but not bad for a first go

  • Seungcheol: Dumbest scar stories, go!
  • Joshua: I burned my tongue once drinking tea.
  • Jeonghan: I dropped a hair dryer on my leg once and burned it.
  • Mingyu: See this little scar on my arm? I got that when Wonwoo dug his nails into my arm during a sad movie.
  • Chan: I have a piece of graphite in my leg for accidentally stabbing myself with a pencil in the first grade.
  • Soonyoung: I was taking a cup of noodles out of the microwave and spilled it on my hand and I got a really bad burn.
  • Hansol: I have a few scars on my arm from crashing my skateboard.
  • Jihoon: I have emotional scars.

Alright, so y’all asked for this. Todd’s half assed Hudson H9 range report.

First off this thing is sexy. It’s perfect for all your cyperpunk/GitS aesthetic needs.

Fit and finish is very nice. It feels a lot like a more refined 1911.

The trigger is weird as fuck. It’s not bad, and the reset is amazing, but the trigger definitely took some getting used to as you can see. Once I stopped paying attention to how the trigger starts to pull from the top of the blade first things tightened up a lot.

The sights are nice, quick, and easy to use. Due to the super low bore axis it has very little muzzle rise and I found it very easy to stay on target. I only had one malfunction, that being the slide not going fully forward once. That may just be from this gun being passed around at work today like a pack of cigarettes at a BBQ and not cleaned or lubed at all before I got to it. This thing is awesome and I’m planning on buying one very soon. It’s not cheap but you’re getting great sights and three mags right out of the box, plus you have to consider this is a brand new handgun from a very small company. I expectthey’ll probably come down a little in price.

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okay but the REAL question is what pokemon would Gladstone and Magica have/be

DANG anons coming at me with the hard asks here on tumblr FM uhhhh well 

I figure Magica would fit a Mismagius, but I can see her with a Murkrow as well what with her little raven pal Ratface :’D Gladstone is harder, but a Togetic could work? What with that Super Luck hidden ability and being a fairy type… (it also has that little curly wing swirl going on in the design) or arguably Absol! I know it’s known as the disaster pokemon but that’s only because it warns people of things like landslides coming- and his good luck earns him a bad rep AND can cause hecking natural disasters! 

that’s just my first thoughts on it though so feel free to add suggestions for them or other characters in comments/replies I love this kind of stuff ;D

Untitled penny x reader. (Sexual tension included hehe.) ENJOY

I’m like super nervous about how this one is gonna go down, i really hope it’s not too bad!!

Why did you do it? Why did you even set foot near that place again? You must have either been incredibly brave, or more than likely incredibly stupid to even think about it. You were pretty much walking into the fox’s den of your own free will, whatever came after this was entirely your fault and you knew it, you made the choice and you had to accept the consequences. As soon as your foot hit the first porch step you knew there was no going back, you were going to do this and unlike the last time, you were completely alone, vulnerable and defenseless.

You stood at the door contemplating whether it was worth it, your morbid curiosity whether this thing was still alive and kicking got the best of you, you hadn’t been able to eat, sleep or think straight since the incident last week, you couldn’t get it out of your head. Every little detail of that day was washing over you like an ice-cold shower, hitting you with a sharp pain at random times throughout the days. You’d be extra careful when out alone without the other losers, you were constantly looking over your shoulder, for the first time in years you went to bed with the lamp on because you were an anxious and paranoid mess. Throughout the past week when you had been around the other guys they, especially Beverly would ask you if you were okay, you’d sniff and tell them you were fine. You had an appearance to keep up, you were 17, older than them and therefore you couldn’t let them see you as the weak one, truthfully though you were far from fine and that hurt to admit to yourself. For as long as you can remember you had always felt brave and seemed to stand your ground and not let things phase you, but what happened that day shook you, it changed you, and soon you were about to find, in more ways than one.

The shaky wooden porch steps creaked as you slowly paced back and forth,  "come on y/n, you need to find out, you need to know" you told yourself, over and over. Each time your hand reached to push the door open it felt like a weight was holding you down. Your instincts were screaming at you to get the hell away from this hell hole, but deep in your gut, something was edging you on, almost taunting you for how much time you were wasting. You needed to know if this thing was still there, maybe just maybe you could have a fighting chance if it was in there and tried to attack you, doubtful but still, you liked to be optimistic. Closing your eyes, you took a deep breath and you quietly muttered under your breath “fuck it” as you grabbed the handle of the door with force and opened it. As your trembling legs made their way inside the building, it hit you. That smell, the smell you’d couldn’t forget, you had even been faintly smelling even in your own home, were you going mad?, Damp air, smoky and dirty dust with a hint of mold, a strong metallic odor which you immediately knew was dried blood, and the worst one, decaying flesh. Oh how badly you wished you weren’t in a situation that caused you to have the smell of flesh rotting etched into your brain, but here you were, stupid, stupid little girl.
You held your breath and let out a slow sigh trying to calm down as you slowly began prancing around the house looking at every direction, every nook, and crevice, preparing yourself for it to pop out somewhere and grab you. Your eyes glanced over at the familiar sights of the house, the dirty stained, peeling wallpaper, the old rusted and broken down furniture, the humongous ancient looking staircase in the foyer, and then your eyes settled on something that caused a rush of adrenaline to set off through you.. the massive metal pole that Beverly used to injure the monster was still lying on the floor, still covered in its blood. What was even more disturbing was that the blood hadn’t even seemed to be dried up and cracked, it looked like it was still wet and fresh, you quickly shuffled yourself around it, avoiding even touching it with your sneaker. 

As you made your way into the kitchen you almost stumbled in horror when you saw that damn refrigerator, it was still open. Your mind flashed back and it was like you were reliving that day all over again, when you were lying on the cold dirty tiles trying to scurry away from it, watching in absolute panic and amazement as it slithered out of that fridge, it’s body contorted, twisted, the look of ravenous hunger painted over its face as it straightened itself out and began coming towards you, like a hyena that just found a helpless lion cub. You can still feel the sizzling, slobbering drool dripping and spitting all over your face as it held your jaw with its black claw, you’ve still got the remnants of faint red scratches on your chin, just another reminder of that nightmare, you can still hear the words he cheerfully said to you whilst  essentially manhandling you “tasty, tasty” they make you shudder and feel nauseous as it plays on a constant loop in your head. One other thing, however, makes you feel even worse, not neseceraly sick, more just plain bewilderment is the last thing he said to you before being impaled. You’re not even sure the others heard, it’s like for a second everything went quiet and there was only you and it in the room, his bile yellow eyes bored into your soul as he conked his head to the side, taking a curious sniff at you…. “different” it spoke, just one word, but one word that has been confusing you ever since he uttered it, what did it mean? Did you even really want to know? Maybe.
As you delicately made your way back into the living room you paused on your tiptoes to take a quick look around the room again, making sure you didn’t miss anything, you stood still biting your lower lip and fidgeting with a bead on your shirt. Everything was quiet, eerily quiet it was nice but also extremely unnerving at the same time, like those moments in a horror movie before they give you the infamous jump scare. As you stood in the silence for what felt like minutes, your eyes partly shut taking everything in and coming to the conclusion that if that thing was here, then it would have shown up by now, it didn’t seem like the type of person to waste it’s time if it really wanted something. You gave up, your little adventure was a waste of time, deep down even though you were glad you didn’t have to face it again, you were frustrated that you couldn’t get any closure, you didn’t know where it was, you didn’t know if it was dead or alive, or just resting, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike again.

You sighed rather loudly, slowly pushing the hair that was hanging in front of your face back and turning to make your way out the door, your hand was just about to grasp the handle when you heard a sudden shift and creak in the floorboards and then that voice, that distinctive, disgustingly childish voice behind you, “Going so soon?” Your breath was caught in your throat and your eyes widened, head jolting up and body stiffening at the known source that was behind you. Your hand moved slowly from the door and fell down by your waist. You couldn’t turn, you didn’t want to, yes this is what you came for, this is the closure, but you didn’t want to face it now, you immediately regretted every moment of this decision to come back, because now that you were here, alone with this demon and you didn’t know if you would get out alive. “Don’t be shy little girl, I wasn’t expecting guests today” it let out a high pitched unnatural giggle, the sound echoing through the walls and going through you like a bullet. You bit the bullet it offered you, you turned. You looked towards the direction his voice was coming from, you were expecting him to be right behind you, but he wasn’t, instead his humungous figure was sitting gracefully in one of the old armchairs in the corner of the room. The light slightly shone on half his body, highlighting the cherry red lips and making his bright auburn hair even more fiery and intense, you expected him to still be wounded and in pain but he wasn’t. If anything he looked perfect, like a doll. His traditional clown attire was effortlessly perfect like it had been dry cleaned, his gloves weren’t the same blood, dirt-stained fabric, but bone white and hiding the claws he almost tore your neck open with. His overall appearance confused and startled you, mostly because the last time you saw him he was a feral beast, he was tattered, messy and full of menace, but now it’s almost like he was a completely different manifestation of that beast you saw a week ago. He looked inviting, warm and kind with a soft and angelic expression on his face, icy blue eyes shining bright and drawing you in. You hated how all though you desperately wanted to, you couldn’t stop staring at him, you felt sick at your own body for it felt like it was betraying you, but you weren’t scared this time, you were intrigued. You decided to try and gain back some of your own control, you held your ground (or at least attempted to) and raised your head firmly with a stone cold expression on your face, to try and hide whatever mixed emotions you were currently experiencing. “So, you’re alive”  you muttered, eyes darting to the side, you couldn’t look into those eyes any longer as if you did, you felt like they would consume you whole. Pennywise sat there, eyes fixated on you, he enjoyed watching you try and be brave, he knew you knew that you thought you looked calm and collected, but to him you just looked like a shy timid girl who most definitely wasn’t as in control as she thought. He grinned at this notion, slowly licking the bottom of his plump lower lip. “Of course I’m alive silly, isn’t that what you wan-ted..?” you noticed how his hand was tapping his knee, like an impatient teacher waiting for a student to answer a question, you felt completely on the spot and vulnerable, but also shocked at his assumption. 

You stood still and silent, you wanted to get out, you felt like you were being held down by ropes, you would have tried to make an escape but that’s what he wanted and you weren’t going to give him the satisfaction. “I want you dead” Pennywise bit his bottom lip harder, stifling his already toothy and drooling grin, he liked that answer, he liked it because he knew you didn’t mean it, not really. “Leave this town you hurt my friends, you belong in hell” you almost bellowed, gritting your teeth in anger and frustration and turning around to open the door, of course it felt like it had been locked. “Pesky door, always jams hehehe” the clown pointed and mocked you, watching your arms shake and pull trying in vain to get the handle to unlock, but you both knew it wasn’t going to be that easy. “ Don’t you want to take a seat? come sit, relax, there’s plenty of room here!” as he patted his knees, motioning you to come and sit on his lap, he was loving teasing you, making you feel uncomfortable, this was all nothing but a game to him and he was relishing every moment of it. You sucked a breath in and gave an offended scowl “I don’t want anything from you” The clown rose suddenly, slowly creeping towards you, laughing like madman. He stopped just a few feet away from you, eying you up and down, studying you like a lab rat “What brought you here, little one?” He asked, his smug smirk growing ever so slightly out of the corners of his mouth. “Did you enjoy last time so much you just haaad to come back for more hmm?” He reached out his hand towards your jaw and pointed at the scratches “If you think that’s bad, i could have done a whole lot worse my sweet” So much was racing through your mind at this point, you had visible cold sweat forming on your brow and your arms were trembling, you didn’t know how he could remain so calm and collected but still seem like he could explode at any given moment, and it frightened you.

You noticed the little pet names he gave you, your only reasonable explanation was that because you were older than the rest of the losers, you figured he enjoyed teasing and mocking you, making you feel just as young, if not younger than they were, belittling you, making you feel weak and timid.  You stepped backward, almost hitting the wall, a burst of anger came racing through your veins “WHY DIDN’T YOU THEN?, HUH BIG SCARY MONSTER, WHY DIDN’T YOU JUST KILL ME WHEN YOU HAD THE CHANCE?” You had had enough, of his games and you were fed up, you demanded answers. The clown’s eyes widened, he looked surprised and excited by your sudden burst, he laughed again however, this is exactly the reaction he wanted. “My, my little firecracker, you’re adorable when you’re angry, do it again hehe” his head shook as he gave a hungry and shit-eating grin, he began creeping ever closer towards you, his face was a touch away from reaching yours, if you weren’t careful at keeping your boundaries known you’d soon be touching noses. It was strange, but you could feel his body on yours without him even touching you, it’s almost like a heat radiated off him, and you hated yourself for finding this comforting and warm. You looked down at your feet, then up again, gritting your teeth to control your anger “why then?” you asked again, this time in a more shy, timid tone. Pennywise looked at you with sheer fascination, he was loving the tease, but even though he wouldn’t say it out loud, he was amazed you’d not tried to escape again, he was surprised you still stood there and even more amazed you hadn’t given up your whole “i’m brave” act, but he’d sure see to that eventually, he wanted to break you. “ah, ah no no I believe pennywise asked you first, be polite and answer sweets! why are you here hmm?”  You sighed and told the truth, in your head anyway, it was the truth. “I told you, I came to see if you were alive, and you are so just let me go ho-” He interrupted in a flash, suddenly you were hoisted up against the wall, his huge gloved hand placed firmly on your neck, you could still breathe a little, somehow. However, your body went into shock and you screamed out, clawing at his arms and pulling at his hands to get them off you, but to no avail. His face was right on top of yours, his eyes tore into you, they were that same fluorescent bile yellow that you saw when he was crawling towards you in the kitchen, you knew by now those eyes meant anger and most of all…hunger.
“You know a thing I hate more than children, liars”  the clown snarled at you, his sharp rows of jagged teeth bearing. Your face was going red and your breath was becoming raspy and short as his grip became tighter, you tried with all your might to say something, anything but nothing but choked mumbles came out. Pennywise let out a slow humming growl as he cackled at the same time, pools of the same sticky, hot drool spraying over your cheeks and down your top as he mocked you for not being able to speak “oohoho what’s the matter? clown got your tongue?” he said in a smug and patronizing tone, using his other hand to grab your hair by the scalp and slam your head back into the wall. Your eyes started seeing black spots and you began to feel dizzy, but somehow you managed to let yourself speak as you felt the grip on your larynx loosen ever so slightly, maybe he wanted to give you a fighting chance after all. “ss-sorr-y i’m sorr-y” came out in a pathetic low gasp, you didn’t know why you were apologizing but you were willing to say anything in order to get out of his hold. To your surprise he let go, you fell down on your ass, hard, spluttering and coughing, massaging your now bruised neck. He leaned his head down to your sore and bruised state of a being, looking at you with a fake, mocking sad expression, suddenly you saw his hand come down to your eye level, as he reached it out for you to grab it, you weren’t in any mood to anger him anymore, so you took his seemingly kind gesture and grabbed hold of his hand as he pulled you back up on to your feet. You fell back into the wall, leaning into it,  and trying to get your breath back. When you looked back at pennywise, his demeanor changed once again, his eyes were blue again, his teeth were back to his comically cute buck teeth. 

He almost looked regretful for the actions he just performed, but you knew now not to trust his cute act, for it was all just a lie to get his victims were he wanted them. “Sorry little one, my temper get’s the best of me at times hehe!” it’s like he had a complete personality change within a split second “Just tell ol’ pennywise why you came here, and everything will be okay, and tell the truth….yes, truth, I know when people lie little one, especially little girls like you, I know what’s going on up there” as he poked the side of your head. “I..I i don’t know what you want from me, please just stop, let me go” you slightly cried out, a single tear began running down your cheek, he quickly noticed and wiped it away with his thumb. “Aww, poor little y/n, so innocent, so naive…so stupid, such a naughty liar, where are your little friends? hmm why didn’t you bring ‘em over, it’s almost lunchtime I’m hungry” He looked up at you, wicked grin spreading across his face as he teased you once again, his body was leaned over yours against the wall, his long lanky arms caging you in like a bird, you could feel the heat on his breath, you could feel the slight slick of the paint on his face as he brushed his cheek against yours, sniffing behind your ear, close to your neck. “Don’t.. leave them alone” you slowly spoke, the feeling of his body so close, sent a strange heat through you, you were on edge, but something in you felt powerless to stop his control over you, so you just let him get on with whatever invasive action he decided to spring on you. Everything inside you was screaming that this felt wrong, but deep down, an untouched part of your soul, something dormant and asleep, was beginning to wake. “Hmm, I wonder what they would think if they knew your little secre-t, if they knew!! ohohoh” it belted out, like a misbehaved child, hidden with sinister intentions and meaning.

Your eyes widened as you looked at him straight in the face, “..what secret, i-i.. don’t know what you’re talking abou..” He interrupted you as you noticed out of the corner of your eye that one of the arms that were holding you in place suddenly moved to your hip. It felt someone touching you after they’ve been out in the cold, you felt his dangly long fingers graze against your side, smooth and tenderly “You had such a sweet pretty smell that day, you have it now, yes you doooo” without any warning it’s mouth moved down into the crook of your neck, he used his index finger to gently sweep one of your loose curls away from the skin, it’s lips were now grazing over your jugular and you felt the edge of his two front teeth graze and scrape against the muscle. You wanted it to be painful at this point, because at least if it was painful it would disguise the other emotions you were feeling as the small shots of his breath whistling through his nose sent shockwaves of tingling heat through your pulse, right through to the rest of your body. You tried desperately to conceal the stifled moan that was in your throat, but unfortunately, it found its way out, right into his ear and much to his delight. “Yes, there it is, you can’t hide it from me” Your body was weak and limp against his as he basically purred into your neck, your mouth was partially open, it felt like you were in a trance and your senses filled with fuzziness and smells of cotton candy. Your muscles soft and relaxed against his towering, hot presence. You felt the sudden cold prickle of his glove slide underneath your skirt, slightly rising up your thigh, and just as quickly as you were put under his trance, you snapped back to reality at this sharp sensation.. this wasn’t happening. “..NO, no!” you shouted, you tried to move away to run out from under his stance, but his arm shot up quickly against the wall like a plank, trapping your body from escaping. He took hold of your face with his left hand, you couldn’t believe how big his hands were, one of them nearly covered your face completely. “Not so fast, little mouse, we were having a nice moment there dontcha think?” he said smugly, grinning again with an almost seductive wickedness. He cupped your cheek gently, stroking it up and down, you’d be lying if you said you weren’t feeling things, unnatural things, things you shouldn’t be feeling, but they were becoming more and more present with every touch. Every word set off something in you, you hated him, you were meant to want to kill him, but this moment had you conflicted and scared, scared at what was to come, what you were to become, what you were capable of when at the edge. His bright, blue eyes shone at you with glee, with need, desire, and beauty. Your breaths were deep and raspy, heart beating out of time almost in unison with his. “It’s okay pennywise knows, oh yes he knows what you need, I can give it to you…just let me… le-t me y/n” that phrase seemed to echo and ricochet off the walls like a thousand voices chanting in your ears, and with that his lips gently pressed against yours. Your head moved in perfect rhythm to meet his touch, as soon as you felt those crimson coated lips, it was like a wave of electric passed over you, and you felt like everything you’d be holding back, every fear, every scream, every worry just disappeared in a flash. His tongue felt warm and soft as it entered your mouth, your lips became wet, surprisingly none of the makeup came off onto your skin, there was no messy smudges, nothing, just pure passion in one simple kiss, but rationality came back into your head. This wasn’t just a kiss, you were sharing yourself with a demon, an alien, a monster who tried to kill you, and your friends.. and he was right, what would they think? what would Beverly, or sweet little Ben think if they knew you were sharing this moment with a beast who harmed them and was still on the warpath, a child murderer? You’re tasting the same lips that devoured children’s flesh. you suddenly came back down to earth and pulled away, your will was strong enough now after all these thoughts running back and forth through your head that you managed to push past his arms and break free from his hold. You stumbled to the other side of the room, hands covering your mouth, stifling your shock at what just happened. Pennywise just stood, looking at you with absolute pride and satisfaction, at his latest game. He broke you. “weeeelll that was very nice, too bad your silly conscious got the better of you their sweet cheeks, would have liked a little more of that pretty mouth” You stared at him with pure hatred and anger, and sadness, you hated yourself for giving in, for being weak but at the same time you couldn’t deny that in that moment, you loved it. “Why did you do that to me, why did you make m-” you cried out in desperation, almost tearing up, but his powerful voice interrupted you once again “No no don’t blame me for that, that was allllll you, I just helped you see what you really wanted little thing. I knew you were a liar…I can smell a liar a mile away”You glanced at his malicious expression, he was under your skin for sure, all though you never would dare to admit it.

“You’re a monster” you coldly stated, looking him dead in the eyes. Pennywise began creeping towards you, slowly and devilishly, you thought for sure he was going to attempt to hurt you or mentally scar you, but instead, he just towered over you, looking down at you like the small pathetic little creature you were. His eyes sparkled in the ray of setting sun peaking through the boarded up window. “Yes, little one” he reached out his hand once again, his index finger dancing over the tip of your chin before both index finger and his thumb gently grabbed hold of it, tilting your head up even more so he could get a proper view of him, and also intimidate you even more. “A monster that you desire”  it spoke softly as his soft silk glove brushed over your bottom lip, you stood still. You could slowly feel yourself falling back into that familiar fuzzy trance-like state, but not enough to let it take control. Pennywise continued stroking your lower face as he laughed to himself, not his usual high pitched crazed giggle, but something softer and intimate. He kept looking at you whilst your lips trembled and your mind and heart were full of conflict and confusion at how this day turned out, how you managed to get yourself in this predicament. Pennywise turned his head to the window, the fresh light was dimming now, it was going to be dark soon, had you really been here for that long?  He turned his head back to meet your stare, looking slightly concerned, but also slightly flustered himself. “Better run along girly, don’t wanna be out all alone in the dark, never know whos running about waiting to CATCH YOU!” he suddenly barked, as he grasped both of your shoulders giving you a jump and almost making you scream, but most definitely snapping you out of your growing trance.

He released his grip on you and slightly shoved you towards the door, you looked confused and flustered but went slowly to the door handle uncertain if this was another one of his tricks. You grabbed it and expected it to still be locked, but as you turned it, you heard the click as the door nearly swung open as if a gust of wind hit it.  You stood in the half-open doorway, letting the cold early night air hit you, it felt good to feel the fresh air bathe over your hot and sweaty face. It was like two worlds had separated again, you felt as if the measly space between the porch and the actual inside of the Neibolt house were two completely different places. Outside was safe, and peaceful with nothing but the slight breeze of the autumn air whistling through the trees and fading amber sunlight creating a beautiful glow over your little town, whilst through that door was hell, a hell filled with fear, abuse, uncertainty, but worst of all longing, and that scared you more than any monster ever could, and Pennywise knew it.

You turned round one last time, but the clown was gone in a flash. The only remaints of him being the faint whisper coming through the house right out into the night sky, whilst you stood on the same worn down porch “I’ll be seeing you around, my sweeet”

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Dialogue Prompts

From basic to bizarre.

  1. “Why didn’t you read the instructions?”
  2. “This has to be a trick.”
  3. “I’m sorry, hugs are not an acceptable form of payment.”
  4. “Please tell me you’re not going to sing.”
  5. “Are you sure this is nontoxic?”
  6. “Oh my god, you used a coupon on a date?”
  7. “Mom, I swear I’m not lying.”
  8. “First you break my heart, then you break my toaster. Where does it end?”
  9. “In retrospect, I do see why it was a bad idea.”
  10. “There’s no way I’m going in there.”
  11. “In what universe would we need this much guacamole?”
  12. “Oh hell no.”
  13. “How does one accidentally order 20 pizzas?”
  14. “Wait. They kissed you and your response was ‘thank you?’”
  15. I came here to kick ass and eat bacon, and I’m all out of bacon.”
  16. “Why is there so much glitter?”
  17. “It’s not what it looks like.”
  18. “This is the third time you’ve tried to summon a demon in our kitchen!”
  19. “We’re stuck here until the storm stops.”
  20. “Oh. You meant that literally?”
  21. “This is your last warning. Stop. Hogging. The blankets.”
  22. “You stole a what from a who?”
  23. How was I supposed to know it was haunted?”
  24. “Don’t worry. I’m allowed to do this.”
  25. “Maybe you should kiss it to make it feel better.”
  26. “Touch me again and see what happens.”
  27. “But if they think we’re a couple, they’ll give us a discount!”
  28. “I haven’t trusted you since last year’s ice cream incident.”
  29. “This isn’t the end, you know.”
  30. “Please. Just this once. For me.”
  31. “All’s fair in love and board games.”
  32. “I didn’t steal it! I just permanently borrowed it.”
  33. “They’re not so much a supervillain as they are a super-inconvenience.”
  34. “What do you mean flirting?”
  35. “I couldn’t wait any longer. I’m sorry.”

anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips for an intj dating an enfp?? This is really vague but im new at this and im kind of freaked out -intj who doesnt know how to deal with love

Hi, INTJ Who Doesn’t Know How to Deal with Love.  Welcome to the club!  I say club because I still feel the way you describe from time to time, and I imagine it’s fairly common among INTJs, especially more romantically inexperienced ones.

My ENFP is/was the first person I ever dated seriously, and I started off with a lot of bad habits that never had room to surface outside of a relationship.  Everything I did became its own leap of faith, as I had no clear reference point for attractive vs. unattractive behavior, especially to an ENFP.

Given our potential similarities, I’m going to dole out advice as though you’re a younger version of myself, even though you might be older than me and/or in an entirely different situation than I imagine!  Just keep that in mind as you read this.  Look into some regular common sense dating advice as well, and I think you’ll be in good shape.

Start finding out which of your instincts aren’t garbage.  A lot of people in dating advice might tell you to trust your instincts.  As INTJs, MOST of our social instincts are pitiful and can’t be trusted, hence your freaking out.  Acknowledge that you’ll have to learn some things on the fly, and that mistakes can be a powerful learning experience.  And despite your initial disadvantages, I can assure you that you DO have a few social instincts that are actually well-developed and probably attractive to your ENFP.  Maybe you’ve got a really snappy sense of humor, know how to mediate conflict really well, or are secretly an expert cuddler.  Every INTJ is different, so I can’t guess your strengths exactly.  Your goal is to find out which areas NOT to worry about, so you can leverage them while you focus on the areas that need work.

Pretend to be relaxed, and learn what it means to be casual.  INTJs are often obsessed with some level of structure to make sure their plans unfold smoothly.  Everything is out to get you, I know.  But the point is to APPEAR like you can handle it without freaking out.  In other words, be flexible when dealing with your ENFP.  If they want to throw a monkey wrench into your plans (and they often will), let it happen.  Let them help you out of your comfort zone, as long as you don’t ignore your own needs.  If you must say no to an idea, don’t frame it like the ruinous mass of chaos it feels like, but instead discuss it calmly and openly.  Over time, you might find yourself actually BEING more relaxed by opening yourself up in this way.

Use your Ni as a feedback-gathering, behavior-adapting machine.  Introverted Intuition, our dominant cognitive function, is a huge weakness in terms of noticing some pretty important details about people.  But at the same time, it is also incredible at interpreting trends and analyzing causes.  That means as long as people are honest with us about our shortcomings, we have a huge advantage in figuring out how improve ourselves.  If you feel like something is holding back your ability to date, don’t be afraid to ask someone you trust, especially your ENFP, if there’s anything you need to work on about yourself.  If you ask your ENFP though, remember to be casual about it.  People find it weird when you systemize your self-improvement too outwardly.

Remember that tone is a thing that exists to most people.  In my experience, tone is one of those instincts that most INTJs don’t have, but that ENFPs are very sensitive to.  Since I used to want people to avoid me, I only developed three tones growing up: neutral, “go away,” and “you’re dead to me.”  You need to go against these classic INTJ tones, because you’re actually trying to ATTRACT someone now.  I can almost guarantee that your ENFP will HATE when you sound cocky, condescending, sarcastic, sardonic, cynical, or utterly emotionless.  A few of these may even come out unintentionally, ESPECIALLY in arguments.  Mind your tone, and talk to people as equals.  Try to weave some positivity into your voice whenever appropriate.  And if you’re totally oblivious like me, this is one of those areas where you can ask for feedback and get some pretty straightforward answers.

Stay nerdy, but not in a creepy way.  I’m just going to assume you’re some kind of nerd because of your type, the fact that you asked this question on Tumblr, and your general attitude toward dating at the moment.  If I’m correct, don’t view your nerdiness as an inherently inferior or superior quality.  Your ENFP probably finds your nerdiness endearing in some way, just as long as you’re not obsessing over tiny minutiae that they may find boring.  Do not feel the need to hide your interests from your ENFP, or try and “convert” them to your way of thinking.  Instead, focus on your shared obsessions, broad or limited as they may be.  Allow yourselves time to gravitate toward (or away) from each other’s individual interests at a comfortable pace.  

Learn how to assert yourself, but not like that.  I have always favored a more passive communication style, since I am not used to people listening to reason in the heat of the moment.  Don’t assume that though!  Many INTJs, myself included, are notoriously bad at voicing their problems in a timely fashion, because they are so patient.  This can make the problem more difficult to solve when it does come up, because now it has grown and the emotions involved have escalated.  ENFPs, on the other hand, tend to be more direct and don’t hold back their emotions.  You can learn from this communication style.  Regularly ask yourself if anything is bothering you about the relationship, and if this problem can be fairly discussed by the two of you.  Talk to your ENFP, and keep the discussion open so both sides can be heard before assuming anything.

Take it as a growing experience.  You have the task, and the PRIVILEGE, of adjusting to someone who is as different from you as possible, short of seeming like a totally different creature (no offense, Sensors).  Generally speaking, ENFPs are more physical, more outwardly emotional, and in many ways more fearless than us, but they are great at catching onto our ideas and our unique brand of weirdness, which makes them really rewarding partners.  The catch is you may have to grow.  A lot.  And while difficult, that can only be a good thing, as long as you are open to the challenge.  I wish you the best.  But do keep in mind, regardless of how your current dating experience goes, you are going to learn a lot about yourself, and that is definitely going to pay off sometime.

- The INTJ

so, I *should* be studying dorian temple architecture, but I see the topic of Trahearne’s death is going around and I need to add my 2 cents.

It’s been said by an ex dev that Trahearne died in a meaningful way, which is blatantly untrue, and brings me to my point:

Trahearne dies in vain.

How does he die? We have to kill him to kill Mordremoth. What is basically the first thing we learn after HoT? Oh, that’s right: killing dragons is a bad, BAD idea. How many dead dragons would have sufficed to communicate that to our characters? One. Zhaitan would have been enough. So, no way anyone can justify his death that way. Now, he was likely killed because the majority of people didn’t like him and claimed he was stealing their spotlight - but from a dev’s point of view, that’s a legit reason for killing him, no? NO. For an official change in power dynamics (as Trahearne was already devoted and almost obedient to the Commander while he lived), an injured Trahearne who has to step back from being the highest leader of it all but can still support and advise the Commander would have been more than enough. Trahearne was absolutely just thrown under the wheels and I see no reason to forgive anet that for what little the the story does to mourn him.

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Soulmate AU! Where when your soulmate dies you become colorblind! Aomine-Kagami-Imayoshi suddenly go colorblind in the middle of practice/work.... make it as depressing as you please

I took some creative license. Hope you don’t mind!

Kagami: When Kagami had first walked into your shared home, finding it completely ransacked and torn apart, he knew that foul play was the cause. He wanted so desperately to believe that you hadn’t picked up and ran away from him; something bad had happened and he was going to find out what. He had enlisted the help of anyone willing; police, private investigators, his own friends. If there was any chance they could find you, he’d gone to them and begged.

Months passed and people began to really wonder if you had been kidnapped. With no sign of you at all, the rumor that you had left him without saying anything had begun to spread. The fact that he could still see color, so vibrant and in full spectrum, had people believing this was true; if it had been kidnap, you would be gone by now.

Kagami, ever stubborn and trusting in you, refused this as a possibility.

“Why would ____ just get up and leave,” he often argued. “We were happy together. ____ wouldn’t give that up!”

Slowly, one by one, the people he’d enlisted to help him stopped. With so much time between your initial disappearance and the present, any chances of finding you had come and gone. He would be a one man search party.

It didn’t stop Kagami from believing though as every night he went to bed, he prayed to whatever celestial being would listen that he’d get some answer about you. Every morning he woke up seeing those bright yellow curtains you’d placed on the window and he’d know you were still out there somewhere waiting for him to find you.

Then one day, as he sat up in bed and rubbed the sleep from his bleary eyes, he looked across at the window to where the curtains looked to be almost white in color. Thinking they were getting sun bleached, he glanced over to the wardrobe where he knew the large mirror you used was placed. In his reflection he saw tired eyes, a beaten body, and so so much gray.

Feeling more numb than ever before, he lay back down in bed as tears spilled from his eyes. Kagami couldn’t tell if the loss of color in his life was more of a sorrow or a relief.

Aomine: “On the card, can you type ‘I’m sorry’ in that fancy, curly font?”

The old man behind the counter gave Aomine a knowing smile. How many young men had walked into his florist shop requesting a beautiful bouquet along with an apology note? Giving the younger male a nod, he walked off to the ancient computer sitting on his counter top to have the card printed out.

Aomine bounced in place from one foot to the other, his arms cradling the bouquet like it was a child. He didn’t have the sense to stop jostling it around so roughly and, with each movement, one brightly colored petal after another had started falling to the floor. Not that anyone could tell; he’d gone and bought the biggest bundle of flowers he could find.

He’d made a mistake, one that he deeply regretted, and though it had taken him a few days of cooling off Aomine was finally admitting his error. He’d been calling you nonstop since the moment he woke up, hoping you’d stop ignoring his calls and pick up the phone. Even now, as he stood at the register and waited for the old man, his hand was busy pulling up your number over and over again.

“Come on, pick up,” he encouraged, only to hear the dial tone once more. Trying one last time before the florist came back, Aomine dialed your number and placed the phone against his ear. There was a click. “____?”

He could hear your car radio, but it was faint in comparison to the old man’s voice coming back across the counter. “I’ve finished your card. It that all for today?”

As Aomine turned to answer the man, the phone jostled from his ear and fell to the floor. He clicked his tongue, knowing you’d be mad at having a loud noise such as that against your ear. One more thing to apologize for. Then he noticed something.

“Hey, when did you change shirts?” Aomine could have sworn the old man had been wearing blue earlier, but now his shirt was a deep, inky black.

The frown he received in response was worrying and, before the old man could even answer, Aomine held the bouquet of flowers at arm’s length to get a good look at them. He could only see gray.

Through the speaker on his phone, the faint sound of sirens and the crackling of a car fire echoed.

Imayoshi: He knew your time had been coming close to an end when his vision began to flicker, notes of color sometimes seeming too dull or too gray to be what they should. It had been happening more often lately, his vision going blurry for a split second before the world suddenly seemed monochrome. Each time made him panic, each time making him rub at the corners of his eyes until the color came back.

Of course, each time this happened, Imayoshi was sitting by your side in the hospital. He’d began to notice that the loss of color always coincided with your  loss in strength, so he always made sure to be holding your hand.

“Dear, could you get me some tea?”

There was a frown on his face at your question. He knew exactly what you were  talking about; that bright green can from the vending machine just down the hallway. It was your favorite and it would be cruel of him to deny you that, but the thought of leaving you for even a moment was becoming too painful for him.

Noticing his hesitance, you placed a rather shaky hand against his cheek. “I’ll still be here when you come back. It’ll only be a moment.”

The words themselves weren’t reassuring, but the fact that you had the strength to reach his face was. With a bit of a grim smile, Imayoshi nodded before letting your fingers slip out of his own. If he had a choice, he’d be there and back in less than a flash.

The hallway seemed longer than normal, but Imayoshi knew it was all just his imagination; the mind could play cruel tricks on people who worried. At the vending machine, he fished around in his pockets for change before finding the exact amount. The familiar whir and clunk of the machine was almost a comfort to him as he watched the single green can of tea fall to the opening below.

“Make way!”

Staff bustled behind him and, on any other day, his heart would have skipped a beat. But there was a gut feeling that they wouldn’t be running toward where his mind wanted him to believe. After all, he could always reassure himself as he picked up the can of tea.

It was gray.

Billy slowly learns Steve’s secrets

Billy doesn’t know what happened to make King Steve go away, but he knows whatever it was, it was pretty fucked up.

It takes a while for him to get to know Steve because they just hookup at first. No one apologized or explained or really fixed things, but time passes and that heavy tension between them doesn’t go away, and fucking works better than fighting because they both win that way and no one else has to know.

Neil is out of town one weekend, and Billy lets Steve come over because he says something about being sneaky like a ninja. Maybe it wouldn’t have been too bad if Billy didn’t hear something smack against the house and a muffled ‘ow, shit’ but after that Billy’s aware and can hear every little noise as Steve tries to let himself in through the window. By the time Steve’s in the house, Billy is sitting on the edge of his bed, foot taping impatiently on the ground and staring at Steve with most ‘done with you’ look in the world.

And Steve’s says he wasn’t that loud and Billy just raises an eyebrow because maybe he should have known, Steve’s always loud, and Steve starts to flush.

Then there’s a bang on his closed bedroom door, and it’s Max telling him to keep it down because Susan almost heard and whatever skank he has in there is terrible at sneaking around, and Billy has to slap a hand over Steve’s mouth to block the indignant noise he makes reflexively at being called a skank.

They always go to Steve’s after that, and that’s when he really starts learning about Steve.

Billy is a lot better at sneaking around than Steve, but he eventually figures out he doesn’t have to bother. Not because Steve’s parents are never home but they like literally either never notice anything or just don’t give a fuck. Billy sometimes goes downstairs to grab some beers or because he left his cigarettes in his car, and they never so much as glance his way.

The first time he came over he made it up to Steve’s window without being detected by the other boy, and he’s ready to gloat when he bangs on the window. Steve jumps and then he wants to laugh at him and mock him mercilessly, even if it means he doesn’t get laid that night, except that Steve doesn’t just look startled, he’s absolutely terrified and his hands clench and it looks like he starts going for a weapon before he realizes its Billy. They never talk about this incident, but Billy makes a little more noise when he comes over next time.

There’s a few times when Billy doesn’t leave until the morning, and it’s pretty clear that Steve doesn’t have anything better to do than sleep all day. Harrington is happy sleeping in until noon maybe even later, Billy doesn’t know because he actually has to shit do. Billy’s actually kinda glad Steve’s a lazy, rich spoiled brat because he was maybe starting to like him.

Except then Steve wakes him up one night while having a nightmare. Billy’s not sure which of them is more flustered, Steve is clearly embarrassed at being seen like this and Billy has no fucking idea how to help him and is just awkwardly rubbing his back, and he accidentally asks Steve if this is why he always sleeps so late and Steve nods and just presses closer into Billy.

Later Billy wonders why Steve’s never woken him up before since he was kicking and screaming and stuff, and Steve has to admit that he usually doesn’t even fall asleep until the sun’s coming up. Billy almost thinks it’s weird that Steve‘s just lying there awake while he’s passed out, but Steve kind of admits he likes that’s Billy’s there. It’s better than lying in his bed all night by himself not being able to sleep.

So then it’s the point of no return. He has to admit he has feelings for Steve because he starts leaving and covering his tracks at home and taking Max wherever she needs to go and whatever and then he comes back and gets into bed so he’s always there both when Steve goes to sleep and when he wakes up. He gets pretty good at dealing with Steve’s nightmares.

Billy knows Steve’s parents are distant and he has so many nightmares and is jumpy as fuck. He doesn’t know what’s going on, but he wants to find out. He’s always been a little obsessed with Steve, but now he cares. He wants to be there for Steve and he thinks, if he gave Steve the chance, Steve would be there for Billy too.

shit tier ending: monika is deleted before the game officially starts; sayori freaks out and it crashes

bad tier ending: you go through the game normally; delete monika; sayori takes over, and goes crazy; monika deletes the game when she realizes no happiness can be found in the club

okay tier ending: you save at the first poem; you go through the game and get through each girl’s storyline, going back each time before the scene where sayori kills herself; you get all the CGs; you delete monika; sayori takes over, and acknowledges your efforts; you get the golden ending without monika

good tier ending: you download the happy ending mod; you play through the game the same way as you would to get the golden ending; once you finish, you go back and save sayori; then go through act 2 and yuri; then go through the new act and save natsuki; then go through act 3 and save monika and monika; and get your happy ending

god tier ending: you get the happy ending and everyone is in a happy, healthy, polyamorous relationship

Okay but honestly Jason called the whole “the good place is fake” idea and set the ball rolling for Eleanor to realize that Michael was on their side so I think they should give his Molotov cocktail idea some more thought because watch them have to go that oh my god Jason in the Bad Place suit disguise and everything I was thinking of went out the window he looks so good 

i was thinking about this for some reason. anyway i hc that rose is good at ice skating and teaches everyone(the rest of the human kids at least)? 

  • john went a couple times when he was younger, hes not the best but he picks it up again pretty easily. he likes to do the windy thing on the ice to make it harder for everyone else. prankster’s gambit galore
  • rose is like. the best at it.she encourages everyone onto the ice and is probably an inspiration
  • jade has never done it before, but shes rlly enthusiastic and falls over the first couple times, but shes p good otherwise!
  • dave has never tried. he didnt want to get on the at first but rose and jade were like come on so he was like fine. he clings onto anyone and doesnt let go. he either falls off them or drags them down with him. hes so so bad dont make everyone else suffer
  • jane is probably second best at it? likes interweaving between other people a lot, makes her feel free like a bird
  • jake is eager to try to stand on his own. he falls over a lot, and needs help, but probably gets the hang of it, eventually
  • roxy is super excited and loves it, even though shes not good! she loves screaming while gliding across the ice with others
  • dirk is probably pretty decent too. he learnt it from watching anime. he tried to help dave once. never again

Social Media AU: Jin is a famous worldwide youtuber. Namjoon is a well known rapper in Korea, Japan and China. It is known how much Namjoon likes Jin and always watches his videos. Jin doesn’t know he exists until one day Jin goes back home to Korea for a few weeks and decides to go check out Namjoon at his concert there. (The texts between namjoon and hoseok where meant to be 10 am)


((Im sorry this one is so bad. It’ll get morw interesting the next few parts because as you will ha e guessed Namjin meet. Ill also include the other boys more. This is my first au sO just trying to get the hang of things))

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Okay so the service dog hc! After a year or two in the hero course Denki starts having pretty bad seizures they can be triggered by just about anything not only by using his quirk! His first seizure was during training , him and Bakugou were sparring and the seizure hit Bakugou didn’t know what to do so he picked the other up and ran him to Aizawa! After that the school let Denki go to an animal shelter and pick out a dog he chose a white mutt and named it Bolt (part 1 geez heck !)

these are SO FUCKING VALID thank you for sharing omg

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I’d like to take a second to talk about harry making a big mess out of having the talk with James and Teddy when they first together. It becomes such a huge embarrassment Draco and Ginny can hear James yelling for Harry to go away in embarrassment. Draco and Ginny walk in to find a scene. Teddy has his head in his hands groaning and mumbling. James is yelling at harry to stop talking. Harry is trying to talk but is just saying things and it’s bad. Draco and Ginny are laughing (pt1)

There both bent over laughing and harry couldn’t be more embarrassed. It looked like a scene from a tv show where the dad was blundering and embarrassing there kids. It ended with a weak be safe and james hurling himself onto his bed yelling he was never coming out again and teddy asking Draco if he can move into the mansion with him. In the end Harry promises from now on his partner can give all the talks and he’ll be the silent partner and no one had a problem with it (pt2)

and then when the three adults are sitting after the kids have gone to bed (separately of course) and then Ginny asks harry, what exactly did he tell the kids? and harry tells them about his talk, which was basically nothing but hary blushing and causing teddy and james to blush and it wasn’t exactly what draco and ginny imagined. and harry was so bashful and all blushy as he recalled the convo and draco couldn’t help but feel as if he was the luckiest person in the world. although, the speed with harry bolted when ginny suggested that he be the one to tell them about the birds and bees, atleast told draco that his boy had learned his lesson.

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I can honestly say that the whole positivity thing was actually positive for me. People were talking to me, I was interacting for the first time without fear. It's a shame it had to go and be spoiled. (Just thought I'd shed some light on this subject. Hope you have a good day!!)

Personally, I thought it was hilarious. It was a great way to get people interacting and I enjoyed seeing the spoops on my dash.

It was super confusing because I couldn’t tell who was Mark or who wasn’t, and I actually had to double check at times.

I DO feel bad that someone didn’t handle it well, and I hope they find peace of mind and are able to relax. Their feelings are valid and they have every right to speak up and say enough is enough.

Hopefully next time Mark engineers something like this (and let’s be real, with Mark involved, there’s always a next time.) that people have the good sense to contain it within the fandom, and leave people alone who don’t want to participate.

Lesson learned!

Someone on FB: Please help! My cat has [bad symptom] and also [symptom which is a direct result of ignoring first symptom way too long, and could lead to infection if not treated]. The [third symptom] is really driving me nuts. I don’t know what’s caused any of this. What can I do without going to the vet?


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Whit, are you good at flirting? I'm so bad I don't even know how to start a very first convo online with out saying just "hey" which I know a lot of girls hate. What do I do? I'm so single it hurts.

Aw love! I consider myself medium at flirting - I usually start conversations with compliments.. you can’t go wrong with starting with positivity. I think flirting is just a bit of excessive friendliness with occasional innuendo. Sadly because this is my personality type, most people think I am flirting all the time.
Just be yourself. Flirting isn’t necessary for obtaining a mate. And maybe don’t start with hey, but start with a hello followed with a question, or a compliment. Be interested in someone. I hope this helps. I’m sorry you’re having a tough time. 😘✨