but noooo you let me go


Niffler: HEY, KID!!!! You saw nothing, ok. *Shoves gold in pouch with other shiny things*

Newt: REALLY!?!?!?! Seriously, you got to be kidding me!!! 

Niffler: Well, smell ya later. *Tries to flee*

Newt: NO!! Not this time you little thief. *Grabs him by the stomach*

Niffler: NOOOO!!!!!!!! Come big guy let me go, please. *tries to break free*

Newt: Again, I said no. Now lets see what you have in that pouch. *Grabs him by the feet and shakes him upside down* *Bunch of shiny things are getting out* That is a lot right there Niffler. 

Jacob: ‘What the hell is going on here. Why am I here, again. I hope no one goes down the here.’ 

Niffler: You better not tickle me, Newt or you’ll be sorry. 

Newt: I’ll take my chances, Nif *tickles Niffler*

Niffler: NO!! STOP IT!!!!! *Laughs* *tries to break free* STOP IT NOW!!!! *Laughs harder* *Expensive jewelry falls down to the pile beneath them* NOT MY PRECIOUS JEWELRY!!!!!!!

Nahh Sissss

You was right. This nigga is nervous. @kimreesesdaughter and I think it’s cus I’m his employee lol. Cause I took the aggressive approach and this nigga been on quiet mode since. He was talking mad shit in his car yesterday but as soon as I let that nigga know it could go down today, he froze up. smh.

I’m pose to be getting dick down right now but noooo this grown ass man wanna be scared nshit. Wait till I see him in the morning 🙄😒

homophobia among certain neo-pagans of today is so ridiculous and i can’t stop laughing because they have noooo idea how many of their ancestors were gay as heeeeeeell. like, re-construct as you please, but don’t ignore facts as you please as well. just because our ancestors deemed it important that we procreate does not mean they didn’t freely have lovers of the same gender too, or that they weren’t even polygamous. but don’t let me burst your bubble of an indoctrinated mind. go off.


Molly: Turbo noooo! I am so sad please please please forgive me this was so hard! I had to follow my heart! Turbo pleaaase don’t hate me, I’m not going to let go until you tell me I’m still your best friend!

Turbo: Everything will be ok I’m just real sad right now. I miss my mom. I just got dumped by the girl I love… in front of my new friends… I’m just embarassed…

Molly: I’m sorry!?!!

@literallywhothe thank you so much for Turbo! I thought he might win but their romantic relationship just wasn’t building as fast as the girls.:( I hope you post him and maybe someone else can marry him! He will have a beautiful life in my game as well and I plan on keeping him as Molly’s new best friend! He better get along with Rylan? Mona loves him!? This was hard man. I pondered it for days.

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A scenario where the reader is beside Konan during the right against Obito, and she begs for her friends life, offering to go with him so Konan is spared?

I kind of took this from the approach that the Reader has been with the ame orphans for a long time and was friends with all of them but they were a behind the scenes member. They looked after the Rain Village when Nagato and Konan were away, so they werent part of the Akatsuki. Let me know what you think. Thanks for the request. 

Reader begging for Konan’s life

“NOOOO WAITTT!!” You shouted, desperate to be heard.

You saw Konan’s back stiffen at your voice. She didn’t want you here. She wanted to keep you out of this fight. You were the only person in the world that mattered to her. She didn’t want to lose another friend the way you both lost Nagato and Yahiko. The pain of their passing scarred you deeply, but you weren’t going to stand by and let Konan die as well.

You had told her it was foolish to face Tobi in battle, when you had warned her that he would be after her for leaving the Akatsuki. You understood her reasoning for quitting the Akatsuki. She had told you it was Nagato’s will to pass on the goal of peace to Naruto Uzumaki of the Hidden Leaf. That Naruto embodied Nagato’s dreams and Konan’s new mission was to protect that dream.

You didn’t quite understand why Nagato suddenly changed his mind after the assault on Konoha. You were not there to aid Nagato and Konan in their assault, but the resolve that Konan carried when she came back with both your dear friends’ bodies, you knew everything had changed. She wasn’t going to let the Hidden Rain Village fall into dismay again and she wasn’t going to let Tobi take away Naruto, the Nine-tails.

You were distressed by the news, knowing Tobi, the masked man that claimed to be Madara, wouldn’t be pleased. You knew he would come after Konan. You feared for her safety, but she seemed to care less. She told you she knew how to defeat him that she had been studying him for some time. She was prepared to blow herself up if that meant she could take him down with her. Konan’s determinedness alarmed you and you desperately tried to talk her out of it.

However, she gave you the cold shoulder and tried to keep you from interfering with the fight. She wanted you to live and look after the Hidden Rain Village for her. She believed it was the only way.

As you had ran up behind her, out of breath, you saw Tobi’s visible eye from the crack in his mask turn towards you. At the state of Konan floating mid-air and Tobi’s robe torn with one arm missing, you knew Konan had almost blown up Tobi and herself.

You huffed. “Please! Spare Konan’s life! I’ll join you!” You begged.

“Y/N!” Konan shouted, not turning back to look at you. “Leave this instant.”

Tobi looked amused. “Konan made her choice to betray me, much like Nagato did. I don’t know who you are and I’m not taking applicants to fill roles in the Akatsuki at the moment,” Tobi’s deep voice chuckled.

“Then what do you want? I do anything please! Just please don’t take Konan’s life,” You continued.

“There’s nothing you can do. All I’m after is to collect the rinnegan from Nagato’s dead body that Konan has hidden from me,” Tobi answered, no longer amused, a dark glint in his eyes.

“I know where it is! I’ll tell you. Please—“

Suddenly paper clamped down on your mouth from Konan’s jutsu as she materialized in front of you on the river.

“Y/N, don’t do this. This is what he wants,” Konan whispered, keeping her eyes steadily on Tobi’s form.

Tobi’s eye had widened, before he smirked.

“I’ll spare your life Konan if you let the girl come with me. I will find Nagato’s body eventually. Either through invading your mind with my sharingan after taking your life or by taking your friend’s alternative and letting you walk free. There is no other option. Choose wisely.”

You struggled to speak as you tore away the sheets of paper from your mouth.

“Konan please! He’s too strong,” You pleaded as you grabbed onto your friend’s cloak. “Let me go with him. You won’t be betraying Nagato’s and Yahiko’s wishes. I would. They would want you to stay and watch over Amegakure. You’re the city’s angel. I can’t lose you. Our village can’t lose you. Yahiko would want you to stay!” You reasoned urgently as you stepped in front of her to meet her eyes.

“Please…” You whispered.

You saw the torn expression in Konan’s eyes as she searched yours. She didn’t want this. She wanted to fight, but you wanted her to stay alive. This was the only option.

“Y/N, I’m sorry….” Konan stated with resolved, her eyes hardening. “You can’t—“

Konan was cut off as you were suddenly swept away from her inches before she was about to drive a blade into your body. Tobi absorbed you into his vortex, smiling before kicking Konan across the way. Konan was caught off guard and watched as Tobi began to absorb himself into his vortex too.

“Seems you were determined to create another outcome; willing to sacrifice your friend to keep Nagato’s body from me, but you were unsuccessful. Now I have the girl and soon I’ll have the rinnegan,” Tobi spoke, confidently as he disappeared into the void, leaving Konan alone in the world once again.

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Hey Sarah! What do you do to cheer yourself up when you are feeling sad or in a bad mood? I have been feeling pretty down lately and want to know what you do about it. I'm sorry if I'm bothering you (╯︵╰,) I hope you are having a good day <3

Noooo ure not bothering me at all!!!
Idk when Im sad I just let it go. Like I just cry. Then i sleep, and when I wake up Im feeling better. Idk I always felt like crying is a good thing, like it relieve stress, maybe its just me ehehe. If im still not feeling good im trying to talk about it to someone. I know its really hard but i swear when you do this, youre feeling so much better after. It doesnt have to be a very close friend! I really hope u will feel better💗💗💗💗💗

When she flirts

Her: Damn look at you looking all sexy!

Him: [ glares at her]

Her: [unfazed she walks around him as he stands awkwardly] I’m soo lucky even standing next to you.

Him: Noooo, look at you, like damn, gotta shield my eyes from your beauty…

Her: No No No; [she interrupts] you look way too damn fine. Just might make a girl jealous.

Him: [Blushes and shakes his head] Stop it [Grabs her face and kisses her]

Her: [She giggles in between kisses]

Him: [Finally lets her go] Whats so funny?

Her: Nothing, I’m just happy your sexy ass is mine

Him: [Covers his face with his hands] Baby please stop making me shy!!

Her: [Wraps her arms around him] I love you so very much, so I’m not gonna stop letting you know how ravishing you are.

Him: You’re the ravishing one [he mutters]

Her: We both are [she breaths as she cuddles closer]

Him: I love you sugar, [He smiles into her hair]

heyy, thank you so much for loving my blog dearie! >< sorry for the long long wait but here u goooooo~


“AHH MWOYA! I’m the only one allowed to hug you.” /major pout

“I’ll be watching you so don’t try to do anything funny.”

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“What is this jayiga…”

“Can’t someone else do it instead?” /stares

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“That’s..nice jayiga, fighting!”

/trys to be understanding but secretly murdering all the guys in his head

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“Oh sure, let me see what I’m going to do to you tonight babe.”

/thinks of a way to punish you afterwards

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“Oh go on, let’s see who dares to pass by me!” /prepares his water gun

/shoots any potential predators that comes by

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/keeps quiet and stares

in his head- “i am not going to forget this y/n”

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“Oh? Really, that’s lame but okay whatever.”

/acts like he doesn’t care but he fckin does

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“Noooo! You’re not giving anyone else your hug except me.” 

/clings onto you the whole time

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/pretty chill about it but very very clingy after that

*whispers in ur ear* “I’m not letting you go off until I’m satisfied.”

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“Th-this is allowed..?” /culture shock

“I thought you were only allowed to hug me..”

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“HA. Come on, anyone wants a hug from us?” 

“It’s a value pack.” /smug face

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/stares stares stares stares

“This isn’t right…”

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“Eish, why do you have to do this…”

“You can hug me anytime so don’t do it!” /pouts like a baby

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xo. credits to all gifs owner tqvm ^^

Smoothie adventures and picky littles
  • Me: what kind of smoothie are you getting daddy?
  • Daddy: probably strawberry
  • Me: or..?
  • Daddy: "OR??"
  • Me: or what about coconut, daddy😍
  • Daddy: *laughs* I can get you one too if you want, princess.
  • Me: Noooo I have commitment issues and can't finish all of it.
  • Daddy: so you want me to get a large coconut smoothie so that you can have two sips??
  • Me: *shrinks down, hugs around daddy's leg* pwease daddy 😽?
  • Daddy: coconut is suddenly my favorite flavor. Let's go, kitten.
somebody stop me

So the delightfully EVIL @determamfidd‘s latest Sansukh chapter has let loose a PLOT BUNNY UPON MY HEAD.

What if Gimli was the SAME AGE as Kili and thus was allowed to go on the Quest for Erebor?

So basically, Thorin would be, “No, Gandalf, we’re already fourteen, we don’t need a lucky number.”



Also:  Bagginshield. 

V. Important:  NOBODY. FRICKIN’. DIES.  (except for the Bad Guys)


 @stephanine-sims replied to your post “guess who lost all their households!?”

oh nooo :( what happened?!

i tried to add a sim to the world, it wouldn’t let me, so I had to go and do the “new game” version of create a sim and when i went to go put them in the world, my entire game saves were gone. :~(

 @mypixelstories replied to your post “guess who lost all their households!?”

NOOOO! A simmer’s worst nightmare :( I’m sorry! Do you have any backups?

it really is! i just got my simself to have a happy family too and added new townies!!! i’m so sad. i only have the households on the gallery, that’s all… any saves i had have been deleted.    

 @potatochipotle replied to your post “guess who lost all their households!?”

omg no way

yep! all gone :~( did a disappearing act on me.

Block B   Reaction!


     “How would BAP, Block B and Big bang react if their crush would make a disstrack against them?”

Block B! here you go :)

B.A.P[x]    Big Bang[x]

Zico: *goes right at her* “Please,just….tell me one reason on why you hate me?! Because even after this i still can’t think of a reason to hate you….”


Taeil: *screams* “NOOOO !!!! Just let me talk to her a bit and show her who’s the insoles’ freak here!!!” *gets dragged away by Jaehyo*

Jaehyo: “I’m 10000% she has a crush on me and tries to gain my attention this way ……”


B-Bomb: “Wooow….look at all the fucks i give….!”

P.O: *on the outside*

*on the inside*



Derp Crew GoW Boyfriend Edition 2
  • Chilled: Ze are you uh...
  • Ze: What?
  • Chilled: At the statue?
  • Ze: ....no?
  • GaLm: *chuckle*
  • Chilled: Where you hidin', where you hidin'...? You down there, buddy?
  • Ze: ...Noooo...leave me alone!
  • Chilled: Alright, alright, let's see their outcome...
  • Ze: I'll kill you!
  • Chilled: Fine I'll see their outcome-
  • *GaLm kills Smarty*
  • Chilled: Oh...okay, well...
  • Ze: Chilly?
  • Chilled: Yeah?
  • Ze: Um...can you let us have a 1 v 1?
  • Chilled: Ah, that's up to GaLm.
  • Ze: GaLm?
  • GaLm: Oh yeah, no, go for it, have your 1 v 1!
  • Ze: Yeah...let's have a nice 1 v 1 please!
  • Chilled: Alright.
  • GaLm: That'll be ChilledChaos and ZeRoyalViking begin to have a 1 v 1.
  • Ze: *suddenly deep voice* Make your move...make your move, buddy... Ah, you can do like a little shout-casty action- *to Chilled* Oh, you don't get up, man.
  • GaLm: And ZeRoyal- *Ze shoots Chilled one hit death*
  • Chilled: UHHHHHH.
  • GaLm: *starts laughing*
  • Ze: FUCK YOU.
  • Smarty: Aaaand shot down.
  • Chilled: So rude! Go step on him GaLm, go step on him.
  • GaLm: *still laughing* A-hand ZeRoyalChaos is gone!
  • me starting video game level with hard boss for the first time: AW, YEAH, let's do this! This level is gonna be my bitch, especially the boss! Haha! Aw, look, it's so cute! I'm SO going to kick its ass!
  • me 300 more tries later: oNE MORE TIME, YOU BASTARD, L E T ' S FUCKING G O!
meme thing

I was tagged by @tenitchyfingers​, thank you!

Rules: Copy this post into a new text post, remove my answers and put in yours, and when you are done tag up to 10 people and also tag the person who tagged you… And most importantly, have fun!

a - age: 28

b - biggest fear: ugh idk how to put it into words but let’s say that when I die I want to go in full possession of my mental and physical faculties, not being the case is my biggest fear

c - current time: 19.19 (lol)

d - drink you last had: tea

e - every day starts with: the alarm sounding and me going like NOOOO and sleeping another half hour

f - favorite song: these days - bon jovi

g - ghosts, are they real: nah

h - hometown: rome, italy

i - in love with: too many fictional characters probably

j - jealous of: people with less qualifications or brains than me who get hired for jobs that pay and people who aren’t complete shit at hitting on others

k - killed someone: a lot of mosquitoes

l - last time you cried: uuuuhm no fucking clue I was prob watching a movie or smth? … ah uhm yeaaaaaah like it was months ago but last time I remember crying I went to a retrospective and I was watching the last hurrah I CRY AT EVERY MOVIE I’M NOT SUPPOSED TO

m - middle name: I don’t have one

n - number of siblings: none

o - one wish: ending my perpetual state of single-ness if I can’t get hired by someone that pays

p - person you last called/texted: one of my work supervisors

q - questions you’re always asked: guys it’s mostly school related stuff you don’t wanna know

r - reasons to smile: the world is full of them man

s - song last sung: guys I don’t sing, but if ‘shit you were maybe humming under your breath on the metro’ counts, bon jovi’s born to be my baby

t - time you woke up: idk 9am

u - underwear color: white

v - vacation destination: that I’ve already been to paris, that I haven’t… ah well, the US road trip will happen at some point

w - worst habit: procrastination + constantly undermining everything I do blargh

x - x-rays you’ve had: uhm spine and chest? I had them before surgery idk. ah and I’ve had that at my ankle when I sprained it

y - your favourite food: pasta al pesto

z - zodiac sign: leo

k ten people… @francisperfectionbonnefoy @cafeleningrad @screwdriver-and-souffle @thequeensclock @rebeltimedork @cocchilweran @distractedbylife @haljathefangirlcat @irisparry @ma-chi1993 if u want to if not just disregard XD 

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Oooh, let's get an anonymous compliment train going! (If anyone deserves it, you do!) Jersey, you are absolutely spectacular <3



anonymous asked:

??? What's wrong with loving your girlfriend and letting people know? Honestly you never even said anyone was jealous but they probably are based on that reaction

honestly!! they should go be happy and let me live my life but nooOO

GOT7 reaction to you breaking your leg

Anon said:  Hey! I love your blog so much!💘 can you do a reaction with got7 when you fall and break your leg? Thank you love you!

- Heey! Thank you so much and I love you too! <3 Enjoy

Jackson: “OH MY GOD Y/N are you okaay?” *worried*
“Noooo I can’t move my leg” you were in pain
“Oh my God,okay..“ *doesn’t know what to do* *starts to panic*
“JACKSON JUST TAKE ME TO HOSPITAL!” you shout because you’re in pain
“WHAT? WHy are you yelling at me?Why? Okay let’s go boss..I was  going to take you” *looks at you* *carries you to the car*

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Mark: “Don’t worry jagi,let’s go step by step” *kisses you and helps you*

Originally posted by marktuon

BamBam: *freaks out* *tries to cheer you up* 
“BamBam…I can’t move my leg” you look at him *BamBam freaks out even more*

Originally posted by jaebumiie

Youngjae: *thinks you’re okay* 
“You are gonna be fine..What are you saying” *laughs at you*
“YOUNGJAE!” you shout
“Okay,oh God..Let’s gooo get you checked out!” *looks at you and helps you up*

Originally posted by bluesnowiscool

Yugyeom: “Did you..Are you okay?” *gif*

Originally posted by markjin

JB: “Oh my God jagiii..How could you fall so hard?” *helps you*

Originally posted by igotbulletproof

Jr: *you tell him you may have broke your leg*
“What?!” *gif*

Originally posted by umma-jr