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“You do like birds, Mr. Poirot?”
“Miss Lemon, small animals have no part to play in the home life of a private detective from Belgium. Except, of course, as a source of nourishment.”

Hitorijime My Hero 1x08 | Jesy's ramblings
  • Suuure, make out right there in the school. It’s not like your relationship is basically illegal or some shit  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • It was at this moment Settie knew, he fucked up
  • He goes to Asaya with his relationship problems?! :O
  • I mean, I guess Asaya is probably the only one who could help because everyone else is just fuckin’ clueless but it’s still surprising
  • Btw, give me some chips too buddy!
  • Wow. If that all it takes to make Kousuke being in a bad mood, Settie really is in for a ride with that guy
  • “I-I’d rather not talk to you about it either! But…You’re the only person I can actually talk to!” Lol, called it. 
  • “Why don’t you just talk to the wall then?” Yeah… I knew he wouldn’t want to help him
  • How to get Asaya Hasekura to do something: Give him noodle coupons
  • Settie’s going on and on while Asaya is just sitting there, eating his god damn chips XD 
  • “Should I just go to the staff room and apologize to him right now?” No, just shouldn’t. It’s not your fault that Kousuke can’t keep his dick in his pants.
  • “He should know I’m just afraid of getting caught but he still won’t stop ‘cause it’s fun for him.” Heh, sadist.
  • Aww, how happy he looks when Asaya tell’s him he was listening to his crap :3
  • “Well, here’s my two cents after hearing everything you’ve said… Why not just suffer forever?” LMFAO. I love that guy. He’s such a jerk :’D
  • “I was stupid for asking you!” Yes, indeed
  • “I don’t want him to know I’ve been worrying like a little girl!” Well, at least you are aware of acting like a Shōjo protagonist…
  • “I’ll consider this cheating!” Kensuke is soo cute ♥_♥
  • He just looked like some kind of baby bird, flapping around like that…
  • “Why’d I run away like that?” I would like to know that as well
  • “You like Mr. Ooshiba?!” Ohh hell no D;
  • “Do you think a wild teacher like him has a girlfriend?” No bitch. He has a boyfriend. HE. IS. GAY. NOT. EUROPEAN.
  • Oh great. Now Settie is feeling bad again ._.
  • His stomach xd
  • Settie is me in a pet store
  • And why the hell do I have Akaashi scolding Bokuto in my head now? I’m watching too much Haikyuu, I swear…
  • Aww. The dog really likes him <3
  • “Sorry, I can’t bring you home with me.” NOOO. Don’t do this to him! Look at how cute he is!
  • “I got to see a new side of you today.” Yeah, Settie loves animals like hell!
  • His blush is still adorable~
  • “He’s our new member and offical cook!” When did you guys became a club and how dare you replace Settie?
  • Heh. I wonder if Asaya prefers Settie’s cooking? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • “He’s crying!” YOU JERKS! I KILL YA ALL!
  • “Hey, quit picking on Setagawa!” Best Friend Award goes to Kensuke!
  • “Setagawa likes the tiny, baby animal type.” And of course Kousuke had to hear that. Great -_-
  • “I mean, you said you were into our classmate Satou before, right?” Huh? When did that happen?
  • “I might have said that but it doesn’t mean I like tiny, cute girls…” You wouldn’t be dating Mr. I’m Sexy and I know it if that were the case
  • “Oh? What’s this I hear? You boys having some girl talk?” I have a feeling that this is not gonna end well…
  • Hah. Knew it.
  • “What should we do, Hasekura? Kousuke’s gonna start to hate Setagawa!” And here we have the vice-captain of this ship!
  • “I’m sure they’re fine!” And I’m sure you’re just too lazy
  • That wink tho. Kensuke sure ships them hard XD
  • “How very considerate of you, Kensuke.” True
  • “I’m obviously not as tiny or adorable as a cute, little puppy.” Nope. Not at all.
  • But I gotta say, his jealousy is pretty cute c:
  • “I’m not necessarily upset.” Yeah. And we have snow in summer
  • “Well, if you took the initiative and kissed me, it might put me in a more pleasant mood.” Devil~
  • Ohh Settie, my sweet innocent child
  • “Y-youre were sulking, Kousuke?” Settie pls…
  • “So you’re my brother’s girlfriend now?” He’s his BOYfriend.
  • “Or boyfriend? It’s girlfriend, isn’t it?” NO, IT’S NOT. 
  • Does he realise that if he calls Settie “girlfriend”, it technically makes him a “girlfriend” too? 
  • “Wh-who told you that?!” Probably Asaya tbh
  • “It was you?!” Called it.
  • There it is again, Asaya’s yandere voice *o*
  • Settie on a mission!
  • Asaya is so fuckin’ jealous :’D
  • “Where do you keep getting buckets from…” I’m wondering the same 
  • This anime is soo full of clichés
  • Her name is Kinoshita? Seriously? HQ! STOP STALKING ME!
  • Ship Captains! Please scold this Seme!
  • I was actually just joking, lol
  • “More cheating!“ Gotta love Kensuke :’D
  • “Ken and the kid brought it to me after school.” We really can trust in our ship captains!
  • “I only eat lunch boxes made with love by my wife.” Aww, we have such a good seme here!
  • YAAAAAS! My son has grown up ಥ_ಥ
  • HE BROUGHT THE DOG!!!!!!!!!
  • “You give the dog twice as many kisses as you give me.” And he’s jealous of an animal again ;)


I was really fangirling and screaming a lot while watching today’s episode ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

My Prompts!!!

Okay, so as promised, here are all my 50 prompts for writing anything you want. You can still have personal requests of something specific. I’m willing to do anything. Literally.

  1. “Are you flirting with me?”
  2. “Don’t make me do something I’ll regret”
  3. “Well that went well”
  4. “Please… I could last longer than you”
  5. “I guess we’re just going to have to finsh this later”
  6. “You owe me”
  7. “I love you” “I know”
  8. “I can’t trust you because Twenty One Pilots said not to trust a perfect person”
  9. “It’s freezing out here!!”
  10. “Look!! It’s snowing!!”
  11. “Shh! I’m sleeping”
  12. Nooo! I don’t wanna get up!“
  13. "Make me”
  14. “Oooooo, the sexual tension is real”
  15. “Ship it!”
  16. “You didn’t have to hurt him!”
  17. “You wanna say that again, mister?”
  18. “I don’t understand that reference”
  19. “That was really hot”
  20. Do you believe in magic?“
  21. "Do you believe in soul mates?”
  22. “Do you believe in love at first sight?”
  23. “You have alot of stuffed animals for an adult”
  24. “Isn’t this a great view?”
  25. “I was being sarcastic”
  26. “Not now… maybe later”
  27. “No! Maybe… Okay yes…”
  28. “Bite me”
  29. “You wish”
  30. “At least let me buy you dinner first”
  31. “Do you have a name or can I call you mine?”
  32. “You’ll have to ask me out first”
  33. “Whoa… I feel very under dressed”
  34. “That’s an understatement”
  35. “Whoa.. slow down”
  36. “You could have died!!”
  37. “Why would you do that!?”
  38. “I never want to lose you”
  39. “Don’t you dare die on me right now, or I’ll kill you”
  40. “You’re such a softy”
  41. “Are you serious”
  42. “You guys take forever to get ready”
  43. “I’m pregnant”
  44. “You’re strange. Why do I like you?”
  45. “I know you love it”
  46. “Are you wearing my shirt?”
  47. “Can you buy it just so I can rip it off you later?”
  48. “I hate you” “It didn’t seen like it last night”
  49. “How do I look?”
  50. “You’re crazy, but I like it”
Art Raffle!!!!! X3

Yay since I got 111 followers I’m doing an art raffle!!!

All are digital arts!!! ›w‹

1st place: {full body one character/full colour and shading} one winner

2nd place: {half body one character /full colour and shading} two winners

3rd place: {half body one character/no colour} three winners

What I draw: all sans, my little pony, ocs, furries, tim burton art style for your ocs only, bendy and the ink machine/bendy and boris the quest for the ink machine, babtqftim ocs, fnaf, dangaronpa2 characters, humans, animals/mystical creatures, pastel gore/gore, plushies, human bendy and boris

What i dont draw: nsfw(I draw nsfw sometimes but in this art raffle heck nooo ›~‹), complicated ocs like robots with so much details

To enter:

. must be a follower
. like this
. reblog once

After all the steps:

. u dont have to do anything just wait
. I will tag the winners after the deadline
. after I announced the winners u must message me in tumblr to tell me what I should draw if u dont message me I will sadly have to change the winner
. deadline of entering the art raffle is
31. May. 2017
. deadline of messaging me is
5. June. 2017

So thats all bye now guys! ›u‹

kagemushakosuke  asked:

How does Edelweiss (Vash / Roderich) deal with having pets?

  • I mean, Vash canonically has pets, and loves animals.  He’s Goat Boy.
  • Roderich likes cats.  Big pets scare him.  Maybe a small dog.
  • If we’re talking in a relationship, Vash is going to make Roderich overcome his fear of certain pets.  He loves pretty much all animals - except bugs.  Fuck bugs.  Spiders included.
  • You know Switzy is going to have himself a big ol’ Saint Bernard.  He’ll even get her a barrel to wear around her neck!
  • Roderich Edelstein draws the line at reptiles and amphibians.  He will not have those in his house.  Nooo way.

ok i was talking about this with @abermb and she’s already made a post and we made up a lot of these characters together bc we’re both gay as fuck (this is pretty much a companion to that post so go read it)

so lets just think about the samwell women’s volleyball team’s group chat real quick 

it’s always fucking chaos bc they’d originally set it up to notify each other about practice and games but what really ends up happening is it’s all personal drama and memes and chirping much like the smh team’s group chat (ofc they don’t call it chirping but they make fun of each other constantly)

so much swv group chat goodness under the cut

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We’d just crossed the threshold of the parking garage when Dauntless opened fire, striking Brutus no less than three times with jabs of his Arclance, then turning his attention to Angelica.

Nooo. :(

The weapon could extend as far as he needed, elongating faster than the eye could follow.

Ooh, that’s cool. Kind of like Chat Noir’s baton from Miraculous Ladybug, but with a blade at the end. I like it!

White sparks flew as it slammed into the animals, but the effect was minor at best.  The Arclance was something between a solid and an energy, combining traits of both.

“an energy”

Y’know, between the Arclance combining traits of particles and energy (waves, presumably), and Velocity’s pseudo-Heisenberg-uncertainty deal, I feel like Wildbow may have been on a quantum physics kick when he designed some of these heroes.

It could hit hard enough, with an electrical charge to it to boot, but I suspected that using it on the dogs wasn’t so different from using a hand taser on a bull elephant.  They were too big, too tough.

Hm. Then again, electrical currents are among the more solid forms of energy, since they involve the movement of particles.

ryota-sakuraba  asked:

Hello! I'm sorry if this is bothering you and if it's been asked before, but where do you buy your Chack-up DVDs? After watching the links you shared with me, I kinda want to buy a physical copy for myself now. Thank you for your time and I hope it's not too much of a bother :D


Nooo you’re not a bother at all. I’m always happy to show fans the right direction to enjoy(?) our boys XD

I’m usually buying CU’s goods in Nelke Online Shop. But it’s been closed for a while now because someone hacked it. Nelke made an announcement that they will reopen the site once the legal matters solved. But they don’t write when exactly.

Luckily, since fans can’t buy Nelke’s goods on its online store, they decided to sell the goods (mostly dvds) in Animate Akiba Girl Station. They have a special corner just for Nelke’s goodies and dvds.

And you can still buy the dvds even if you don’t live in Japan because you can also buy it through Amazon

Hope it helps^^

Are We There Yet? Chapter 7

Before there were seven, there were six… Find them here: Teaser, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Pairings: Crylo Ben x Reader (Modern AU)

Warnings: Swearrring

A/N: I’m back and I’m back with a mushy, cheesy airport scene vengeance. Thank you all so much for your patience and support, I’m not sure how I got lucky enough to have such amazing followers like you guys, but I’m so glad I did. So, here’s the next instalment of this very dysfunctional AU. I hope you guys enjoy it and I’ll be posting more very soon!

The ride for a blissful twenty minutes was a silent one, but you could feel Phasma watching you out of the corner of your eye every so often. Something in the pit of your stomach was eating your conflicting emotions raw. It was an angry sort of sadness that you knew must have just been radiating off of you and Phasma could feel it.

“Look, you can tell me to fuck off and that it’s none of my business, but I’ve got a morbid curiosity.” Phasma paused before taking your silence as consent to continue, “Kylo’s a shitty boss. He’s kind of like a bull in a China shop in every aspect of his life, breaking shit and yelling and shit like that-“

“Thanks for stating the obvious. Where are you going with this.” You snapped, the last thing you were wanting to think about what Kylo.

Phasma seemed unphased by your snappy outburst,

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anonymous asked:

I really like your art. I'm trying to get better myself so I can eventually be an animator, but I have no idea what to practice, learn, or just overall get the ball rolling. I've got all these things in my head but just nooo skills to get them onto paper. I'm a few years out of high school with no school plans just yet since I'm just not good enough. Please help? 。◕‿◕。

the best skills for animators/people working in the field to have are storytelling, composition, and gesture. practice making short stories (or long stories, it doesn’t matter too much). practice figure drawing, especially quick figure drawing, capturing movement especially. make small animations (i still need to do more of those, hahaha cries.) work on your design and layout skills. the best thing to do is just continue to work and try new things, don’t worry too much about developing a style because that’ll come naturally. and don’t worry about what other people are doing too much, do what matters to you.

A very very short animation of Kurt singing Blackbird *—*
I love animating things, I hope one day I’ll be doing it as a job… buuuut let’s be realistic.

I’m sorry for that thing in the corner (lol)
I thought that if you want to upload a gif you obviously have to… upload a gif (?) But nooo, Tumblr wants you to upload a video to turn into a gif (????) So I got confused and turned the gif that I had into a video using an app that leaves an enormous watermark in the corner *—*
I’m sorry c’“:

AAAnyways. Hope you like it, I put so much effort into this☆

this was animated but i mistimed the frames then reopened in gimp and fixed it. then i saved and didn’t check ‘save as animation’ so here is a lovely static gif of my clan crest for u all 

i have nooo idea how pixel art works honestly

(fullview for maximum sparkle)

jacobsloaner  asked:

What's an easy way to pick up on the difference between an ENTP and INTP in conversation?

ENTPs talk more. They are more out of touch with how realistic their ideas are. They are more likely to want to leap into something and start doing it right away. Dominant Ne is all about RIGHT NOW and THE FUN WE COULD BE HAVING IF YOU WOULD JUST GET ON BOARD, DUDE.

INTPs stint their ideas with logic first, so it must be logical first for them to consider it … Ti gets in the way of Ne, in other words. They are quieter. Less inclined to leap into something. Pause more often when they talk.

Go watch any episode of Warehouse 13. Pete and Claudia are ENTPs. Artie is an INTP. Which ones are way more enthusiastic, animated, chatty, impulsive, and inclined to get into messes? Pete and Claudia. Which one has a lot of fun but also, I dunno, deals with THE REAL WORLD AND PUT THAT DOWN? Artie.

Claudia has that inferior Si thing going on … details? what are those? you mean more than just pop culture references? nooo…

… and Artie has that inferior Fe thing going on … WILL ALL OF YOU SHUT UP AND GO TO WORK. WHY DO YOU NEVER LISTEN TO ME?! 

IRL … ENTPs show better Ne/Fe. INTPs are more … well, introverted. Bit more standoffish. Seem to have a circle of space around them that … nope, you are not invited into unless they’ve known you forever.

What kills me about the SS reunion, that was now animated, is that out of all the voices around him he hears her and it’s her who he acknowledges. 

It’s like only Sasuke and Sakura are there, if only for a moment.

anonymous asked:

Jealous Carmilla/Laura!!!! Or just a general fluffy fic full of kisses and cuddles

“Alright lovely viewers, though I’ve been on a ummm… ahem, hiatus of sorts, I thought I should bring you up to speed on the kidnappings. It seems-“

The chiming of horribly suppressed giggles emitting from Carmilla’s side of the room cut through Laura’s speech and severed any train of thought that she was on. She narrowed her eyes in annoyance to the camera before rolling them and letting out a heavily exasperated sigh.

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