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Yuri on Ice fandom subtypes on Tumblr
  • Grade A+++ Victuuri trash: Posts 100,000 gifsets in a row, watches *those* scenes from ep 7, 10, and 12 again and again and bawls every single time, will talk about the pair skating sequence until the day they die, was once jaded and cynical but now believes in the Power of Love (Eros AND Agape)
  • The Yurio fan club: Wears cat ears and lion/tiger-print everything, aggressively dedicated to protecting their smol garbage son, ships him with Otabek, holds more of a grudge against Victor and Yuri than Yurio himself does
  • The Victor Nikiforov Worship Cult: Celebrate December 25 as Vicsmas instead of Christmas, have declared Victor as their Lord and Savior
  • The Figure Skating snobs: watch every sequence in the series multiple times looking for animation and production quality, technical errors, and other shit no one else cares about because we're all too busy crying about Victuuri
  • The Minor Character Lovers: have picked one of the non-central skaters as their fave, obsess over every single one of their relatively few scenes/lines, have to go deep dumpster diving for posts about their fave because Victuuri is EVERYWHERE and it's getting out of control and WHY AREN'T THERE MORE GIFS OF CHRISTOPHE POLE DANCING IN HIS UNDERWEAR
  • The YOI Soundtrack trash: has illegally downloaded every single track onto every single device they own, can match each track to each skater's short program and free skate from memory, listens to soundtrack on repeat while running, ugly-cries every time Yuri On Ice plays, may or may not have already arranged YOI for a 48-part orchestra
  • The Heteronormatives™: "That wasn't a KISS it was just a hug... platonically... between a coach and his coachee..." "just a PLATONIC WOLF WHISTLE.." "just a platonic exchange of rings between two bros.... as a joke...."
Types of Stranger Things blogs

Type 1: ships Mileven like a weird amount to the point where it makes you cringe.

Type 2: the fanfiction authors, always writing fluffy and cute headcanons. These are the nicest people in the whole fandom.

Type 3: blog that isn’t an actual stranger things blog but became a stranger things blog without knowing it

Type 4: the gifmakers somehow they have managed to gif the whole entire show in 50 different ways how they do it you have no idea.

Type 5: the sick ass edit makers. They’re always making edits that are really cool and you get excited whenever you see a new edit of theirs on your dash.

Type 6: the meme team. You usually see their posts on your dash at least five times in a row. They come up with new content at the rate of a shit post generator. Probably have shipped a man with chicken before

Type 7: only cares about eleven and mike

Type 8: the theorists. At some point probably have made a 40 slide PowerPoint analyzing both season 1 and the season 2 trailer. They’re the angstiest

Type 9: All their posts say something along the lines of these are my children!!!! I love them!!! So much!!!!

Type 10: wants to have sex with Chief Hopper, Ships Jopper

Type 11: loves the teenagers. Ships stonathan a lot. Spends free time making monster hunting trio aus


This is going to be a security tag names and removal post!!

I’m getting a lot of questions about the different types of tags and how to get them off sooo I’m going to be telling you guys the names of all of these tags from left to right starting with the top row and how to get them off.

1) sensormatic tag: don’t know the exact tag name but ik that’s a sensormatic and that one requires a hook.

2) sensormatic tag: hook

3) sensormatic: magnet

4) sensormatic: hook

5) sensormatic pencil tag: hook

6 & 7) gator: magnet or rubber band/hair tie

8) clam/UFO: magnet

9) some kind of sensormatic: magnet

10) these fucking suck and idk what they’re called but they require a lot of twisting and tugging and maybe a magnet? Not completely sure. You can probably cut the wire but idk if that’ll trigger an alarm. It depends

11-16) pencil tags: magnet

17) clam tag/dome tag: magnet

18-23) clam/dome: magnet


**an easy way to remember types of tags and removal is this:

•the more rectangular, thin, vertical ones are pencil tags

•the ones that are flat and rectangular with a small hole on the side and are curved are for hooks

•dome shaped tags and square shaped tags and tags with those bumps on them are for magnets. They’re magnetic and held together with a pin that the magnet pulls off

•those ugly yellow ones that have the little pyramids are gator tags and require bands of some sort and a magnet helps

•most ink tags (not pictured in this post but will say ink tag and be clear and have visible ink in them usually) require magnets but sometimes bands

The first few are weird mutant shapes and not quite pencil or dome but the brand is sensormatic and their tags always require a hook or magnet

I hope this helps at least someone!


This post is dedicated to @thelonelylifter she’s a sweetheart and has some great questions

Introduction to; BTS!

Disclaimer; This is my first time doing an ‘introduction’ to a group post, so I hope you enjoy it and if you don’t already know who BTS is, I hope it helps a lot!

Meet BTS // Bangtan Boys // 방탄소년단! (Bangtan Sonyeondan - Bulletproof Boy Scouts)

(Back row, left to right; Jungkook, RapMonster, J-HOPE, Jin)

(Front Row, left to right; V, Suga, Jimin)

BTS are a 7 member boy group under BigHit Entertainment. They first debuted on June 13 2013 with their debut single No More Dream (we’ll get into their songs and MV’s later so bare with!) BTS fandom name is A.R.M.Y ( Adorable Representative M.C for Youth)

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Things rowers hate:

1. Rowing when it’s freezing out
2. Not being able to go out and having to erg
3. Waiting for 3+ hours to be able to leave a regatta
4. Forgetting a post workout snack
5. When the person in front of you splashes you a lot (especially in combination with the first)
6. Novice boats/coxies who don’t know the course yet
7. On-the-square rowing practices
8. When the sun doesn’t rise until practice is entirely over
9. When coaches wake your boat badly
10. When someone says they didn’t pull as hard as they could have
11. Lightning
12. Heavy old wooden boats
13. When people who don’t row complain about how they have to get up at 6:00
14. Disgustingly polluted water

But it’s worth it



so far it’s been daily updates huh? hope I can put one out tomorrow so i can hit a new record of 4 in a row >w< looks like the long wait was worth it ;) I’ll be posting around 7pm - 10pm EST like I usually do

Also I finished the cover page!! I’ll make a archive post so I can show you guys what it looks like. Hopefully i can do it by tonight so I can fix this ugly format vvvv tons of construction ughh. 

Part 35

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Hey everyone, my name is Ashley and I’m selling 2 Twenty One Pilots tickets.
They were supposed to be for my younger sister but she broke her foot and can’t go anymore.

I have these tickets posted on letgo, hoping to sell them quickly before the date of the concert.
Please if you are interested I will leave my email at the bottom of this post as well as the tickets information.
Anything from here will be done through PayPal so that we can be sure the entire exchange is secure and that no one gets ripped off!

Twenty One Pilots at Golden 1 Center, Sacramento, CA
Sat, 02/11/2017, 7:00 p.m. PST
-Lower 121
-2 tickets
-Row H
-Seats will be together

Feel free to message me on tumblr, but also by my email: Ashleya.craycraft@gmail.com (subject- TOP tickets)

Thank you!

I have identified a problem

I sleep in and sleeping in causes me to not be tired when I should be going to bed, and that causes me to stay up late, which justifies sleeping in.


From now until the end of time, I will create and post a new sketch at 7:00am each morning. This will force me to wake up at 6:00 like I know I should.

Beneath the drawing, I will include the number of days in a row I have succeeded. As the number grows, so will my motivation for not letting it drop back to 0.


Hello fellow BABYZ!!

I am selling a P2 ticket;
Sec 110, Row J, Seat 7
I will be selling it for how much I paid for it: $133

These seats are right behind P1, and you have a great view since there will be no one sitting in front of you! A lot of dancin space, I’d like to say!

I will be posting this on my other social medias so it can be fair game for anyone who wants it. It will be a first come first serve basis!

If you are interested pls send me a message, and we can talk about further details!
Thank You! Can’t wait to see all you lovelies at the show! 💚


“Opal Forgets” comics. long post

based on

opal is very forgetful and even a bit absent minded when it comes to instructions, but when she’s focused she excels above the rest. which might explain how she manages to pass despite the circumstances…

1. in the first comic/first row, opal forgets her socks on the way to school. she goes back home to get them, but forgets what she was doing and watches tv the rest of the day.

2. opal misunderstands what mrs. maheswaran meant by home-work

3. opal forgets her bow for her archery classes


pt. 1  |  pt. 2  |  pt. 3  |  pt. 4  |  pt. 5  |  pt. 6  |  pt. 7  |  pt. 8  |  pt. 9  |  pt. 10  |  pt. 11

“Sorry,” is the utterly unapologetic answer Stiles gets to his most recent inquiry.  Making this the fourth day in a row.

Stiles squints into her indifferent face.  “You know, Janet, I don’t think you are that sorry.”

She shrugs.  She’s not.  And she’s not even sorry about her lack of being sorry.  Stiles can officially say he does not like this girl.  In fact, he’s totally gonna fill out a comment card that sums up this whole conversation with a tried and true: ‘Damn it, Janet.’

“He really didn’t say anything?”  He’s maybe sounding a little desperate now and he drags his hand off the counter to look slightly less unstable.  “About a message to pass along for someone named ‘Stiles?’  Nothing, huh?”

“Oh you know what—” she starts thoughtfully, shuffling through a few papers on the desk below and Stiles lights up.  Her eyes dart up, hard, and she finishes blandly, “no.”

“That was mean,” Stiles says, deflating.  It’d been a week since he’d seen Derek.  They’d mentioned meeting up after Caffiend, Derek had told him to drop by Halesome Arts again, whenever, he’d be there, they could talk.  Everything had seemed fine, good even.  Only Stiles had come by, had even looked for him on the metro.  And Derek was always notably absent, in both places, and Janet was always notably unsympathetic, in one of them.

She sighs exasperatedly now, rolling her eyes.  Stands, puts her elbows up on the hutch above her receptionist’s desk and drops her chin into her open palm.  “You know, I felt bad for you the first time you came in here, Stiles, but there’s a reason people don’t go see the same play every night of the week, you get me?”

“Right.  Yeah.  I—”

“It doesn’t help that the play isn’t even that compelling to begin with,” she cuts him off, unnecessarily adding that little sac-punch in there.  Stiles can’t exactly deny it though.  It probably just gets sadder and sadder with each new mounting of it actually.

“Yeah, okay.  I’m being blown off,” he makes himself say it out loud, croaky and more broken down than he’s possibly ever been, “that’s what’s happening here.”

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2/18/17 7.75 miles
Finally(?) back with my group run!
YTD: 160.94 miles
414 days in a row

(Also finally caught up after a couple of weeks of being behind with posting.) I got my “sleeping in” problem figured out apparently, and was able to wake up in time to meet up with Kip and Carlo. Greg just started performing in a play with his daughter (Fiddler on the Roof) so likely had a late night making this morning not work out too well. I guess?

The deer were out in full force - I think we spotted 9! And it was nice just catching up with the guys - it feels like it’s been longer than just a few weeks. Especially considering how light out it was so early.

No taekwondo today due to a couple of reasons: 1) my wife took my son to a classmate’s birthday party. Ordinarily I would have just taken my daughter, but 2) they’re doing belt tests for everyone else this morning, so no regular class. I should probably do something, though - but I won’t jinx myself by talking about it (any more than I already have). It definitely feels weird to have only run today.

Well I take that back, it’s not quite true. I did load up my daughter’s and my bike in and/or on my car to go for a bike ride. I took my fatbike (since I haven’t really ridden it much (if any) this winter) plus it’s probably my slowest bike - and I really have no need for speed when I ride with my kids :) But we were going super slow so I didn’t bother tracking it with my Garmin.

Rowing Q & A

I’ve seen variations of this floating around for other sports but nothing for crew so here goes! reblog & ask your friends!

1. Why did you join Crew?

2. Grade

3. Where do you row/what type of water?

4. What is your __PR?

5. Scull, Sweep or cox?

6. What are your favorite boats to row?

7. What seat?

8. What is the worst practice you’ve ever had?

9. What is the best practice you’ve ever had?

10. Favorite memories of team?

11. Favorite regatta?

12. Least favorite regatta?

13. Tape or tough it out?

14. Worst injury you’ve ever had?

15. Favorite workout song?

16. Favorite part about winter season?

17. Least favorite workout?

18. Favorite Workout?

19. Post your worst race photo

20. Post your best race photo

21. Have you ever medaled?

22. Any crew related stories?

23. Your favorite memory of your coach?

24. Do you like your team?

25. Your goals this season?

26. Life goals involving rowing?

28. Uni or 2 piece?

29. Favorite practice attire?

30. Coxswains: Why coxing?

31. Describe your best race

32. Describe your worst race

33. Describe your first race

34. Best race moment?

35. Something your proud of?

36. Favorite rowing weather?

37. Ever crabbed during a race?

38. Why do you row/cox?

spacedoutphan  asked:

Hi, do you know what palette the one in the bottom right of the photo you posted about 15 minutes ago is? it has a kinda holographic animal print design and has like 6 rows and 7 columns of shades? sorry this is weirdly specific lmao

It’s violet voss 💖

Workout Day 24: 2/7/17

I skipped the workout class on Monday but got in a good workout on Tuesday. It’s been a really busy week so far so that’s why I’m posting this now.

I started out with a 1K row, then did some boldering. I’ve started a new warm up routine where a do a lot of down climbing. Hopefully this will increase my stamina! Then I did a lot of lead climbing which is something I really need to work on!

I ended my workout with a 15 minute run and 3 x 4 chin-ups. Overall a good workout! :)

I was so sweaty but running puts me in such a good mood :)

was tagged for the playlist meme

I got some weeb taste so get ready <3 

was tagged by @candied-skins  @esue and @nanw-mcl

reshuffle your playlist (since i dont have itunes, im using my regular music playlist) and post the 10 songs that pop up i think

1: Bo-En: My time

2: Durarara op 2: complication 

3: code geass opening 2: world’s end 

4:Lizza’s cover of Magia 

5: Bradio: Overnight superstar

6: Code geass opening 1: Colors (flow)

7: fade: One reason 

8: Shoujo S: SCANDAL

9: Miku hatsune/Luka Megurine/Sasume Zimi: Reboot

10: Gurren Lagann: Row Row fight the powah

ok now i gotta tag 10 people, sorry if you’ve been tagged already -v- 

i tag: @mcl-danielle @3d-pd @candysoupkitchen @fairies-hideout @candy-glasses @mcl-sailorlydia @mcl-kittenina @jpriest85-blog @undead-misfits @libra-and-aries


Prompt: Reader has been hunting erratically with Sam every since Dean died at the end of 3x16. What happens when he comes back?

Reader Gender: Female

Character / Fandom: Dean Winchester / Supernatural

Words: 7,886 (I originally posted this as 4 separate chapters on FanFic and AO3)

Warnings: Nothing really… angst & fluff I guess.

“Go ahead. Underestimate me. I dare you.” Your fingers flex around the handle of the machete. Having been dipped in dead man’s blood, it would poison the vampire the moment her skin was broken.

She sneers, exposing a row of razor sharp teeth. “You think you’re bad ass, don’t you?”

The muscles between your shoulder blades are rigid. The nest had been infiltrated easily enough. The vampires that lay at your feet were freshly turned, less than a month judging by the amount of bodies that had been showing up at the morgue. Now, only one remained. The ring leader was standing in front of you. She was older, more experienced than her fallen brethren, but that didn’t mean much. Not when she was facing a hunter of your caliber.

You arch a brow as you twirl the blade expertly at your side. “I don’t want to brag, but yeah.”

“Allow me to put you in your place.”

This moment right here is what gets your blood pumping. You love the rush of adrenaline, the way it makes you feel. All of your senses are heightened, your hunting instincts kick into overdrive until there are no more bad guys, until they’re lying dead at your feet. And then, when the effects have worn off, you’re left wanting more. You crave the next rush, the next hunt, the next kill, the next injury.

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