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Note: This is an AU where Bitty and Jack have a heart-to-heart after the events of epikegster, and then the rest of year 2 goes on to happen as it does in canon. Pre-relationship friendship, ftw! Also, ridiculous flight itinerary ftw lol

This was not how Bitty’s winter break was supposed to start. He never should have used that cheap airfare website. At the time he booked it, the Boston to Montréal, Montréal to Atlanta itinerary did not seem so bad. Weird, yes, but not bad.

Getting to travel the first leg of his trip with Jack did not hurt either. Bitty could not help but snicker as Jack struggled to hide his surprise at the cookies stashed in his carry-on. “Yes. I packed an entire batch of cookies for this flight. I know it’s only an hour and fifteen minutes, but… playing hockey burns a lot of calories, so we gotta eat lots of small meals.”

The employee raised an eyebrow. “Is a batch of chocolate chip cookies the best meal choice?”

“They’re not your grandmother’s chocolate chip cookies–” Bitty stopped himself. “Actually, they are my MooMaw’s basic recipe, but with a healthier twist.”


“They have more protein.” Bitty grinned when Jack made a soft “hah” laugh. It was good to see him smile after the events of epikegster. This was shaping up to be a good day.

The day went south just as their flight was arriving up north. The pilot announced over the speaker that a storm was starting up, and that the landing would be rocky. Jack stared out Bitty’s window intently with a soft frown on his face. 

Bitty tried to keep his composure, but the first big jolt of turbulence elicited a quiet yelp from the back of his throat. “Sorry, so embarrassing…” He blushed and shyly looked over at Jack.

Jack was rigid and pressed as far back in his seat as possible, his eyes closed. He was taking slow, deep breaths, but his exhales were a bit shakey.

“Jack? Are you okay?”

“I'm fine,” Jack snapped before he could correct himself. “Sorry, just…”

“It’s okay.”

“Hey… Bittle?” Jack asked with his eyes still closed. 

“Yes, Jack?”

“Could you… No, nevermind. It’s stupid.”

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Haven't got the chance to watch the new ep, how was it? I'm scared I'be disappointed tbh

Well, looking at my dash, I see a lot of people are angry. I’m going to share my thoughts with you, keep in mind it’s just my opinion though.

To be honest, I’m not as mad as I probably should be. In fact, I’m not mad at all, just slightly annoyed.

The animation is alright, I’m satisfied. When I think about certain scenes like Sakura releasing her seal and stuff like that, I could literally throw up. That compared to today’s animation? Nothing.

I really liked the interactions between Sasuke and Sarada. Sugiyama did an amazing job as his voice actor. And Sasuke’s expressions were on point, too. I like the added scene where he touches the wall and remembers Sarada’s crying face. Guilt right there, very in character. Then we have Sasuke protecting Sarada, which was also done quite well. What follows is Sakura’s entrance scene and that was badass, that’s just fact. I was scared SP would fuck this up but it’s ok. The added scenes between mother and daughter were really heartwarming, plus point for that. And of course I can’t leave out the eye smex scene between Sasuke and Sakura because that was just cute as hell, especially because of the obvious height difference and Sasuke’s handsome face. I also gotta mention the music because Sarada’s ost was really emotional. By the way, give SP a half of a cookie for having Sakura mention a very obvious reason for hiding the taka picture, a reason most antis fail to understand to this very day: Because of Sasuke’s past.

Overall, this episode was an 8 out of 10 points. In my opinion at least.

Why 8 you ask? Well, because now comes the stuff that people are (rightfully) angry about.

1. The missing kage summit scene:
Where is it? No, really, where is it? Instead of a flashback where we see all Kage together with Sasuke and Sakura in one room, discussing Sasuke’s top secret mission and the details, we got a filler flashback of Sasuke and Naruto only. People are annoyed, mostly because this seems to be another example of SP changing a scene that originally had Sakura appear in it, into something where she doesn’t. Just because. I say ‘seems’ because one of Honda’s tweets suggests the kage meeting might actually get shown in a future episode still to come. And that’s the reason I’m not one of those angry people. Yet. If they do skip it entirely, I’ll be angry, I can promise you this.

2. “I failed as a mother.”:
Is that SP shitting on Sakura again? Maybe, maybe not. Am I mad? No. Why? Sasuke throws this (filler) dialogue right out of the window by clarifying something we already know: “It’s not your fault, It’s mine. You don’t need to apologize.” Give that man a cookie for his self awareness.

3. Sakura walking right past Sasuke to hug Sarada:
Drama. Drama everywhere. It adds to the tension, that’s for sure. Am I mad? nope. Why? It fits in with Sarada’s doubts regarding her parents’ relationship. Besides, Sakura didn’t ignore him. She looked at him, focused on Sarada, and then they had their canon moment. Obviously, SP has to deliver on the future canon moments as well, not just the drama that is supposed to lead up to it.

My thoughts are a little over the place, sorry for that. But yeah, that’s how I feel about today’s episode.

The Ache In My Chest That My Heart Didn’t Invite

Words: 1,414

Some stuff after the Mad Royalties take Mogar and then the gang gets him back. Michael is starting to have pretty negative thoughts and Vav helps him out of them.

woohoo lyrics from Paper Tigers by Owl City

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Imagine: Draco x Reader; I'm Happy Now

/Warnings: Swearing, mild violence, sad, and fluffy at the end!😊 a/n: Your Pov at the beginning. Enjoy!💚🐍


“You ignorant bitch!” My mother yelled at me, pulling my hair and slamming me to the ground. Tears stained my cheeks as I used all the strength I had to get up.

“B-But mother I don’t want to get arranged.” I quivered.
‘I hate being a pureblood.’ I thought. You might think that purebloods’ have all the advantages but, to all honesty some don’t, like me.

My mother and father are arranged. And now they want me to also be like them, arranged but not in love.
I hate this, punished because I don’t want to be arranged.
My mother and father don’t even love each other.

“Either if you want to or not your going to get arranged!” My mother yelled slamming the door on her way out.

“Who even am I getting arranged to.” I say, grabbing the letter mother left behind.
“To: Everett Triana Phoenix” I read out, unfolding the letter.

“Dear Mrs. Phoenix,
We would be pleased to have your daughter, Y/N, married to our son. I know Y/N and she is perfect for our son. Hope we can discuss it over a dinner at the manor. Thank you.

Narcissa Malfoy”

“Wait.” I say, skimming over the words of the letter. I’m getting arranged to a Malfoy. I thought my family was worthless and useless enough to NOT get arranged to a wealthy, powerful family. I guessed wrong.

I know Draco, we hardly talk. I have my own friends from Ravenclaw named Lucy and Grace. So I don’t spend time with him, anyway he’s a douche.

“I wonder what they told him.” I sigh.

~•Draco’s Pov•~

“Draco we have to talk.” My mother told me as we sat down, she heavily sighs.

“You’re getting arranged.” She told me looking into my eyes.

“I don’t want to.” I simply say back.

“The girl is lovely Draco and I’m sure you’ve met her.” She said.

“I want to actually love someone. I don’t want to be arranged.” I said back, she sighs once more.

“I’m sorry but, it’s been a year since you’ve graduated. Just…” I look into my mother’s eyes, I can’t detect what she is feeling, pain, sorrow, sympathy, happiness, excitement?

“I do have my eye on this one girl.” I tell her, she looks at me and gleams.

“Her name?” She asks.

“Y/N Phoenix.” I said, if my mother wants me to get married at least to a decent and pretty girl that has a good attitude. I would think my mother would want me with, Astoria Greengrass. But she looks like a girl I would shag once and leave.

“Perfect. Just who I actually had in mind.” My mother smiles.

“Great.” I say, as she leaves me alone.

“I wonder what they told her.” I sigh.

“Oh and Draco, sweetie. I’ve invited them for dinner, so get ready.” My mother chirps.

“OK, mother.” I say.

~•A Few Hours Later•~

“Oh hello! Oh my, she’s beautiful! Come in!” I hear my mother downstairs. I start walking downstairs to meet a Y/N with her mother and father.

I’ve hardly even spoke to Y/N but, it’s worth a shot at least get to know her a bit more, oh wait… I can’t.

Y/N looks at me, this time I can tell what her emotions are… Sadness.

I frown. Knowing she didn’t want to be arranged.

“Mother why don’t you talk with them. While I show Y/N around the manor.” I pipe in, my mother nods and I grab Y/N’s wrist and drag her upstairs. Once we reach my bedroom I lock the door.

“I know you don’t want to.” I say, she slowly lifts her head, showing me her sad E/C eyes.

“I’m sorry, Draco. It’s that I actually wanted to find someone I love and care for. I don’t want to be sad and arranged.” Y/N told me.

“Don’t you want to find actual love?” Y/N asks me.

“Yes. I’m sorry.” I said, I kind of dragged her into this.

“Why?” She said.

“I wanted to be married to you rather than Greengrass. I thought, if I was getting arranged I wanted someone decent and pretty.” I told her, she looked as she was about to cry.

“Well I’m stuck. I have to either way.” She sniffles looking down, I see a tear land on my shoe. I hug her, and sympathy spreads through me.

“I’ll be sure to treat you right.” I said, hoping to make things better.

“What’s this even for? Just to create an heir. Right?” She questions me.

“I don’t know.” I answer truthfully.

“Let’s head downstairs, before they worry.” Y/N said, I looked at her.

Her hair was curled/straightened, she wore some (waterproof) makeup, and a pretty black dress.

I was correct she is pretty, Nope, she is beautiful.

I realize we’re downstairs already. I take my seat and stay silent. “Getting along are we?” My mother said. I don’t speak.

“Yes, very. Your son is a handsome gentleman.” Y/N smiles, I see that it’s somewhat real and fake.

“Good to hear that. Can’t wait! Just one more month till the wedding!” Y/N’s mother, Everett, gleams.

I choke on my food as Y/N spews her drink. She starts cleaning it up as I get a grip of myself.

“A month?” Y/N asks.

“Oh yes dear. Better get planning and ooo, a dress!” My mother said, I look at her in utter shock.

“Oh.” I hear Y/N mutter.

“You two will make lovely children.” Y/N’s father, Alister, said.

Surprising hearing it from her father or just a man in particular.

Y/N though looks enraged.
“So this is all for a child?! Is this all you want me to it truly be in love just to give out a child!?” Y/N screams loudly, enough to ‘cause my mother to flinch.

“Y/N!” Her mother yelled as Y/N stormed out of the manor. Her mother went after her.

“Sorry about that. Thank you for the dinner and invitation. Farewell.” Her father said, rushing out.

My mother looks at me and now I can tell what her emotion is, sorrow.

~•A Month Later•~

-•Your Pov•-

After the occurrence at the Malfoy Manor because of me. I’ve been locked up in my room, only allowed out once to get dress fitted and see what shoes I liked. I wasn’t lonely. Draco kept sending me letters to see how I was, they made me smile.
Today, I’m getting out of my room again… for my wedding.

I’ve chosen a traditional wedding dress with a veil that has some jewels and light green flowers. And a little crown.

The flower girl was my little cousin, Annie-Rose. And the ring carrier was my hufflepuff cousin, Aaron. My bridesmaids are Lucy and Grace.
Lucy and Grace wore light green dresses with a crystal belt.

“Hello.” A voice said, I turned around to see my future mother-in-law, Narcissa.

“Hello, Narcissa.” I say, smiling.

“You look gorgeous!” Narcissa returns the smile.

“Thank you.” I say, looking once more in the mirror, my H/C hair is curled/straightened, my make up was applied perfectly.

Then the door opened,
“5 more minutes.” Grace and Lucy said in unison giggling.

“OK, thank you, Lucy-Grace.” I smirk.

“I know. Draco told me but thank you. For still doing it. Out of all the girl’s I thought you were perfect.” Narcissa smiled making me smile.

“Why don’t we go now?” Narcissa implied.

“Sure.” I say,
I walk out of the room to see my father in a nice suit. My father was a lot more nicer than my mother. He actually cared about my opinion. He was about to drop the marriage, until my mother threatened him?

“You’ve grown so much.” My father cries, I stroke his cheek wiping away the tears.

“Be happy.” I said, looping my arm with his.

The doors open wide, and I step out with my father looking at the numerous amounts of people, mainly from my family. I also see some of Draco’s friends.

I stare at Draco, he’s smiling. I can’t help but smile back. For once in awhile I’m actually smiling and not faking it.

Finally, I reach Draco and he takes my hands into his.

“You look beautiful.” He said.

“Thank you and you look handsome.” I said, slightly giggling.

I stare once more and into his blue-grey eyes. Ignoring everything that the minister was currently saying.

“Now for the vows, Mr. Malfoy.” the minister said.

“Y/N, I know I’m not much for romance but when we had that conversation in my room. I knew I truly couldn’t make you happy. I saw a torn girl with a bright heart, when she was at Hogwarts. And each time I hear your voice and giggles, I can’t help but stare. Each time without you catching me. Right now I want to catch you staring at me. To show you and tell you how much I honestly love you. I hope I can make you happy as much as I can. I love you, just the way you are.”
Draco said, I felt like crying. I didn’t need a script to tell my feeling or emotion to him.

“Draco, at first I thought I couldn’t find happiness. When we had that conversation and you understood me, I felt something nice. Right now, I’m glad you choose me. That you choose me to marry you. And just being here I think… I’m Happy Now.” I said.

“May we have the rings?” The minister said, my cousin Aaron walked up and grinned at me.

“Each take a ring.” The minister said, as Draco and I grabbed a ring.

“Now do you Draco Lucius Malfoy take Y/N M/N Phoenix as your wife?” The minister said.

“I do.” Draco said.

“And do you Y/N M/N Phoenix take Draco Lucius Malfoy as your husband.” The minister said, I stay silent thinking everyone seems to worry.

I look at Draco the most worried of them all. I stare at him and he stares right back, I smile.
“I do.”

We insert the wedding rings into each other. And return to our position.

“I pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride!” The minister steps back,

I don’t hesitate and kiss him, Draco kisses right back. Both of us smiling into the kiss, everyone clapping.


I sigh, closing the memory book. Remembering every single moment.

“Dad can I hold her?!” I hear our 3 year old son, Scorpius shout wanting to carry our newborn daughter, Leala.

“You’re to small, Scorpius.” I hear Draco say, receiving a whine from Scorpius. I chuckle and find them.

“Hello, love.” Draco said, coming up to me and kisses my cheek.

“Mommy! Dadda won’t let me hold Leala!” Scorpius whines.

“Want me to carry you?” I ask as he opens his arms motioning for me to carry him. I grab him and hold him.

“You know what Draco?” I tell him,
“Hmm.” He said.

“I know I’m Happy Now.” I say, kissing him.

“Ewww. Get a room!” Scorpius said, as we all laugh.


/Sorry if it was crappy! I try my best, but thank you for reading and don’t be afraid to request! Thank you! P.s Leala is pronounced ( Lay-la) 💚🐍\
The Means War. Part Four.

Other MMFD Fanfics by me- HERE

This Means War. 

Set the summer after their first year of college is over. 
The gang get into a pranking war.


• Part One • Part Two • Part Three


This Means War. Part Four.


The phone ringing on my bedside table made me jump. Jesus christ.

I had been home for almost an hour. May of used all of the bolts and locks on every door when I got in.

Nobody else was home.

Which was good.

This meant no one would be here to witness me acting like a weirdo, standing by the window, hiding behind the net curtain looking up and down the road. On the look out for Chop.

I am pretty sure that Mrs Dewhurst is watching me. Fuck it.

She is dead weird.

Ever since Mum swapped our rooms around she had put the thickest net curtain I had ever seen in her bedroom window! Why she didn’t do that before I have no idea.

I had seen her tits too bloody much. Creeped me out.

“Hello?” Please don’t be Chop. Please.

“Rae!” Chlo’. Thank god “You’re home, good” she sounded a little out of breath. Has she just got home?

“Jesus” I sighed.

“That was fucking epic!”

“Yeah, but now what?” What was possibly going to happen next?

“Who fucking knows” she laughed before shouting so loud I had to pull the phone away from my ear “OUCH!” If I get hearing damage from this I am going to sue her.

“WHAT?” Oh my god is he there? What do I do?

“Jesus fucking christ”

“Chloe, what is it?” I begged.

“There was a thorn in my belly button” Huh?

“You what?” Is she serious.

“A thorn, Rae!”

“How the fuck?” Does that even happen?

“May of run through someones garden to get home quicker” I could hear rustling in the background as she sighed “Or a few” she added.

“Holy shit” Is she serious?

“That fucking hurt” I bet it bloody did.

“Why didn’t you just go to your car?” She bloody drove me into town to put the photocopies up.

“Oh shit” she laughed “I keep forgetting I can drive it on me own now, bloody hell” Fucking idiot. “Oh my god, what if Chop finds it?”

“He won’t know its yours?” Right? “ Loads of people have that car” Don’t they?


“I would ask Finn to get it for yah but I don’t even know where he is right now” I hoped that him and Archie had not been caught by Chop.

“Why did Izzy run off?”

“No bloody idea, I wondered the same thing!” I told her “He is gunna think she had summet to do with it now!”

“Bloody hell” Chlo’ giggled “I really should go and get my car”

“Good luck with that” She is crazy to go out right now. He could be anywhere, doing anything.

“Come with me to get it?”

“Not bloody likely” I told her “Are you insane? Chop will be on the prowl!”

“Later?” she sounded way to hopeful.

“Yeah alright, I’ll meet yah there, in five years?”

“Come on Rae!” she pleaded “Well just get the car and then I’ll drive you straight home!”

“Fine, tomorrow” I gave in after a few seconds. “But if he is there, I am leaving”

“Well, I won’t be sticking around either now will I?”

“Its your car”

“You’re my best mate”

“Bloody hell”

“Love you” she laughed.


“Still don’t think this is a good idea” I told my best mate as we slowly walked through the car park.

It was eight in the fucking morning.

It was the summer holidays, I was meant to be sleeping in till after lunch. This was bullshit.

“Look, lets just get me car and then we can go and get some food from the chippie” she told me.

“You’re paying”

“Relax Rae, It is way to early for Chop to be out” I knew she was right, but apart of me knew that if he was planning his own back, he would not be opposed to an early, or I guess late start.

He could of been hanging around all night planning something. Bloody hell.

I need to stop worrying about it.

“Finn told you Chop spent all evening yesterday pulling the pictures down” This was true. 

Finn and Archie had been having a drink in the pub, waiting for anyone else to show up when Chop had barreled in through the doors.

Clutching black bin bags full of the posters.

He was pretty fucking angry apparently and had chased the two of them out and down the street when he relaised that they where in on it too.

He was definitely going to be getting everyone back now.

I wonder if he knows about the ones in the park, or the news agents by his place?

I was scared but also intrigued as to what he was going to do.

“Whats that smell?” Chloe asked as we turned the corner.

“Holy shit” I instantly stopped moving.

There was her red car alright. Covered in rubbish on the roof and bonnet. Oh my god is that moldy fruit?

“He won’t know which is yours” she mimicked what I had said yesterday “Holy shit he has filled it inside too”

“Well how the fuck was I to know he would know or would do this?” It smelt rough as fuck.

“How did he get inside?”

“Please tell me this is not your car” I pleaded “Tell me it just looks like yours?”

“My parents are going to go mental” Chloe screamed.

“Is everything alright?” Some man on the other side of the car park shouted over.

Chloe just screamed, stomped her foot and ignored him.

I didn’t know what to do so just mouthed ’run’ to him. Now he thinks I’m mental. Well I guess he is right, technically, but… oh fucking hell.

“Why did you open the door?” I was going to gag.

“Oh my god” Chloe turned to me with wide eyes “Where did he get this?”

“Close the door” I begged.


I pushed passed her and slammed the car door shut. I wasn’t quick enough though.

Bile was rising in my throat. I am going to be sick.

“Woah, Rae” I felt Chloe’s hand rubbing my back as sick literally poured out of my mouth. I hadn’t even had breakfast. Fucking hell.

“That smells worse than the nappies Jazz fills up”

“Bloody hell”

“What are you gunna do?” I asked opening my backpack and pulling out a bottle of water I had half drunk earlier. Thank god.

“I don’t know”

“Just buy a new car, set it on fire” I told her with a mouth full of water.


“That smell is never going to go away”

“It might?”

“Even you don’t bloody believe that”


“Do you hear that?” Chloe whispered while I chugged the last of the water. Damn, I need more. 

“What?” I looked around thinking that Chop had turned up. I was going to lock him in that car if he was. Bastard.

“Tick, tick” she whispered again.

“Are you ok?” I tapped her forehead “Have you hit your head?”

“Listen Rae” she pulled me closer to the smelliest car of all cars. Bloody Chop.

Tick, tick, tick, tick.

“You hear that right?” She asked with wide eyes.

What is that?

“Oh my god!” Chloe took a step to the left, pulling me with her as she painfully clutched my arm.

Her bloody finger nails were digging in. Fuck.

“What is it?”

“What if its a bomb?”

“Chop wouldn’t of put a bomb in your car!”

“What if he has though?”

“I…well…” He wouldn’t do anything to actually hurt anyone. Would he?

“Is it coming from the engine?” she lent forwards.

The ticking was still happening.

“Has it been doing that the whole time we have been here?”

“I don’t think so?” She looked like she was going to cry “I think it started after I opened the door”

“Bloody hell”

“What do we do? Should we call Finn or Archie?”

“Oi” I turned to her “If it is a bloody bomb we are not having my boyfriend getting blown up!”



“What do we do then?” she asked.

“You open the bonnet?” Thats where the ticking was coming from. Right?

“No, you do it” Fuck off.

“Its not my bloody car”

But.. I … You” she was stuttering.

Err.err.err” I pushed her forwards. So she was standing infront of the bonnet “Your car, you look”

“If I’m looking you can pop it open”

“What?” Nope.

“Its only fair Rae”

“None of this is bloody fair!” I told her “You want me” I pointed to my chest “To get into that bloody stinky car of yours to pop the bonnet open for you?”

“Unless you want to be the one who finds out what the hell is ticking I do yeah”

Why is this my life?

I knew I should of not agreed to come with her to get the bloody car in the first place.

If Finn had never bought that damn football to the park on Friday then none of this would be happening. This was all his fault. Fuck sake.

“Today Rae”

“Fine” Why did I have to do this “Give me your jacket” I pointed the the one tied around her waist.

“Why? Its new!” she clutched it. Jesus it is just a jacket Chlo’ not a baby!

“If you want me to have my head in that car then pass me the bloody jacket”

“What are you going to do with it?”

“Hold it over my mouth and nose” So I’m not sick again, because once was enough.

“You’re lucky you don’t wear makeup” she slowly passed me the white denim jacket “Cause I would not be letting you use it”

“Fucking hell”

I held it in one hand, balled up, much to my best mates protests.

Taking a few deep breaths before I opened the car door. Oh god I could still smell it.

“Quick Rae”

I was going as bloody quickly as I could. Cheeky bitch.

There was all sorts of rubbish over the seats and floor.

It literally looked like he had just emptied one of the rubbish bins from the high street in here. Bloody hell.

Leaning forward I had to stop myself from running away from this. It was so vile. Why?

I finally spotted the little black leaver under the sterring wheel.

Turned out this would be the biggest mistake we had made today, and it was only the bloody morning.

I had barley touched the thing before a massive crash came from outside of the car and I was thrown backwards. Into the headrest of the driver seat.

What the fuck was that?

Oww. My face.

“OH MY GOD!” I heard Chloe screaming.

What just happened?

It took me a few moments to realise that the airbag in the driving wheel had knocked me backwards. How?

“RAE!” I felt Chloes had on me “Are you ok?”

“Am I blind?” Why was everything so white?

“Its the airbag” I could feel her moving it out of my face “Fucking hell”

I literally fell backwards onto the concrete carpark floor, at Chloe’s feet.

My face really fucking hurt. Raising one hand to it I flinched as it touched my nose. Fuck.

“Your nose is bleeding” Chloe said. Holy fuck.


My face fucking hurt.

This is reminding me of those bloody cans that fell on my face, except it hurt way more. This was so much fucking worse.

“I think I have broken my nose” Blood was definatley pouring out.

“Fucking Chop”

I finally looked up at my friend and burst into laughter.

“Oh my god” that hurt.

“Jesus” she pressed the white jacket she had previously been so worried about me getting stuff on against my face “We need to get you to the hospital”



“Your covered in feathers”

“I know!”

“What happened” I think I might have concussion. I felt dizzy.

“The bonnet flew up and that green slime he used at your house and these bloody feathers burst out, I don’t know how he did that!” Jesus christ.

“He a crazy genius!”

Woah, I really do feel a little light headed.

“Rae, he took the engine” She told me, blowing a feather out of her mouth. She looks like a feather covered bogie.

If I wasn’t in so much pain I would be laughing my arse off right now.

“What?” I asked as my vision started to become blurry. What is happening?

“The engine has gone” How?

“Fucking Chop” he really was a genius.

“Rae, Rae” I heard my best mate call my name before everything went blank.


. Overprotective \\\ Luke Hemmings Imagine

Description: Luke’s getting on your nerves for acting like a specially jealous best friend, but is that so bad, really?

Requested: Nope. Actually, this is an old story that was sitting here, and since I haven’t been able to write lately, I thought I should post it.

Word count: 1,9k.

 “I don’t like the way he’s looking at you, I’m starting to think you want him too.
Am I crazy, have I lost ya?”


He was my best friend, my favorite shoulder to cry upon and my go-to advice guy. He was my life savior, even now when he was away with his band most of the time. I could call him at 4am of any day and still be welcomed by his smug smile and his strong complaints about my life choices. Surely, he’d listen to my drama and then proceed to roll his eyes, but he’d always give me an honest opinion afterwards. And it was comfortable and I never wanted lto ive without it. Luckily, for me, he didn’t seem to either.

I’m not sure how we ended up in my kitchen, after all. I was mad at him and I’m pretty sure that when we left the bar, about half an hour ago, I had no intention whatsoever to let Luke into my house. But here we were, Luke’s tall form leaning against the wall, watching me as I angrily wash the dishes, trying to calm myself down after the ridiculous scene he caused tonight. My hands are so hard on the plates that I have no idea how they aren’t breaking. A part of me wanted them to break, to be honest, so I could smash the remaining pieces on his blonde unnerving face.

He gets closer to me silently, as he always does, and rests his chin on my head, forcing me to stay still for a minute. I make myself hold back the smile that is trying to take place in my lips, because I was supposed to be mad at him.

“C’mon, Y/N, you’re not that upset. Cut the act and give me that pretty smile I like so much”.

“I’m not upset, I’m mad at you” , I spat, but my voice is soft. Luke’s presence had been throwing me off balance since he came back from tour for the holidays, and my brain developed the habit of simply going into complete shutdown whenever he gets too close. Therefore, I have to wait a few seconds to regain composure because my heartbeat is all over the place and he’s so close that I’m afraid he can hear it.

“Nah, you’re not”, he shrugs, getting off me and sitting on the counter right beside the plates I just washed.

Feels weird to have him so close after such a long period of calls and facetime only. He’s taller now, and somehow he feels different than the boy I got used to as we grew up. He certainly looks older; I can even see some scruff beard going on in his face, and it makes so much harder to face him. Honestly, it should be illegal to get this handsome so out of nowhere, because I just can’t stop blushing around him now. He just looks so damn good.

I sigh, trying to focus on the conversation we should be having. He laughs quietly, biting his lip ring to muffle the sound and don’t make me extra mad at him.

“Ok, maybe I’m not that mad. But that’s a giant maybe, so don’t count on it”, I try, but his face is all lighten up now.

“I knew it”.

“But you have to understand how much of a jerk you were back there, Luke. It was completely embarassing. You’re lucky you’re not around much, so I just can’t waste our time being mad at you for real. But I should be”.

“It was not that bad”, he says shyly now, eyeing his feet as he speaks. “I was just being logical, really”.

“You caused a scene for no reason. Acted like a kid. And almost started a fight. Did I forget anything?”, I count, putting my fingers up as I go on. He makes me a face, visibly annoyed. “And all that because you were jealous”.

“I wasn’t!”

“Please, enlighten me, Luke Hemmings, what else does it means when you physically take me away from the arms of another guy”.

“I was looking out for you. He was weird”.

“You are weird. He was cute. And nice. And respectful, which is not really common between the guys that Calum’s friends usually bring to our reunions”.

“He had his hands all over you”, he complains sternly, teeth once again against his lip ring. He’s getting mad remembering the guy from the bar, apparently, and that pisses me off.

“And exactly in which planet does that entitles you to pull me away from someone?”, my voice is harsh and I can feel the heat warming up my chest. I’m really angry now.

“That guy would go and try to take you home, I just knew it. And if I could stop that, why shouldn’t I?”

“Even if he tried, I’m the only one who could have decided if I wanted to go or not. You had no right butting in like that”.

“You’re delicated and gentle. I was not about to just watch as he took advantage of you being easy-going”.

“I’m not easy” – And the word is so heavy on my mouth that I could have choked on it. But I go on, livid. – “I’m not some silly girl that lets people do whatever they want with me. I know how to take care of myself. And I’ve been doing it without your help for the past 3 years while you were all around the world, thank you very much”.

“Yeah, sure, but we know how that usually ended up. One tip: me, you, a late skype call and lots of tears”.

I bite my own lips now, holding back my words. That last comment hurt, not only because it’s true, but because he’s not supposed to shove it on me. He’s supposed to be the friend who’s there when I need, without this kind of judgment, for God’s sake.

He’s also upset that those words are floating between us now, I notice. His arms are crossed on his chest and his face is all contorted in frustration, as if I was the one who had gone and made everything wrong. Upon that vision of him, my mood just gets even worse and I take two steps away from the sink because I’m suddenly feeling homicidal and I don’t want to actually end up smashing plates on my best friend pretty head.

“Honestly, Luke, who are you nowadays? You fuck my night, you make a damn scene and then you make a point to come to my house so you can tell me how pathetic and helpless I am without you to hold me”.

“That’s not what I meant at all”.

“You are 20 years too late to act like a big brother for me, Luke. Besides, I already have two of those and I don’t really need a new one. And even if all of those 20 years weren’t full of my best decisions, I got my own back most of the time.  So you better just go back into your friend lane and stay there. You’re not the one to decide who I see, with whom I go out or sleep with. You can opine if I ask, tops.

“Okay” he says, raising his hands up in surrender. “I’m sorry. I get it. I’m no one for you. I won’t do it again”.

“You better not. You are supposed to be my fucking best friend, not some jerk who I can’t even recognize”.

“I’m still the same as always. We’ve been friends for years now, I just sorta got used to taking care of you. I care so much about you, I just don’t want to see you falling for any jackass”.

“You can’t shield me from this kind of hurt, Luke. I’m going to fall for idiots and make mistakes and all that ish. And it’s ok, as long as I’m the one who decides who’s worth my time and who’s not”.

“Since when are you so assertive?”

“I have always been. You’re the only who got used to seeing just the fragile side, because that was the side that needed you the most. But you saw all my other sides as well, you’ve seen everything of me already, so you shouldn’t be acting like that”.

“In my defense, I’ve been your shield countless times these past years”.

“And I’m grateful for it. But the fact that you’re the one friend that I count on to pick my pieces when I am broken doesn’t really mean I’m broken all the time. Just means you’re the one I trust the most to see me and help when I need it”.

He stays silent for a second and then mutters:

“I mean, I’m not retarded, I know you can take care of yourself. I just couldn’t help it. When I saw that guy getting so close, putting his hands all over you like he had any right to own you, like he already knew all the right spots, it made me so mad. You’re way too good for any of those losers and they don’t know a thing about you, nor should they get to”.

“And the name of that feeling, Luke, my friend, is jealousy”.

“Yeah, right”, and the irony is so strong I can almost see it dripping from the word when he speaks it.

I roll my eyes.

“It’s ok, Luke, really. I’m also protective of my friends, and I got jealous of you too, now and then”. I say, turning back to check if I’m finished with the cleaning of my small kitchen. When I turn around to face him again, Luke’s so close that I can feel his breath brushing my face. I freeze, my brain doing the melting thing all over again.

“What if it is jealousy? What if everything that I want is for them to keep their distance so I can be the only one to get this close?”, he asks, and his arms are already around my waist, one of his hands finding home on the small of my back and the other gently placed over my hip bone. I’d be shivering if I wasn’t so suddenly excited. Everything that I am is burning against his touch.

“You still wouldn’t get a say over me or my choices” I let him know and his head bows, easily accepting my plea. “But I could think about this wish of yours. I could even say I have some of my own that are very similar”.

“That’s an interesting conversation to have sometime”, he concurs, and I smile against his skin. We are so close now that if I just lift my head up I’m sure I could kiss him. And I want it. I want it so bad.

“Not now, though”, I say, my arms crossing around his neck and forcing him down, so I can get more comfortable against his body. Never before I have breathed the same air as him and the experience is exhilarating and makes me overly conscious of his tall strong build so near mine. I hug him closer and he nuzzles against my hair.

“Feels like we have an agreement”.

Is all that he says, his lips against my skin, the cold of his metal lip ring making me feel weird new things. I want it against my lips, against me, I want to feel everything. I want to kiss him.

“You have to dose down the overprotection thing, though”, I warn, and he shakes his head, acquiescing.

“I promise to let you be free, if you just let me walk along with you. Honestly, I just want to be with you”, he promises, and his voice is so sweet and familiar and apologetic that my heart calms down a little.

And I put my open lips on his to say yes, to scream yes, to say ‘please”, but he doesn’t need it. He kiss me, and I never felt so sheltered before

MBTI-types rescuing the others from a pitfall
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><br></b> One is rescuing the 15 other MBTI-personalities from a pitfall in a forest in the evening. The versions of the types how they would rescue the rest:<p/><br><b> ESFP:</b> *walks past the trap with closed eyes although the other MBTI-signs screams* *uses headphones and sums* *dances and sings too* "Hey now, you're an allstar, get your game on, go plaaaay~" <br> <br><b> INFP:</b> *hears screams* What are these nasty noises in the air? Some odd birds? *imagines birds with horrifying voices and then thinks of harps* *is interested in this idea and follows the noises* Harps would be interesting! How amus-- ?!?!?!!! Oh. *sees the others in a trap* Just you all. *disappointed* (ISFP: JUST HELP US, PLEASE!)<br><br><b> ENFP:</b> I'm gonna help and rescue you all! I'm the HAPPYMAN! *poses in front of the trap and suddenly makes a move forward and falls in the hole* *screams and falls on INTP who screams too* Oups... hehe... still need help? *smiles emberrassedly*<br><br><b> ISFP:</b> *hears screams and thinks of some horror films* *is frightened yet curious* *goes and sees the pitfall* *thinks of "The silence of the lambs"* *looks horrified* Uuuh--! *hears someone crying in there* *screams in fear and runs away* NOOOO--!!! NOPE! NOPE!<br><br><b> INFJ:</b> *runs to the pitfall immediately* *looks down and sees everyone there* I knew something bad would happen today... why is there a pitfall? Who would do such a cruel thing? I mean... this person knows that walkers are harmless. Everyone has the right to-- (ENTJ: Yeah, yeah, now hurry up and help us!)<br><br><b> ENFJ:</b> Oh my god! Wait! *helps them coming out perfectly* *perfect rescuer ever* *just perfect* *even more perfect than perfect itself, lol*<br><br><b> ISFJ:</b> *bends down and looks at everyone* Oh golly! My pitiful friends! Is no one hurt? I hope so. In the past there were also some traps like that, so big and deep. This criminals should be arre-- (ESTP: No one wants to know! Just help us already!)<br><br><b> ESFJ:</b> *worried face at the pitfall* Now I know why no one came home eating the dinner I made. You should watch out! There are many dangers here! I call help. Wait for me! *calls police and rescue them perfectly too*<br><br><b> INTP:</b> *confused* Even you fell down, ESTJ? (ESTJ: ...yeah...) How interesting! I never knew that pitfalls are still used. What is the purpose of the criminal? Even we don't know if it was only one criminal. The volume of this pitfall let us know that this criminal couldn't dig this trap only in one night! Maybe he wasn't alone? *looks around with leery look and says whisperly with a creepy voice* Maybe we're not alone here... (All the types in the pitfall: ...)<br><br><b> ENTP:</b> *hears noises and at first thinks this must be aliens who visit the earth and make party in a forest* OOHHH! Now I can prove they exi-- *sees a pitfall and all the types in it* Oh. *smirks* Was it maybe INTJ, who wanted to see you all dea-- (INTJ: I'm here too, you idiot!). Oh. Ok...<br><br><b> ESTP:</b> *laughs at everyone in the pitfall* How amusing! *makes a selfie with all the annoyed types in the pitfall* Bwahaha! I can't wait showing this to my friends! Look at your faces, idiots! I can help you though! But... what would I get as reward then? *smirks*<br><br><b> ISTP:</b> It's creepy that even ESTJ fell in this huge hole but though... I'm not interested to help you all. I'm enjoying seeing you all here. *a little bit evil* (ESFJ: Please help us! *puppy eyes*) *silence* ... *sighs* Wait for me... *does help them then*<br><br><b> ENTJ:</b> So, so... you all fell in this hole just accidently. *annoyed* Such inefficiency! I should fire you all! (ENFP: But... we don't even work for you.) *ignores him and talks further* Now I know why I am the only one here with competence and passion! I always have to do all by myself! *goes away in anger doing his work* (ENFP: But--) *forgot helping them*<br><br><b> INTJ:</b> *looks at them all with light confusion* I already know why you're all dumb and that we all will die because of humans killing themselves BUT THIS. This is ridiculous... *sighs* Let me help you. Shut up and learn! *wants to take out a rope but suddenly fells down into the pitfall, on ESTP* Outsh! *looks at everyone's angry face* Well, I still have another solution though...<br><br><b> ESTJ:</b> I wanted to walk just for a little relaxation and now I have to face you all because you were too dumb falling in this pitfall which you can blatantly see here! Well... I can't grumble all around. I'll help you. *helps them then but in a rough way*<br><br><b> ISTJ:</b> *hears noises and suddenly thinks of humans in danger but no animal is heard* *goes to the pitfall with big confusion* Lately this happens all the time here... *looks at everyone* This criminal should be arrested! I'll call my colleagues! Wait, guys! *is actually a cop*<p/></p><p/></p>