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Avengers Chatroom: Hello, Ladies

Requested by the wonderful @seapanda02

Based on this post

A/N: No Reader insert in this. Perhaps the reader is visiting Star-Lord, or vacationing with Wade. *Game Narrator Voice* The choice is yours!

Peter has created a chatroom.

Peter has invited Wanda, Nat, Sharon.

Peter: Hello, ladies.

Peter: How are you on this fine evening?

Sharon: Omg this is so cute.

Wanda: Hi Peter.

Nat: Well. How are you?

Peter: Great, now that I am graced with your beauty.

Peter: Are you giggling because you’re flustered? ;)

Nat: No, because this is hilarious.

Wanda: Aren’t we a bit too old for you?

Peter: Oh c’mon. There’s nothing else to do at this party. Might as well talk to the most beautiful ladies here.

Bucky has joined the chat.

Bucky: Omg this is great

Bucky has added Sam.

Sam: I never thought the kid had it in him.

Bucky: Hey Kid, watch out for Nat. I heard she kills her partners after.

Peter: I would die happy.

Sharon: Look at him!

Peter: Have I ever told you that you have beautiful eyes?

Wanda: Sam, Bucky. Stop laughing so much. You’ll choke on your drink.

Bucky has added Steve.

Bucky: Look out, he’s going to steal your girl.

Sharon: Well, he is cuter.

Steve: I have been bested it seems.

Wanda: This is pretty cute.

Peter: Hellooooo, is it me you’re looking for?

Sam: Shit I choked on my drink

Nat: Good.

Peter: Are you google? Because you have everything I’m searching for.

Nat: How adorable.

Bruce has joined the chat.

Bruce: Hey, Spider-kid. Back off.

Wanda: Maybe Peter should not flirt with Nat.

Bucky: Uh oh. Bruce doesn’t look too happy.

Steve: I agree.

Peter: Will you be the Princess Leia to my Han Solo, Nat?

Bruce: I’ll be the Kylo Ren to your Han Solo if you don’t stop flirting with her.

Nat: Leave him alone Bruce, he’s not being serious.

Sam: He looks so pissed. Kid, stick to Wanda and Sharon.

Peter: You got it, Sir. Sorry!

Bruce has left the chat.

Nat has left the chat.

Sam: Nat is not impressed with him.

Bucky: R.I.P Bruce.

Sharon: I’ll be your Princess Leia. Steve you can be his Chewbacca :)

Steve: As you wish, Princess.

Peter: You’re the Obi-Wan for me Sharon.

Wanda: And me? I see how it is.

Peter: Did it hurt when you fell from Cloud City, Wanda?

Peter: I hope we’re not related, because I’d like to kiss you.

Bucky: I can’t stop laughing. Go on, kid!

Vision has joined the chat.

Peter: Most beautiful, you are.

Wanda: Awwwww

Vision: Now, Mr. Parker, I believe that you should leave Miss Maximoff alone, she doesn’t seem to have any true interest in you.

Sam: Did you have to phase in front of him? He looks like he might piss himself.


Wanda: It’s okay, Vis.

Vision has left the chat.

Wanda: I should probably go check on him.

Wanda has left the chat.

Peter: I guess that just leaves you, Sharon.

Peter: May I have this dance?

Sharon: Of course :)

Bucky: I have never seen Steve laugh this much.

Sam: Can you blame him? I’m in tears.

Steve: Sorry kid but I’m going to have to steal Sharon away from you for a bit.

Peter: Farewell, my love.

Sharon has left the chat.

Steve has left the chat.

Bucky: But I was enjoying that!

Peter: Arm wrestle me?

Bucky: Nah, I could hurt you.

Peter: If I recall I caught your arm with ease. Maybe it needs some oiling.

Bucky: Go back to flirting with the girls.

Peter: I thought you were a girl.

Sam: Spat out my drink. Worth it.

Peter: I’m just joking. Mr Stark said this party would be fun but it’s not.

Peter: Hey Sam

Peter: Hey

Peter: Hey

Sam: What?

Peter: So you like birds, huh?

T’Challa has joined the chat.

T’Challa: Karma.

T’Challa has left the chat.

Bucky: Who’s laughing now, Sam?

Peter: Can we take a selfie?

Sam: No.

Peter: Please?

Bucky: No.

Sam: Stop with the puppy dog eyes.

Bucky: It’s not going to work.

Sam: Okay fine!

Peter: I knew you two loved me. You have to pout though.

Bucky: Yeah whatever.

Sam: I’m not pouting!


Sam: I will out pout you.

Peter: Thanks for putting up with me :)

Sam: You’re not so bad kid.

Bucky: Maybe you should go give it another shot with Wanda?

Sam has added Hope.

Sam: Or her.

Hope: Hey :)

Hope has added Scott.

Peter: Did you know my suit is made of boyfriend material?

Scott: Now listen, kid. We are old enough to be your parents.

Hank has joined the chat.

Hank: I’d choose the kid over you any day.

Scott: Exactly

Scott: Wait what

Scott: I thought I had your blessings?!

Hank has left the chat.

Hope: Oh boy.

Hope has left the chat.

Scott has left the chat.

Tony has joined the chat.

Tony: I understand why Peter would be on his phone, but you two? Explanation, now.

Bucky: Cause this is more fun than your party.


Sam has left the chat.

Bucky has left the chat.

Tony: My party is fun, right kid?

Peter: It kinda sucks, Mr Stark.

Peter has left the chat.


Tony has left the chat.

Conflicted Love (E.D) PT 2

I woke up the next day in an empty bed. I guess it was nice of him to let himself out so I didn’t have to force him to leave like other guys. I rubbed my eyes lazily and sat up. I sighed and grabbed my phone, checking snapchat for a few minutes before finally deciding to get up. I threw on a large T-shirt and went to go freshen up. A few minutes later I emerged from the bathroom and walked into the kitchen. My eyes widened when I spotted Ethan slaving over the stove in nothing but his boxers. “Oh, I thought you left.” I cleared my throat since it sounded a bit hoarse and sat down on kitchen counter behind him. “Well, you thought wrong. I hope you don’t mind I’m cooking right now.” Ethan flashed me a small smile as he flipped one of the pancakes. “Actually I do mind, I bought these foods with my own money! And you’re just coming in here and-”
I stopped talking when Ethan shoved a piece of bacon into my mouth. “But it tastes good doesn’t it?” He whispered and smirked as I began to chew it. Well, he wasn’t wrong there, he was actually a pretty good cook and he managed to cook the bacon just how I liked it. Not too crispy and not too chewy. I rolled my eyes and nodded as he turned back around to serve me a plate. Most guys would either leave at the crack of dawn, or I’d have to force them to. Ethan..for some reason I didn’t want him to leave. I liked his company, we shared so many interests and things in common. Suddenly right across from me, sitting next to Ethan was me again. “Fuck, why are you here?” I groaned and slapped a hand to my forehead. She smirked as ran her dainty nails along Ethan’s biceps while he hummed and continued cooking. “Just here to check up on you. Ethan’s a real catch isn’t he?” She grinned up at me and I rolled my eyes. “Seriously, I’d take him for myself if I didn’t ship him with you.” She giggled like a little schoolgirl before turning to me. “Please leave, even if you do look like me, I don’t appreciate you gawking over my one-night stand.” I said bluntly. She rolled her eyes and stood up. “Correction, your future soul-mate.” She smiled through her bright red lipstick and disappeared again. Exactly when she was gone Ethan turned to hand me a plate. We both sat down and just talked, it wasn’t awkward at all which was a first considering we just had sex the night before and barely knew eachother. We sort of just clicked and it was weird. Why was I so attracted to a guy I had just met. I knew barely anything about him besides that he was a year older than me, had a twin brother and lived his whole life here in New York. But I wanted to know more, for some reason I did. I wanted to just sit here and talk to Ethan all day about what I liked and what I hated. But sadly he had to go, he had received a text on his phone and immediately jumped up in shock. Dashing to my room to tug on his clothes. “Will I ever see you again?” I asked as he stood in my doorway. “I already put my number in your phone.” He leaned in and pecked me on my lips chastely. “Wait how’d you get my phone!” I shouted as he walked off. “Uh- I did it while you were asleep!” He replied and I rolled my eyes. “Yeah, but how’d you unlock my phone.” I muttered as I shut my door. “Whatever, he’s cute.” I smiled to myself as I picked up my phone from the counter. I scrolled through my contacts until I found a number that wasn’t familiar to me. I looked at the contacts name and rolled my eyes. It read Daddy. Oh my god. I called him that once during sex and he never let it go. I smiled to myself and bit my lip as I sat down onto my couch. Should I text him now? Or would I seem too desperate?
And of course, right besides me, she popped up again. “Ugh, what do you want?” I asked her as I clicked on Ethan’s contact picture. It was a selfie he took, which I recognized to be in my bathroom. He made a silly, but cute face and I laughed softly. “So, Daddy E? Huh?” She smirked at me as she popped a tic-tac into her mouth. “Shut up.” I mumbled as I shut my phone off. “Should I text him?” I asked her as I bit on my lip eagerly. “No! You can’t seem too desperate, let him text you.” She nodded quickly and smiled. I groaned and let my head fall back against the pillow of my couch. “Is it bad that I miss him already?” I asked as I stared up at the ceiling. “Oh honey.” She sighed and patted my shoulder, suddenly my phone started ringing. Thinking it was Ethan, I bounced up from my seat and darted towards my phone. I frowned once I saw that it wasn’t Ethan but instead my bestfriend Jade. I answered and sighed. “Listen, I know today’s your day off and stuff but we need you to come in! We’ve got a chase and none of our guys are doing so good.” Jade exclaimed. I rolled my eyes and stood up. “I’m on my way, just tell the guys to keep a trail on them so they don’t get away.” I said as I slipped on my uniform. I hung up and dashed out the door once I had gathered all my things.

Ethan’s pov

“Shit.” Grayson exclaimed and grabbed a fist full of hair before groaning. “What?” I asked and looked over his shoulder. “Cam and Aaron are on the run, they’ve got a bunch of cops on their trail.” Grayson explained as he tucked his phone away. “Fuck. Want me to go over and distract them?” I suggested. Grayson shook his head, “You can’t, we’re the leaders of this gang. If you get caught god knows who ever is your replacement won’t do nearly as hell of a good job as you do.” Grayson said as he jabbed his finger into my chest. I smiled and raised an eyebrow. “Brotherly love.” I grinned as he rolled his eyes. “But Gray, if I don’t go they’ll all be caught.” I said as he cocked his gun. “Fine. If you fuck it up, your ass is mine.” Grayson growled and shoved his gun into my grasp. I grabbed it and grinned. “Well, considering we are twins you already have the same ass as me so, that plan is flawed.” I smirked as Grayson rolled his eyes. “I’ll keep watch, while you distract. Don’t mess up Grant.” Grayson nodded in my direction and I ran outside. It’s pretty obvious Grayson takes our job more seriously than I do, I don’t even consider it a job. Stealing and robbing people blind isn’t a job. It’s a crime, and I’m a criminal.

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Snake charm, Requested.

i dont own the image used, all credit goes to the creator. 

Kyle looked down on his phone and checked the time

“okay so…3 more hours, gotta find a gift before that or she’ll get mad…or are you supposed to give gifts ? what about flowers…but she said she dont want flowers…”

Kyle sighed “ill just get her a nice necklace or something…jewelry is always good” he cheered up and headed to the closet jewelry store

The doorbell rang as he entered and the woman behind the counter smiled at him

“Welcome, can i help ?”

“Oh…yeah, i’m looking for a necklace for someone”

“Oh ? do you know what this person likes ?” she giggles

“i do have an idea in mind yeah, i was looking for something animal themed kinda ?”

“Oh ? like a cat or dog ?”

“Nah, she works in a pet shop and has a pet snake so i figured something like that, you know like two snakes crossing or something like that”

“Oh!” she smiles and heads in the back room and gets out a silver necklace with two snakes on it’’

“Something like this ?”

Kyle looks at it and scratches his head “I mean…that was what i had in mind…”

“You’re not the first one, a lot of people like it”

Kyle nodded slowly “How much ?”

The woman looks at the tag “Around…100$ is that okay ?”

“Hm…i guess it is” Kyle pays for the necklace as the woman puts it in the box and hands it to him

“Want it wrapped or something ?”

“Nah, i’m fine but thanks” Kyle smiles at the woman who smiles back

“Take care” she says as Kyle walks out of the shop and checks the time

“Well, that took…20 minutes…ugh…and i dont really wanna go home but she said to meet her at the park…..ill head over now i guess…”

Kyle shrugged and started to head over to the park, Even though it was already autumn it was still relatively warm outside and the trees in all different colors kinda made it a bit more special

“Hmm…i guess autumn is okay…as long as its not raining at least” Kyle picked up a fallen leaf on the ground and looked at it for a few seconds before throwing it away

Kyle looked around and spotted a little kiosk and headed over to it

Kyle went inside and got himself something to drink and something to eat and went over to the spot where they were supposed to me, a bench right next to the pond, kinda secluded  away from everyone else as well

Kyle sat down on the bench and got out his phone again

“2 more hours…damn…this is gonna get boring, i should have gone home and just waited but…meh..” Kyle sighed and lied down on the bench with one foot hanging out

“Bored bored bored….” Kyle checks his phone debating to text the girl or not but after 10 minutes of mindless thinking he drops it

“i cant…im going to look desperate if i text her, she said 18.00 so ill just have to wait”

Kyle takes a sip of his drink as the jewelry box falls down on the ground

“damn it…” Kyle sits up and picks up the box and opens it to look at the necklace

“why snakes…? i mean…i dont hate snakes but like…well…not my place to question i hope she likes it…” he picks it up from the box and looks at it in more detail

“Like…it looks kinda cool i guess”

Kyle laughs quietly to himself

“i hope she likes it….”

Kyle smiles and looks out over the pond then back at the necklace

“hmm…maybe i should try it on…if she likes it maybe she wants me to get one…or something like that….maybe i’m insane thinking to deeply into it”

Kyle shrugs and puts the necklace on then takes a bad selfie with it on

“Uhm…i look like a poser but…yeah it’s kinda cool” Kyle smiles as he notices something

One of the heads on the necklace is shining a gentle red color

“oh..cool, it has diamonds in it, probably why it cost that much”

“Oh wait…uhm…snakes…i think they are considered luck in some places ? maybe ? i think so ? maybe Egypt ?…snakes and Egypt ? makes sense…or was it like some Asian country…i dont remember” Kyle shrugs and tries to take of the necklace when he notices something weird

“Huh ?” Kyle strokes his hand across his neck but…the cord is gone

“what ?” Kyle tries again but still no cord he then looks down at his chest and sees that both snake heads are now shining a gentle red color

“Huh ? how…how is it in place without the cord ?”

Kyle touched the necklace with his finger as he feels a strange burning feeling in his hand and notices the necklace slowly fusing into his skin slowly turning into some kind of tattoo or marking…

“What the…? wait ? what ? wait wait wait wait….WHAT ?!”

Kyle rubs his hands against the tattoo but nothing happens instead he starts to feel something weird

His legs have turned numb

Kyle stands up from the bench but once he does he just falls down as his legs wont support him anymore

“What is this ? for real ?”

Kyle slaps his legs a few times but nothing happens

“Ah crap…” He looks around furiously and takes of his pants and notices his legs are bright red

“What the hell is this ?!” Kyle runs his hands across but still feels nothing

“i cant…i cant even move them! what is going on ?!”

Kyle reaches for his phone as an intense pain shots up his legs throughout his body

Kyle clenches his eyes shut as he feels something strange happening to his legs yet again

Kyle forces his eyes open to see his legs slowly starting to fuse together by the feet and upwards

“….This….what the fuck ?! That is not normal! that is not normal! i gotta call someone!’

Kyle picks up the phone again but once again before he can text the intense pain comes back

’‘Ngh..!!!” Kyle forces himself not to scream in case someone would find him in this…weird predicament

“okay okay okay….deep breaths…deep breaths…” Kyle closes his eyes and takes a deep breath and looks down on his legs again

they are not completely fused together and his feet are no longer there as they seem to more resemble some kinda tail more than humans legs now

The bright red color is still there but it looks like the middle part is turning a gentle red-ish pink color and…his flesh is getting…scaly

“Wait what the shit ?! Scales ? that’s…wait…what is going on ?! what is this!” Kyle panics trying to make sense of the situation even though…its far behind sense at this point

Scales starts to cover his entire tail as it seems complete he pushes himself of the bench and immediately falls on the ground

“okay okay…either i’m tripping really now or…this is a dream…a very…lifelike dream because like…my bottom half is like…a tail…..”

“….wait…the necklace ? snakes…..No no…this is definitely not real”

Kyle laughs weakly and tries to move the tail a bit and slowly manages to control it as he is able to kinda sit on top of it

“So…okay…uhm…okay” He looks down and notices his…manhood and butt is kinda gone as well

“Eh…i….i’m totally tripping, there must have been something i ate or drank…”

Kyle closes his eyes and takes a deep breath

“okay…i’m tripping…i have to be…”

“Yeah, that’s it, there must have been something in the drink…i bought…from the kiosk……Yeah…okay…so this is real…”

Kyle looks down at the tail and notices something else

His shirt is way to big for him now for some reason

Kyle takes of the shirt and looks down, sure enough he is a lot skinnier, his waist is smaller

“okay okay…no comment there…”

Kyle says nothing and notices something else as he looks down at his stomach, something is starting to…block his view

Kyle keeps looking and notices his breast is starting to grow…larger and larger as it starts to form two very well developed breasts

As they finish growing they bounce gently as Kyle just looks down at them dumbstruck to even open his mouth

“……” No matter what he tries, his mouth wont open

Kyle slowly moves his hands and cups the breasts with them

Sure enough, they are real “….holy shit…”

Kyle finally manage to say before struggling to say something else

Kyle lets go of the breasts as they slowly bounce a bit as he does

“N-n….” Kyle still cant utter a word as he crawls over to the pond and looks at his reflection in the calm clear water and notices something

His face is starting to change going from a square shape into more a triangle shape, his teeth slowly changes as two small fangs protrude out from the top of his jaw

His eyes turns bigger and his iris changes color from brown to orange and his pupil changes from round to a straight line going upwards instead

Kyle just keeps on looking in shock as his face keeps on changing turning more and more feminine with each passing second

“N-n..no…” Kyle stammers and closes his eyes and splashes some water onto his face

…“..dont…dont…” Kyle tries to speak as the burning sensation inside his body returns in full force

He opens his eyes and writhes around the ground in pain as he can feel something on the top of his head

“Ahhh!!!” he screams in pain as the pain slowly goes away


“W…wait…my voice ?”

He says as he notices his voice is…well, clearly its not his voice…its the voice of a girl instead

Kyle slowly opens his eyes back up and looks at his reflection in the water again and notices his short black hair has not turned long and red set up in a high ponytail

“….what…?” Kyle speaks in a soft scared and confused tone as some fabric starts to wrap around his chest and waist slowly turning into some kind of kimono to the best of his knowledge with his cleavage severely exposed

“N-no…this is not real!” he starts to cry violently and curls up and cries into his arms

“This isn’t real…this cant be real!!!” he screams and sobs loudly

Kyle keeps sobbing as he hears something

“H-Hello ?” a voice says as Kyle looks over where the voice came from a woman with blonde hair, wearing a skirt and a top looks at him

“M-Maya….?” Kyle says in a low teary voice

“….what ? who…who are you…? what…what is going on ?” she slowly steps back as she’s speaking

“D-Dont…Dont go…it’s…me…its me Kyle…”

“….Kyle ?” Maya says as she stops walking as kyle forces himself to stop crying and tells her what happened

“….” Mayta says nothing but just looks at him

“You…you bought a necklace for me…you tried it on…and that happened to you ?”

“Mmm…Y-yeah…i dont know why…” Kyle stammers

“….if you really are Kyle…prove it…” Maya says

Kyle points over to his phone lying on the bench as Maya walks over and looks at it

Since she already know his code she gets into his phone and checks the texts

“O-okay…so…it is you” she says in a bit more of a cheerful tone


Maya walks over to kyle and pokes his tail, its kinda soft…

“And you got turned into…what ? this snake girl thing ?

’'Y-yeah…i…i dont know…how or why..”

“…it makes no sense but…maybe its temporary ?”

Kyle’s face lights up a bit “Maybe…i hope so…”

Maya smiles and looks at him

Kyle looks at her


’'i dont know…you look…cute”

“C-cute ?” Kyle stammers

“Yeah…your tail is soft like a pillow and its comfy”

Kyle looks at her but wriggles a bit with the tail so she can sit on it

Maya smiles and sits down on it and looks at him

“…i think its cute Kyle…i mean…uhm…its not like i uhm…you know but…”

“…what ?”

“Nothing! im just saying you look cute! is all okay ? you look adorable!”

Kyle blushes a bit

“Cute ? you…you mean it ?”

Maya nods

“Yeah! and i mean…i still…you know” she giggles

“you did invite me over for a date right ?”


“So then, is it still going on or is it cancelled ?”

Kyle looks at her shocked

“You…You like me ?”

“Like i’ve said, i think you look adorable and you’re cute..not that…you know that means everything but you’re still you and i like you”

Kyle smiles at her


“all that’s different is that you’re a snake girl now silly”

“i think its called a Naga…or like a lamia…”

“Lamia ?” Maya says confused

“Well you know…ive played some games before”

“Oh, right right!” Maya giggles

“Well then Kyle…or maybe Kylie for now ?”

Kyle not sure what to think about it just shrugs

“Well i cant call you Kyle…its kinda weird now isnt it ?” she giggles again

“I…I guess” Kyle or Kylie now says

Kylie smiles at her as he slowly wraps his tail around her

“…if i got you Maya..i can deal with this”

“I know you can Kylie, and you know i love you”

They both look into each others eyes as they slowly embrace in a loving kiss

After its done they just keep looking at each other as Maya strokes a finger across Kylie’s cheek

They say nothing and just keep smiling and occasionaly kissing each other

“But..what will others think…?”

“I dont know but…if this happened to you, maybe it has to someone else as well but..if you’re brave enough Kylie…just accept it, it might be temporary or permanent, we dont know”

Kylie looks at her then up at the sky

“maybe….and i will Maya”

They both smile as maya gets of him and giggles

“Then let me sit on your tail as you take me home then i want to cuddle up in your soft cuddly tail!”

Kylie smiles and nods at her as she sits down and kylie starts to slither out of the park, but confusingly enough, no one is really staring at them

“No one is looking?”

“Huh…maybe…i dont know…”

They both shrug as kylie manages to get Maya home

They both get inside as Maya starts to move some furniture around and makes some space in the living room as Kylie tries to make his tail as comfy as possible as Maya walks over and sits down then cuddles up against kylie’s chest

“So comfy…” she yawns

“Tired ?” Kylie asks


“Its fine…im tired as well”

They both smile and kiss each other as they both drift into deep sleep

Time passes and goes by as usual but Kylie never changed back into a human or a man for that sake…

Slowly getting used to being a Lamia, Kylie and Maya did end up together as a couple not shortly after the event that happened and as far as we know, they still are.

For a second there, I thought Barry was like magic. Dude casually walked over to coma-induced Jesse, grabbed her hand and—poof!—she instantly woke up. Seriously?! No wands or Hogwarts’ degree needed (I’m convinced that a Potter-verse exists.) Barry’s time in the Speed Force was like a reawakening; he’s high on life and has a new sense of purpose and invincibility. I’ve got to take out this new Barry for a test drive, try something we’ve never done before.

Literally. We’re going skydiving, baby! Never thought I’d be the one to come up with this plan since I’m kinda (very) terrified of the idea of jumping out of a plane from 14,000 feet… Barry met me at S.T.A.R. Labs and burst out laughing the second he saw me decked out in my diving gear. I had on my helmet and knee and elbow pads (safety first!); fog-resistant goggles (they’re the size of my face but I need to be able to see when my adrenaline-induced body heat combines with the cold air); and my fanny pack (sometimes being fashion forward means having to take a fashion step backwards.) We drove out to the plane hangar. He would not shut up about how exciting our first time skydiving would be and assured me that nothing would go wrong. Man, his enthusiasm was infectious. Plus, I was in the Speed Force, too, for a couple hot seconds, so maybe I contracted some invincibility that I just don’t know about yet. Once we got to the hangar and boarded the plane, I was ready to go!

…Maybe not. 14,000 feet makes skyscrapers look like the tiny lego pieces that children under three can choke on. What did I sign up for?! Barry grabbed my shoulders, shook me out of my panic, and reminded me that: 1) I’ve been in quite a few compromising situations scarier than this, 2) I’d have an awesome adventure to tell the ladies and 3) the Speed Force wouldn’t let anything bad happen to us. (Huh?) I agreed with his first two points so we took a pre-dive selfie then started our countdown. Three, two, one…

AAAGH! My limbs were flailing and my cheeks were flapping uncontrollably. But once I starfished my arms and legs out, I looked over at Barry and we both started to laugh from the adrenaline and the amazing, surreal feeling. I saw Barry start to reach for his parachute tab, so I followed his lead. I pulled the tab and…nothing. Ohmigod ohmigod. I pulled again and again, and on the fourth attempt I yanked the tab off and started to fall faster. I could hear Barry yelling, “I got you!” while hovering above me and all I could think was, YOU CAN’T RUN ON AIR, BARRY! Suddenly, I remembered that I was wearing my fanny pack! It’s not just any fashion-forward fanny; it’s my voice-recognition I-need-to-escape-now-and-Barry’s-not-around travel pack. I yelled “help!” and airplane-like wings quickly unfolded out on either side of me. Go go gadget sail-plane! I took a couple of deep yoga breaths and enjoyed the view.

On our drive back to S.T.A.R. labs, Barry was euphoric. My near-brush with death proved to him that the Speed Force was looking out for us. Me, I think we have to look out for each other. But whatever Team Flash has to face next, with Barry’s speed and my penchant for life-saving fanny packs – we can handle.

“Give Me Love”

Pair :Jensen x Reader

Warning : cursing, and light cheating.

REQUEST: If you have time, could you write something where the reader is Daneel’s younger sister (by like 3 years). And so one night reader’s drunk and Jensen tries to help her, but somehow they end up in bed together? You can decide the rest :) And can it be like reality (somehow) so JJ is born and everything? Oh, one last thing, will you make it out of the readers pov? Thanks, there aren’t enough Jensen one shots out there! Though the past one’s you’ve written are awesome!

Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4


I envied my sister more than anything. She has a beautiful daughter that is nothing but sweet and hilarious, and a husband who loves her so much, it’s ridiculous.
And here I am, alone. With no family of my own.

Which made me dread the days she would come and visit, just another reminder of what I don’t have.

“Did you hear me?” Danneel muttered, snapping me back to reality.

“What? Yeah. Sure.” I hesitated.

“Ok, well what should we do?” She exhaled, resting her head in her hand.

“About what?”

“About dad’s birthday. It’s next week.” She tilted her head to the side. “Remember?”

“Oh yea.” I lied. “I don’t know, we can just throw him a surprise party I guess.”

Her lips curved up into a smile and she nodded. “That is perfect.”

“What sounds perfect?” Jensen groaned, with JJ on his side.

“We are going to throw dad a surprise party!” She squealed. “I got to go though, I need to run to the store real quick. And I have to call mom.” She pressed her lips to jensens and waved.

Jensen looked directly at me, letting out a long sigh.

“Beer?” He asked. I nodded and watched him put JJ down.

“Hey bug.” I smiled, as she walked over to me. Her eyes glistening and a smile plastered on her face.

“Hi auntie y/n.” She shoved a toy in my face. “Daddy got me a Barbie!”

“Oh wow! That’s so cool! I have something that your Barbie would love!” I yelped. I walked over to my closet, JJ following behind. I pulled out an old doll house I use to play with when I was her age. Something I haven’t seen in such a long time.

Her eyes widened and her mouth dropped.

“Can I have it!” She pleaded, locking her eyes on the house.

“Of course bug! It’s all for you.”

She ran and wrapped her tiny arms around my legs, squeezing as tight as she can.
“I love you auntie y/n.”

“I love you too.”

Jensen walked in with two beers in his hand. Handing me one, he took a swig of his and pointed down at the house.

“What’s that?” He muttered.

“It’s my barbies house! Auntie y/n got it for me.” She smiled.

His eyes met mine. “You had that all this time?” He smirked.

“Yeah, just in case I had a daughter.” I smiled down at JJ. “But I guess my favorite niece can have it.”

“I bet you play with it from time to time huh?” He teased.

I shook my head as we both chuckled. “Shut up mister ‘I pretend for a living’” I cackled.

“Hey! Don’t be jealous because I’m a bad ass.” He shrugged his shoulders and nodded.

I rolled my eyes, trying to keep from laughing. “Ok Whatever you say.”

This is what I loved about my relationship with jensen. We were completely comfortable and always made each other laugh.

He was my best friend. Even when he was away, we would text almost everyday. Have inside jokes and make fun of each other’s selfies. It was natural.

But I always had to remind myself that he was my sisters husband. Nothing could ever come from this.


Everything was a blur. My mind was hazy as the alcohol streamed through my blood.

Usually, I’d never drink this much, but today was my best friends birthday, and let’s just say, we had a pretty crazy night.

And here I am, stumbling across the grass, trying to walk to my front door.

“Shit.” I muttered to myself as I dropped the keys, falling to my knees.

The door creaked open and a soft groan echoed around.

“Y/N?” I shot my eyes up, meeting Jensens.

Damn why does he have to be extremely attractive? And incredibly amazing?

Every time he was around me, he made my stomach flutter and my heart race, and-

Wait a minute, what am I saying?!
He’s my sisters husband for god sake.

“Are you ok?” He reached his hand out toward me, gently pulling me up.

I began to laugh for a reason I had no idea. As I propped up on my feet, I felt my legs give in and my body about to fall. Arms wrapped around my waist, holding me still.

“Woah there. Looks like someone had a lot of fun tonight.” He chuckled, tossing my arm over his shoulder, his hand never leaving my hip.

“Come on, let’s get you to bed.” We began walking inside the house, the tv quietly playing in the background.

It was peaceful, but my mind was far too gone to acknowledge anything.

“You’re great you know that? Just awesome. You’re awesome.” I slurred my words, pointing my finger into his chest.

“Shh Danneel and JJ are both sleeping in the guest room.” He whispered, practically carrying me.

I put my finger to his mouth and chuckled.
“Shhh you’re being loud!” I hiccuped.

He shook his head. “My bad” he mouthed.

Walking to my room felt like it was forever. Though I was pretty out of it, I couldn’t help but think of just how amazing Jensen is for helping me.

His hands gripped on to me, pulling me up and holding me tight. Small grunts escaped his lips as I would gently run my hand over his chest.

We finally made our way to my room. Jensen walked me over to my bed, and helped me take off my shoes.

“Why are you so good to me?” I asked, staring straight into his eyes.

“Uh, because you’re important to me. You’re family.” He chuckled.

Jensen stood up, and let out a soft sigh. “Just go to sleep. Ok?”

I looked down at my outfit and belted out into laughter. “I can’t sleep in these dirty clothes silly!”

I began taking off my shirt, exposing my bra.

“Uh y/n-what are-I should g-uh.” He stuttered.

As I started to unbutton my pants, jensens hand covered mine, squeezing as he cleared his throat.

“How about you wait until I get out.” He smiled.

Damn I could stare at that smile all day if I could. He was just so handsome. And beyond the closest guy friend I have ever had.

“Shut up Jensen, you’re an actor! It’s not like you’ve never seen a girl in her underwear before!” I croaked, pushing his hands away.

He took a step back as I propped up and wiggled my way out of my jeans.

His eyes averted down to my body, biting his lower lip.

“I got to go.” He muttered turning away.

“W-what?” I stammered.

He stopped in his steps, taking in a deep breath.

“Can you pass me my shirt on my dresser? Then you can go. I’m sure you’re tired.” I mumbled, fighting to keep my eyes open.

“Yea, sure.” Jensen tossed the shirt over to me.

He watched me as I struggled to put it on. Both of my arms popping out in the same hole. Jensen laughed, shaking his head.
“Here let me help you.”

He took the shirt and directed my arms into the right places, pulling the shirt down.

“Thank you.” I muttered.

“No problem.”

My mind was beginning to sober up just a little. Enough for me to grasp on to the situation.

“Why are you still awake anyways? It’s late.”

He crossed his arms over his chest, staring down at his feet.

“I just wanted to make sure you were ok.” He exhaled.

Make sure I was ok? Why? What was I to him? Nothing more than just his wife’s sister. Right?

“Anyways, you should go to sleep. I’ll get you some water.”

He walked over to me, making my heart race. My head was spinning and quickly felt my legs give in once again.

Jensen tried to catch me, but I only pulled him down. Luckily we fell on my bed, so no one was hurt.

My laughter filled the air as we laid there helplessly.

His eyes shot up to mine, looking at me quizzically. Which made me stop as my breath hitch to the back of my throat.

What was he staring at?

He was right on top of me, my hands clutching on to his shoulders. His eyes lingered. But why?

Within that moment, I felt his lips on mine. One hand gripped on to my waist as the other cupped my cheek.

His lips became in sync with mine, as our tongues danced along each other. Pulling me in closer, moans quietly escaping his lips, as if he yearned for this.

Man, he tasted so good. Was this really happening? Was I kissing this guy? My sisters husband. The guy I always looked up to and respected.

How did this happen?

There was a faint cry, making us both snap our heads to the door.


Jensen rolled over, running his hands over his face. Mumbling something I couldn’t quite understand.

“I’m so sorry.” He finally let out. Before I could say anything, he walked out of my room. Leaving me alone to my thoughts.

What the hell just happened?

Reactions of Bleach characters...who were the victims of Kitty Photo Bombs

As requested by anat-astarte.:)

A “photo bomb” is when a person who doesn’t belong there pops up in your photo - typically in front of the people who are actually supposed to be in the picture. So let’s say the Bleach kitties - by which I mean Yoruichi and Grimmjow - decided to spend their time photo bombing people. How would their victims react? 

1. Byakuya & Rukia’s Family Portrait…photo bombed by Yoruichi

Byakuya: What is this?

Byakuya: The demon cat is in every one of these pictures!

Byakuya: But she was not at the photo shoot! I did not see her! How did she do this??

Rukia: Maybe she was using her super fast flash step to get into our pics without us noticing, Nii-sama!

Byakuya: …

Byakuya: I mean I totally saw her.

2. Aizen’s Throne Self Portrait…photo bombed by Grimmjow

Gin: Uh, Aizen-taicho? There seems to be an extra arm in this photo of you.

Aizen: Yes, it was Grimmjow’s arm.

Aizen: Tosen is on his way right now to cut it off.

Aizen: That Grimmjow simply never learns.

Gin: You’re a cold one, Aizen-taicho!

3. The WSRA Promotional Pic…photo bombed by Yoruichi

Soi Fon: Why is this picture in the discard pile?

Nanao: Because that’s the one where Yoruichi popped up and made a face right in front of the camera. You can’t even see any of us.


Nanao: …

Nanao: Why don’t you just take the photo, Soi Fon?

Soi Fon: All right if you insist.

4. Ulquiorra’s Selfie….photo bombed by Grimmjow

Ulquiorra: Grimmjow, please.

Ulquiorra: This selfie was supposed to capture the true essence of my lonely emptiness.

Ulquiorra: You giving me “bunny ears” does not quite depict the correct mood.

Grimmjow: Funny - the woman sure liked it when I showed it to her!

Ulquiorra: …

Ulquiorra: Why do you hurt me?

5. Ichigo’s Senior Portrait…photo bombed by Yoruichi

Yoruichi: It was just a joke, Ichigo! Lighten up!


Yoruichi: Did you tell them you’re just that much of a stud?


Yoruichi: Well then there’s just no helping you.

6. Ichigo’s Senior Portrait…photo bombed by Grimmjow

Ichigo: I finally got my makeup school photos!

Ichigo: Is that….Grimmjow’s arm?

Ichigo: …

Ichigo: Well better than a naked woman, I guess.

Grimmjow: You know my arm makes every picture better.

Nelliel’s Selfie with Ichigo…photo bombed by Grimmjow

Grimmjow: You get in my way, and I get in yours!

Nelliel: Man, Ichigo just makes the BEST faces when he’s being surprise-tackled!

Grimmjow: …please be more upset than that.

8. Ichigo and Orihime’s Selfie…photo bombed by Yoruichi

Ichigo: You see? You see that hand??

Ichigo: I didn’t dive into your arms, Inoue! I swear! Yoruichi pushed me!!!

Ichigo: And now we have this silly picture of you holding me!

Orihime: …

Ichigo: Are you mad? You’re staring at the pic so intently!

Orihime: Huh? Did you say something, Kurosaki-kun?

Ichigo: …

9. Bazz-B’s Selfie…photo bombed by Grimmjow

Bazz-B: Dude….not cool!

Grimmjow: Yeah, well, nobody replaces me as resident fan-beloved bad-ass!

Bazz-B: Nice eye shadow. Wanna take a pic with me?

Grimmjow: W-what??

Renji: He does that.

Urahara’s Selfie…photo bombed by Yoruichi

Urahara: This is my favorite picture now.

Tessai: Boss….it is a picture of you screaming in shock while Yoruichi-sama in cat form drops onto your face.

Urahara: So great.

Ishida Ayumi LoGIRL Spring Tour Interview Translation

“Continuously Dancing Girl”

Morning Musume 15’s first tour has begun, huh.

Up until the first day of the tour I was anxious as to whether or not I would be able to entertain the Morning Musume ‘15 fans. But, before the curtain rose, at the intro of the first song, gradually hearing the cheers of encouragement gave me a great feeling.

So you’re saying that it was the perfect response?

Yes. What I thought was that I probably wouldn’t meet the fans expectations. But, on the first day we were so nervous that we were relieved (by the cheering), so, from now on I don’t want to forget this nervousness.

At what point did you have challenges during the tour?

The tours title is “GRADATION”, so there was pressure to show that we have grown. I am always taken dance lessons and I’ve been told that dancing is my specialty but, from there, I didn’t how to grow beyond that part. Therefore, instead of merely being told “You dance well”, I thought that I’d like to explore the stage. After, the teacher told me I was being “Feminine-like”. I am the third oldest member, afterall.

To become more feminine, have you been putting in concrete efforts?

Probably, I think it would be good to watch various artists but, I haven’t seen very many. I don’t want to reference people I admire. Therefore, in the end I didn’t watch videos of my seniors.

How do you feel about the ‘15 lineup?

Yeah, we’re still in the “Morning Musume ‘14  loss” part. Our new song, “Yuugure wa Ameagari” lyrics are how the current Morning Musume is. “Day to day fun, Day to day memories, I can no longer go back” Lyrics…Its like ”I understand despite not having said this!”. On the first day of the tour we showed this off and I sang with a really sad face like I was going to cry.

To get over the loss, will it take a little more time?

But, thanks to the song, Its like I can get over the “‘14 loss” myself. Conversely, there won’t be anything said about the “‘14 loss” so I have to willingly changes my feelings.

How do you feel about this tours setlist?

Honestly, it was a tall hurdle. I was fearful and didn’t want to ruin our senior’s image from when they sang the songs. But the teacher taught us “Don’t try to protect that image, show them a ‘15 performance,” and then I thought “I understand!”. Up until now the image has been as expected but the “Ah, they are taking it over, huh” aspect hasn’t quite finished.Therefore, I am always studying what would be a good way to show of Morning Musume ‘15.

You’ve taken over many of your Senpai’s solo part, right?

Of course being able to inherit impactful solo parts makes me happy. But, I am certainly feeling the pressure. I have “One Two Three”’s “Aishiteru” “Ru” part and I’m happy but I also have feelings of “What do I do,” and anxiety. The fan’s also worry about who is going to take over what. The first time I sang the “Ru” part, the moment the song was finished I heard a “Its Ishida?”. I have anxiety towards what the meaning of what “It’s Ishida?” was.

There is a new version of “Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari”, huh.

For those who saw the live, it was kind of annoying, huh. Its like “For me, I still have a way to go. I can become more famous,”…But, “Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari” is song where the other members come and be the straight man. So, the base line is to be funny. (The song) establishes a bad relationship between Oda Sakura-chan and I.

Is your relationship with Oda-san really bad?

Recently, we’ve become friends. Originally, we didn’t really see each other, so it led to an uneven bad relationship. It was my first time as a senior and I thought I should teach her various things, but Oda-chan  was able to do everything by herself, so I thought “oh, she’s okay,”.

Have you been given the opportunity to speak with Oda-san?

Of course, the manager pointed out “Ishida and Oda don’t ever talk, huh,”. So from there it became a type of setting that we had a “bad relationship, but over time we became good friends. The relationship was really bad, but it wasn’t something you could say. Therefore, I think now its like what a good relationship is.

Then, please try saying something good about Oda-san.

Umm……She’s good at singing. She’s good at taking selfies. Ah, also, Oda-chan never complains. You will never hear “I’m exhausted” or “I hate it” come from her.

Then, do you say those types of things?

I say that sort of thing a lot. I will often say “I’m tired~”; Oda-chan will just look at me and not say anything though…

Previously, you declared “Morning Musume ‘15 wants to become Baymax”.

Morning Musume ‘15’s first performance was at the New Year’s Hello! Concert, and the senior members were of course trying to teach things to the 12th generation members, it was very troublesome. So, we would see each others tears often and I thought that I wanted to support everyone somehow. Then was the first time I said “I want to become Baymax”.

Its like you want to protect the members.

I’m not the leader or the sub-leader, but I am the third oldest, so I wanted to help everyone a little bit. Originally, everyone would like to talk to me and I would listen, and thats fine. Even if its just that, I am listening to the other members.

Last, what Ishida Ayumi point would you like us to look for on this tour?

In the new song “Seishun Kozo ga Naiteru”’s hook, I stand at the center of the dance. Its not often I get to stand completely in the center, so I’m really happy about it. Please don’t miss it!


The top six selfies of the year! I was tagged by theoccasionalgod, unchartedoceans, praise-the-gay, napadventure, thegreatestvirtue, and I’m pretty sure onceuponapiano did too.

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Also fun stats on these selfies: They’re ranked from most to least notes SuperBear has 500, Bed has 187. Average is 339 notes per post. Neckless was a single shot, Bed I took over a dozen versions before publishing. With the exception of Coke, all of these were published early morning or late evening (peak bear hours).

Not bad for 2014, huh? Can’t wait for next year.

And I tag kevinreader, tiniestabyss, scknight05, drew-bear84, drewster321 and atlantis-is-my-wonderland

How You Meet, Fan Edition

MICHAEL- You were waiting at the exist. The exist the band had to get through in order to go to their tour bus. You weren’t the only one, about seven other girls were there too. It’s not your fault traffic was so bad, it took well over an hour. They had to get out sometime.

Your inner monologue was cut off as you heard a few girls scream, looking up, you sigh as you see it’s only the opening act. He was good, but he was no 5SOS. 

You wait patiently, holding your camera in your hands, hoping for that HD selfie. You tapped your finger on your camera singing the first song that came into your head. 

“You’re pretty good." 

"Huh?” You looked up from your tapping fingers to see Michael fucking Clifford standing there, smiling at you. 

“You’re pretty good at singing.” He smiled at you. You gasped and blushed, shit what do you say?

“Uh, thanks.” You blushed. “Big fan." 

"I figured. You are at my concert. Unless you came for Jackson?” He referred to the boy who opened for them. 

“Um, nope. You. Your band.” You stuttered.

“You’re cute.” He smiled down at you. 

“Um, thanks. Can I have a picture?” You asked.

“Better yet, what’s your phone number?" 

:-) :-)

CALUM- You walked down the street, heading towards the book store. You were wearing your new 5SOS shirt that you had just gotten yesterday, proud of supporting your favorite band. 

You were going to the bookstore because you were in need of the newest book in your series, and it came out today. As you were walking you noticed four tall figures walk out of the pizza place you were about to pass. 

Huh, they looked kind of like 5 Seconds of- Holy shit. It’s 5SOS. “I like your shirt!” Calum called out to you as they headed towards you.

"Um, thanks.” You blushed, looking down at your shirt. “Can I have a picture? Maybe an autograph?” You asked kindly, smiling up at them.

“Of course!” Calum replied. You took a picture with all of them before asking a lady passing by to take a picture with all five of you. 

“Thank you.” You smiled at the lady as she handed you your phone. 

“So, do you want us to sign your shirt?” Luke asked as he pulled a sharpie out of his back pocket. Was he expecting to sign things?

“Um, yeah. Sign away.” You gestured to your white shirt. They all took turns writing their names down. Calum carefully signed his name, on your breast area (of course), and wrote something else. 

“There you go.” He said as he finished.

“Dude, you gave her your phone number?” Ashton looked shocked.

“What? She’s cute!" 

:-) :-) :——-)

LUKE- You browsed the music store, looking for some more vinyl’s and CD’ s to buy. You were currently looking at the newest All Time Low album, debating on whether you should buy it here, or on iTunes. Transporting music was a pain in the ass. 

You debated for a bit longer before sighing, grabbing the last CD. You reached for it and grabbed it right when someone else did. He had nice hands. 

You looked up and saw Luke Hemmings. Luke Hemmings

"Oh, sorry.” You muttered, letting go of the album. 

“You can have it.” He tried to give you the CD.

“It’s okay, I don’t need it. iTunes, you know?” You laughed awkwardly. “Don’t you know them, anyway?" 

"So, you know who I am?” He smiled at you.

“Yeah, I like you. And your music. And your beautiful eyes.” You slapped a hand to your forehead. “Your beautiful eyes?” you questioned yourself. 

“Thanks. Hey, do you maybe want to meet All Time Low?” He asked.


"I mean, we’re writing together soon, so I figured, if you wanted to, you could come with me?” He looked unsure of himself. “I mean, the other boys will be there, too, if you like them better.” He bit his lip. Ohmygod.

“Um, nope. I like you. I would very much like to join you.” You gulped. 

“I’ll text you.” He said as he handed you his phone. Probably to get your number. 

:-) :-) :-) :-)

ASHTON- You paced inside your hotel room, biting your lip. You couldn’t believe you just spent well over three hundred dollars, just to maybe see 5SOS. Apparently, this was their hotel. You sighed and sat down on your bed, turning on the TV. You paused on High School Musical, because who doesn’t love that movie? 

A knock on your door made you turn your head. The fuck? You didn’t order room service or anything…

You stood up, making sure you looked kind of decent and walked towards the door. Opening it up, you gasped. Holy shit. Ashton Irwin stood in front of you. 

“Um, hi. My band and I kind of got locked out of our room, and we were wondering if you had seen our key anywhere?” He paused and looked down at your shirt. It was a shirt that said, “but ur not Ashton Irwin”. 

“Um, nope.” You awkwardly shifted your feet as he smiled at you.

“I like your shirt.” He grinned, his dimples huge.

“Thanks. I like you.” You nodded your head. 

“Thanks. So, do you have any idea what we could do?” He asked you.

“Call the front desk?” You asked.

“Can I use your phone?” He said, already walking into your room anyway. 

“Sure.” You laughed. 

“Oh, I’m going to need your number too, Cutie." 

:-) :——-) :——-) :——-) :-) :——-) :——) :-) 

Wow that was actually not good. I’m sorry it sucked, guys. 

I hope you liked it anyways, request anything :) 

Hey guys, Kaylin here! Wow, it’s been awhile since I last submitted… mostly cuz I work now and TST is closed by the time I get home, but hey, it’s all good~ Let’s see… I’ve been on HRT for 1 year since I last submitted, 4 sessions of laser, gotten a consult for FFS, and soon I’ll be fully out at work! Not bad huh? (She/her)