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End of the Day

Bucky x reader

Warnings: kissy kiss kiss (fluff)

Prompt: You help Bucky calm down

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You finally had a night to yourself. Everyone in the tower was gone and you could finally sit down and rest. 

The T.V. was all yours, no one to fight over the remote with. You only had to cook for yourself, something you haven’t been able to do since you moved in. 

Everyone was to be gone until morning, so you took advantage of every aspect of the tower. The couch was covered in blankets, your favorite movie was on, and you were happy. 

But of course, all good things must come to an end. 

The light of the room was flicked on, in coming a very out of breath Bucky. “What are you-” 

You were cut off by Bucky rushing to you and wrapping you into his arms. His entire body was shaking, and you could tell that he had just relapsed into a fit of memories from before Steve found him and brought him to the tower. 

You two were close, to say the least. You found him in the kitchen in the early hours of the morning after he had a nightmare. You were an insomniac who rarely slept early, and it almost became routine to meet him in the kitchen at 3 in the morning. 

You never wanted to sleep, but you always tried to so you would have more energy for him. 

You learned his likes and dislikes, you learned how to calm him down and he was grateful for you. No one knew how to do it except for you.

His chest heaved, but you slowly wrapped your arms around his muscular body and rubbed his back comfortingly. “I was-” he choked on his words, “I was just at the gas station and he looked exactly like him. The man at the register.” 

You opened up the blanket, allowing him to crawl in next to you and curl into your side. “Looked like who?” You questioned, leaning into him because human contact helped him best. 

“Zola. He looked just like him.” 

You sighed, resting your cheek on the top of his head. “He’s dead, Buck. You don’t have to worry about him anymore.” 

“I’m still so scared.” He muttered, his face resting in the crook of your neck. 

You felt bad for him, but you weren’t giving him pity because he hated that. He wanted someone who was going to be there when he needed it but treated him as they would anyone else at any other time of the day. You were that person for him. He could come to you for anything and he knew you wouldn’t coddle him when he didn’t want it. 

“You don’t need to be, you’re safe now.” You whispered, running your fingers through his hair. 

He sniffled, “Thank you.” 

“It’s what I’m here for, Bucky.” 

The two of you stayed like that for a bit, waiting until he had calmed down before he sighed. 

He crawled up, sitting up straight and allowing you to pull away from him. “I’m sorry I ruined your alone time. I’ll leave you be.” 

You were about to let him walk out of the room but you knew you couldn’t, “No Bucky. Stay with me, watch the movie.” 

He turned back to you, a slight smile on his face, “You sure?” 

“Of course.” 

As he rushed back to the couch you couldn’t help but feel butterflies in your stomach. He pulled off his shoes and sat next to you, pulling you closer to him. 

This was the first time you were cradled by him and not the other way around. Not that you were complaining. 

“F.R.I.D.A.Y., lights please.” 

The lights turned off and the light of the T.V. was the only thing that illuminated the room. You glanced up at his face, watching as his eyelashes had perfectly cast a shadow on his cheeks. The scruff on his face had a sudden appeal to you, almost melting you at the sight. 

You moved your eyes away from him as he turned to you, barely being able to keep your mind on the words being said in the movie. You could only feel his breathing underneath you. 

It’s not like this was the first time you had felt like this. 

“I don’t get it, why are they singing? They’re in a high school can’t they just talk?” Bucky said, his brows furrowed at the television as Grease played. 

“That would make the movie awfully more boring.” You responded, smiling at him while you pushed your attraction to him away. 

“It would make it realistic.” 

“Realism is boring.” You bit back, sitting up and staring into his eyes. 

His eyes turned to slits, but you didn’t notice as your eyes became focused on his lips. 

He saw this as an opportunity, and took his bottom lip in between his teeth with a smirk. You swallowed, turning back to the movie and watching the sleepover scene. 

“Nuh-uh, I saw what you were looking at.” Bucky teased, his teeth shining. 

“Shut up, Bucky.” 

“You want to kiss me, don’t you?” He chuckled. 

“Would you please just shut u-”

Your sentence was cut off by his lips connecting to yours. He leaned forward, pushing you onto your back and crawling on top of you. 

You were in complete shock, there was no possible way this was actually happening. You couldn’t believe it, and as he was about to pull away you began kissing him back with as much force as he had used on you. 

His hands held your hips down and your arms wrapped around his neck to keep him close to you. 

Before you could fully slip into bliss, he pulled away. 

“It’s okay,” he smiled, “because I wanted to kiss you too.” 

‘how long are you going to run away?’

‘as long as it takes.’

‘keep running! i like the chase!’

Every time I watch 5sos snapchat stories:

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“Hi, Sev, how’re you?” you ask as you walk up to his table.  You were in potions, and had gotten to pick your partners.  You would have been with Severus, until the gorgeous Sirius Black asked you to be his partner.

“Oh, I’m fantastic,” he responds, not looking up from his cauldron.  He had a sour look on his face, easily readable.

“You don’t look very happy.”

“Have I ever, Y/N?” he responds back snippishly.  You’re taken aback by his harsh tone of voice, not used to hearing it directed towards you.

“What’s wrong?  Just tell me instead of pouting.”

“It’s nothing.  Just go back to your perfect Sirius, like I care,” Severus snaps, rolling his eyes.


Great news! Circus Baby has the ability to dispense ice cream! Bad news, no one knows how to get it out. Not even Baby herself. It only happened once after all!

the Eurovision AU the fandom probably did not need

Have we had a Eurovision AU for Middle Earth yet? Well, imagine: 

Dwarves and elves always give each other 0 points. Usually dwarves give other dwarves 12 points. Sometimes the elves vote for men.

Rohan has horses on the stage. Real horses.

Nobody wants to vote for Mordor, but they always have great stage shows (burning eyes. nine guys on fell beasts. errupting volcanos) and Sauron has a really good singing voice.

The elves usually compete with long ballads about starlight, the past, and lands beyond the sea. They never win. Except for year  the Mirkwood wine squad competes.

They do however have amazing glittery gowns and sequins.

Nobody is entirely certain what the geographical or political conditions for participation actually are. Also, the Orocarni are really far away, but they regularly participate.

Hobbits always sing about food. They are still constantly misunderstood. Still, singing about their love for big, firm tubers usually goes better than singing about cute farm animals.

Gandalf is on no one’s team, but he is always around to provide fireworks.

The men of Bree usually compete with drinking songs. One time they accidentally won with a creepy tune about the Barrow Downs, but that scared everybody.

The dead of the mountains, the Barrow Downs, and the Emyn Muil are not allowed to compete. Not because they’re dead, but because being dead gives them the advantage of having far more practice time than everybody else.

Gondor’s entries are often outright political. Their competing titles included “A shadow rises in the East”, “Who needs a King?” and “I see it all”. Despite Mordor’s protests they have not yet gotten disqualified.

The Ents, however, did get disqualified after their entry took more then a day to perform. They keep insisting that was only the first verse.

Everybody hopes the Valinor elves will never win, since nobody is quite sure how to get there (to say nothing of getting back).

Nori’s “Rivers of Gold” wins at some point

I’d like to imagine a world where the twitter Be/ronica stans don’t make me hate the fact that I like Be/ronica.

Jealousy’s for the Weak

Connor x Reader

Request: Anonymous-  EXTREMELY jealous Connor X Reader? If that’s possible?

Words: 1999

A/N: Ah, I think I messed it up with the ‘EXTREMELY jealous’ part. I’m sorry, sweet anon! I tried!

Now this wasn’t too bad, you thought, your hand wrapped elegantly around a glass of pale wine. The hard push of the corset wrapped tightly around your middle wasn’t nearly as distracting now that you’d had a few glasses. Your cheeks were flushed with color, the warm glow of candles causing it to look natural in the ambience of the ball room.

“Mon Amie.” A silky voice sounded from behind you, his voice lilting like the soft music of a harp. “I have gotten what we need, fille chérie.”

You nodded, a small bob of your head, attempting to turn towards him. The unfamiliar materials of the dress made it quite difficult, your lips pursing at the effort.

“Perhaps a dance before we go?” He offered, a sweet smile on his pink lips.

Two golden orbs bore into you, a soft brush of hand as he guided you out towards the dance floor. Even on a good day you weren’t the greatest of dancers, but the firm press of his hand had you following his moves with near perfection. Despite the attractive man in front of you, holding you close and speaking sweetly into your ear, you didn’t feel satisfied. You wanted someone else. But, alas, you should at least enjoy this moment. It wasn’t often you found yourself in the arms of someone so easy on the eyes and nice as Olivier.

“Something troubles you, cher.” He noted, one foot moving forward as yours moved back, the dance flowing naturally from his limbs to yours.

“Nothing important.” You muttered, your thoughts on a certain Native Assassin.

No matter how many men you met, none of them intrigued you quite like Connor. To be quite truthful, he was the one you were wishing to be in the arms of at this very moment. Instead, you were with Olivier, the French Assassin sent to survey the improvements made upon the Colonial Brotherhood. Olivier had been friendly with you since the moment you met, and you’d never been anything but professional back, at least until now. You just needed a moment to escape the suffocating reality that you might never get the chance to be with Connor.

“If it was not important,” Olivier began, his arm bent up to press his palm against your own, your bodies dancing around one another, “You would not look so upset by it.”

“We should go,” you murmured, eyes downcast so they wouldn’t look into the gentle probing of Olivier’s flaxen orbs.

“Of course,” he said, ever the gentleman as he bowed low before you, pressing a gentle kiss to the back of your hand.

It was unsettling to be so emotionally bare, your years of training kicking in to bring back a semblance of professional stoicism. Weren’t you supposed to be detached, callous, cold even, if you were to efficiently fulfill your duties? You’d certainly been taught so. But you were still human, you still had feelings, emotions, desires. Not even copious amounts of training and a lifetime of hardships could take that from you.

The first gust of cold, autumn air kissed along the heated skin of your cheek, pulling you back down to the present. Olivier had an arm laced through your own, clearly respecting your boundaries. It brought a smile to your face, one that you hid behind your hand, your fingers pressing against your chin in thought. You’d be back with Connor soon. No sooner had you finished your thought when the man in question appeared before you, light cloth shadowing the majority of his face, muscles tensed beneath robes, and lips pressed together tightly. The smell of fresh pine and home came with his mysterious figure, his head moving down slightly in acknowledgment of the two of you.

“The letter?” His voice was low, almost forced. Despite the neutral expression on Connor’s features, you knew him well enough to know that something wasn’t right.

“Is here, frère.” Olivier replied, discreetly lifting a folded piece of parchment with elegant writing scrawled across the top.

“You took a while.” Connor noted, snatching the letter from Olivier’s hands rather roughly and turning his back on the two of you. He was walking away from you both swiftly, his legs working in long strides.

“My apologies,” Olivier smiled sheepishly, a hand rubbing the back of his neck. “I may have persuaded the lady for a dance.”

Connor’s footing momentarily stopped, the disturbance nearly causing him to trip over his own feet. The muscles in his back were pulled tight against the white fabric of his robes, his deep brown eyes sneaking a glance back at the two of you.

“On a mission?” His tone was almost hostile, something you rarely heard from the man outside of combat. He was usually softer spoken and kind. Something was wrong.

“Olivier,” you said sweetly, looking to him under your lashes. His attention snapped to you, cordially nodding. “Would you be so kind to allow me to speak with Connor alone?”

The golden eyes of Olivier flickered to Connor then back to you, his hand over his heart as he bowed lowly before you.

“Whatever the lady wishes.”

He was the very definition of charm, a small smile and a courteous wave being sent in your direction before he walked off, his spine straight and his arms crossed behind his back. You released a breath, turning on your other companion. His eyes had already been on you, an indiscernible look in his eyes that screamed hostility.

“Okay, Ratonhnhaké:ton,” you put extra emphasis on his name, drawing out each syllable, “What’s wrong with you?”

He feigned innocence, furrowing his brows and turning his back on you. Oh no, he wasn’t about to get away with that.

“Connor,” you bit out, gripping onto his shoulder and tugging him back roughly. It didn’t cause the man to actually move much, but it did get your anger across. And you were angry.

“I am busy.” He stated, waving the letter in the air like a flag.

Of course he’d try to brush off whatever he’s feeling with work. But he couldn’t hide the clench of his jaw or the tenseness of his muscles. He was bothered by something and whatever it was, he didn’t want you to know.

“Like hell you are,” you growled, ripping the letter from his hand.

He didn’t even bother trying to get it back, instead settling a glare on you. The cool air breezed past the two of you, doing nothing to dull the anger bubbling just beneath the surface.

“Give it back.” His voice was low, barely audible above the rustling of leave and the scraping of branches.

“No.” You challenged, the paper wrinkling under your tight grip. “You’re telling me what’s wrong one way or another.”

The predatory look in his eye would make any man cower, but you simply glared back. His intimidating stature was spurring on your annoyance, your chin tipping up and your back straightening. The crisp wind was biting against your cheeks, your nails pressing into your palm.


It was a warning, nothing more and nothing less. Danger and power crackled around his ominous figure, the moon and stars working in tandem to outline his features. His eyes, an abyss of darkness, stared into your soul, baring everything you were to him.


You tried to keep your voice steady, to keep your eyes level, but you couldn’t. You couldn’t because beneath his anger, beneath his unwavering rage, there was sadness, there was a feeling of loss. It didn’t make sense why, but whatever it was, it hurt you. He’d never looked this broken before, and the thought alone made your heart squeeze painfully and your eyes burn with unshed tears.

“You wish to know why I am angry?” He nearly sneered, his eyes narrowed and his muscles tight.

All you could manage was a simple nod, your eyes on his leather boots as he stepped closer, each press of boot to the ground filled with confidence. He didn’t stop until he was directly in front of you, the smell of pine and fresh rain washing over you, his chest bobbing up and down with each heavy breath he took. The tension in his mind was palpable, looming over the two of you like a storm cloud.


Your words were caught in your throat at the feel of Connor’s calloused hands roughly grabbing your cheeks, his lips pressed bruisingly against your own. You startled, something between a moan and a squeak bubbling from your lungs. It didn’t deter him in the least, his smooth lips caressing your own, bringing a taste of mint and tea and home and desperation and love and you were lost. You’d wanted this for so long, needed it for so long, and here he was, kissing you.

The realization was enough to make you wrap your arms around his neck, your lips tentatively moving against his. You tried to lead, but he denied you, clearly needing this as much as you did. It was awkward, his actions unsure and exploratory, clear signs of his inexperience. Despite his earlier roughness, he was being gentle, holding you to his chest with near reverence. It was enough to startle you out of whatever haze had fallen over your mind, your hands moving to his shoulders so you could ease him back.

He didn’t give so easily, his hands desperately wrapping around your hips, his lips chasing yours as you pulled away.


A grunt was all you got in reply, his tanned cheeks burning cherry red. Stiffly, he pulled his hands away, your body feeling as cold as ice without his warm touch.

“I am sorry.”

His head dropped, one large hand rubbing the back of his neck. He was grasping for words, unsure of what to say. You were shocked yourself, not entirely positive on what had happened. He’d been angry, mixed with a hint of sadness, and then he kissed you. Now he just looks awkward. Unless… You looked to him, chewing on your lip in thought. He was almost appalled by his actions, the taste of him still on your tongue.

“You’re jealous.” You breathed in realization, jaw dropped in surprise.

Connor was jealous. Connor, the same man that had brought you meats and breads every Tuesday, that was always sure to keep your wood supply stocked, that purposely lost fights with you because he was afraid of hurting you, was jealous.

“I-I, no, I was only,” he stuttered, backing away like a caged animal, wild eyes darting anywhere that wasn’t you.

“It’s okay, Ratonhnhaké:ton,” you said softly, reaching an open palm out to him. “There’s nothing to be jealous of.”

“I was not-” An undignified groan left his full lips, his hands fiddling with each other. “He is… him,” he finished lamely, eyes stubbornly trained on the ground. You could practically hear his thoughts over the gossip of the distant crowds, their words lost in the wind. “And I am… me.”

A small part of your heart cracked at his unsurity, your mind quick to reassure him.

“And I love that.” You said, taking two steps at a time to catch up to him. He offered no resistance as you pulled him into your arms, having to stand on the ends of your feet just to reach around his neck. “I love you.”

His heart was beating wildly beneath your head, a small smile tugging at his lips. His eyes lit up like the sun on a warm summer day, his face brightening at your words.

“Konnorónhkwa.” His voice was breathy, nearing awed, like he couldn’t quite believe you returned his affections.

“Besides,” you drawled, smiling mischievously up to him. He met your smile with curious eyes, his hair brushing against his cheek at the movement. “I’m pretty sure you’d win him in a fight if it came down to it.”

Your combined laughter echoed into the night.

Happy Endings

Pairing: Luke & You 

Words: 700+

Warning: sfw

Luke has a bad day and only you can replace his anger with happiness - fluff and playfulness ensues 

Masterlist | Feedback 

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A handwritten letter from Prince to a young fan:

“Dearest Annalisa,
It is so nice of (u) 2 write me. I don’t always have time 2 reply but your letters surely brighten my day.
You’re so sweet. I’m glad you’re my friend. If u dig the video, wait until u see the movie. I’m very proud of it. I hope u are 2.
Congratulations on making thru jr high. I’m sure u did better than I. I wasn’t much on school. I was 2 busy listening 2 the grass grow.
Thank u again 4 writing me.
Until I hear from you,
Prince” 🕇


Jacob Frye x Reader

A/N: I blame Jacob for being an adorable fuck. I feel kind of bad though, I think I played Evie more than Jacob.

This definitely wasn’t your idea of fun, you sighed, lazily glaring at the twins from under your lashes. They were fighting about something or other, Henry awkwardly staring to the side attempting to break them up. He was doing quite well, at least until Jacob or Evie would add some snide comment then it’d start up again. You were forced to come here, to watch over the two of them. If you had any other choice, you would’ve taken it in a heartbeat. Alas, this was your punishment, to watch over the two stray Fryes. 

Why they’d decided to leave on a whim and hitch a train to London, you had no idea, and honestly, you didn’t have much care to know. You were just here to do your job and hopefully earn some of the trust you had lost after your last mission. In truth, you hadn’t technically lost any, you’d just taken the fall for another. A stupid choice, now that you think of it, but you can’t change the past. So now you were forced to listen to the twins fight nonstop over who’s idea it was to get to this point. 

It was both of theirs, that much you’d learn in the first 10 seconds. You were quite sure Henry had as well, but he betrayed nothing, his honest arguments calming the twins down more and more. It’d been like this for the past week, the two of them practically losing their heads when they discovered why you were there. Evie had been the perfect Assassin, not failing at a single mission and not compromising the Creed in any way. She’d been rather eager to show off her abilities, something she had every right to do. 

Jacob on the other hand, he’d been a handful. He ran off every chance he got, leaving you in the dust the second you tried to evaluate him. You’d had to chase him more than once, often warning him of his actions, but he didn’t seem deterred in the least. In fact, he seemed to almost enjoy it, laughing joyfully while you chased him all across the city. It was not, in any interpretation of the word, fun. You glared down at his black, leather boots as he walked toward you, the tap of his feet hitting wood fading when he took a seat next to you.

“So, are you ready to return to your home yet?” He asked, removing the black, shiny hat atop his head.

“I wish.” You breathed, shifting yourself so your head resting in his lap, eyes staring up at him. He froze, looking down with a raised brow.

“What are you doing?” He questioned, hands held awkwardly in the air like he wasn’t quite sure what to do.

“You’ve made my life hell for the past week, I think you can handle being my damn pillow for the next five minutes.” His lips twitched, his amusement sparking your own. Okay, so maybe Jacob wasn’t THAT terrible. But you still didn’t like it when he made you chase him around the streets of London or when he made you sit and drink with him in some random pub for hours. Okay, maybe that wasn’t AS bad as you made it seem.

“Jacob Frye, Assassin and pillow.” He smirked, a small chuckle escaping his lips.

“You’ve got to admit, it’s got a nice ring to it.” You laughed, crossing your arms over your chest as you did so.

“Hey, it’s better than (Y/N) (Y/L/N), watcher of the Fryes.” You rolled your eyes good naturedly, smacking his chest lightly for dramatics.

“More like governess of the Fryes.”

“Ouch,” Jacob winced theatrically, “That kind of talk can really ruin a man’s reputation.”

“Oh yes, I’m sure the whole of London would be devastated to hear that the notorious Jacob Frye,” you gasped, “Has a governess!”

“The whole bloody city would fail.” He smiled, resting one hand so it lightly brushed through the roots of your hair.

“Ah, but I think you already had one before I arrived.” You joked.

“Greenie?” He questioned. You raised a brow, biting your lip to stifle a laugh.

“Greenie?” Your voice nearly cracked, the laugh threatening to burst out at any moment. He nodded seriously, looking curiously to you. You couldn’t hold it in any longer, releasing a long bout of laughter. “First Freddie now Greenie? Must you add ‘ie’ to everything?” He shrugged, chuckling lowly.

“Where’s the fun in calling them their boring, old names?”

“Oh, I don’t know, maybe because it’s their names,” you sassed, stretching out your limbs. Your muscles and bones groaned in delight, the feeling of laxness so satisfying. “How would you like it if I called you Jakey?” You questioned, sticking your tongue out at him like a child.

“Jakey? Really?” He didn’t look the slightest bit impressed with the nickname, both brows raised.

“Yes, Jakey, it’s really quite a wonderful name.” You giggled, relaxing once more in his hold. After a moment of contemplation, he nodded.

“On one condition, I get to choose your name.” You paused for a minute, not entirely sure if he should be given the privilege. God forbid he choose something as horrid as ‘Greenie’. But to call him Jakey? Especially in front of the Rooks? In front of Evie? You nodded quickly, smiling up at him.

“How about she-devil?” He asked, the hand not in your hair holding his chin up in thought.

“Hurtful.” You chided.

“No, no, too evil. What is that fruit you like?” He began snapping his fingers, tapping it against his head every few minutes. You were about to say something when he laughed. “Pumpkin, that’s it!”

“You’re going to call me pumpkin?” You inquired, lips straight and brow raised.

“Why, of course, pumpkin.” He looked much too smug in your opinion. With an eye roll, you lifted yourself up, barely pressing your lips to the underside of his jaw. Even with that small brush of lips against skin, electricity skittered down your spine. It was intoxicating. He froze on contact, his Adam’s apple bobbing at the action.

“Goodnight, Jakey.” You added, your voice sweeter than sugar. His eyes watched you closely as you retreated back into another cart of the train, your mind finally seeming to register what you’d done. You’d kissed him. Not on the lips, and not exactly romantically, but still, it was a kiss. That was definitely not part of the job description. Your feet were moving on their own accord, their fast pace nothing compared to your racing heart. 

That was not professional in any sense of the word. And wasn’t that what you were supposed to be? Professional? But you couldn’t be blamed for that one, not really. He’d brought it on with all his flirting and charming. Nope, not your fault, his, definitely his. But did he mind what you’d done? Too bad you were out of earshot to hear his sweet, soft murmur of, “Goodnight, pumpkin.”

Bad Decisions and Alcohol- Calum Hood

Originally posted by lukehemmozs

Summary: You get piss drunk and tweet about you and Calum’s sex life, accompanied by some steamy pics

Warning(s): Dirty talk…

A/N: Another beautiful anon requested this, I was specifically told no sad ending lol. Thanks, much love xx. 

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Imagine Finding Out Barry Can Sing

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“Well, baby, it’s hard
When it feels like
You’re broken and scarred,
Nothing feels right,
But when you’re with me,
I’ll make you believe.
Girl, you really make me wonder about you!”

You smiled a bit to yourself when you spotted Barry singing loudly to a son on his iPod inside the auditorium you both were investigating for metahuman activity. Stepping out and giving a slight applause, Barry stopped instantly, blushing when he realized what you’d heard.

“Don’t stop just because I showed up,” you grinned, and you continued his song the words very familiar to you.

“I’ve wasted my nights;
You’ve turned out the lights,
Now, I’m paralyzed!”

“Still stuck in that time
When we called it love
But even the sun sets
In paradise!”

Song– Maroon 5 Medley, Kurt Hugo Schneider (Performed by Max Schneider and Victoria Justice)

About Tooru’s sibling (HCs to consider for a big brother)

Okay, but I’m sure I’m not the only one in the Haikyuu fandom that doesn’t mind that Tooru has an older brother and not an older sister?? Like consider how many cute things that can come from this, for example:

  • I can see his brother being just as attractive as he is, and I can see Tooru calling his big sis-in-law “nee-chan” and doing typical cheeky Tooru stuff to embarrass his big bro in front of her, like:
  • ”Accidentally” telling the story about the one time when they were younger, when he caught his big bro in his room messing around with his alien mini-figures and ufo playset, despite the fact that his bro had always totally dismissed anything to with something as “dorky” as aliens whenever his classmates would come over and see Tooru’s various alien toys spread out around the house, because he wanted to keep up a “cool” image

And since I mentioned it, let’s talk about younger Tooru + big bro hcs:

  • Showing nee-chan embarrassing childhood photos of his big bro, because isn’t that one of the best things siblings can do to embarrass each other? :’)
  • Or the times when Tooru’s big bro was still dating nee-chan when he would use his little naughty charm and do things like crawl up in her lap and steal kisses from her (and not just on the cheek, but sometimes the lips to make his big bro extra jelly) or hug onto her leg/arm and not let go for several minutes
  • About the last one, it’s possible that little Tooru was slightly jealous of a pretty girl taking away all of his time with HIS big brother, and so he found a way to get the message across; but other times he just thought it was funny to see his big bro flustered and helpless to stop his little antics, since nee-chan would pet and spoil him whenever Tooru clung onto her like this, and after a while he gave up even trying to shoo him away from her

As well as doing other adorable things, like:

  • Peeking into his big brother’s room whenever he’s getting ready for school or to go out with friends, so he can see how the coolest big bro picks and coordinates his outfits, does his hair, etc. and one day his big bro happens to see lil’ Tooru peeking in as he’s in the middle of posing and smiling goofily to himself in the mirror; after this he was super embarrassed and avoided direct eye contact with the little confused dork for the rest of the day and now Tooru copies some of his bro’s same mirror poses as he’s in the mirror getting ready 
  • Exploring his big bro’s room one day looking for a toy or something he misplaced, and coming across his small stash of ero magazines, which little Tooru conveniently remembers about at the table while everyone’s eating dinner and brings up the topic, much to his brother’s embarrassment in which he almost chokes on his food
  • Or the time Tooru walked in on his big bro watching a video rather *cough* inappropriate for children of his age, and now a very flustered big brother has to find some way to answer to his “what was that guy doing to that lady” question rip big bro
  • Trying to cheer his big brother up after he’s had a bad day (maybe a fight with nee-chan or something happening at school, w/e) by drawing silly little pictures of himself and his super coolest brother in the world, (pictures being of them dancing, making silly faces, etc.) and his brother can’t help but laugh; after this, his brother decides he’ll take a walk to clear his mind and invites Tooru to come too; along the way they pass the convenience store, where Tooru uses his puppy eyes to convince his big bro to buy him an ice cream, and of course he gives in, after all this is good thanks towards his little brother for trying to cheer him up
  • One time while video games with his big bro (Tooru is a little bit of a sore loser btw) he begins losing, he starts to pout and pull a few crocodile tears, making his brother feel guilty and as a result, he starts to let him win the next round; Tooru, taking advantage of the situation, instantly begins to smirk at the fact that his brother couldn’t see through his act, and wins the next round, jumping up and shouting “In your face, nii-chan! You fell for it!” as well as other little insults; needless to say, his brother didn’t fall for this tactic again and showed no mercy when playing games with from then on Tooru probably played these games twice as often by himself later on so that he could actually beat his brother without any tactics
  • Telling his big brother whenever he had a new crush in school, seeking advice because of course big brothers know about how to talk to girls, why wouldn’t they? However, this stops soon after because after being complimented on his cuteness by all of his brother’s girl friends, as well as by practically any girl that sees him when they’re out in public, Tooru concludes that he must be a natural chick magnet and relies on his dorky natural charm and boosted confidence to approach any cute girl he sees; this results in his big brother often having to go searching for him whenever he brings Tooru out with him in public, because if he doesn’t keep his eye on him the whole time, the next thing he knows, Tooru will be somewhere flirting with other cute little girls and possibly pretty nee-sans from time to time

And a bonus hc I just thought of including Iwa-chan:

  • Fast-forward to middle school days where the first time Tooru receives one of Iwa-chan’s famous headbutts (possibly for being too hard on himself as usual, saying he’ll never play like the senpai) and he comes home with his nose slightly swollen and red, with little blood crusties underneath; his big brother notices this, and with concern asks him if he got into a fight. Tooru explains that there was no fight, and that Iwa-chan was just bringing him back to his senses after being so negative with himself (although his brother is still convinced that they must’ve had some kind of fight since things ended up getting physical). The next time Tooru invites Iwaizumi over, his brother asks if they’ve made up yet, much to Iwa-chan’s confusion; Tooru turns to Iwaizumi and explains that it was about that particular day at school, and Iwa-chan explains to Tooru’s brother that he occasionally knocks a little sense into him at times, just when he really needs it. Realizing that everything is fine and understanding that this is simply the relationship between his little brother and his best friend, he laughs and before Iwaizumi leaves, he pulls him aside to thank him for taking care of his little brother and keeping him together.

This is my first time doing hcs to be honest, so if these aren’t that good I understand, because normally I literally can’t come up with anything outside of canon on my own, but for some reason it happened just now so I took advantage of the moment to do these, BUT I just hope now that I’ve shown some good in what Furudate has done~

If anybody wants to reblog this/start a new post with continuations of any of these hcs, or new ones based off of these, or even to doodle up a little fanart to any of these, tag me because I’d love to see!

BTS as college students: Jimin

• always shows up to class bundeled up & warm.
• will offer you his coat if he sees you forgot yours.
• drags you to the cafe after classes even if you insist you’re not hungry.
• instead of studying in the library he just excitedly whispers about his day.
• always follows around the mint-haired sleepy boy.
• will forgive your bad attitude in the morning bc he knows how hard it is to be up super early.
• blushes & covers his face when he’s asked to read or to answer a question.
• no matter how early his class starts or how late it ends, he always has a bright smile on his face.
• genuinely enjoys every class he is taking.
• laughs the hardest during jokes that send angry looks your way.
• he doesn’t seem to notice as he laughs harder.
• often forgets to do assignments so you have to remind him constantly.
• he repays you by buying you those cute pens & notebooks at the bookstore.
• always has a drink ready for you before class.
• falls asleep often during lectures.
• he just skipped class to follow Yoongi to the lounge.
• always forgets his books at home so he has to share with you.
• of course you don’t mind but now every girl in class is jealous.
• you try to reassure everyone he only cares for the mint boy.
• at the mention of Yoongi he leaves class early.
• he takes exams & quizzes seriously, wanting to make everyone proud.
• overall just a really sweet & genuine person trying his best to balance his education with his love for Yoongi just like a lot all of you.

Suga Rap Monster J-Hope V Jungkook Jimin

BTS As Your Best Friends

Unpopular opinion: I feel bad for Daisy Buchanan.