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You know, what’s interesting to me? I keep noticing a recurring theme within Emma and H00k’s relationship across the last couple of episodes - Emma wants there to be no walls between them. She wants a candid, raw, completely open relationship where they share everything and there are no secrets. 

“It’s just you and me. No walls. No secrets.”

“You come to me, H00k! And you lean on me and you trust me. We have to stop hiding things from each other. […] That is what I agreed to marry, that is what I thought we were together.” 

Even when H00k tries to be honest with Emma, there’s always something lurking in the woodwork to come out from his past and his natural instinct is to withhold the truth from her. He lied to her for the entirety of 6x12 (I know some will justify it by saying he was doing it to help David, which is fair enough, but the fact remains that he lied to Emma to do that). Even though we heard him show remorse for what he’d done to David’s father and even though he repeatedly said he was going to tell Emma the truth and he even tried to tell her, in the end he continued to hide it from Emma. He was actually going to burn his memories and we can assume never tell her the truth about it. And this isn’t the only time there’s been secrets between them. Throughout their relationship there’s been a high level of secrecy, even if they claim to be doing it out of love (which let’s be honest, everyone can excuse most of their lies with, but it doesn’t make it any less wrong). In season 5 their plot was pretty much entirely rooted in secrecy. Emma used her dark magic, tainted everyone’s memories and lied to H00k all to keep the secret from him that he was a Dark One. Earlier in the season H00k lied to Emma about getting rid of the shears (even though he did do the right thing and come clean in the end). There are probably more examples of these kinds of secrets, but none I can think of off the top of my head. Regardless, as hard as Emma and H00k try (and I’ll give it to them, they really do try) they just can’t seem to maintain an open and honest relationship with one another. Snow herself even criticized Emma’s relationship with H00k when she said: 

“Look, your father and I might not be perfect, but we don’t keep secrets from each other.” 

But guess what? Emma already has exactly what she wants - what she needs - a relationship without secrets, a person she can be completely honest with and who will do the same in return. It’s not H00k, it’s Regina

It’s canon that Emma and Regina know each other, a basis upon which a truly honest relationship is formed. To be completely open with each other you have to know each other inside and out and understand each other’s inner workings. 

“Emma, listen to me. I know you. The good you is still in there.”

I know her. I believe her. 

Look, I know you, Emma. It took a long time but I really know you

Emma, I know you. You will fight it. 

I know you, Emma. You fight when it matters. (x) (x)

And because they know each other so well, they can’t lie to each other, even if they wanted to. 

“You can lie to your parents, you can lie to yourself, but you can’t lie to me.” 

“With you Regina, I can always tell when you’re lying.” (x)

There’s a sense of unspoken communication and understanding between Regina and Emma which means they instinctively seem to pick up on each other’s feelings, vulnerabilities and lies, which this post clearly demonstrates. Here we see Regina seeing straight past Emma’s mask and proving the point I already made that no matter how hard they try they can’t lie to each other. 

And what’s even more important is that Emma and Regina’s relationship has developed to a point whereby they don’t even try to hide the truth from each other anymore. In season 6, in particular, I’ve noticed a clear pattern whereby Regina and Emma confide in each other all the time about their anxieties or problems rather than hiding them from each other (x). And that is just one example. 

Going back to season 5 when Emma was the Dark One, there was a level of trust that Emma placed in Regina that she didn’t in anyone else which Emma proved when Regina is the one she entrusted the dagger to out of everyone in her family, including H00k. Regina also shared her most painful and private memory - Daniel’s death - with Emma in order to help her. In 5x08 Regina is the one that picked up on Emma’s struggle with the darkness, she called her out on it, encouraged her to knock down all the walls she was hiding behind. In that same episode in Storybrooke Emma confided in Regina about her anxieties over Liam (H00k’s brother) and his opinion about her. And 5x22 is a perfect example of just how much the walls between Emma and Regina have completely dropped (x). Not only did Regina confide in Emma completely, even admitting that the darkness was still alluring to her and how she struggled with it and Emma openly accepted Regina and told her, “I believe in you.” 

Skipping forward to season 6, this aspect of Regina and Emma’s relationship has continued to develop. In 6x04 Regina confided in Emma about what they needed to do to kill The Evil Queen and trusted Emma above everyone else with the secret that she had to die in order to do that (x). In 6x05 Emma told Regina about her visions of her death and the truth about the possibility of Regina being the one under the hood, even though she clearly didn’t want to because she knew it would offend and upset Regina. Later on when Emma went to Regina’s vault, there was an honesty between them as Regina said she was trying to save Emma’s life and Emma admitted she was worried. In 6x08, Regina shared her plan on how she wanted to get rid of the Evil Queen with no one but Emma. And it was a perfect example of showing just how open and honest their relationship has become, particularly in regards to their roles as mother’s to Henry (x). Emma told Regina that the only thing that was giving her comfort regarding her impending death was knowing Henry would have Regina, when they were trapped in the mirror realm Regina admitted she was afraid to raise Henry alone and later on in Storybrooke Regina and Emma openly spoke about their emotions regarding their son since he was all grown up. In 6x11 Regina didn’t even attempt to hide her turmoil over Robin and also admitted how the world would be better without her. I could continue listing these kinds of scenes/moments between Emma and Regina, but I think I’ve made my point. 

When Emma or Regina are in trouble, they’re in a dilemma, they’re upset, anxious or unsure, they confide in one another and turn to one another for help. They trust that they will always have each other’s backs and will help each other in any way they can. They don’t feel the need to hide the truth from one another to protect each other’s feelings, because they both know that they’re strong. Emma believes in Regina and Regina believes in Emma. Whatever the issue is, they always have faith they can work it out together. With Regina and Emma, there is also no shame. Emma knows the darkest parts of Regina and vice versa and they have openly discussed that with each other on more than one occasion, yet they openly have faith in their light conquering their darkness. Whenever Regina has expressed doubt about her ability to be good and do good, Emma immediately dives in to remind her that she can do it and vice versa. Regina is the one that encouraged Emma not to give into the darkness in 4x20 and she’s the one that told Emma she believed there was still good in her when she was the Dark One. Likewise, Emma is the one that told Regina that being evil isn’t what made her strong and was the first one that believed in her way back in season 2. 

Everything Emma thinks she and H00k are, everything she wants them to be…it’s what she and Regina already are. With Emma and Regina there are no walls, no secrets, they do lean on each other and they do trust each other. 

Kwami Swap AU gone dark - Part 1, Origins
Part 1 (you are here!), Part 2

I have to warn you, this is gonna be a hella long post. I’m sorry.

So, I can’t believe how long it took me but I finally realized why I don’t particularly enjoy how the Kwami swap AU is usually portrayed. Or better, I do enjoy it, but in a highly specific setting: the “Akuma somehow gets them to swap powers" one. That, I love. It has so much comedic and character insight potential, how could I not love it? Nothing like getting to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes to better understand them, right? No, what perplexed me was the other kind of Kwami Swap. The “they get the opposite Miraculous from the get go”.

So far, I’ve only seen this AU played out as something fluffy, but I’m talking past the cutesy idea of seeing our heroes in each other’s suits and roles.What could the actual implications of such an idea be, put realistically (as much as you can when talking about a fictional work) into the show’s canon? Because to me that would be a proper nightmare on so many levels that it’s actually kind of interesting. And this, really, is the whole point of this post. Brace yourself, it gets depressing.

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“You know, pretty much none of the default preferences on these things are optimized.  You can get more out of the gravity drive if you dim the interior lights, the internal dimensions need to be scaled up to reach an equilibrium where the system isn’t fighting itself to keep it constricted, all the control panels scroll text from left to right when clearly top to bottom is easier to follow…”

“Peridot!  Who cares!  Nobody cares!  We gotta go!”

“Oh, don’t worry, Pearl, he’ll wise up eventually.  When he notices his thrust ratio is four percent less efficient than it should be, he’ll come craaaawling back to Peridot, begging for my help, and then I’ll show him how these things are really done.”

losing a life (to gain another)

Summary: Dan’s a ghost and a bit of a cock block but Phil likes him anyways.

Wordcount: 11,200

Genre: Fluff & Angst

Warnings (spoilers): homophobia, brief mentions of child abuse and neglect, cheating

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bonnie & clyde

mobster! dean au pt2

   →word count: 3k

   →warnings: graphic violence

   →a/n: this is part 2 to my dean au, for anybody who may have wanted this (lol i doubt anyone cared enough) but enjoy

pt1 here

Originally posted by iaxifin

you woke up to an unfamiliar light - sunlight.

dean’s body practically engulfed yours, both of your bodies facing in the direction of his window. his shallow breathes warmed your neck and his brawny arms trapped you against him. without waking him, you twisted to get a better view of his sleeping form.

last night, he had looked like a dangerous man, cold and hard - yet still sexy. but in the softness of the sunrise, he looked much more innocent. the side you’d seen to dean 12 hours ago had changed to an entirely softer one. his dark fringe fell over his forehead and eyes, and you went to gently brush it away, but his eyes fluttered open at the touch.

he grunted slightly, but then smiled at you, “morning.”

you placed a kiss on his forehead lightly.

“morning, do you want me to go make us coffee?”

“that,” he stretched out with a  yawn, muscles looking more prominent, “sounds grand.”


“he’s gonna come after us.”

“no he won’t, you got me remember?”

“i’m starting to question if that’s a good thing or not.”

as dark as the situation was, you found yourself smiling at dean’s lightheartedness. no matter how troubled you got by what seemed like the inevitable, he would never let it last.

“i’m glad i make you smile so much,” he took another gulp of his black coffee.


he swallowed, “because your smile’s one of the prettiest i’ve seen. and i’ve seen a lot of pretty smiles.”

“oh have you now?”

he chuckled at you. his roommates were all watching tv in the living room next to you, and they snickered at your question.

“oh believe me,” bobby called over, “this boy has not seen much action since i’ve known him.”

you smiled, almost pleased with the answer. dean looked over at you nervously, as if not having lots of experience was shameful. you felt relieved that he hadn’t slept around.

“dean,” you cupped his cheek and settled further into his lap, “i’m gonna be honest, i’m kind of glad your not that kind of guy.”

his body softened now, his grip on your (his) t-shirt less clenched. the two of you had been mindlessly chatting to one another on the sofa for the past hour or so, still exhausted after the previous night. you could get lost in the idle chat, it was so easy, and carefree.

“i gotta work tonight, but your welcome to come to the pit with me. or you could always stay at the apartment with vin, it’s up to you.”

as nice as vin was, he had made a habit of making uncomfortable comments, and truthfully, you wanted to spend time with dean.

“the pit sounds good. what exactly is it?”

“our turf.”

“ah, so is it like a club?”

he glanced over at his roommates, who all exchanged a similar look.

“uh i guess you can call it that.”

the pit was nothing like a club. it was an old warehouse that had been done up into what looked like an underground fight club. it had a bar in the corner and back rooms all around the sides, and in the middle was a big fighting ring.

dean’s arm wrapped comfortably around your waist and the atmosphere made you on-edge enough to curl further into his warm side.

“you okay?” dean’s brow furrowed at your small, intimidated stature.

“i’m just a little overwhelmed,” you said breathily, “i though it was gonna be a club.”

earlier on in the day, dean had taken you out shopping for new clothes and possessions that you had obviously left behind. you weren’t in any position to say no and so with each shop you walked out of you had yet another bag laden on your arm. dean spoilt you with luxurious clothing, he wanted you to be treated right. and you weren’t the kind of girl to refuse such a kind offer.

“it’s kind of a club,” he scratched his head sheepishly, “it’s a fight club. not like the fight club, but a fight club none the less.”

since he’d splashed the cash a little on you, you’d decided to go for a simple, but short black dress with thigh high boots and a big fur coat over the top. if you were out with dom, he’d expect an outfit exactly like this, dressing like this was almost second nature.

but now you saw where you really were, you felt really exposed.

dean could sense your discomfort, “relax, you’re with me. and no ones gonna mess with you if i’m around.”

it wasn’t possessive, it was just protective. you craved it more than any thing.

a tall, extremely muscular guy came up to dean, and have him a firm hand-shake-pat-on-the-back-hug that mobsters would do with one another.

“dean, it’s nice to see you again. you in the ring tonight?”

you were surprised, “you fight?”

the tall guy looked at you like he’d just noticed you now, ’“and who’s this delight?”

“joey this is y/n, y/n this is my boss, joey.”

he grabbed your hand and placed his lips on it politely. the action shocked you, but you didn’t mind, it was respectful, not creepy.

“it’s a pleasure to meet such a beautiful woman,” his eyes slimmed as he studied your face even further, “i recognise you from somewhere.”

your heart rate quickened drastically, you couldn’t get caught now. you were finally free, it couldn’t be over so soon. not when you’d finally found a shot at happiness with a good guy.

“she’s just someone i met out of town,” dean covered up your tracks with a simple lie.

“oh of course, you wouldn’t be stupid enough to take an already taken girl, now would you dean?”

he knew.

“he’s coming here tonight,” he continued, “i suggest you leave before your fucked. and dean, i thought i taught you better. you never take unless it actually belongs to you.”

your blood felt white-hot as anger burned all through you.

“oi, i suggest you watch the way you talk about me. i chose to leave by myself. dean just happened to be there to help at the right place and right time. so next time you wanna talk to me with that kinda language, i suggest you watch your fucking tongue before i rip it out your head, capishe?”

the two of them stared down at you, wide-eyed. who would ever expect such a pretty girl to have such a foul mouth? dean smiled at you and started to speak, before getting interrupted.



“i thought you knew by now that men don’t like being told what to do.”


“you did find out the hard way after all.”

you were too frozen in shock to even turn around and confirm the owner of the voice.

“stay the fuck away from her,” dean had his hand gripped firmly around your wrist, too afraid that letting go of it would mean letting go of you.

“or what, pretty boy? you gonna fight me?”

the scene had formed its own audience, mobsters from gangs all around had circled around to watch dom fuck up yet another guy.

but not on your watch.

dean smirked at dom, his confidence seeming a little miscalculated, “your on. i know how you fight, you get one of your men to do it for you. and then you sit back and watch on your pathetic ass. i don’t think you’ve ever been in a fight, let alone won one.”

“you so sure about that?”


dom wasn’t getting anywhere with this, he couldn’t find any way to intimidate dean. to some, it was comical to watch one of the most feared mobsters get shut down so breezily. to others, it was seen as a death wish

“i haven’t got all day, i gotta job to do, so if we’re gonna fight, i’d rather we got started and cracked on,” dean was pushing his luck, and  dom’s patience.

“you’re really getting on my nerves now pretty boy,” dom’s jaw clenched in fury.

“you’ve been getting on my nerves since you decided to treat such an amazing girl like a piece of trash. if you’d taken your time to appreciate how truly remarkable she is, then maybe i wouldn’t be pissing you off so much.”

you gasped at how astounding his words were.

“so are we gonna keep pissing each other off, or are we actually gonna fight?”

the audience whooped and hollered at dean’s rebellious attitude. if there’s one thing a mobster likes, it’s a rebel.

the two of them walked over to the ring, deans grip still around your wrist, “if i end up getting really hurt, whatever you do, don’t try and help me.”


“no y/n, you have to promise you won’t get in that ring.”

you suddenly noticed the absence of gloves, tape and gumshield.

this was a bare-knuckle fight.

dean shrugged off his jacket and unbuttons the shirt slowly, as you should have been doing for him later on tonight. but unfortunately the tables have turned and fate didn’t seem to rest on your grounds anymore. we weren’t as foolishly free as you had thought.

joey hopped in the ring and called the two of them to the middle, dean and dom both shirtless and looking very ready to hit each other.

“okay we still have rules here,” joey glanced at dom, “this is a one round fight, so no weapons, no spitting, no biting and no scratching. this isn’t a lady fight.”

the audience laughed at his sexist joke, but you couldn’t be bothered to get angry at anything except the soon to come fight.

“are we ready,” joey called out.


dean and dom positioned themselves.


the room silenced.


good luck dean.


dom was offensive so he therefore got the first swing, which was smoothly blocked by dean. dom took yet another, but again his actions were blocked.

dean now punched, straight into his stomach, the blow causing dom to stumble back. dean now used this to take a couple more punches, one to the face this time. the impact of knuckle against cheek was evident through the audiences yells. even to this day, you still winced at the noise.

dom looked up at dean with blood dripping down his face. you had no emotion except pleasure at seeing dom’s pain.

“why you little,” dom hisses at dean, and charges straight towards him, pinning him to the floor. where dean may have been smart and quick at fighting, dom had more weight and strength. he took no time in punching dean in the face, the sound of dean’s head hitting the floor as it was whacked against it.

from the edge of the ring, all you could see was dean’s struggling body start to get more and more weak under dom’s punches. his head was being punched back and forth, tilted to look at you. his eye was already starting to blacken, his lip was busted and bleeding and his right cheek was swollen with a small nick on the bone, blood also trickling from that.

you were frozen at the sight, the ugliness of dean’s injuries chilling you to the bone.

you knew how dom’s men fought, and you knew that dom fought the same way. and he hadn’t fought dirty yet. in everyone of his men’s left pocket was a smaller inner pocket that held a tiny, easily concealed switch blade. you saw dom’s hand reach to pull it out.

“dean watch out! he’s got a knife!”

dom made a quick swipe along dean’s torso, now even more blood covering his body.

dean escaped dom’s grasp and gripped his wrist in an attempt to get him to drop the knife. even in dean’s weak state, he was resilient, unable to give up just yet.

dean shoved hardly on dom’s chest, and he finally got back up onto his feet.

“you piece of shit,” dean spit out blood, “no weapons.”

“i don’t know what you’re talking about,” dom smirked at him, then very quickly at you, “won’t be long baby, i’ll get you back soon.”

dean lunged onto him and started throwing out punches, but dom was no where near as damaged as him, dean was losing blood rapidly, so he easily blocked them all. dean tried to kick him instead, but yet again dom had managed to block him. he hooked into dean’s chin, the blow forcing dean onto the floor.

“giving up yet?”


dom sighed and kicked him in the stomach, a groan elicited from dean. he got on all fours and made an attempt at standing up, blood dripping from his cut.

but dom just kicked him back down, and kicked his head. dean yelled out in pain, clearly on the edge. you were struggling to watch, each blow to dean making the tears that were close to falling even closer.

dom reached down and grabbed dean by the throat, his face turning red and panicked as he weakly attempted to breath. his fingers tried to pull his hand off of him.

“i hope this fight was enough to prove that you should never steal what belongs to me.”

and with that, he punches dean one last time straight in the face, and let’s his body sink to the floor.

“oh and you’re not the only one who’s in a lot of trouble with me,” he looked over at you with a menacing smile, “she’s got quite a lot to answer to as well.”

when dean would have automatically jumped up to your defence, his body stayed limp on the floor.

“dean! no, no let go of me!” dom trapped your waist and started to pull you out of the club.

“i hope you’re ready for the punishment i have prepared.”

you paled at the thought.

an idea came over you, and you stopped struggling entirely.

“dom i’m so sorry, he kidnapped me. i didn’t have a choice. but i didn’t do anything wrong.”

“you were defending him before though?”

“i was scared you’d win and hurt me. i didn’t know what else to do.”

he thought about the statement for a little while, trying to know if he should believe you or not.

“are being completely honest with me baby?”

you shuddered at the old nickname.

“of course dom, you know i’d never lie to you.”

he smirked and pulled you against him, caged into his build. he crushed his lips onto yours, tongue entering your mouth forcefully. you started to pull the hem of your dress up, past your stockings, his hands tracing along your thighs with you.

you felt the warm metal of the gun and grabbed it. placing it on the small of his back, you clicked the hammer back and readied it for fire. you stayed in the close position the two of you were in, so as not to draw attention.

“i suggest you let me go or i will shoot, dom,” you whispered into his ear.

“why you little-”

“genius? why thank you. now i’m gonna give you 5 seconds to let me go quietly or i will pull the trigger.”

“what if i shoot you first?”

“you’re gun is on the inside of your jacket which you very stupidly left on the outside of the ring. you have no weapon to shoot with.”

you had him in a box, and he had no choice.

“you’re bluffing, you’d never shoot me.”

“you’re 5 seconds are gone and you’re really underestimating me.”

you pushed him back and shot his thigh twice, one dangerously close to his crotch. he sunk to his knees and gripped the wound strongly.

“fuck! you bitch!”

“all your men have left and there’s no one here to protect you anymore. so i strongly advice you leave whilst you can.”

“fuck you y/n.”

“your choice.”

you shot straight at his crotch this time. he screamed so loudly the whole building went silent.

“that’s for dean.”

you walked over and kicked him in the stomach, causing him to curl up.

“that’s for all the people you’ve cheated out of money and lives.”

you took one final aim at his face, your pointy, heeled boot effortlessly coming into contact with his already injured features.

“and that’s for me and every single way you hurt me.”

the room’s silence was now filled with cheers as the most hated mobster was finally put in his place. and not one person dared to say otherwise.

you couldn’t give two shits about anybody else in the room other than dean. you sprinted over to the ring again and jumped straight in.


his body was hidden by joey’s and you couldn’t tell if he was even alive or not. there wasn’t any movement.

“let me see him,” you pushed joey out of the way to find an unconscious dean - bloody and bruised. his cut had been dressed and his face wiped slightly to remove the dried up blood.

“oh my god,” you fell on your knees next to him, just like this morning you brushed his fringe out of his eyes, but they didn’t open at the touch this time.

“dean please be okay. we won, we beat dom,” you spoke softly to his senseless body, “just please wake up.”

by his point, dom had been carried out by a few men, and was told to “never show your cheating face here again.”

you had however, collapsed into dean and were sobbing like a mere child lost in a new city. after all the drama and despair of the last 24 hours, you felt exhausted and completely hopeless. it wasn’t like you to cry, you’d never let yourself before. but there was something about all of the action that had caused something to break.

“why are you crying?”

his hands very slowly came to pull your head up to meet his. one of his eyes looked into yours, the other swollen shut.

“you’re okay!”

“somewhat, yes,” he smiled at you, then remembered dom, “what happened to-”

“i shot him in the balls. he won’t be an issue with us anymore, i can promise you that.”

his eyes twinkled in amazement of your courage and strength. he pulled you down to him, his arms squeezing around your shoulders.

he sighed contently, “that’s my girl.”

you giggle and pull him up onto his feet.

“you alright to stand up?”

“absolutely fine.”

he stabled himself out then grabbed his shirt and draped it over himself, not even bothering to button it back up.

the two of you walked out of there hand in hand, not even looking back to reassure yourselves. you both did that for each other anyway.

dean’s swollen and bruised face looked so out of place with his eye-creasing grin.

“i may look like shit, and i probably need some medical attention, but tonight has been pretty cool.”

you laugh and swing your arm around his shoulders, his hand instinctively coming round your waist.

the two of you stay like that for a little longer, just walking down the street. you looked an odd pairing, almost feared. but you two couldn’t care less, you had all the time in the world, wherever you desired. whatever you desired. whoever you desired.

and right now you craved a bed, in an apartment, with dean.

Loving insanity pt. 3{{Jerome Valeska x Reader}}

Author Note: yay I finally get to write this!!! I really hope y'all like this story!!!!💜💜 Length: long Requested: request/Collaboration Warnings: none _____________

When you woke up the next morning you were completely tangled up with Jerome. He was sleeping perfectly and you didn’t want to move and wake him. You instead just sighed and laid your head back down on his chest. He started to stir and looked down at you. He smiled and ran his fingers through your hair. You looked up at him.

“Well good morning Sleeping Beauty.”

He rolled his eyes and chuckled. You felt his chest rumble and it made you giggle. You got up and stretched.

“Let’s go get breakfast. No one is home so you can just wear that.”

He nodded and followed you out of the room. The two of you headed to the kitchen where you proceeded to make coffee. You handed him a mug and smiled.

“Well well well… What do we have here?”

You and Jerome both froze. You turned to see Barbara standing there with a smirk on her face and arms crossed.

“Did you two have fun last night?”

You blushed immensely while Jerome choked on his coffee and started coughing.

“That is not what happened!!!!”

“uh-huh sure.”

Barbara winked at the pair then turned to exit.

“Just remember to wash the sheets!”

“Shut it!”

You heard Barbara laugh as she exited. You turned to give him an apologetic look.

“Nice mom you got there.”

“Not my mom, that’s my dad’s girlfriend.”


Jerome insisted that you go back to the Circus with him. He said he would show you the best acts and introduce you to the circus performers. You two walked around for a few hours before a man that looked like a ring leader came up and called Jerome over.

“I’ll be just a minute.”

You nodded and he walked off. You stood there admiring a poster for the Flying Graysons. Your feet seemed to get bored as they started moving. You had gotten lost after a while and had stopped in your tracks. You looked around for someone who could help. You saw a woman with a snake wrapped around her and you presumed she was a performer.

“Excuse me miss, but do you happen to know where I can find a boy name Jerome. I don’t know his last name but I know he lives here.”

“It’s Valeska. Jerome Valeska. And why on earth would a pretty girl like yourself be looking for a pest like him.”

“Excuse me but who do you think you are to talk about him like that?”

“His mother.”

You froze. You knew this was the woman who screamed at him. Her voice was recognizable now.

“and who may you be?”

Jerome had been looking for you for a while now and when he found you…. He didn’t like what he saw. She was with that last person on earth he wanted to see her with. He heard his mom ask the question so he ran up to you and grabbed your arm protectively.

“My girlfriend.”

“Hah! Like you could get a girlfriend.”

You were beyond fed up with this woman. So you intertwined you fingers with Jerome’s.

“Actually he can. Maybe if you weren’t such a bitch to him all the fucking time you would realize that. Now excuse us. We were just passing by.”

Lila looked beyond shocked as you gave her the sweetest smile that you could before walking away with Jerome.

Since that happened you and Jerome wouldn’t unlock your hands. Hours felt like seconds as you realized it was time for you to go. You frowns and he hugged you.

“Cheer up Doll face. I’ll see you again soon.”

He bent down and placed a sweet kiss on your forehead before entering his trailer. ______________

It was 1 am. You were laying in bed thinking about what Jerome said. Did he really mean it when he called you his girlfriend? Or was it all just to get you away from his mom?


You threw yourself back into your bed and covered your face with your hands. You heard a light tapping noise on your window and when you looked over you saw Jerome squatting on the fire escape while waving at you. You quickly got up and ran to the window. You unlocked it and opened it. He slipped inside.

“What the hell are you doing here at 1 in the morning.”

“I had to see you again.”

“And this couldn’t wait till tomorrow.”

He shook his head and you sighed. You led him to the bed and you both sat on it.

“I couldn’t stop thinking about you. And what you said. No one has ever stood up for me before.”

“She was a bitch and I wasn’t going to let it slide.”

“But that’s not the only reason I am here… I know we have only just met but you are different from other people. You care about me unlike other people. What I’m trying to say is that I care about you too. And what I said earlier about you being my girlfriend. I want that to be true too. And I’m not good with words so I want to show you how I feel.”

Before you could reply he smashed his lips onto yours. He was passionate but soft and sweet. Almost as if to treat you like glass. You started to kiss back. Both of your lips moved in sync. Almost like they knew what to do.

The moment ended too soon for you when your dad walked in.

“Y/N, I’m ho-”

You and Jerome just froze. Jim was to tired to get get angry so he put he hands up in the air in defeat and backed out of your room.

“I’m going to go and uh pretend like this didn’t just happen.”

You covered your face in embarrassment as Jerome laughed. Your first kiss with him and of course your dad had to walk in right then.

“So uh ignoring what just happened…. Will you be my girlfriend?”

You smiled and nodded. Tonight had to top your list of favorite night ever. Well besides the whole dad thing but none the less no one could ever possibly be as happy as you were right now.

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OK, I’m honestly struggling a bit here, and I’d appreciate your feedback, whether you’re part of budoblr or not. So these two lady friends came to try aikido at my dojo one month ago, and they told me right away how much they enjoyed it (and this was truly sincere… and this is also why I’m struggling). Since then, they’ve showed up maybe three times. Today, both cancelled last minute because they had waaay too much to drink on Friday night and woke up past 3pm. For the third week in a row.

They are about 10 years younger than me, one is American, the other British, both are single, and we obviously lead vastly different lifestyles. Their work terribly sucks these days. I can see the appeal of drinking your troubles away and hope to find someone nice to go home with to have fun. But tbh, even in my 18-30, I’ve never woken up at 3pm, utterly wasted, so I’m at a loss. Is that… normal?

Now, I’m not their sister, and even less their mom, and we’re not close enough to allow me to comment, encourage or criticize. But I see how deeply unhappy both are and I’m pretty sure wasting their entire weekends away recovering from binge drinking on Friday night can’t really help them feel better with themselves. Something like aikido – or anything social/physical where you actually give your mind and body a place to grow, and have to follow some basic discipline – would.

How can I tell them anything without sounding judgmental? Should I simply wait until they finally “get hooked”, and slowly but surely want to give more time and space to practice? This is none of my damn business, but somehow, it is, right? They’re friends, younger, with less experience, they are far from any family in a foreign country 10′000km away from home, away from their usual support network, it’s their first (shitty) work experience, on top of that overseas, and I just can’t shrug it off.

How can I kindly suggest to try to come more often to practice, even when they feel tired, without sounding pushy? Or maybe there’s no solution and I should drop it.  


Hnnnggghh so this new gene has me contemplating re-geneing Knell and it’s sufferingg

Top left is his current state (iri/shim/thy) top right is what I’d change him to (sav/saf/stained). and while the lion head is perfect I kinda like the headdress-less preview of him more. Lets me see that smartass grin. 

but oh god saving up for a stained scroll since none of my hecking accents will re-sell thanks to the gem economy sucking. S U F F E R I N G

From left to right. Top to bottom

1) Some Klance cuddles. It’s been a long day #letthemrest

2) Started as an attempt at chibis. Did not turn out that way. But cute none the less. Shiro just chillin, watching Pidge work.

3) Shiro meets his white bang resulted from trauma counterpart Jason Todd, because I can. (And I love Jason Todd, fight me)


5) I suspect, left on their own– (after the end of the season finale) Pidge is gonna blossom into their own, and basically become a boss ass bitch. And for this day– I cannot wait. Pidge is gonna fuck some shit up in season 2 I can feel it.

6 & 7) Requests/Suggestions from asks after I put out the word that I was doing a sketch page and wanted suggestions. So the names of the people who sent me messages are there next to the things.

6) Clothes swap thing. Idk how it became what it is. this was all I could think of tbh. And it was a cute idea.

7) Shiro kissing Pidge’s forehead, and Pidge getting irritated because they can’t reach to kiss Shiro back– for anon.


Characters aren’t mine, please dont remove captions. My art.

"Braiding" (10k Imagine)

Author: Maddy

Pairing: 10K x reader

Summary: Just a lil Z Nation fanfiction I wrote, this was actually my first one to put on paper!

Word Count: ??

Warnings: fluff?

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Risky Business Pt. 1

Group & Member(s): BTS’ Jungkook

Genre: Fluffish

Warnings: none

Summary: When you start a new job as an assistant with Big Hit, your instant connection with Jungkook sets off a string of problems, none made easier by the fact that you’re stuck in a less than healthy relationship.

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You looked yourself in the mirror for the billionth time before leaving your house. You had to make sure that you were wearing the right thing for your first day of work.

While you didn’t have to dress up in business clothes, your uncle made it clear that you were not welcome to wear sweats either. So, you opted for your favorite pair of dark wash jeans, and a flowery top.

You were not exactly nervous, but you weren’t calm either. You didn’t want to blow this opportunity.

Your favorite uncle had pulled some strings with his company and had gotten you a position as an assistant to a manager at Big Hit. That meant that you would work closely with a group managed by Big Hit, although you still didn’t know which one you would be assigned to.

The cool air hits you ask you walk outside towards to companies main building. Luckily, you live in a nice spot of town – you are close to everything. Walking is always your main choice of transportation.

Finally making it to the building, you stand in front of the wide glass doors and take a deep breathe.

After you walk in and go through security, you are met by your uncle.

He engulfs you in one of his classic suffocating hugs as he says

“Ahhhh y/n! So glad you’re going to be working here. I know you will make me very proud!”

You say your greetings to him before he takes your elbow and steers you to the elevators. You wait for the elevator to arrive, coming down from a various floor above. Your uncle begins to tell you a little bit about the building, and what floors you need to know, when the door slides open with a ding.

You lock eyes with the person inside immediately. You know exactly who he is, Jeon Jungkook.

He hesitates for a second when he sees you, which makes you blush. Not noticing the silent interaction, you uncle talks again as Jungkook and his manager walk out of the elevator.

“Ahhh, Jungkook, good luck at the doctors office! Hopefully it is just a cold, eh?” He says, giving Jungkook a pat on the shoulder.

Jungkooks eyes are still glued on you, so much so that he accidentally bumps into his manager, walking backwards. A giggle escapes you as he gives a nod to your uncle before the elevator doors shut again, separating your two groups.

You are left with the impression of his eyes staring into yours, and you wonder why he was staring so intently. The thought of seeing him again made you nervous for some reason, although you shouldn’t be. You run your hand across your forehead, suddenly feeling hot. 

You assured yourself that the odds of being placed to assist a manager for Bangtan Boys were very slim. You’d probably be placed with one of the newer groups.

You are still in your head, thinking about that boy when the elevator door swings open. You let out a deep sigh as you walk out, following your uncle. In front of you behind a secretary desk is a giant photo of the band you were going to be working with. Your uncle turns to you, a smile wide on his face.

“So, y/n be ready to work with the Bangtan Boys!”

Part 2 

Other BTS Scenarios:


Forever Yours (Lafayette x Reader)

Supernatural x Hamilton (whhhaaaa???)
Title: Forever Yours
Characters: Sam, Dean, Cas, Sister! Reader, Alexander Hamilton, John Laurens, Marquis de Lafayette, George Washington, Hercules Mulligan, Aaron Burr

Word Count: 11016 (what the actual fuck happened! Sorry in advance)

Warnings: shitty google translate/GCSE French skills haha, angst, fluff, supernatural violence.

Summary: To complete a spell a special feather is needed. Unfortunately, the only person who knows where to get it died two hundred years ago! However, this is not a problem when you have a time-traveling angel on your side. 

A/N: Recently I’ve become OBSESSED with Hamilton so I decided to put my two favourite things together in this wonderful mess of a thing. It was meant to be kinda short but now? I kind of ran away with this idea and didn’t want to stop writing ‘till it was perfect, hence why it’s so late! I hope you enjoy because I had a great time dancing around to the soundtrack thinking of ideas. I cannot wait for it to come to London!!!! As always, hope you guys are alright, check out my masterlist and let me know if you like this! Thanks babes

-Molly xx

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“And you’re sure you’re okay with this?” Sam asked again. I laughed and nodded.

“What’s the worst that can happen? I’ve already died twice Sammy. I think I can handle a bit of time travel.”

“She will be entirely safe and I can bring her back as easy as I sent her away,” Cas said. The brothers looked nervous. They had a right to be, after all, it wasn’t every day your sister gets sent 200 years into the past to find a secret ingredient!

“I don’t see why we can’t go with her!”

“You are more likely to be killed than I am! You’d get drafted into the war and shot by an English soldier. That’s not something I want to deal with the repercussions of.”

“And what if you die?”

“I’m too pretty to die!” I laughed. Sam raised his eyebrows and laughed. “Seriously! I’ll be fine. A bunch of redcoats aren’t going to scare me, Sammy.”

“If you’re sure.”

“I’m sure.” I laughed again. “Now, can we get on with this? We haven’t got long before the equinox.”

“Three days,” Castiel confirmed. “That should give you enough time to find it.”

“Yep! How hard can a fancy feather be to find anyway?”

“Seeing as we have to send you back in time to find it? I’d say quite.” Dean said.

“Cas can we go now? Before those two bite my head off?” I joked, Cas smiled and stepped towards me. “See you later boys! Bon voyage!” I gave a small salute then I disappeared.

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Down to Agincourt [500+k words]

Or, The Best End!Verse Fic You Might Never Read

“Confess — confess you dog — and be candid — that it is the sublime of that there sort of writing […] it may be profligate but is it not life, is it not the thing?” [Lord Byron]

This—this what? this one enormous novel? series of four long novels? Der Ring des Nibelungen? 20-volume edition of the OED? epic love poem in paragraphs?—this is, is—oh god, y’all. It’s everything. It’s life, it’s the thing. It’s—I swear on a battered stack of Carver Edlund pulps: it’s everything you didn’t know you needed. And I am tragically convinced you won’t read it, because it’s a) exhaustive, if not exhausting; and b) pretty much utterly unlike everything else on AO3, anyway anything I’ve ever read (with the possible exception of—nope, all the other long fics I can think are embroidered complicated medieval crossovers, like Phrygian Choices by fresne, &/or a/b/o; whereas this is purely canon-divergent; the closest might be exorcisingemily‘s epic Before the Fall, which I also loved)? But that very difference is exactly why you should read it.

You might love it; you might hate it. You might drag it out over weeks or shotgun the way I did like huffing from an oxygen tank. I haven’t even been talking about it because I’m scared none of my friends will ever read it and love it as purely as I. Will you respect me less because I adore it? But I can’t repress my affections any longer!—per Beatrice, “Benedick, love on! I will requite thee!”

Right now there are three books: Map of the World, It’s the Stars That Lie, and A Thousand Lights in Space. A fourth, The Game of God, is supposed to start posting June/July of this summer. As with Robert Burton the prose quality varies deliciously and to be honest I can’t bring myself to care. Top ten, por vida.

[art by tkodami on AO3 | dustyjournal on tumblr]

The plot kicks off where you’d expect it to, with the scene at the end of “The End”: Sam said yes in Detroit, and Dean throws all his friends under the bus in Kansas City (including Cas) to take a shot at Lucifer with the Colt. He fails; Lucifer snaps his neck; so much for that. Then, as in much of fanon (as writers vie with one another to see who can be even crueler to Cas than the SPN team), Lucifer gloatingly leaves his brother alive to suffer not only the end of the world but also the loss of Dean (better known to some as “humanity”). Though not without offering Cas, who has arduously, excruciatingly Fallen in the worst possible way, various exit strategies, all unsavory, all refused:

Lucifer is so still he could be a figure carved in marble. "That’s your answer?”

“I thought that was clear, but to observe the formalities: get thee hence. Be gone. Go away.” Castiel grins, feeling his lips crack and tasting fresh blood on his tongue. “Fuck yourself.”

But! Plot twist! Dean suddenly shows up, to his and Cas’s mutual bewilderment—three years, for him, after Cas in 2009 dragged him out of Zachariah’s 2014. In Dean’s timeline, of course, he and Sam stopped the Apocalypse, so he’s not too happy to be in a world where he failed. Cas, still in shock, smuggles him into Chitaqua and hides him until Dean can pass himself off as 2014!Dean, whom they don’t reveal was killed in Kansas City. And then, since the world somehow…seems to be…not really ending, they kind of look around them and go, huh—well, this place sure needs some work, since we’re all still alive.

So they start fixing the camp. And each other. And then they hatch a daring plan.

Okay that’s enough of that now I need to start flailing. Because this thing is the Infinite goddamned Jest of end!verse.

So first of all, you know all those times when the damn characters just move on to the next damn ganking and never talk about anything, even really stupidly obvious things like what they’re actually doing or their goals or where the hell is Cas and why’s he gone for days and days with no explanation, etc., etc., etc.?

Well, even though it’s the end of the world, there’s actually kind of a lot of downtime at Chitaqua, mysterious as that seems; so Dean and Cas sit around late at night and drink coffee (and sometimes a blinding homebrew which Dean calls the Eldritch Horror), and they try to figure out what’s going on, what happened and what they should do next; and they finally, finally talk. And talk.

Then, when they’re done talking, they talk for another fifty or sixty pages or so (I’m serious). They talk about cosmology, heaven, hell, purgatory, earth, good and evil and free will and false determinism, about the end of the world and what a Lucifer-sponsored apocalypse actually looks like (not so much Croatoan, it turns out, but horrifying singularity-shaped pockets of nothingness slowly encroaching upon and ultimately devouring reality itself).

There is more talking in Down by Agincourt than an Austen novel. Than all the Austen novels. No, scratch that—there is more talking than fucking Clarissa, and by the time this fanwork is finished there will probably have been more talking than all the novels of Richardson placed end to end reaching to the moon but those were outliers adn should not have been counted.

Chitaqua also by the way is populated with a gabillion OCs, and at first you won’t maybe love them but you won’t mind them, and that makes sense, because Dean, like you, doesn’t know any of them; but slowly Chitaqua becomes a community, becomes a home—becomes his home.

It is literally the slowest of all slow burns, and the wit is so subtle and dry and rustling so far down beneath the surface I think there’s a reason its three novels have barely 100-200 kudos apiece, though this also makes my chest burn with the unfairness of it all. I snortlaughed at least once per page, and had to put down my iObject sometimes because I was laughing too hard to hang onto it—but it’s subtle. Just insanely subtle. And, my god, it really has one of the best Castiels—turns out that 2014!Dean was such a jerkface not only had he not taught Cas the correct deployment of toothpaste but he also—well, let’s just say after losing Sam he was not a fucking exemplary human being. Dean is aghast to learn about Cas’s mistreatment, and careful and methodical with him, as with an animal that’s never been socialized; but once Castiel knows about things like spreadsheets and marginalia and color-coding and file folders with tabs, and predictable sleep schedules and washing your hands before dinner—once he’s had food that doesn’t come from a foil pouch, and especially once Dean teaches him to put sugar in his coffee—once he has all this on board, the Angel of Thursday becomes this fucking unstoppable BAMF PROJECT MANAGER OF THE LORD and Lucifer is not going to know what hit him. (Although to be honest it may not hit him until somewhere around word 700,000.)

Here’s Dean:

Peering through the beads, he spots Cas near the couch, looking the worse for wear and facing still-dressed camp members, and has to bite his lip to keep from grinning. That particular expression he knows from the inside out; it’s when Cas is pretty sure everything is going to hell and has hit the why-not stage of what to do next. In general, this ends in Cas doing things like taking on groups of archangels, carving Enochian into people’s bones, Molotov-cocktailing his brothers, and putting banishing sigils in unusual places for surprise-related purposes. Dean didn’t see his expression when he came to the conclusion opening up Purgatory was a workable plan, but he suspects it had looked a lot like this.

I loved this desperately, as much as some of my favorite 1,200-word or 10K stories. On the level, it got me through the worst patch since I got out of the hospital last year. There were days I endured pretty much so I could read more of it that night. Nightly coffee with Cas and Dean on the rooftop of that cabin was my version of anaesthetic Eldritch Horror.

As an example of its AP Kevin Tran-level nerd humor, one of Castiel’s recovering-addict projects is a random piece of translation he’s assigned himself, dealing with an ancient Coptic text about an Egyptian poetaster who falls in love with an, um, well, a hippopotamus. Cas entertains Dean during various dark hours with its lurid verse and terrible metaphors for the Nile and, uh, yeah, I don’t think I can even begin to explain its charm. Let’s just say that at some point you snicker every time you see the word “hippofucker.”

“not important to the story dean”

So please, seperis: know how much this means to your readers. Know you’re doing God’s work (if not Chuck’s, or hippofucker’s). In the meantime I’ll just—I’ll just wait here, then—frankly I’d wait a decade for the next update, patiently, contentedly. I’m also rereading it as soon I can (and probably, alas, performing various sordid scholarly acts of literary theory upon it, because some people can just never leave well enough the fuck alone). Thank you for your work.

Around this time of year, many high school students are waiting to be accepted to or rejected from the colleges they applied to. While I’m rooting for you all to get into your dream schools and to have the financial ability to go to these schools, with college tuition having increased over 1100% since 1978 that may not be realistic. An option you may not have considered before is community college.

For many years community college has been scorned as the home of underachievers, but that could not be further from the truth. There are many reasons that people go to community college including the affordability of community college and the profitability of vocational degrees, as opposed to degrees in the liberal arts. If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you care about your future and whether or not a university or a community college may be right for you. Here is a list of some of the reasons you should probably consider community college, and a list of some of the potential drawbacks of going to community college to help you decide if community college is right for you.


1. Community college is affordable. My annual tuition is just under $1,200, and I pay none of it out of pocket. The cost is 1/15th the cost of my top choice university. It is tiny compared to most schools.

2. Community college students still have access to Pell Grants and state aid, and, in some states, there are grants and waivers exclusive to community college students. In California, for example, California residents who make less than a certain amount of money can receive the Bog Fee waiver that waives tuition fees. Research what aid is available to you in your state and in your situation.

3. Community College allows you the freedom to explore different majors and fields before deciding on one. Many universities expect you to have your major picked out within the first year, and if it’s not picked out in time you’re going to waste a lot of money taking unnecessary classes.

4. Profitable vocational degrees are available at community colleges. Nursing is an example of a profitable career that you do not need to go to a four-year university to receive. A lot of students want to get a degree from a prestigious university, go into a lot of debt, and end up receiving a degree that can’t get them enough money to pay off their loans. I’m completely against bashing liberal arts majors, but going after a degree with little financial payoff is a huge risk if you’re taking out student loans.

5. Instructors at community college enjoy instructing or else they wouldn’t be there. They’re not there to do research, so teaching students is their number 1 goal. At most universities instructors have to teach and do research. Typically instructors are more concerned with their research than whether or not a student passes their class.

6. Learn from older adults who have more real world experience than most of your peers. Community college is a haven for older adults who have already had careers that didn’t work out or have made the decision to come back to school to get an education. You can learn a lot from them because they’ve already gone out and experienced what it is like to be in the job market without an education. 

7. A diverse peer group. Community colleges must accept everyone who applies as long as there is space available (I’ve never heard of anyone being rejected from a community college program, but I’ve heard it can happen when there simply isn’t any space in a popular program like nursing), so it has a very diverse campus. There are people of all races, socioeconomic backgrounds, sexual orientations, and ages. There are also lots of people with disabilities who were not able to get into a university because of the difficulty they faced with their disability. My campus even has a thriving d/Deaf community.

8. If you decide to transfer to a four-year university you will get the exact degree as everyone else. You will end up with the same degree as all of the other students you’re graduating with, at a fraction of the cost. Community College may also offer you the opportunity to get an Associate’s degree which can be good to boost your resume.

9. You can still get into a great school even if you did not do very well in high school. Community college is great for people looking for second chances. I wasn’t able to do very well in high school because of a really volatile living situation and mental health problems. Community college was a lifesaver for me.


1. It may be more difficult to get accepted as a transfer student. This varies widely depending on the school you’re applying to. UCB, for example, has a higher admittance rate for California Community College transfers than they do for incoming freshman. However, Stanford has a transfer rate of only 2%. Look up the transfer rate and freshman admittance rate for the schools you’re planning on applying to.

2. Some credits may not transfer to the school of your choice. Again, it is very important to look up this information for yourself. Talk to your school counselor early on to come up with an appropriate education plan. You may even be able to communicate with someone at the school you’re applying to. State schools often have programs for local community colleges assuring that credits transfer. If you’re planning on transferring out-of-state or to a private school it will probably be more difficult.

  • Baby boomers: Your generation is always on your damn phones!
  • Millenials: Your generation is literally addicted to television
  • Baby Boomers: Your generation is so entitled!
  • Millenials: Your generation benefited from a stable economy and an abundance of well paying jobs. A lot of you were able to get a stable well paying union job right out of high school. College was more or less a luxury for you whereas for us it's more or less a requirement, and even with a college education there aren't many jobs for us, since your generation outsourced most manufacturing jobs to foreign countries with cheap labor and little to no oversight. You allowed wall street to play god with the economy and gave tax breaks to the top 1%. Your generation saw owning a home as a right and for a lot of us that prospect is just a dream. Plus none of you will actually retire and let us take over and enter the workforce.
  • Baby Boomers: But... The Kardashians!
  • Millenials: ...

ss-meowth  asked:

How do you get your gifs to be so vibrant and clear?? I absolutely love your gifs and I am just starting out making gifs.

Well to begin, thank you! And welcome to the wonderful world of Gifmaking! :0 I’ve had a few of these asks recently, so I suppose i’m gonna go through like a mini tutorial of my finishing touches to gifs?

First of all, I cant express enough just how much the quality of the original material effects the turn out of your gif. Like more than anything you can do in photoshop or whatever, this is the single most determinant thing on how crisp and clear and badass your gif is gonna be. Luckily, you can torrent all the xy episodes, in really good quality on nyaa.se (and also the animation is the best it has ever been in xy)  but it might take a bit more trawling through the internet to find good quality older episodes.

Ok, lets get into it so. I use photoshop to make Gifs, and have never used anything else so what I do may not apply to other gifmaking programs, but there are literally hundreds of tutorials on anything you could possibly think of in relation to gifs on the internet, they are an invaluable resource, and basically taught me how to do the do on photoshop, so if I don’t explain something well (very likely as I’m gonna rush through this), or if it doesn’t apply to how you gif, then seriously just look it up.

Righto, we’re gonna start at kind of the end point for a basic gif. You’ve got all your frames, and you’ve sized the gif down to the tumblr dimension you want to use. You can already see that because this came from large, good quality source material (1080p) that it’s already pretty clean and well defined… BUT WE CAN DO MORE.

Using adjustments and filter effects are really going to bring up the standard of your gif. Gif files only can only have a limited colour pallet, so invariably you are going to lose visual qualities such as vibrancy or brightness etc. when you save as a gif file (hence why really ‘busy’ gifs with moving backgrounds, special effects etc. basically a lot of colours, tend to look shittier, because you loose a lot of colour and tone when you save). 

At the simplest level, you can use adjustment layers combat this, but they can also allow you to have fun with your gif, experiment loads and make it look really pretty. It’s where gifmakers get their individual styles from, and can make the difference between a good gif and a great one.

The option for adjustment layers is found underneath the layers window, in the small half shaded circle icon tab. (see below, left hand pic)

To quickly bring up the clarity and vibrance of the gif, I would try playing around with Brightness/contrast, Vibrance, and Hue and Saturation. (above, middle pic). The best way to learn how to use these layers in more depth is seriously just play around with them. You’ll learn quickly what each does, and then you can start experimenting with different combos etc. and build them up (above, right hand pic) You can save these sets of adjustment layers as a photoshop document (duplicate the layers into a new document, then save) and use them again for future gifs, which saves a lot of time. Anyway here are a before and after of the charizard gif, with and without the adjustment filter set (the right hand pic ones)

Next is something that is more of a subtle effect, but none the less, in my opinion very important. That is SHARPENING. Almost every gif of mine is sharpened, it just makes everything that bit more crisp (although sometimes it doesn’t look great if you are using poor quality material.

Anyway, basically this what you do.

Select all your frames, and all frame layers. In the options tab of your timeline (where you see your frames, at the bottom of the screen! The tab is in the top right hand corner of the time line) and click convert to video timeline. Next, go into filters, and select convert to smart filters (this allows you to sharpen all your frames at once). Next, go back into filters and select sharpen. And.. Tadah!

Again, this is a subtle touch but one that I feel really makes the gif stand out. 

Now you are ready to save! (remember to select ‘loop forever’ instead of ‘once’, when saving) You can play around with the adjustments more here if you like (duplicating the sharpened layers, and setting them to overlay, at 10 - 30% opacity can make things stand out further too), and of course there is the dither algorithm choice when saving (many people use diffusion, I prefer pattern but again its good to experiment and it works differently for different gifs)

It’s all up to you. The best part about gifmaking is the experimentation, playing around, and discovering new stuff, honing your own individual style. I personally like bright, strong coloured gifs, but you could also try pastels, dark colours, whatever, or play around with some patterned overlays.  The possibilities are endless!

Anyway, here is the finished product compared with what we started with.

You may prefer the one we started out with, or not like the sharpened effect, but it’s totally your preference! I know I rushed through this and prob didn’t explain it that well, but, to answer your initial question, this is basically how I make my gifs, I hope it helped!

Dear Diary: Why Doesn’t Luhan Love Me? (Ch. 3)

Dear Diary: What Do I Do?

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We were only one week away from our last exam and to our dismay; it was the most difficult left. Advanced English. So naturally, we had locked ourselves up in the city library once again and our faces were buried in Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’.

“This doesn’t even make sense” Sehun whined as he tossed his copy of the play in Kai’s direction. “It’s a weird ass story with fairies. That’s all I get from it”

He wasn’t exaggerating though. What he had said completely summed up what we were all thinking.

Long story, short- we were all mentally exhausted. Advanced math had taken all our strength, and history had driven us to the point of procrastination and distraction.

Sehun and Kai swore that they wouldn’t take out their baseball gear until after our final exam. But they had brought along their bats and balls along to our final library session; anticipating that we’d end before 3PM.

Seulgi and Chanyeol had become more involved (romantically speaking). Despite not having made it 'official’, we could all tell that they were secretly eating together after our study sessions and completely forgetting about the rest of our group.

Suho, Lay and the rest of the girls had entirely burnt out. Most of the time at the library, they had spent it watching random videos on YouTube.

As for Luhan, I mean, @manlymaaan , or whatever you want to call him- he had distanced himself from everyone altogether. Even me.

But that wasn’t to say that he had ignored 'rararang’; if anything, we had a conversation running almost during all hours of the day. It’s already been two weeks since he sent me the selca; two weeks since I almost knocked on his front door.

During all that time, Luhan seemed to answer all the questions before I could even ask them.

I wanted to know why we all hadn’t seen him since he was injured riding his motorbike and I didn’t have a straight way of asking; but his blog have me the answers.

Dear Diary:

Typing whilst your arm is in bandages isn’t as bad as it sounds… But with exams happening; there’s only so much I can do to stop myself from whincing with every math question I have to answer. Ah, I shouldn’t have ridden my motorcycle that night.

That’s in the past though and I hope these scars don’t last long enough till t-shirt season. I don’t want any of my family or friends seeing them. I don’t want them to think I’m fragile.

Isn’t that the whole reason why I bought that motorbike in the first place?

It’s only after I’ve started this blog over a year ago that I realised that I didn’t need to prove that I was and am stronger than they think.

Why doesn’t anyone see me this way?

Your man, manlymaaan.’

Of course, I hadn’t revealed who I was just yet. It wasn’t the right time for either of us and frankly speaking; I wanted to take up this opportunity as much as I possibly could.

Speaking of Luhan, I had been talking to him on BlogNet ever since I had arrived at the library earlier this morning. It seemed that he wasn’t getting any studying done either.

@manlymaaan: can you smell it? :)

@rararang: uh, smell what lol

@manlymaaan: well, it depends where you are. Go outside!

I gazed out the wide windows of the library. The sky was a blue that I hadn’t seen in so long and the sun seemed to linger in the afternoon sky longer than weeks gone by.

We were so consumed with everything else but the fact that it was Spring.

I made a quick getaway from the pack who had completely gave up on Shakespeare. I wanted to taste spring for the first time this year- even just for a moment.

manlymaaan was right. It smelt like a charcoal bbq burning in the distance and flowers about to bloom. A weird combination that was so nostalgic. I love spring.

Strangely, the outside of the library wasn’t filled with other students and kids lounging around their 50+ staircase. There were one or two couples sprawled around and were enjoying the lovely weather.

And right in the centre of the staircase was one faded-red head of hair. He was seated in an almost crouching manner… Luhan was here?

He was wearing his long sleeved school shirt despite the weather being warm enough to wear the simple polo. I guess he’s still hiding his scars.

Still, l had time to race back inside but then again, manlymaaan didn’t know that rararang was at the library; he didn’t know that she was me and I was her. Why was I always finding myself running away from him? Running away from the truth?

Sure, Luhan is definitely smart enough to become the engineer that he dreams of becoming. But knowing what I do about him, he couldn’t pin the dots together; not yet anyway.

He was wearing his long sleeved 

“Haven’t seen you in a while”

I sat myself besides Luhan who had been caught off guard. He was so engrossed in his cell phone screen but he returned a smile when he saw that it was me.

“Yeah… Too much studying and remembering to do” He glanced to the pile of books by his feet. “I guess it’s the same with you and the rest of the gang, right, Aera?”

“We’re all completely over this fairy play” I chuckled, trying to get a better look at his phone. But Luhan retreated. He instantly switched off the screen and gave me a funny look. “…What are you hiding there, Mr.?”

Luhan’s face began to blush like crazy. Ah, how cute…. this crush of mine.

“It’s…it’s-” He stuttered, and it was so unlike him. “I want to say that it’s nothing but I’m hoping that it’s something”

He was suddenly confessing and confiding in me. The last time we did this face to face was the night he took me home. Yet we were speaking as if we were just continuing the conversation from that night.

“What do you mean?” I asked naively. In real life to Luhan, I wasn’t rararang. I was just plain old Kang Aera.

“Don’t judge me, okay?” Luhan was getting shy. His fingers wandered over his phone screen before eventually lighting it up. “I’ve been talking to this girl online and-”

“Online?!” I faked surprise and he completely bought the act. “Are you sure it’s not some creepy guy trying to mess with you?”

“-I know, I know" 

He insisted that I take his phone and look through rararang’s blog posts as if I didn’t already read them. 

"But seriously, just take a look. Those kind of posts seem too legit. She’s a student at a high school near ours and we actually have a lot in common.. I think it could work out”

“So that’s why you’ve been ignoring us!” I joked, handing back his phone. “You’ve made a new friend to replace us all?”

Luhan chuckled before looking straight into my eyes. Maybe he could see right through me; maybe he could see right through everything and maybe he knew all along.

“I don’t want to be her friend” He immediately dropped his gaze, “I mean, I do, I definitely do. But is it weird that I want to be something more?”

I tried not to choke and kept a straight face. This was more difficult than faking it through messages.

“You can’t  blame a person for thinking that it’s weird” I answered as I looked straight to the street below our feet instead of towards Luhan. “You don’t even know who this person is”

“Except I do” Luhan insisted, now scrolling through old messages between manlymaaan and rararang. “I feel like she knows me more than… more than-”

“-more than I do?”

The words came flatly out of my mouth. It was what he wanted to say anyway. I read his blog post. Apparently none of us really knew him.

“-None of you guys” His facial expressions became crestfallen and almost ashamed. 

Luhan tucked his cell phone into his back pocket of his jeans before picking up his books. It appeared that our conversation was coming to an immediate end.

“I hate putting it that way” He tried to apologise but knew that the hurt was done by the words he said, “But I feel like the group has a preconceived notion of me. You guys seem to know me but you know, not everything is as it seems”

“You can say that again” I mumbled to myself and Luhan had risen up from the stairs and was headed down towards the street; so I called after him.

“This girl might know everything about you… but do you know everything about her?”

“What took you so long to smell the sky?” Lay was starting to mumble none sense as drifted asleep on the library desk.

“Uh, I… I saw Luhan just outside so I had a quick chat with him, that’s all” I answered as briefly as possible; still affected by what Luhan had said.

Of course I couldn’t tell the rest of the guys about what we had spoken about so I was left to bottle up the hurt.

But at the same time, Luhan or manlymaaan; whoever he is totally just confessed that he had feelings for me or rararang- whoever he thinks he’s fallen in love with.

All of this was beginning to make me dizzy. It was an information overload on top of al the quotes and poetic techniques that I had managed to cram into my brain today.

Should I be upset at the fact that he thinks that we don’t know him, after so many years of friendship?

Or should I be over the moon with the fact that my very own real life crush is actually reciprocating my feelings?

“Are you okay, Aera?” Suho peeped over the top of his textbook, his eyes a bit weary, “Maybe you should head home and rest for a while? It’s not like Shakespeare, Hermia and Helena are going anywhere anytime soon”

Few clouds eventually framed the earlier blue sky. Suho was right- as usual. I needed time to absorb everything up.

More so, I needed to figure out what I was going to do with the news that manlymaaan has feels for rararang; yet Luhan feels like the real me doesn’t even know him.


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