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I like [ blank ]!

“The fandom for [ blank ] is so cringy and/or toxic. And also, it perpetuates wrongbad thinking because there’s an imperfect character, and I heard the creator is a bad person because they tweeted this one thing-”

Oh my, what a negative and entitled opinion you have about my interests! An absolutely worthless addition to this conversation! Please tell me more!

also i will forever love the fact that if u look at a cheetah ur gonna be like  eh but if u COMPARE it to any other feline species they just look horribly disproportionate. its like someone drew a cat thinking of a long dog 

  • a good artist: /starts getting serious recognition for their amazing art/
  • tumblr: okay. lets see how we can make this person problematic. why not we point out every tiny flaw? yeah, that shipart they drew in 2013 is problematic. yeah that’ll work. hey @ everybody, block and report this artist because im jealous of their art skills so i have to make myself look better by making them look problematic

Imagine you and bestfriend!Woozi getting kicked out of the library for laughing too hard and making too much noise with your laughter.

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What's noise pollution?

I’m glad you asked! Noise pollution is caused by loud machinery and other human activities. In the oceans this can greatly effect whales and dolphins that rely on making intricate calls for communication and echo location for navigation and hunting. Noise from things like ship engines and drilling for oil can cause these animals to beach themselves. It is believed that beaked whales are particularly sensitive to noise pollution.

Here’s and article from 2014 that discusses it and what we can do to reduce the effects of it.