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Evening the Score

Elena Rose Bennett is a world class athlete, Harry Styles is an International pop star. Both of them lead extraordinary lives, but when they happen to meet by chance, they do the most ordinary thing there is.

Chapter 27

Harry opened the door to exit the bathroom after showering and getting himself ready to go for his day.  While the other activities Jeff had planned had hit Harry out of nowhere, this day had been planned for months.  Harry’s CD had been released.  He was going to do a round of all the morning talk shows and some satellite interviews.  Then he was headed to some record stores to sign CDs and last but not least he had lunch with some lucky contest winners.  

He’d barely gotten two hours of sleep after returning at 3 am the night before, but he was so hopped up on adrenaline at the moment, that sleep was an afterthought.

Elena, however, was not.  She was still asleep, still wrapped in his hoodie and clutching the pillow in almost exactly the same position she’d been in the night before.  

He sat on the bed, studying her face for a few moments.  He hated leaving her in bed like this.  Hell, he hated leaving her at all.  The real life obligations of their careers were starting to get in the way.

Harry leaned down and kissed her cheek,

“Wake up, Pretty Girl.”

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Part 2 - teaser

Read part one here

He stood still, eyes locked with yours. His chest heaved with adrenaline and uncertainty yet his eyes remained unmoved. You took a slow step forward, finding your voice you called his name softly. “Bucky”

His eyes closed, jaw clenched slightly. “You even sound like her” his voice was low and mostly to himself. Titling your head curiously, you realised his dilemma. The time that had passed between you had caused him to believe you were but a trick being played by his mind. Sadness clenched at your heart but still you stepped closer.


Authors note: This is my first story, I encourage you to let me know how you’re liking the story so far and ask questions, I would also like to thank @starshinesupergirl for all the help.

Walking Dead Characters

Warnings: Blood, Language, violence, violence towards women, food, water and sensory deprivation, suggestions of non-consensual sex.

Chapter Summary: To break or not to break, is the question.

Chapter One: First Encounters

Chapter Two: Empty Threats

Chapter Three: Dinner Date

Chapter Four: The Grocery Store

Chapter Five: We Get What We Deserve

Chapter Six: A Dark Surprise

Chapter Seven: Solitary

“What’s a lil’ girl doin in the deep dark woods all by herself huh?” The man challenged.

“Well, I could say the same about you” I snipped.

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For your prompts - exhilaration

He’d been called a lot of things in his life—not all of them complimentary. The best one, in Scott’s own opinion, was a simple phrase: adrenaline junkie.

Nothing suited him better. From he could walk, he was running. From he could climb, he was jumping. No couch arm or shelf or top bunkbed was safe from Scott Tracy, miniature daredevil.

Older, he was no different. It just happened that he had more interesting things to jump from, like high speed aircraft and skyscrapers.

The reasons for the jumping sometimes changed. Usually, it was duty. Save the person. Defuse the bomb. Get the hell away from danger once the rescue was over.

But there were less savoury reasons at times. Too many thoughts. Too many memories. Too big a hole in his heart.

Thankfully, there was always someone there to catch him in the times when his mind flew away. Strong hands with grease stains or paint splotches, a steady voice in his ear.

“Come back to me.”

And he did. He always did.

The sensation would pass, and the next jump was for the better. A jump back to reality, to safety.

And the next jump? For safety, for duty, for the Tracy name.

Adrenaline junkie. Perfection.

Undead Diaries (Part 11 Final)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: HYDRA have turned you into a monster and locked you away untouched. Raised by HYDRA against your will since you could remember and separated from a long lost sister who by now you have long forgotten. When the Avengers have rejoined they decide to take down every HYDRA base one step at a time. What happens when that base is yours?

Tag List: (If I have forgotten someone, please let me know) @bexboo616@purplekitten30 @archer-whovian-violinist@faunwaster@learisa@lisssays@abbybills22 @ballerinafairyprincess@ paralyze-mee@actual-bucky-barnes-trash  @kenobi-and-barnes@ifreakinglovebooks@weirdlyobsessedreader@mamfaplier@annabadian avengersohyeah


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My Acting for Animators Final for Fall 2016 “Chili Sauce”

The assignment was to create a 6+ second animation of a character’s adrenaline moment without using sound. I was ambitious and made mine 47 seconds; I worked on it for 5 weeks and tackled it in 100 frame chunks. I love how it turned out!!

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I've always loved performing and I recently tried adderall for the first time and it's so odd to me how it kind of feels like a much lesser version of that stage fright adrenaline rush? Like I love being on stage because it causes a thrill that leaves me energetic and motivated and having a med that works almost makes me think of that because it's so easy to get into an inspired and productive mindset now just without the same sort of mania to it if that makes sense idk I'm just super happy rn

That’s awesome! I’m good at performing as well. It helps me focus so much better. That’s probably part of what the Adderall is doing for you.


Ahh! Just got done watching Power Rangers!!! I loved it! Billy was by far the best character! Both Trini and Kim were badass and I love them! (Anyone else kinda ship them after seeing the movie? Cause I sure do! That café scene!!) Zach is my little mama’s boy and adrenaline junky! And Jason just wants to protect his friends and make his dad proud!

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Hey Hun! <3 could you be a sweetheart and grant me request for a Ketch/reader SmutFic where he and the Reader (fellow hunter for BMOL - who's a female equivalent and British too) go bike riding on a Wendigo hunt and afterwards with the adrenaline the couple do it hard on Ketch's motorcycle 😜

On the motorcycle ? 

Excuse me while I recover from the images in my mind.

Yep. I can do that !

Word Prompts (R2): Rage

There are two types of anger.

Or, perhaps, there are more. But you are not really one for anger, usually, so for now you have only experienced two.

Maybe types is not the right word.

Maybe stages is better.

That first flare of heat and action. Muscles tensing, blood pumping. You can feel adrenaline coursing through your veins, fingers curled tight into fists.

If someone gave you a baseball bat you would not hesitate to swing.

You shout at everything, every little irritation, cursing the way you’ve only ever seen others do before. You punch at inanimate objects and scrape your knuckles, another flare of rage pushing you to greater heights.

The second is when you don’t come down.

This has never happened to you.


Usually, after an outburst, you’ve expelled your anger. Nothing left but shredded skin and tiny bleeds already beginning to scab over. Usually a scream or two is all it takes, a walk where the air can cool down your flush and your temper as well.

This time there is no catharsis.

This time your anger coils in on itself, impotent, unable to be released. Your anger ferments and steeps like the worst cocktail, like poison now, the adrenaline twisting your nerves, the tension in your head ratcheting more and more.

You’ve been angry for so long you’re sick of it. Exhausted. And yet you can’t seem to stop.

Welcome to stage two.


A/N: surprisingly on the nose for the word prompt, considering my track record with them… sorry this is unrelated to yesterday’s posts, but I’m glad to see so many people enjoyed that one

Because there seems to be some misunderstanding about this, the infected are certainly capable of a fear response, more or less like an uninfected person. However, when they go “on the attack”, such a potent cocktail of adrenaline and endorphins is released that it seems to make processing input like fear or pain difficult. It’s fairly rare (albeit not impossible) to see them deterred by a dangerous situation if it gets in the way of them and their intended target.

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Sans and Papyrus? Can monsters die of a broken heart? Is it possible for monsters to die of sadness? Emotions can either increase or decrease the production of important hormones such as adrenaline. Adrenaline has the effect of narrowing the main arteries, putting a person in a situation where they may die of heart failure. Humans can die of sadness and a broken heart. I just wanted to know about the monsters can die of sadness and a broken heart.

Is all about choices.  Can they die from a broken heart?  I don’t think they can from that alone.  I don’t think someone can die from sadness, but rather, can potentially die from bad choices made while under the influence of such an emotional state.