but not as much as shizaya :d

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Your art gets me back to life 💕 specially when it's about shizaya 😭 please keep the great work

Thank you so much! Being able to finish shizaya artworks makes me super happy too. Thanks for going out of your way letting me know of what your thoughts are, it makes me feel I’ve done something good for people who loves the same thing as I do, and it’s a nice feeling. So once again thank you for your message!

I’ll leave a bit of kindergarten shizaya here as an ‘appropriate’ reaction. ;D


(Director of detective agency) Orihara Izaya & (Detective) Heiwajima Shizuo

Have u read this  amazing durarara theories, head canons, and fanfictions?? you should!! It’s too bad she had left the fandom T_T. Thank you so much for your dedication and hard work!!!


Alright alright I admit while I haven’t watched Durarara, only probably for about an episode or two, don’t remember which, I actually wanted to read/watch Durarara just because I love Shizaya so much, or individually, Izaya. Both of them are just so amazing and complex and yet also fit each other in my opinion. 

They are complex because although the show  what most people thought of themselves, with Izaya being that cocky Sociopath guy who deluded himself into loving all humans by also manipulating them and all, and Shizuo being that emotional guy who’d help a kitten and kids if he could, but is considered as a monster cause of him monstrous strength. 

But I like to think that they have something deeper in them, like how Izaya actually have more feelings than he showed cause of something that might’ve happened in the past, and that how their mutual hate to each other couldn’t possibly end up with them killing each other like they said it would. Because really, let’s face it, both of them would end up feeling so bored without the other around. Shizou won’t be able to use his full strength like he did all the time whenever he chased after Izaya, and Izaya won’t find someone as unpredictable as Shizou, since most, if not all, humans tend to fall for his manipulative moves.

Although to be honest other than all the above that I’ve ranted I just love how both of them actually complement the other, and just how cute both of their interactions are.

Also, please forgive me for any wrong assessment above. I haven’t been able to watch Durarara, and most of the above are just things that I get in the fanfics that I read.

Sorry for making this so long, and thank you for reading

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horror rpg games (Mermaid Swamp, Crooked Man, Ib, Mad Father, etc)

oh, and Gintama has a priority!


I see so much stuff on my dash lately, that I’m not the slightest interested in, so, yeah, help please :D


//thanks to everyone who’s helped (i’ve found some really nice blogs) and shotout to people who spread this ♥

Pairing: Shizaya
Theme: au children

Three-year-old Heiwajima Shizuo had lost his one-year-old little brother Heiwajima Kasuka, and was running around the entire canvas of the playground in search of him.

He would walk, although not very well (waddling was a better term,) so Shizuo figured that he’d still be within the perimeter. Brown hair was matted to a fair forehead, beads of sweat rolling down flushed cheeks. Wood chips flew with every step he made, slipping but managing to catch himself. He’d checked under the slides, in the tubes, on the see saws, behind the swings; everywhere Kasuka liked he wasn’t and he was peeking inside a trash can, one hand pinching his nose shut when he heard his baby brother’s voice.

Head jerking up, fatigued legs carried him to the sandbox and saw Kasuka in his blue footie pajamas sitting on the blanket he took with him everywhere in front of a raven he’d never seen before.

“‘suka do good?”

The boy nodded and Kasuka smiled, seeing the mound preserved as he lifted the pail, little body bouncing with excitement.

Chest still heaving when he went over, Shizuo crouched down next to Kasuka and gave a tired smile. The paler boy turned with a bright smile to see his brother, pointing at the mound. “Look! Look! 'zaya taught 'suka!”

Hazel eyes flit up to see the raven’s cheeks pink as Shizuo moved to be able to sit, holding Kasuka in his lap and helping him pack the pail. The fact that his little brother could make a friend whereas he couldn’t didn’t surprise him, but now that he was playing with him, Shizuo’s heart was racing and squeezed Kasuka, hoping he’d talk.

He just whined.

“I… I-I’m Shizuo,” he stuttered, finally looking up at him before hiding his face in Kasuka’s hair out of reflex.

“'zuo 'suka’s brother!” Kasuka chirped and patted the sand down.

A little hand coming up to smooth down black bangs, the paler boy gave a shy smile before looking back down.

“I-I’m… Izaya.”

“'zaya 'suka’s friend!” Kasuka announced, lifting the pail with a bit too much excitement and watched the sand begin to fall apart, face crumpling. And before either of them realized it, Kasuka had started crying, wailing and sobbing in Shizuo’s lap as the elder tried desperately to calm him down, Izaya looking just as lost.

“W-w-what do we d-d-do?!”

“I-I-I don’t know!!!”

“W-w-what do you usually do?!”

Frantically, Shizuo tried to think of the last time Kasuka cried this hard.

“…I-I changed his diaper!!”

Izaya stared and jumped up, pointing at a picnic table.

“L-let’s do it there!!”

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I miss your shizaya art <3 (love love them! :3)

waahh thank you ;vvv; 

I want to draw more and more of them too! Izaya and OnoD’s birthday is coming up at the same exact day by the way, so here’s opportunity! :D I’m hoping to see more art on their birthday on May 4th from other artists as well ^v^ *hoping against hope*

Thanks again for your kind words <3

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Im crying omg that shizaya fic where they basically summon the devil every friday night is hilarious

<3 quality bonding time between shizuo and izaya aw shizuo can flirt all he wants

“so… uh. what do you do?”

“besides summon a different demon every friday? nothing much.”

“um… i see. well…”


“shut up shinra”


shizuo wants to play hero and save izaya from the possibly terrifying and murderous ghost but he also doesn’t want to mess with the spirits because SHIZUO IS A NICE AND RESPECTABLE GENTLEMAN WHO DOESN’T BOTHER THE DEAD unlike shinra the idiot and izaya the devil’s own spawn

“izaya let’s summon your dad next”

stop with that joke”