but not as much as i hate tom bombadil

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   idk this is a mix of fanwanking and just headcanons but what are your thoughts on ‘huan as maia’ vs ‘huan as supernatural animal’ stuff/(eagles also?). also i can’t remember if you’ve ever actually given your take on What Are Orcs/What Happens To Orcs After They Die etc etc, or if that’s something you’re interested in   

1) I have a COMPLETELY IRRATIONAL dislike of Huan-the-Maia, which is only because i have seen more than one post going “well, he must be some sort of maia, so therefore–” and/or in the same breath as “well since tom bombadil can be assumed to be a maia–” and fuccckkkkkk i…hate….closed systems just on principle in the first place, but i especially hate arda-as-a-closed-system on a totally unprincipled personal level because so much of my formative love of tolkien’s works is rooted in that feeling of there being a huge web of things that exist and function and travel their own paths and are full complete things on their own outside of the plot, and which are completely uninterested in me, the reader, and need not relate to the plot i was following.

which i guess sort of means my headcanon of huan’s identity is “ohhhh human, am i a maia or am i a supernatural animal? oh i know, fuck you, i have better things to do than tell some silly story-reader about myself lmao.” i get off on that sort of, meta-characterization, where the story element itself doesn’t care about its audience and makes the audience feel small and dumb and ignored bc lol u expect the self-evident idea of doomed giant fairy hounds to cater to the reader’s curiosity, scrub. uh. that makes me sound like i have some kind of humiliation bestiality kink. which was not ‘precisely’ my ‘intent’ but wasn’t precisely not my intent either technically speaki — i’ll stop.