. It wasn’t visible.  When he looks back at you, you give him a smile, standing on your tippy toes to give him a quick kiss. It surprised him, but he smiled back at you, caressing your cheek. “Good night” he says. “Text me in the morning if you’re still not feeling better alright?” you just nod at his words. Opening the door so he could walk through.

“Good night Christian” you say almost inaudible as he walked off. Your eyes followed him down the steps and to his car. You needed to be sure he wouldn’t come back.

When you see him drive away you close your door, and immediately you start to cry. You cover your mouth with your hands trying to mute yourself, slowly letting yourself fall to the floor, leaning against your front door. You sob uncontrollably as reality cuts through your heart like a knife.

It scared you, it scared you so much that Hyung Suk now had the power to make you distance yourself from Christian. Knowing you’d agree to any suggestion he would make to you, and you couldn’t do anything about it. That thought alone choked you up even more, not knowing what to do and not wanting to lose Christian, especially now that your relationship was taking a turn for the better.

You loved Christian too much to tell him. He wouldn’t care about what it would do to him or his life. He’d never let you keep it a secret, so he could never know.

You pull your knees up to your chest, leaning your chin on your knees while you close your eyes trying to bare the heavy pain chest.

You’re on your own now.

A/N: Chapter 6 will be posted on Thursday July 27th

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Do u not like your joker?

I do and I don’t!  

I like him in the way that I first did; all the passion, energy, and making a fun, sanguine and discordant clown in terms of the dissonance between true, almost heartfelt and benevolent optimism and truly the worst crimes you can think of in the body horror department.  That balance is a fun one to think about, and his outlook on life is… cathartic at times?  Sure, lets go with that.  Someone who finds knee-crumpling awe inspiring beauty in everything–and I mean everythingis kind of… really special to me.

But he is also just… very bad for people.  And I don’t mean remotely in an abusive way necessarily, just… bad.  He brings things out in people that makes them worse than who they were before he was around.  He encourages and teases out splinters like picking at the wood of someone, and really only for the sole reason that these are usually people he likes, and if he likes them, he wants his time with them enjoyable, so he wants to bring these traits out as much as possible that react strongly to him.  His feedback loop with people just makes me feel…. cagey I guess would be the right word.  He plays up Jervis’s delusions and mania, straight up encourages Garfield to become a self destructive Icarus one hit wonder, pleads and teases with Ozzie to get him to be a little more blood seeking hands-on with him around, and with Bruce it’s just straight up unintentional psychological warfare that makes Joker wistful and heartfelt as fuck and Bruce sick to his stomach.  

It’s just an odd combination I guess.  I enjoy making him and there’s a certain deftness of hand to craft him that I appreciate focusing on, but it’s also very strange to hear people like him sometimes and realize how much his shallow qualities–which, unnervingly really, extend so far into his personality in spite of seeming superficial–have made people see him as one thing or the other. 

Old Ways (Harry Hook x Evie)

Request: Could you do a descendants 2 one shot, where it’s after descendants 2 and Harry, Uma and Gil are living on the isle and Harry is dating Evie and is starting to slip back into his old ways and he accidentally hurts her when he hooks her and he realizes he can hurt the people he loves if he goes bad again? 

A/N: This was my first request so I hope you like it! It’s like 1AM but I had an idea so I stayed up to finish this. It hasn’t been proofread so I apologize for any mistakes.  But I got my computer somewhat fixed so requests should be filled soon. :)

*Gif credit to owner*

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After becoming the Royal Adviser, Evie had been visiting the Isle almost every day. She became close with the villain kids on the island that didn’t go to Auradon in the second trip there. Harry Hook in particular had caught her attention and she made sure to see him every chance she got. He had really changed in the weeks after knowing people like him were getting chances to go to Auradon. He was no longer cruel and he focused more on trying to give up his evil ways.

After months of waiting for his chance to leave the Isle he was becoming impatient. Neither he, Uma, or Gil had even been approached to go to Auradon Prep. They had all changed after realizing they didn’t have to be their parents. So why didn’t they get to leave the prison they called home?

“You’re my girlfriend! Why can’t you do something to get us into Auradon?” he asked Evie one day in Ursula’s Fish and Chips.

“I wish I could but it’s not that easy. We have to get it approved.” she tried to explain.

“By who? Ben is the king! Tell him about how we’ve all changed!” his accent was becoming thicker, something Evie knew meant he was getting angry.

“It’s not as simple as Ben just waving a hand and letting kids come from the Isle!”

“It was for Dizzy and the others! Make it that simple you’re the Adviser!” Harry screamed the last sentence.

“The people are too scared to let you guys come after what happened.” Evie whispered, scared of what his reaction would be.

“Of course they are.”He chuckled darkly. “Whiny little heroes. Afraid of everything.”

“Hey! After what happened when you kidnapped Ben I can’t blame them. And Uma cursing him and ruining the Cotillion. Of course they’re scared. I have to go.” she stood from the booth they were sat in and started for the door.

“Don’t walk away from me!” Harry growled.

He swung his hook to grab the back of her jacket but over shot it and cut the back her neck. She grabbed her neck in pain and whipped around to see him. He looked down at the hook held in his hand to see blood on the end. He immediately dropped the hook and stumbled backwards, into the table.

“I-I’m so sorry. I-I didn’t mean to- I” he stuttered out quickly, his accent thicker than ever in worry. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” Evie stated harshly and backed away from him. Her eyes started to well up from the pain on her neck. “I’ll see what I can do for Uma, Gil, and you. I know that most of you are trying to be better.” With that she walked out of the restaurant and made her way back to Auradon.

Harry kicked the hook away from him, sat at the booth he used to share with his girlfriend, and looked over at Gil.

“What have I done?”

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idk why you have to be so rude to the people who are just sending you asks? they look up to you, they're sending you this because they want validation from you. what you're doing is like this: imagine that you see your favorite celebrity. you go up to talk to them, you say something you care about, and they blow you off and say "i don't care" and walk away. that's what you're doing. it's really rude. just try to be a bit nicer.

ur uhhh forgetting those celebrities are people and approaching them with ur first words being abt ur personal life and how bad its going or anything that person has no concerns with is,, Not gonna receive a positive reaction, especially if its happened more than twice

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How would Sebastian react if he realized whenever he's away with some criminal business with Ciel or anything, his s/o can't sleep nor eat anything because she's afraid something bad can happen to him?

He would realise this instantly after her came back from the first business trip. Greasy, tangled hair, black bags under her eyes, rumbling stomach? He would know instantly.

He shows no outward reaction, he merely greets her as he always does and changes nothing about how they interact together.

But the next time he and Ciel have to go away on business, he leaves little hand written notes all over the Manor.

In her bedroom - Sleep well, my love. The sooner you close your pretty eyes, the sooner you’ll wake to my return.

In the kitchen - Please eat this dish I made for you. You wouldn’t want to waste your favourite food, would you?

In the bathroom - Wash your hair, my love. You know you’ll feel better for it.

And pinned to her bedroom door? - I love you, my butterfly. Have patience, we shall return soon.

He leaves little notes to keep bits of himself in the Manor while he’s away and also leave his most-worn and favourite tailcoat by far, tucked in her bed for her to find on the first night she’s alone. There’s not much he can do to comfort her from miles away, but he tries. And if he’s in her dreams to assure her that he’s safe? Well, that’s no one’s business but theirs. ;)

Black Butler: @theoriginalgodsgirlrachel @ll-kirra-ll @bingewatchingmylifegoby  @sky-the-llama @miyakokurono @amoureux-de-la-litterature  @a-casual-spider-butler @misfitgirlwrites @phangirl-ofthe-operra @xiumincancallmebabyanytime

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Got my copy of Rutile today! I’m still at work doing overtime, but here’s a quick sneak peek for you guys~ my hands were shaking so bad when I first opened it I had to wait a few hours to take this video.

I’m actually going to be doing a lot of overtime for the next few weeks so this chapter might take longer than usual, I appreciate your patience in advance. T_T

Pull Me Closer


Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: Peter visits reader after a particularly bad day and lets his feelings slip out.

Warning: Light swearing

It had been a long day for Peter. First, the argument with Flash at school was seriously embarrassing for him. To have him watched by everyone while he tried to defend himself that he really did know the Avengers was absolutely mortifying. Then, Liz had invited him to that stupid party which he just had to go to in order to sort his feelings out once and for all. Peter had been pining after both you and Liz for months on end and he finally needed to decide between the two of you just so that he could make a move.

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Ryan Reynolds Imagine

Originally posted by ivanv

When you found out you were going to be in the new Deadpool movie Ryan was your first call. At first he couldn’t believe it, but then you told him you weren’t lying, he freaked out and ended the call, at first you felt sad and a bit offended since he was supposed to be your best friend and you though the would be happy for you, but you couldn’t feel so bad for a long time. Your house door flied open and Ryan ran in, lifted you in the air

“This is going to be the best movie ever” you laughed but soon asked to be put down. Ryan couldn’t stop being happy, he kept talking about how he can’t wait to film, since he know’s it’ll be fun, he was so excited he didn’t even ask you what you were playing. 

“Ryan” you said trying to get him to stop walking around and talking. 

“Oh this will be great. I should tweet about this, oh wait I can’t oh who cares.” he was pulled his phone out of the pocket and you grabbed it and finally getting his attention. 

“Are even hearing me?” Ryan laughed as he realized he had been talking non stop since he came to your place. “You don’t even know who I’ll be playing in the movie” 

“Right. Who are you playing? I bet you’re like a super cool, crime fighting but also crime doing hero.” you laughed since, he knew the scrip and knew there wasn’t even a part like that. 

“Rose” you said with a smile. He looked at you

“Come again” he heard you just couldn’t really take it in.

“I’m playing Rose” you said with a laugh. He looked a bit strange. His high energy was over and there wasn’t smile on his lips like before. “Are you okay with that?” you asked but at the same time it didn’t matter. You weren’t going to turn down a part just because he didn’t like something. 

“No, no. Are you kidding?” Ryan got up walking around again, but this time it was a nerves walk. Like he was trying to walk off the feeling he had. 

“Ryan, I know you well.I can see something isn’t right” you still sat on the couch hoping he would sit back down and tell you what was the problem, but you were scared of the answer. 

“I’m fine. I’m “ he looked at you and sight, there was no way he could hide the truth from you. You would find out one way or the other. “fine” he said and sat back down next to you. He took few breaths and started to speak but didn’t look at you. “There is something you should know, before you really take this part and do the movie. You actually might change your mind after hearing this” 

“Ryan what is it?” he really was scaring you. There were so many ideas that came to your mind but nothing that was even close to what he ended up saying. 

“Well Y/N I love you. And not in the I love you like a friend, but I love so much that my heart starts to beat like the song “I believe I can fly” when I see you. Or in a way where every time you look at me I want to kiss you kind a way” he said and finally looked at you. You lifted your hand up and slapped his arm. “Didn’t expect that” he said. 

“How could you think I wouldn’t want to work with you if you told me that. It makes me want to work with you even more” now you said something Ryan didn’t expect. 

“Really?” he was smiling once again. 

 “yes, but I’m also mad it took you so long to tell me this.” you looked at each other and slowly both leaned in into the most amazing kiss you’ve ever had. 

“I believe I can fly” he sang after you kissed making you laugh. Being in love with your best friend can be hard but if he also loves you, it’s a dream come true. 

TG;Re new chapter

When you have this terrible, heartbreaking confirmation and it’s just the fucking first page and you are pretty sure that nothing good is coming but, you know, in the deep you already know that, so ok .

Then there’s this but, c’mon, it’s just a hand, and this is Tokyo Ghoul: he’s almost lucky, isn’t he? 

Then you see this and you’re like ok, nothing can go worse, I’m already fucking cryin-and no, ehi, stop! He’s a Quinx, ok? He can regenerate, it’s not that bad!

And here you’re almost happy, with all these beautiful badasses!

...but then

Originally posted by giphy

I watched the sneak peek and at first it got me thinking that Regina would never let Henry go like that. She even expresses her disbelief that Emma agreed to this, but then I remembered how Regina was treated by Cora when she was the same age. Forced into a marriage she didn’t want. Forced to take on a role she never asked for. Forced to be someone who she never wanted to be.

That reminds me that Regina broke the cycle of bad choices that started (as far as I remember) with Cora and it was almost perpetuated when she became reactive when Emma appeared in their lives.

However, that staircase scene in 2.02 is proof enough to me that Regina would never cling too hard again because she knows more than anyone how this ends up pushing people away. Of course the mother does not want to let her little prince leave, but she remembers what imposing her wishes upon him did to both of them (and to her when she was young) and how long it took for Henry to come back home on his own.

So it doesn’t sound strange to me that she lets him go find his own story. Her heart is probably small and it will be for as long as he’s gone, but she knows you can’t keep your babies forever under your wings.

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I'm stuck btwn a place where I want to be in love w who I am & accomplish all my goals before falling/having love or having someone beside me who aids to the process. I'm 20 so I know I'm young & I still have time to find love but I'm lonely lol. I'm not the hopeless romantic type or the type to settle out of being lonely, but I wish someone can be placed in my life who came at the perfect time. I'm still going to work on myself & goals but having someone next to me while doing so would be nice

Well first off, if you’re expecting someone to come at the perfect time, you’re already off to a bad start. Because even the best relationships may have a rocky start, or go through a rocky season. So I’d say it’s important you focus on realistic healthy love, not idealistic
Second, I believe healthy relationships help you accomplish goals. You can work on you and also have someone by your side. In my opinion that’s the point of being in a relationship.
For me, my relationship didn’t start on my timing. I wasn’t looking for a relationship, and suddenly this big handsome man appeared in my life. And it wasn’t expected. But I was ready. And for me, I know I could have gotten through law school, no matter what. But having someone who loved me, supported me, prayed with me, meant I not only made it through the storm but had someone who cheered me and uplifted me every step of the way.
So I’d say let go of perfection. Let go of the idea that life is neat. That you first have to do this and then that in an exact order. Life isn’t so neat. All you can do is prepare for what life has for you.

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The Disney movie choices were so perfect! Now I wonder what their reactions would be to the movies.

Mod Fereldone: I think the singing Lions would throw him at first, but the message and parallels in his life are there.

A bad thing happens to a young main character (Mufasa to Simba and Kinlock to Cullen). Both characters are given no time to adjust but instead end up in a place and lifestyle that encourage doing the exact opposite of what they were doing and essentially ignoring the problem just to get results. Someone comes along to make them see that ‘hey, this is bad’, they go back and fight someone they respected to become a leader when they were needed.

And if he can get passed the singing lions, I think Cullen would take heart from that.